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"This is so wrong," Iris protested though never broke the intensity of her kiss.

"Very taboo," the dark-skinned man replied, pushing his tongue back into her mouth. "Yet feels right."

"Mhmm," the reporter moaned.

Iris West had no idea how this whole situation got started. One moment she had a relatively normal family until recently and then everything fell apart. First her mother died of a terminal illness. It was quick but gave her and her brother Wally time to properly grieve before she passed. Unfortunately, her father Joe handled it poorly and turned into a unreliable drunk. But that paled in comparison to the revelation involving her brother.

Blessed with brains and a need for speed, Wally West embraced those two features by obtaining a Masters in Mechanical Engineering then used that knowledge to become a legend in the underground drag racing circuit. Then 14 months ago a bolt of lightning struck his car in the middle of a race and put him into a coma lasting a year. When he woke he was different. For one, he could run at Mach 2 and when combined with his noble intentions, he quickly became The Flash - or Kid Flash as Central City came to know him by.

"God, you're skin feels amazing," the broad man complimented after peeling Iris' blouse off her shoulders and running his hands down her arms.

Iris moaned as he leaned in and kissed her neck, a spot he knew from weeks of hooking up was always sensitive and got her engine revved. Realizing that her mind was wandering momentarily, the dark-skinned woman got in on the stripping action by lifting her partner's shirt up over his head before rubbing down his chest. Given his line of after-work activities, it wasn't a surprise to feel the 8-pack of muscles over his stomach, but it always made her wet as her fingers dipped and rose over the crevices. 

What had distracted her was her work. Not her job as a reporter, but rather her side venture as the main confidant of Kid Flash - her brother. She was happy that he trusted her enough to reveal his secret to her immediately, but she thought he was crazy to want to become a superhero. However, he couldn't just watch injustice happening and not stop it when he had the ability. 2 months later Wally was a beloved member of the city, especially by one girl in particular.

"I need to feel you inside me Wally," Iris cooed into his ear, instantly feeling his semi-erect cock grow to full mast as it pressed against her stomach. 

Another thing that changed in their relationship was the sex. The thought of incest had never occurred to either of them before though they were each what they craved physically in a partner. Wally had an athletic frame filled with muscle and a handsome face. Meanwhile Iris was a complete babe - perfect in every way from a skinny waist that exploded out into a bubbly ass, long toned legs and tits that fit her petite form.

The first time they hooked up was 2 weeks ago. It was a tense encounter with Kid Flash's archenemy The Rival that had Iris worried sick. When Wally returned hours after their agreed rendezvous time she was so relieved and excited that she jumped into his arms and kissed him full out on the lips. From that moment on, the pair did 3 things only - work, fight crime, and fuck each other's brains out.

"Turn around," the Speedster told his sister.

When the sexy woman hesitated the attractive man clutched her arms and gently spun her around so that her back was against his sturdy chest. Now behind the beautiful reporter, Wally made short work unbuckling her white jeans while lightly kissing the side of Iris' neck before gripping the waistline of the pants and underwear beneath to pull them down her long legs. He bent forward just enough so that he could reach down between her thighs and dip a finger into her drenched twat.

"Mmmm," Iris moaned as shivers shot down her spine.

While still kissing her neck and fingering her sex with one hand, he slid his other large hand down over her small but firm tits. He gave them a squeeze and drew another moan from his sister before using his superspeed. In less than a millisecond her bra was on the floor and he was now fondling her bare breasts, rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger to get them good and hard.

"I hate when you use super speed in the bedroom," she cooed half-heartedly as she looked back over her shoulder.

"Then why are you wetter than a moment before," he retorted with a knowing smile. 

"You and that smart mouth of yours," she groaned.

Iris felt her brother lower himself to the floor, taking up a kneeling position right behind her. Normally they made it to the bed before starting foreplay but apparently Wally was going to take her right then and there in the doorway that connected their shared bedroom to the living space in their secret apartment that they used for Flash business.

"Then why don't I put it to better use," Wally grinned.

She didn't need to feel his hand press between her shoulderblades to know what he wanted her to do. Iris leaned forward by bending at the hips only so her legs remained straight making her small yet surprisingly thick ass pop backwards and made to look even juicer. She smiled as his hands came up to rub her plump backside while he practically worshipped the thick slab of ass.

"Gonna just stare at my booty or do some...Mhmm...yes," Iris began moaning as he got to work. "Much better way to work your mouth."

Wally allowed his older sister to have the last word on that matter since he had more pressing issues at hand. With Iris bent almost at a 90 degree angle he used his hands to pull her thick cheeks apart to give him access to both her sex and butthole. Focusing on her pink folds initially, the Speedster stuck out his tongue and flick out at her exposed clit again, drawing another loud yelp of pleasure from the girl.

Wanting to actually taste her Wally rummaged his practiced tongue through her folds, which were already very wet. She had a delightful flavor, but the good juices always came from the source so the Speedster stopped dallying and went straight for it. Once his tongue slid against her slick hole, he pushed it inside, cramming her tight pussy with his wet muscle.

"Holy crap you are really good at that," the dark-haired girl complimented as she thrashed in pleasure.

"Just getting warmed up sis," Wally said with his trademark smirk.

True to his word, the strapping young man began working his tongue in and out of her stuffed pussy with expert precision. Though they had been seeing each other only for a short time, the pair were extremely in sync and knew what they each liked. While Wally used his tongue to now explore the very depths of his sister's pussy, one arm snaked around her thighs so that he could diddle her clit from the front. 

"Yes...God...Awwhhh," Iris cooed loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

It worked out perfectly for Kid Flash as the result of rubbing her sensitive clitoris was for Iris to shove her phat ass back towards his face even more. Taking advantage of the even greater target, Wally left his fingers to friction her folds while worming his tongue out of her snatch and up between her cheeks. Initially gliding over her crinckled backdoor and extending the lick further up his crack, he came back down and this time placed his wet muscle right over her pulsing asshole.

"Such a cute little butthole," the Speedster told her while his tongue danced along the crinkled surface.

"Such an ass man," Iris commented, a grin plastered on her beautiful face.

"You like having your adorable ass eaten out," Kid Flash stated more than asked between swipes of his tongue against the constricted hole.

Iris responded by letting loose a torrent of moans and grunts into the empty apartment without regard if anyone outside heard her due to the amazing work of her brother giving her the best rimjob of her life. Truth be told she hadn't really been one for ass play, but mainly because guys would only try to fuck her and never go down on her first. If they had, then more than the 3 dates that actually anally plowed her would have gotten a shot. 

Feeling all the tenseness leave her muscles, not that the reporter had much in the first place, Wally kept eating out her asshole but didn't neglect her pussy either. While his talented tongue worked it's magic on her rear entry, he switched from rubbing her folds to burying two digits in her snatch moments later. The Speedster pumped them a handful of times but his real objective was to grind the fingertips inwards to find his sister's G-spot, knowing he hit her mark by the sharp cries of bliss. Repeated, Wally plunged back into her pink depths, hitting the spot all while twirling his tongue in tight circles over the sealed rosebud.

"Feels...mhmmm...so good...awwhh," Iris grunted in satisfaction.

While it was true earlier when Iris said she didn't like Wally using his speed in the bedroom, there were times when he needed to ignore his sister's wishes. Using his own judgement, Wally embraced his gift and went from licking deep within Iris' pussy from behind to kneeling in front of her only using his tongue now to slap at her clit. A moment later he was back behind her rimming her tight little asshole before zooming back around to the front to suck on one nipple then the next.

"Oh My God Wally! Just like that," she practically screamed. 

Normally the fastest man alive liked to take his time with his sexual conquests, but the electric passion the brother and sister shared often meant that they burned to bright for that. Instead, he decided to make Iris cum now then take her further into the bedroom for the next round of fun.

Deciding to focus only on two areas instead of super speeding his way to four. While still fingering her pussy Wally had gotten his tongue right into her arse, wagging the wet muscle at her entrance before using his free hand to pull one of her cheeks aside to help her cram more inside. Iris was going absolutely wild at the thought of how much she enjoyed the crime fighter cleaning her asshole, with his wet tongue gliding skillful over the smooth lining of her dirty hole.

"Yes! Close...almost," Iris moaned. "Make me cum! Please!"

Two fingers continued their relentless assault on the fellow West sibling's pussy while his tongue crammed even deeper into her dumper. Using his lightning-enhanced speed once more, he directed his tongue to go even faster before doing likewise with the digits thrusting into her snatch. As his fingers curled continuously to hit Iris' G-spot, he used his arm to also drag forward, causing the palm to always be rubbing the reporter's clit.

"Fuck...gonna cum...gonna...cum," Iris roared, eyes closed shut, mouth gaped.

"Do it! Cum baby," Wally prompted.


The speedster was always a generous lover and he found that bringing Iris to orgasm before fucking her worked best. For one thing, she was so God damn tight that having her in such a relaxed state with a slick pussy was best. It also was very arousing for him to go down on a woman, especially when they let him probe their assholes like his sister was more than willing to let happen.

Wally got back to his feet and finished undressing, which was just taking down his pants. He was in too much of a rush to get his dick wet in Iris that he left his jeans bundled around his ankles. With his lengthy cock in hand, measuring a thick 10 inches when rock hard, he rubbed his tip through her damp folds to get his head ready before pressing it against her opening. 

"God you feel good," Kid Flash groaned as he eased the first few inches into her tight snatch.

"Ugh...right back at you stud," Iris answered, hanging her head low.

It took Wally a few thrusts to get half his length stroking into her tight snatch and another handful of times before his sister was taking his entire 10 inch cock. He was still oh so amazed that a girl as slender and petite as Iris could handle nearly a foot of thick dick inside her, but she was an impressive specimen. She felt fantastic as well, her wet velvety folds completely hugging his dick from every angle as he slowly worked in and out. 

Knowing she was handling his impressive length, he started thrusting a little faster. After half a dozen strokes into her velvety hole he went a little faster with the slapping noise produced as his hips slammed against her ass growing louder as a result. Iris simply moaned louder as well so Wally grabbed ahold of her hourglass hips so he could rear her backwards in tune with his thrusting hips to drive deeper and harder.

"Yeah you like that, don't you baby," he asked rhetorically. 

"Keep going...keep fucking me just like that," she retorted, using her arms to shove back onto his dick.

Content to do just that, Kid Flash brought his hips back so he could quickly plow back into her pussy, his ball sack once again crashed against the underside of her slick sex. He seemed to be thrusting deeper than ever before into the brunette's hot pussy to both of their enjoyment. He looked down to watch as his lengthy cock powered inside the sexy woman, with the moment it disappeared fully causing her bubbly ass to ripple in response to the hearty collision from his pelvis.

Kicking himself for not doing it the entire time, Wally left one hand on her hips to push and pull her slender body while his free hand reached up and began squeezing and kneading one of her swaying globes. They weren't the biggest set he'd ever played with but they suited his sister perfectly. They fit just right in his grasp with her pokey nipple rubbing against the center of his palm. He was able to get additional screams from the young reporter by gently taking her nipple between his thumb and pointer finger and rolling them around.

"Mmm...yess," she moaned her thanks.

"Fuck sis! We're so tight," Wally groaned as he relentlessly hammered inside her.

Based on her own moans of pleasure, the Speedster was reminded once again that Iris was willing and able when it came to taking a hard plowing. The short-haired man kept up the brutal pace and continued slamming his entire length into her tightness over and over again, having to focus to stay at a regular human pace and not to tap into the Speedforce.

"Keep going, just like that," Iris found herself saying, using her arms to shove back onto his dick even harder now.

"Whatever...ahhh...you want," he replied.

Content to do just that, Wally brought his hips back so he could quickly plow back into her pussy, his ball sack once again crashed against the underside of her slick sex. He seemed to be thrusting deeper than ever before into the brunette's hot pussy to both of their enjoyment. He looked down to watch as his lengthy cock powered inside the sexy woman, with the moment it disappeared fully causing her bubbly ass to ripple in response.

Even in the dim lighting of their secret Flash hideout, the younger man could make out the glistening glow of Iris' skin from the light sheen of sweat that made her look even more beautiful. The adorable black woman was more sexy now then ever, continuing to use her arms and strong legs to dig against the frame of the open door so that his pelvis could stab into her inviting hole with more force.

"Let's go to the bed big boy," Iris cooed back over her shoulder.

Wally gave the horny girl a wide smile before stabbing into her snatch one last time before pulling out. She grabbed his hand as she straightened back up and led him out of the doorway and to the large bed in the middle of the room. She turned around to face him as they got to the foot of the bed then spun him around and pushed him so he fell on his back.

Kid Flash looked up at his sister who wore a seductive smile and nothing else. Noticing his watchful gaze on her, the amazing looking reporter rubbed her hands down her chest, giving her sagless tits a squeeze and nipples a little pull to get them good and hard again. She continued down over her bare pussy, giving it a little rub before climbing onto the mattress between his muscular legs.

"I think about sucking your dick all day," Iris said as she stroked his manhood. "This big, fat dick."

No longer content to just stroke him and think of him filling her mouth, Iris made that dream a reality by lowering her head and parting her lips. She couldn't take any more than half his length into her gullet at one time, she doubt anyone else could do much better either, but that was enough to elicit moans of approval from her younger brother.

She bobbed her head up and down on his erect cock, the tight seal her lips made around his veiny member feeling spectacular for the crime fighting speedster. She also couldn't help but taste her own juices lathering his cock as her tongue rubbed the underbelly of his manhood. Always a fan of her own taste, not to mention some from other ladies, it made the blowjob even more arousing for the reporter as she began humming against his dick.

"God you're good," Wally grunted, his hand resting on the top of her head as it constantly bobbed up and down.

Encouraged by the obvious pleasure she was eliciting for him, Iris pushed forward and took more of his lengthy member into her mouth. Once his tip tapped against the back of her throat she held him with half his length swallowed in her mouth. While she sucked on the top portion, her hand was clutched firmly yet still softly around the bottom half and was stroking the remaining flesh with her smooth hand. She let him savor the moist warmth of the inside of her mouth before slowly dragging her wet lips along his cock until only the every end of his tip was left.

The young reporter had hit her stride and was now rapidly bobbing her brunette head up down the tall man's dick. She worked her body in perfect rhythm as her mouth continued to occupy the top half while she maintained stroking his portion unable to fit between her plump lips. It was a tried and true technique for her and just like always it never let her down, including when in an incestous relationship with her brother. 

"Such a talented mouth," Wally complimented. 

"Thanks bro," she smiled.

As she answered her her lips were pulled off his cock and so now that they were free, Iris decided to change her technique. The dark-skinned girl grabbed a hold of his lengthy 10-inch cock in her fist and gave it a long lick up it's main vein on the underside all the way up to the tip. She used her tongue to give his small slit a few quick licks before popping his bulbous head back into her mouth. After a few bobs, she pulled him out of her mouth so she could lick up one side of his dick then the other, getting to taste a little more of her pussy juices down by his base.

"I need to feel this big cock back inside of me," Iris all but demanded.

Not needing permission to do so, Iris left his cock so she could crawl up the bed so their faces were back aligned. The siblings shared a kiss as the sexy reporter propped herself higher up on her knees so she could line her very wet pussy up with his cock once more. Showing off by not using her hands at all, she sank down until his tip pushed back inside her then continued until 3/4 of his length fit in her snatch.

"Don't care how often I say it, you are fucking tight," Wally groaned as she started back up his length.

"I've never...awwhhh...mind taking...mhmmm...a compliment," Iris replied as she built a steady rhythm atop the superhero.

"Or mind taking this dick," he joked as his hands reached up to fondle her bouncing tits.

"That too," she smiled in reply.

With hands on his muscular chest, Iris used them and her fit legs to propel her slender body up his lengthy pole before crashing back down. Now taking his entire cock into her small snatch, she thundered up and down and loved every second of it. His dick was so big that he was able to fill her completely and reach sensitive spots within her that made her moan louder than normal.

Iris was stretched out enough to handle his massive girth and so she was starting to ride him even faster now. The sound of their moaning and grunting filled the room as she worked up a light layer of sweat on her ebony skin. Wally didn't know which of her amazing features to grope but he settled on sliding his mitts down from her tits, over her flat stomach then took two big handfuls of her tight little ass.

"Yes. Ride it hard! Just like that," Wally grunted as her lips gripped his tool tightly.

"You're not the only West who can go fast," Iris commented with a wry smile as she thundered her slender booty to the top of his pole before crashing back down.

The gorgeous reporter felt her brother's fingers soften their grip on her exquisite backside and reach out to her center line. Now cupping her cheeks with his digits resting in her crack, she felt one of his fingertips softly reach out and start rubbing her asshole. She knew he liked touching and liking her backdoor though hadn't yet brought up the conversation of anally fucking her yet. However, she was more than happy to let him poke and prod her crinkled starfish especially since she knew it helped get Wally off.

Changing up her tactic since he was now fondling her tight little asshole, Iris sank all the way down on his lap before pushing herself backwards. Wally felt her butthole apply more pressure on his finger but not enough to push past her tight opening before she grinded herself forward on his lap. Time after time Iris worked herself back and forth on his powerful groin until she decided to add a little up and down motion to her relentlessly deep grinding.

"Keep up like this and won't last much longer," Wally warned.

"Not slowing," Iris retorted before adding. "Probably best you don't cum in me though."

That had been one of their arrangements since they started hooking up, which seemed normal enough considering it didn't even require a conversation between the siblings. Most of the incest taboo came from genetic mutation in the offspring so they avoided that altogether to help their rational minds make sense out of what their bodies and hearts desired.

Wally already knew where he wanted to pop. He let Iris stay on top for awhile longer, letting her grind her tight pussy all along his cock as she slowly dragged him towards his climax. Moments before he felt his floodgates open, Wally flipped her onto her back so that he was kneeling above her between her legs.

"Fuccckkk," Wally swore as he pulled out and began stroking his extremely wet shaft,

It took maybe 3 seconds once he pulled out of her snatch before Iris looked down her perfectly tight body and saw his tip explode with his baby batter. The bulk of his spray landed on her flat belly though some streaks managed to fly all the way up to paint her small but perky tits in slashes of white goo.

"God we are a good team," Iris cooed as she rubbed the semen into her flawless skin.

"We really do," Wally panted, throwing himself down on the bed beside her.

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