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"Ms Lance, a word."

Sara Lance, aka the White Canary, ended her conversation with Ray Palmer to go have a private chat with their leader Rip Hunter. Although the Legends got off to a rough start at the beginning, finding out that the captain of the Wave Rider lied to them to agree to join his crusade against Vandal Savage, it ended superbly and now all the members were loyal to him.

Well, almost all. After defeating the immortal killer Kendra Saunders, who is better known as Hawkgirl decided she wanted to return to 2016 and do good in that era only. It made sense with none of the remaining teammates holding it against her. After all the life of travelling through time wasn't an easy one.

"What's up Rip?"

"I have a special assignment for you," the Englishman revealed.

Since she was first recruited, Rip had felt a special kinship for Sara for some reason. It may have been that he say a lot of himself in her, or that she appeared to be the most relatable. She also continuously earned his trust, first by overcoming her bloodlust and then by showing growth and maturity by helping her fellow Legends whenever possible.

"Who needs killing," the sexy blonde asked as they reached the privacy of Rip's office.

"Actually, the mission I have in mind for you is of more subtlety where no one is to die," he explained. "Gideon will have all the mission details for you to access at your whim. The codename is Smallville."

The name seemed familiar to her for some reason but she couldn't quite remember why. She was sure after reading the files it would jog her memory though. The Legends had been doing some smaller missions as a team for the past few months since defeating Savage but this was the first time Rip trusted one of them with a solo mission.

"Okay I'll make sure I read every detail," Sara promised. "Care to give me an overview now though? The anticipation for my own solo job is killing me."

"Yes well it's a mission of the most importance but it requires infiltration within a small town which is why I'm only sending you instead of the whole team. Smallville is in Kansas with the closest big city being Metropolis..."

"Home of Superman," Sara filled in.

"Yes, yes. However, what only a select handful of individuals know is that Superman grew up in Smallville with adopted parents Martha and Jonathan Kent. And yes, before you ask that means Superman is respected Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent," Rip explained. "However, you're being sent to a time before he came out as the Man of Steel. Back when he still lived in Smallville and did his heroics quietly and was only known as Blur."

"Okay firstly, we are just breezing over the fact you told me one of the biggest secrets ever with Clark Kent being Superman. And then you tell me his superhero name was originally The Blur," Sara said with disgust.

Rip ignored her jab at the journalists of that time and continued. "You will take the jumpship and travel to the year 2006 where you must stop Lois Lane from becoming an item with Lex Luthor. We don't know why she joins with him or what caused the change in the timeline but the consequences will be widespread."

"Holy crap. So I'm going to be sneaking around in the same tiny village as Supes, the most well known reporter of all time in Lois fricking Lane and with the young billionaire villain Lex Luthor," Sara recapped.

"Yes well there's more. If you fail and Lois and Lex hook up then the world will have massive problems. In some timelines Superman leaves the Earth altogether to help Zod create a new Krypton, other timelines show him killing Lex out of anger and condemning him never take up the Superman title and so on and so forth," Rip continued.

"So no pressure on me or anything. So I stop her and him getting together and what, play matchmaker with her and Supes?"

"Not necessarily. You'll find that Mr. Kent is rather conservative and thus it'll take more years of courtship before he and Lois start dating. Therefore, if you chose to use a man to turn Lois' head then the safest choice is a man named Arthur Curry...a young Aquaman."

"Aquaman! Who else will I meet? Flash? Cyborg," Sara asked, her mind spinning with all the reveals.

"Arthur will be in town for the summer, he'll leave in the fall and no matter what he is destined to turn towards the ocean and become the leader of Atlantis plus marry his future wife Mera. More information is in your briefing files which I suggest you learn intimately," Rip explained, finishing his own description of her assignment.

* * *

Sara headed back to her own quarters on the Wave Rider to study up on her special mission. Just from the condensed version it seemed like it was going to be intense. In some aspects it was going to be tougher than chasing around time searching out Vandal Savage then eventually killing him.

During that time she was part of a team, essentially the sharpest weapon that her captain could use against the immortal killer. However now she would be on her own doing spy shit, which meant that her best attributes wouldn't be of much use. After all she doubted greatly that her League of Assassin training would come in handy in simple Smallville. 

"Okay Gideon, brew some coffee and let's get to work."

* * *

12 hours later, Sara was studied up on her objectives and had a good night sleep under her belt. Knowing it was more important to be prepared when time was less important, she made sure she understood exactly what was going on. Her cover story was that she was a college student come home to work in Smallville during the summer between semesters. Simple but effective.

"All ready Ms. Lance," Rip asked as she appeared in his office.

"Let's do this," the assassin answered.

"Perfect. Follow me."

Rip Hunter led her through the metallic corridors until they reached the lift that brought them into the small cockpit of the jumpship that Sara would use to bring her to Smallville. It could comfortably fit 4 but that wouldn't be needed.

"This is a bank card of the local credit union in Smallville. It will have more than sufficient funds. The PIN is 2016," Rip explained.

"The year in Star City we travelled to and met Connor Hawke," Sara clued in. "Smart."

"Yes well. This jumpship has the capability to locate the Wave Rider once you breach the temporal zone, thus reuniting us regardless of where we are at the time. Other than that, Godspeed Ms. Lance."

"Thanks Rip," Sara blushed. "Almost feels like you'd actually miss me if I died horribly."

"Almost," he joked before exiting the craft and leaving Sara to her duty. 

"Okay Gideon. Plot a course for Smallville, Kansas. The year 2006."

* * *

"Ms. Lance, we have arrived at 2006 in a secluded graveyard inside the city limits of Smallville."

"Ugh...thank you Gideon. Just give me a few moments. Kind of seeing triple right now," Sara groaned, getting her bearings after such a long time jump as was usual. "Okay, that's better. After I'm out you can take the ship into orbit in cloaking mode."

"Yes Captain," Gideon replied, acknowledging the order.

The first day was getting a lay of the land. Luckily, Smallville was a small town so her tour of the main downtown strip and a few adjacent streets took little time. The locals, include Lois, Clark and Lex seemed to use a place called The Talon to hang out at. In fact, by chance she found out that not only did Lois' cousin work at the coffee shop, but the future Daily Planet lived right above as well.

Due to her extensive research with Gideon, Sara knew where LexCorp and the billionaire behind the company lived. A beautiful mansion that looked strikingly similar to the Queen Manor back in Star City. Next was a tour out to the Kent Farm, not many miles from the town in the opposite direction, again just to have a real world recognition.

"Bingo," Sara muttered to herself

It had been a few days of sitting in the coffee shop, waiting for a chance encounter with Lois. Hell, she would have leapt at the chance to bump into Lex Luthor but as fate would have it she actually saw both of them. They were talking cheerfully up at the bar, placing an order with his arm hanging around her bare shoulders as she was dressed casually in jeans and a tank top.

Sara couldn't believe how unbelievably gorgeous Lois Lane truly was. Blessed with a tall body with long beautiful legs, the future Pulitzer-winning journalist had a rock hard body and tight ass to boot. However, the real showstopper when it came to her was clearly her massive rack, which Sara was guessing were perky, sagless D-cup tits that made her mouth water at the mere thought.

"Focus girl," she reminded herself.

As they got their drinks and headed for the exit, Sara kept her nose in the textbook she was reading until they left the building. Finishing her sip of coffee, the League of Assassins member followed them out and got to them right before they got into his very expensive silver Porsche. 

"Hi, sorry but you're Lois Lane right?"

"Yeah. Do we know each other," she asked the blonde.

"Actually we went to highschool together. You were a legend after getting driven to prom in a M1 tank after all," Sara gushed. "I was good friends with Steve Trevor."

"Good times. How is Steve by the way?"

"He's actually doing well. Not as well as Wes Keenan but still pretty good," the assassin said, remembering names and stories from the files she studied so intensively. 

"Steve, Wes. A guy could get jealous hearing all these names of ex-lovers," the bald man piped in finally. "Hi, I'm Lex Luthor."

"Hi Mr. Luthor. I actually recognized you from the news. It's an honor," Sara faked. 

Sara had been trained by the League of Assassins, twice in fact, so she was well toned to her surrounding. Thus, when she started to feel aroused for no good reason, she knew something was afoot. It was true that Lex was a handsome man and that Lois was one of the most beautiful women throughout history, there was something unnatural about it.

"No need to get jealous. They're my past...your my present," Lois retorted, brandishing a smile to help ease any doubt.

"And future, I hope," he added before kissing her once more.

"Listen, we should catch up and have a chat soon. I didn't catch your name by the way," Lis said, turning back to address the blonde.

"Sara," she replied, being sure not to give her last name in case Lois or Lex decided to look her up in old yearbooks. "That would be great. I'm free tonight if you wanted to meet down the road for a drink or two?"

"I suppose I could share you for the evening," Lex answered for her.

"It'll sound weird but on a Thursday night the best place to grab a few is the Lanes around the corner," Lois suggested.

"Smallville Lanes it is," Sara agreed. "I'll see you around 9."

Lex and Lois down the street leaving a satisfied Sara standing on the sidewalk. The encounter couldn't have gone any better and she had some time alone with the future bride of Superman to look forward to. She still had to puzzle out how to stop their relationship but she was working on that.

However, more pressing was getting back to the jumpship and having a little conversation with Gideon. She rushed back to the ship, making sure she wasn't followed, and climbed aboard.

"Gideon. I need a full analysis done on my clothes and breath," Sara stated.

"Right away Ms. Lance."

As Gideon worked on her request, Sara formulated her plan which was coming together nicely. She didn't know why her brain went to using sex so quickly to accomplish this task, but it seemed like it would work. She wanted to believe that it was the fault of her rational mind; lust was such a visceral emotion that required little time to stimulate and her mission was pressing to complete. However, she had a feeling that it had a little something to do with seeing Lois Lane as she found that her subconscious had been working overtime since seeing her about ways to bed the beauty. 

"Ms. Lance, the analysis is in. The air you exhaled contained the standard 78% nitrogen, 17% oxygen, 4% carbon dioxide and 1% of an unspecified gas," Gideon revealed. "This same gas was found on your clothing as well."

"Can you do follow-up work to discover what it is?"

"Indeed. It will take some time however," the ship's A.I. replied.

"You have the whole evening. I have a date with Lois Lane."

* * *

"Not gonna lie, I thought you were blowing smoke up my ass when you suggested drinking at a bowling alley," Sara laughed as she and her new friend poured back yet another drink.

"Everyone, including myself, scuffed at the thought the first time. But only the first time," Lois agreed.

The two ladies had only been at the Lanes for an hour but already they were becoming fast friends. Due to Gideon's exhaustive research, Sara had quite a bit of information about Lois Lane's highschool life that she was able to implement herself into the stories with relative ease. With her foot in the door, she let her charming personality and the alcohol do the rest.

"So you don't know my little sister Lucy than?"

"No, she was before my time," Sara answered. 

Lucy had been a wild child growing up, much like Lois had been. And just like her older sister, Lucy made something wonderful out of herself. Though not an award-winning journalist, she did go on to become a lawyer for the U.S. military and even taken over the post of head of the DEO on an interim basis. However, that was almost 9 years in the future from the point in time she was living in now.

"Can I ask you a question, a personal one," the future journalist inquired. 

"Go ahead. I'm an open book," the Time Traveler lied.

"How can I put this...well tact was never my strong suit so why start now. You're into girls, aren't you? Not little girls or anything creepy like that, but like women," Lois asked.

"How'd you guess," Sara questioned with an impressed smirk.

"Well I notice that when a guy walks by you don't pay him even the slightest attention but when a girl does, you check them out. And if you really like what you see then you like your lips," the taller girl explained. 

"Smart and observant."

Lois took a moment to steel herself before speaking again. "So is that why you asked me out for drinks tonight?" 

"Honestly, I'm new in town and then I saw a friendly face so was hoping that we'd connect," Sara explained.

Seducing Lois Lane was one plan she was toying with but it seemed too early to do that. Throughout her files, there was a long list of boyfriends that Lois had but never even the hint of a girlfriend or hook-ups with people of the opposite sex. Therefore it needed to be under the right conditions to bed the gorgeous woman and she didn't think it was ready.

"But that's not the only reason you wouldn't to meet tonight," Lois asked, prying further.

However, just because she felt like it might not have been the right moment didn't mean that she was correct. Looking at Lois, Sara realized something. The straight girl might have actually been hitting on the lesbian. That gave her pause and also changed what she was going to say. It also locked her into a certain plan.

"You really are going to make a hell of a journalist," Sara muttered. "No. It wasn't my sole motive in asking you to hang out with me tonight."

"Hey Freddy. Can you put these drinks on my tab. Me and my friend need to be somewhere," Lois called to the bartender before looking back at Sara. "Come on, let's go back to The Talon."

"A literal nightcap," Sara mused as the pair walked out of the bowling alley.

"Yeah, we can grab a coffee but I was thinking I'd show you my apartment right above the cafe."

Sara was prepared for the short walk to be a little awkward given the fact that there was little doubt what they were going to do once there. However, much to her delight the 3 minute long stroll through downtown Smallville was filled with chatter and laughing as the pair got along like they'd known each other for years.

However, the talk and giggling got less as they got closer to the apartment. Anticipation was almost palpable in the air with each door Lois unlocked and opened until finally her keys clicked open the last of them and they found themselves standing inside her fairly large 2 bedroom loft above the coffee shop.

"Nice place," Sara said, looking around the spacious main area.

"Thanks," Lois replied, hanging her leather jacket on the hook, leaving her in only a tank top now. "Can I take yours?"

"Yeah sure," the blonde replied.

Sara shrugged off her own tight-fitting jacket, which was the perfect accent to her outfit. Always a fan of clothing that hugged her amazingly toned body, the blonde assassin was dressed in all black with a sleeveless simple shirt, super tight pants and leather boots that ended right beneath her knees.

Extending her arm out, Lois took the jacket from her but her hand lingered on Sara's. It was like the small spark needed to start a forest fire inferno. The taller girl flung the coat to the floor somewhere behind her as she used both arms to reach out for Sara. The time traveling Legend was in motion as well, stepping closer to Lois so that they were able to wrap their arms around each other at the same moment.

"Mhmm...aww," they moaned as their lips smacked together with real hunger.

They made out with an appetite that could not be satisfied, such was their ignited passion for one another. Their lips smacked together as they took turns trying to dominate the battle of their tongues, each one getting a few moments advantage before the other would fight harder and succeed in cramming their tongue into the other's mouth.

"God your tits are massive," Sara cooed, taking up two more than full handfuls.

"Mhmm...and all for you," Lois said with a smile. "And you have quite the big ass back here."

The girls smiled at one another as they worshipped the other's bodies. Despite both being insanely beautiful, there bodies were completely different. Sara was below average in height but had thick juicy legs and an ass that was even bigger and better. Lois had long fit legs that went for miles, a tight albeit small ass but wonderful D-cups. Their only similarity was they both took personal fitness seriously thus had toned bodies that would make any guy or girl drool in appreciation.

They began undressing each other in earnest now. Sara got the ball rolling by pulling up the other girl's tank top before flinging it away somewhere, not caring because her lips were busy kissing over Lois' flat stomach. Lois was less elegant, as she ripped Sara's shirt off by grabbing the bottom and pulling it over her head to leave them both in their bras.

"Bedroom," Sara asked, unhooking the army brat's bra as Lois kicked off her own heels.

"This way," the completely topless girl answered.

The bedroom was only 10 paces to their right but in that time they succeeded in stripping Sara of her bra as well. The assassin wasn't exactly passive in their travels, as Lois now had two very erect nipples, each coated in a generous amount of Sara's saliva from the sucking on them she did.

"Whoa," Sara shrieked as she was suddenly shoved to the bed behind her.

Lois had joined her seated on the mattress a moment later, her large tits swaying with the slightest movement she performed. Grabbing Sara's closer leg, the future reporter unzipped her boot before sliding it off her. Sara switched limbs resting on Lois' lap so she could do the same to that leg.

With the boots gone Lois went straight for Sara's belt and pants buckle while the assassin had the same idea in mind for her date's trousers. Given how tight her jeans clung to her thighs, Sara stood up and allowed Lois to help her pull them down her strong legs, leaving the time traveler in only her microscopic thong. 

"Holy crap. You must live at the gym, Lois gawked, her fingers running up and down Sara's calves and meaty thighs.

Not wanting to slow the pace and allow Lois to remember she had a boyfriend, Sara dropped to her knees and evened the score in the clothing department. Lois helped by lifting her bubbly ass from the bed so that the blonde lesbian could yank off her looser jeans, taking her underwear off in the process as well so that. 

Sara thought that she'd take the lead and be the first one to go down on the other, but clearly the taller girl had a differing opinion. Having been a frequent participant in some lesbian activity during her cliche experimental phase in college, Lois had been chomping at the bit to get back in the saddle with another woman for awhile and Sara was going to be the lucky girl on the receiving end of her pent-up sexual desire. 

"I haven't done this in awhile," Lois commented, her body positioned between Sara's spread legs as she laid with head in the pillows. 

"Just do the best you...oh...ahhh...yes," Sara immediately started moaning.

It may have been a few years since Lois had spent a night with another woman but she picked up right where she left off. She shed Sara's tiny panties out of the way and took in a good sight of her completely bare sex with bright pink lips. Rather than be hypnotized by her pretty cunt, she leaned in and did a long lick down from her clit to her already wet hole.

Sara had her head tossed back with back arching, her hands going to her small tits and pulling at her nipples. Lois was finding her stride with ease, using her fingers to pry apart the other girl's lips and expose the bright pink slit it contained. Sticking out her tongue the future bride of Superman wagged her tongue over and over, collecting Sara's juices all while the assassin continued to flail about.

"God I missed this," Lois said between licks, the fingers of her free hand rubbing Sara's puffy mound.

Looking up to watch the effect she had on the lesbian, Lois stuffed first one then a second finger into her sex in short order. Sara moaned louder as her twat was stretched and probed, nimble and experienced fingertips reaching inside her and finding all the little crevices that unlocked more pleasure. 

However, Lois wasn't just content with fingering the beautiful yet deadly date. Leaning her head back down between her juicy thighs, the future reporter extended out her tongue and began lashing the girl's clit with it. This brought even more groans of delight from her, magnified even greater as she formed a tight seal around the engorged nub and added suction to her licking.

"Oh my God...just like that," Sara encouraged, bucking her hips in rhythm with Lois pushing her fingers inside her.

Her energy and licking seemed never ending. Sara had always benefitted from the stamina that her long-time lover Nyassi Al Ghul possessed, but it seemed like she lucked out once again here in 2006. Over and over Lois sawed her digits deep inside her cunt and ragged them out just as fast but being sure to rub over her sensitive G spot along the way.

With the combination of the surprisingly experienced girl stimulating her cunt, and clit while she pulled at her own nipples, Sara stood no chance of lasting very long. And the hunger in which Lois sought to pleasure her only added to the sudden onslaught of her own orgasm, which was hurling to its climax at record speeds.

"You're trembling baby. I think you're going to cum for me soon, aren't you," Lois asked with a knowing smirk on her beautiful face.

"Yes...keep going," Sara pleaded, so close to reaching her climax.

Steady streams of moans were being released from the thrashing blonde as she edged nearer to her sweet release. Knowing she could accomplish that whenever she wanted to give it to her date, Lois decided to bring her to her orgasm sooner rather than later. After all, the night was still so young and based on the blonde's hard body, Lois figured she was easily able to keep up with her own sex drive. 

Not delaying the inevitable, Lois drove her two digits as deep inside her new lover as physically possible. This time, instead of withdrawing them she left them in her and began pulling upwards. She felt the familiar ache in her forearm as usual while her fingertips relentlessly assaulted the smaller girl's G-spot, a move that was always received with 100% success.

"Oohhhh....yesssss....ugghhhhhh," Sara screamed at the top of her lungs as she orgasmed in the most satisfactory of manners.

Once sure that Sara was done cumming, Lois pulled her fingers and mouth away from her tingling cunt and began kissing her way up the assassin's stomach. After a swirl of her tongue around her belly button, Lois hooked an arm around the curve of Sara's low back and helped lift her into a seated position so they could kiss once more.

The blonde and brunette met with mouths already parted and tongues waiting for each other. Sara was desperate to taste her essence on the other girl's lips, a tasty treat she always enjoyed savoring even if it was just by licking off the dildo she used to masterbate with. Lois was just as passionate, likely eating pussy getting her own engine revved and needing relief immediately.

"Whoa," Lois screamed as stronger than expected arms spun her around and placed her on hands and knees.

With her heavy tits hanging beneath her long frame, Sara ran a hand down Lois' spine and took in the wonderful sight of her date. God the woman truly was beautiful; a comic book drawing come to life. Snapping out of her body worshipping fog, the trained killer moved her body so that she was situated right behind the future reporter.

"Mmmm," Sara moaned in delight after using her tongue to sample the other girl, licking over her entire slit then up the entirety of her ass crack as well. "Such a cute tight ass as well."

Lois had fairly wide hips and a narrow waist to give her the classic hourglass figure, with a tight little ass that bubbled out from her back. It wasn't as big or commanding of attention like her own, but it was still arousing. She didn't know if her new lover was into butt stuff so she choked back her inner desires to rim her adorable asshole and instead aimed her oral attention lower.

Sara Lance had many special skills. She was an expert in most close-combat weapons, an accomplished assassin and a skilled infiltrator. However, what she may have been best at was pleasure for either sex though truthfully her heart was in it more for women. Especially physical specimens like Nyassi and now Lois Lane. 

"Oh...aahhh...that' good," Lois hummed in appreciation.

Sara liked the response so far and crazed more so she dropped back down to repeat her slow, methodical licks that always ended up at her date's wanting pussy. This time she wasted no time in dipping inside to sample some of her sweet nectar, pushing deep to explore her canal at the same time. The blonde was still tempted to pull straight out of her snatch, aim higher and start tossing Lois' salad, but the last thing she wanted was to spock the girl and loss her chance and blow the mission. 

Not dwelling on the fact she wasn't able to lick her tight little backdoor, Sara moved on and focused on the task at hand. That job was now pushing her tongue inside of Lois with more intensity. The athletic blonde stuck out the slippery muscle as far as she could, which resulted in her face getting buried deep within the soon-to-be journalist's lovely backside.

"Yum...Superman is going to be one lucky bastard getting to come home to this tasty babe," Sara thought while wiggling her tongue inside her date.

But as Sara continued to dine on her new friend's pussy, she got more bold. At first it started with wiggling her whole face as her entire tongue was buried in the Daily Planet's future employee so that her adorable nose rubbed back and forth against Lois' butthole. It made Sara wet thinking that the taller girl was getting off having her ass played with.

Getting more brazen, the trained killer pulled her face back away from her curvy cheeks and simply used two fingers to fuck the fit woman. If Lois missed the oral attention to her pussy it was impossible to tell as her screams of pleasure were just as intense. Now she went back in but this time aimed higher, initially using her tongue to lick her fingers as they pistoned into Lois before licking the patch of skin beneath her twat and finally against her puckered tush.

"Oh...well...that feels...really nice," Lois cooed in acceptance.

In Sara's thorough investigations with sex involving the same sex, there there 3 different types when it came to having their assholes licked. The first type were weirded out by it, and in this category she put most men as well. The second type were those that tolerated it and maybe even liked it a small amount. And then there was the last group, her favorite, who actually got off so much easier by having that erotic orifice tapped into. To her massive delight Lois was firmly in the third grouping.

Sara knew it was a risk going right of it but before she knew it her tongue was licking Lois' now exposed asshole, the crinkled starfish too tempting to not do something about. As soon as her tongue pressed against the tight hole, it winked in response so Sara followed up her initial lick with several more, getting more of her taste on her buds.

"You like having your adorable ass eaten out," the Legend asked between swipes of her tongue against the constricted hole.

Lois responded by letting loose a torrent of moans and grunts into the bedroom without regard if anyone outside on the street heard her due to the amazing work of the girl giving her the best rimjob of her life. Completely lost in the embrace of the sexy White Canary, Lois allowed Sara to use her however they wished. 

Feeling Lois completely and utterly give into her, Sara kept eating out her asshole but didn't neglect her pussy either. While her talented tongue worked it's magic on her rear entry, she brought her fingers between Superman's future wife's thighs and had 2 fingers buried in her snatch moments later. She pumped them a handful of times but her real objective was to grind her tips inwards to find the brunette's G-spot, knowing she hit her mark by the sharp cries of bliss. Repeated, Sara plunged back into her pink depths, hitting the spot all while twirling her tongue in tight circles over the sealed rosebud.

" good...awwhh," Lois grunted in satisfaction.

"God! I could munch on your cute bum all night," Sara told her date.

"Don't stop! Don't ever stop," Lois screamed her encouragement.

If the taller brunette thought she was in bliss before then she was positively transcendent at this point with the practiced lesbian working over all her most sensitive zones. Sara behind her eating out her ass, something she had yet to have done to her with past partners and was finding it to be oddly sensual, combined with the wonderful work finger-fucking her pussy. 

Of course Sara wasn't getting neglectful with her skilled mouth either. Instead, the time traveling Legend had gotten her tongue right into her arse, wagging the wet muscle at her entrance before using her free hand to pull one of her cheeks aside to help her cram more inside. Lois was going absolutely wild at the thought of how much she enjoyed the other girl cleaning her asshole, with her skilled tongue gliding skillful over the smooth lining of her dirty hole.

"Yes! Close...almost," Lois moaned. "Make me cum! Please!"

Two fingers continued their relentless assault on the future reporter's pussy as to get more speed Sara had removed her tongue from her butthole. The trained assassin was a veteran of hundreds of lesbian trysts and knew full well what she was doing and her handiwork was on full display now. As her fingers curled continuously to hit the other girl's G-spot, she used her arm to also drag forward, causing her palm to always be rubbing her clit.

"Fuck...gonna cum...gonna...cum," Lois warned, eyes closed shut, mouth gaped.

"Do it! Cum baby," Sara prompted.


Lois was used to cumming, after all she was good at getting herself either it be with her own fingers, a toy or using a guy. However, the pleasure she got as she reached her climax with another girl with such confidence and precision as Sara Lance was an all new type of delight. She came hard, coating Sara's fingers in her cum, which the blonde sucked on those fingers until all traces of her yummy cum was removed once Lois was done her wild ride.

"That," Lois breathed heavily, the bed sheet covering her heaving chest.

"Right back at you gorgeous," Sara cooed, rolling onto her shoulder to face the future journalist.

"I haven't done that since my more experimental days in college," she added, still reeling from the intense lesbian lovemaking.

For a girl who claimed to have not seduced a woman in years, it truly was like riding a bike for Lois. In fact, Sara was looking forward to more encounters with the leggy future reporter just to see if she could reap more sweet rewards in the event that she was rusty. 

"Care to stay the night," Lois asked, looking over at the blonde with the sexed-up hair.

Sara didn't use words to answer the girl she had only just met earlier that day. Instead she gave Lois a wide smile and liked her lips in anticipation. A matching grin was already appearing on the Metropolis native's face before it vanished from her view as Sara ducked her head under the blankets seconds before her mouth latched onto one of Lois' pokey nipples again.


* * *

Early the next morning Sara made her way back to the Wave Rider's smaller travel vessel after a night filled with great pleasure. She felt beyond satisfied and ready for a long nap to recover from an evening where there was little rest to be had, but as she entered through the hatch, Gideon greeted her with news.

"Ms. Lance. My analysis is complete. Is now a good time or would you prefer after your morning coffee?"

"Now is fine Gideon," Sara said, walking to her small room aboard the ship.

"The composition of the unknown substance was not from Earth. A more thorough investigation found that the chemical make-up was that of vaporized Red Kryptonite," Gideon revealed.

"Red Kryptonite?"

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