Future Legends

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"So we go after a find Vandal Savage? I thought you said he's very active in the 22nd century," Captain Cold asked with his familiar sneer.

"Perhaps taking on Savage in the height of his power is a poor idea," Professor Stein, one half of Firestorm surmised.

"Correct Professor," Rip Hunter, Captain of the Wave Rider acknowledged. "Gideon, chart us a course for St. Roch, New Orleans. The year, 1975."

"So Gideon, an artificial intelligence is how you can run this massive ship without any crew," Ray Palmer, or ATOM, commented as Rip climbed into his pilot's chair and pulled the harness into place.

"Indeed. And you should all have a seat and strap yourselves in. Temporal navigation is something you don't want to be standing up for," Rip explained.

After sharing a few sideways glances with the rest of the team, the other 8 humans aboard the Wave runner took an empty chair before pulling down their chest supports. They paired off as anyone would have expected with the Firestorm team together, Hawkgirl and Hawkman seated beside each other, the Central City Rogues together and Star City residences Ray and Sara Lance next to each other.

"Time travel, cool," Mick Rory commented with his deep, gravelly voice.

"Now temporal displacement has been known to cause dizziness and nausea as well as a handful of other side effects...such as increased horniness and bleeding from the eyeballs," Rip explained, lowering his voice for the last two items.

"What," Hawkgirl exclaimed.

Before an answer to her question could be given, Gideon powered up the ship as it prepared to take the new crew of future Legends on their maiden voyage. The ionic engine rumbled and lights whirled to light, making the 8 crew members forget all about everything else other than that they were about to travel through time and space.

They could feel the large ship raise from the cement ground before it started to fly linearly, picking up speed. As it began to ascend, it felt no different to an airplane, until the speed and height kept increasing. Rip said something that sounded like hold on before he pushed the lever on his chair. For an instant nothing was different until they all heard a mighty rumble for the innards of the Wave Rider before they all nearly passed out from the switch to light speed.

The 8 heroes, anti-heroes and straight up villains couldn't have guessed how long the flight was. It felt like minutes though they didn't know if that was because of them passing out at times due to the tremendous G-forces or because it was actually that length of time. However, before long they were setting down on a grassy knoll in and at their destination.

"I did mention nausea as one of the side effects," Rip commented as Rory twisted out of his seat and threw up.

"Apparently vertigo," Captain Cold mentioned as Ray stood up with a smile before instantly lurching forward and falling on his face.

"I can't see," Professor Stein said in panic. 

"Only temporary, I assure you Martin," Rip explained. "Visual disturbance tends to only last a minute. The further back in time you go, the worse the side effects."

Sara Lance, the former Black Canary of Starling City rose from her seat and stretched herself out. She was about to declare to the group that she escaped side effects when something stopped her. Physically she was 100% fine, potentially her League of Assassins training helping her in that respect. But hormonal she was different and only in one area, her libido. 

Sara always had possessed a healthy sexual appetite, but right now it was off the charts. Just by standing up and stretching her pussy was gushing wet as her very tight pants had some light pressure against her sex. As she looked around at the crew, she got even more aroused as she passed from Jefferson's athletic build to Ray's model-esque good looks over to Captain Cold's pure sexiness and even Rory's rough handsomeness. 

"Okay, you three," Rip said, gesturing to Sara, Captain Cold and Rory. "Make yourselves comfortable on the ship. The rest of you are coming with me to find Professor Boardman."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You're benching us," Rory grumbled.

"I thought we were a team," Sara voiced her dissatisfaction as well, before checking out Rip's lean but attractive body.

"This mission doesn't require your particular skill-set," Rip explained to them. 

"Meaning you don't need anyone killed, maimed or robbed," Captain Cold filled in the blanks. 


"I'm staying put," Jefferson announced.

The young black man didn't want to go on the trip in the first place. However, after he voiced his displeasure with Professor Stein, who desperately wanted to go on the adventure and save the future world from crisis, he was drugged. Stein wouldn't have been any use other than as Firestorm, which required Jefferson. Thus, taken against his will, he was in no mood to help the team right yet.

"You'd rather stay with them," the Professor asked, pointing to the assassin and thieves.

"They didn't Roofie me," Jefferson retorted with disdain.

While that was a large motivating factor, it wasn't his only reason for wanting to stay. Sara wasn't the only one who had a hormonal shift causing horniness as Jefferson was effected as well. In fact right this second he had a massive erection that he was luckily able to hid by flipping it up into the waistband of his jeans. With Hawkgirl in love with Hawkman, that left Sara Lance as the only eligible bachelorette on the ship...and she had a big booty he loved, especially for a small white chick.

Stein understood that Jefferson just needed some time to get used to the situation so leaving him to settle down was for the best. Though Mick Rory and Leonard Snark would likely leave him for dead, Sara Lance had been the Black Canary, a source of good for Starling City so he felt okay leaving.

Within moments the deck of the time ship was emptied by the 6 members forming the away team, heading off to get changed into something 70s appropriate. Sara tried moving as little as possible to stop her raging hormones from getting set off even worse while Mick asked the ship's A.I. to play some television.

"Gideon, has the other teammates left the ship," Sara asked the A.I.

"Yes Ms. Lance. Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Privacy. I'm so horny I'm about to burst so chime if the others come back and hide what we are going to do from playback footage," the trained assassin ordered.

Sara didn't need to look around at the faces of her three male teammates to know that their eyes were bulging out of their skulls. The attractive blonde with a body to die for had considered going to her room and masturbating to appease her hormones but why diddle yourself alone when their were three cocks around.

Though she preferred munching rug these days, she wasn't about to turn down a perfectly good dick when it would do in a pinch. It probably didn't help her horniness that she hadn't gotten off since her return from the grave a month ago. Either way, she needed to be fucked immediately and one of Mick, Leonard or Jefferson were in for a wild ride.

"I believe I can help with that," the smug yet silky smooth Captain Cold told her.

Sara felt his hands go to her shoulders as Leonard stood behind her, rubbing her arms. As his stubble on his face brushed her cheek she tilted her head to the opposite side and gave him access to her sensitive neck. The older man took the opening and began planting kisses along her flesh as he pressed his hardening cock against her extremely thick ass.

"Mmhmm," she moaned in response.

Sara felt her pants suddenly loosen while her arms were still being rubbed. She didn't need to even open her eyes to know who that was, the vomit-tainted breath on her face let her know it was the hulking Mick Rory. She should have expected that the Rogues, who worked together for crime, would also work together during sex. Sara didn't mind at all, after all 2 heads were better than one.

Showing teamwork, Leonard Snark dragged her tight-fitting olive-colored pants over her plump rump as soon as Mick undid them. The skinnier man immediately did some ass worshipping, pressing his face against the curvy flesh with only her little thong between his nose and her crinkled starfish.

"What a beautiful ass," Jefferson commented, his long-fingered hand grasping the thick booty in between medium strength slaps. 

"Kid, just sit back there and watch," Mick instructed the younger male as he lifted Sara's black shirt up over her head, revealing her medium-sized tits still in their bra.

"Oh come on, you're benching me? With that fine ass girl all horny like that," Jefferson pouted.

"I'm not sure you can handle running with this crew," Leonard Snark added as the trio moved as a unit.

Sara allowed the two Rogues to walk her over to the chairs they sat on during the temporal displacement that put her in this whole predicament in the first place. As she got on her knees so her chest rested on the back of the seat, Mick and Snart was still in front and behind her, respectively with Jefferson off to the side, following beside them.

The horny blonde wasted no time fishing out Mick's cock, which resembled his thick, hulking body in appearance. 9 inches long and as thick as her wrist, he was already rock hard before Sara started to stroke his length before popping his tip into her mouth and getting to work orally.

"Mmhmm...had you pegged for a talented cock sucker," the gruff man observed.

"You should see what I can do with a pussy," Sara replied before bobbing her head further down his pole.

She bobbed her head a few times, working just about half his good-sized tool into her oral cavity then pulled off him altogether. Obviously confident with her blowjob ability and wanting to show off, Sara used her tongue to dart out and repeatedly lick at his pee slit before opening her mouth wide and swallowing half his cock in one go, an impressive feat.

Meanwhile, the two men behind her weren't exactly sitting on their hands. In fact, Snark was putting his to good use by peeling her thong down and exposing her freshly waxed sex. He always liked a bald pussy and he showed that appreciation by sticking his tongue out and running it through her folds, into her pink hole before continuing back and swiping over her tight purple-colored asshole.

"Yes...more of that," Sara encouraged to the man behind her as she licked up the side of Rory's dick.

While Mick got an expert blowjob and Snark ate the younger woman's pussy and asshole, Jefferson took the time to undo his jeans and shed them from his legs. Though the two Rogues tried to sideline him from their orgy, the black man wasn't going to be benched. He was way to horny for that and was just gonna pick his spot and make them accept him into the group.

Between the grunts from Mick and the moaning from Sara, the sound of a wet, slurpy blowjob could be heard echoing around the room. The horny blonde had her lips parted wide and was taking the burly arsonist as deep into her mouth as possible, until he hit the back of her throat. At this point she closed her plump lips around his dick, dragging them all the way to his head before repeating the process...over and over.

"Sounds like a great suck," Jefferson mentioned to the pussy-munching villain.

"Indeed," Snark agreed. "I have an idea."

The eager young man couldn't believe how easy it was to manipulate the older Leonard into doing as he hoped. Leonard was the last of the trio of men to lose his pants, kicking them off as he stood from behind Sara and walked around to her head. The skilled blonde smiled with Mick's cock still in her mouth as she reached out to stroke Snark's member before trading the arsonist's member for Captain Cold's.

Jefferson forgot all about his plan for the moment as he watched the skilled cock sucker in her environment. Bobbing several times on one dick before switching to the next, it was clear Sara was thriving on having two dicks to entertain. Showing how appreciative she was to have them both, she placed the two tips so they were almost touching all so she could use her tongue to lick both their piss slits at the exact same time.

"Reminds me of that job we did in National City," Leonard mentioned to his partner in crime.

"God I missed cock," Sara commented as she wagged her tongue to lick up one dick then did likewise to the other.

After being hypnotized for a length of time watching Sara in obviously her natural environment, Jefferson got to work. Looking down, the blonde's holes were slathered in spit from Leonard's exceptional job going down on the Canary. His dick had remained at full mast from the time travel so he gripped it and approached the blonde.

Sara didn't flinch or show any reservations as his hand touched her thick cheek and pulled it to the side to give him a view of his target. Seeing her glistening pink pussy, Jefferson rubbed his tip through her folds and felt how truly wet the blonde was. But looking down and seeing her tight asshole, covered in spit then remembering the way the other two men brushed him off, Jefferson called an audible.

"Oh shit," Sara said through a grimace as, in one motion, Jefferson pushed his dick past her anal sphincter causing her to stop her blowjob. "Kid goes right for the ass."

"He's got balls," Snart commented as he pumped his hips forward to remind the sodomized girl of her role.

"Hope that's okay," Jefferson said with a hint of fear in the tone as he let his tip rest in the entrance of her asshole.

"Trust me, you aren't my first back there and certainly won't be the last," the Canary answered as she pushed back towards him.

"Now it's a party," Mick celebrated. "Well done kid, I respect that."

All while they were talking Jefferson was starting to rock his cock in the skinny girl's ass. He didn't go fast or very deep, but after a minute he had managed to slowly envelope half of his lengthy 10 inch manhood into her rectum. Using smooth strokes and never pushing too much in at one time, Sara felt no pain or even discomfort any longer with Jefferson now feeling the horny girl pushing back against him as she resumed bobbing on the dicks in front of her face. 

Jefferson was lost in the feeling of the tightest hole he'd ever felt rubbing his cock from all sides, but eventually snapped out of it. Gripping tightly onto her hips, the 22 year old black man started to pump into her faster, being certain to not be too jerky or stab too wildly. 

"Stop pussy-footing around back there and really fuck me," Sara Lance told him before going back to sucking cock.

Mick and Leonard couldn't help but notice her blowing got more sloppy and lacked the same technique as Jefferson gripped her hips and fucked the skinny girl harder. It was to be expected after all, with his strong arms jerking her back and forth, but Sara still was bouncing between their two members and sucking them as best she could under the circumstances of being assfucked at a vigorous pace.

After seeing that she took the sudden hard thrusts in stride, Jefferson stopped holding anything back. He stroked his tool in and out of her bowels, completely remove himself from her to see the gap in her hole every time before diving back in. He gradually increased his speed until he was really sawing into her ass, making her drop her hand onto her clit and rub furiously. 

"Jesus," Snark swore, watching the intense ass fucking. "She can take a hard pounding."

The master thief spoke truth. Sara was trying to distract herself by sucking hard on whichever cock was in her mouth. It did some good, but when she started to flick her clit with her fingers it really started to make a bigger difference. Though she was experienced at taking a hard cock up the ass, it had been years since a man had sodomized her and her backdoor was tighter than ever.

"You bet I can," Sara said with pride.

Jefferson wished he could have extended these minutes to feel her constricted ring of muscle around his cock forever, but he knew he had a few minutes max left in him before his older, more sinister teammates wanted their turn. He dug his fingers in even harder to the flesh around her hips and really pump into her for all he was worth. 

"Balls deep in her asshole and she's wearing a smile," Mick observed. "My kinda girl!"

"Well I'd love to see if you were my type of guy," Sara said with a wink.

Before Mick could push him away, Jefferson speared deep into Sara's asshole one last time to savor the feeling. He watched as her thick white girl ass rippled from the blow before he pulled out and watched as her backdoor gaped open, a satisfied grin crossing his face.

The team moved like they did this all the time. Mick pulled his dick from Sara's mouth and took a seat in the chair directly beside the stunning blonde. As soon as Jefferson pulled out of her asshole, Sara stood up and had Snark help her out of her pants and thong which were bunched around her ankles, giving her complete mobility now. 

"Mind if I go for a ride," Sara asked rhetorically with her trademark smirk on her face, already straddling his lap.

"Please do," Mick said as he tore her bra from her body, exposing her perky tits.

"Those are a nice set of tits there Black Canary," Snark commented as the blonde sank her pussy down on his partner-in-crime's lap.

"Mhmm...awwhh...thank you," Sara replied as she started to ride Mick's massive cock in her twat.

"I still prefer that ass," Mick weighed in as he squeezed her incredibly thick bottom.

As Sara settled into her very bouncy riding pace on Mick's lap, she reached out and grabbed the black man by the thigh to pull him closer. Jefferson knew what she was planning and almost spoke up to tell her that no more than 60 seconds ago that his dick had been as deep in her asshole as he could plunge. 

Instead, Jefferson was smart and self-serving by keeping his trap shut as she opened her mouth wide and swallowed half his length in one impressive gulp. He was certain she could taste her asshole all over his dick, but no one would be able to tell. With as much vigor as she sucked on the other two men's cocks she did likewise to the tainted black meat in front of her currently.

"Correct me if I'm wrong Jefferson, but didn't that tree trunk you call a dick come straight from Sara's asshole," Snark commented, knowing full well.

Sara heard the men cheering and making comments about how big of a slut she was, and truthfully they were right. She couldn't recall ever taking a cock straight from her bum into her mouth, but sadly this experience wasn't going to sour her from doing it in the future. Though her asshole tasted less pleasant than her pussy, she was surprised it still had a nice, albeit more metallic flavor to it.

"Feels so fucking good," Mick groaned from beneath the riding girl.

To Sara's credit, the girl could multi-task. She may not have been able to bounce with as much reckless abandonment as she was doing before she started sucking on Jefferson's cock, she still maintained a good pace that took all of his girthy member into her wet hole. That was why Mick could have cared less that she had slowed down, in fact it meant that he could lean forward and latch his lips around one on her pokey nipples while his rough hands kneaded her thick ass.

Leonard Snart, the brains of the criminal duo, had also noticed that Sara had slowed her pace. The handsome man had rounded behind the thick-bottomed girl and waited for his moment, which presented itself shortly thereafter. Riding Mick's cock all the way down to the base, Sara kept him completely in her pussy as she began grinding on his lap.

"Let's really make this like that time in National City," Snart said to his crime partner.

"Not at all," Mick replied as he used his hands on her cheeks to pull them apart.

Sara wasn't paying much attention to what the two thieves were saying, concentrating more on rocking her hips on Mick's lap and sucking the ass-flavored cock in her face. While Mick held her down on his dick, stopping her bucking altogether, she looked back just in time to see the skinnier man step up right behind her before feeling his head press against her already-used backdoor.

The move caught Sara by complete surprise. She had been having sexy regularly since she was a freshman in high school as she had developed both physically and sexual early in the life. However when Leonard gently yet firmly shoved his dick into her asshole without warning, she was shocked for the first time in the bedroom since a long time.

"Jesus Christ! Fuck fuck fuck," Sara exclaimed at the top of her lungs.

All three men heard Sara's scream as she had two dicks inserted into her pussy and asshole simultaneously. She didn't know it was even possible for this to happen, but the two men took time sawing into her holes, one pushing forward as the other retreated. Within moments they had settled into a matched rhythm and all the blonde assassin could do was lay back and enjoy being ruthlessly used by the two criminal.

Sara relaxed and let them pummel her body with their hard tools, only managing to squirm into a position that gave them better access to what they were doing. She took a break from sucking on Jefferson's member, though her hand still clutched it and was stroking him off. She lost track of time as she basked in the glory of two men taking turns going balls deep in her anus and twat, bringing her rapidly towards a strong orgasm.

"OH SHIT," she swore as one of her most powerful orgasms of her life rocked her athletic body.

For any neutral party looking on, they likely would have bet on Jefferson being the first to blow his load given the last amount of experience his two older male teammates had on him. However, as Sara came her fuckholes spasmed tightly, making her asshole in particular a fleshy vice. Leonard Snark tried to slow his thrusting, but it was too late; he could feel the cum in his balls already boiling up.

"Don't you cum in her asshole and ruin it for me," Mick demanded of his partner, as he recognized the expression on his face and knew what it meant.

"Quickly, cum in mouth," Sara urged. "I want to taste you."

The handsome thief withdrew from Sara's well-used asshole and rounded the seat to stand by her head, the position that Jefferson had just departed from. Before Snark started to cum he placed the head of his booty-flavored cock between the blonde assassin's plump lips. Torrents of jizz erupted from his, plastering the back of her throat and surface of her tongue. 

Sara had always found the taste of cum to be pleasant, but in her heightened aroused state it tasted like a fine wine to her. Even as Mick started to thrust harder up into her pussy, the trained killer swallowed down Captain Cold's offering of salty seed, even giving him some post-coital head on top of it. 

"Mmmm...now that hit the spot," Sara commented with a wide grin.

"Well there's gonna be more soon," Mick roared in his deep voice. "But first, I want to take a little ride down the dirt road."

"How could I decline such a well-spoken request," Sara jested, feeling the big man pull out of her cunt.

By the time Sara sank back down onto his lap, Mick had angled his manhood backwards so that he immediately plunged into her asshole. For Sara, it was the third different dick to make it's way into her backdoor, but Mick's was by far the widest. She bit her bottom lip as she felt her rectum expand further than ever before, but the sodomy for the past 30 minutes had loosened it up enough that she didn't tear in half.

After getting used to his impressive girth, the thick-rumped assassin showed no signs that it was the biggest cock she'd ever taken in her perfect as she rode his dick expertly. Over and over Sara lifted her perfectly shaped ass off his lap until only the last inch of his well formed cock remained held by her sphincter, at which point she would reverse course and slide down his pole.

"Not gonna...awwh...be able to...mhhmm...sit for a week," Sara commented between moans. 

All while Sara rode his tool like a pro, she hadn't forgotten about Jefferson. The black man was stroking his own dick while the blonde lowered her head so she could capture first one nut then after a long suck she'd tried it for the other. It was the perfect amount of attention to keep the youngest man very aroused while allowing Sara to spend most of her energy on riding Mick.

However, Sara could feel her stamina fatiguing with each plunge down onto his cock. She wanted to finish him off quickly since there was still Jefferson left, so that meant upping the ante. Pulling her mouth away from licking the black man's balls, Sara planted her feet on the seat next to burly thug and used her legs to propel herself up then slammed her meaty ass down on his lap.

"Oh God," Mick roared as the slight tweak in her positioning meant that her ass felt tighter as she rode him even harder.

"You like that big boy," Sara asked, slamming her ass back down time after time.

"Shit... need to cum," Heat Wave warned. "Ugh...ugh...here it comes...ugh."

"Mhmm...yes...cum in my ass," Sara encouraged as their sweat covered bodies continued to slam into each other.

All Mick could do was tightly clench the blonde's wide hips and quickly pump his cock up into her spit-lined asshole for the last few seconds. Tossing his head back, the burly man buried himself in the younger girl for the last time before blasting several streams of thick warm cum into her rectum. He held himself still in the depths of her bowels until his manhood had emptied, at which point the exhausted man lifted Sara from his lap, leaving his sticky reward deep in her asshole.

"Hope you didn't forget about me," Jefferson said, appearing in front of the tired blonde.

In his haste, Mick had rolled Sara onto the seat next to them with the blonde sitting on her thick ass in a reclined position. Jefferson had barely wasted any time in running around the seats so he could stand in front of her, hard cock in hand. Sara ran a hand through her hair and gave the eager boy a smile as she settled a leg up onto his shoulder to give him even better access to her sex.

"Mhmm...yes," Sara groaned as his lengthy cock began plunging into her damp pussy.

Having experienced several strong orgasms and been on the receiving end of 3 men who used her holes to fuck ruthlessly, Sara was spent. Even her League of Assassins training couldn't help her stamina. Therefore she had no idea how long Jefferson stood over her, pumping his long dick into her twat.

Jefferson was savoring every moment of the sex with Sara, which was turning out to be a first for him. Not his first time having sex, or sodomizing a girl, after all he was a stud college quarterback before a devastating new injury caused by the Central City particle accelerator explosion. But his first time fucking a girl without a condom, and he was learning that it made a big difference in terms of pleasure.

"So good," he grunted as he reached down and kneaded her bouncing tits.

"Yeah? Good enough to give me that cum," Sara asked in her most sultry tone.

"You know it," Jefferson replied, feeling his orgasm approaching. "Where do you want it?"

"Cum wherever you want stud."

"Okay babe...here it comes. UUNNGHHH," he screamed.

Like a volcano erupting Jefferson felt his balls started to bubble and boil before the thick liquid flowed up his shaft and out his narrow slit. With his cock buried so far inside his blonde teammate, his cum pasted her inner walls, mixing with her own sweet juices. Firestorm held himself in her snatch for a few extra moments after finishing unloading his huge wad in Sara before pushing off of her sexy body and collapsing in a chair nearby.

"Well...now that's what I call team building," Leonard Snark grinned, already dressed.

"I can only imagine what we do to celebrate a successful away mission," Mick added, lighting up a cigarette.

"I don't know about you, but I could really go for a drink," Sara suggested. "I'm sure there is a campus bar."

"Beats waiting around the ship until the nerds get back," Jefferson added.

* * *

Rip Hunter flopped himself down in his private chambers as Gideon entered the time continuum. Kicking off his boots, the lanky man made himself comfortable as he began sipping on his whiskey.

"Gideon, what did our teammates left on the ship get up to while I was away?"

30 minutes later, Rip had filled several tissues of his cum as he masturbated a number of times to Sara getting ruthlessly fucked by the three men and loving every minute of it. He knew that one side effect of the time travel was horniness, but he had no idea Sara would be so changed.

"Gideon, did you take her hormone readings at the time immediately following the temporal displacement," Rip asked the ship.

"Of course Captain. They have since returned to normal," the A.I. answered.

"Good. I want you to keep those numbers recorded and I want a cocktail of the sexual neurotransmitters that did that to Sara on hand at all times."

"So that you can make her your sexual slave at any moment, sir," Gideon asked.

"Slave is a harsh word...but yes," the bearded man answered with a sinister grin. "I'm saving the future, I should be free to have a little fun on the side, wouldn't you say Gideon?"

"Of course Captain Hunter."

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