Peace Offering

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"You jumped pretty quickly to eating me out, Captain," Vixen commented.

"Hey, I had to think fast and remember Amaya, the mission is the most important thing," Sara replied though she couldn't quite keep the smile from her lips.

"Right, sure," the Justice Society of America member said as she got back aboard the traveling spacecraft.

* * *

Two Days Earlier - 1927 Chicago

The plan started off so simple. After discovering a timequake in 1927 Chicago, the Legends head back to discover that their new nemesis Damien Darhk and his speedster accomplice are drudging up danger in Al Capone's timeline. Luckily for them, Ray and the new guy, Nate, know that Eliot Ness is central to taking down Capone, who the Legion of Doom seem to have recruited to their cause.

However, it all became, well, bungled. Despite his self-professed knowledge of the time period, Ray stupidly forgot how corrupt the police force was, trusting them to protect Ness but instead they turned him over to the very person he was suppose to arrest - Capone. Ray wasn't the only Legend who failed, because Stein was distracted and failed to intercept the corrupt officers.

"Maybe we are wrong about the cops and they took Ness to the FBI like they said they would," Ray said in a tone that portrayed that even he didn't believe that.

"Gideon, pull up the Chicago Chronicle, October 24, 1931," Nate commanded.

"Ah yes, the day Al Capone originally went down for tax evasion," the sexy sounding ship's A.I. stated. "However, in this version of history, he becomes something far worse than a criminal - a politician."

"He becomes mayor," Ray said in shock. "Okay, I take it back, Ness is screwed."

However, luckily for Ness and the Legends of Tomorrow, Sara Lance was becoming more and more a proper leader. She Using the copious knowledge that Nate and Gideon provided, the White Canary devised a plan to rescue Ness before he took a long sleep with the fishes. 

This was the Legends though, which meant that not even a rescue could go smoothly. Ness had taken brain damage for being underwater for so long before Vixen could save him. With the FBI man unavailable, Nate would pretend to be Ness since no one actually knew what the G-man looked like, with Ray and Mick as his back-up.

"So Nate, your suggestions," Sara asked.

"Capone's ledger has to be at his primary speakeasy, the Chelsea Club, so the three of us will go to the Bureau, assemble Ness' team, lead them to bust the place and boom, get the ledger and take him down for tax evasion," the handsome man who could turn into organic steel stated.

"If this was a JSA mission, we'd also send someone undercover at the club," Amaya voiced up, lending her expertise from her time with the Justice Society.

"Good idea. I'll go to the club with you and Stein," Sara suggested. "We can be waitresses with the Professor being a patron."

* * *

"God damn, has anyone seen Suzie and Marge," a big, bald-headed man shouted into the changing room at the Chelsea Club.

"Haven't seen them today, Chuck," one of the bartender's answered before squeezing through the door to start his shift.

"Mother fucker! Saturday night the busiest and those two decide to screw us," the manager known as Chuck roared in frustration.

"Maybe we can be of some service," Sara said from behind the massive man. "A moment of your time?"

"Make it quick and relevant," the angry man stated, though he was still in his right mind enough to scope out the two girls.

The blonde was a real stunner, not to say that the dark-skinned lass wasn't. They were both gorgeous in equal but different ways. While the girl with dark hair at a foreign look about her, it made her exotic. She had a slender frame with her long legs being the key attraction, with boobs on the smaller side but perfectly fitting her frame.

The blonde was something else altogether. She had porcelin white skin with a glint in her baby blue eyes that made him think that something sensual was beneath the surface. While she was a little shorter than her friend, she was curvy with mid-size boobs, meaty legs and what could only be described as a thick, bubbly rump.

"It's almost as if God has personally intervened to bring our lives together," Amaya started after they entered the manager's office.

"God, huh? Maybe you two should leave, I don't need no Bible-thumpers in here."

"What my beautiful, albeit long-winded, friend meant was that we came to the Chelsea Club for jobs as waitresses or smoke girls," Sara explained. "And with you being down two..."

"Well, you two definitely have the looks," the bald man said. "But I'm not sure we need you. I think we can make do short-staffed."

"Amaya, why don't you head to the change room and see if Marge's outfit fits," White Canary instructed.

Vixen gave her captain a strange look before flashing the Chelsea Club manager a warm smile as she stood and left the small office. Sara gave her a little wink , one that the bald gangster didn't see to help but Amaya's mind at ease. In truth, Sara had come up with this contingence plan on the way over, before she and Vixen had beaten up and hid Marge and her friend Suzie.

"She better not steal anything because like I said..."

"Listen Chuck," Sara caught him off. "My friend and I are aware of the...benefits of working with Mr. Capone and we want in. And I feel words can't quite capture how badly I want that to happen but I might be able to show you by offering something that proves how motivated I am."

" have my attention," Chuck said, his demeanor cooling.

Sara stood from her seat and walked around to where Capone's thug was on his sofa, undoing one of the buttons on her blouse in the process. She undid a second then a third before needing to untuck the shirt to get the last one, leaving it open to reveal her perky breasts and extremely toned, fit stomach.

Sara had to fight back a smile at the way the older man stuttered just a little bit, losing his normally perfect composure. She tested him once more by undoing the zipper on the back of her skirt before letting it slid off her muscular legs to show off her stockings, garter and thong. She lost her blouse as well to give him the full affect of her lingerie before sitting on the sofa right beside him.

She didn't say a single word as her right hand massaged right over his groin, feeling his hardening cock strain against his trousers. She undid his belt and pants, looking him dead in the eye as she did so, fishing out his manhood which was now fully erect. 

"I think you are making a hell of an impression for this job opening," Chuck cooed, tucking a loose strand of her silky gold hair back behind her ear.

She nodded her head as her hands began tugging down his dress pants, requiring Chuck to hike his hips off the sofa so she could get them down around his ankles. Sara couldn't stop herself from bulging her eyes at the sight of his cock, picking it up into her fist and pumping it gently yet firmly at the same time.

"You have a really big dick," she said with a tone of amazement and longing.

"I know," Chuck replied smugly. 

With a wicked grin on her face, Sara glided his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. The bald-headed man couldn't help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. Chuck was dangerously close to losing control and popping his load in her mouth once she worked her bobbing to a blistering pace but he found his center and just enjoyed the performance. After all, it wasn't every day you met a girl in the 20s who so willingly and expertly put their mouth to a cock.

"Yes. Suck it babe," Chuck moaned in delight towards the dirty blonde.

"Mmmmm," Sara moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick, right in the middle of his office. 

The Chelsea Club manager grunted and groaned as her warm mouth sucked on his sensitive member as she built momentum. It was clear she was a professional when on her knees, making him think of all the fun they could have if he gave her the new job. Suzie may have had a cute button nose but this blonde had a mouth like a hoover. His thoughts were paused suddenly as her free hand reached down to cup his balls before rolling them gently with her fingers.

"Yes! Get that dick good and wet with your mouth," Chuck encouraged, hand resting on the back of her head.

When it came to oral with either sex, Sara's game was on point. She had a few different styles she deployed so her vast amount of boyfriends and fuck buddies over the last decade, even if she predominantly went for pussy. However, she had once dated party-boy Oliver Queen, not to mention had to stay alive on board the all-male crewed Amazo when on the Island, having to always keep the trained killers happy and never bored. 

After she stroked her lips onto his pole for several bobs she pulled her mouth off him altogether with an audible pop so she could lower her head further. The feel of her wet tongue sliding from his tight ball sack up the entire length of his cock felt great, which Sara knew it would. She went back to her regular blowjob but would periodically lick the entirety of his manhood, hearing him coo his appreciation when she did so.

"Do you like that," she asked with a cocky smile.

" might just get this job after all," he said, pulling her face towards his so he could press his lips to hers. 

They didn't kiss for long as they both knew where they'd rather her lips be. She wasted no time bending back down and taking half his meat spear into her mouth, bobbing repeatedly so his bulbous head poked the back of her throat. He could hear the extra spit pool onto his shaft when she did so, making the blowjob get noisier and allowing her hand stroking the lower portion of his dick move at near the speed of light.

"That big dick tastes so good in my mouth," Sara told him after another lengthy spill with her head in his lap.

"Fantastic," he said, already steering her face back down. "Keep your head down there."

The sounds alone from the blowjob were erotic enough to keep him aroused, let alone how it felt. Wet slurping noises filled the small managerial office as Sara showed great energy to bob routinely on his dick. The phat ass white girl would mix in the odd moan, which caused her tongue to vibrate on his cock, or gasp for air after holding him down her throat for a spell.

Switching her technique up a little bit to help bring him closer to cumming and seal their hiring, Sara allowed herself to drool all over his thick cock. Her fist used it as lubricant, somehow going even faster now as it pumped along his entire length. Sara hovered her mouth right above his tip though, using her tongue to lash out tenderly at his pee slit which made the news anchor toss back his head and moan.

"Oh God! Keep going," Chuck bellowed.

She knew he was close but she didn't think merely wiggling her tongue along his tip would do it. She was banking on him being like most other guys who got off on watching as the girl took his balls into her mouth, sucking them one at a time while using their broad tongue to rub the curved surface. As she did so to Chuck now, he proved that he too was like all her other conquests.

"Fuck...I'm close...wanna...gonna cum on your pretty face."

The blonde with the thick booty was pleased that her ordeal was coming to a close and that the new job would be hers and Amaya's right after taking his money shot onto her gorgeous face. She allowed him to moved her, positioning her head on his stomach but letting her continue stroking his cock as that was pushing him over the edge of his orgasm.

"Yes, yes, it comes!"

At the last second he took his cock back from her and leaned it right against her nose as he lightly rubbed his shaft, finishing himself off. The white jizz came shooting out of his tip before arching downward, the first streak catching Sara on her forehead before the second and third streaks welled in her left eye and against her nose. Finally he pressed his tip into her mouth, the remaining dribble collected on her tongue before Sara played the good girl and swallowed it down.

"So, we start right away," Sara asked hopefully, the cum taste still on her tongue and her face still streaked in sticky jizz.

"After you clean your face. Extra dresses are in the change room," Chuck said, putting his pants back on.

"I take it we got the job," Vixen asked as Sara joined her in the change rooms a minute later.


"Do I want to know what you did in there?"

"Probably not," Sara replied with a smirk.

* * *

The Next Day

"Shit dude, we are so late," Sara Lance swore as she hustled down the street.

"Well aware," Amaya, better known as Vixen, replied, hot on her captain's heels. "How did you mess up the time," Amaya asked, rounding the last corner and seeing the Chelsea Club less than 100 yards away.

"I just did," Sara spat back. "Now shut up, compose yourself and prepare to grovel," Sara replied.

Even though they were late, the pair of Legends slowed down and caught their breath in the alleyway behind Capone's club. Luckily for them, they were extremely well trained and in peak physical shape, so after a minute of heavy breathing, they regained composure and entered into the employee's door.

They knew they had to check in with Chuck and hope to God that the burly gangster didn't fire them on the spot. Infiltrating the Chelsea Club so they could give intel on the joint to Ray and Nate was paramount to the mission's success. Heading straight to the office, Sara knocked on the door before entering after hearing a familiar grunt.

"You're late," Chuck said, seeing the pair enter and close the door behind them. "No bullshit, no excuses. I should fire you on the God damn spot."

"No, please," Vixen begged before Sara cut in. "Maybe we can work it off?" the blonde said, leaning in and making it completely obvious what she had in mind.

"Oh?" the bald man grunted, looking up from the ledger.

"Watching us perform oral sex good enough to get us off the blacklist," White Canary offered, though in a tone that portrayed that it was not up for debate. When his face twisted into a perverted grin, Sara knew she had found the correct peace offering. "We can do that, can't we Amaya?"

"What? I'm not doing that," Vixen said, reeling at the thought.

"Then get the hell out of Mr. Capone's club and don't bother coming back," Chuck said, pointing at the door.

"Think of the mission, Amaya," Sara whispered with a tone of authority. "I know this is a little different than how your JSA did it, but we are just as effective. Now put the team ahead of your sexual preferences, and that's an order."

"But, I'm not-," Amaya said before she was cut off.

"Think of the JSA and Rex. Don't let his death be in vain," Sara said, quickly pulling off her shirt to reveal a light blue bra that barely covered anything.

"But," Amaya said, trying to think of an excuse that wouldn't piss off either Sara or the club's manager.

"No buts, now get naked," Chuck said, sitting down in a chair to watch the show.

Resigning herself to her fate, Vixen reached behind her to unzip her dress. She felt two sets of eyes burning through her as she let the straps of the dress slide off her shoulders. Letting the garment fall to the floor she was left in a set of green cotton panties and matching bra. That and her talisman, which she would refuse to take off in case a quick exit was necessary.

"You'll get into it," Sara promised, noticing Amaya's tense posture.

"She better," Chuck said, watching with a keen eye as Sara softly kissed the taller exotic beauty. 

Like all men, Sara had taken the assumption that he would love the chance to watch some lesbian sex. She figured if men in the 21st century went crazy for live lesbian action, then in the 1920s it would go down like gangbusters. Plus, for Sara, the possibility of getting Amaya to open up to future encounters was a powerful motivator.

Despite her best intentions, the JSA-turned-Legend found herself starting to get into Sara's kiss. She'd never even entertained the thought of being with a woman, but Sara's lips felt so soft that she found herself being swept away. The blonde felt Amaya start to relax, so reached behind her back and quickly unhooked it. Breaking the kiss Sara pulled back, drawing the straps of Amaya's bra down off her shoulders before the tall dark-haired girl could object.

With her bra gone, Amaya instinctively moved to cover her bare breasts with her arms. She wasn't a virgin, but for the most part she was a good girl with a healthy sense of modesty, not to mention she was from an era that wasn't sexually liberated. Being stripped naked by another girl in front of a strange guy was a situation she never thought she'd be in and it made her heart pound in her chest.

"Just relax and let me do the work," Sara said calmly, gently pushing on Amaya's arms until they started to move away from her chest.

When Amaya's arms dropped Sara waited a moment to give Chuck a nice view of Amaya's tits before leaning in to flick one of Amaya's nipples with her tongue. Before Amaya could think about what was happening and tense up again, Sara clamped her lips around the nipple while her fingers traveled down Amaya's flat stomach.

Amaya's stomach lurched, but in a good way, when she felt Sara's fingers make contact with her pussy through the material of her panties. It felt so strange, but it also felt really good. It had been a while since anyone but her touched her down there, in fact it had still been when Rex was alive, and Sara's fingers expertly rubbed her through her panties.

"Lay down," Sara instructed, sensing that Amaya was ready to move forward.

The butterflies in Amaya's stomach were going wild, but she still did as she was told. She sat down on the sofa where only yesterday Sara had blown the bald club manager, before leaning back on her elbows. When Sara hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties, Amaya felt like she was going to explode from a combination of nerves and excitement.

"Nice," Chuck grunted as Sara peeled away Amaya's to reveal a perfectly shaved pussy. "Very provocative."

"Ohh...thank you," Vixen blushed.

"Not too fast," Chuck said. "You don't need to tease her and drag it out, but don't just dive in and finish her off in record time either."

"Gotcha," Sara said, idly tracing a finger around the edges of Amaya's pussy.

Amaya's butterflies multiplied as they talked about her as if she wasn't there. She was completely naked with another girl between her legs, which was already making her nervous, but the wait was making it worse.

Wanting to start Amaya off slowly, Sara dragged her index finger the length of Amaya's slit. Reaching the top she found Amaya's clit, eliciting a surprised gasp from Amaya at the touch. Pressing against the nub with her thumb, Sara grinned as Amaya bucked her hips.

"Mhmmm...ahhh," Amaya moaned, wiggling atop the stained sofa.

Leaning her head down, Sara pulled her thumb away from Amaya's clit. Before the JSA member could do more than grunt in displeasure Sara flicked at Vixen's clit with her tongue. The moan that came from Amaya was unmistakable in its meaning; it was throaty and filled with need and let both Sara and Chuck know that she was completely into it.

As Sara's expert tongue darted around her pussy, Amaya was lost in lust. Rex was a competent lover, but, for the most part, he'd just done enough to keep her from complaining that they never did it. Now she was suddenly seeing what her friends had meant when they'd raved about how great it was to have their pussies eaten. Obviously having someone with experience that wasn't just giving a half assed effort to get to the main event made all the difference in the world.

Closing her lips around Amaya's clit, Sara sucked on it like she would on a miniature cock. Flicking Amaya's clit with her tongue, the blonde pressed the tip of her index finger against the opening to Amaya's pussy. As it slid into her teammate known as Vixen, she moaned and grabbed a handful of Sara's hair to hold her in place.

"Fuck me," Amaya moaned, swearing for the first time that her captain could ever remember.

The feel of Sara starting to move the finger in and out of her pussy as positively transcendent and yet she understood more was to come. Nipping at Amaya's clit with her teeth, Sara grunted when Amaya yanked on her hair in surprise. Deciding to pay her new dark-skinned lover back, Sara added a pair of fingers to the one already plunging in and out of Vixen's snatch.

"Shit," Amaya groaned, feeling three fingers stretch her out.

Feeling the grip on her golden hair start to lessen, Sara pulled her mouth off Amaya's clit. Instead she replaced it with her thumb and rubbed against the nub as she worked the three fingers into Amaya's cunt.

"Lick me," Amaya grunted. The thumb felt good, but nowhere near as good as Sara's tongue and mouth had.

"I make the demands," Sara said, slowing down the movement of her hand before pulling it away from Amaya's pussy altogether. "Or have you forgotten that I'm your captain," she added in hushed tones.

"Please lick me," Amaya mewled, her hips bucking against the air in desperate need to get off.

"Fine," Sara said, acting put out but was inwardly pleased at how far the heterosexual Amaya had come already.

Leaning back in Sara flicked Amaya's clit with her tongue, drawing a satisfied moan. As she took up her pussy licking duties once more, Sara decided to probe some other boundaries. After all, Vixen had already come this far, willingly allowing another woman to munch her pussy while some random man watched on, all for the sake of the mission. With one soaked finger, she slipped it between the cheeks of Amaya's ass.

"What are you doing?" Amaya gasped, eyes opening wide when she felt a finger stroke against her backdoor.

"Never had your ass fingered?" Sara asked even though she knew the answer from Amaya's reaction. "Guess men in your day weren't as cavalier."

"No," Amaya said, not sure if she liked the idea. 

If the dark-skinned superhero was being honest with herself, she was more shocked than actually upset. It didn't feel bad to have her asshole rubbed, but she'd always heard that anal sex hurt from the few friends who had it done, namely Stargirl. Therefore, she had always shied away from anything that might lead to it.

"You have now," Sara said, pressing the finger against Amaya's rosebud and feeling it start to spread under the pressure.

Amaya gasped as she felt something being pushed into her ass for the first time. When Sara had the tip in and started to move it ever so slightly, working a bit more in with each stroke, Amaya started to press back against it. It wasn't the best thing she'd ever felt, but it did feel kind of naughty and when Sara gave her clit a flick she nearly went through the roof.

"Looks like she likes it," Chuck observed, noticing the flush that was rapidly expanding across Amaya's body. "Do you like having your ass fucked?"

"Yeah," Amaya panted, not knowing what she was saying while feeling herself near her climax.

"Then she'll really like this," Sara said, slowing down her thrusting into Amaya's ass so she could press her thumb into Vixen's pussy.

Having both holes filled for the first time in her life was more than Amaya could take. With a scream she clawed at edge of the sofa as she came. Her thighs clamped down on Sara's head and she lifted her ass off the bed, bucking her hips against the invading digits. Sara's only saving grace was that the long-legged Vixen didn't channel any animal spirits at that moment or she would have crushed White Canary's skull.

Wanting to extend Amaya's climax a bit for her own selfish reasons, Sara let her tongue dart out to flick at her clit. With each lick Amaya's hips bucked hard, impaling her holes on Sara's fingers even further. Finally she couldn't take anymore and collapsed back onto the old couch, totally limp and almost purring in satisfaction.

"MMUMMPPH," Vixen screamed as she came.

Disengaging from Amaya for a final time, Sara sat back on her heels. With a grin on her face which was smeared in her teammate's juices, she locked eyes with Chuck as she started licking Amaya's cum from her fingers. She made a show of licking the cream off and purred to let Chuck know just how great Amaya tasted. She even stuck the finger that had been in Amaya's ass into her mouth and slowly licked up every bit of Amaya's essence she could off of it.

"That one needs a shower before getting out on the floor," the bald gangster stated, pointing at the naked and very satisfied Vixen.

"You heard him sweetie. Head to the change room and I'll be in shortly," Sara ordered her fellow Legend.

Vixen gave her a warm smile of thanks before peeling herself reluctantly from the comfortable sofa and hunting down her clothes. Sara gave her a nod, as Amaya threw them quickly, still feeling both sets of eyes on her gorgeous mocha-colored body until fully dressed and out the door. 

"Well that worked exactly like how you said," Chuck said to the still kneeling blonde. "Just tell her you were to start a half hour before you were actually scheduled?"

"An old trick but effective none the less," Sara confirmed, getting to her feet.

Sara was still floating on a cloud from having successfully seduced her very fuckable, albeit straight, teammate and so her assassin training was blunted. If she wasn't so distracted as she thought about how sweet Vixen's pussy tasted, she would have noticed the big gangster raise from his own seat and close the gap between him and her back.

"So I'll go get - oh," Sara started to say as she was suddenly swept off her feet the moment she turned back around.

Chuck had moved silently until he was right behind her and he wasted no time as he lifted her off the ground. Little did the big gangster know that the small blonde before him could kill him 8 different ways in the next 5 seconds, yet she allowed his hands to slide up the backs of her thighs. 

In fact, Chuck had no idea how close to death he truly was. The thought of grabbing his wrist, twisting it until it popped like a grape and then stabbing him through the neck with the letter opener on his desk was moments away from happening. However, the other entity on Sara's shoulder reminded her that she was dripping wet and horny as ever after feasting on Amaya's tasty snatch. 

"Gonna fuck you now," the bald man stated pressing Sara against the wall.

"Stop talking and do it already," Sara retorted, her statement turning into a moan as Chuck pushed her panties out of the way and buried his thick cock inside her in one quick thrust.

Snarling as he slammed into Sara's cunt again and again, the only thing on Chuck's mind was unleashing all the lust and need that had built up as he watched the lesbian performance. Very little thought, actually none at all, went into Sara's wants as he fucked her hard enough to make the girls in the change room next door worry they might come crashing through it.

Luckily for both of them, Sara loved it when things got a little rough. Though it had been awhile since preferring cock over pussy, there were certain times when only a hard dick could scratch a particular itch, and fortunately now was one of those times.She drew the line at outright pain, but some of her favorite fuckings had been when her partner had gotten a little out of control. And as Chuck roared down the home stretch, he was definitely out of control.

"Come on, stud, fuck me," Sara hissed into his ear.

Growling with renewed purpose, the gangster tightened his grip on the thick cheeks of her ass. He spared a brief thought of how such a relatively small blonde could have such a large booty before returning all his attention to fucking her with everything he had, spurred on by her dirty talk. Finally after another minute of relentless thrusting up into the suspended blonde, Chuck reached his breaking point.

"Gonna...ugghh...cum," the bald gangster announced, face severely twisted. 

Despite being the thralls of her own passion, not to mention being used as a s complete fuck doll, the blonde leader of the Legends was aware he was moments away from spewing his jizz. In her was as good a place as any since she wouldn't get pregnant, the League of Assassins made sure of that. 

"," he grunted sharply as he drove as far into Sara as he hard and deep as he could and let loose a torrent of jizz into her welcoming snatch.

Hips bucking with each jet of cum erupting from his cock, Chuck buried his face in Sara's neck to keep from howling out his pleasure. When he was finally empty, he leaned his head against the wall, still holding Sara up, trapped between the wall and his body as his cock slowly shrunk inside her.

"Thanks boss, needed that," Sara confirmed, pushing the burly man from pinning her and squirming out.

"Ditto. Now get to work. You're on smokes tonight," Chuck said, regaining his icy demeanor.

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