Flash and Giganta Runs Wild

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Disclaimer: Justice League and the DCAU belongs to DC Comics and Warner Bros. not me and also I'm new to AFF so if any of you out there have pointers, feel free to do so. I make no money from this story.

Hey, folks. This is my first undertaking doing a lemon story featuring DCAU's Flash (Wally West) and Giganta. Go easy on me for this is my first time doing such a thing. Constructive criticism is welcome and also reviews. Anyway, I don't own Justice League for it belongs to DC Comics and Warner Bros.

WARNING: This fanfic contains explicit sexual mature content and language. Those younger or offended by the materials should turn back for you've been warned.

After the events with the battle with Darkseid and the Parademons, peace has been restored thanks to the combined efforts of the Justice League and the Legion Of Doom. Things had ran smoothly for just about everyone for Lex Luthor had disappeared in the Anti-Life Equation along with Darkseid. Especially for our lovable scarlet speedster Wally West or as we know him as The Flash for he has established a relationship with a certain female giant after a couple weeks. The giantess Flash is with reformed after seeing what both factions had done to her from having her brain fried to being manipulated into Lex's dastardly plans in the first place. But now she has a surprise for the red speedster tonight after Flash is done with monitor duty at the Watchtower. Speaking of him, let's go to the Watchtower to see what our red buddy is up to.

-At The Watchtower—

Inside the Watchtower, our favorite red hero Flash is finished with his shift in the monitor room as he stretched his arms. His pal, Green Lantern John Stewart and Superman entered the room with the red speedster growing excited by the minute as he checked the time to freshen up in the Watchtower's shower rooms. John smirked as he approached to his friend wondering what's up.

"So, Wally. What are you all excited about? I bet it's somebody waiting for ya.", the Lantern said as Flash smirked.

"Yeah. A girl's waiting for me to come over to her place to chill. It's a good thing for me after we'd beat Darkseid and those Para-losers back where they came from.", Flash said as Superman and John agree with the speedster. Superman was curious about the mystery girl as he asked Wally.

"so who's the lucky girl? I'm sure she's a keeper.", Superman said as Flash rubbed the back of his head with John and Clark confused.

"What's wrong, Wally? You can tell us, man. I'm sure she can't be that bad for you to not keep us in the dark.", John said encouraging his buddy to answer. Flash hesitated for a moment but after Superman puts his hand on the speedster's shoulders and nodded assuring Flash did the speedster explain.

"You guys remember when Giganta was grouped with John and I when we were fighting Darkseid's army right?", Flash said as Superman and John especially nodded remembering the event as Flash continued.

"Well after we saved the world again, Giganta harbored feelings towards me and since two weeks did we decided to start a relationship.", Wally said as Superman and John's eyes bugged out. After several seconds did Supermann brek the silence.
I won't stick my nose into your choice of women but you do realize you cannot bring Giganta up here to the Watchtower, right?", Superman said warning the speedster as both the Kryptonian and the Lantern supported the speedster's relationship at least. Flash smiled and assured the fellow Leaguers that it wouldn't happen.

"No need to worry about that, guys. Giga got her own place. Besides, Bats would kill me let alone Diana since she and the old girl's got some beef between them.", Flash chuckled. The phone beeped as the speedster pulled it out of his ring and checked a text message with a picture on it telling Flash that she's waiting. The picture showed Giganta posing sexily in her lingerie holding a banana in her hand. Did I forget to mention that Giganta is an altered gorilla? Let's just say that Gorilla Grodd turned her from a gorilla to a woman years ago and poof, there we have it.

"My babe's a waitin'. Smell you guys later.", Flash said as he sped off to freshen himself off in the showers before running off to his destination. After all, we don't want our red bro smelly at his girl's place, right?

-At Giganta's Place-

And so we head over to our favorite giant's apartment where the said woman is sitting on her couch watching television on her flatscreen. Speaking of which, her apartment had a nice living room with nice furniture, flatscreenn TV entertainment system, a Nintendo system thanks to some of her friends in the Legion Of Doom showing her how it works, a kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom guest room and other things an apartment has. Giganta watched a random movie about a certain gorilla holding a woman hostage on top of a building swatting planes left and right. The giantess smirked hoping the gorilla swatted all the planes out. She then began to rub down to her womanhood out of boredom until she heard rapid beating from the door.

"Just as I was about to masturbate. At least my Wally showed up just in time. My heat cycle is kicking in right now.", Giganta giggled as she went to the door.

"Giga, Daddy's here!", yelled Flash from the other side of the door waiting for his big girl to answer.

"Coming, my Wally!", Giganta said as she went to the door. Once she'd opened it did Flash get glomped by the big girl in a matter of seconds. The scarlet speedster smiled goofily as his member started to perk up and pitched a tent poking Giganta in the process. Damn, man. Flash's member is the fastest dick alive as well!

"I see someone's excited already.", Giganta cooed as she smiled pointing towards Flash's dick stiff as a board. Flash smirked and joked about his dick being ready.
"Flash Jr. is always ready for action just like me.", Flash said as Giganta giggled guiding the speedster inside the house closing and locking the door.

The two decided to sit on the couch to watch some television as Flash marveled at the apartment. He checked out the new digs as Giganta watched him checking the place out. "Nice digs you got here. Wait a minute, is that a Nintendo GameCube? Those things were the shit then.", Wally said as Giganta giggled.

"Thanks, Flashy! And yes, one of my friends from the Legion Of Doom didn't want the GameCube so she gave it to me. Yep Frosty gave it to me and all of the games especially my favorite being Super Monkey Ball 2.", the giantess beamed.

"Seweet! I have those games at my apartment but I like Smash Bros. though. Say, want to play Monkey Ball for a bit?", Flash said as Giganta nodded. She scanned her games Frost gave to her and found the game and placed it into the console before she powered on the system. Soon the couple played the maze levels in multiplayer as they had laughs falling off the levels and getting past them in one piece. Then after they were done with the levels, they tried the game's party games being Fight, Dogfight, Soccer , Tennis and Race.

"Whoa! That game was fun!", Flash said as Giganta nodded.

"I usually play this game when I need to take off stress. But it's a lifesaver.", she said as she scooted closer draping over Flash making the speedster smirk. Giganta went to Flash's ear and nibbled on it for a bit before she said something.

"I'm getting horny, Wally. Seeing you makes me even more horny,", Giganta said huskily as she pictures herself on top of the construction site with Flash draped by her massive figure throwing barrels down to flatten Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl while Flash smiled resting on the giant's boobs. Does this seem familiar to you guys with this scene?

"I see what you mean, Giga. Let Daddy fix that for you.", Flash said as Giganta smiled and the two turned off the GameCube before going up to the master bedroom. Oh yeah! It's about to go down!

-Inside Giganta's Bedroom—

Now the lovebirds were at the bedroom as they stare into each other's eyes. Giganta felt her temperature rise due to her being in heat as she grew excited by seeing her boyfriend face-to-face. Flash stared at Giganta's very large frame being 8 feet of voluptuous beauty with large titties and ass that can give Wondy a run for her money and don't get me started on Big Barda although she's a size of a fucking truck. Giganta swayed her hips to her lover followed by her naughty poses winking at him.

"Like what you see, big boy?", the big breasted tank purred as Flash grew aroused with Giganta showing him her ass. Woof! Isn't that the biggest ass you ever seen in your life? Well, I sure have and I'm fucking horny already.

"I sure do. I gotta say that you give Wondy a run for her money.", Flash said with Giganta smirking.

"I know. I have great assets and my "girls" needs a rubbing but first, let's strip. Come here.", Giganta said with her husky voice pulling Flash close to her as the pair played rough stripping their clothes off and in Flash's case, his red cowl revealing red hair just like his giant girlfriend. Gingers do have souls ya know, you cretins out there thinking the opposite.

"Looks like we're both redheads.", Flash said as Giganta nodded. Soon Flash began to rub the woman's big tits but the big girl warned Flash not to go at his trademark speed in foreplay and the "main event" of the card. However, after he rubbed her "girls" did her nipples harden and perked. Flash then vibrated his hands creating a sensation on her breasts making the giantess moan with pleasure and it lasted for five minutes before he went on to kissing the giantess.

Flash and Giganta's lips connected as their tongues wrestled for dominance like it's a submission match from WWE as both moaned loving the taste. The speedster kissed deep down her mouth as he squeezed her ass hard making the giantess squeak upon him doing this. Flash and Giganta felt each other's bodies as the temperature rises like planet Apocalypse. Soon the two lovers got rough with their kissing and licking each other until they stopped for a moment to get some air.

"Damnn! That was good but we're just getting started, Flashy! ", Giganta panted as she smiled with a sultry look.

"I know and I'm hungry for more.", Wally said as Giganta purred rubbing the speedster down and both smelled each other's aroma enjoying the taste. The couples stood up and decided to put on some music on the audio system being Drop It Low by Ester Deen ft. Chris Brown and Lil Wayne as they decidd to grind dance as Giganta wanted to give Flash a show.

As the music plays, Flash stood behind the large babe as her ass touched Flash's loins rubbing against it. Giganta turned her head to Flash winking at him as she dropped low to the ground with Flash following her lead. Flash thought in his mind that Giganta can drop her ass down like it's no problem at all. His dick was happy as Giganta's big ass grinds on it poking her. She then turned to face Wally during the song and rubbed her body all over Flash and the pair rubbed down for a while until Giganta turned back around grinding his meat. Damn that's wild, huh?

"That was awesome! ", Flash said with arousal as Giganta gave him a sultry look.

"Hope you're ready for the next stage, stud. There's plenty more where that came from.", Giganta said as she grew a bit to 10 feet wanting flash to tit fuck her. So he did as his dick pumped between her tits making the giantess moan in pleasure. She licked the tip of his dick after Flash pumped for a while and to no surprise that he'd obtained a lot of stamina being that he's a superhero after all. Giganta loved the pumping between her tits but didn't want Flash to ejaculate just yet. She licked some of the tip of his member and moaned in pleasure.

"MMM! You taste good just like bananas.", Giganta purred licking her lips.

"Why bananas? Not that I'm knocking the comparison.", Flash said.

"Hello? Altered gorilla in front of you.", she purred pulling out pictures of her as an ape and a woman after Grodd modded her. Flash smirked at this as he didn't mind one bit.

"I have no problem with that.", Flash said cheerfully as Giganta giggled. Soon the pair shakes things up with Flash having Giganta lie on her belly with her ass out. Flash asked his girlfriend which song to put on next. She had him put on "Push It by Salt -N- Pepa" as the speedster makes it to his big girl. He slid into a hole but Giganta hissed.

"Wrong hole! Go to the other one! That's it. Yes! Give it to me, Flashy!", Giganta said with ecstasy as the speedster pumped at a normal pace being careful not to go supersonic chafing her ass out. Guys, there's nothing wrong with pumping aggressively into a babe you like but if you do it to the point of chafing her, that's no good! Narrator says.

"Push it! Push it!", the giantess squealed in delight as she felt Wally's dick plow through her puss hitting the G-Spot. Flash smirked as he pumped some more and bit his girlfriend on the ass making her yelp in surprise followed by a bite on her neck but not too hard.

"Tastes good like banana cream pie.", Flash said as Giganta giggled.

"Better than banana cream pie? Oh shucks.", the giantess said as the pair enjoyed the doggy position for a few more minutes. Flash smiled and snickered as Giganta wondered what he's doing.

"Flashy, what's going on back there. Oooh! That's nice.", Giganta said as Flash vibrated his body simulating a BOB as the vibrations stimulated her puss. Afterwards, the pair switched positions being the cowgirl position and the giantess bounced up and down on Flash's dick going back and forth. The giantess and the speedster moaned in pleasure as the position lasted for a few more minutes. Yee-fucking-haw!

Soon after the cowgirl style was over with, the giantess smirked and turned her ass onto Flash's face but not on him yet. Flash loved the close up of the big derriere that would make Beyonce proud. The giantess asked the speedster something that made him aroused.

"Have you ever been sat on before?", Giganta said huskily as Flash shook his head.

"No. Not really but I want to.", he stammered with a grin.

"Well let me fix that for you.", Giganta purred as she sat on Flash as the weight intensifies making Flash grunt but enjoyed the feeling. It lasted for a couple minutes until Giganta puts her butt on Flash's face in a similar manner to Rikishi's Stankface from the WWE. No hellin way I would want to be in a position with Rikishi but with Big Barda or one of the Female Furies I would. Anyway, Flash loved the scent of Giganta's ass as he loved being sat on. The speedster grinned as he licked it loving the taste of her luscious ass.

"Wow! This tastes good. At this rate, my metabolism can be taken care of.", the speedster muffled between licks as Giganta giggled. After the whole Rikishi reenactment was over with and done, the pair then went for the missionary position with the giantess and the speedster on the bottom and top respectively. They looked into each other's eyes being Giga's blue to Flash's brown as they marveled at them. They soon kissed and pumped the whole time they were in that position.

Giganta moaned along with Flash grunting as they enjoyed the position as they kissed and pumped. Flash pumped harder making the giantess squeal in delight as her womanhood was nice, hairy and warm let alone tight. Wally loved the feeling as much as Giganta does as the couple kissed some more until they smirked as they were ready to go rough.

"This is it, stud. Time to go primal.", Giganta said huskily as she licked her lips.

"Whoa, mama!", Flash exclaimed as Giganta tackles him and the pair wrestled and kissed. Both exchanged bites and hickeys all over as they performed rough sex. The pair yelled in ecstasy so loud that the person next door yelled in annoyance. "Doris, would you keep that down? I'm trying to rest here!", the voice belonging to Killer Frost said from the other side of the wall. The two ignored her and dogpiled onto each other going back to business.

They got on their feet and rubbed their bodies while kissing like they haven't in days. The speedster and giantess felt the climax coming up soon as both braced for their juices to mix in a moment. They kept "roughhousing" on and off the bed. On again, off again, on again. It lasted for a while. Like I said, Flash is a superhero with more stamina and Giganta being a powerful altered gorilla woman with a high sex drive.

"I'm going to cum, Giga! Here comes the climax!", Flash said as he tensed.

"So will I, Flashy!", Giganta said.

"GIGAAAA!" "FLAAAASHYYYYY!", the couple yelled as Giganta's woman nectar shot into Flash's face as he tasted it loving it. Same went to Giganta as Flash's ball milk went onto Giganta as she tasted every bit loving the flavor.

"Mmmmmm. Yummy!", the pair said inn unison. Damn! Those two fucked like lions so hard that poor Killer Frost in her apartment couldn't sleep at all. Anyway, the pair grew pooped after their intensive lovemaking that lasted for 3 damn hours. You hear me? 3 damn hours, man! Now that's super sex for ya! Glad Superman told Flash not to bring Giganta up there to the Watchtower for Giganta and Flash's stamina would drive anyone there crazy unable to sleep. The giantess and the speedster spooned each other as they gazed into each other's eyes.

"Wow! That was the best rough sex ever and the first for me.", Giganta purred as Flash smiled.

"Mine too. I wasn't bad at all.", Flash boasted.

"You're right on that, my Flashy. You're my first to mate with and you know what that means.", she said in a singsong.

"What is it?", Flash raised an eyebrow wondering what it is. Way to go, Flash. You scored a giantess without making an ass of yourself.

"We're definitely mates forever, my Flashy!", Giganta purred whispering into Flash's ear and kissed him on the lips. You did good, red bro. You did good.

"I can live with that, Giggy. I love ya.", Flash said as Giganta giggled at the nickname. I love you too, Flashy.", Giganta said as the pair spooned into each other's arms and fell asleep. Also, Killer Frost finally can get some shuteye.

-The Next Day—

The next morning, Flash woke up with just himself in the bed noticing Giganta wasn't there. However, he smelled something cooking in the kitchen as he knew Giganta was cooking breakfast. Hell, it's the least she could do for him after giving her the first and best sex of her life. Learn something from this, dawgs!

"I smell French toast and other goodies.", Flash said as he ran in the bathroom to freshen up and put back on his costume but held on to his red cowl. You got yourself some French toast, big dawg!

When Flash went downstairs, Giganta in her hot pink lingerie cooked some French toast, eggs and bacon. The speedster smiled and crept behind her and squeezed her butt making the giant squeak. The speedster grinned as Giganta smiled at him.

"Morning, beautiful. Appreciate the good eats.", Flash said as Giganta giggled and served him and herself some food.

"Morning to you too, Flashy. Glad you love it.", Giganta said with a giggle. The two sat down in the breakfast nook as the TV was turned on displaying the news of nothing particular important. The couple enjoyed their breakfast with coffee as the pair share a smile.

"That was awesome last night, Giggy. After a long day at the Watchtower, I needed that.", Flash said as Giganta nodded.

"You definitely deserved this lovemaking after saving the world from Darkseid. I'm glad you are my mate, Flashy.", Giganta said as Flash smiled.

"I'm glad too, Giggy.", Flash said as the couple enjoyed their meal. Suddenly, Flash's commlink beeped as Batman called him for something. Yo Batman, man!What the fuck, man?!

"Wally! We need you at the Watchtower for monitor duty! Get up here and hop to it!", the dark knight said as Flash groaned. Nice going, Bats. You made poor Flashy sad.

"What's wrong, Flashy?", Giganta wondered checking on her mate.

"old Bats wants me on the Watchtower for monitor duty. However, once my shift is over and nothing happens then we can go for round 2.", Flash said with a smirk.

"Definitely. I'll be waiting.", Giganta said as she puckered her lips and kissed Flash on the lips before the speedster took off for the Watchtower zipping past a grumbling Killer Frost.

-At the Watchtower—

"What the hell is all those hickeys doing there, kid? You look like you've been mauled.", Green Arrow said passing by Flash as the speedster smirked.

"Can't kiss and tell, man. That's the rules.", Flash said.
"I figured.", Superman said coming over to his friend and fellow founder. John Stewart and Vixen were too occupied as they trained in the weight room.
"Yep. I gotta say that monitor duty was worth it. Tonight, I'm heading over to Giganta's once my shift is over.", Flash said as his phone buzzed showing a picture of Giganta in a nurse outfit making Flash blush. However, Batman with his dark presence stood over the speedster with Superman noticing this.

"Uh, Wally? You might want to turn around.", Superman warned.

"Bats is behind me isn't he?", Flash said as Superman nodded. Flash turned around and grinned sheepishly at Batman giving him the bat glare.

"Now that you're done looking at pictures of your girlfriend, get over to the monitor room before I drag you there myself.", Batman growled as Flash whizzes to the monitor room to do his job. Once Flash was gone, Superman shook his head at Batman.
"You should've went easy on him, Bruce. What am I going to do with you?", Superman said as Batman shrugged. Diana went over to Bruce and shook her head at the dark knight.
"Bruce, aren't you forgetting something?", Diana said crossing her arms as Batman remembered what it was and followed Diana to who the hell knows where in the Watchtower. Superman smirked at his friend before going in the other direction.

-Later at Giganta's—

"Welcome home, Flashy. How's your day?",Giganta cooed as Flash got a kiss from the giant. The speedster took off his cowl and smiled at his girlfriend.

"Pretty good. Just the usual duties Bats has me doing.", Flash said as Giganta smiled.
"After dinner, want to watch Jerks?", Flash said as Giganta smiled.

"I'd love to.", Giganta said as they got to the car for the usual dinner and movie. And we end our story, ladies and germs. Our red hero no longer single and got some. Hope you guys learned something for I sure did.
"Will you shut up?!", Killer Frost said to me as I scoffed. Who are you talking to, Ice Queen? I'm the narrator of this story, you understand?

"I don't care! I want my beauty sleep! You get paid in your lousy room to get on my nerves just like Doris and Flash did last night going on and on like fucking lions!", Killer frost growled. I do not get paid enough for it and shouldn't you go to sleep and ignore me?

"Shut up! Ah forget this shit!", Killer Frost said before this story ended.

(AN: Hope you guys love this story and the narrator's charm as well. Like I said earlier, this is my first time doing a lemon. Feel free to read and review to give me pointers for future lemons with Flash and Giganta or any other Leaguers in the DCAU. As always, Nincub out and I'll see y'all in the next one.)

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