Power Girl Vs Shotacon

BY : AbominableOMan
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"Hello, ladies."

Holding her door open, Power Girl scowled at Fisher. She quickly noticed how his eyes darted from her chest to her fellow heroine, Atlee, as she finished putting her top on. The pair had just wrapped up a battle with Satanna and PG hadn't even changed into her civilian clothes.

"Come here to give yourself up?" PG asked.

"Not really." Fisher didn't bother with lying. "I'm here to make a deal with you. An exchange."

She sighed and let the boy into her apartment before her neighbors could hear anything incriminating.

Once he was inside she let him continue, peeling her blue combat boots from her slender legs. Her tits jiggled every time she tugged on them.

The preteen continued his pitch.

"The photos…" He held up three fingers. "For three favors."

Dropping one boot to the floor, the heroine stood tall, trying to intimidate him. It had the opposite effect since he was directly eye level with her jugs. She could feel his stare on her breasts. It was sadly nothing new for her.

"Aren't you a bit young for blackmail?"

"I'm dealing with puberty and a whole lot of peer pressure."

She almost admired his candidness. "Good point. What if I don't want to play along?"

She could hear his heart beat faster.

"You're a hero. You won't do anything really bad to me."

And then his smugness returned. Folding his arms across his chest, he admitted his master plan.

"I've got all the pictures queued to upload tonight. So even if you rat me out to my mom, I can still leak them to the internet.

"What do you want?" PG snapped.

Perhaps in another reality, Fisher's intentions would've revealed a sweet but misguided attempt at gaining respect among his peers, but unfortunately, in this timeline, the preteen's good nature was no match for his growing libido and Power Girl's overwhelming sexuality.

"The first deman--er, 'request'--is a simple one and has to be done today, since it's Wednesday. I want you to come with me to pick up my weekly comics later today…and pretend to be my girlfriend."

PG rolled her eyes. How typical of a young boy.

"Like anyone's going to believe that…Sure, kid. Tell me the name of the comic book store and I'll meet you there at six tonight."

"Really?!?" Fisher couldn't believe her willingness towards his plan. Though he wasn't being completely honest… "I mean, cool…"


The First Favor

At 6 that night, Fisher waited impatiently wondering when Power Girl would arrive. He had checked his watch for the third time when he felt a soft breeze brush his hair back.

The heroine floated down from the sky with a slyly amused Atlee in tow. She wouldn't have brought the fledgling heroine along if she hadn't promised to act as her mentor.

"C'mon! You're late." Fisher whined.

"And you're lucky I'm here at all, you little brat." PG clenched her fists.

"Hey, relax." Atlee rested her hand on PG's shoulder. "This is nothing for a superhero like you. Right?"

PG sighed, dropping her head and shoulders.

"Fiiine. Let's get this over with."

She brushed Atlee's hand from her shoulder. "You. Stay out here. This should only take a few minutes."

With a grin, Fisher held open the door for and she begrudgingly entered the store.

Atlee waited a few moments before following them inside.

"There's no way I'm going to miss this…" She giggled deviously.

The comic shop interior was reminiscent of stereotypical comic book dungeons. Musty longboxes piled haphazardly on wooden tables, shelves crammed with new comics along with graphic novels collecting dust.

The patrons were mostly scrawny awkward men, looking like extra's from the Big Bang Theory.

They all stopped to stare when PG entered the building. Fisher stood in front of her with his arms crossed. The little bastard felt like the king of the world.

"Oh my god…Is that really Power Girl?"

"Yup," Fisher nodded. ", and she's with me." He proudly announced.

Power Girl rolled her eyes, hoping for some cataclysmic event to get her out of there.

There was no such luck as she was quickly surrounded. More than a few of them had their eyes on her tits as usual. She could practically hear their boners expand in their trousers.

An older teen came up to Fisher.

"So how much did you pay her?"

"Nothing, man. She just really likes me."

The kid laughed in his face. "Yeah, right."

The crowd began to chuckle and laugh. Nobody was buying the façade.

Power Girl actually felt a bit sorry for the kid. She cleared her throat, grabbing everyone's attention.

"You didn't tell me all your friends were so…nice." She joked. "But duty calls and the city needs me…"

She bent down, giving an even better view of her huge tits, and with a wet smack, planted a kiss on his cheek.

Before she could pull away, Fisher siezed the opportunity and forced his lips against hers. The freckled nerd enjoyed his first kiss, standing tiptoed. Reaching up, he grabbed her tits through her top.

She pulled away when his fingers found her nipples.

"Ok, I think that's enough." She wiped the boy's drool from her mouth with a grimace. "It's time for me to go…"

"Wait, you can't go yet…" The older teen said.

The other men eagerly agreed. They all wanted a chance to stand beside the busty heroine.

Atlee spoke up in a lower voice, pretending to be in the crowd.

"Aww, you're not gonna let everyone down are you? You could at least take some pictures or something, right?"

Fisher was happy to get away with the kiss, but he saw the chance to gain favor with his peers.

He held up two fingers and mouthed the words. "Another favor?"

The heroine propped her arms under her tits, causing them to bounce ludicrously.

"Fine." She growled.


The Second Favor

For the next twenty minutes, they took turns standing next to the superhero and posing. Atlee would hold their phones or cameras, snapping pictures for them.

Things started off innocently enough until Fisher's friends felt they were entitled to put their hands on Power Girl too.

During one picture, one man pinched PG's ass hard enough to make her squeal. She blushed before angrily grabbing his wrist and considered breaking it, but Atlee was there to make her think twice.

PG loosened her grip and smiled at the man. "Thanks for that. Who's next?"

She forced a smile, unintentionally encouraging the lewd behavior.

Soon, every guy was pinching her ass, even if they weren't taking a picture, and soon enough she felt someone else's hand sliding under her leotard and squeezing her soft buns.

To her credit, she kept her composure, blushing all the time, but doing her best to make sure no one was the wiser.

Atlee gave her a thumbs up sign. "You can do it, Power Girl."

Soon the assgroping wasn't enough. The men wanted to pose with her in elaborate ways.


Here, a teen was bending Power Girl over in front of him and pretending to hump her ass.


Here she was with another boy, this time on her knees as he pretended to fuck her face. He even went so far as to grind his bulging crotch against her mouth, forcing her lips into awkward shapes.

Power Girl scowled at him the entire time, but soon his turn was over and it was on to the next one.


Two girls stood side by side with PG, giving the peace sign. PG eased up just a little bit.

"When I grow up, I wanna be just like you." One of the girls said.

PG beamed. "Good, I aim to be a positive role model to women everywhere."

The other girl chimed in, completely ignoring the prideful statement.

"Yeah, if I had tits like yours, I bet guys would do whatever I want! I'd never have to work again!"

Power Girl was too stunned to say anything.


A boy with green hair styled after his idol, The Joker, started out with his arm around PG's waist, letting her boobs press against his chest. Just before the photo, he shoved his free hand into PG's cleavage hole and mauled her left breast. Disgusted and shocked, PG was too stunned to stop his sweaty palm from crushing her tit.

Atlee snapped multiple photos, making sure the boy's hand was clearly outlined beneath the top, and PG's priceless horror was captured forever.

"Okay! That's enough!" Power Girl announced, trying her best not to scream.


One last pic and finally the boy withdrew his hand. She shuddered with his palm sweat lingering on her skin.


The last man went for a different target, grabbing her crotch and pulling her leotard up until it was flossing her ass and showing off her cameltoe.

PG couldn't even fake a smile beyond that, but Atlee took the picture anyway, unphased by the abuse her mentor was putting up with.

"I hate to cut things short," PG lied, picking a wedgie from the crack of her ass. "But I really must be going."

Of course, by now no one was paying attention to her. They were praising Fisher for letting them feel up his "girlfriend".

"This is the greatest day of my life."

"Definitely one for the spank bank."

"I'm never washing this hand again…"

Power Girl frowned at the blatant objectification. She tried not to think of the fact that the collection of unflattering photos of her had now grown exponentially. She could only hope if they went public, no one would believe it was her.

"Ugh, whatever."

Pouting, she stormed out of the store. There was a growing pit of dread in her stomach which just added to her humiliation.

"Wow, you really give it your all for your fans, don't you?" Atlee had, of course, followed her outside.

PG wasn't sure if this was sarcasm or an innocent comment, but she wanted to punch the brunette in the face. At the very least, she considered stranding her friend there while she went home to mope.

Before she could take off, Fisher came sprinting out of the store.

"Wait! There's still one favor left."

PG snapped. Grabbing him by his collar, she lifted him into the air.

"You mean, letting a bunch of strangers feel me up wasn't enough?"

He held his hands up to show his honesty.

"That wasn't my fault. You could've stopped it at anytime…"

Her lip curled as she thought about it. "Bullshit! You didn't give me a choice."

Truthfully she knew she could have left at anytime. She wanted to appease the boy to keep her identity safe, but it wasn't as if he had told her to let them feel her up.

She set him down.

"I'm so tired of this. Your last 'request'. What is it?"

He pointed at her tits. "Those. I want a tit job." He said the word awkwardly, as if he had only just learned it from the internet.

"Hah!" Atlee laughed loudly, before clapping her mouth shut.

To everyone's surprise, Power Girl didn't fly into a rage. She was silent for a moment and when she spoke her voice was volatile.

"If I do, you swear on your grave that you'll delete those photos?"

"Scout's Honor. I mean it!" He said in earnest.

"Let's go back to my place."


The Third Favor

"I swear…" Power Girl grumbled. She couldn't even fault the boy. With her generous boobwindow how could she blame anyone for wanting to get their hands on them. Even a young boy…

She was also well aware that her kryptonian heritage had given her a massive rack. Soft, warm, and practically made for stroking men off. Almost as if Kryptonian women were made purely for sex.

"Well…you gonna take your pants off or what?"

The boy was nervous now that he was about to live out his greatest fantasy. He'd never even kissed a girl before that day and now he was about to stick his dick between the most popular pair of tits on earth. Well, besides Wonder Woman's.

He sat on the edge of her bed, where she knelt down before him. PG had made it very clear that she didn't want Atlee to see or hear any part of the act. It was also an opportunity to get into his phone while he was distracted. Hopefully, they could erase the photos and keep them uploading.

Fisher pulled his pants down. His cock was already hardening at an average 5 inches.

PG was almost as nervous as him. She felt that she would be forever tainted touching the boy, but a deal was a deal.

She reached for his cock, swallowing her pride. Fisher took the initiative though. He grabbed hold of her shoulders and thrust his cock between her pale white jugs.

"Whoa! Easy!" She grumbled, but made no attempt to stop him as he shoved his cock directly between her tits.

She turned her face so she wouldn't have to see his pudgy gut moving toward her face, but she could still hear his prepubescent grunts and moans as his pecker forced it's way between her tits.

He was completely lost in his pleasure, feeling her super tits sheathed around his cock. She, on the other hand, was bored and ready for it to be over.

"Hnngg…hunngh…" The little boy panted. His eyes shut tight as he used Power Girl's tits to bring himself to climax.

She pursed her lips, feeling the wetness of his cum squishing between her fleshy orbs. Hopefully it meant the end was approaching, but the boy had impressive stamina.

Although it was ecstasy for Fisher, Power Girl's tits were starting to chafe from his frantic humping. His nails dug into her shoulders as he rocked her back and forth.

"Come on! Hngg. Hurry up, kid."

Slssh slllsh slissh!

Fisher's face was nearly as red as his hair when he finally came. His preteen cock shot a massive load of cum directly into her cleavage.

The cum blast was so powerful, PG felt her tits pushed further apart to accommodate the barrage of cum.

Fisher fell back onto the bed, knocked out from his own orgasm. His cock gave a final spurt as he fell, spattering PG's pretty face from chin to forehead.

She was in shock as well. She'd never seen anyone cum so hard.

The inside of her tits were absolutely drenched with nutbutter. She could hear it squelching as it poured down her belly, congealing on her skin.

Her costume had turned gray around her bust and torso, where his spunk had soaked through. Like an overstuffed éclair, creamy white sperm spilled from her cleavage and out the front of her costume in spongey globs. She could feel it weighing her top down, pulling more of her cleavage into view and allowing the cum to flow even faster.

She felt like she'd never be clean again, but the worst was over.

"Glad that's over with." PG called out to Atlee. "Any luck with the phone?"

Atlee came into the room. She had been working on Fisher's cellphone while PG "distracted" him. At first she didn't say anything, her eyes shifting away from PG.

"Well…I found the pictures on his email server, and I managed to stop them from being sent…"

"But?" Power Girl felt worried now. She spit out some of Fisher's cum from her mouth, letting it dribble down her chin in a foamy mess.

"He had them queued somewhere else."

The cum-painted heroine grabbed the phone and peered at the screen even as jizz sloshed between her cleavage.

The phone vibrated in her hands as a stream of constant updates came in from the boy's Facebook account. The dreaded photos showing her changing from her costume into her civilian clothes, the nudes he had captured before she had caught onto his scheme, it was all on his feed.

She felt her stomach dropped as she realized her life was ruined. Her business would surely suffer from this. Driving home the humiliation, was the mass of comments on the image. Her own phone started to buzz as her various friends from the Justice League tried to reach her.

Before long, her new name was trending across the internet.

Power Slut.

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