The Naked Times

BY : theyarnspinner
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It was a very quiet night in the city and in the Tower.  The boys had recently left for a long-term op at the request of the Justice League, leaving the city’s defense in the capable hands of the female members Raven and Starfire.

Ever since the fall of the Brotherhood of Evil, crime rates had hit near-record lows in the city so the two girls would not have any troubles.  What kept things from being at record lows was that one enemy was still at large, one doing his utmost best to stay hidden, out of the spotlight until the time was right.

And who was that villain?  Slade?  Brother Blood?  No, it was Control Freak of all people.

Speaking of, the villain was preparing for his latest scheme, putting the finishing touches on his remote with a special surprise in store for the two girls.

Raven and Starfire had a slow day, with Raven spending her day meditating and reading while Starfire was playing with her pet larvae Silkie and doing the laundry, cleaning all of their clothes so the hamper was completely empty.

The sun was setting on the bay, so Raven and Starfire were having dinner in the kitchen – Raven’s cooking skills had grown substantially since her failed attempt at making pancakes, so they were having a simple chicken dish.

As they ate, Control Freak snuck to the island, having made sure to hack Cyborg’s security codes before the half-robot left, ensuring his entrance was unnoticed.  Moving slowly and quietly, the overweight couch potato used his remote to summon several bloodhounds, whispering to them, “You know what to do.”

The hounds seemingly nodded in acknowledgment and ran off to a staircase before phasing through the wall.  As the hounds moved, Control Freak brought up a bunch of robots, which phased into the kitchen and began shooting at the girls.

Raven quickly put up a shield, blocking their shots as Starfire blasted the robots with a star-bolt, but they wouldn’t go down for some reason.  Raven then summoned some black energy and tried to tear the robots apart, but as she tried to break them, they quickly reassembled to the point Raven could barely stretch them a few inches before they returned to normal.  However, the weapons used by the robots were soon discovered to be incredibly low energy, barely having any impact despite being noisy.

Of course, that was to Control Freak’s design – the robots weren’t designed to seriously harm, but merely distract them as the bloodhounds did their work.

Several hounds appeared inside of Raven’s room and proceeded to open up her closet and dresser and they began to destroy all of her clothes – teeth turning her leotards to shreds, claws ripping her cloaks to scraps, her underwear being reduced to tatters.  Once her clothes were all ruined, the hounds gathered the scraps around her boots and then pissed all over them, leaving what would become a hideous odor that would leave nothing salvageable.

In Starfire’s room, the hounds were doing similar nasty work, leaving her clothes little more than shreds and then pissing all over the remains and her boots, leaving nothing even remotely wearable.  Once all the girls’ clothes were destroyed, the hounds then moved to the girls themselves, who were still fending off the robots.

Once the hounds arrived in the kitchen, the robots all vanished.  Raven and Starfire were confused, but then the hounds pounced, growling as they ripped the girls’ clothing to shreds, proving far too numerous for the girls to effectively use their powers to fend them off.

The hounds disappeared once the girls were left without anything to wear, which was when Control Freak appeared, holding his remote, laughing at the girls’ exposed state.

In that moment, distracted by their nudity, Control Freak was grabbed by Raven’s telekinetic ability as she growled, “What did you think you were doing?”

Control Freak stuttered, “I was planning on turning you into my sex slaves.  I had it all planned out and everything!”

In rage, Raven tossed Control Freak out of a window and he fell into the water.  Starfire asked, “Are you sure he will live?”

Raven replied, “The bastard was going to have a heart attack sooner or later.  And he wanted us to become his sex slaves, so mercy is undeserved.”

“So what were the hounds for?”

Both girls rushed to their rooms, suspicions growing of just what the hounds had done – what they could have done in the distraction, but as they arrived, they began to notice the putrid scent and as they opened their doors, they saw every stitch of clothing they had owned was torn to bits and pissed all over.  Much to their horror, they were going to have to stay naked for a very long time.  Before considering looking at the boys’ outfits, they instantly knew they wouldn’t fit them in the slightest.

As the scent in their rooms was so overpowering, they couldn’t sleep in them, so they dragged an inflatable mattress, pillows, and blanket into the common room.

With the darkness full in the sky, Raven and Starfire prepared to sleep, but before they could, the two ran into each other, their naked bodies pressed together.  Both girls blushed as a result and soon began to gaze upon each other.  Raven saw Starfire’s luscious curves down to her bubble butt and smooth pussy while Starfire gazed upon Raven’s tight ass and generous bust all the way to her groin, which showed no sign of ever having hair.

Starfire said, “You have an amazing body, Raven.”

Raven replied, “So do you, Star.”  The two girls leaned in for a kiss, Frenching each other as they embraced each other’s naked form.  After several moments, the two separated and laid down on the mattress, holding each other as Raven’s lips moved to Star’s soft breasts, sucking on her tit as Starfire moaned in pleasure.

Raven’s hands played with Star’s breasts, massaging them as her tongue moved down to Starfire’s crotch, licking at the edge of the labia, getting Starfire to moan as Raven made her way right to Starfire’s cunt, thrusting her tongue in over and over again.  After several minutes, Starfire reached her orgasm, moaning loudly.

Starfire then pinned Raven onto the mattress and after giving a soft kiss to her lips, began to lightly caress her bust, tongue circling Raven’s dark gray nipple before going in and licking each nipple one at a time before kissing her way down to Raven’s own groin, alternating between using her tongue and one finger to drive Raven to moan in ecstasy, resulting in an orgasm that left Raven spent, her own hands fondling her breasts.

Starfire rotated her body, leaving her own pussy facing Raven’s wet tongue while her own face stared at Raven’s hot, slick womanhood.  The 69 between the two girls was hot, torrid lovemaking as each girl felt the simultaneous stimulation of their tongues and pussies.  As the orgasms came closer, both girls clamped down hard on the other’s clit, moaning loudly once the orgasm came, the vibrations stimulating their already stimulated boxes.

Starfire flipped over so the girls were staring right at each other as their groins pressed into the other’s leg and they proceeded to grind their slick clits, scissoring until they hit one last orgasm.  Both incredibly weak from the orgasms and the fighting, Starfire moved onto the mattress, sliding up next to Raven as the two wrapped their arms around the other’s back, falling asleep in each other’s arms, breasts pressed together.

Hours later, the two woke up, staring at the other, their naked bodies recovered and ready for another round of erotic loving.  Raven and Starfire got off the mattress, holding hands as Raven lead Starfire to the bathroom, opening the door before turning the shower on, waiting for the temperature to rise before the two hopped in.

Raven and Starfire each squeezed some liquid soap out of the soap bottle and rubbed each other’s naked backs, cleaning their own fronts when the other was working on their back.  As the water washed the soap off their bodies, Raven pressed her front into Star’s back, kissing her neck as Starfire moved her hand down to her pussy, slipping two fingers in as Raven slid her pussy against Starfire’s ass.  Both girls orgasmed at the same time, their legs starting to give out.  They had gone into the shower to clean up and they were still dirty.

After a quick shampooing, the girls exited the shower and went into the Tower’s revolutionary air dryer, which took the concept of the bathroom hand dryer and sized it up, allowing the dryer to completely dry off a human being, allowing the Titans to reduce usage of towels.  The two naked girls strolled out of the bathroom, though a whiff of the scent forced them to put their pleasure on hold to clean up the mess left by Control Freak’s bloodhounds.

Each girl took a mop, broom, and trash can to their closet and swept up the remains of their wardrobes into the trash can before taking a mop to get rid of the scent, though it would take a lot more work to fully eradicate it from their rooms even after removing the source.  Both girls arrived at the tower’s furnace, shoveling the contents of the trash cans and with one push, the clothing scraps and soiled boots went up in flame.

Starfire asked, “So how long will it take until we can get new clothes?”

Raven answered, “Our clothing budget has been drained for the next two months, so we will be naked for at least that long.  At least with Control Freak gone, we won’t have to expose ourselves in public to fight crime.”

“I have to admit Raven, I am feeling much happier without any clothing on.  Nudity is a very common occurrence back on Tamaran.”

“To be honest Star, Azarath was a very conservative society, so this is something completely new to me.  And I am actually liking this, being stark naked with you.”

Starfire embraced Raven in a crushing hug, cheery that her friend appreciates her naked state just as much as she does.

After a quick breakfast, Raven went off to her room to meditate, but Starfire suggested they go on the rooftop.

With the sun shining brightly over the bay, Raven and Starfire emerged on the rooftop with Raven silently uttering an incantation.  Raven explained, “Now nobody will see us indecent.”

Starfire laid down on the floor, taking in the sun to tan her body (and absorb the radiation to power herself) while Raven got in a lotus position and meditated, the sun warming her.

After two hours or so on the roof, the girls left and decided to go down to the pool, hoping to cool off after the heat of the outside.  Jumping in, Raven and Starfire immediately felt the contrast of the pool water against their naked, warmed skin.  Floating in place, the two made out while their fingers toyed with the other's cunt.

As orgasm hit each girl, they also felt worn and simply floated on the water, arms and legs spread out as they waited for their strength to return.  As they floated, Starfire took her hands and caressed her erect tits, lightly moaning while Raven's hands went to her ass, massaging her southern cheeks.

By the time the girls had regained their bearings, the sun was setting, indicating they had been in the water for hours.

Getting out of the pool, the two went to the air dryer to wash off the pool water before going up to the kitchen to have dinner and then they lay down on the mattress they had set up the night before, holding each other in their arms.

They had made it through their first day of nudity and Raven and Starfire could not wait for the next one.

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