Animal magnetism

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Animal magnetism

Many things changed in Garfield’s body when he was exposed to the chemicals that turned him into Beast Boy, namely his green skin and his drastic turn to vegetarianism after now being able to experience what it was like to be the animals that most people had on their menus

Another change however that came as Beast Boy aged and grew was an almost sub-heat cycle, whilst being primarily human he didn’t go into a full mating season he began to suffer from ‘hot flashes’ as he liked to call them as a drastic rise in testosterone brought increased body heat and a subtle musk that would not leave him no matter how much he bathed leading to some embarrassing moments when female animals kept following him during those time periods

“Uuuuugghhhh this suuuuuccckkkks!!!” Beast Boy whined loudly in complaint as he collapsed on the large couch in the Titans Tower living room area, a large ice bag on his head to try and combat his drastic raise in body temperature “why can’t animals just go into season all at once?! This is the fifth time this year!” he exclaimed burying his face to the cushions whilst his childishly beat his fists against them

“Beast Boy, if your body is suffering from the heat wouldn’t it be best if you mated? Surely friend Raven would be happy to help you” Starfire suggested as she floated above the grumbling Changeling

“Me and Rae have agreed to stay away from each other when I go through heat so she doesn’t go stir crazy” Beast Boy explained with another groan as the mere mention of Raven sent another wave of heat to his groin “having empath powers isn’t good when one of the guys you live with is cripplingly horny several days of the year”

Pouting at his excuse Starfire then floated away to leave Beast Boy in peace, the Tamaranean instead heading straight to Raven’s room knocking on the door “friend Raven, may we speak?”

After a couple of moments Starfire sighed and turned to float away when Raven’s door then opened “yes?” the Azarathian spoke as she only opened the door half way to peer out and even in the darkness of the room Starfire could see a deep blush across Raven’s pale grey skin, the pheromones Beast Boy was letting off obviously greatly effecting her thanks to her empathic nature “make it quick”

Practically able to feel the heat and arousal coming off of Raven Starfire had to take a moment to clear her throat “friend Raven, are you sure this course of action is best for you and Beast Boy? You both suffer greatly during these times and I can’t stand to see it”

“It’s best for everyone” Raven cut in, closing the door a little more “I love Garfield but I can’t risk losing control whilst he’s like this, if I do so what’s to stop it effecting the rest of you?” the Azarathian explained, the risk of her losing control and becoming a conduit for Beast Boy’s heat being far too great for them to possibly chance it

Blinking a couple of times Starfire then beamed “if the need for privacy was the issue why did you not say so?” the Tamaranean beamed clapping her hands happily “I will take Robin and friend Cyborg out for the day to give you and Beast Boy all the privacy you need!”

With that Starfire hurried off before Raven could stop her and explain that that wasn’t what she meant, the empath sighing as she shut her door again to seclude herself again

“You should do it” a small voice in her mind spoke out

“No it’s not worth the risk” Raven sighed back as the little voice of Joy spoke from her subconscious

“Honestly just do it! Do you have any idea how annoying this is?!” Rage snapped

“You’re my anger, everything annoys you”

“I’m sorry but the others are right….sorry”

“Yeah come on! Live a little! You deserve to be happy for once!”

“SHUT UP!!!” Raven snapped expelling a wave of dark energy knocking several items off of the shelves lining the walls and several of her books from the bookshelves “you’re making it impossible to think! The one time my emotions agree with each other and you’re all against me!”

“I don’t understand why you’re fighting this, we all know what you’re craving” a new voice then spoke within Raven’s mind making her pale cheeks flush, the voice of Lust louder than the other emotions sending a shudder up her spine and heat pooling in her loins “you know Starfire is right and you have the Tower all to yourself with Garfield…..see? You have nothing to say to that have you?”

Raven gritted her teeth as she truly had no way of arguing with the voice of Lust, she and Beast Boy had the Tower all to themselves and having to stay away from him and yet still feel the pull of his pheromones playing havoc with her mind was sheer torture several times a year, her desires escalating to the point that not even the deepest meditation could quell them in the wake of Beast Boy’s pheromones

Letting out a sigh the Empath finally relented, waiting a few more minutes to make sure that the others had truly left the tower before finally leaving her room, her body feeling an almost overwhelming rush of heat the moment she stepped out into the corridor making her slump against the wall for balance, her knees going weak as she promptly soaked through her leotard with arousal

Panting heavily as arousal flooded her body Raven composed herself as much as possible as she moved to rest her back against the wall whilst unbuckling her hooded cape letting it fall to the floor before starting to peel her leotard off, since she and Beast Boy had made the joint agreement to avoid each other during his heat cycles he probably would need a little convincing to break their agreement

Once appropriately naked Raven took a deep breath to try to slow her pounding heart rate, the Empath having never felt so horny in her life “ok, just calm yourself, you can do this” Raven told herself as she then floated towards the living area to save herself from stumbling

Finding Beast Boy still lying face down on the couch Raven took a moment to clear her throat before getting his attention “Garfield?”

Beast Boy’s ears pricked in surprise at the sound of her voice as he quickly looked back “Raven? You can’t be near me!” he exclaimed before grimacing as his body promptly began to react to the sight of his girlfriend, his suit getting a hell of a lot tighter as his body got hotter

“Starfire and I talked and she made me realise that avoiding each other was most likely a bad idea, she’s taken Robin and Cyborg away for the rest of the day so we have our privacy” Raven explained as Beast Boy sat up, the dark look of lust in his eyes sending shivers down her spine

“If we do this, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop” he warned her as the side of the huge bulge straining the spandex of his suit made Raven bite her lip

“I think I’ll be fine” Raven breathed back as she felt her last bit of restraint snap, the Empath promptly using her powers to knock Beast Boy onto his back on the couch and with a wave of her hand she had his suit torn off, her pupils borderline turning into hearts as his fat heavy musky green cock sprang free visibly throbbing and aching for her “god I’ve missed you Garfield” she husked as she then floated down to straddle his lap, his manhood encased between her strong thighs and against her needy cunt as she just let herself enjoy the feeling of its firmness and heat against her core

Biting her lip Raven then started to steadily rock back and forth, grinding her wet slit against her lovers shaft, every throb from it making her core thrum in turn until they were both panting heavily with need, Raven slowly running her cunt up to the head of Beast Boy’s cock before slamming herself straight down about the base

Throwing her head back Raven let out a sharp cry of pleasure, the gem on her forehead flashing for a moment making several objects in the living area float several feet off the ground as she started bouncing as hard as she could on her lover’s cock, her breasts bouncing with her as she leaned back clutching at Beast Boy’s legs for balance

This wasn’t how they normally had sex, it wasn’t slow and romantic or hard yet skilled, this was rutting pure and simple, pure relief for the both of them with no technique or care as Beast Boy started to buck his hips making Raven bounce harder on his cock

“Oh yes Garfield! I needed this!” Raven moaned as her eyes started to glow, more objects around them starting to float as Beast Boy reached up to grab hold of her breasts, squeezing them hard as their rutting pace had the couch creaking and groaning under them “yes! Harder! Garfield fuck me! Rail me!” the Azarathian moaned louder, her inhibitions now long gone as she let out a cry of bliss as Beast Boy took over, pushing her onto her back as he started violently rutting her in the missionary position

Moving to sit up on his knees Beast Boy took hold of Raven’s thighs spreading her legs wider so that he could thrust into her deeper, his cock rubbing her in all the right places making her entire body shudder and quake with every thrust, her toes curling and uncurling in the air as she soon started to orgasm hard, her eyes crossing as her Empathy powers activated further transferring her pleasure to Beast Boy setting off his climax alongside hers

With his cock erupting inside of her Beast Boy’s pace didn’t slow for a second, in fact he began to drive into her harder and faster making her scream out in maddening bliss, her breasts bouncing to the point of nearly blurring as Raven’s eyes crossed in sheer pleasure, the voices of her emotions having gone completely silent allowing Lust to reign supreme for the moment

Placing her hands on his shoulders Raven dug her fingers in hard as she opened herself up as much as she could letting Beast Boy use her as much as he wanted and needed, her hips bucking frantically trying to meet his savage pace as she felt her pussy bruising, the pain of it only adding to the blissful pleasure as Beast Boy came for a second time only a couple of minutes after his first climax, further flooding her insides and sending another wave of maddening pleasure through her

When Beast Boy’s second climax ended he suddenly pulled out before roughly flipping Raven onto her front, her ass bouncing from the motion as he pressed her face to the couch cushions, the Empath only able to let out a low burble of lustful delirium before she cried out sharply in bliss when she felt him force his still throbbing aching cock into her tight ass, the sudden deeper penetration making her toes curl and her heart skip a beat for a moment before her body started violently jerking again in tandem to his violent pace

Panting hot against the back of Raven’s neck Beast Boy then bit down on her neck in an animalistic hold, his canines scraping her skin sending a shiver up her spine and setting off another climax, her back arching as she drooled through her clenched teeth, her legs bending to try to press her heels to Beast Boy’s lower back to try to make him fuck her ass harder and deeper as she lost complete control, her forehead gem glowing brighter as objects began to fly around the room in a maelstrom as her eyes glowed brightly too, everything going a blissful white in her head before she then blacked out

It had to be a good hour before Raven fully came back to her senses, her memory full of blackouts and small snippets of waking up with Beast Boy still fucking her and dumping more cum inside of her before the pleasure became too much and she passed out again

Groaning as her body thrummed and ached in protest of her getting up Raven found Beast Boy sat panting and sweating on the other side of the couch “Garfield, how long were we…?”

“About three hours I think, I dunno, didn’t really keep count” the Changeling panted back wiping the sweat from his brow “sorry I was so…well that…I don’t know what came over me, it’s kinda why we agreed to avoid each other at times like this anyway” he apologised eyeing the several bite marks he had left on her neck and shoulders guiltily

Smiling Raven just leaned over to kiss his cheek “don’t be sorry, that was the best fuck we’ve had in a while and trust me, we both needed it, this is the most relieved I’ve felt in a week” she sighed moving to rest her head on his shoulder “so how long before your hormones kick in again?” she asked before gasping as his cock sprang to life as if on command making her eyes widen and her cunt clench

“Hey, we don’t have to if you’re too sore, I can go take a cold…” Beast Boy told her not wanting her to feel pressured only to let out an ‘eep’ when she grabbed his cock and started stroking

“Garfield, Starfire told me it would be best for both of us to just give into our needs when you go into heat, don’t you think that is a good idea?” she asked him rhetorically as she moved to straddle his waist, guiding his cock back to her aching pussy before slamming herself down before he could respond starting to ride him with everything she had

It was safe to say that Beast Boy’s heat cycles got a lot more tolerable from that point

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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