An Imp's Desire

BY : FluffyTail
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Within the Fifth Dimension, a certain powerful Imp was bored out of his skill. It wasn’t the kind of boredom that could be filled by pulling pranks on the Big Boy in Blue, no it was a different kind of boredom.

Long story short, Mister Mxyzptlk was bored in a horny way.

“Ugh boring, boring, boring,” He said to himself as he flicked through channels that showed a variety of sexual scenes happening on Earth. Some were of adult lovers, others were young teens experiencing their first time, and many more were of the more odder variety. The last of which used to interest the Imp but has long since lost its luster. Finally fed up, he tossed the remote at the TV screen. “Ugh! All these humans to watch having sex and not one of them are clicking with me!”

He stood up from his chair and began to pace around in mid air. “You know what, fine! I’ll make my own entertainment.” 

The Imp snapped his fingers and came out was a big red book that read Fetishes. Licking a finger, he flipped through the pages until one certain fetish caught his eye.

“Straight Shotacon.”

Thinking about it a bit, his favorite planet was filled with sexy heroines and villains ranging from the walking jail bait that was Supergirl and Batgirl to walking sex dolls Zatanna, Catwoman, and Wonder Woman! There was certainly more women but Mxyzptlk was too focused on delightful thoughts of seeing those sexy women just dominated by young boys who would love playing with the real thing instead of their little action figures.

Hell, it was actually making him drool and the all powerful Imp knew that he had found what kink that will get him off!

Tossing the book over his shoulder, Mxyzptlk popped each of his fingers. Creating a world out of nothing is child’s play for him but he wanted to go the extra mile for this fetish. He wanted an entire fleshed out world where it was perfectly fine for little boys to take whatever girl they wanted and fuck them anywhere and anywhen! Hey, maybe he’ll throw in a few biological enhancements to spice things up a bit too!

With a final dramatic pop of his thumbs, Mxyzptlk blew air into his hands and clapped them together. A gong sounded out throughout his home, echoing for a minute into the endless colorful world around it.

The Imp quickly sat back into his chair and snapped his fingers, his TV switching over to the new Earth that he had just created. A perverted grin appeared on his face and a hand slipped underneath his pants.

“This is gonna be a good show.”

In the city of Gotham, it was another normal day for the inhabitants. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the typical goons were robbing a bank.

Yes, that was normal in this nutshop of a city.

“Alright boys and girls, I’m gonna need some green to fund my latest project,” The Joker yelled as he and his clown theme gang walked into the bank, Harley Quinn right by his side. At the sight of the Clown Prince of Crime, everyone quickly dropped to the floor in fear. “Don’t worry, for once I’m in too much of a hurry to kill you all so if you kindly just give me all the money, my friends and I will be on our merry way.”

Given a lifeline, the bank workers quickly scrambled to do what the Joker said. All the while, Joker sent his goons around to make sure that no one played hero.

Harley Quinn hummed a tune as she walked among the frighten masses, her red and black jester outfit catching some attention. It covered everything but at the same time did nothing to hide her curves. No one dared looked for more than a second though as the large mallet in her hands scared them more than her outfit aroused them.

‘Ahh what a fun day to spend with Pudding,’  Harley thought as she walked among the frighten masses, idly swinging her mallet between her fingers. Her toned body moves fluidly with every step, ready for action at a moment’s notice. ‘If only we weren’t in a hurry then we could indulge in a bit of fun with these folks but oh well! Business is business.’ 

A hand suddenly caught her outfit and the villainess spun around to face whoever had the balls to touch her! Her mallet was raised threateningly and a retort was on her face when she came face to face with who it was.

A young boy looking around nine or ten with black hair and brown eyes, wearing a dark shirt with Batman’s symbol on it and blue pants. Pants that were bludging with a very obvious boner.

“Oh,” Harley lowered her hammer down and looked at the young boy, his intent obvious now. “Let me guess, you wanna fuck me, kid?”

The boy gave her a small nod and Harley let out a sigh. She hoped that they wouldn’t run into boys in this little robbery but it seems that Lady Luck isn’t on her side in this case. Probably getting rammed by a kid of her own.

“Pudding,” She yelled out as the little boy grabbed her hand with his much smaller one, dragging her to somewhere private. It seemed like the boy didn’t like having an audience. “I’m gonna get fucked by a kid so please don’t leave me behind when you get the money!”

“I make no promises, Harley! If your ass isn’t here before we leave, you’re on your own!” Joker shouted back and went back to terrifying one man he had near him, forcing him to laugh at some terrible jokes that he thought up on the ride here. He knew that they were bad, Joker just liked the terror on their face as they tried to laugh.

Harley pouted at her Pudding before the kid dragged her into a restroom and away from prying eyes. She quickly dropped her to her knees, making herself to more or less head height with the kid. “Alright, you heard Mister J. Lets try and make this quick so I can be on my way.”

Her hand quickly slipped pulled down the boy’s pants and underwear in one go, letting loose a monster of a penis that was typical for his age. As thick as his arm and reaching his chest, Harley knew that the boy was prime and ready for her.

She pressed her lips against the tip of his dick in an exaggerated smooch. The villainess then kissed and licked the length downwards, making the boy let out cute little moans as she did so. Her hands stroked where ever her mouth wasn’t and fondled his large balls. She was trying to make the boy cum fast but after a few seconds of this, it became clear to her that it wasn’t working.

Harley went back to kiss the tip and locked eyes with the kid she was blowing. “So this isn’t gonna make you cum, is it? Fine then, lets go deeper.”

Opening her mouth wide, she took the dick into her mouth and slowly brought it into her mouth. While Harley wanted to finish fast, she knew that she had to pace herself or else she might get lost in the moment. Her first attempt let her go to a third of his length before she had to pull back. Again, she tried but didn’t seem to get more than that into her mouth and decided to settle for that goal, moving back and forth on his dick.

However, when the boy suddenly grabbed her pigtails in an aggressive move, Harley knew that he wasn’t gonna settle for this.

“Glack Glack Glack!” 

Harley gagged as she was forced deeper and deeper onto the kid’s dick, choking on more and more of his meat. Her vision was filled with nothing but his body as he raped her throat and treated her nothing more but a hole to relieve himself in. Each thrust allowed him to go deeper and deeper until finally, Harley bottomed out and felt her neck expand whenever he did so. Her hands gripped his hips but did nothing to stop the kid from his aggressive fuck. It was perfectly normal for boys his age to do so.

Nothing she could do against that after all.

Eventually, darkness began to cloud her vision as she got less and less air to breath in. She tapped the boy’s leg to get his attention to her problem but he paid her no mind, entirely  focused on his own pleasure.

Harley tried her breathing exercises, trying in vain to get some more air into her body until finally, the boy came. The signs were obvious, the harder thrusts, the tightening grip on her head and the violent final push deep into her mouth that actually knocked Harley out for a minute. A minute that was spent being used as the boy’s cumdump as he blew his load straight into her stomach.

When Harley came to, she realized that she was on her back with her legs spread. A ripping noise went through the air and she looked down to see the young kid there, remnants of her outfit protecting her pussy in one hand and the other aiming his dick.

“W-wait kid, I-” She tried to say but was cut off when he pushed right into her, his large member splitting her wide open. “OH FUCK!”

The boy kept going and going deeper into Harley, taking a much slower approach now that his lust was a bit sated. After getting a taste of the sexy jester, he was much more willing to move at a slower pace.

Harley, on the other hand, could barely handled it as the boy seemingly teased her with this approach. His dick pressed all of her buttons simply by being there and mini organisms rippled through her pussy as he went further and further in. She leaned her head back against the cold restroom floor and tried to stay in control.

Then he stopped, feeling his dick press against the entrance for her womb. Harley took the chance to take a deep breath and looked at the boy again, meeting his eager eyes with her pleading ones.

“P-Please kid. Be kind?”

He looked at her, eyes narrowed and finally spoke. “Momma said that you’re a bad person and that you shouldn’t be kind to bad people.”

Harley barely had half a second to brace herself when the boy suddenly shoved the rest of his fuckrod right into her, crashing right into her womb.

“AHHH!” She screamed as pleasure tore right into her. A powerful orgasm flooded her body and made the villainess arch her back, highlighting her chest to her current lover. “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!”

The boy didn’t let up the pressure and kept fucking Harley into the floor, small hips moving with a power that betrayed his size. His face was clenched in a determined look, wanting to punish the evil person that was apart of this robbery and doing it the only way he knew how. He felt the urge to cum rise quickly but fought against it, needing to drag this out as long as he could.

Harley however couldn’t fight back against the pleasure, the desire to cum her brains out as the boy pounded her hard. Her eyes crossed with every thrust into her and her mouth shifted into a lust filled smile, with her tongue lewdly hanging out. Her hands moved from the floor to her chest, grasping and groping them to feel even more pleasure out of this orderal.

“AH AH AH! PLease h-hurry up kid! I-I Ah AH I need to get b-back to Mister J!” She said in between moans and gasps. In her mind though, she was torn between finishing this and wanting it to go on. Getting fucked by a little boy was always a fun experience, more fun than almost anything she does.

The young boy simply shoot his head and went even faster, making Harley let out short screams everytime he went into her womb. Another orgasm went through her, followed by another and another until she simply suffered a continuous stream of cumming.

Then, through the haze of pleasure and her screaming, she heard it, the sounds of gunfire and Joker yelling that Batman was here. She let out a groan, tried to push the boy off of her and get back on her feet to run and help, but all she managed was pushing him away for a mere moment and struggling to her hands and knees.

Honestly, it only put her in a better position to be fucked as the boy wasted no time in going back to pounding her like she was a mere fuck toy, now doing her doggy style.

“N-no! K-kid I neeed to g-get back to Mister J!” She cried out and tried to crawl to the door. However the boy stubbornly matched her pace, pounding her every inch of the way. His grip on her hips was like iron and each attempt to get away was met with a powerful thrust that shook Harley to her core.

A shaking hand reached out for the door, hearing the sounds of Joker’s laughter fading away before she fell face first into the cold hard floor.

“FUCK IT!” She screamed and looked back at her little lover, eyes wide with lust. “Fuck me kid! Pound me until I forget my own name! Hell, take me home and make me your sex toy!”

The boy listened to her cries and pushed himself to his limits, fucking the villain with all the power he could muster. Harley cried and moaned, body shaking on the ground as orgasm after orgasm wrecked her mind. 

Finally she felt it. The boy’s climax. Hot semen flooded her pussy and womb alike, sending her over the edge with a powerful climax of her own. She screamed into the cold tiles as the boy flooded her body with his cum.

Her lower half fell to the floor, taking her little lover with it. He laid his head on her back, as exhausted as she was and the duo simply rested there for a few seconds.

Then Harley felt the boy began to thrust once more, his dick still hard despite his own climax.

She let out a whimper and realized that she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“We’re lucky that no one was hurt this time around,” a police officer said as he pushed one of Joker’s goons into a police van. “A shame that Joker got away though.”

“Hey, Batman will get him back behind bars like he always does,” His partner said to him. “Anyways, where is Harley? I heard that she was with him for this heist.”

The first officer pointed to a squad car and he looked to see it shaking as if it was alive. He moved closer to see a naked Harley Quinn inside using her long legs to bounce herself on a kid’s dick in a reverse cowgirl style. The boy looked like he was enjoying himself, leaning back on the seat, and smacked the villain’s perky rear a few times, getting a scream of pleasure. The officer couldn’t help but notice that her hands were cuffed behind her despite the lack of need to but procedures had to be followed, he guessed.

“The kid asked if he could take her home and use her as a fucktoy for a while,” The first officer said and tapped the window. “The parents mentioned that they had no problem with it so I’ll be taking the two of them to their house once everything is done and over with.”

The second officer shook his head. “I almost feel bad for Harley. Kids these days can fuck for hours, hell I heard that Catwoman got fucked for days by gang of them. At least Arkham gives them a break from this.”

“Yeah, until its bring your kid to work day.” The two officers laughed and walked away to finish their job, leaving the shaking and screaming squad car behind them.

It was just another normal day after all.

A/N: So yeah, a weird idea that has been on my mind for a while. If anyone wants to contribute, then they are free to do so so long as they keep to the theme of the story, which has been shown here.

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