Beach Getaway

BY : theyarnspinner
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It all started a few months ago when Raven discovered her feelings for her teammate Starfire, an alien from the planet Tamaran.  And fortunately for the half-demon, Starfire reciprocated those affections and the two became girlfriends.  As the Titans were in the midst of their changing of the guard, the two girls moved out and into an apartment on the other side of the city with Starfire as Nightwing (the former Robin) and Changeling (the former Beast Boy) were beginning training on the next generation of Titans - Superboy, Miss Martian, Aqualad, and Wonder Girl while Cyborg had joined the Justice League.

To pay for their place, Starfire had entered the construction business as her super strength permitted her to carry heavy objects better than most equipment while her starbolts allowed her to act as a welder while Raven worked at a hospital, allowing the hospital to focus their attention on more serious cases as Raven's healing ability helped out most of the minor cases.  About two weeks after their departure from the Titans, the ex-villainess Jinx (who had since broken up with her boyfriend Kid Flash) had begun desiring a "get together" with Raven and Starfire, blissfully unaware that the two were an item.

Jinx had asked Starfire for a date, but the alien said she was unavailable that night.  Then, Jinx asked Raven on a date, but Raven gave a similar response as Starfire.  That night, Raven and Starfire both noted that Jinx had asked them out, and sensing her desires, Raven came up with a plan.

Starfire would accept Jinx's offer for a date and then brought her back to their apartment, where Jinx discovered that Raven was in fact Star's lover, but before she could leave, Raven offered her a threesome with the two of them.  Before Raven could even finish her sentence, Jinx had begun stripping her dress off and after several hours of fucking and lovemaking, all three girls were ecstatic and Jinx promptly entered the relationship and she was no freeloader - she had established work as a mercenary and with her income, the trio moved into a much larger, top-floor apartment than the single bedroom Raven and Starfire had previously been residing in.

The next month passed and though their schedules often times kept all three from being there at once, things remained smooth and that meant when all three were able to be present, things got hot and sensual.  One day, as the girls were having a round of sex, they noticed that they were being watched.  While Starfire and Jinx cuddled together, Raven used her powers to expose the voyeur - Rose Wilson, aka the Ravager, who had her pants and panties pushed down to her ankles, furiously masturbating.

Holding her down, Raven asked her what she was doing watching them and soon discovered that Ravager was turned on and actually wanted to join in.  Raven shredded Ravager's clothing and the one-eyed mercenary joined the threesome to make it a foursome.  Ravager would later move in with the trio, enabling the girls to buy the apartment.

As the girls were about to have a scheduled vacation, the four tried to figure out where to go before deciding on a beach vacation.  However, Starfire asked if they could invite Terra and Blackfire to the vacation, noting that Terra was still a friend (and at present a college student) and that her sister has proved to not be the bad apple she was first pegged as (being a galactic bounty hunter).  Ravager shrugged, "Whatever" and the two were both invited.  Terra and Blackfire RSVP'd within two hours of getting the invites.

At last, it was time for the vacation and the girls were making the final preparations.  Already, Ravager had changed into a white bikini and Starfire into her green bikini while Jinx was in the midst of changing into her pink bikini.  Ravager asked, "So is everything set over there?"

Raven replied, "Yep.  I already stocked up the fridge there with food.  We're going to be alone on an island for a couple of days."

Minutes before the scheduled departure, Terra and Blackfire arrived.  Starfire said, "Welcome friend, sister" and embraced the two in a pretty intense hug.  Terra uttered, "Star, you're crushing me!"

Starfire backed off and handed a bag to both girls.  As Jinx got out of the bathroom, Terra hopped in to the bathroom with a black-and-yellow striped bikini to change into.  Blackfire asked, "Are we bringing anything else?"

Raven replied, "Everything we need is already there.  All we're bringing are the bikinis."

After Terra got out, flaunting her bikini to the girls, allowing Blackfire to begin changing into her purple bikini.  Terra asked, "So we're really going to have an entire island to ourselves?"

Raven nodded, "It's not a big island, but we won't be cramped."

Once Blackfire had changed, she said, "Okay, Raven.  Time for you to change."

Raven phased out of her leotard to reveal she had already changed into her blue bikini.  "Did it this morning."

As the girls got together for Raven to teleport them to their destination, Ravager finally asked, "So where is this magical island?"

Raven replied, "It's a pocket dimension I found.  Pretty small one."

Opening her arms, Raven let her soul-self envelop the six and they teleported into the house on the beach in the pocket dimension.

Once their bodies had acclamated to the dimension, Raven explained that the dimension had roughly identical day cycles to Earth, albeit a much shorter year and a perpetual summer.  Starfire inquired, "So, how does this house have any power?"

Ravager interjected, "Duh.  Solar power."

Terra yelled, "Let's get to the beach" and ran out of the house and onto the beach, which surrounded the two-story house on all sides, accompanied by some palm trees.

Going through the sand, Terra landed in the sea and noted just how warm the water was, washing away the sand that had stuck to her feet.  The other girls soon accompanied her with the alien sisters Starfire and Blackfire joining in.  Starfire shouted, "Anybody want to join in a game of the chicken?"

Ravager stepped into the water and then sat on Starfire's shoulders as Terra sat on Blackfire's.  Raven and Jinx, meanwhile, sat down on the beach, watching intently.  Immediately, Starfire and Blackfire began moving towards each other as Terra and Ravager got their hands out.  Terra used her hands and quickly latched her fingers around the strap of Ravager's bikini top and began to pull, hoping to send Ravager and Starfire into the water.

However, Ravager got the upper hand as she grabbed Terra's hand, making her let go before Ravager pushed Terra and Blackfire away, with the force causing the two to collapse in the sea.  Ravager and Starfire cheered in victory while Raven laughed from the beach.

Terra and Blackfire made their way back to the beach, followed by Ravager and Starfire.  Jinx brought some fallen branches and scrap wood and assembled it into a campfire the girls could sit around.  Starfire, getting a smirk on her face, tackled her sister and slipped off Blackfire's bra, exposing her DD-cup breasts and dark orange nipples.  Blackfire got back up and then tackled Star as the two engaged in an impromptu wrestling match that the others watched.  As the two alien sisters struggled for dominance, Blackfire pushed Starfire off and took back her top, but not putting it on.

Sitting down near the others, Blackfire watched as Jinx used her hex abilities to ignite the stray wood.  As the fire picked up and Starfire rejoined the group, Jinx asked, "Are you gonna put your bra back on?"

Blackfire gave her answer by throwing the bra into the fire followed by fondling her breasts, free from that fabric prison.  Soon after, Blackfire undid the string holding her panties and she briefly held them before letting them join the bra in the fire.

Terra asked, "Why did you do that?"

Blackfire explained, "I think Starfire wanted to get us to embrace the Tamaranean beach."

Ravager inquired, "Which is?"

Starfire said, "A nudist beach."  With that, Starfire let her green bikini loose from her body and into the flames, exposing her own DD-cup breasts.  Ravager shrugged and loosened her own bra before it joined the fire, followed by her panties.  The mercenary's C-cup breasts were fully on show as Terra undid her bra and panties and guess where they ended up.

As Jinx slid off her panties and kicked them into the fire, all of the nudity on display made Raven extremely horny and her pussy became so, so wet resulting in her panties being soaked.  Once Jinx tossed her own bra into the campfire, she went over to Raven.  Pressing her B-cup breasts against Raven's back, Jinx slid the bra off, with Raven showing no resistance.  Once Raven's E-cup breasts were exposed, the last bra joined the fire as Jinx undid the string holding up Raven's panties and let them slide off.  Before tossing it into the fire, Jinx showed it to the other girls and said, "Look, Raven's gotten aroused.  Let's make her feel better."

Dropping the panties into the fire, Jinx turned her attention to Raven's smooth cunt and began to lick at it, resulting in a loud moan out of Raven.  Starfire and Ravager noticed this and joined Jinx at Raven's pussy with the three alternating getting a taste.  Meanwhile, Blackfire turned her attention to Terra, who had begun eating out the dark-haired alien's unshaven womanhood as she used one hand to fondle her B-cup breasts and the other to finger her neatly-trimmed pussy.

Raven panted heavily as her pussy was eaten out until she finally squirted, spraying Starfire, Ravager, and Jinx with her golden cum.  Ravager scooped some of the cum from her chest with two fingers and let Raven have a taste of her own juices.

Spent from her orgasm, Raven laid down on the ground as Ravager began to make out with her.  Starfire and Jinx turned their attention to each other and also made out, sitting down with Jinx in Star's lap as Jinx turned her mouth's attention Starfire's buxom, using one hand to wrap around Starfire while the other fingered Star's hairless core.

Blackfire came and picked up Terra, kissing her before laying her down on the ground so she could eat out the blonde.  As Terra moaned, she fondled her breasts.

Ravager laid her nether regions ahead of Raven's face and Raven flipped her body so she could give the mercenary her due, using a finger and her tongue to stimulate Ravager's cunt, with her bush trimmed so the white pubic hair curved around her folds.

Starfire and Jinx entered a vigorous 69 position, both girls eating each other out like they were dehydrated for days.  Once Terra hit her climax, Blackfire and Terra rolled around in the sand, making out as Blackfire rubbed her womanhood on Terra's leg.  Eventually, this got Blackfire's pussy to leak cum all over Terra's leg.

Ravager orgasmed and after giving Raven a deep French kiss, positioned her crotch against Raven's and the two grinded with passion.  Seeing this, Starfire and Jinx decided to follow Ravager and Raven's example and scissored.

The girls all came and collapsed on the sand.  Blackfire and Terra slid over to the other four naked, sweaty, and cum-soaked bodies and the six entered a pussy-eating circle with Raven giving her attention to Star's pussy while Star focused on Terra, who was busy eating out Jinx, who was licking Ravager, who was performing oral sex on Blackfire (who by process of elimination, ate out Raven).  As the girls came, they rotated to give attention to another girl they had yet to focus on.

The torrid lesbian orgy continued for hours, until well after the fire had gone out (and turning their bikinis into ash) and deep into the night, when dehydration and exhaustion finally set in.  Going into the house, the girls got some water to drink to replenish their bodies follow the intense orgasming they went through before collapsing on the floor in a mess of flesh and hair.

Terra said, "Best day at the beach ever!"

Ravager agreed with a kiss to Terra's forehead as they lay there, resting their young bodies until the next day, when they would be re-energized for another glorious session of lovemaking.

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