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Thank you in advance.  This is a response to a challenge outlined by TheBoobLover on the forums.  It has many elements of my other works; such as an excuse plot, hentai proportions, insultingly large members, and hypserxualized functionality.  If that’s your cup of tea then I have a kettle ready.  All characters are consenting adults capable of having sex, I guess the Young Adult Titans doesn't sound as cool.


Soft footsteps echoed up and down the hallway as Beast Boy paced back and forth in sets of twenty steps.  One circuit took him past the door in the middle of the hall ten feet in both directions.  His purple shoes were going to burn an ellipse in the floor if he kept walking in a loop like that.  Clung to his chest was a cumbersome tome, the book clashing with the black singlet that covered most of his body except for the pink torso and trunks.

He found the dusty old book of over 700 pages in a pawn shop downtown where he was trying to fetch a decent price for some old video games.  Something about it called to him, the spine was fraying, the edges were worn, and the paper turned yellow and crinkled with age.  Stylized markings on the covers of the book signalled its strange nature, and a lot of the glyphs and runes on the inside evoked that magical sense of awe.  Many of the words were English, or at least English sounding, but there was clear influence from many different and obscure languages in it.  Read through like book, they made no sense and couldn't be interpreted as anything.  It looked like something Raven would like.

He asked how much the dusty, heavy, beaten book written in a foreign language no one could read was and the shopkeeper threw it in with the twenty bucks he got from a dozen old PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games.

He paused in front of her door, book between them like a shield.  The thing was quite heavy, and his arms were getting tired.  He quickly ran a hand through the thick green hair on his head to spike it and took a couple steadying breaths, wondering just what he was going to say when he spoke to her.

There was a hiss as the automatic door slid open.  Raven stood before him with a stoic expression.  She was garbed in her usual dark purple leotard and black cloak.  Her hood was down, so her purple hair flowed straight around her head, the small gem on her forehead gleaming in the hallway light.

'Yes?' she asked simply in the apathetic voice

'Oh- Hi Raven!' he said sharply with a forced smile as he shoved the book behind his back

'What are you doing?' she asked simply, keeping her eyes on his

'Oh, you know, wandering the halls...' he said in a failed attempt at nonchalance

'I could hear you pacing around.' she said

'Fine...' he said as he pulled the book back out in front of him 'I found this dusty old book.  I have no idea what it is and figured you could help.'

'and you needed to pace half an hour in front of my door to do that?' she asked as she took the book from him

'Well, you know me.  I'm a prideful man, hate asking for help.' he said in a mocking boast

She opened the book and skimmed through it, brow furrowing.

'This is some kind of spell book.  It has no rhyme or reason, it's just a compendium of magic.'

She stepped back into her room and left the door open, which Beast Boy stood in front of as he watched her walk away.  Her long cloak swished around behind her body with the crop of her shoulder length purple hair doing the same for her head and neck.

'Well come in.' she said without looking back and he hoped in.

He closed the door behind him and as she set it on a table.

'Some of these I understand and some I don't.  They're extremely varied.  Cast light is in here and that's one of the easiest spells, but so is astral projection and that's fairly complex.'

'So what's this one?' he asks, pointing down at a random block

'That's one I don't understand.' she said

It all looked like Greek to him, but he tried to read it out loud anyways 'Inde dotare übertrieben oppai y libidine?’

The whole book glowed with an otherworldly energy as Raven hissed a silent curse.

'BB! you don't just read spells aloud.  You don't know what that could do.' she said

As she spoke, he noticed that she was glowing with the same energy.  Then he noticed other unsubtle changes.  The front of her leotard was stretching, expanding outward before his eyes.  Soon the mass split in two as a cleavage developed through the fabric.  He could see quarter sized developments through the front of her garment on both of the twin orbs that were developing on her chest.

'Uhm, Ray...' he said while trying to avert his gaze

She looked where he was and lost her train of thought.  Soon the swells were cantaloupe sized and spilling out the top and arm holes of her stretched thin leotard.

'Beast Boy!  What did you do!?' she demanded as she grabbed her clothes and pulled them out, stretching them to their max and letting it go, allowing the still growing tits to resettle more comfortably in her top

'I dunno!  I just read a spell.' he said

She turned back to the book, putting her hands on the desk as she leaned over it to squint at the text.  He noticed something else strange, her cloak was also billowing out.  Curiosity seized him, and he grabbed the large flap of black fabric over her back and lifted it, his breath catching in his throat at the sight.

Her ass was also growing.  Each cheek was almost a basketball size, with the fabric of the leotard disappearing in the deep crevice of her grey ass.  It looked like she wasn't wearing a bottom at all as the massive cheeks devoured the thong like wedge.

'BB, what are you!  Oh my!'

She looked in equal awe at her new phat ass.  She stood up and watching it jiggle tantalizingly, sending a ripple down her thighs that also grew with great thickness.  Her chest was now approaching watermelon size and the top could contain them no longer.

She looked at Beast boy's drooling mouth expression and said 'Hey!  Stop staring!' in a voice where genuine embarrassment creeped into her usually indifferent tone

He ripped his gaze away and said 'Sorry.'

His hands went to his crotch to cover the bulge that was created by his hardening member.

'Are you popping wood at a time like this!?' she demanded, turning to face him

No matter how she posed though, he could see her bountiful breasts and astonishing ass.  Her boobs were still growing, and now each was the size of a watermelon.  Her top was stretched and barely holding itself together under the weight of her massive tits.

'Sorry, it's just... I kind of like you and you're hot and now you have huge tits and a lot of ass and...'

'Shut up and help me change me back!' she demanded

There was a tearing sound as her top ripped at the seams along the shoulders.  Her massive tits, as grey as the rest of her, tumbled out of the newly created vacancy like flood through a dam.  Her mega busty breasts were each larger than a water melon and jiggled around relentlessly before settling on an oblong tear drop shaped blimps in front of her chest.  Each mouth-watering tit was capped in a palm filling darker grey nipple that were perked up.

'Beast Boy.' she fumed, not even looking down 'are you ogling my boobs?'

The look of unabashed, bundling furry made him look away from her eyes 'No.'

'Change!  Me! Back!  NOW!' she shouted

Her berating degenerated into curses in her native tongue as he avoided looking at the jiggling tits larger than he ever thought possible.  He read the next bloc from the page, figuring it was the counter curse.

'Donum Priapus!' he shouted

The book glowed and so did he, before he felt his pants get tight.  He looked down and saw the bulge in them grow and grow before his eyes.  Soon there was a football sized protrusion in the pants of his unitard and he felt unbelievable tightness and pain as his balls were crushed in the now too tight confines.

There was a rip and a tear at the seams as his pants came apart as well, his dick bursting through like a battering ram breaking down a castle's gates.  The huge organ was now several times bigger than he remembered, jutting out like a proverbial horse cock.  It was thicker than his wrist and looked to be twenty inches long, starting in an upward bend before bending under its weight towards the top.  The whole organ was rigged with veins and capped with a huge fist sized cockhead barely free of the nasty excess foreskin. He felt his balls against the skin of his bare thighs about six inches below the base, they must have been huge and heavy now to reach that far down and out.  His eyes turned frantically back to the book to try and find the cure all spell when he noticed the sudden silence.

He looked back at Raven and saw her standing in stunned silence.  Her gaze was drifting downwards at his horse cock, all focus and energy on it.  Her mouth was slightly open, and he could see that she was breathing through it heavily.  Her chest rose and fell excitedly, the fantastic tits shaking with each movement.  He put the book down and took one last look at her tits before making a bee line for the door.

Raven caught him by the dick though, managing to snatch the loose organ as it trailed behind him.  She grabbed his long, semi hard organ under the head and held it as he ran off, stretching it to max length.  When he ran out of slack, he whipped back around to face her as she began reeling him back in by his cock.  He took small steps as she gripped down the length of his dick, watching as the grey skinned vixen began caressing his dick with both hands that were woefully under equipped to cover all of his cock.

‘Uh, Raven?’ said Beast Boy to break her trance

‘Yeah BB?’ she asked, almost dazed

‘Are you, mad?’ he asked

‘No, well yes but… I think we should take a moment to get a full appreciation of our situation.’ she said

Her voice still held that air of indifference, but her gaze was almost studious as she looked over his mammoth schlong.  Her smooth, gentle sorceress hands were sliding over the organ, tracing the patchworks of bulging veins that ran along the surface and gave it a ripped muscular appearance.  The green beast was quickly filling up under her appreciation, growing even larger and stiff.  Its girth pushed her hands open to where her fingers couldn’t even close around it.

As it ballooned, the head pushed past the foreskin that retracted behind the ridge on the helm, the fist sized head leaking precum already as she coaxed some out with her fingers and palm.  Beast Boy watched as amazed as her while she played with his dinasouric dong.  Eventually his gaze drifted up to what started all this, the massive tits on her.  They had seemingly stopped growing but not before reaching small beach ball sizes.  Despite rivalling pumpkins in mass, they still held oblong tear drop shapes on her chest, starting to swell outwards under the arms and jutting outward.  The boobs covered her entire rib cage finally came to an end at the under cleft over her hardened abs.  Though she had become a very thicc woman because of the magic, she was still hardened underneath by her training, with a toned abdomen and defined musculature on her arms, back and legs.

Beast Boy watched the purple haired vixen work over his cock, fighting the pleasure she was instilling to prolong the experience.  Raven was entranced, frequently rolling back a lip to bite as her gaze locked on the pillar of man meat she played with in her hands like an absent-minded baker playing with dough.  Except that it was far more rigid now and hardened into an eager fuck muscle as she worked it.

Finally, Garfield summed up to will to reach for the things that started this.  His hands darted out and grabbed her tits, one in each.  They sank into the warm, firm breast meat that was every bit as amazing to hold as he imagined.  His green palms covered the pinker nipples of her boobs as his fingers sank into the meat, sending a slight ripple through the gigantic melons as she laughed softly to herself.

‘What?’ he said ‘you’re feeling me up, I thought it was only fair to return the gesture.’

‘Oh, it’s more than fair Gar.’ said Raven with a smile

She looked up into his eyes, taking them off his hot and steeled cock for the first time since this all began.

‘I want to do so much more than feel it…’ she whispered

Beast Boy became unsteady for a second as the dark magic flowed from Raven and ensnared them in a sphere.  He was steady once encased, and they floated over to her bed, where the sphere disappeared as quickly.  He fell onto the bed ass first as she slid to her knees in front of him.

The cock stood on its own, pointing straight up to the sun while swaying in the air.  It was a wonder how it didn’t fall to one side or another with so much length and girth.  The cock also twitched and bounced with every beat of his heart, the blood coursing through those bulging veins feeding the enormous organ and keeping it stiff.

‘It’s a marvel Gar.’ she moaned as she moved her face to it

The tip of her chin sitting on the top of the balls that hung on the ground between his legs brought the top of her head to a good quarter of the cock.  From around the green skinned dick, he couldn’t even see her beautiful blue eyes when she faced it dead center.  She grabbed the top and pulled it back, covering her face with it as she breath in deeply through her nose.

‘and the must.  The manly, musk.  It feels so primal, so… forgive the pun, beastly.’ she said in huffs

‘Hey,’ said Beast Boy ‘I make the lame puns.’

Raven lifted her head up, sliding her face along the underside of the cock.  The gem on her forehead traced the bulbous urethra as she stretched out a long tongue to lap up the dick pipe.  Garfield shuddered as she made it up the magnificent length to leave the tip hanging on the very top of his cock.  She then brought her mouth back down to kiss the tip of his cock before retracting the tongue.

‘Sorry, didn’t mean to get ahead.’ she said with a suppressed grin

‘It’s all right- hey!’ he said

Before he could formulate a response, those pump purple lips on her pretty handsome face took the gleaming head of his cock in.  He never experienced such a sensation before, gripping the sheets and kicking his feet reflexively.  The sensitive bulbous head of his cock was only halfway in between the moist lips of Raven but the tongue was swirling around inside.

She sucked a little before pulling her face off with a pop.  Her long tongue snaked out again, lapping over the top of the dick and sliding under the helm of his dick.  There she also teased the folds of the foreskin with the tip before reintroducing the head to her mouth.  This time the lips drew tight around the tip under the head.  The whole of squishy end was at the mercy of her tongue, which prodded, teased ans squished it in earnest.

The moist heat of her mouth was stifling, and the hot velvety muscle of her tongue gave him new sensations he’d only dreamed of.  Raven’s eyes were downcast, focusing on her work and marvelling at his size while her hands traversed its length.  The fingers lovingly squeezed the member, unable to fully enclose around it, and tracing the patchwork of veins and muscles around it.  Her hands were gliding all over the dick as if exploring it like uncharted territory.

‘Oh Raven, you’re so…’ his already squeaky voice even more shaky as pleasure wracked his body ‘good at this?  Is that a compliment.’

She eased her head back, her lips stuck tight under the head as her cheeks caved in, sucking her mouth out like a vacuum until they finally popped free.

‘It can be, you’ve never thought hard on things before.  Don’t start now.’ she laughed

She gave it a couple good long, hard strokes with her fist as best she could before diving back down on it.  His back arched, pushing his shoulders and butt into the bed as pleasure surged through him.  His cock slid over the top of her tongue until the head hit the back of her throat.  She bobbed her head, sliding the cock over her tongue and those lips back and forth.  She breathed through her nose and he could feel the warm air flow over the cock outside her mouth.

The sheer mass of his dick made her wicked tongue play almost impossible, but the pleasure of the sauna like mouth was more than enough of a trade-off.  She cracked her jaw open wide and twisted her head, forcing the head of his cock against the warm, slick and smooth inside of her cheek.  It bulged out as she jerked him off and then she twisted the other way, treating it the same on that side.  She straightened out and pulled back.  At this time Garfield noticed the purple lip stick starting the smear off, leaving a ring about six inches down his shaft that smudged upwards.

He pointed to it and said, ‘Bet you can’t top that.’

She removed her face from his dick and took a breath, then smiled mischievously ‘I’ll beat it all right, and suck it, and fuck it, and all manner of wicked things to it.’

To emphasise her point, she gripped it at the base with both hands, fingers entwined around the tips and began long double fist jerks up and down the whole length of his immense manhood.  The limb sized cock flopped around at the top when her hands were near the bottom but stabilized it on the ascent, as well as earning a bulbous drop of precum from the hole on the head.  She pumped back down and with an outstretched tongue, licked it up.

‘Mnnn,’ she moaned before saying ‘delightful and salty.’

‘Wow Ray, you have a hidden freak side.’ said Beast Boy

‘There’s a lot about me I keep hidden.  Maybe this is a very good thing, I need to let go sometimes.’ she said

She then silenced herself with his cock, shoving her pretty, grey face down upon it.  Best Boy shuddered as his massive cock slipped past her lips and over her hot tongue, the squishy head mushing against the back of her throat.  This time that only stopped her for a moment before she bowed her head and pushed it deep into her throat.  Garfield lurched in the bed, sitting up as her short purple hair fell around her head, obscuring her face and hands.

The slick folds in the back of her mouth enveloped his cock with a tight embrace, squeezing his head for all its worth with its heat.  Occasional gurgling noises escaped from her mouth as she descended on his dick, introducing more and more of his penis to the heavenly warmth of her moist mouth.  Garfield parted her hair with his hands to see her clearer.  Raven’s big blue eyes were half closed, almost looking dazed.  A red hue was coming to her face from exertion and lack of air.  Her plump purple lips were smearing lip stick still as they moved down the meat pipe in a stretched open wide O shape.  Unflatteringly, drool was leaking from her lips too, running down the dick to collect at the base and on prominent veins while also leaving suds on her chin.

Since he had nothing better to do with his hands, he just played with her hair while she worked her way down his dong.  Her parted the long, smooth strands and tucked them behind her ears, letting them go.  To no avail as they fell loose again when she bobbed down some more, so he collected the longer locks in his hands and held them behind her, out of her way.

He then felt a warmth as her heavy, pendulous tits touched his thighs, sitting on them as she got down.  She was about halfway down his dick before she apparently ran out of breath.  Grabbing him by the base, she sat back up with a heave that pulled him from her mouth in seconds.

It was jolting, the muscles of her throat that had given so much resistance on the way down now were reluctant to let go.  The tube of her throat squeezed him every which way on the exit, messaging him deeply as he slid from her throat.  She gasped a deep lungful of air as soon as she was free, tossing her head back as she stood on her knees between his legs.  Her hair flew behind her and the build up of saliva and precum that welled in her mouth and throat came pouring out, running down her chin, neck and tits.

Those heavy boobs bounced as she thrust her chest out and gasped, bouncing with gravity and her heaving.  They jiggled and bounced around alluringly with saliva suds falling between the breasts and rolling over them.  Between them stood Gar’s huge cock, bobbing in the air as his pounding heart beat and the air rapidly cooled it off from the warmth of her throat.

‘Are you, all right Ray?’ asked Beast Boy

‘Yes, fine.’ said Raven as she opened her eyes fully to look at him ‘better than fine actually.  That was fun.’

Her eyes were tearing up now, causing her black eye liner to run a little and smudge around her sockets.

‘Really, you enjoyed that?’ Beast Boy asked, a little confused

‘Very much.  There’s no denying the erotic power of a nice, long, fat cock.’ she said as she playfully slapped it, eyes rolling back and forth in her head as she watched it flop around before standing back up ‘and there’s a thrill with playing with such an impressive specimen.’

She bent backwards, her massive mammaries falling apart as she moved her chest forward.  Beast Boy fell back onto his elbows as she reached with both arms around his cock and pulled it in for an embrace.  Her arms lifted and pulled her water melon sized tits together around his cock, swelling up to envelope most of it.  He didn’t have a ruler on hand but he knew it was impressive, his new dick had to be over 20 inches long.  The girthiest part of his cock still stuck out from the deep crevice of her ensnared tits like a rock in a river of warm, firm, grey breast meat.

She kept on speaking ‘and a challenge to trying to take, a sense of accomplishment when I do.’

She lifted and dropped her tits with her double armed grip, messaging his cock with the big, firm, breasts that spilled over them.  It wasn’t as hot, tight or wet as her mouth but was still a pleasant sensation.  He also just loved the sight of her enormous bosom wrapped around him and his crush so eagerly hugging his cock to her.

‘It’s so powerful BB, the sheer size, the rigidity, the heat radiating off it.’

She rocked her whole body, grinding her chest against his cock and making the tits message him.  She bowed her head as if in prayer and kissed the head of the cock again, then took it into her mouth.  She let go to the boobs, letting the huge melons drop and jiggle, slapping his dick around between them like a set of Newton’s Scales.  She drew her lips tight and sucked hard, wagging her head around while grabbing her tits from the sides.

Her hands sank into the masses, lifting them up and pressing them together around his cock.  He couldn’t feel her hands through the vast amounts of breast meat but he ha an idea of where they were by the density of the titflesh that moved around his cock.  She used her fat tits as mittens to jerk him off while sucking the head, with Beast Boy gripping the sheets and watching her go.  He never imagined her being like this in the bed.

She spat the head out and pursed her lips, letting drool ooze out and run over his head, sliding down the dick and lubing up her breast meat love tunnel.  She bounced the boobs around in her hands, the fingers swallowed by the mass, before alternating the strokes to scissor his monolithic cock between them.  She then pulled them apart and slapped them back together around him, sending the big tits wobbling.

‘But the magnificence of the cock isn’t all that matters.’ she said, looking him in the eyes for the first time in a bit ‘If it was, I would be blowing horses, right?’

‘Is that some kind of joke?’ BB asked

‘It could be,’ she said ‘but no.  It also matters who’s dick it is.’

With that, she stood up and got on the bed.  Her tits still held his cock for her arms, and as she crawled onto him, pushed it down against his stomach.  Once her knees were up, she crawled over him, placing them in the mattress at his sides.  Those massive mouth-watering breasts dragged heavily over his chest as she got face to face with him.  She put her hands on his shoulders, the warmth of her gigantits flowed into his chest as they pressed against him.

She was a mess.  Her hair was getting damp with sweat and clung to her head and herself in purple tangles.  Her lipstick smeared all over his cock and around her face that was slicked all over with tears, sweat and saliva.  Those big blue eyes shone brightly within the smattered raccoon eyes besmirched make up made.  Sex was a lot grosser than he imagined, but it was still hot and she was still the most beautiful woman he imagined.

‘I’m not just having fun because of your new, beast like cock, but because I… I…’ she finally choked ‘have strong feelings for you.’

BB chuckled ‘Don’t want to use the L word yet?’

‘Let’s not go too far too fast.’ she said, lust leaving her voice long enough for the familiar sound of rational apathy to leak in

She saw his confused reaction and cast doubts away with a kiss.  She let her head fall to his and their lips touched, both nibbling on lips with not an ounce of experience between them.  Beast Boy was also unable to replicate her passion, because of the salty taste of his own precum and scent of his musk that permeated her lips and mouth.

When they broke, eyes were locked and he said ‘I don’t know how romantic you wanted that to be but it was kind of…’

‘Yeah, I know.’ she said ‘Spur of the moment thought.  I’m new to this.’

She sat up, her phat ass sitting on his thighs as she pushed herself up to her knees.

‘So, this is your first time too?’ he asked

‘Kind of, I’ve done… things in the past.  But this is my first time truly being intimate.’ she admitted

She unclasped the robe and threw it from her shoulders.  She then grabbed her leotard near the crotch and ripped it, tearing the excess fabric off to bare her pussy.  Beast Boy was excited by the swollen lips between her legs that gleamed with lady juices and had a small patch of purple hair over the top, trimmed but present.

‘But thanks for telling me this is your first time.’ she laughed

‘Its not, I mean…’ Garfield sputtered

‘It’s okay.’ she said as she put a hand on his chest to balance as she rose on her legs.

Her thick thighs rippled as the muscles tensed to lift her up.  She grabbed his cock near the top and held it steady as she aimed herself.  She pointed the tip to the slit of her snatch and took a steadying breath.

‘We’ll do this together, all you have to do is keep it hard for me.’ she said

She eased down, the squishy head kissing the lips harder and harder until…

‘Oh fuck!’ Beast Boy exclaimed

The head slipped in, the sensitive fist sized organ entering her sex.  The heat was stifling and the slick, smooth walls past the tight lips gripped him with an intensity far greater than her throat.  Raven just grit her teeth and pumped herself on him.  She went down a little farther than she came up each time, easing herself onto him.

Beast Boy grabbed her by the ankles as she squat over him.  She was getting as used to him as he was to her.  She was already virgin tight, and the enormity of his cock didn’t help.  The furnace of her cooch gave any give at all because of how wet she was and the saliva that lathered his cock.  She only had a quarter of him in her, the pink lips of her purple haired, grey pussy slowly devouring his huge, muscular looking green cock.

She was down enough now to where she could transition to her knees.  She bent his dick sideways at first to get down on one and then to the other, pushing herself halfway down his fuck staff in doing so.  Beast Boy was writhing, kicking his legs and grabbing her by the thighs.  The pleasure was intense and he didn’t want to blow too soon.  Though his hands sank into the fat of her thighs, he could feel the hard muscles under them flexing to keep her steady over him.

She put both her hands on his shoulders for stability, having to crane her neck to see past her boobs into Beast Boy’s eyes.  Blue gazed into green, both intent on sharing this moment no matter how discomforting the act or blinding the pleasure.

‘Oh Garfield,’ she said ‘you’re so huge.  It’s hard.  Rock hard, and hard to get in.’

‘I’m sorry?’ he said, unsure of the verbiage

‘Don’t be, I wouldn’t want it another way.’ she said with a huff as she resumed rocking

She used a see saw like motion to grind herself down, feeding more and more of his fuck meat into her.  Once she had only a third left, she leaned over him for stability.  Her heavy tits swung forward and dangled over his face, finally within reach.

He let go of her thighs and seized the breasts.  Just like Raven, his hands sank into the flesh, almost disappearing into them as he lifted them up.  He jiggled them around as if assessing their weight and firmness, finding them to be incredibly both.  He pushed them together and pressed them to his face, letting the tits smother him.

It was dark and hard to breath, but he loved the soft warm of her fun bags on his face.  He slapped himself with the and juggled them like a clown while she raised her ass up and dropped with a final plunge.  Beast Boy jumped when her pussy slammed down onto him, the stimulus was too great.  His pelvic thrust lifted Raven up, thrusting her tits even more into his face.  Raven lost her placement and hell back down on him, shoving his enormous fuck muscle as deep as it could go into her.

‘Oh fuck!  Beast Boy!’ she squealed

‘You’re so tight Raven.  So hot…’ he groaned into her breasts

She eased off him and onto her hands.  Due to Beast Boy being somewhat smaller than her, the massive breasts always sat on his face.  He wouldn’t have liked it any other way and resumed fondling her, as well as licking her breasts where ever his long tongue could reach.

‘Not going to lie, this is a lot of work…’ she groaned as she shoved herself back down ‘but it is so rewarding.’

She slowly lifted and dropped herself on him, his long, girthy manhood stuffing her thoroughly as she rode him into the bed.  Beast Boy pushed the breasts away from him to get a bigger picture of her bosom.  The large tear drop shaped boobs were capped with palm sized nipples a dark shade of grey than the rest of her and now the pert nipples were raised.

He used both hands to move one tit closer to his face so he could take it into his mouth.  First the perky cap was bit between his lips before he swirled his tongue around it.  Then began suckling like a baby.  Raven was getting more comfortable with his log of dick flesh crammed so deeply within her and hit a steady rhythm as she rode him.  There was now a steady slapping sound as her thighs slapped his hips and that ass clapped behind her.  Sweat shone on her skin, making the grey vixen shimmer over him in the room’s lights.

Beast Boy now had to fight the welling in his loins.  He had jerked off enough to know what was coming next.  He focused on sucking her nipple and playing with the other breast.  His fingers found its sister nipple and were tweezing and tweaking it.  Raven was huffing and puffing over him, letting an occasional wordless moan escape her lips.

‘Oh God Gar, you’re so hard… and you’re very good at that.’ she said

He said nothing and instead swapped tits, treating the twin nipple to his oral pleasures and fondling the old one.  As they rutted, he could feel his balls getting tighter and his dick, already numb to the world by the heat of her moist sex and world wrecking tension, started tingling all over.  He spat the tit out and said ‘Raven, I think I am…’

‘Oh, Beast Boy.  That’s okay, cum with me.  Cum with me…’ she babbled

Beast Boy finally kicked his legs up and planted his feet on the bed.  He let go of the massive breasts that started this all and held onto her hip, intent on keeping her steady as he started fucking her for the first time.  He grit his teeth and started pumping his hips.

‘Oh!  Ah!  Ahh!’ Raven started moaning as he drove up to meet her

They clashed sexes in the air and bounced back, recoiling and driving back together.  Beast Boy could now feel the fat of her ass slap his thighs as they fucked, and the jolts sent pleasant ripples down her thighs and jolting those bountiful breasts.  The slapping sounds doubled in intensity but the intervals between them halved as they both became short of breath.  On the downswings, Ravens breasts flopped apart, and he could see her ecstatic face, the Empath fighting the sex drunk look of closed eyes and opened mouth to keep their gazes locked on his as best her hair and tits would allow.

The heat of their sexes radiated into each other and he couldn’t even feel the room temperature in the increasingly brief moments they were apart.  Sweat gathered and dripped off them now, their moans now rivalling the slapping sounds.  The bed shuck under them as the heat was become too intense and she was tighter than ever despite how hard they were now going at.

‘It’s time, I’m cumming. I’m ah… ahhhh…’ Raven moaned

‘I’m cuming too!’ he grunted

Raven’s legs started quivering and soon, she lost her balance completely.  The purple headed witch collapsed completely as her legs spazzed out besides BB.  He continued thrusting into her despite the dead weight, but only a few more times.  A thunderbolt of pure bliss shot up his spine and he could feel his balls losing their load.  The spunk was coursing through his urethral pipe as his dick went painfully numb inside her.

Raven’s pussy was also convulsing, gripping him tightly as it became a furnace of sexual ecstasy.  She tried to steady herself over him on her arms but those failed too as she had a white out and fell onto him.  Beast Boy simply held her tight to his chest while groaning, letting the pleasure waves wash over them both.  Raven almost seemed to hover over him though, as the sheer volume of her bosom made a thick cushion between them.  Her head was next to his but buried in the bed, he had to push some stray purple strands out of his face so he could breathe again.

Beast Boy could feel the pressure building deep within Raven’s womb as he unloaded into her.  His orgasm was lasting far longer than he was used to, with the high still fogging his head and splooge still rocketing through his cock.  The monster prick wasn’t the only thing still twitching though, Raven was still seizing over him, babbling to herself as her eyes rolled around in her head whenever they opened.

‘Hey Ray, you okay?’ he finally asked when she stopped shaking so much and just laid on top of him

'Yes,' she said 'just exhausted.  I got too excited, next time I'll need you to do more of the work.'

He was excited about the next time she mentioned but concerned with the last part.

'So what, I'm just a chore?' he asked

She rolled her head over to look at him 'No, I just wanted to ride you this time.  To tame the beast, although I guess you're a man now.Maybe it is time to call you Beast Man, but I don’t know which one you are more of anymore…’

‘Hey, was that a joke?  When did you get a sense of humour?’ he asked

‘Yes, and no.’ she answered before kissing his cheek 'I always had one, I just don't always express it.  You of all people know, my emotions are dangerous.'

'Yeah, but why now?' he asked

'We're getting older, I'm getting better with control, life is short.  Things change you know.' she said

That sent a pang into his heart he didn't want to talk about and silenced him.  His dick had deflated some but now was stuck inside of her because of how deeply they were entwined.  Some of their built up cum was able to leak out of the gap that now existed but the proverbial plug was still in the drain pipe.

He pushed her off him by the shoulders and she rolled the rest of the way off, her legs falling limp as she splayed out star fish.  His semi flaccid cock was still inside her and he had to yank it the rest of the way out.  As soon as the numb cock popped out with a shudder from Raven, the deluge was started and a small stream of frothy white spunk and lady love juice outpoured from her cooch.  It streamed into a puddle between her legs that would probably stain the sheets for life.

As fascinating as the after effects of their sexcapade was, he was now exhausted and had a new relationship dynamic to dwell on.  He dropped his soft dick that was still over a foot long between his legs, which landed on the bed with a splat due to the dampness and fell back onto the sweaty sheets.

‘So what do we do now?’ asked Beast Boy

‘I want to take a bath, but don’t think I can make it to the shower.  So I think I’ll just go to bed now.’ she groaned without moving

‘All righty then, so I guess I’ll just see my way out.’ he said as he sat up

‘Oh no you don’t.’ she ‘We still have a lot to talk about with that book and the spells, and us…’





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