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Content of the Story: Various (see each chapter for details)

Subject: Treasure Chests (Art Wetherell erotic comic series)

Characters involved: Various (see each chapter for details)

Author: Victor2K (


Treasure Chests – Totally Chesty Tales


This is an anthology of stories (if this words can be applied to it) about the ladies and men from ‘Treasure Chests’ erotic comic series, by Art Wetherell. And also is linked with ‘Totally Chesty’ series, a crossover of these comics with ‘Totally Spies’ TV animated show.

The stories might or not be linked to situations that already happened or will happen on ‘Totally Chesty’. Or between each other. But surely all (or almost all) of them will feature them engaging into sexual activities of many kinds. Well, they are from an erotic comic, so…

Anyway, let’s get to the action.


Tale 01 – The New Dental Assistant

“My name is Judy Keenan and I came here for the dental assistant job”

“Well… follow me, ma’am”

A shoulder length blonde-haired woman with large breasts came to a large building in an attempt to get a job spot as a dental assistant at a office building located at Downtown Steelport,. Her name was Judy and don’t let her body tell that she is just the ‘bimbo’ kind of lady. She is an experienced woman which worked in a few dentist offices and did a great job in all of them.

It was hard to someone like her to be unnoticed. In the waiting room, other four people waited for their turn to get the job spot. It wasn’t hard to her to get the looks, mostly mixing admiration and suspicion to her, wondering what a woman like her was doing there. And what if her body and looks were enough to grant her the job.

“Judy Keenan?”

“It’s me!”

“Dr. Ortega will interview you about the job”

“Oh… Ok”

She followed the man, with his white coat and the ‘Dr. Lewis’ ID in it before he took her to the office. He opened the door and soon it was Judy and Dr. Robert Ortega, a man in his 40s, receding graying hairline and a very gentle and sweet, although deep, voice.

“Miss Keenan? I am Dr. Ortega. You are running for a job spot at my office”, said the dentist.

“Hello, Dr. Ortega. It’s a pleasure to know you”

“I know it is”

Just that phrase was enough to set the climate that interview was about to have.

“Have a seat. Let’s talk”


“Well…”, Dr. Ortega said as he looked to her résumé. “Here it says you worked with Dr. Rodgers… he is my friend, we play tennis together”

“I worked there for three years. He is a nice man, so gentle, caring, handsome… Well, but I left when the crisis hit and he had to lay off a few people”

“I know… well, the recent crisis made things awful to many people, but now this seem to be recovering”, the dentist commented.

Dr. Ortega and Judy went on with the job interview, as he was impressed with her résumé and references. But her boobs were the feature he was most into to admire, as he tried to avoid them all costs but they were there, so imposing that he had to swallow his pride and fight the temptation. However, Judy noticed the man’s ‘struggle’ to keep the attention.

*I know he is looking at my boobs. I think I’ll give this mean a treat if my boobs can land the job*

Being the woman she was, the blonde wasn’t the one that would be shy to use her skills to get the things or jobs that suited her most. Or to kill her sex hunger, whichever was the best fit. And then, Dr. Ortega wasn’t the worst looking doctor that she wanted to work with.

“I have to say I never met dental assistants with praiseworthy references like yours, Judy. You must know it’s hard to find someone as qualified as you for the job”

“It’s what I know best. I love to be closer to the patients and assist the doctor. And hope to do the same if you hire me, Dr. Ortega”

“For what I saw here, you got a jump start to get the job, if I can confide you that”

The blonde assistant smiled when she heard those words, meaning that the job could be destined to her. But maybe there was one last hurdle she had to go before getting a new assignment.

“I think were good for now, Miss Keenan. I’ll keep you in touch if you get the job”

“Thanks, Dr. Ortega. I’ll be all praying for that”

And then, the handshake. It was awkward. Not because of the handshake in itself. But the fact while Judy extended her hands to him, he remained at his seat, like something brought him to not get up.

“Er… Dr. Ortega. It’s a bit unpolite, I guess, to not stand up to shake up the hands of someone”

“Well, er… I am good here. I am not the kind of guy for formalities”

“Is that anything wrong, Doc?”

“Well… no, nothing… is that…”

“Please, don’t fool me, Doctor! I know when someone is trying to hide something from me”

And what Robert Ortega had to hide her was something that would lead that interview to a new kind of deal. The dentist got up and a enormous bulge could be seen through hs trousers. Any girl would get near to offended if her interviewer appeared sporting a hard-on. But Judy was never to be that kind of woman.

“Oh… Wow! Is that really big?”

“Er… I am sorry… I didn’t meant to. I am so sorry, I should not be doing, I mean.. like that”

“Well, why should I worry? I can see you have a nice dick. And that’s what I love in men”

The smile from his potential dental assistant was to him, at beginning, creepy. But as soon as she giggled and even more when she paddled that bulge with her fingers, he knew that she was a completely another kind of woman.

“And you will see how much I want this job, Dr. Ortega…”


“Come with me…”



And how much did Judy Keenan wanted to be Dr. Robert Ortega’s assistant? Well, if rubbing his cock between her boobs and sucking it as well isn’t a proof that she really needed the job, so what else could show?

“I never knew a woman could be so good with her tits…ahh.”

“If you hire me, I can show I can do with more, Doc”

The blonde woman’s tits rubbed with diligence that only a lady that done that so million times could do it. Her smile was so naughty that even relieved them about what if they could be caught.

“I never saw a guy with such thick cock! Not even my exes”


Judy delighted herself with such dick, seeing Dr. Ortega getting pleased with the blowjob and the boob riding. But there was more to come, of course..

“Ahhh… please, Judy…don’t stop! Yessssss!”

“Gosh, he is really hunky for a man of his age!”,  Judy thought.

And he was totally hard and down (him, not the penis) for the next step of Judy’s tryout. That one had the boobed blonde hump the ‘poor’ doctor filling her pussy with his massive cock. Something that, she revealed him later, she used with delight in her other jobs. And the best, her breasts jumping and moving with every thrust of his penis.

“My God! Yeahhhhhhhh! This cock is filling me good!”

“Hump it! Hump it girl! Ahhhhh!”

Dr. Ortega wasn’t the handsomest man around, but surely his cock compensated it for a long mile. The dick was not that big, but the thickness it was enough to fill her in whole. Something that actually is not much common. And Judy wasn’t there to many any complaint about it (well, that wasn’t something to complain but you never know people)

“Ahhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! Doctor Ortega!

“Judy! Oh My God! Ahhh… I want to fuck you in my desk”

“Okay… I will do anything to show I can get the job”

The blonde bent on a desk, emptied of course. And the dentist went behind her to began another round of plowing, but this time, the doctor took time for a ‘double duty’ as he fucked her cunt for a while and then taking it out and banging her butthole. Rinse and repeat.

“Ahhh! Two holes at the same time? Oh, doctor… you are so naughty!”

“Sorry, Miss Keenan. But with you, I can only think about what my marriage did not let me enjoy”

“If you hire me, I will make sure you will feel better than any marriage you could get”

This is was the boost Robert needed to make that sex be better than he thought it would be. His dick went in and off her both holes, making the candidate to dental assistant to burst with delight.

“Uhhhh! Fuck Yeahh! It’s amazing! Better than I wished!”

Dr. Ortega firmly held the grip of her butt and slapped it as her request, only to make that scene naughtier. The interview wasn’t the kind Judy expected, but the things went her way right off the bat, with a man with a delicious cock to screw both her pussy and ass.

“Judy! You are hired! I want you to work with me”

“It’s serious or you are saying that because you are fucking me?”

“Since I saw you, I knew you were the right one. It’s not a lie”

A lie it wasn’t. And it wouldn’t be. People outside were unbeknownst about what happened inside that office and one could imagine what took so long to the blonde candidate to go. Maybe it was a nice chat, they thought. Little they knew no one of the other candidates had what Judy was giving to Dr. Ortega.

“Ahhhh! Yeahhhh! Uhhhh! You are very good, Judy…”

“You will see if you really want to hire me, doc”

The intensity of that ‘quickie’ was enough to make Judy burst in pleasure and have an intense orgasm. And Dr. Ortega was about to have his too. If anyone knew what happened inside that interview room…

“Ahhh! Great! Ahhhh! I am cumming! Uhhhhh!”

“Cum for me, darling! Cum for me, Judy! Yeahhhh!”

Judy was used to have this kind of encounter, but never had a fuck at a job interview. And it seemed the first one would land her a great job. And after her orgasm, was the turn to give Dr. Ortega a treat.

She had her future boss’ cock between her massive tits and titfucked him until the point his balls ‘exploded’. And her upper body, chin and lips got showered by a torrent of cum, much of that repressed by the years he never had a decent fuck.

“Oooohhhh! Yeahhhhh! God, I love to cum!”

“Me too! Shower me, baby… give me! Show me what you got!”

The result of all that was that Judy got soaked with Dr. Ortega’s jizz. Then both cleaned each other her body (he even licked is own sperm!) and had a big juicy kiss, sealing the job was hers.

Afterwards, Judy put her dress and they acted like nothing happened. He even said ‘we are going to call you if we have news’, but it was all a play. Judy Keenan was to be Robert Ortega’s dental assistant. And new lover.



“Hey… you are late! What happened?”

“It’s a long story. Let me have a seat…”

Judy had to meet a friend of hers in the mall. At the food court, there was a brunette named Constance Webb, but everyone knew her as Connie. She is a secretary at a big office from Steelport and was long time friend with hers. When they met, they shared a kiss that also suggested something more than a friendship in that.

“So, why are you so late? The interview was that hard?”

“Well, I can’t say about that. But I’ll have to say I got the job!”

“Really?”, Connie was ecstatic when Judy informed her of her new occupation “Oh, Judy, this is awesome! And, well? How it is?”

“Well, I am going to be the dental assistant to Dr. Robert Ortega. I had some competition, but I managed to convince him that I am the best for the seat.”

“I imagine HOW you convinced him..”

“Connie! How dare you! Today was the first time I fucked the man who interviewed me!”

“The first time? Today?”

“Yep, it was. But let’s not go further about it… let’s celebrate! I got a new job!”

“Well, how about we celebrate going to the new bar they are opening at the former Industrial Section?”

“That ‘Den’ one? I saw it. It’s gorgeous! Can’t wait for that place to open”

“Well, how about we call the girls and go there Saturday?”

“Great idea, Connie”

“Well, we all need a treat… and perhaps score something more than that. Right, Judy?”

“You just spoke in my language, Connie…”

The two women spent that moment talking before they ordered some food and drinks. This story is the beginning of everything, the first step on telling the stories about these busty ladies that need to be told. And, from now on, we aren’t going to stop to pay our honor to the late Art Wetherell. RIP And thanks for everything!



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