Supergirl: Abduction

BY : Donglibog
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Disclaimer: DISCLAIMER: I do not own Supergirl or Nightwing, and I make no money from this fan fic.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Supergirl or Nightwing characters, and I make no money from this fan fic.


Supergirl/Nightwing: Abduction


by Donglibog


Nightwing crouches precariously over the ledge of a tall building, contemplating what could possibly be the most difficult decision of his superhero career.


“No fucking way,” he ultimately tells himself. “Totally not worth it.”


“What are you doing?” Supergirl abruptly asks him.


Nightwing yelps, loses his balance, and nearly falls off the thirty story structure.


“Wow,” Supergirl reacts. “Didn't think anyone could sneak up on you. What would Batman say?”


“I'm preoccupied,” he mutters.


“Why? Who are those guys?” she asks of the street thugs in the dark alley Nightwing was observing.


“Those are members of the Hammer Gang. That warehouse is their base of operations.”


“You going to take them down?”


“No. Their leader, Clarence Cruz, is well connected. He's like an unofficial customs officer in this city. Any business that comes in and out of here, he knows about. I need some information from him about a missing girl, Ava Harper. Just a school girl with rich parents. They got a ransom demand earlier today. I need to find the kidnappers.”


“Why don't you just ask him?”


“You mean Batman style? Crash through the skylight, knock out some guys, break some bones during interrogation? Well, usually that does work. But we're talking about one of the most notorious rape gangs in history! Their boys in the penitentiary have an unofficial world record for prison rape! Good looking guy like me, walk in there in a tight-fitting unitard? Hell, no!”


“Actually, I meant that you should just ask him. You know, nicely. Politely. I'm sure that if you appeal to his sense of decency, and explain to him that there's a scared, little girl with very worried parents-”


“Yeah, OK. I'm with the Bat Family. We don't believe in the inherent goodness of mankind. We're more into the whole criminals are a superstitious, and cowardly lot thing.”


Nightwing gets up, and starts to leave.


“Hey!” Supergirl calls after him. “Where are you going?!”


“This is a dead end. I'm going back to the park where the girl was abducted. We're detectives, too, you know. Maybe I can find some other lead that doesn't involve an ass-fucking.”


And then he disappears into the night, leaving Supergirl alone on the rooftop.


She glances down at the thugs below.




Under more normal circumstances, Jorge Hernandez, would be in total awe of the sudden appearance of the super-heroine floating down from the sky. But as he is both high on drugs and intoxicated with alcohol, the only thought that goes through his mind is...


“Hot, flying girl,” he drools.


“Uhm,...thank you,” Supergirl replies. “I understand that this is the home away from home of the members of the...uhm...Hammer club? Gang, I mean.”


“Fo sho! This is our turf!”


“OK! Great! Well, I'm Supergirl, and it is a matter of great urgency that I speak to your leader, Clarence.”


“No problemo, mamacita. Go on in.”


“Really?!” Supergirl exclaims in disbelief. “Just like that? Cool! Thank you, citizen-”


She casually walks towards the front entrance. But as she does, Jorge suddenly seizes her right breast in his left hand.


“H-Hey!” she gasps, her eyes widening. “What are you-?!”


“Oh, I forgot to tell you,” he speaks in a low, soft voice, his fingers kneading her boob. “I should really frisk you first.”


“I-I assure you,” she stutters, as she feels his fingers roughly caressing her. “I'm unarmed. I mean, seriously. With all my powers, why would I even need to-”


“Hey, I don't make the rules. I just have the privilege of enforcing them,” he smiles lasciviously. “Or if you don't want to, you could just fly away and-”


“No! No, I...I guess there's no harm in it. I-It's for security purposes, after all.”


And she raises her arms to submit to the search.


Jorge smiles even wider. He takes her other breast in his right hand, and starts brutishly squeezing it also.


Supergirl suppresses a squeak, and she looks away to her right, trying not to think of him groping her. But his touch proves impossible to ignore, and her body starts to respond involuntarily. Not wearing a bra underneath her skin tight, midriff baring costume, her nipples begin to poke out.


Jorge starts flicking the protruding right teat with a finger, and the nipple hardens even more.


With much effort, Supergirl manages to stifle a moan halfway.


“Tell me,” Jorge whispers, his face so close to hers that she can't escape his horrid breath. “Does it hurt when I do this?”


And he tightly pinches her right nipple.


This time, she does squeal.


“Y-Yes!” she shrieks.


“Bullshit. I thought you were all...invulnerable.”


“Th-There is a force field around m-my body that protects me from harm,” she explains reluctantly. “But not from pleasure, so...”


“What?” he presses.


“So...pain...of a sexual nature...confuses it.”


“Is that so?” he asks, as if delighting in the information.


Then he roughly twists both teats around, drawing a pained scream from her.


“S-stop!” she pleads.


He laughs, then twists her nipples again, harder. And she screams once more.




“We're detectives. Tch! Who am I kidding? I was never as good a detective as either Bruce or Tim,” Nightwing admits to himself, as he crouches over the grass at the park where poor Ava Harper was taken, searching in vain for any clue that could possibly lead to her whereabouts.


“Circus acrobat. That's all you are,” he continues his internal monologue. “Come on, Dick. Just go back to Clarence Cruz. A scared, little girl is depending on you. Take one in the ass for her. No one will ever know. I mean how bad can it be? They say that shit only hurts the first time. Christ, I been shot before. Can't be worse than a gunshot wound. Can it?”




Supergirl breathes heavily, carefully clutching her hurt bosoms in both hands, relieved that Jorge had finally released her. She hopes that he has finally tired of her breasts. After all, he had spent, what to her seemed like, an eternity playing with them.


“Satisfied?” she asks him, then immediately regrets her choice of words. “I-I mean,...can I go in now?”


“Not quite,” he sneers, then reaches right under her short skirt, and cups her crotch.


Supergirl swallows hard, and her body begins to tremble as she forces herself not to resist his touch. He begins stroking her down there with the tips of his callous fingers.


“I'm gonna need more room,” he whispers.


“Of-of course,” she replies, and begrudgingly parts her thighs a little for him.


He intensifies his strokes, making slow circular motions on the soft and thin fabric of her underwear. Supergirl firmly closes her lips.


“You can moan if you want,” he mocks her.


She shuts her eyes, and shakes her head in response. He moves his hand upward, and down through the waistband of her panties. He can't help but grin at how wet she has already become. He pushes his middle finger inside her, and this time the Kryptonian does moan, though she immediately catches herself afterwards.


Jorge roughly fingers the hapless maiden, and with his other hand, once again squeezes her left breast.


“Hey!” Supergirl protests. “Y-you've searched there already!”


“Just making sure I didn't miss anything.”


The combined sexual assault proves too much for the heroine to take, and she does begin moaning. Her sounds further motivate her attacker, who begins fingering her more viciously!


When Jorge could no longer restrain himself, he suddenly wraps an arm around her waist, and roughly kisses her in the mouth!


Supergirl's eyes widen in shock! Even more so when the man yanks her underwear down her thighs. She pulls her head away, breaking the unwelcome kiss.


“What are you doing?!” she demands.


“Just go with it, bitch,” he says, as he tries to undo his belt buckle with one hand.


“Stop!” she commands, placing a hand on his chest to restrain him.


And Jorge could feel the strength and power in that hand, as he could not move forward at all.


“I agreed to the search,” Supergirl politely reminds him. “Please let me in, now.”


With no other choice, Jorge sighs in disappointment, and steps out of her way.


“Thank you,” the heroine tells him.


She pulls up her underwear, and enters the den of the maniacs.



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