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Chapter I – Our Bisexual Foursome (I don't own Top Love Stories. based on Top Love Stories, No. , Star Publications, May 1951)



I am one of those that feel one can only find true happiness if a reason of living is found. I mean, to me, to be fully happy with your life, you have to find the thing that drives your mind. That makes you wake up everyday and live. I don’t talk about ordinary things of life. But that one thing that, when you do, you fulfill all your desires and wishes. And you will never forget what you did.


This happened after I married Eliza. Me and her had so much in common that our relationship went smoothly from early dating to marriage. And after the wedding, we decided to enjoy life at its fullest, doing what we want to do and finding the things that made us complete, inside and outside.


Then enter Martha Lee and Jayson Burns. Both were an affluent couple that we meet through common friends. They were in a better situation than ours (not that we are poor or stuff), but right away we found many things in common between the four of us. And one of those is what brought us really together.


Well, me and Eliza have sexual fantasies, as every couple or individual has. And one of those was to engage with another couple into sexual intercourse. That is pretty much ‘middle of the road’, but the thing was that we wanted a full-fledged bisexual action between all of us. You know, guy on girl, girl on girl, guy on guy and so on…


The thing was that we couldn’t find someone that accepted that idea and do that with us. We discussed that idea with many of our friends, but none seemed to get interested about it. Mostly because of the idea of some other man having sex with me, which threw them away of getting into the idea train. But Martha and Jayson, they were another kind of story.


They were on board when we confessed about them about our dirty fantasy. Martha confessed that they were also interested in trying something different to spice their relationship and have adventures within their own sexualities was part of that. Of cours when it was clear to us they were the right ones, we didn’t hesitate to make the invitation.


“Of course! We would be delighted to have something like this with you two!”


The fact they accepted it right on spot made clearer to us that Jayson and Martha were the ones that should deliver us the pleasure we want. We planned the thing for a month or so. That foursome was about to happen and we wanted to make sure that no one would balk or rethink about it.


Then, it was a certain Friday night. We took the kids to their grandparents and we get the home ready for them. Eliza and I had the best underwear we could find, even if we knew that most of it would be off our bodies…

Champagne, slow romantic music, the mood was set for us four. We waited for about an hour or two for Martha and Jayson. When they arrived, we all knew that business was about to be done.


“Glad you two are here!”


“We wouldn’t put you to embarrassment if we balked of what we planned, Neil”


“We would understand if you two said not, but glad you are here”


“Well, how about some champagne to set the mood before we do it”


Champagne and few snacks were served to Martha and Jayson, all sophisticated like they were. We talked about some stuff and when the time arrived, we decided to heat up the talk. So we all decided to share our best adventures in bed. And the other couple surely had the better gems. You can’t believe how much they did in sex and the things they tried…


But there were the things they didn’t try as well and a foursome with bisexual tones was among those. And us, the ones that didn’t shared much sexy stories because we didn’t have much of them, would be the ones to make they feel that sensation. Then, for us to get naked, we didn’t even need to ask for it.


And the four of us kissed, starting with kissing our own mate before switching to the other and the other. I was nervous to kiss a man like you kiss your own wife but I confess that it sparked me something I never felt. I got aroused while kissing Jayson and really excited to do it. Not that kissing girls wasn’t good. But I was interested to see how I would be with another guy that I couldn’t resist.


“How was your first kiss with a guy?”


“Well, I might answer only after we are done”


It was a hell of a kiss and and I could see Eliza was enjoying her kiss as well with Martha. With the kissing done, we decided to go into other stuff. And there was that man sucking my dick and my wife getting fingered by that gorgeous woman.


“Uhhhhh! Ohhhh!”


Watching a man sucking my dick was something that it was really awkward first. Well, my wife sucked my cock many times but not being a woman’s soft mouth and a man’s ‘rough’ one instead was something that made it feel odd at first. And Jayson seemed to be a little off the pace at first, being a first-timer in blowjobs. But as he went used to have a schlong inside his mouth, he caught the way it should be done.


“Looks like your husband is a fine cocksucker, Martha”


“We trained a lot for this moment, Eliza!”


“Really? With what?”

“Long Story… we talk about that another hour”


And Eliza? Well, Martha got her gloved fingers working good inside my wife’s pussy. She moaned and moaned during the whole process. We could see that she loved also her first experience with another lady as well.


“Ohh Martha! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”


But the fun was only beginning, of course. It was my turn to get nailed by that man. Boy, he had a fucking large cock! Well, not really large, but it was a bit bigger than mine. Jayson licked my ass and then stick without being announced his dick inside my butthole. Man, I went to heaven!


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”


By my side, I saw Martha giving head to Eliza. Pretty much like her boyfriend, she didn’t waste any time to get into a ‘deeper’ look to my wife’s pussy. The two of us finally got their experiences to have someone of the same sex doing it.


“Uhhhh! Yeahh….”


“Hmmm… God, why I never had earlier this idea of licking pussy?”


My ass felt a bit ‘hurt’ when my lover started to do me, but as soon as he got to sort out how to do it proper (maybe remembering that asses are asses), things went smooth. That thing probing my butt instantly made me ‘addicted’ to dick. I wanted more and more. And surely my wife wanted also more of her personal treatment.


“Like it? Like to get fucked in the ass?”


“Yes! Oh Yes! Yesssssssssssssssss!”


”Yeah! Fuck him! Fuck my husband!”


“I knew my husband had a knack for men’s butts”


Eliza and I loved the treatment we were getting from our lovers. And there was more to come. Next, I went to fuck Martha while she kept eating my wife’s pussy and Eliza sucked Jayson’s dick. It was the orgy formed and about to get steamier.


There was me, a guy who never experienced stuff outside my marriage now enjoying my first bisexual act plus my first extra-marital affair. Well, none of those possibilities were in my mind as I was about to do them in the real life. Dreams and fantasies that became reality by the blink of the eye…


“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Ahhhhhhhhh!”


But I needed to have my turn on Jayson as well and I had him in the way I desired in my dreams. Having that man riding my dick, humping up and down while the girls licked his cock. I felt like I had the power over that moment, holding his hips and pushing his butt close to my thighs, having my cock not let that bunghole go away.


“Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! Getting fucked in the ass is so good!”


“Oh, Jayson!”


The two women sucked his dick and ‘battled’ for that pole, getting excited to see a guy having his ass filled by another. They told me to get hard and deep into his ass and I obeyed.


“Uhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh!”


The four of us were much sluts that night. One time Martha licked my ass and fingered it while I was at fours sucking Jayson’s cock while Eliza played with his butt. It was amazing to see how much we fucked and did that night… Things that I never would believe I was doing OR that I would be able to do…


Well, the four of us continue to see each other and have sex often. Actually, I am writing this on a break of a foursome, asses still sore with the fucking. My life became realized since I met Jayson and Martha and made my marriage with Eliza complete. The four of us are some sort ‘of naughty soulmates’, doing each other all the time.


And when you are happy, everyone can be happy if you make them happy…




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