Harley's New Toy

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“Calm down Ms. Quinn. You’re over-reacting.” Dr. Strange’s monotone voice pleaded as he held his hands high over his shimmering bald head. And though he clearly surrendered, it was abundantly clear to Harley that he had little worry for his own life.

“I’m not over-reacting! Mista J . . . he’s obsessed with that stupid bat again! He won’t pay me no attention,” Harley explained, holding her shotgun to the doctor’s temple. She’d gone running from the layout when in yet another attempt to seduce her dear pudding, he kicked her out, screaming at her, “And don’t come back until you’ve until you’ve dried those ridiculous panties!” His words had pierced Harley as it’d been months since she’d last been intimate with her lover.

“These little domestics are only going to worsen Harley.” Dr. Strange explained as he slowly walked around his lab, hands kept in the air as Harley’s tear ridden eyes followed him, her gun slowly wavering in her hands. “You have to take certain measures to give yourself a bit of . . . control over the situation.”

Harley lowered her gun somewhat as she stared into the doctor’s eyes. His conniving smile growing as she asked, “W-What do you mean,” as she watched Dr. Strange take a seat at his desk. Leaning back he slowly waved his right hand in the air as a precaution that he wanted to do something without being shot. Harley nodded her permission as she watched the mad doctor open up a drawer, and start digging through his papers.  Why Harley had decided to come to Strange above all others, she didn’t know. Maybe she thought he had some kind of Super Viagra or something that she could give to the Joker. Hell, she’d take anything, anything to bring a bit of romance back into her life.

“Ahhhh, here it is.” Dr. Strange exclaimed as he pushed up his round little glasses. Taking a folder out of the drawer and dropped it onto his desk.

“What? What is it you got there? Love potion? Aphrodisiac? Something that’ll keep the erection up for at least four hours without having to call a doctor?” Okay, Harley wasn’t just after romance tonight. She was a bit on the horny side, but who could blame her, she hadn’t gotten any in God knows when.

Smiling Dr. Strange flipped open the folder and began skimming through the contents. “Ohhh I’ve got something much better than that.” He said, “Magnesium Aurochloride mixed with just a dab of Rutherfordium Phosphite.” 

“Just what in poofy potions is that?” Harley asked, her patience running thin as she watched Strange step up from his chair.

The doctor shuffled over to his shelves, holding a hand out towards Harley’s gun, reminding her not to shoot as he fumbled open the cupboard and scanned through the confusingly labeled bottles and beakers. “It’s exactly what you need Ms. Quinn. The perfect blend of lust, love, stamina, and . . .” Strange halted his sentence as he pulled out a small bottle of a thick, creamy, neon pink liquid. “. . . and power.” The doctor finally finished his sentence as he held it out for Harley to take.

Snatching the bottle from the kooky old man, Harley shook the bottle around and let her eyes twirl around the jar marked simply with the number, 69. She studied it for a minute, trying to decide if what the good doctor was providing would actually be helpful, or was just some kind of expensive looking poison. “And you’re sure this is going to work on him? How long do I have to wait for it to work on my pudding?”

“What? No no Harley, you misunderstand.” Dr. Strange chuckled as he folded his arms over his chest, pressing against the white lab coat that he wore. “This isn’t something you give to the Joker. This is something that you must take.”

“ME? But there’s nothing wrong with my . . .”

Seeing his opportunity, Dr. Strange smoothly escorted Harley to the double doors of his lab. “I am quite certain there is nothing wrong with any of you.” He said slowly, letting his eyes briefly wander over the girl’s figure. “But, this drug is meant to not only increase your sex drive, but make you absolutely irresistible.  And luckily for you, I happened to have just one bottle left. It is most fortunate that you . . . broke in to my lab when you did. But I must warn you, the effects won’t wear off until you’re . . . satisfied.”

Feeling a rather conflicted with how Strange had worded his congratulations to her, Harley decided not press her luck any farther. “I don’t really need any more sex drive than what I got . . . but if it gets Mista J on top of me, then I’m willing ta try it. And that alone, is enough to satisfy me.” Harley shrugged as she popped the cork off the bottle and downed the gooey pink liquid. She gulped it down, feeling the surprisingly hot goo slip down her throat. It had kind of a slimy texture that caused her to smack her lips together when she’d emptied the bottle. “Well . . . at the very least doc . . . work on the taste. That wasn’t exactly smooth going down.”

“I’ll be sure to keep that in mind for the next batch.” Dr. Strange apologized as she briskly pushed Harley out the door. “Now . . . if you’ll excuse me, I really must be returning back to my studies.” Harley nodded her head carelessly as she started to trot away towards her motorcycle. “And please Harley . . . make an appointment next time.” Dr. Strange called after her, but his word were lost as she had already left the premises.

Fortunately for Harley, her drive back to the lair had been quite uneventful. She’d had enough instances of running into Batman, or Penguin, or any number of slim-balls wanting to fuck her up, fuck her, or both. And she’d been in no mood for either one, unless of course the Joker was involved.

Parking her bike, Harley stepped out into the lair, their two pet hyenas jumping up on her, wagging their tails and licking her face as Harley giggled, petting both their heads. “Awww Bud and Lou! Come on now boys, down. Mama’ll get you some food later. I’ve got my own snack to look forward to.” Harley said excitedly as she walked towards the main hangar where Joker constantly, incessantly planned the demise of Batman.

Before she could get there however, a sudden jolt of electricity burst through her body at what felt like a thousand miles an hour. She grabbed onto a nearby post for support, her loyal hyenas right there to catch her. “What the . . .” but the sensation struck again, tightening her chest and rumbling down into her stomach. Harley thought for a brief moment that she might black out from the pain surrounding her thighs. It was as if she’d been shot, and Harley tried to steady herself, horrified in thinking that this might just be a raid from the cops, or it might be the Bat. Or maybe, the doctor had simply poisoned her after all.

But as fast as the pain had started, it suddenly disappeared, vanishing into the nether.  Harley stood up, her legs wobbling around as if she were standing on stilts. It took all her will-power just to stand and several more minutes for her to hold her balance. “What the hell is going on with me?” Harley cried out, her body acting in ways she’d never before experienced. But just when she thought the craziness had ended, she felt a sudden tightness in her panties. A tightness so unexpected, it felt as though the panties had coiled around her.  Without much thought, Harley pulled open her shorts and staring down into her panties, she let out a terrified cry, “What kind of cockery is this?!” as her eyes fell upon a throbbing, hardening penis somehow attached to her groin, just above her vagina, right over her clitoris. “What? How?” Harley’s exasperation chased away the hyenas as not believing her eyes, pressed a hand down into her panties to feel over the erect, seemingly 8 inch shaft that clung to her body. The member twitched at her touch, sending a warm tingle throughout her body, exciting a shiver down her spine as she bit her lip. This thing wasn’t fake. It was real. Harley ran her nail painted fingers along the shaft, the tingling starting to grow, following her fingers as she bit her lip. The cock grew more firm in her hand as she did so.

It felt like an addiction. She couldn’t stop stroking the shaft, but the more she stroked it, the tighter her panties grew around the throbbing member.  Her chest heaving for air, breasts bouncing with each pump of the cock, Harley undid her shorts, pulled her panties down around her thighs, letting the stiff rod point up and out freely. The relief that she felt from the sudden freedom expressed itself in a happy sigh as Harley clutched her girl cock firmly, pumping it a bit faster as the hot tingling slowly melted into a deeper burning, a need to have more.

She looked down at her new cock, watching it pulsate as her hand glided effortlessly from the base to the head, pushing the foreskin up against the tip as she could see a glisten of pre-cum dangling from her stiff rod. Licking her lips, Harley groaned as she started thrusting her hips into her hand, this new unescapable feeling of mounting pleasure taking over her. She moaned out loudly now, her nipples perking up under her top, her thighs moist as her own pussy enjoyed the new sensations brought on by the dangling member.

“Harley! What the hell are you doing?” Joker’s sudden voice surprised the girl as she jumped to attention, almost forgetting the state she’d allowed herself into.

“ah . . . sorry Mista J . . .” Harley began as she fumbled at her shorts, trying desperately to pull them up over her fully erect penis. But she could neither cover it all up, nor hide it from the Joker.

“And what in the hell is that?” Joker asked, pointing directly at the cock that Harley so wanted to cover up. “Since when did you have a long john hanging between your legs?” Joker quipped.

“It’s not what it seems pudding!” Harley explained, “I mean, you just haven’t been paying any attention to me, that’s all! And when all I wanted was some romance, you kicked me to the curb like some stupid copper.”

Joker looked at Harley agape. His mouth hanging open as he started to laugh. The laugh that only the Joker could pull off. His maniacal laughter that echoed through the alley as he walked up to her and pointed a finger at her chest, “And you thought this was the best way to get my attention?”

“Well . . . I didn’t exactly mean for this . . .” Harley tried to explain, but was cut-off as the Joker said, “Well believe me doll-face it worked.” And for a moment, Harley squealed with glee before Joker smacked her across the face. “But why would I want to mess with one of those . . .” and Joker pointed down between Harley’s legs at her cock as he finished, “. . . when I’ve got one of my own?!”

Again, Harley tried her best to explain this wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. She wanted to tell her pudding that this must have been the fault of that Dr. Strange. But instead, he just shut her down, “Now I want you out of here! And I don’t want you coming back until you’ve cut that tree from your forest!” And Joker stormed back into the hangar, cursing over Harley’s cock and his latest Batman scheme that seemed somehow less than perfect.

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