A New Pet Bat

BY : HarleysToy16
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Disclaimer: I do not own, in any way shape or form, Batman The Animated series, nor do I own DC Comics. I do not own the characters being used within this story, nor am I making money off of this work.

We bust through the gate,

Kill a couple of guards . . . okay fine, it was eight!

A blast from my gun, and in we go!

The bank floods with people screaming, “No Harley No!”


I jump on a desk, take aim with my gun,

Tossing a bag, I exclaim, “Come on boys, let’s have some fun!”

“You’ll do as I say, and hand over the cash!”

A teller goes for the alarm, and his life ends in a flash.


“Anyone else wanna be a hero, moron, or retard?

Come on up and try me, I’ll make sure you die hard!”

I laugh and I giggle as I trot through the bank,

Millions of dollars, and they’re all for Harley, what a lovely prank!


“Harley my dear, now don’t you be too rough,

These are spineless lil tools, they’re not very tough.”

My pudding does call as he blows more away,

I squeal at how handsome he looks, when takes aim with that gun to slay.


“Puddin” I cry and run to his arms,

He holds me in tight, swooning me with his charms.

“There there Harley, now don’t you fret,

We must take what we came for, now don’t you forget.”


“It’s not about money, or glamor, or fame,

Hehe well those things are nice, but they’re just not the same.”

Of course my pudding is right, he can never be wrong,

I kill two more guards, remembering to be strong.


We’re here for a reason, and that is for bait,

My Joker promised me Batgirl, even made it a date.

For she dragged me to prison, with a smirk and a chuckle,

So I vowed my revenge, to break her face with my belt buckle.


We merely needed to wait, and play nice with the guards,

Make some money on the side, then send ole Bats to the graveyard.

It didn’t take long, of course it never did,

With a crash came the Bat, the girl, and that stupid Robin kid.


We flooded them with bullets, the Joker and I.

But Bats, he was quick, and made for the sky.

He hurled through the air with precision and speed,

I’d have to work hard, if I wanted to make the Bat bleed.


I tossed aside my gun, for it had run dry,

Grabbing my ole bat, I would not let this chance slip by.

With all my might, I swung for Batman’s head,

And cheered when it struck his temple, almost knocking him dead.


“Way to go Harley!” I heard my boyfriend exclaim,

But with Batgirl still here, I had to take aim.

My dear pudding had Robin under tight supervision,

Which gave me my chance, to get the revenge I had envisioned.


I took quick aim, and swung with all my might,

But the bitch she was quick, and jumped out of sight.

“This isn’t over! I’ll get you, you fucken Bat,

I’ll make sure that you pay, you stupid little brat!”


I was furious she had vanished, took my anger out on a hostage,

But Batman awoke, he was done being cautious.

He leapt to her aide, with the clear upper hand,

“Give it up Harley!” and he grabbed me by the shirt, enforcing his demand.


“I wouldn’t do that Batman, not if I were you,”

My pudding had come to my rescue, ole Bats here was through.

“For you see I’ve got your poor Robin locked up in the vault”

Joker held out a detonator, and shaking his finger, “Get your hands off her, or I win by default.”


I snickered and jeered, laughed in his face,

With his sidekick in danger, he’d have to give up this little chase.

“So what will it be Batman, what will you do?”

Joker’s voice was clear, and Batman knew he was through.


The bat threw me to the ground, with a hard crash I did land,

But my puddin’s idea had worked, everything gone as we had planned.

Joker returned to my side as he held Batman at gun,

The robbery was over, all we had to do was run.


Out of my pocket, I pulled out some balls,

Throwing them to the ground, I grabbed my dear lover as smoke filled up the halls.

With a flick of his wrist, my darling pushed the red button,

If Batman didn’t act quick, his poor Robin would be a permanent shut-in.


I grabbed our full bag, and we escaped out of sight,

Drove off in our car, no more rodents could give us a fright.

“I’m sorry my pudding. I ruined your gift.”

Clutching my bat, I cried, “And I wanted to give her a nice hard face lift.”


We drove all the way, not a word more between us,

I felt so much like shit, after making such a fuss.

Joker pulled into his lair, and stepped in through the door,

My eyes gaped in surprise, when I saw the tied up whore.


There Batgirl sat, on the couch tied up with thick ropes,

Staring at us in fear, her head running short on hope.

I jumped up with glee, gave my pudding a kiss,

I couldn’t believe my eyes, my captor was caught, oh what bliss!


“I thought she might run, so I placed a guard at the door,

And what do you know, she walked into my trap! I couldn’t have asked for more.”

My joker walked up to the couch where she sat,

He gave her a kiss, and made out with the bat.


I stepped up by Joker, leaned in to the young girl’s face,

Pressed my lips onto hers, pushed my tongue into her mouth, and I could feel her brace.

“Isn’t she soft, isn’t she sweet?” Joker whispered into my ear.

“Why not play with her a little, we’ve got all night my dear.”


Batgirl’s lil eyes opened wide, and she struggled with all her might.

“shhh lil bat” I whispered, “I promise you’ll feel good, if you don’t put up a fight.”

The girl she wisened up and she nodded her head accepting the deal,

I smiled and kissed her again, my hand on her chest, coping a feel.


Our tongues intertwined, as our lips got sopping wet,

I swirled my tongue in her mouth, and undid her bindings without fret.

And once she was free, the Bat did the opposite of running,

She reached up and groped my breast, making me moan, mmmm what cunning.


I pulled up her armor, exposed her smooth skin without flaw,

My fingers explored up the girl’s body, pushed up over her bra.

With Batgirl’s bare breasts exposed, I cupped them and squeezed,

Panting with fever, I moaned, licked her lips and teased.


With my pudding still watching, I pulled off my shirt, to put on a lil show,

Pressed chest against Batgirl’s, kissed her and licked her, straddling her torso.

I sat up on the babe, my plump breasts softly bouncing,

Admiring down to her smaller tits, the perfect size for fondling.


Licking my lips, I watched her be sexy, “You like what you see?”

Her face gone red, she looked away. “Awww don’t be that way, you can tell me.”

I leaned in close, pressing our soft bodies together, my tight ass in the air,

Licking in her ear, I whispered, “Don’t worry about what’s right. Now’s not the time to care.”


Batgirl stopped and I thought that she just might cry,

But she grabbed both my cheeks, kissed me deep, and stared into my eyes.

I moaned past her lips, stuffed my hand down her pants,

Felt her shaved pert cunny, and heard her gasp with my fingers inside her underpants.


She squirmed as I touched her, Batgirl’s body arched up in pleasure,

With my fingers fucking her pussy, I whimpered at having this great treasure.

I eagerly thrusted, as her hips grinded up into mine,

Reaching around I grabbed her hot ass, fuck this girl sure was fine.


She panted and heaved, signs that her body was close.

So I pushed deeper inside her, spreading and blooming her pink little rose.

Brushing my lips against hers, I watched Batgirl’s cheeks turn deep red,

And with three fingers inside her, the sweet lil Bat started to cum on this make-shift bed.


Her body screeched and tensed up, wrapped her arms around my back,

She came rather hard, soaked her panties, overwhelmed by my three-fingered attack.

She collapsed below me, her chest heaving for air,

“We’re not done Batgirl. So don’t you sleep yet, don’t you dare.”


Joker walked over, his urges impossible to contain,

He unzipped his pants, freeing his erect cock without restrain.

The hard member pushed between our succulent lips,

And opening my mouth up with hers, we licked that hot cock, gyrating our hips.


My pudding he smiled, as us girls serviced his lust,

Our tongues wrapped and they coiled, as Joker started to thrust.

With his cock between our lips, and our hot bodies rubbing lewdly,

Batgirl and I panted, sucked, and face fucked that beautiful cock crudely.


His precum it dripped, onto her mask and her face,

Leaving me to kiss and clean up, in this messy embrace.

I kissed the tip, and sucked the head into my mouth,

Jerking the shaft, Batgirl watched the cock push further south.


Panting and gagging, I felt it go deep down my throat,

And suddenly her lips, closed around my tit, as she started to dote.

Jerking and squirming, I felt her mouth sucking,

On my now wet, erect nipple, while my face got a good fucking.


I drooled and I slobbered, all over his cock,

And I could tell my pudding was close, his dick hard as rock.

He thrusted and pumped, filled my mouth to the brim,

When suddenly he came, his semen flooded my mouth, making my tongue swim.


I gulped and I gagged, drinking all of his white pudding down,

When he finished, he patted my head, “Such a good lil clown.”

And I returned my lips, down to the hungry Batgirl’s,

Sharing his cum from my lips to hers, as our tongues got lost together in swirls.


Batgirl smiling and eager, she looked up, “Are you all done?”

Joker threw his head back and laughed, “Are you kidding? It’s time for the real fun.”

I cried out with joy, threw my hands into the air,

Then flung myself down on my prisoner, kissing her, fingers tangling in her hair.


Behind us, my pudding moved, his cock hard and ready for more,

Pulled down on my skirt, slapped my cute ass, and was ready to score.

I felt his dick go inside, spreading my tight pussy wide.

I clutched onto Batgirl, moaning and groaning as I cried.


She stare at me amazed, as I cried out my lover’s name,

As my body bounced back and forth, sopping wet from that thick 8 inch flame.

I sweated and drooled all over my lesbo bat lover,

As his cock drilled inside me, my juices running down my thighs like a river.


Her cheeks burning red, from the sex making me wasted,

So I stripped the Bat of her pants, making her naked.

She yelped and she cried in only slightly mild surprise,

My pistoning body on top of her, Joker fucking his prize.


 When my dear pudding so her bare thighs,

He pulled out of my pussy, amidst distraught cries.

In Batgirl he then thrust, her body squelching open in nervous lust,

As I laid down on top of her, large pert bust pressing down her cute bust.


She cried and she screamed, as the pleasure exploded inside,

I quickly calmed the girl kissing her deep, using my tongue to open her mouth wide.

Our lips how they melded as her body jerked back and forth below,

Joker fucked into her hard, he had no interest in taking it slow.


Then he pulled out, and returned to fucking my cunt,

He dug deep inside me, as I could hear the Joker grunt.

I arched my back, rode his cock like a good lil Harley,

Pressed my hands to Batgirl’s tits, keeping her a part of our party.


I could hear Joker moan, and feel his cock tremble just so,

My man would be cumming soon, and be covering us girls with his creamy white dough.

I pumped back my hips, bucking hard, and fucking faster,

And his hand suddenly spanked down on my ass, making me call out to my master.


At the last second he pulled out, jerking out all of his cum,

Spraying it onto my ass, Batgirl’s pussy, making us both numb.

He covered us both, turned my ass and her pussy white,

Neither of us could move, the pleasure had just felt so right.


After we finished, and my pudding drifted off to his bed,

I laid there with Batgirl, her mask the only thing on her head.

We held each other tight, and kissed to our heart’s content,

Our bodies lay sprawled, neither of us quite spent.


The night it was ours, just us two girls and some sex,

When one of us would come, the other would be next.

We fucked until dawn, our bodies wet from sex and from sweat,

And now the bitch is mine, she is my toy and my pet.

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