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Grim. Everything grim as I paced through its halls.

Locked up lunatics overflowed inside these walls.

How I loved Arkham. How I hated this place.

A nauseating smell accompanied by gnats.

A rancid hospital inhabited by disease, famine, and rats.


“Batman.” Gordon’s words echoed amongst the foul.

His stern face, apprehensive at the mere sight of my cape and cowl.

It almost made me laugh.

“What brings you to Arkham?” He said, not knowing where to begin.

One name escaped my lips, and one name alone: “Harley Quinn.”


“Joker’s got a bomb. And she knows where it’s at.”

I admitted defeat, and went silent, not wanting to chat.

“And you’re out of ideas.”

Commissioner’s words seeped into my brain, his face wooden.

Dr. Quinn was tonight’s medicine woman.


Into her cell I stepped, with the door locked behind me.

Shadows bounced off her bed, making it difficult to see.

“Hiya Bats!” Harley laughed.

Behind me she stood, back thrust against the corner.

Tight hips bent out, her eyes glowing at the foreigner.


“Harley, no games. I need you tonight.”

She grinned and she laughed, flipping the bird to me in spite.

“Who doesn’t want me?”

Her teasing mingled with her perfume,

The sweet scent of cherries, and a hint of blood, filled the room.


Harley’s eyes followed as she twirled around, ready to pounce.

Her hips how they danced, her breasts they could bounce.

“You like what you see?”

I gulped as I stared, at breasts fit for a cow.

“I’m here about Joker. And I need answers now.”


“Ha! You’re desperate alright! You crazy old bat!”

As she pressed her chest to me, like a sly little cat.

How soft. How tender.

She squeezed them together, her clothes clinging to her skin,

I could not escape, could not give in.


My body it froze, as Harley giggled with joy.

Her body she used to tease and destroy.

“Admit it Batman. Ya love me.”

Her words how they drained me, and she opened her top.

Her chest now exposed, I let my mouth drop.


Her breasts, they were supple in size and in shape.

Propped up with her hands, I could not look away to escape.

“Harley you shouldn’t . . .”

But my lips were slow while my eyes were glued,

Her hips were too much, and her breasts just too lewd.


“You don’t need no Jokah, you only need me.”

How I fought and struggled, so hard not to agree.

But for how long could I last?

She cupped my hands under her breasts, and allowed me to squeeze.

My fingers drowned in their plush, bringing me to her knees.


She patted my head, and stroked over my ears.

When she lifted my mask, I stopped her for fear.

“No. Not yet.”

Her smile it faded. Pulling me in, her chest buried my face.

“Come on Bats! Don’t be a wimp! Let’s round second base!”


I fought and I struggled, until I could take no more.

I started to fall, and realized I’d lost our little war.

“Fine. I can’t take it.”

And she laughed with her victory, a proud grin from cheek to cheek.

Dr. Quinn had me by the balls, with her sexy voice and physique.


With one hand, I groped her soft, warm and plump breast.

To my mouth it did go, like a child I stuck to her chest.

“Oh Bats!” Her voice how it rang.

It wasn’t enough, I needed to have more.

My hands turned to her ass, and brought her down to the floor.


I turned her over, onto her stomach.

Pulling down on her tights, and exposing her buttock.

“Getting a bit frisky aren’t ya?”

I no longer listened as I parted her ass. I caressed and squeezed her.

The round suppleness, the peach like smoothness that caused me to stir.


Her ass it was perfect, just like her delicious chest.

I could not waste a second more, and dived in without protest.

She moaned and she whimpered with her sweet little voice.

With my kisses and licks, I couldn’t let myself stop.

Until I kissed down to her sweetest place, where it dripped, drop by drop.


Over she flipped, her energy suddenly returning.

She pinned me against her bed, her eyes they were burning.

“My turn Batbrains!”

And her hands they pressed down.

My pants they unzipped, my throbbing cock they had found.


With her hands she did stroke, as my hips continued to grind.

Her crotch pressed up against me, and I almost lost my mind.

With glee Harley giggled.

Her hands, they gripped tight and moved faster.

I couldn’t stop my hips, I was like a dog, coming to its master.


I came in her hands, while my orgasm did linger.

How she smiled and laughed, and licked cum off of her finger.

“Again! Again!”

Her voice echoed through the cell.

Panting and heaving, I could do nothing but listen to her yell.


She moved herself on me, like a cowgirl she sat.

Her hips lowered down. She was no longer afraid of the bat.

Harley moaned in sheer pleasure.

Her body arched and stretched clear over mine.

Thrusting herself over me, her juices flowed from her thighs like wine.


As I grunted, she pistoned, moving faster in heat.

She leaned in and kissed me with a tongue so sweet.

Our mouthes, they melded,

As our bodies slapped together in lust,

I could feel myself getting closer with Harley’s eager thrust.


I gripped onto her ass, fucked deep up inside.

She whimpered in need, body sweating from our ride.

Her breasts hit my chest hard,

And I could no longer hold back my bursting explosion.

I thrust up inside her, and gave Harley the finish she’d chosen.


Her body went rigid, her head tossed back in the fallout.

She came just as hard, with that I have no doubt.

“Game’s over Bats”

Harley said, holding me in her embrace.

She tossed off my mask, and stared into my face.


I laughed and I smiled, showing teeth bony white.

Her eyes, they were surprised and suddenly went bright.


Her hands they stroked my green hair, and traced my red lips,

I laughed as I hugged her, “Don’t worry Harley! I gave ole Bats the slips!”

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