Kidnapped By Harley

BY : HarleysToy16
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I’m kidnapped by Harley,

Tied up in a chair.

A gag in my mouth,

Locked up in her lair.


A dim light shines down,

And reflects off the floor.

The click clack of heels,

And I am alone no more.


She carries her bat,

Thrown over her shoulder.

With her bright colored hair,

And curves that just smolder.


She sits on my lap,

With her body pressed tight.

Dr. Quinn simply laughs,

And says, “I don’t bite”.


She teases and kisses,

She grinds and she touches.

My body grows weak,

Under her merciless clutches.


Her shirt she takes off,

And throws in my face.

I moan as she touches

The bulge at my base.


The shirt falls away,

And I see her bare chest.

Those supple round twins,

Bring my cock to a crest.


Laughing she watches,

As I fidget and stir.

To touch her and taste her,

I shamefully purr.


The teasing she ceases,

Pressing my head to her breast.

I moan and I slobber,

My drool soaking her chest.


Her lips they drift down,

With her hand on my cock.

She kisses the tip,

And I’m hard as a rock.


Her mouth opens up,

As she sucks on my dick.

I lean my head back and moan,

Feeling her tongue on my prick.


I gasp and I pant,

As she bobs her head faster.

It takes no time at all,

And I cum in a blur.


Harley’s mouth I fill up,

But she’s not done with me yet.

She mounts my hot cock,

Filling her cunt with no sweat.


She kisses me hard,

Slips her tongue in my mouth.

I can feel Harley fuck me,

And her bucking down south.


I pant and I quiver,

My cock it cannot hold out.

But Harley she smiles,

She knows this, no doubt.


Her hips they can move,

How they gyrate and grind.

I can’t take much of this,

Fuck, I’ll lose my mind.


Finally I cum,

I shoot deep up inside her.

Harley cums too,

With a moan and a purr.


She finally relents,

And unties all of my bindings.

She collects what I have lost,

And then hands me my things.


I was kidnapped by Harley,

Who just wanted to fuck.

Joker, how he must ignore her,

What a stroke of fucken luck!

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