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High-heeled boots softly touched the ground. Golden rope gently bounced against a thick, muscular thigh on impact. The busty Amazon walked confidently into the giant sky rise building. It was dark, quiet, and no one around to interfere. It had been months since contact was lost with Wonder Girl, Donna Troy.

Earlier, Wonder Woman had just gotten home from flying around the skies of the city, patrolling for villains, when the distress signal came in. It was not an official JLA distress beacon that Batman had given everyone aligned with the group, but a personal one between sisters.

Wonder Woman didn’t blindly go to the office. As much as she wanted to rush out the door, training kicked in and overrode irrational instinct. On the internet Diana spent the time needed to research the location of the signal. It came from a newly built sky rise, owned by a mysterious figure who had been buying up land in the city. She only knew because it made headlines all over the nation. Even Bruce didn’t know who the person was.

“Why are you there?” she asked herself. “Is this a trick by Luthor? Cheetah wouldn’t have the cash to care about property. Is Ares interfering in the human world?”

Either way, the place was not open to the public yet, making for less of a hassle if the circumstance required the feminine touch. The signal came from the top floor. Each second that went by in the tiny cubicle of an elevator tore at her soul. Breaking through the window glass would only cause a needless scene. Her twin sister meant everything to the Amazon princess. While not strictly related by blood, they shared a soul.

Walking out of the elevator, Wonder Woman stepped into a barren, spacious office. No secretary, no guards, just a long carpet that lead to a large desk. That was all the furniture. Behind the desk sat a man dressed to the tens in clothes expensive enough that they could feed an entire third-world country. He playfully tossed a small, metal device in his hand. Diana could see it was Donna’s distress beacon.

“What did you do with my sister!” she screamed out in anger.

The man said nothing, still taunting her with the beacon. Wonder Woman rushed forward. With superhuman speed and strength, she easily lifted the man up by the throat before he had a chance to react. His smug expression pissed off the Amazon warrior further. It took every ounce of willpower to not crack his skull open between her bare hands.

“Tell me where she is. If you hurt her, I swear by Hera that I’ll end you,” she said through gritted teeth.


It was instantaneous. One second the proud woman held the man by the throat, his life in her hands as if he were an insignificant bug. The next, she felt her jaw crack from a hard punch out of nowhere. The man fell back into the chair, while a woman wearing Roman Centurion armor stood before the pair. The unknown party was quick enough to break through the window and assault the princess without any reaction.

“By Hera, whoever you are I will break you for interfering...Donna!?”

Diana was shocked, unable to process what she saw. Donna was not in her black, Milky Way, outfit she was last seen wearing. Instead, the twin stood adorned to be fighting with sword and shield rather than eye lasers and green rings.

“Sister, why did you strike me? I came to save you.”

Diana was answered with another punch straight into the stomach. It knocked the wind entirely out of her, collapsing the powerful woman to her knees. There was no recovery time as a hard knee cracked into an already hurt jaw. Laid out on her back, Wonder Woman saw stars.

The assault continued. Kicks rained down, continuously hitting the solar plexes, knocking all the wind and energy out. Each breath became harder, more painful. A stray kick cracked a couple of ribs, doubling the pain. Squirming around into the fetal position was all that could be done to outlast the onslaught.

The strength behind each hit confused Diana. Donna was never stronger, never victorious in previous sparring. Her mind wanted to believe it was a dream, a nightmare, that she was sleeping or this was a villain hiding behind a sick mask. But hearing Donna talk only confirmed the dreadful reality.

“Are you safe, Master?” Donna said.

Even though the words came out stern, cold like a bodyguard’s, Diana could sense the affection in Donna’s voice.

“I’m fine, Donna. You timed it perfectly,” the man said.

“But how…” Diana slurred, trying to get up.

Wonder Girl helped by gripping her sister by the neck in the same manner done earlier to her Master. Fingers affixed themselves around the tight contours, choking away the life force to tame the mighty woman.

“She was hovering around outside, out of sight from you. A new window is a small price to pay for you, Wonder Woman.”

The man sat back down, straitening up his expensive suit, annoyed how ruffled it became.

“Donna, be a good girl and bend your sister over the desk. Keep a tight rein on her. I don’t want any tricks.”

“Yes, Master,” she replied, slamming Wonder Woman on top of the sturdy desk.

It was designed to take a pounding, literally. Taking a tight grip of long, luscious locks, Wonder Girl kept her sister under control as she felt her up for any bugs or spy gear.

The man couldn’t help but enjoy the erotic, incestuous sight of seeing Wonder Woman being groped openly by her sister.

“What did you do to my sister, you bastard!” Diana screamed out, finally back to her senses.

They struggled but Wonder Girl kept the fiery Amazon under control. Wonder Woman could sense something was amiss. Donna was never stronger than her, nor as experienced.

“Where is the real Wonder Girl?”


Donna gave Diana a hard slap to the face, causing her ears to ring.

“I’m right here, sister.”

“Why are you doing this? We tried searching for you for months. You just vanished. I was beset with grief I lost you, my sister.”

Donna didn’t reply, instead looking at her Master. He nodded, prompting the woman to speak up.

“You never cared about me, Diana. You only cared about losing a puppet.”

“I...I don’t understand.”

As Donna spoke, she took the lasso attached to Wonder Woman’s waist and began to carefully tie her up tightly, making sure not to be caught off-guard and let the woman escape.

“I grew up as your twin, Diana, always living in your shadow. We’re the same, physically. Put us in a room and no one can tell the difference between us if we do our hair and makeup the same. But you get all the glory, you get all the fame. What do I get? I’m not even a woman...I’m just Wonder Girl, and even that got taken from me by that whore of a sidekick Cassie.”

“It is not true, I’ve always cared about you. We share the same soul. You know it is not true. You’re tying me up with my lasso, you’d know if I were lying.”

“The lasso forces you to tell the truth of words, and while your heart might believe it to be true, your actions over the years tell a different truth.”

Diana was bent over the desk lewdly, the tops of her mounds on full display for the man to see. Donna kicked both legs open, posing her as if she were about to be ass raped in a hardcore porno. The bikini costume put that well-toned ass on full display. There was more than enough rope to tie those long, muscular legs to the table legs, and still tie her arms together. Wonder Woman might be able to move the desk but the awkwardness would allow more than enough time to put a stop to it.

“I’ve been a woman without a full past. How many years have gone by with you doing nothing to help me regain my memories? How many times did I ask for assistance to track down a new lead to fix my condition? All I got was ‘we need to stop Cheetah’ or ‘the Amazon’s need our help’ or ‘Athena’s wisdom will answer all in due time’. Excuses, always excuses, and your friends were no better. But then I met my lover, my Master, my god,” Donna said passionately, fire behind every word.

Walking around the desk to stand confidently next to her man, she wrapped an arm around him in a dominant, but loving pose. It was the one thing she had over Wonder Woman. She found happiness as a woman should. While Diana lived a lesbian, virginal life, Donna found forbidden love with a man.

“I’m sorry, Donna. Just untie me. I’ll help you, I promise. I’ll get Clark, Bruce, everyone to help us immediately.”

Seeing her sister give away romantic affections to a male made Diana feel a giant knot in the pit of her stomach. It embarrassed her further because they were twins, and if Donna could fall from grace it was only a step away from herself doing the same.

“I can’t betray my lover, Diana. Besides, we both know you’ll get your cronies on Paradise Island to make Master disappear. Maybe not tomorrow, or a year from now, but when you think I’ve forgotten about him he’ll be gone.”

Diana didn’t reply. It was not a question so she was not compelled to answer, as silence was not technically lying. The knot in her stomach turned to fury quickly though, seeing the man openly grope Donna’s firm, tight ass from underneath the metal skirt. It made her angry to see him brazenly defile a holy body so openly, as well as defile a traditional Amazon battle garb as if it were a whore’s gown.

Leaning on his thick leg, allowing her Master to grope her firm behind with more ease, Donna ran fingers along his stone jaw sensually, acting more like a seductress in line with Catwoman than a prim and proper heroine of justice and virtue. Donna stared into his eyes with love and affection, stroking the stubble scattered along the jawline with one hand, and running fingers through his dark, wavy hair with the other.

Diana didn’t need to hear any words. The intent was quite clear as her sister took on a seductive role, degrading herself for a man. The superheroine did not know what kind of mind control he had over the twin, but he would pay for the insult with blood.

One hand ventured downward along the man’s muscular chest, pressing against it to feel the raw strength and fortitude. Wonder Girl purred in delight, not just to turn on herself and her Master but also rub it in Diana’s face. Sliding down further, fingertips danced along hardened abs that poked out like a supermodel, if not covered by a shirt. Still, the wanderlust did not end as further down it found what it sought out. The bulge in the man’s pants was huge, snaked down to his kneecap.

“Master made me a real woman with this wonderful piece of man,” Donna said, slowly pulling the beast free from its cage.

Each move was designed to embarrass the older sister, to show her up, that she couldn’t get a man was because there was a flaw in Diana. Throughout her own life, Donna was reminded she was the twin, not a twin but the twin. One word’s usage changed everyone’s attitude toward her. A fake, a copy, a clone, a girl made of mud to be a plaything for the spoiled princess.

Feelings of envy, contempt, jealousy and hate buried themselves deep within Donna’s soul over the years, as she was always left in the shadow of her sister, always compared to her and infantilized. They were the same but she was the ‘girl’ and not the ‘woman’. But that all changed when she met her Master.

Firm fingers pulled out the long, thick hunk of manmeat. Veins ran along its length, feeding it the valuable blood that produced strength and size. Ivory skin, as white as an elephant’s tusk, pierced the darkness of the half-lit room. Donna did not lose eye contact for a single moment, biting her lip in glee. Master could see the dirty look on her face, the joy, as she slid her panties aside and speared herself slowly on the tip.

Wonder Woman could only look on in a mixture of disgust and rage, seeing her sister openly defile herself on a man. She could only conjure up fake solace that the villain had corrupted Donna through trickery such as mind control, to force her to perform such a degrading act. The honor of the Amazons would be forever tarnished if this scandal were ever revealed.

“You feel so good, Master,” Wonder Girl said, fingernails digging into his wide shoulders. “One day I’ll be good enough to take you fully. You’re just too big for me, forgive me, Master,” she said, keeping the commanding tone.

Her hips bounced up and down, feeding as much of that powerful cock into her aching, wanton pussy as possible. It turned on the Amazon more to know her sister got a front row seat, seeing Master’s cock get engulfed in a superior body. She embraced giving up her perfect body to him, an incubator for a superior man to deposit his seed. With each bounce, each thrust, her moans grew louder, more fierce, and all the man ever did was smile at his dark mistress.

“Won’t you join me in heaven, sister? Won’t you help me serve a greater power?”

“Never, I won’t be corrupted into a common whore. I don’t care if you’re my sister, don’t you have any Amazonian pride?”

Donna turned her head to smile at Diana. Not once did those hips skip the beat of pleasuring the mighty organ playing a symphony inside her womb.

“Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day you’ll join me sister. But I’ll be the one wearing the bikini bottoms in our new relationship,” she said in a mocking tone.

“I don’t understand,” Diana asked, confused.

“How old are we, and you still don’t understand one simple fact...We’re...The...Same…”

It finally dawned on Diana just what the mystery man had planned for them.

“By Hera, if you ruin my name and reputation, sister or no sister, I’ll kill you happily.”

“Your reputation as the #1 stroke fantasy? Please...don’t tell me you’re that naive not to notice the entire male population, that isn’t into sucking cocks, wants to pop your cherry.”

The powerful Amazon idol suddenly felt smaller from the comment. Was she so naive that people only liked her because they had sexual fantasies in mind?

“Face it, sister, you, me, we’re both just the dream girls of hyper sexual men. The difference between us is I’ve embraced that fact and found a man to serve. You...you eat the muff of the dykes back on Paradise Island. I like my choice better.”

The entire conversation, Donna never stopped riding her man, moaning in lust between sentences. Closer and closer she came to orgasm, the powerful feeling welling up inside and ready to burst. Every time they embraced was a crusade for the awakened heroine to recapture the glorious night he took her virginity. It felt magical, euphoric, and warped her brain to lust for the same feeling again no matter how many attempts it took.

“Fuck...fuck...so thick...Master is so big and strong, like a bull. The last time...shit I’m so close, Master...the last time, Diana…” Each word came out in waves, the woman’s breathing becoming more erratic with each thrust. “His cum...dripped...out of me for...hours…”

Fingernails suddenly plunged into the man’s skin, right through the suit, as the impending orgasm arrived and ripped through Donna’s body. He hugged her tight, thrusting harder into her pussy, trying to shove every centimeter possible into the greedy fuckhole.

“More...more...fuck me...more…” Wonder Girl slurred out, drooling on her Master’s expensive suit.

Once that orgasm hit, it was like a hentai switch flipped in the ice queen’s head. One moment, composed and in-control, the next, a drooling anime bimbo. Finally, after being the passive actor in the room for so long, the man finally stood up, hands groping Donna’s butt cheeks as he held her in position on his cock. Standing up caused his cock shaft to come inches from Wonder Woman’s face. The sweet smell of pussy juices infiltrated her brain, making the proud Amazon warrior begin to blush as her own juices began to flow. Getting fucked by a man didn’t turn her on, but the scent of another woman’s fun broke through the steel conditioning, forcing Wonder Woman’s body to betray her brain.

Regaining a modicum of composure, Donna slowly, reluctantly, slid off his cock. Her head happily nestled into his beefy arm, smiling. Diana could see the cock twitch and a glob of cum splashed her face. It was thick, mixing in with professionally created makeup, and made the heroine’s face look like a common street whore’s. More strings of man seed struck a blow against her pride. Screams of shock and horror called out into the empty room, only for Donna’s laughter to mingle together, causing more humiliation.

There was so much of it. Each nostril was forced to sniff it in like a line of cocaine, and to breathe out of her mouth only forced the superheroine to taste the man’s cum. The most demeaning act? Watching her own sister, through cum caked eyes, licking her cheek like a dog.

“You’re not worthy of Master’s cum, sister, so I’m going to feed on his bounty myself.”

The awakened superheroine spent a minute slobbering, tonguing every ounce of cum off Wonder Woman’s face. Not only was the action itself kinky and erotic, but Donna owned it. Acting like a bitch in heat did not feel degrading but empowering. She accepted her perverse sexuality. It was the edge that helped defeat her sister, and take her down a peg.

Tears began to well up in the once proud Amazon’s eyes. Only an hour ago she was the star, the top draw of all the female heroines in the world. Millions of women idolized her for pure values and chastity. Now she had been cum on by the cock that deflowered and corrupted her dear, innocent sister. And what was worse was the heat welling up between her legs, a heat never felt even in the embrace of a fellow Amazon.

“Master is my god, sister. I will die for him. I will kill for him. So doing such a trivial act as lezzing out with you is not even a blip on my moral radar.”

Grabbing a fistful of hair, snapping the tearful face to look up in worship, Donna spat on Diana.

“You’re beneath me, Wonder Girl,” Donna said. “I’m the real Wonder Woman. I’m taking back my birthright. Keep the bikini, whore, you’ll need it to make yourself look attractive for our Master. Besides, he thinks I look hotter in the armor, and I’m his number one girl.”

“I’ll kill you,” Diana said meekly at the man.


There was no hesitation in Donna to slug her sister across the jaw for such a blasphemous act.


A second strike hit home for good measure. Blood began to trickle from a swollen, cracked lip, mixing together with dripping cum. Witnessing the blood only served to turn on Donna more.

“You’re only alive because Master wants to use you as a fucksleeve when he can’t have me. Unlike you, I have important matters to attend to for creating the new world, which sadly keeps me away from Master’s bed. You get to live life as the twin from now on, used like a fucksleeve resembling me!”

Anger laced every word, and another salvo of spit assaulted the beaten superheroine’s face. It was a match made in heaven for the man and Donna, both symbiotic to the other’s goals.

“Mate with me one more time, Master. Please give me the boon of your sperm to help me capture the next target.”

Lips melded together as depravity turned to romance, both exploring each other’s body. Hands pulled on hair, lips caressed along necklines, fingers felt up hard, compact muscles, and the giant endowment poked up under Donna’s metal skirt.

Like the wind, he turned her around, one hand gripped onto a length of hair like the reins to a horse, and mounted the woman like a bitch. Each hard, dominant thrust forced Donna’s lips to press into Diana’s. Inside her brain, Diana hated every kiss, every lick, every caress of her evil sister’s hands. But between her legs told a different story as a puddle of juices dripped onto the floor.

Wonder Woman had been usurped from the throne of female power, replaced by Wonder Girl. Their roles were now reversed. The battle for female, alpha supremacy over. Hearing Diana whimper only made each kiss taste sweeter for Donna.

“You’re pathetic, sister,” she whispered. “But it is okay. Master will train you to be superior. You’ll never be as strong or as great as me, but I’m sure you’re not broken enough to let your ego allow you to be lower on the totem pole than Power Girl?”

All Wonder Woman could do was endure the torment and humiliation, and hope her body did not completely betray her as Donna got rammed mercilessly by the man’s cock. Donna’s eyes began to roll in the back of her head, and her body spasmed from another powerful orgasm.

“You’re too good to me, Master. I’m such a bad bitch, orgasming first before letting you fill me with your seed. Please bless my womb with your greatness.”

Although beaten, it did not make the fire stop in Wonder Woman’s soul. Hearing flesh and blood worship a man, this repugnant man, as if he were on the same pillar as Hera made Diana vomit internally. Change allegiance to Athena? Safe. Nemesis? Fair. But a man, let alone a normal man? Sacrilege. Not even Ares would be a worse choice.

“Oh, Diana, do you take joy in kissing me? Does your pussy quiver at being tamed? You forced so many of your Amazon sisters-in-arms to eat you out after a display of dominance. How the mighty has fallen into an incestuous affair,” Donna spoke out, her voice quivering in lust. “Harder, Master, harder, my body was built to take the pounding of a god.”

“Don’t call him that,” Diana spoke. “He is no great deity. Athena will strike you down for such hubris.”

“I don’t fear Athena, dear sister. Let them come for me. I am no longer their puppet, not with my new power.”

Minutes pass by in a chorus of moans. The man never let up for one moment, pounding Wonder Girl’s pussy into a gaped mess. Every thrust was from opening to wall. Donna could feel it try and poke directly into her womb with every stab. If not for her magic body, her pussy would have been left a chasm after their wedding night. A fringe benefit of being sculpted in clay by the gods. She would always remain tight for her Master, greedily milking his massive cock any moment he chose to bless her.

And he did just that, finally spewing a galleon of jizz deep inside her womb. While no dog with a knotted cock, he firmly stayed locked in place, making sure his beloved felt her insides feel like a swimming pool of cum. But unlike other women who got the fuck of their lives, Donna didn’t pass out or faint. Renewed power flowed through her veins, and Diana could see a steely coldness envelope deadened eyes.

Slowly, regretfully, Wonder Girl pulled herself off the giant appendage. There was no attempt to clean up the drooling cum running down her inner thighs. Instead, with strength that rivaled Superman’s, she yanked Wonder Woman’s head forward to clean her out.

“My gift to you. Our Master’s bounty. Don’t say I never did you any favors.”

Wonder Woman tried to resist but the combination of the earlier beating, being tied up, and this new power, there was little the Amazon beauty could do but meekly comply. What she did not expect was the sweeter taste, when only a moment ago the cum tasted bitter. Donna rubbed Diana’s face in it furiously, laughing, mocking the beaten heroine. Still, Diana complied, slurping down every drop of the man’s cum until no more could be reached.

“Did it taste good?”

Diana tried to fight the answer, summoned all her remaining willpower to do the impossible and break the spell of the lasso, but it was a fruitless endeavor. Lips moved on their own, eliciting a devilish smile from Donna.


Turning around, Wonder Girl sweetly kissed her god. It was a soft, gentle kiss between lovers. No tongue or mixing fluids, only the caress of lips as they joined together in bliss.

“I love you, Master. I’ll leave you with your new toy as a wedding gift from me. I’ll take my leave and meet the next target.”

Metal heels clicked the floor as the Amazon walked off towards the broken window. Casually, she flew through the sky, wind whipping through her hair and cape. No doubt there were traces of Master’s cum somewhere on her uniform but the thought only made the superheroine happy. She was going to bring her god’s love to the world...one heroine at a time.


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