The Will of Aphrodite

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Part One

It had started out as a fun little game. Now it had become more of a ritual. People watching: following the petty lives of the mortals of Earth from their comfy spot in the clouds. The other gods looked down upon the practice.

"It's intrusive," they would tell her.

She ignored them of course. People watching wasn't nearly as bad as direct divine intervention, a practice she knew the others were quite fond of… back when the Pantheon was in its prime, at least.

Damned hypocrites, Aphrodite thought with a brief sneer as she lounged upon her silk bedsheets. Her eyes were locked on the world below, searching for entertainment. A nude Ares slumbered beside her, his muscled chest rising and falling. Brother and sister they were, and their joining was one that the mortal world would surely curse as sinful. But by what right could the mortals judge the gods?

Besides, it's not like Zeus had any issues regarding blood ties when choosing a bedmate…

With a pout, the Goddess of Love, Desire, and Beauty watched the denizens of the mortal plane scurry about their short lives. One individual in particular had most of her attention. The only woman in the world who could come close to matching her own divine beauty.

Diana of Themyscira.

The Wonder Woman, Aphrodite noted with a smirk. What's happening in your life today, Protector of Man's World? Or rather, what isn't happening?

It was sad really, almost pathetic, that one of the most beautiful women in the world was leading a life of loneliness. A life devoid of affection and physical pleasure – save, of course, for the particularly cold nights when the Amazonian princess couldn't bear to go to bed without satisfying herself.

It should have offended the divine manifestation of love and sex, the very notion that a creature of such allure and femininity would waste her life away without experiencing the pleasures of the flesh. In fact, it did. At first, Aphrodite was indeed angered, no, enraged that one of her patrons would deny herself what all people naturally desire. But it was quite the experience, watching Diana go about her two lives as businesswoman and superhero, watching her spend night after night in a lavish-but-empty apartment, sleeping in a cold bed with no one around to warm her through the night.

But damn if it wasn't entertaining. A train wreck, certainly, but entertaining. It was almost humorous to hear the new and nonsensical reasons Diana would concoct as to not take a man to bed.

"I'm not looking for a boyfriend," She would say before going home and losing herself in a couple of rented romantic comedies.

"I haven't met anyone special just yet," She would joke before spending an evening reading a trashy erotic novel.

"Young women everywhere look up to me. I have to show them they don't need a man to complete them," She would declare before lying awake at night, staring at the empty half of her king-sized bed.

The same spiel had been repeated for years, ever since she came to the world of Patriarchy. Aphrodite was in awe of the woman's willpower, the thought of going so long without the company of a nice, strong man only coming to the Goddess in the form of nightmares.

Impressive, certainly, but Aphrodite could not abide it. One of her own patrons choosing to be celibate? She certainly could not allow that. When she gave the Amazon a part of her own beauty, it was supposed to be used for exactly as it was intended: to help ease the pillars of Amazonian culture into minds of men through love and warmth. It was not meant to turn her patron into godsdamned cocktease!

Diana of Themyscira desperately needed to get laid.

And Aphrodite was going to help make that happen.

Diana straightened out her bustier, shifting the silver Ws until they were perfectly in place. Appearances were everything after all. For a school full of young ladies getting ready to take on the world, Wonder Woman needed to look more than inspiring. She needed to look like a true role model, with nary a hair out of place: the image of female perfection.

The amazon stepped back and gazed into the mirror, appraising the woman looking back at her. A true aristocrat's face, with full lips, a pert nose, high cheeks, and striking blue eyes. Long, lustrous black hair, falling down her shoulders and back in gentle waves. And lower, she took in her womanly body: long, athletic legs, her skin as smooth as a newborn's bottom. Wide, feminine hips capable of driving even the Batman mad. A flat belly, delightfully toned (and yet not quite muscled like a man's). Full breasts, perky despite their size, yet visibly supple, begging for the ravenous touch of a man's mouth…

Diana blinked. That had been odd. Normally, such carnal thoughts were kept in check. She was an Amazon warrior of Themyscira, not some hormonal young woman who couldn't look at a strapping man without going starry-eyed.

With a purse of her lips, the Woman of Wonder pushed the tawdry ideas from her mind. She looked herself over again, watching the mirror with a clinical eye.

Boots: polished.

Legs: waxed.

Skirt: pressed and cleaned.

Bustier: fitted.

Bracers: shined.

Hair: done.

The final piece had yet to be applied, she remembered. The lipstick was a deep, cherry red, turning her plump lips, once naturally beautiful, into pillowy things that would inspire the dreams of the men for ages to come.

Men, she thought with something that was pointedly not disappointment. There's going to be young men at the assembly as well, she remembered. I might as well give the boys something to gawk at while I'm inspiring their female classmates, Diana rationalized as she cupped her bosom and pushed her tits higher. The resulting cleavage was deep, cavernous even, the top swells of her bust almost spilling out over the silver Ws like a sea of pale flesh.

The delicious bane of man: a nice pair of tits.

The Amazon turned, taking in her profile. The sudden movement caused a not-so-tiny jiggle of her womanly form. She smirked at that, a bit too satisfied. Perhaps she was not entirely free of vanity as she once claimed.

Ass: fantastic.

Breasts: enormous.

Wonder Woman: knockout.

Glancing into the mirror for a final time, Diana Prince strutted out onto her hotel's balcony. With the light morning breeze flowing through her hair, the Amazon lifted into the sky. By will alone, she flew – silently praying that the wind wouldn't mess up all her hard work.

That school wants Wonder Woman? That school is sure as Hades getting Wonder Woman.

"So… that's it? You're making her horny?"

Aphrodite nodded but kept her eyes firmly glued on the Amazon. It was surely an experience for the Goddess, Ares realized, watching her influence slowly but surely affect her most prized patron. She was not going to miss even a moment, not even for the God of War.

He didn't quite like that idea.

Ares frowned at his fellow Goddess, his displeasure at being ignored infecting the very air around him. Crossing his arms, he leaned back into his marble seat, turning his own eyes on the woman who had so totally captured his lover's attention.

She was beautiful, gorgeous, a "dime" as some mortals would say. Tall, leggy, athletic – but not too buff as to look butch. No, Diana of Themyscira had the body of a woman, with wide hips meant for a man to hold as he mounted her… Long hair for a man to pull as he thrust into her… A well-formed rear, heart-shaped, meant for slapping, spanking…

His manhood – or rather, his godhood – stirred in his lap, swelling further with every thought that passed through his mind. Thoughts of sweaty skin, soft lips, bouncing breasts, feminine moans… The God of War did his best to ignore his stiffening cock. It was beneath his position to be felled by what plagued all young boys.

Ares was loathe to admit it, but Wonder Woman was exactly that. At least in terms of beauty… A wonderful woman.

If the Amazon wasn't such an enormous fucking hypocrite, I might have made her one of my patrons, Ares thought with a grimace. Claim that you're for peace, but go around knocking heads with your godlike strength. The loops her mind must be going through to justify it to herself…

And now there she was, preaching her nonsensical views to an auditorium full of impressionable young minds, corrupting them into believing her schlock.

"Every red-blooded man in that room wants to fuck her," Aphrodite giggled, resting her head on her hands. "Teachers, students… You have no idea how many cocks are just primed to pop Wondy's cherry."

"I'm guessing it's a lot."

"And she knows, too. Maybe not, like, in the forefront of her mind… but deep down, in the cavewoman part of her brain, Miss Feminist Princess down there knows what she's doing to those poor boys and she likes it. I can feel it, Ares! She's just as horny as they are! She primed and ready to blow and that's all me, man of mine!"

"At some point she has to break, you said it yourself." He said.

Aphrodite gave him a mischievous little smile, her tongue snaking out to gloss over her lips. "No one, not even the Sensational Wonder Woman, can last against my influence. I'm a base need, baby, just like hunger. The real question is: Can she last to the end of her little speech?"

Ares smirked at that.

At the very least I get to watch the Amazon debase herself, he thought, leaning forward to get a better view.

After all, this was a show he didn't want to miss.

The assembly had felt much longer than half-an-hour. Sam never once believed that just sitting down and listening could be such an arduous experience. But today wasn't the first time he had been proven wrong.

Wonder Woman had come to their school. A special treat arranged by the Principal herself for all the students' hard work. Now, Sam was never one of those cynical asshole types who hated everything and everyone, but he wasn't a hero fanboy either. And he just couldn't find much of a reason to get excited over being crammed into an auditorium to listen to a superheroine talk about… things.

God, I zoned out for the whole fucking thing, didn't I?

The lunchtime bell continued the tradition of being the sound of deliverance. Sam couldn't escape the auditorium fast enough.

Grabbing a tray for himself and filling it with what the school called "food", the young man sought out a secluded table at the far end of the lunchroom. Plopping himself down in a huff, his mind began the mental process of purging the boredom from his body, restoring to it the usual youthful vigor.

As it was such an engaging mental workout, Sam almost didn't notice the friend that had sat down across from him. Lance had his arms crossed, smiling in that usual mischievous way, like there was a joke that only he knew the punchline to. He stared across the table at Sam, almost expectantly, and slowly the smile gave way to a look that almost resembled concern.

"So…" Lance started, furrowing his brow. "I guess we're just not going to talk about it?"

Sam frowned. "Talk about what?"

"The speech," Lance answered, smiling again. "What else?"

"What's there to talk about?" Sam used his spoon to poke at what he believed to be mashed potatoes. "We all heard what she said. A lot of talk about empowerment and "breaking through barriers". I'm going to be honest here, Lance, I don't think that speech was directed towards us lowly dudefolk."

"Well yeah, obviously! No shit! Wonder Woman's all about that feminism crap," Lance dismissed those thoughts with a wave of his hand. "But I'm not talking about her speech. I'm talking about her speech."

Sam raised a single brow. "You lost me."

"Oh, come on! The speech! The way she talked! Her body language!" Lance laughed, running a hand through his blonde hair. "Wonder Woman was horny as fuck, dude!"

Sam reached across the table and placed a hand on Lance's shoulder, a patronizing grin etched on his face. "I think your hormones are acting up again, son."

Lance shrugged the hand away, pointing at Sam accusingly. "She was eye-fucking every guy in that auditorium! How could you not notice that?"

"To be perfectly honest, I sort of zoned out once the wage gap came up."

"So, you missed all of it?" Lance looked aghast. "You couldn't even be bothered to notice her huge tits? Those puppies were fucking out there, dude! Deepest cleavage I've ever seen! Must have been using a magical Amazonian push-up bra or something! I'm surprised they let her on campus dressed the way she was!"

Sam couldn't help but wince. It was just his luck that he'd miss something like that. He tried imagining Wonder Woman standing up there, visibly struggling to keep her composure and not start fingering herself right up there on the stage. But, like all teenage boys, his mind could only do so much.

"What do you want me to say, man?" Sam shrugged, his hands thrown up in mock defeat.

"Well, for starters…" Lance said, disappointment lacing his words. "You can finally admit that you're a eunuch."

Sam flipped him off. "I'll have you know, I have an abundance of manhood."

"Eh?" Befuddlement fell across Lance's sharp features.

"I've got a big dick." Sam clarified.

"Oh. TMI, dude… Fag."

"And for the record…" Sam shoveled a spoonful of mashed potatoes into his mouth. "I did notice her huge tits. They were fantastic."

It was a lie, but Sam would rather be a liar than a eunuch.

"A thirty minute assembly and all you could take away from it were her huge tits?" A shrill voice grated into Sam's eardrums. Sam didn't need to look up to know who it was. He didn't exactly want to look. He much preferred that his lunch remain in his stomach. "I can't really say I expected much from you, but you still managed to disappoint."

"Is this a new tumblr thing? Just cutting into private conversations?" Sam asked, keeping his eyes on his food. The blob of not-mashed potatoes was a more pleasing sight than Alyssa Lieberman.

"Jesus Christ, I didn't even see her coming this time," Lance whispered. "That's impressive, you know… because she's so fat."

Sam did know, all too well. There was no teenage girl on the planet with a bigger chip on her shoulder. And there was no teenage girl prouder for being the size of a small moon.

"Suck my clit, fuckboy." From the sound of her heavy breathing, it was clear that the simple act of flinging verbal abuse had taken some energy out of the rotund girl.

"Watch out, Sam," Lance warned him, voice quivering in mock worry. "Her wit is unparalleled."

With a sigh, Sam turned in his seat. She filled his vision, the picture of militant internet activism. Her gelatinous form jiggled without restraint from even the slightest movement, visible even under her shirt. Printed across her misshaped chest were the words "DIE CIS SCUM".

Swallowing his disgust, Sam forced an effort to be civil. "Can we not do this during lunch, Alyssa? This is supposed to be a time of peace and contemplation and wondering what the hell this food is even supposed to be. If you'd just wait until after school, I'd be positively delighted to listen to you talk about the male gaze and toxic masculinity."

Alyssa snorted, her chins seemingly expanding as she gave them a smile with all the sweetness of a gas station restroom.

"Oh no, I wouldn't waste my valuable time with you two cretins."

"But you're wasting time with us now…" Lance noted with a grin.

"I heard you two fuckfaces reducing Wonder Woman to a pair of tits, so I felt it was my obligation to remind you that those tits accomplished more than you ever will. Plus, Princess Diana comes from Paradise Island, an all-female culture. She's a lesbian, dipshit!" Alyssa placed her hands on her hips – or rather, she attempted to – looking upon the two boys as if their egos had been dealt a deathblow. "You have less than a zero percent chance with her! And even if she was straight, your micro-penis wouldn't exactly impress a woman like her. Think about that before you two pissbabies spew bullshit about her "huge tits"."

With surprising speed, the sneering mountain of a girl reached out and snatched up Sam's fruit cup… And dumped it over his head. Cold juice rained down over his face, his eyes reflexively snapping shut. Damp hair stuck to his forehead, the young man growing tense as he felt the cool, sticky liquid run down his back.

He didn't see Alyssa leave, but he could hear her lumber away. Sam could easily visualize her fat, smug face smirking at her handy work. The thought was but fuel for the fire. A fire that Sam had become adept at controlling.

Wiping the juice from his face, Sam grit his teeth and threw Lance an even smile.

See? I'm alright. Just some juice. No problem.

Lance was less than impressed.

"You know, you could tell a teacher about that. Hell, you could fight back if you wanted. She barely counts as a girl, I don't think people would mind watching her get a black eye."

Sam shook his head. The thoughts of going to town on Alyssa were tempting, but they had to remain as exactly that: thoughts.

"Nah, man. I'm eighteen. She's a junior. I'd rather not get arrested for assaulting a minor. Plus, if I told a teacher, they'd just send us both to the Principal's Office and make us write apology letters to each other."

Lance crossed his arms, jaw set. "Just turn the other cheek, huh?"

"It's only juice," Sam told him, licking his lips. "I've got some spare shirts in my gym locker and there's still time to shower before next period."

Lance seemed to accept that, albeit reluctantly.

"See you after class, then."

Sam nodded, rose from his seat and started for the locker rooms.

I actually liked this shirt, too… Crazy bitch…

Diana was surrounded. Enemies on all sides, closing in. Their scent was heavy in the air, suffocating her. The scent of men. Earthy, musky, strong… unmistakable.

It was intoxicating, so much that Diana found herself holding her breath. She feared a single whiff would make her head spin.

They were teachers, coaches… one of them was quite young… a student teacher, perhaps? All of them male, all of their attention on her.

She had thought her ordeal on stage had been unbearable, forcing out her speech as lust and need slowly crept its way through her body, slithering into her very core. She hadn't noticed until it was too late, until her nipples hardened, pressing against the cold, silver "W"s of her bustier. She had gotten wet, right up there on the stage, before a crowd of hundreds of students, and only the Gods knew why.

She finished her speech – by the Gods, she ought to have an Academy Award for acting natural through the whole thing – and she got out the message she wanted to send to those impressionable school girls, but the worst had yet to come.

The thoughts, lewd, carnal visions, they came next. Thoughts of men, strong men, naked men, and thoughts of Diana herself laying with those men. They came to her like a wave, flooding into her unsuspecting mind.

Why? Why now, she wondered as she desperately searched for the exit. Moving quickly, the Amazonian Princess slipped out into a deserted hallway. Perhaps, she believed, she could have slipped away without anyone noticing and taken care of her problem in the privacy of her hotel room.

A fool's hope. Dressed the way I was, this was bound to happen. How could any man not notice the Woman of Wonder?

And notice her, they certainly did. A group of school faculty members caught her right outside the gymnasium. Diana couldn't blow them off, not when she was an invited guest.

But simply blowing them, however…

Diana bit her tongue, silencing the thought.

The men before her were speaking intently, all wide eyes and wide smiles, but Diana was worlds away. She was fighting a battle of the mind, a battle of will versus desire.

A battle the men would likely pray for her to lose.

They want to fuck me, Diana concluded, digging her nails into the skin of her palm. They all want to fuck me.

She could smell it on them, in the air. Their arousal was potent, visibly straining against their khaki work pants. She eyed them subtly, the cocks that were so cruelly imprisoned within their trousers, suffocating in their cloth prisons. Her body ached deliciously and it took the willpower of every Green Lantern and more to keep her from touching her clit right then.

And I think I want to fuck them, too.

She needed to escape. Now.

"It was truly a pleasure to come and speak to your wonderful students, but I'm afraid I must excuse myself for a moment," Diana interrupted with a forced smile, not un-gently brushing through the ring of men that had surrounded her. "Pardon me."

Rounding the corner, she made long, quick strides, her heels clicking, clicking, clicking…

Gods, what is happening to me?

She would never make it back to the hotel. Her skin cried out to her, yearning to be touched, her breasts begging to be cupped and kneaded. Her blood sang, her heart drumming against her ribcage. Diana needed release.

Hera, forgive me…

She looked around frantically, eyes darting about for anything that could provide privacy.

Then she saw it.

"Locker Rooms"


"You know, I thought she was going to drop to her knees right there and start sucking those teachers off."

"She was this close, Ares! This close!"

"That would've been fun to watch. Guess we'll just have to settle for masturbating in the gyms locker rooms."

"Kinda disappointing, really. I'm spending all this time and energy trying to get Miss Lonely here to grab a man and go to town, but there she is, taking all that lust and pent up frustration-"

"Hold on a second… That's the boys' locker room."

Please note that I have not abandoned work on XXX-Men or The Spider and the Cat. I just like to mix things up by shifting focus to different projects periodically. It helps me keep things fresh in my mind and stops me from getting bored with one particular work. It also helps me get over writers block when I get stuck on a certain story and don't know where to take it.

I apologize if my sporadic update schedule with my stories annoys or irks you. Please don't hate me. I couldn't handle that. You are my muse, my flame.

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