Does Lex Luthor Lie?

BY : NightCreeper
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Does Lex Luthor Lie?

By: Night Creeper

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Does Lex Luthor Lie?

By: Night Creeper

Mercy walked down the dark corridor of Lex Luthor's tower. Currently, the building was being renovated and the workers were done for the most part, but they haven't finished the electric aspects of the project. It had only been a few weeks since Luthor decided to open a new office in Gateway City. There were still some hallways that needed to be reconnected to the main power grid. The woman had suggested that several grids be created with backups. At first the workers laughed, but when her employer agreed with her, the workers quickly went to work, although not quick enough for her tastes. That's when she decided to motivate them in terms of giving the a kick start, but her motivation actually gave some of them cracked ribs, and slowed the process down even more. However, the woman was very happy with what she had done even though the deadline to finish the project was delayed for a week. Just the mere thought of what she did made the woman smile as she knocked on Lex Luthor's office door.

"Come in" he replied as he pressed a button and the door slid open.

"The preparations are set. Several investors have signed up for the special galas. They even agreed to some of the outrageous prices," the woman spoke as she entered the room and heard the constant sound of someone slurping.

"Very good. What about the airplane?" the bald man inquired as he attempted to control his breathing.

"Everything is set for tomorrow. I even took the liberty of outsourcing some of the festivities to other groups. Consider them contractors."

"So everything is set."

"Not really. The new deliveries have not arrived just yet."

"No need to worry about that. I have no qualms about a late delivery especially when you weigh the importance of the items. If they are late for a few days, that will not be a problem. If it's late for months, then we might have a problem. Besides, our move was a bit on the quick side, and we didn't tell them that we moved until a few days ago. Thus, a delay is to be expected."

"I don't trust the supplier."

"I don't trust him either. All his maniacal cackling gets to my ears, but his other partner that created the stuff is amazingly sufficient. If he only left Thailand years before, I could have set my plans in motion long before then. But good things come to those who wait," the man mused as he stared under his desk and patted the long, sweat covered hair black hair of the woman servicing his manhood.

"Should I dispose of your toy?"

"No. I'm going to keep her. Just make sure that everything is ready for tomorrow. Tell your toad that the job was completed perfectly."

"I will and things will be ready," Mercy spoke as she left the room, leaving Lex Luthor and his newest tart alone.


One Week Later

"Look Joey, cash in this bag and change in the other one. It's not that hard," a man in black ski mask said to a slightly pudgier man in a similar mask.

"Dude! You said no names! Why are you calling me by my real name, Jake?"

"Fuck you!"

"Fuck you too!"

"Will you two shut up! Reggie with our getaway van is probably getting antsy out there. Just because Joey was able to get us inside this bank without being noticed and bypassing all the alarms, doesn't make this an open and shut robbery just yet. As for the cameras, I've turned them off when we entered the place," a muscular man spoke. "Now, get the money so we can go."

"See Joey, you had nothing to worry about," Jake laughed as he grabbed his bag and exited the bank vault with the other three men.

"I'm sorry, but you do have something to worry about," a female voice said with authority.

"HOLY SHIT! IT'S WONDER WOMAN!" all three men screamed as the muscular man pulled out an machine gun and started firing at the Amazon, who began to deflect the bullets as the men dropped their bags and ran out of the bank.

"I knew we were going to be in trouble! I knew it!" Jake shouted as some of deflected bullets landed harmlessly onto the floor.

"Keep running," Joey panted as he exited the bank first as Jake pushed them out of the door while the muscular man trailed behind them, still firing at Wonder Woman.

"Get in the van!" Jake shouted as he saw the back doors of the van wide open. Joey and Jake quickly jumped into the van as the muscular man continued to shoot at Wonder Woman, who was now standing in the bank's doorway.

"Reggie man! Get us the fuck out of here!" Joey screamed as he made his way to the front and saw an unconscious Reggie tied to driver's seat. Then he saw that the door handles on the inside were all bent, making it impossible to open the doors from the inside.

"Start the van!" the muscular man shouted as he burned his last clip and started to close the doors in the back.

By now, Joey's eyes scanned the back and saw that handles were ripped off too. "Don't close the door!" he shouted as the muscular man slammed the door close.

"Why not?" he asked as he looked down and saw that the handles were gone. "Holy shit! Start the van!"

Jake quickly turned the key, which was still in the ignition. The engine started and he slammed on the accelerator causing the van to lurch forward, but it didn't budge. Instead, smoke began to bellow out of the engine as the two front tires fell off and rolled down the streets. "Holy shit!" Jake screamed.

"Give me more ammo!" the muscular man yelled as he saw Wonder Woman nonchalantly walking toward the van.

Joey grabbed the black bag and poured out the contents only to find a yellow smiley face. "She took all of it!" he shouted as police sirens were heard in the distant.

"I thought you said the alarms were off!"

"The cops probably heard all the gunfire!"

"FUCK YOU!" the muscular man screamed as the back doors of the van were ripped wide open.

"You gentlemen going to come quietly and peacefully or am I going to have to teach you about shooting at an unarmed woman?" Wonder Woman asked politely. All three men looked at each other, gulped, and raised their hands. "Much better. Much better than shooting at me since that makes me mad."

"Please don't hurt us," the three men said in unison as the saw the police cars pulling up behind the Amazon, who didn't even have to throw a punch to subdue the bank robbers.


One Month Later

Lex Luthor stood behind a podium in front of a huge crowd of people. The man was dressed in black tuxedo as hundreds of people were seated patiently in their elegantly decorated tables. Hanging off of the ceiling were diamond chandeliers and gold plates were placed on each table. Originally the man wanted to have the gala in his new business building, but the electricians were a bit slow, so he settled for one of ballrooms of Gateway City's posh hotels. "Ladies and gentlemen, I hope the food was decent and worth the five thousand dollar a plate price tag that you all paid," Lex Luthor spoke as he heard a few laughs from the crowd. "First I have to thank all of you for attending tonight. It isn't every day that I move to a new city and decide to host a party. Actually, I'm lying. I intend to hold more parties like this from now on. In the previous city, the press hated me and they made my life there miserable. But now, I have decided to start all over here in Gateway City and I intend to share the wealth with Gateway City."

"Let's hear it for Mr. Lex Luthor," Mayor Osgood, who was the mayor of Gateway City spoke as he took to the podium. "Mr. Luthor has made a generous donation to our city. With the money that he has donated, our entire library system will be overhauled in the next few months. Each library will have at least three separate self-check-out machines. This will allow our librarians to perform more customer oriented services rather than stamping due dates onto books and trying to avoid repetitive stress and injuries," the mayor spoke as the crowd applauded. "However, let's get to the real business at hand. Everybody in this room knows that I've spearheaded a bill to find funding for underprivileged children. The bill was passed by you, the voters, but the City Council killed the program due to budget issues. Please, don't boo. This is not a political rally. Instead, let me bring up Doctor Will Graham, who is also the Director of Operations for C.F.O.C., better known as Care For Our Children."

"Thank you, Mr. Mayor," Will Graham spoke as he took the podium. "Usually when we have something like this, some of the money that you paid to come here is used to pay for the rental and the food. Tonight, that will not be the case. Every dollar that you spent tonight will go to the city's fund to help underprivileged children and this is due to Mr. Luthor's generous donation. He paid for the rental, the staff, and the food for tonight," the man spoke as he pointed at Lex Luthor while the crowd applauded.

Lex Luthor and Mayor Osgood approached the podium as the crowd stood up and applauded. After a few seconds, Luthor made his way to microphone. "Thank you all for the applause, but I have an announcement to make. There are roughly a few hundred people here and that means roughly half a million dollars was raised to help the children. I have decided to add some more money to the fund. It isn't much, but it will help get things started. Not only that, but it should be able to obtain a building and a staff that the City Council will be unable to touch, ensuring a future for every child," Luthor spoke as the crowd applauded even more. "Thus, without further ado, let's bring out that check."

"And who better than Gateway City's own Wonder Woman!" the Mayor spoke as the crowd clapped even harder when Wonder Woman dressed in her infamous outfit stepped onto the stage carrying a huge check that was covered by a red, white, and blue tarp. Flashbulbs went off from several locations as the woman stood next to the men. The Mayor and Will Graham stood on each side of the check and tore the tarp off, which got even more cheers, for the grand total written on the check was ten million dollars.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we can do better than that!" Will Graham spoke as the crowd clapped even harder while the staff passed around champagne glasses filled to the rim. They even passed one to everyone on the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen, to Lex Luthor!" the Mayor spoke as everyone downed their drink including Wonder Woman.


Two Days Later

"I don't know what your game is Luthor, but I don't trust you," Wonder Woman spoke as sat in Lex Luthor's office.

"I understand your qualms, but rest assured that I have turned over a new leaf," the man spoke as he sipped his wine. "You're not going to touch you wine."

"The champagne was for a toast, this wine on the other hand . . ." Wonder Woman spoke as she held the wine glass.

"Say no more," Luthor spoke as he placed his hand on top of Wonder Woman's. The heroine glared at the man, who quickly slipped his hand up, snatched the glass, and poured the contents into his. He than took a quick sip before speaking again. "Although you won't accept my hospitality, I hope you accept my offer. I need you, Wonder Woman."

"We've talked about this before the dinner a few nights ago. It was strictly a one shot deal," Wonder Woman spoke, ignoring the look in the man's eyes and seriously wanting to wash her hand.

"It should be of no surprise to you that this city is in a budget crunch. Being a savvy businessman, I have taken a very light hit due to the recession. However, this city isn't as diversified when it comes to income. When I said I needed you, I meant it. Business people and assorted philanders aren't willing to part with their money if they know that I am the one organizing it. With you participating, it will give it an air of legitimacy."

"Are you saying that it's illegitimate?"

"No. I'm changing my life and I understand your reluctance to believe me. You can ask Superman about my last few days before moving here."

"I couldn't reach him."

"The man must be trying to save the world again. What a guy. As for me, I want people to speak well of me instead of ill."

"That might be a hard sell."

"That's exactly what I mean. By myself, it will take a great deal of time. With you at the events, people will believe me more when I say that I've decided to change my life."

"I don't know about this."

"I know I can't convince you myself, but think of my next event. I want to help the Children's Cancer Center, but I have no backers. In fact, the place doesn't even want my money. I want to help, but some people just don't want to accept money from Lex Luthor regardless of what Mayor Osgood says."

"That center does need the money."

"I'm willing to donate one million dollars."

"That low?"

"I can give more, but the center won't even accept my calls right now. They tell me that they are appreciative, but they don't want my money. If you won't help me out by attending the event, at least accept a check from me. That way you can donate it to them. They'll accept a check from you."

"But you won't get the credit."

"I only want to help even if no one recognizes it."

"I'll have a talk with the director of the Children's Cancer Center," Wonder Woman reluctantly voiced.

"Thank you! Thank you!" Lex Luthor replied with a huge smile on his face.


One Week Later

"I don't trust him," Rex Wrangler, the man in charge of the Children's Cancer Center, spoke to Wonder Woman. "I know he wants to change, but I don't know if he's sincere."

"I don't either," Wonder Woman admitted, but the positive outweigh the negative if Lex Luthor truly wants to change his ways. "You said it yourself, the center needs the funding since the City Council cut the budget."

"We need the money, but I don't know if we should accept his."

"You said you would accept a check from me."

"Yes. Yes, I did."

"But that check would really be from him."

"I figured as much."

"At least this way, he gets to interact with some of these kids and gets to see where the money is going. That way, if he's lying, perhaps he may change after all."

"He is making a lot of the children smile though. It's been some time since we were able to give them ice cream. The city refuses to replace our old machine and it hasn't worked in weeks. Some of the staff were buying ice cream with their own money, but we could never get enough."

"At least this way you can now."

"I suppose."

"You suppose?"

"I want to get the machine fixed, but we took out several loans that need to be repaid. The bank has been very generous in terms of delaying some of the payment date and has waived some of the late penalties, but sooner or later, we will have to pay the full amount with interest. I was hoping that I could have used most of the money to pay back the bank and hire back some of the staff members who were unjustly fired due to budget cuts. We lost a lot of good workers and the current ones cannot deal with the workload. They try, but you can see the exhaustion in their faces. In fact, since Luthor brought in entertainers and a wait staff, mine are currently enjoying themselves and taking a breather."

"You know. I could talk to him to see about donating more money. Perhaps he can do this once a week for the children."

"I hope so. The ones that he's talking to now are the terminally ill ones. We try to give them as much stuff as possible, but we're really stretching things. I hate to admit it, but his donation is a real godsend."

"I'll talk to him. He says he wants to donate more money to the city, so I'll see if he's telling the truth."


Two Weeks Later

"I have to thank you two for helping out Gateway City like this," Mayor Osgood spoke as he cut his steak. The Mayor had invited both Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman to posh restaurant for dinner.

"It's really nothing. Without Wonder Woman's help, I don't think a lot of people would have agreed to my help," Lex Luthor spoke.

"That's because they still don't like your past."

"You don't seem to mind."

"If you go back toward it, I will."

"But you won't, right?" the mayor asked.

"I have no need. I like helping people. I said that when I first moved here."

"Excellent. Due to the money that you've donated, some of the other businessmen are donating money as well. It turns out that the press was making it a big deal."

"Making what a big deal?"

"The press said that if a new person is willing to donate money then why isn't the regulars doing it."

"Makes a lot of sense," Wonder Woman spoke.

"Exactly. Due to those articles and Mr. Luthor's generous donations, several people have donated. In fact, the donations for plates deal is still going strong."

"We had about eight of them in the last two weeks. And it is all thanks to Wonder Woman."

"I just carry out the check."

"Yes, but without you, nobody would attend those functions," Luthor spoke as the heroine almost blushed.

"Waiter, can you bring us some more wine?" the mayor asked as the waiter quickly left and returned with a wine bottle. "Wonder Woman, is this wine any good?"

"I don't know."

"I've heard that you're quite the connoisseur now."

"You're exaggerating Mr. Mayor. At the galas, I simply drink what is served," Wonder Woman replied. "And I might add, I don't drink that much."

"Well, I hope you will join me in a toast then," the mayor spoke as the waiter began to pour the wine. "To generosity!" the mayor spoke.

"To generosity," Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman spoke as they clanged their glasses and drank.


One Week Later

"My knight takes your rook," a bald boy spoke as he sat on his bed.

"Then my bishop takes your queen," Lex Luthor replied.

"My pawn takes your pawn."

"My bishop takes your knight," Luthor sighed as he paid very little attention to the people standing outside of the room.

"I don't know what you said to him, but we got another donation from him," Rex spoke to Wonder Woman. "It's not as large as his last one, but it's quite good. I don't know how to thank you."

"Don't mention it, I'm glad to help," Wonder Woman replied. "He does seem to have a thing with children and chess, doesn't he?"

"I believe he does. He has been playing chess with most of the children since this morning. By the way, Mr. Luthor has agreed to hire the entertainers and the caterers on a monthly basis. The children and my staff are besides themselves with glee."

"Don't take his pawn, kid," Wonder Woman mouthed as she watched from the doorway.

"I've read in the paper that you have appeared in several fund raising galas as of late. Does it have anything due to getting money from him?"

"I told you that I would speak to him and I did. He has donated more money to the center and I'm sure he will donate even more. Don't worry about me, Mr. Wrangler."

"Bishop takes pawn!" the boy spoke gleefully.

"Are you doing that because Wonder Woman said so?" Lex Luthor asked.


"Then bishop takes pawn and I believe that's checkmate."

"Are you sure you wanted me to eat his pawn?" the boy asked.

"I said don't take his pawn," Wonder Woman replied as she entered the room.

"Oh," the boy said dejectedly.

"Don't worry. I'm sure that if you didn't take Wonder Woman's advice, you could have won easily. She probably did just so I wouldn't look bad losing to a gifted kid like yourself," Lex Luthor replied as he saw the kid blush. "Well, I have to leave now. I have a business meeting to attend to. Mr. Wrangler, I hope you don't mind, but I've scheduled some more chess matches with the children for my next visit. Please tell the ones that didn't make the schedule that I would try my hardest to fit them in."

"I will tell the children," the man nodded.

"Perhaps Mr. Luthor would like to visit the children on a weekly basis?" Wonder Woman smiled.

"I'll see if that fits. Mr. Wrangler see if that fits into your schedule."

"I'll look into it, sir."


Later in the Day

"Mr. Graham, is Lex Luthor still donating money to you?" Wonder Woman asked as he sat in the man's office.

"He's still donating some money. He's got his assistant, some lady by the name of Mercy talking to the teamsters and I have to say, I haven't seen people work that fast in a long time. The workers seem totally afraid of her and they'll work as hard and take as few breaks as she allows," the man replied as he handed the woman a notepad. "If you take a look at some of the names on the list there, you'll see some local businessmen who have decided to donate money to us as well. In the last couple of weeks, I managed to create a budget, and a grant system to offer assistance to most needy organizations. For the first ever, things look bright for the underprivileged."

"It sounds almost too good to be true."

"I know it does, but Mayor Osgood has looked into the matter and all the businessmen guarantee payment."

"I was referring to Lex Luthor."

"I understand where you're coming from. I too was skeptical about him at first, but after his check cleared and the hands-on approach that he's taken in terms of making sure that the office is built on schedule, I've taken a liking to him. Now, in the past, he would probably have used this as a guise to blow up the world or something, but Mr. Wrangler tells me that he's been a hit with the kids. That's something that the old Lex Luthor would never do."

"Donating money was something that the old Lex Luthor would never do."

"This is true. If you're wondering, our mayor has got in contact with the mayor of the previous city and they said that Lex Luthor donated money, but the press wouldn't believe that he wanted to turn over a new leaf. Thus, he angrily left town and came here. He still has factories there, but he doesn't donate like he does here. In fact, rumors are flying that the old city is currently courting him now that the economy has taken a downturn."

"This is just hard to accept."

"I know. I had my secretary and a few interns compile a list of pros and cons about Lex Luthor helping out. They made a list based on the old qualities and then a list based on the new qualities, and I must say that I am blown away by it. The new Lex Luthor is like an angel and I got to tell you, the public is swaying his way, and our press is at times even more belligerent than that other newspaper company back where Lex came from."

"Perhaps I should get in contact with someone from there."

"You can try, but it seems like there's a temporary gag order placed on them. Their city is trying to court Lex and people have told the paper to clam up."

"Wouldn't hurt to try though. Thanks for your time, Mr. Graham," Wonder Woman spoke as she left the office.


Later that Night

"Oh god! Oh god!" a sweaty raven haired woman moaned as Lex Luthor took her from behind. She was thrusting her hips and meeting his thrusts, the both of them working in perfect harmony. The woman had other partners before, but none of them could hold a candle to him. He was the one that had power over her for he was the one that could make her feel good. The euphoric feeling was what she craved and lusted after. And since it could only come from him, she would do anything for him.

"You like this?" he panted as he reached down and grabbed her heavy breasts.

"OH YES!" the woman groaned. "Yes mighty Luthor! I love it! This city loves you for the great things that you have done for it. But most importantly, I love you!" she screamed.

"Such a lovely slut," the man panted as he stopped pumping into her and gripped her hips. The bald perspiring man then laid down on the bed with his member still lodged inside the woman.

"Yes I am," the woman cooed as she slowly turned to face him. She then leaned forward and rested her heaving breasts against the man's face. "I love you!" she yelled as she slammed herself onto his member again and again. The woman's hair flailed violently from side to side, splashing her sweat all over the place. Within a few seconds, the woman climaxed and fell on top of him, his member slipping out of her hot, dripping pussy.

"And I love the fact that you love me," Luthor smiled as he stroked her face before rolling her off of him. He then rolled her on her side and placed his right hand under her while his left hand raised her left leg. Without saying a word, he rammed his manhood back into her sex while his right hand gripped her right breast and squeezed.

The woman's left hand reached across her own chest and squeezed the man's wrist lovingly as she began to thrust her hips yet again. Her head turned and kissed him solidly on the lips. "You helped so many people in this city and you helped me discover my real self. Tomorrow, I want to repay the favor to you," she panted as she broke away from his kiss.

"What if I don't want to keep you and only want this to be our last night?"

"Then I will have to kill myself," she replied as she kissed his cheek and licked it.

"No need ruin your body by killing yourself. We'll just see what happens tomorrow," Luthor spoke.

"Thank you," the woman breathed huskily as she closed her lips around his and almost swallowed his invading tongue. The woman knew that it would only be a few more seconds before she climaxed yet again, except this time, the man's hot seed would flood her sex.

After a few minutes, Lex Luthor rolled off the woman, and wiped his member with her hair. He then stood up and grabbed his robe. "We need to talk," a cold icy voice emitted from the doorway.

"Yes, Mercy. Go ahead and speak," Lex Luthor spoke as he adjusted his robe.

"I want to postpone her doctor's meeting for the time being. I think it would be more beneficial for the other one to see her before the doctor gets to her."

"You think that would help?"

"It would show her what she has to look forward to when she can't do anything about it."

"You mean when she's convulsing in ecstasy on my bed?"

"If that's what you want."

"Yes, that's exactly what I want."

"Then if things go as planned, you have two black haired toys to play with."

"Yes. Yes, I will," Luthor smiled.


Three Days Later

"You have to drink again," a little bald boy laughed as he sat in his hospital bed.

"Alright," Wonder Woman spoke as she drank the milk from the plastic cup.

"Mr. Luthor, I don't know how you came up with this idea, but it's brilliant," Mr. Wrangler spoke as he stood by Lex Luthor, who was observing the chess game between Wonder Woman and a terminally ill kid.

"I asked him if he liked drinking milk and he said he didn't. However, milk will help his body out in this case, so I substituted the alcohol in a drinking game with milk. Apparently, he's taken to it," Luthor spoke as he counted the chess pieces on the side, two pawns for each side eliminated from play.

"He's never drank milk without complaining, but he seems quite taken with the idea."

"You have to know how to motivate kids."

"My bishop takes your pawn," Wonder Woman spoke. "That means you have to drink your milk."

"Okay," the boy replied as a nurse poured milk into a plastic cup and the boy drank it immediately without complaint.

"Sir," a nurse spoke as she entered the room. "Some of the other children have heard about the new rule when it comes to chess, they want to try it."

"Mr. Luthor, your idea seems to have spread to the ears of the children. Do you care to start this with all the kids?"

"I don't mind, but I want to know if the other nurses and staff members are willing. I wouldn't want to do this and have some of the kids feel cheated."

"I don't think that will be a problem," Mr. Wrangler spoke as the nurse smiled.

"Wonder Woman," Luthor called out.

"Don't bother me, Luthor. I'm trying to see if I can save my knight from his pawn here," she spoke.

"But we need to know if you're willing to accept the terms, one cup of milk per chess piece lost," the nurse quickly spoke.

"Sure," the Amazon replied.

"Then it's settled. The children will be happier and they'll be healthier," Wrangler smiled as the nurse left the room.

"SWEET!" the little boy laughed. "I took Wonder Woman's knight with my pawn!"

"The boy is good," Luthor smiled as he watched the game intently.


Two Days Later

"Hurry up you guys! We have to get out of here before the police come!" a man wearing a black ski mask spoke as he collected as many bills from the bank vault as humanly possible.

"Should we take these?" another one asked as he carried out numerous rolls of coins.

"Take the bills and leave the coins! The coins are too heavy and there are not worth as much! Just remember not to stuff any of them in the blue bag!"

"They're both money and they're guaranteed by the Federal government," a third member spoke.

"Damn it! Just take green bills and let's get out of here before we're caught!"

"Too late for that!" a female voice boomed behind them, close to the doorway of the bank.

"Wonder Woman!" the all yelled as they turned and saw the buxom crime fighter standing behind them with her hands on her hips.

"That's right and you're all under arrest."

"Isn't she suppose to be at that fund raising event?"

"You mean a fundraiser."

"But she can't be at one if she's here."

"That was the original idea, you two morons!" the leader shouted. "She was suppose to be at the gala so we could rip off this bank, but since she's here, we should surrender now. Here, take the money!" he shouted as he tossed several stacks of bills from the blue bag at the woman. The woman prepared to catch the money when the money exploded and splashed paint all over her, she had to cover her face to protect her eyes. "RUN!" the man leader shouted as the grabbed their sacks and ran toward the temporarily blinded woman.

"Look out," the third one spoke as his sack hit the crime fighter flush on the face, sending her crashing into the teller's station as the three crooks ran out of the bank and threw their sacks into a van before climbing in.

"No you don't," Wonder Woman hissed as she tossed her lasso and caught the van's hook in the back. With her strength, she tugged on the lasso as the crooks tried to pull away. The van's tires squealed and burn themselves into the asphalt before a loud cracking sound boomed through the silent streets.

"What the hell!" the leader spoke as he looked behind and saw that the van had ripped in half.

"We're rear-wheel drive," the second crook uttered.

"Everybody for themselves!" the first crook shouted as he dashed out of the van with the two others close behind. Wonder Woman wanted to chase them, but decided it was best to stay with the money until the police showed up since the vault and the bank's door were both busted wide open.


The Next Day

"Are you okay?" Rex Wrangler asked Wonder Woman, who was sitting on a bench in the hallway. "Does this have something to do with losing to another kid at chess?"

"No. I just can't believe I screwed up so badly yesterday."

"I don't believe you screwed up at all. I read in the newspaper that you stopped the crooks and ripped their van in half. I guess ripping the van in half could be considered screwing up since the police couldn't tow the van away."

"The newspaper neglected to inform you that the crooks got to the van because they used some dye packs to temporarily blind me. I saw the bills come toward me, but I didn't react. It was like things were moving in slow motion and I was stuck in mud. But even before that, I should have disabled the van before even stepping inside the bank."

"You had no idea that the van was being used for the robbery."

"The back door was open and there were a few guns inside, but for odd reason, I didn't react."

"You had a lot on your mind. I believe you were at dinner that ended early."

"But that usually . . ."

"I WON!! YEA!!!" a boy screamed happily from one of the rooms as Lex Luthor exited the room and downed a cup of milk.

"I'll get you next game," he spoke as he waved goodbye to the kid.

"You lost too?" Rex Wrangler inquired.

"I lost, but Wonder Woman lost?" he inquired.

"I lost all three games," Wonder Woman spoke.

"You lost three games. Well, don't worry. There's nothing to worry about. I bet you let the kids win," Luthor replied.

"And how many games have you lost?" Rex asked.

"One. That was my first game of the day. It's only been forty minutes and I spend about three hours with these kids," Luthor spoke as he saw Rex flagging him with his hands.

"It's okay Rex. I must just be tired. I'll go play a few more games, drink some more milk, and go home," Wonder Woman spoke as she stood up and slowly made her way down the hall.

"What's wrong with her today?" Lex Luthor asked the man.

"I think she's tired."

"I hope she isn't too tired. There's a casino night dinner at the hotel. She's suppose to be there and several rich people are going to show up for charity. Hopefully she shows or there will be a lot of angry people especially since they paid to get the woman's autograph."

"I'm sure she will show up. In fact, she's agreed to show up here and play the kids at chess everyday, especially the ones that hate to drink milk. I hope you have a hefty budget for us."

"For this, I can spare anything," Lex Luthor replied.


Later that Night

"Mayor Osgood, how are you tonight?" Lex Luthor inquired as he spoke to the man.

"It's going really well. They've raised five million dollars already. Wonder Woman is finishing her last autograph and she will soon be able to present the check," Mayor Osgood replied with a huge smile on his face.

"Are you sure it's safe us to have all this money in the open like this? I mean, most of the officers have left for the night. Is there something I need to know?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"I have my own security force. If we need security here . . ."

"Mr. Luthor, I'm sure the police are at their posts."

"But most of them left through the front door."

"I'll check with the police chief to see what's going on then," the man spoke as he walked away from Lex Luthor, who made his way toward the autograph table.

"There you go, sir. And thanks for donating tonight," Wonder Woman spoke as she shook the hand of a wealthy man, who left with an autographed picture.

"Are you feeling tired?" Lex Luthor asked.

"A little, but I wouldn't have missed this," she replied.

"I just had an oral agreement with Thurmond Steele, the wealthy steel manufacture. He said he is willing to put up ten million dollars to run a nightly party for underprivileged children."

"There has to be a catch."

"The only catch is that he will present the check to you at the end of the night for one week. Apparently, he needs the publicity since the city is going to decide whether or not to renew his contracts. He's hoping that public opinion will help.

"For how long?"

"Just two weeks. It comes out to two million dollar a night."

"The kids do need the money, but how come you're not helping out?"

"I'm building more factories so money is a bit tight since everyone wants money up front," he spoke. "But I'll definitely donate more once the factories are built and I have more cash on hand."

Suddenly, machine gun fire exploded at the doorway as twenty thugs with ski masks stood at the doorway. "Alright people, we only want the money! If everyone stays calm, nobody will get hurt, and to make certain of that, we have some hostages!" the leader spoke as his cohorts brought forward ten very scared toddlers with vests around them.

"What is the meaning of this?" Mayor Osgood spoke as he glanced around for security.

"This is a robbery, pops! And if anyone tries anything, these kids are dead. I wouldn't suggest you do anything either, toots!" the leader spoke as he eyed Wonder Woman.

"They're going to kill the kids regardless," Luthor whispered to the woman.

"How do you know?"

"I can see it in his eyes."

"Really now."

"I use to be the same way, remember?"

"So what's his plan then?"

"He will take the money, leave with the hostages. He then probably take two vehicles. Eventually, they will meet up somewhere, where the hostages are dumped and the crooks escape. The hostages will probably be threatened, forcing the police to decide on whether to catch them or save the hostages."

"And you know this because?"

"Because when I first started out, I thought exactly the same way as these barbarians. Superman saw to it that I never got away with those plans. And to be honest with you, all crooks think that way when they first start out."

"Then do you have a plan?"

"I need your help."


"I'll offer them something, but to prevent them from shooting me, I need you to stand beside me to deflect the bullets, if needed."

"Lead the way," the Amazon nodded as Lex Luthor stepped toward the doorway.

"Holy shit! The man's gone legit!" the leader laughed as he saw Lex Luthor approach him.

"I've gone legit, but it's obvious that crime still exists. Now before you ask for all the money that's going to charity. I'm going to offer you a deal," Luthor spoke calmly.

"No deal! I don't talk to people who have gone soft!"

"Soft? Hardly. I just decided to change my life. However, when you leave here with the money, you'll want to kill the hostages. You'll make the police choose on whether or not they want to apprehend you or save a bunch of kids. Isn't that right?"

"Boss, he knows our plan," another one whispered.

The leader brushed him aside and straightened his face. "Nah! We're going to let them go after we get the money. They're going to accompany us when we leave, but we'll let them go afterwards."

"I already know your response. I can see it in your eyes," Luthor spoke as the man began to shake slightly. "However, I have a better solution. I will give you the access codes to a Swiss Bank Account worth ten million dollars. That's more than what they raised here and that's about one million per child. Consider it payment for their ransom."

"How do I know we can trust you?"

"Half of your gang leaves now and I'll make a call to my assistant. She will arrange the paperwork and in two hours, you'll be a rich man with no bloodshed on your hands. You can even take me hostage with you. In fact, I'll sweeten the deal and wire another ten million dollars two days after the transaction. Let the hostages go safe and sound, and you'll be rich, and no government can touch the money."

"Alright boys, I need some of you to leave. We'll split the loot later if baldy here keeps his part of the bargain. But here's my plan. The rest of us stays here until the deal is done. Then we take you and kids, no cops. We'll deposit you somewhere after we make our escape outside of the city."

"I did not . . ."

"If you don't agree, I'll blow the kids up," the man spoke as he pulled out a small remote control from his pocket. "Each vest has explosives. Enough to make a huge mess. There's also a timer. If you agree and everyone goes well after we leave, I'll use this to disarm the explosives. If you don't trust me, take a cell phone and I'll call with the code to deactivate them. Wonder Woman may be able to deflect bullets, but she can't stop me from blowing them up."

"Agreed," Lex Luthor spoke as he stared coldly at the beaming man.


Later that Night

"You were so brave," Wonder Woman whispered as she danced dangerously close to Lex Luthor.

"I did what I had to," he replied. "That money could have gone to help the city, but instead it's gone to fatten a criminal's greedy pockets.

"I use to have my doubts about you," the woman spoke as she placed her cheek on his shoulder and clutched his hands tightly. She remembered the first time that he touched her hand, she wanted to tip his eyes out, but now she wanted to hold him. The Amazon even pressed her body close to him as they danced. She pressed her top and her breasts against him. In fact, her eagle was probably making an indent on his chest.

"I could dance like this forever," he spoke as he took a whiff of her hair, savoring her smell.

"Maybe, but this is better," she spoke as she released his hands and clasped them behind his neck. She could feel his hands clasping the middle of her back, pressing her closer to him. Wonder Woman stared into his eyes like a love sick puppy as she wished that his hands would move toward her ass.

"Wonder Woman . . ." Lex gasped as he was taken aback, but before he could finish his statement, the woman closed her lips over his and rammed her tongue into his mouth. He tried to struggle but her sheer strength, kept him close and unable to escape. After a few minutes, Lex Luthor submitted and stopped resisting as he kissed the woman back and let her tongue roam his mouth. That's when the Amazon lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist, forcing him to grip her firm buttocks, in order to keep his balance as the woman almost climaxed from his touch.

"What the hell was that?" Wonder Woman asked herself as she woke up groggily from her dream just as she started screaming in ecstasy. She stared at the clock and there was a good four hours of sleep still left. The woman closed her eyes but was unable to fall asleep. She tried counting sheep, but that didn't work, so she started thinking about the nights events. The Amazon remembered Lex Luthor locating a laptop and showing the gunmen the information about the Swiss Bank Account. She remembered that as the transfer went through, Luthor made them release nine of the hostages and even offered to wear the vest instead of the last remaining kid. The gunman refused at first, but later relented. He then took Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman onto a van, totally blindfolded. A few hours later, the van stopped and the men disappeared, leaving both of them in the middle of nowhere. By that time the gunmen had all left and both individuals were lucky enough to locate the city after a two hour drive. Luthor immediately phoned Mercy and wired the rest of the money while he drove back to the gala, where he checked up on everyone. Needless to say, everyone was very appreciative of his plan. As Wonder Woman remembered the events, her eyelids got tired, so she closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep again.

As time passed, the woman began to dream again. Except this time, she was lying on a bed spread made of red silk. Her gold bracelets were gone and replaced with dull silver cuffs. Her outfit was gone except for her tiara while a black dog collar encased her neck. Wonder Woman's breasts were bigger and her nipples were pierced by thick golden rings. Chains extended from her cuffs to her nipples rings and to her collar, which was also secured by a chain to the bedpost. Surrounding the bed were candles as her chains jiggled while she drove a dildo into her dripping sex, moaning in pleasure. "Use me Luthor! Use me," she begged. "I'm getting so wet just thinking about you. You already know my secret identity. Don't mock me by wearing my mousy glasses. Come here and ram your big thick cock into my cunt. You've conquered me. Wonder Woman is no more. I am ready to be whatever you want me to be!" she moaned as a hand reached out for her and that's when she woke up yet again. Except this time, she didn't want to go back to sleep.


The next few days were like a hazy dream for Wonder Woman. She knew that she was playing chess during the day and appearing at dinners at night. The Amazon also knew that Lex Luthor was always around. She even fought crime occasionally. Yet, she was having problems remembering details about her day, and her nights were filled with erotic dreams. And it didn't matter how much sleep she got either. Her memory didn't improve and she felt sluggish most of the time. And today was no different.

"Pawn takes bishop," the boy spoke as Wonder Woman slowly drank her milk.

"I . . . I . . ." she spoke almost drifting off.

"Are you okay?" the boy asked.

"Just a little tired," she replied as she opened her eyes and smiled at the boy. "But I don't know what to move," she spoke as she closed her eyes.

"Maybe I can help," Lex Luthor spoke as he sat down next to woman, making her scout over a little for him.

"I can handle this myself," she spoke as she opened her eyes.

"She needs help," the boy spoke.

"Oh really," Luthor mused.

"She can't beat me without help, but you can't help her since it would be unfair for two adults to gang up on a kid. Besides, I hate milk and I would anything to avoid it."

"Alright kid . . ."

"Richie. My name is Richie," the boy corrected him.

"Alright Richie. How about I help Wonder Woman because she is tired. If we lose a piece, both of us will drink milk. That way, if we finish all the milk, you won't have to drink even if you lose a piece."

"DEAL!" the boy exclaimed.

"I didn't agree . . ."

"Knight to pawn," Luthor spoke as he took Richie's pawn.

"Wait. You can advise her, but you can't move her pieces," the boy spoke as he reluctantly drank his milk, made a face after swallowing it, and moved another pawn.

"Your move," Luthor informed Wonder Woman, who was having problems opening her eyes.

"I . . ."

"Too slow," Richie spoke after a few seconds. "You need to drink."

"I'm not an drunk, you know," Luthor joked as he grabbed Wonder Woman's hand and moved the queen forward. Wonder Woman didn't even make a sound as Luthor held her hand.

"Knight takes bishop!"

"Queen takes bishop."

On and on, they went with Wonder Woman being nothing than an observer. She had gotten so little sleep that she could hardly concentrate. In fact, Luthor had to even help her drink the milk when their pieces were taken off the board. Eventually, the game ended in a draw when the boy said he was tired. "Can we play again? I can't finish. The drugs are starting to kick in and I need to rest," Richie spoke as he slowly got up from his chair.

"Let me help you," Lex Luthor spoke as he held the boy's wheelchair.

"Maybe we should get one of these for her."

"Perhaps. But you shouldn't make fun of her. She's been fighting crime in the last few days. It really tires someone out."

"So how about a rematch tomorrow?"

"I'm okay with that."

"Are you okay with that Wonder Woman?"

"Yea sure," the woman replied as she opened her eyes and yawned.


That Night

"Oh god!" Wonder Woman moaned as she felt the hand rubbing against her drenched star-spangled briefs. Her hands were placed on an expensive desk as her buttocks bucked and rubbed against the man's pants, feeling his hard member poking her. Her bustier was pulled down, freeing her huge breasts, allowing the man's other hand to grope and squeeze them. The woman moaned lustfully as she whipped her sweat covered hair about.

"Wonder Woman, you have attempted to be so noble. You wear a shiny bustier with an even shinier gold emblem on it. You have blue tights with plentiful white stars. Adding to your patriotic motif are the red boots with white stripes. Then you have a golden tiara with a red star and your golden bracelets. All of this is to hide your true self. You hope that people will see you as warrior, but you're nothing more than slut. Look at yourself. Your top is down and your briefs completely soaked," the man whispered into her ear, even nibbling on her lobe as he delivered the message.

"Yes I am," the woman panted as her hands reached behind her and gripped his buttocks, pulling him closer to her. After the initial thrust, her right hand gripped his and made sure that his hand was rubbing her crotch with more speed and strength, but most importantly, increased penetration. Her other hand gripped her other breast and began to squeeze and tug on her nipple.

"Such a lovely slut. A very horny slut."

"Yes," she moaned aloud.

"But most importantly, you're my slut."

"YES!" Wonder Woman screamed as her body bucked and everything turned to black.


The Next Day

"I'm glad that both of you could come today," Rex Wrangler spoke as he sat behind his desk and addressed Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor in his office. "Are you okay, Wonder Woman?"

"Yes. I just haven't been sleeping well," the woman replied.

"That's because you're helping out the kids during the day, attending galas at night in hopes of raising money, and then you go off and fight crime. That's amazing," Lex Luthor whistled.

"Perhaps you should go home then, Wonder Woman."

"No Rex. You called us here for a reason."

"Yes. Yes I did. I noticed that Lex has been playing at least a game with Richie every time he's visited. The boy's parents are overjoyed since he hasn't been happy for a long time. He hates milk, but he's been drinking quite a storm. The boy has even drank some milk after you both have left for the day. When asked about it, he said he was training, so he didn't throw up the next time that he had to drink when playing chess."

"Glad to hear it," Lex laughed.

"His parents are delighted in their son's current attitude, but I'm afraid it's not all fun and games."

"What do you mean?" Wonder Woman asked.

"It's no secret that Richie is sick, very sick. In the last few weeks, the chess matches and the joking around during the games have kept his spirits up, but I'm afraid his body could fail him at any time. His parents have played chess with him during visiting hours and due to his deteriorating condition, they have played with him afterwards as well. The boy looks forward to seeing his parents, but he gets a twinkle in his eye when both of you are in the room, joking and talking to him. He's even said that you two could be a tag team in the wrestling ring," Rex laughed.

"He's quite the bright little lad. But what can we do?" Lex Luthor asked.

"Both Richie's parents have to work two jobs to pay for his treatments and medication. In fact, they are still paying some of the loans that they filed way back when to get those treatments."

"Screw that! Use some of the money I've raised and pay off the loans. There's no need for them to worry about that if the kid isn't even going to make it," Luthor spoke as he slammed his fist onto the desk.

"Calm down," Wonder Woman spoke as she placed a hand on the man's shoulder, something that she never would have done unless it was going to help her strangle him. In fact, she was happy to see that Luthor was showing concern for the boy. It was as if the man had truly turned a new leaf and wasn't pretending.

"The money isn't an issue. The boy's happiness is. Richie sees drinking milk as an achievement. He still doesn't like the taste of it, but he wants to conquer it. He wants to be able to drink milk and not want to throw up afterwards. Not only that, he wants to talk to both of you. And he wants to play chess. His parents couldn't be here today, but they wanted me to implore with the both of you to have you visit him on a daily basis to play chess and to talk to him. I know both of you are busy, but it would only be for a matter of days."

"You mean . . ." Wonder Woman stammered feeling a lump in her throat.

"I can do that. Mercy can make sure that everyone keeps to their schedule. Come to think of it, I shouldn't be sitting here then, I should be in his room," Luthor spoke as he got up and left the room. A few seconds later, he popped his head back into the room. "Are you coming, Wonder Woman?" he asked.

"Definitely," the woman replied enthusiastically.


"So you two are going to play chess with me everyday?" the little boy asked with hi mouth agape.

"Sure," Luthor replied. "And we're going to drink milk out of these glasses instead of those small cups that most dentists put fluoride in. This isn't mouthwash, it's milk!"


"Everyday," Wonder Woman assured him.

"And the loser drinks a whole glass of milk per piece or per game?"

"Which do you prefer?"

"Per piece. I bet I won't have to drink as much as you two."

"I bet you're wrong," Luthor replied. "In fact, Wonder Woman and I will alternate turns. That way, you're playing the both of us. Also, we'll both drink regardless of who loses a piece."

"Sounds like fun," the boy said with a huge smile on his face.

"Yes it does," Wonder Woman agreed.


"Oh god!" Wonder Woman moaned as she felt the hand rubbing against her drenched star-spangled briefs. Her hands were placed on an expensive desk as her buttocks bucked and rubbed against the man's pants, feeling his hard member poking her. Her bustier was pulled down, freeing her huge breasts, allowing the man's other hand to grope and squeeze them. The woman moaned lustfully as she whipped her sweat covered hair about.

"Wonder Woman, you have attempted to be so noble. You wear a shiny bustier with an even shinier gold emblem on it. You have blue tights with plentiful white stars. Adding to your patriotic motif are the red boots with white stripes. Then you have a golden tiara with a red star and your golden bracelets. All of this is to hide your true self. You hope that people will see you as warrior, but you're nothing more than slut. Look at yourself. Your top is down and your briefs completely soaked," the man whispered into her ear, even nibbling on her lobe as he delivered the message.

"Yes I am," the woman panted as her hands reached behind her and gripped his buttocks, pulling him closer to her. After the initial thrust, her right hand gripped his and made sure that his hand was rubbing her crotch with more speed and strength, but most importantly, increased penetration. Her other hand gripped her other breast and began to squeeze and tug on her nipple.

"Such a lovely slut. A very horny slut."

"Yes," she moaned aloud.

"But most importantly, you're my slut."

"YES!" Wonder Woman screamed as she felt her briefs being pulled down to her knees. The woman was then bent forward and with on swift motion, the man rammed his member into her warm sex, which quickly gripped his member and squeezed it like a vice as he tried to thrust himself deeper. Wonder Woman was now grunting and moaning aloud as her hands went between her thighs and began to pull and rub the outer lips of her sex.

"Wonder Whore!" the man screamed.

"YES!" Wonder Woman screamed as she shot up from her bed. Her entire body was covered in sweat as her sheets were soaked. Worse yet, her crotch burned and her fingers began rubbing them, hoping to alleviate the sensation, but it only got worse. It got stronger and stronger as the woman began to masturbate in earnest. Yet, after a good hour or so, she couldn't even climax. Filled with frustration, the woman groaned, and eventually fell asleep in exhaustion.


Three Days Later

"Richie will be a few minutes late today. The doctor is talking to him," Rex Wrangler spoke as he popped his head into the room. "Also, the staff is preparing for the game. Have to chill the milk properly. Anyway, he won't be too long. Thanks!" the man spoke as he closed the door and left.

"You think he's going to be okay?" Wonder Woman asked Luthor.

"I'm sure he will be okay. You should worry about yourself more than him," Lex Luthor replied with a smile on his face.

"What are you talking about?"

"Had any dreams, my horny little slut? Don't blush, Wonder Woman," the man laughed.

Wonder Woman's eyes narrowed as she lassoed the man. "I knew you couldn't be trusted. Now what the hell did you do?" she ordered.

"I drugged you, of course."


"The drug makes the person horny."


"A number of ways."


"Wine, champagne . . . "


"That too."

"Where's the antidote?"

"There's no antidote. In fact, not all your dreams are dreams. The drug attacks a person's libido, but it also attacks short-term memory. If you've had problems remembering things, that's why. It also makes someone incredibly tired. Don't worry, climaxes alleviates that problem. However, the drug does something to the brain. The drugged individual's brain will recognize pleasure, but it recognizes the first person to give to supply the pleasure."

"What are you talking about?"

"After an individual is exposed to a certain concentration, their body and brain becomes very susceptible to stimuli. In fact, I remember a certain night after someone had too much milk, and was sandwiched between a desk and myself."

"You didn't?" the woman gasped.

"I did."

"Did you do anything?"

"I used your own lasso on you to make you return home, that was it. I did decide to increase the doses of the drug though. It's a good thing that it has no taste or smell. However, it does wire the brain like a ducklings. You see, when a duckling hatches from its egg, the first thing it sees, it latches onto. The drug does the same thing, Wonder Woman. You see, you can only get off if I participate. And each dose from this point on will just solidify that fact."

"You . . ." Wonder Woman finally stammered after a few long minutes.

"Hi," Rex Wrangler spoke as he opened the door and wheeled Richie into the room. "Richie isn't feeling very well today, but he wanted to talk to both of you and play a game of chess."

"Hi. This may be our last game," the boy coughed as he noticed the lasso around Lex Luthor. "Why . . ."

Wonder Woman wasn't sure what to do, her mind was still trying to process what Luthor had just said, but she couldn't be mad when the boy was so weak before her. She didn't want to make the situation worse, thus she took her lasso off of Lex Luthor.

"Wonder Woman was thinking about making me tell you my plans before my moves so that you could prepare for it," the bald man lied.

"That's cheating and I want to beat you fair and square," the boy said as he was wheeled into position as the four staff members wheeled in carts of milk. "I thought we would increase the milk to cartons instead of cups. This may be the last time, so I thought I get more out of it," the boy forced a smile.

"Well, let's begin then," Lex spoke as he glanced at a very confused Wonder Woman, who didn't know what she should do or act. However, she did move a pawn to start the game as she sat next to the man, who had conned her for so long.

"I'm taking your pawn. Drink up," the boy said weakly.

"Not a problem for me," Luthor smiled as a nurse handed him and carton of milk and he drank it. Wonder Woman was also handed a milk carton, but she did not drink from it. Instead, she threw it onto the ground.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"She's a bit clumsy. I guess she's mad about losing the pawn," Luthor spoke calmly. "It's nothing that you did. It's probably all due to me though."

"I'm sorry if I did something wrong, but . . ." the boy stammered as tears began to well in his eyes.

"It's okay. I dropped it," Wonder Woman said as she didn't want the boy to know what was going on. She could tell that he was definitely frail and that he barely had any strength in his hand. The mere fact that he was going to cry caused his hand to shake even more. Wonder Woman remembered the conversation in Rex's office a few days ago about how Richie looked forward to the games and being in the same room as both Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor, and something tug at the woman's heart strings, telling her that this was not the time to dash a dying child's happiness. Thus, she took another carton from the nurse, glanced at Luthor, and drank down the milk with her eyes closed, holding back the tears.

"See, nothing is wrong," Luthor smiled as he patted Wonder Woman's thigh. A brief smile appeared on the weak boy's face as Luthor moved another pawn into Richie's path.

"My pawn takes your pawn," the boy said happily as he coughed.

"Another one," Luthor sighed as he drank his carton of milk.

Wonder Woman held her milk in her hand for a long time, just staring at Lex Luthor. She could see out of the corner of her eye that Richie's hands were shaking again, so she quickly smiled and drank the contents. "At least, he's getting drugged too since the nurses are picking cartons randomly," Wonder Woman thought. Yet, that wasn't much consolation for the Amazon. Instead, her hand began to shake as she couldn't believe that her body was betraying her in front of a sick boy.

On and on it went, Luthor purposely moved his pieces into danger and Richie took care of them. As the game continued, Luthor would rub Wonder Woman's thigh or her shoulders, trying to egg the woman on so that they wouldn't lose. "We can't lose to the powerful Richie," he would say, bringing a smile to the boy's face, leaving Wonder Woman no choice but to move a piece forward so that Richie could dispense with it. Carton after carton was ingested by Wonder Woman and the hornier she got. In fact, the woman began to fidget in her seat.

"You bastard," she whispered into Luthor's ear.

"Horny slut," he whispered back. "When you're ready and want me to bring you off, just tip the king over, relinquish the game and yourself, and I'll take you into the limousine and make sure you get what you want."

"I have to leave! I can't drink anymore milk. Oh Hera! Look at the twinkle in the poor kid's eyes! I can't take away one of the greatest joys of his life by leaving now! But I can't stay and drink all this milk! It will drive me insane! I always help the defenseless and there's no one more defenseless than Richie right now. He looks like he can go any second now. I can't abandon him in his time of need! There's got to be a way! There's got to be! Wait! If it's a drug then the effects will go away. All I have to do is last a bit longer. I can finish the game and quickly leave!" the Amazon tried to reason with herself. Wonder Woman shook her head and continued to play, but the pieces were disappearing quickly, which she thought was a good thing since she could leave soon.

A huge smile appeared on the boy's face as he looked at the board. The boy knew that he was being given the game, but he thought it was because his condition. He had no idea of the ulterior motives. Hence after glancing at the milk cartons on his cart, he thought it would go to waste. "Maybe the loser should drink two cartons," he gasped as Wonder Woman's breathing began to become erratic as she crossed and uncrossed her legs.

"No problem," Luthor spoke as he sacrificed his bishop to the boy's pawn and drank down two cartons.

Wonder Woman looked on in horror, but resigned herself to her fate. "You're doing this for Richie," she said to herself as she drank down two cartons. The woman's body temperature increased dramatically even though the milk was icy cold. Wonder Woman could feel her lust increase and was hoping that she could last and finish the game.

As time passed, the Amazon was busy crossing and uncrossing her legs, trying to ignore her crotch. Sweat was dripping down her forehead as she tried to concentrate on anything other than how horny her body was. Finally, it was too much for her to take. And even though there were only two more pieces one the board that could protect her king, she couldn't take anymore. Thus, she glanced over at Lex Luthor and with an agonizing look, she tilted the king and let him drop onto the board. "Thank you," Richie spoke as he took a milk cartoon, toasted the two and drank it. Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman did the same, except once they were done, they waved him goodbye and Luthor took Wonder Woman to his limousine, helping her walk as she clutched to his shoulder.


Wonder Woman never felt so ashamed and humiliated in her life. Her earlobes were burning and so were her cheeks as she knelt in front of Lex Luthor who was sitting on the leather seat, grinning. The Amazon's sex was dripping wet and her tights were a dark blue because of it. Tears dripped down the woman's face as she knew what she had to do to alleviate the burning in her loins. The woman sobbed as she unhooked her magic lasso and placed it neatly on the man's lap. "I don't want it," Luthor spoke as she pulled her hands away.

"But you said . . ."

"I said I wanted it, but not this way," he spoke as he stuck out his right hand.

With a sob, Wonder Woman grabbed the lasso and placed the end in the man's hand. She then took the loop and secured it around her neck. "Ask," she stammered as more tears dripped down off her cheeks.

"Are you horny right now, Wonder Woman?" the man asked.

"Yes," the woman groaned in dismay.

"Do you want me to pleasure you?"

"Yes," the woman groaned again, not quite believing the fact that she would ever think of having Lex Luthor touching and pleasuring her.

"Do you want to climax like common whore?"

"Yes," the woman panted reluctantly after a few long seconds. Sweat was dripping down the sides of her face as her face became flushed. The woman wanted to climax so badly now.

"Then tell me how you feel," Lex Luthor spoke as he got up from his seat. The bald man walked up to the woman and tugged her bustier lower until her full breasts to pop out in a very delightful motion, which was very similar to a Jack-In-The-Box as they jiggled and bounced. Without any hesitation, Luthor bent down and began to suck on her left breast. His hot breath sent a shiver up and down the woman's spine as his tongue lapped at her sensitive skin. The woman's nipple became perfectly erect as his saliva trailed all over her breast.

Wonder Woman's breathing had become very labored as she obeyed the man's previous command. "Oh Hera! It feels so good to have your kisses on my mounds!" she moaned. "Your saliva feels so good dribbling down my sides. Oh Hera! My nipples are strained right now. They want to grow even more. OH!! So sensitive right now! So hot! Body is on fire!"

Lex Luthor reluctantly pulled away from Wonder Woman and made her rise. He then pushed her forward as the woman stuck out her hands and braced herself against the leather seat of the limousine. She was now hunched over with her legs spread. Part of the leather seat disappeared and revealed a large mirror where the seats use to be. Wonder Woman could see her flushed face and heaving chest. Her nipples were standing out like rockets while small driblets of saliva hung off her breasts like stalactites on the ceiling of a cavern. The Amazon's breath was even fogging up the mirror as Luthor rubbed her sex through her briefs. "You like this whore?" Luthor asked as Wonder Woman saw the lust in her face and cringed before becoming flushed with humiliation and excitement.

"OH HERA! This does feel good! So good! So good!" she moaned as she felt her impending orgasm near. "So close! So close! Almost there! Almost there! So close! SOOOOO!!! NOOOOOO!!" the woman cried when Luthor stopped and pulled away.

"I want to watch you masturbate for the rest of our trip," he spoke as sat back down.

"You . . . you promised. You said if I tilted the king, you would let me . . . let me . . ."

"Finish the sentence, slut!" Luthor commanded as a sense of dread washed over the woman.

"You would let me orgasm," she finally groaned after biting down her lips hard enough to draw a little blood.

"I said relinquish the game and yourself and I would give you what you want. You haven't done that quite yet, thus I cannot fulfill my promise."

"What do you want from me?"

"I have already given you a command, but you do not follow it. That is not obedient," the man spoke.

"OH Hera!" Wonder Woman groaned as she began to masturbate for the man's pleasure, knowing that she couldn't bring herself off even if she wanted to.

"That's better Wonder Woman. When we get back to my place, you'll ingest more of the drug. You'll also learn the proper way to behave and act. From this day forth, you will allow me to make all the decisions since after prolonged exposure to the drug, your intelligence will suffer. I'm sure you've already suffer from some short-term memory loss by now. Also, you'll hold onto me like a lovesick schoolgirl. You're going to be the perfect lady in public, but a total whore in private. Won't you, Wonder Whore?" Lex Luthor asked.

"I . . ." the Amazon stammered.

"Once again, no obedience there. I guess you don't want to climax then. By the way, if you want to climax, I want to hear you call yourself, Wonder Whore."

Wonder Woman stared at herself for a long time in the mirror as her hand continued to rub her sex through her tights. The Amazon wanted to rip off her tights so she could get more penetration, but she never did. She also noticed that Lex Luthor wasn't even holding onto her lasso anymore, which meant that she masturbated on her own, without him even compelling her to do it. A low grunt emitted from the woman's throat as sobbed uncontrollably. She knew that her body was in desperate need of climaxing, yet if she did, she would completely throw her life away. The seconds turned into minutes as the woman endured and her thoughts and lust tormented her soul. Finally, the woman shook her head as her face was engulfed in pain and lust. "You've lost Luthor . . . I will never submit to you," she panted trying to recapture a piece of her old self yet she continued to masturbate and even sway her buttocks in the air, hoping to entice the man.


Two Days Later

Wonder Woman was strapped into a medical examination chair. Her legs were spread and secured in stirrups by huge metal clamps while her hands were clamped to the armrests. Wonder Woman's bustier was still bunched around her waist, completely exposing her huge breasts as her erect nipples shot stuck out like needles. The woman's breasts heaved as sweat gushed from of every pore on her body. There was a neck-brace around her neck that kept her head in place and secured it to the chair. This forced her to stare straight ahead. Her face was a mask of lust as she watched the hardcore porn films being played on the huge walls all around her. The Amazon still had her tiara, but her lasso, belt, and briefs were both placed on the floor beside the chair. She had spent an entire two days strapped into the chair, unable to move, and unable to masturbate her throbbing sex. Making things worse was that a naked raven haired woman was busy sucking and nibbling on her sex for much of the time. Occasionally, Lex Luthor would enter the room, and give her a drink of water. The Amazon in her cloud of lust still knew that the water was drugged, but she drank it since she was dehydrated, knowing that it was going to make her hornier. Yet, she was completely unable to resist or stop it.

"Hello Wonder Whore, are you ready to submit?" Lex Luthor asked as he entered the room and held a cup of water before the woman. Not waiting for an answer, he gripped her chin, tilted her head back, pressed the cup against her parched lips, and poured the contents into her mouth, which Wonder Woman drank quite quickly and greedily.

"I . . . w . . . I . . ." she stammered.

"It's okay, Wonder Whore. The longer you resist, the more your brain should absorb all these study materials," Lex Luthor laughed as he pointed at the porn currently playing on the walls. "I want you to be perfectly able to satisfy me when you submit. Other people may be happy to have a busty heroine like yourself submit to them, but I want you to be emulate the sluts in the videos."

"Yo . . . you . . . prom . . . promised . . . if I tilted . . . the king . . . you would le . . . let me climax," she panted.

"You should know me better, Wonder Whore. I simply lied. I had to squander millions of dollars to get you to this point, but I find it incredibly worthwhile. It's probably one of my better investments. I cannot claim legitimacy all by myself. So far, I have some powerful allies in this city, but it's clearly based on money. But once you submit, I will have the greatest ally of them all, you. This city will embrace me once they learn that Wonder Woman trusts I, Lex Luthor, so much that she is willing to marry him, knowing that a crime fighter like yourself is no longer needed when I can protect the city. Once that bond is established, no one in this city will dare oppose me!" Lex Luthor laughed happily.

"It won't . . . won't work."

"Of course it will. This building is lined with lead, making it impossible for some of your friends to see inside. Then again, I've kind of taken care of one," Luthor laughed.

"Wh . . . how?"

"Mercy is quite good at extracting information. That's how I found out a few things at my old place. However, that's behind me now. Wonder Whore, I present you to the slut, who has been giving your dripping and engorged cunt her undivided attention these last few days, Ms. Lois Lane," Lex Luthor proclaimed proudly as he pointed at the woman who knelt between Wonder Woman's crotch.

"Like hi," the woman giggled as she pulled her juice covered face from the Amazon's crotch before returning to her task.

"She is more advanced than you, Wonder Whore. Her intelligence has already taken a hit, but her sexual prowess is undeniable," the man laughed as he reached down and pinched Wonder Woman's nipple, causing the woman to moan in pleasure. "Her mind and soul already recognize herself as a slut and tomorrow, once the doctor is done with her, her body resemble one even more than it does now. Although, I can enhance her body, I can't really enhance her mind due to the drug. But that's okay since the woman is still learning ways to pleasure me. Thus, it's not a total lost cause."

"Lo . . . Loi . . . my nipple. Oh Hera!" the Amazon moaned.

"Oh yes. You're incredibly horny right now, aren't you? I'm sorry about that," Lex Luthor smiled as he released her nipple only to find the woman trying to thrust her chest forward in order to have contact with his hand. "My, you really are horny. It's a damn shame that you refuse to submit. If you did, you could climax. However, I will take my leave now. By the way, the water that you just drank was laced with a triple shot of the drug. I'm growing a bit impatient," the man laughed as he exited the room.

Within seconds after the evil man left the room, an extreme amount of lust arose in the Amazon's body and mind. Wonder Woman tried to force it out of her mind, but her body's need was just too great. In a matter of seconds, her mind recalled the countless hours of porn that she was forced to watch. She could see the pleasure in their faces as the male actors pounded into them. Wonder Woman began to fantasize and could picture Lex Luthor and herself in their place. She would have such a look of content as the man ravaged her. She would be sexually satisfied and best yet, she would be married to him. As Wonder Woman pictured herself in a flowing white gown, she suddenly remembered that she was a crime fighter and that Lex Luthor had tricked her. Worse yet, he had drugged her, and it was irreversible. She didn't want Lex Luthor to win, but she was helpless to stop him. In fact, she would only suffer more if she tried to prolong the inevitable. The woman began to sob uncontrollably as Lois Lane began to attack her loins with increased fervor, which only pushed the lust factor and the need to climax even higher. That's when Wonder Woman's stopped lamenting as the lust pushed those thoughts out of her head and replaced them with more thoughts of her and Lex Luthor and the countless hours of pleasure. Finally, with an animalistic growl, the woman screamed, "Wonder Whore needs to climax! Wonder Whore needs to orgasm! Oh Hera! Wonder Woman is lost! I am Wonder Whore!"


Wonder Woman stood inside the doorway to Lex Luthor's bedroom. She could see the man leaning back against the headboard of his bed, watching her. The woman was dressed in uniform with belt and golden lasso, but she stood at the door, waiting for Lex Luthor to speak. After the Amazon screamed her surrender, the bald man purposely kept her in the room for another twelve hours, which only drove the woman even madder with lust. Now, she would do anything to climax. "You may approach, Wonder Whore," Lex Luthor smiled.

"I am here as requested," she spoke with her eyes downcast as she stood in front of his bed, knowing full well that her briefs were already soaked.

"But I requested so much more," the man spoke as he slipped out of his bed and stood next to Wonder Woman, dressed in a brown robe.

"Mercy explained everything to me and I accept," the woman spoke as Mercy entered the room and handed Lex Luthor a small glass filled with water.

"Then drink up."

Wonder Woman did as she was ordered to do and quickly drank the contents of the glass, swallowing it all down. Instantly, the woman felt hotter and her engorged pussy became even wetter as Mercy left the room. Lex Luthor then turned his back to the woman and untied the knot in the front of his robe. Wonder Woman then pushed the robe off the man's shoulders and helped him slip out of it. As the robe fell to the floor, Wonder Woman could see that Lex Luthor was completely naked. The Amazon then removed her belt, placed it around Luthor's waist, and secured it. Once it was secured, she tug her lasso off of the belt as Lex Luthor turned around and faced her. Without batting an eyelash, the Amazon fell to her knees and lifted the coiled lasso above her head. "I won't being needing those things anymore since Wonder Woman is no more," she spoke as she stared at the man's feet.

"Then pay homage to my manhood," Lex Luthor spoke as he took the lasso from the woman's hands.

Before being drugged, Wonder Woman would never accept such an order from any man, especially Lex Luthor, but due to her current condition, she raised her head and licked her lips. Although the woman had never given oral sex or had seen it until the videos, she had pleasured a dildo while she was secured to the chair. Also, while she was secured to the chair, she never thought she would do anything as degrading as sucking a man's tool like the women in the video's, but now when presented with Luthor's already erect tool, she felt incredibly horny and knew that if she did a good job, she would finally climax. Thus, she quickly moved over to him and stuck her tongue out of her mouth. She licked the head of Luthor's cock with a sloppy slurp. Wonder Woman then took the tip gently into her mouth before sliding it and allowing it to rest on her seductively red lips. The Amazon smiled and extended her tongue as she licked the entire length of his member, from the head to his balls, over and over again while her hands pushed her bustier down to her waist, freeing her huge breasts.

Lex Luthor was in heaven as he peered down at the mighty Amazon, who was nothing more than putty in his hands and within seconds would have his manhood in her mouth. The bald man placed his right hand on top of the woman's damp hair while he reached down with his left and began to grope the woman's perfect breasts. "So firm," he spoke, admiring the view. "I've dreamed of this moment for years, Wonder Whore. And now, you're mine. It cost me a bit of money to get you here, but it was all worth it. I had to enlist the help of several people and it was all worth it. In fact, I even made some money by getting people to pay some outrageous prices to attend some of the galas. Now Wonder Whore, do you want to be my wife?" he asked.

"Hmmppphhh," the woman moaned as she nodded her head and took his member into her mouth as she began to pump it in and out of her mouth.

"If I tell you to fuck someone, will you obey?"

"Hmmmppphh," the woman moaned as she nodded in agreement.

"Good. You will definitely have to since I promised Mayor Osgood, Rex Wrangler, and Will Graham your special services, at least a once that is. You see Wonder Whore, I'm not the only man who has ever thought of fucking you," he laughed. "I remember that day when I told you about the drug and you kept on drinking the drug laced milk. Funny thing about that drug. It doesn't effect males one bit, but it does a lot to women. Must be the extra chromosome. Something else that does a lot to women are kids. I knew you would be helpless to resist helping children. That's why I donated so much money. Rex Wrangler was good in making up fake expenses. Luckily most of the money that I donated there, I got back."

"Whhhttt?" Wonder Woman moaned as she looked up at him, but didn't stop sucking on his manhood.

"Don't worry about Richie. He's not going to die. All the surgeries saved his life. Of course, he didn't have a single one of them because he was never sick," Lex Luthor laughed as he pulled his member out of Wonder Woman's mouth. He could see that the woman was surprised by the turn of events, but she did not say anything, but he could read her eyes, which told volumes. Luthor knew this was the breaking point, Wonder Woman would either become his or reject him completely, which would force him to drug her until she was a complete vegetable. Thus as a test, he reached down and played with the woman's breasts as her hands rested on her thighs. "Richie was a child actor. I promised him and his parents a very lucrative role for an upcoming movie, but the stuff at Rex's place was nothing more than an act."

"Oh Hera!" Wonder Woman moaned as she stared in Luthor's eyes, her need to climax was still incredibly high, but there was hatred in her eyes. She remembered the intense battle she fought that day when she tried everything in her power to get herself to sit and play that chess game instead of leaving. Wonder Woman thought the poor boy was close to death and now she just learned that it was nothing more than a sophisticated trap that she had walked right into. Now, her anger was close to rivaling her lust.

"You've been tricked, Wonder Whore. You've been tricked and betrayed by your so called friends and people that you cared about. And since the drug will lower your intelligence, your best bet is to stay with me. Isn't that right?" he asked as he knelt down and began to rub his fingers against her soggy briefs.

Wonder Woman shook her head as her eyes closed and she gritted her teeth. She wanted to rip the man apart, but she was so horny. The Amazon knew that Lex Luthor was the only man that could make her climax. She had enough proof of that after being secured to the chair while Lois Lane ate her out. All she could do was think about Luthor all during the time as she substituted him and her as the main players in all those videos. However, the woman wanted to resist. She wanted to resist so badly, but her pussy was telling her differently. And as more and more seconds ticked by, her pussy was winning. Eventually, Wonder Woman opened her eyes and stared at Lex Luthor for a long time before she finally moaned, "You're right. You're right, Lex Luthor. I will stay with you."

"Then you shall climax tonight after all," Luthor smiled as he pulled away from her sex and stood up again. Once again, he placed one hand on her head and one hand on her breast as he presented his manhood to her waiting mouth.

The Amazon nodded and went to work. Wonder Woman moaned as she caressed the head of Luthor's tool with her tongue, making it incredibly wet as her own saliva dripped from it. Then without any hesitation, she rested his member on her lips yet again, pulling her tongue back into her mouth. This was quickly followed by Luthor's manhood, which she closed her lips around, and began to take it inside her mouth. The Amazon began to pump his meat with her lips as her hands reached up and caressed his balls. She felt the man grip the back of her head, slamming her forward, and almost gagging her on his tool, but the woman quickly recovered, relaxed, and took his entire member, which was quite a feat. The room was suddenly filled with sloppy slurping sounds as Wonder Woman pleasured Lex Luthor's cock, the instrument of her demise and the object of her sexual fantasies.

Lex Luthor closed his eyes and tried to hold his load as long as he could, but it was almost impossible since he knew that he was now living the dreams of millions of men everywhere especially since had just told Wonder Woman his entire plan and she heard it all, but did seek any form of retribution. However, he bit his lips, closed his eyes even tighter, and braced his body. Finally, Lex Luthor couldn't hold it in anymore. His eyes shot open as his body stiffened. The man's hands then gripped the sides of the woman's head and pushed her back until his cock popped out of her mouth, allowing him to shoot his load all over her neck and tits. "Clean yourself up, Wonder Whore," Lex Luthor commanded.

Wonder Woman continued to kneel as she stuck out her tongue and began to lick whatever was left off Lex Luthor's head. Her tongue collected much of his seed into her mouth before she slid her tongue up and down his shaft. The smiling man looked down and saw the lust in the woman's eyes as well as the puddle underneath the woman. Once his member was clean, Wonder Woman reached down and boosted her huge breasts up to her waiting mouth. Without any pause, she seductively flicked her tongue at the white mess, dabbing it and causing the hot mess to jiggle. Then she ran her tongue along her skin, scooping up as much of his seed onto her tongue like a cat drinking milk from a bowel. Wonder Woman retracted her tongue as she savored the taste of Luthor's sperm. Again and again, she repeated the process until her breasts were completely covered in her own perspiration and spit. The Amazon then collected the sperm on her neck with her fingers, which she slowly stuck in her mouth one at a time, and licked them clean like a child cleaning a popsicle stick. During this time, her nipples were fully erect and the puddle beneath her had increased tremendously. Yet, her lust hadn't abetted one bit even though she was completely disgusted with herself, but she was completely willing to do it as long as she climaxed, even if it meant that she had to say goodbye to her old life.

Lex Luthor laid down on his bed and beckoned the horny woman, who quickly crawled on all fours to him. She then stood up and ripped her briefs off, splattering her juices onto the bed and all across the room as she sent her briefs flying. The woman then hovered over the man's erect member and slowly impaled herself on his manhood. Wonder Woman cried out in pure ecstasy as she felt his tool push past her entrance. A huge wave of lust engulfed her body as she was crying with joy as she felt his member slide deeper and deeper inside her. Of course, nothing brought her greater pleasure than when she began to ride him as her huge breasts flopped about. "OH HERA!" she screamed in rapture again and again even though she felt like her insides were being torn apart by Luthor's member.

"Take it, Wonder Whore!" Luthor panted as he thrust violently into her sex as he gripped onto her fat tits. The man saw the wanton look on the Amazon's face and smiled as he realized that his plan had worked and that there was no going back for Wonder Woman now.

The mighty Wonder Woman screamed like a banshee, especially since the pain inside her sex had dissipated and it was entirely replaced by pleasure, pleasure that her mind now associated with fucking and obeying Lex Luthor. "Fuck Wonder Whore! Fuck Wonder Whore good! Fuck Wonder Whore forever!" she screamed as she gripped Luthor's hands and made him squeeze her tits even more while she continued to ride him with increased vigor. Wonder Woman was now vanquished. She had lost because of the drugged drinks, her own lust, and most importantly, her own compassion. The Amazon knew that if she could be tricked in this manner and since her own friends betrayed her, there wasn't much left except surrender herself to her lust and Lex Luthor.


Three Months Later

Mayor Osgood slowly stumbled down the hallway as he noticed Rex Wrangler and Will Graham both laying on benches totally exhausted. "You two alright?" the mayor panted, trying to catch his breath.

"Never felt better in my life," Will Graham heaved as his hands were covering his face as his legs draped over the sides of the bench.

"Fucking great," Rex Wrangler gasped as he actually slid off the bench and crashed onto the floor.

"Don't too long to recover boys, we have a party to attend," the mayor spoke as he too rested on one of the benches in the hallway.

"I don't know about you, but aligning ourselves with Lex Luthor was one of the greatest things I've done in my life, especially if I get to do that a few times every year," Will huffed, trying desperately to regain his breath.

"Weren't you done a while back?" the mayor asked as he clutched his chest.

"That filly can go. Besides Rex finished before I did."

"I can't walk," Rex groaned as he laid on the floor like deadweight.

"This is the third time this happened," Mercy muttered to herself as she surveyed the scene before her. The icy cold woman was familiar with the scene. Even though two of the three men were in great shape, they were always exhausted after sessions. "Oh well. If they don't clear out of here within another hour, I'll get some people to move them. At least, I won't have to see this for the rest of this year or the next fiscal period," the woman said to herself as she walked away.

Back in Lex Luthor's bedroom, Wonder Woman was completely nude except for her tiara, gold bracelets, and a pair of thigh-high red boots. She was on all fours as Lex Luthor pumped furiously into her ass, filling the room with the sounds of skin slapping against skin, which was only drowned out every few seconds as Wonder Woman screamed out the man's name in ecstasy. As Lex Luthor took Wonder Woman, a fully recovered Lois Lane clung to his side. The woman had her breasts augmented to rival that of Wonder Woman's. Lois Lane's silicone implanted breasts now rode high on her chest with huge black aureoles. Several collagen injections had given her a pouty look as her deep tanned body rubbed up against him. Lois Lane no longer looked like a high class reporter. Instead, she looked like a trashy pornstar thanks to the garish amount of makeup on her face. She too was moaning as Lex Luthor's right hand reached under her buttocks and fingered her engorged clit.

"Lexie, the wedding is only not a lot of hours away," Lois Lane babbled as she kissed his shoulders.

"It doesn't matter. The public one is still a few months off. The current one is a private ceremony and she can remain on my cock if she likes," Luthor laughed.

"Cock good! Wonder Whore loves cock!" the Amazon screamed as she climaxed again.



Lex Luthor stood in front of the huge crowd of spectators as millions more watched from home. The man had just finished giving a public speech that the people watching ate up. Most of the businessmen that thought Lex Luthor was an evil man, now acted differently around him. In the public eye, Lex Luthor was bulletproof. They had seen all they needed to see in the last nine months. Citizens had watched Lex Luthor donate millions upon millions of dollars to underprivileged children and had cut their taxes as well. However, the mere fact that Gateway City's greatest Champion, Wonder Woman, could be seen arm and arm with the man, and at time, even holding hands or kissing him, was enough to convince them that he was good. Especially since some of the cities most notorious criminals tried to kill Lex Luthor only to be stopped by Wonder Woman, all caught on tape for the citizens to watch. They even went as far as voting him onto the City Council and he quickly won the chair. Coupled with Mayor Osgood, Lex Luthor was now the unofficial leader of Gateway City, manipulating things behind the scenes as prim and proper individuals like Will Graham and Rex Wrangler served as public relations pieces. Of course, the topping on the cake was the Wonder Woman had agreed and quickly married the philandering capitalist, staying by his side. And just a few short days ago, Wonder Woman announced to the entire city that she was going to help Luthor run his charity work, the people applauded, yet were a bit apprehensive about the prospect of crime increasing. But Lex Luthor once again came to the rescue as he introduced new officers and key leaders, all loyal to him, to protect the citizens. The crime immediately dropped since most of the criminals were aligned with Luthor to begin with, but the voters had no idea. Thus, Lex Luthor's popularity and legacy rose to new heights.

"Mr. Luthor, the crime in Gateway City is down and employment is up as well. The city's budget is looking good, but I have to ask, where is Wonder Woman? And how do we know this is not some stunt to trick the public only to have you remain the same nefarious crook that you have been known to be?" a reporter asked from the crowd.

"First off, I'm right here," Wonder Woman spoke as she sauntered up to Lex Luthor. The crowd was speechless by what the saw. Gone was the Amazon's old uniform, and in it's place was something more risque. The woman's bustier was gone. Replacing it was red vinyl halter bra that barely covered half of her huge breasts, teasing people with just a smidgen of color from her aureoles. The bra plunged South, giving people an ample view of her melons while a small gold eagle's head spreading it's wings, held the bra together beneath the long canyon under her breasts. Two bright red leather straps cris-crossed over her sternum with the base of the straps ending at her nipples, covering them up while the top ended at her shoulders, connected to the bra's staps. Since the bustier was gone, the woman now wore a gold belt, in the shape of her tiara, was wrapped around her waist, not knowing that Lex Luthor was wearing the woman's real belt. As for the fake belt, it covered Wonder Woman's bellybutton and some of her well toned abs, but it didn't cover much else. Gone were her briefs, replaced by a star-spangled blue thong with white stars. Her red boots with white stripes were still adorning her feet, but the boots were a little higher by a few inches and the heels were six inched spiked heels. Newly added were a pair of blue vinyl opera gloves that stretched from her elbows to the bottoms of her fingers with red and white strap around the elbow and wrist area, topped by her bracelets. Adding to her red, white, and blue theme were her bright red lips and two inched fingernails and her long eyelashes with light blue eyeliner. Her black mane was still flowing and her tiara was still in place as the spectators recovered and began snapping pictures like crazy.

"Won . . . Wond . . ." the reporter stuttered, not knowing what to say.

"Citizens of Gateway City," Wonder Woman spoke clearly and slowly. "Like many of you, I had my doubts about Lex Luthor, but over time, I saw that he was a good man and he meant what he said. The old Lex Luthor is gone and in his place is a decent man that I am happy to call my husband."

"But . . ." the reporter stammered.

"But what if he decides he wants to be a lowlife again?" Wonder Woman inquired as she raised an eyebrow.

"Ye . . . yes," the reporter finally blurted out.

Wonder Woman smiled, grabbed Lex Luthor by the shoulder, and spun around to face her. She then grabbed both shoulders and dipped the man as she locked her lips around his. At first, Lex Luthor struggled, but as the seconds ticked by, she relaxed and ran his hands through her hair while Wonder Woman pressed her chest tightly against him as she held him. Some people could see Luthor's cheek puff out and realized that it must the be Wonder Woman's tongue. After a few minutes, Wonder Woman released Lex Luthor and returned him to a standing position. "If Lex Luthor decides to return to his old ways, he will never be kissed like that or be able to touch this body again," Wonder Woman spoke as she held out her palms a few inches below her breasts. "And I will not hesitate to divorce him and bring him to justice. Now Luthor, will you ever return to your old ways?" the Amazon asked sternly.

"N . . . no . . . no way," Lex Luthor stammered as he tried to regain his breath.

"Good boy," the Amazon spoke as she patted the bald man on his head. "Now say goodbye to everyone," she commanded as she held his hand and placed it on her butt.

"Goodbye everyone, I have more pressing matters to engage with," Lex Luthor quickly spoke as he walked away from the podium with Wonder Woman leading the way.

"Man, you think a man like that with all that money, prestige, and power would give up so much of his manhood to his wife," an onlooker spoke.

"Dude. If you were getting a chance to sleep with Wonder Woman, I bet you would do that too," another man replied. "Talk about stud."

"Yea! And other women want him now because he's nice with kids and Wonder Woman basically endorsed him. Amazons don't marry very often," another man spoke as everybody nodded and began to disperse, each one incredibly envious of Lex Luthor.

None of them knew that Wonder Woman wore a small earpiece in her ear that allowed Mercy to tell her every word to say and how she should act one stage. One reason was that Wonder Woman's intelligence was affected by the drug. She did have more memory lapses and at times she couldn't link the proper words together, thus she spoke slowly when in public as she tried to grasp all the words that Mercy was supplying her with, because if Wonder Woman didn't do a good job, Lex Luthor was never going to fuck her again. The Amazon was so horny and so dependent on him allowing her to climax that if Lex Luthor didn't fuck her, she would literally explode. Thus, Wonder Woman was now a willing participant in Luthor's scheme. In public, she was Wonder Woman, but in private, she was Wonder Whore, his loving sex slave. She would do anything for him and his manhood. In fact, he knew her secret identity and now had connections with several branches of government, all thanks to her since most men would do anything just to touch the heroine. Lex Luthor's power had increased dramatically with Wonder Woman by his side. Soon, his power and influence would cause great harm and trouble for the world, but Wonder Woman could care less about such trifle details, all she could care about was Lex Luthor fucking her and her precious orgasms, for Lex Luthor had won and he made the Amazon into his whore, his Wonder Whore.

The End


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