Wonder Woman: Closing In

BY : NightCreeper
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Wonder Woman: Closing In

Version 1

By Night Creeper


Disclaimer: All of the characters created by DC Comics are owned by DC Comics. And even though I have tampered with some of the storylines and backgrounds established by DC Comics, they are still owned by DC Comics. Any resemblances to actual people are coincidental and unintentional. And remember, this story is used for entertainment and not profit. If it is illegal for you to read something that only ADULTS should read, then go away!

Notes from the author: I would like to take the time to thank Tom M. for his input in this story. Basically, he supplied an idea for the story, and I just expanded on it. Also, although there wasn't an editor for this story, he checked the time-line of the story, and made sure that it made sense. He also suggested a few changes in terms of word use.

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Wonder Woman: Closing In

Version 1

By Night Creeper


A man wearing a black ski mask trudged through the knee-high sludge as he approached a dimly lit cabin. He heard a growl in the distance and the sound of something crashing against the water. The man hurried his movements, hoping that he could reach the cabin in one piece. He knew that his journey would not be easy, but he kept on reminding himself of the rewards if he made it. The reward was enough to give him the extra boost of energy as he quickened his pace. The cabin got closer and closer, which was a good thing, because the sound of splashing water was getting louder, and it wasn't coming from him. "Made it!" the man finally huffed in triumph as he pulled himself onto the front porch of the cabin. He picked himself up and was about to knock on the door when it swung open.

"Come in," a female voice ordered. The man quickly entered the small cabin and approached the woman who was seated at a circular table with a crystal ball in the middle. There was smoke inside the cabin and it was hard to focus as if the walls were moving. The man could not see any other furniture and almost backed out of the cabin when a loud growl was heard coming from the porch. Luckily the door slammed shut. "You can either approach or leave. If you decide to leave, I cannot guarantee your safety. If you stay, I cannot guarantee your safety either, but I promise you that it is safer in here," the woman spoke softly, keeping her head down.

"I've come . . ." the man spoke as he approached the table.

"I know why you're here. I heard the engine of your jeep an hour ago. I heard the beating of your heart long before you entered my home and I read your thoughts even before that."

"If you know so much about me then you must know why I am here."

"I said I knew your thoughts. So that means I already know," the woman spoke as she raised her head.

The man was shocked to see that she had no face. However, he remembered the stories about the woman. She was human, but in her cabin, nothing was what it appeared to be. So summoning all his courage, the man spoke. "Can you help me?"

"I can."

"How much?" the man finally asked after a long minute of silence.

"The amount inside your vest will do," the woman replied.

The man quickly took out a hefty envelop from his vest and placed it on the table next to the crystal ball. He then took out another envelop and plopped it down on the table as well. "The items that you need are in the second envelop," the man spoke.

Suddenly, both envelopes disappeared. A few seconds passed before black metal box, no larger than a shoe box, appeared on the table. "Take it. It is what you need. I have left instructions for you inside the box as well. Follow them to the letter and your plan will succeed. Miss a step and it will fail," the woman replied lowering her head.

"Thank you," the man spoke as he headed toward the door even though it remained close. As he tried to open the door, the growling from the porch grew louder. "How am I . . ."

"Leave," the woman spoke as the man found himself pulling on the handle of his jeep, miles away from the cabin.




Three Weeks Later




Police Commissioner Michael Thompson sat behind his desk and watched the news report with some of his senior staff. They were delighted to hear that several drugs deals, bank robberies, carjackings, and murders were all thwarted by Wonder Woman. "It's amazing what that woman has done for this city. We need to help her out more. This isn't her city and she's just helping us out. We need to find as much information as possible during her stay, so that we can quash the crime families that have used our fine city as a breeding ground," the man spoke.

"Sir, with all due respect, I don't know if we can collect any more information," Lieutenant Thomas Manly, a well built man with brown hair and brown eyes, spoke as others nodded. "We use to have one major crime family in this town, but the families have increased to ten. If we allow things to continue, I have a hunch that the families will just wipe themselves away. We don't need to risk the lives of our officers."

"I don't want to risk lives either, but we have to stop crime. Crime has increased every year for the last five years. It has only decreased in the last two months because Wonder Woman is here. Now, informants have already reported that the various mob families have teamed up to get rid of Wonder Woman. She's risking her life, I see no problem in risking ours. We can't wait for her to leave only to find that the mobs were slowing down operations in hopes that she would leave," Michael Thompson replied.

"Yes sir. If it helps, the Bartoni family, our original mob family is losing its control," Thomas spoke.

"Let's make sure that all the families lose control."

"Yes sir!" the officers agreed.





"Gentlemen, we need to destroy Wonder Woman," an old balding man spoke as he sat in the darkness.

"Mr. Bartoni, we have already come up with a plan to get rid of her," a man wearing a ski mask spoke.

"I've heard of this plan, but I haven't seen it. For weeks, our plans have gone up in smoke. We use to control this town, but we're losing control now. Our rivals are gaining on us and the police are shutting us down. Wonder Woman needs to be stopped," the old man coughed as he eyed the four men wearing ski masks in front of him. Mr. Bartoni had a loyal following, but he preferred that they all wear ski masks. The reason behind it was to keep their faces hidden from the public so that eyewitnesses couldn't identify his men other than the ski mask.

"Trust me, sir. During the failed bank heist, we obtained a souvenir from the encounter with Wonder Woman. That souvenir will turn the tide. Take a look," the man spoke as he pointed to the TV on wall.

"Big deal. I see Wonder Woman chasing our boys through the sewers. She's catching up on them too. And she looks very confident!"

"That was three weeks ago. Here's two weeks ago."

"So she caught two less men this time. What's the point?"

"Wait. This was last week."

"She still caught two less men. In all, she has captured over twenty of our family members. With each week, she captures two less. That's a good thing because we don't have that many people! Worse yet, she's probably only slowing down because she knows that the jails are full!"

"But sir . . . as the weeks passed, she has slowed down and she seems less confident. That was the point of our plan."

"I don't care for a progress report. I want the plan to work. I want her to stop capturing our men before we run out of men. I can't afford to have the other families gain anymore ground."

"Don't worry, Mr. Bartoni, we'll get them. We've already split hairs with Wonder Woman," the man with the ski mask laughed.




A Week Later



"Officer, are you okay?" Wonder Woman asked the man, who was busy rubbing the top of his head while holding a towel against the side of his head, trying to keep the blood from dripping down his face.

"I'll live. They just hit me with the butt of the gun before running. CRAP! The bank robbers got away . . ." he spat.

"Which way?"

"Down there," the officer pointed at the open manhole. "I radioed for backup and I had them scope out some of the covers. If those guys decide to come back up, we'll grab them."

"How many are there?"


"Bank robbers."


"If they don't come up then you won't be able to catch them. I'm going down there," Wonder Woman spoke as she made her way to the manhole and descended the steel ladder that was connected to the sewer pipe. Something in the back of the heroine's mind told her to go back up the steps, but she knew that she had to track down the criminals. She could hear the splashing of water up ahead. It was faint, but she knew it belonged to the criminals. However, she couldn't get her legs to move.

"Are you okay down there?" the bleeding officer asked as he peered down the manhole.

"Yes. Just trying to figure out which way they went," Wonder Woman lied. She had already figured out which direction the men went. However, ever since a couple of weeks ago, she hated cramped quarters since it was hard to breath. At first she thought it had something to do with the stench, but it really didn't bug her much especially since most the pipes and ducts were quite clean. It was like the criminals wanted a getaway without trudging through crap. And even though the size of the pipes were exactly the same, Wonder Woman's breathing problems persisted. In fact, at times she felt that the walls were closing in, which was ridiculous since the walls never moved.

"Do you need a flashlight?" the officer asked.

"No. I'm fine," Wonder Woman spoke as she began to walk. Once the officer couldn't see her, her stride became shorter and her breathing increased as her chest rose up and down as if she had just ran several miles. For almost a three weeks, the criminals had made a concentrated effort to use the sewer and Wonder Woman was getting damn sick of it. Part of her wanted to climb out of the sewer, but another part urged her to continue and not to give up. Eventually that part won as it always did and Wonder Woman continued to make her way through the pipe.

After several long minutes, Wonder Woman emerged from the pipe and stood in a familiar room, roughly the size of a gymnasium. "This place again," Wonder Woman muttered to herself as she saw a huge pool of water in the center of the room with various tunnels entering the room. "They could have gone anywhere."

"Wonder Woman!" a male voice called out from the top of the room. "Have you spotted the criminals?"

Wonder Woman looked up and saw Lieutenant Thomas Manly, the man who was in charge of the task force to apprehend the bank robbers. "I haven't seen them, but I believe they came here," she replied as she waited for the man to descend the steel ladder with a horde of officers behind him.

"They never came back up. This is the eighth time that they came to this room. We placed some surveillance cameras here, but they've all been disabled just hours before the robbery," the officer spoke as he stepped into the center of the room and looked at the pool of water.

"Did you catch a glimpse of the people cutting the wires?" Wonder Woman asked as she leapt from her position and landed gracefully next to the man.

"None. I think it's an inside job."

"Sir, permission to search the tunnels," an officer spoke as he approached the two.

"Denied. According to the technicians, they're going to flood this room in a few minutes. I'm not about to read an article of officers being swept away from sewage water," Thomas replied.

"Technically, it's not just sewage water. That tunnel over there leads to the water filtration plant. Some of this is water from the reservoir as well as some underground waterbeds," another officer replied.

"Regardless, we have to get back up soon. Reinstall the cameras and add a few more. If they come back here. We'll spot them," Manly spoke as he made some of the other officers climb back to the surface.

Wonder Woman glanced at the various officers installing and replacing the cameras. She kept an eye on them to make sure that they weren't sabotaging them, but she noticed that the officers didn't even care what the other ones were doing, decreasing her suspicions. She had seen this scene quite a few times since she had been in the room several times in the last three weeks. Much like her previous trips the robbers always seemed to manage to find the room when it got close to pump water to the plant. As Wonder Woman stood and pondered on which tunnel that the robbers used, she realized that she never had problems breathing or moving when she reached this room. "What is going on?" she thought to herself.




One Week Later



Michael Thompson watched from the command post with several aides by his side. He could see Thomas Manly and his unit moving through the sewer. The chief could see the tunnels and hear the splashing of water, but he could not see the criminals. About an two hours ago, another bank was robbed and the crooks fled into the sewer. He watched intently as all the men entered a tube where several small explosions were heard as an orange gas filled the screen. "What was that?" he asked his aides.

"The gas is some just gas, sir. It was suppose to stop the officers from searching that tunnel. Our men started coughing, but that was the only effect of the gas," an aide replied.

"I can't take that risk. We either petition the other departments for gas masks for my regular officers or we only send the SWAT guys," Michael Thompson spoke.

"That might not be necessary, sir," Thomas Manly spoke as he entered the office.

"Of course it's necessary. I just saw what happened three days ago. If these crooks are putting traps inside the tunnels and they are able to cut off the cameras before anyone can see them, they are a dangerous bunch and I will not risk the lives of my officers!"

"But sir . . ."

"What if that gas was poisonous?"

"It wasn't sir.

"But it could be. From this moment on, we are not pursuing them down into the sewers! If I find any officer that goes into the sewer, I will have their badge! Now get out of here and rest up!"

"What happened?" Wonder Woman asked Thomas Manly as he stepped back into the hallway.

"The chief has just banned all officers from chasing the crooks into the sewers. He thinks it's too dangerous. He's even going to take the badge away if an officer disobeys orders and goes down into the sewer," the man spoke, shaking his head.

"Will he change his mind?" Wonder Woman asked.

"I doubt it."

"Maybe we're going about this all wrong. I think I'll search the tunnels before they strike. Perhaps, I will bump into them when they try to flee."

"Are you suggesting living down there?"

Wonder Woman thought about for a quick second and remembered how she couldn't move or breath when she was in the tunnels. She hated that feeling, but she didn't want to share it. Instead, she blocked the memories and stared at the man. "No. I'm just going to check out the tunnels and maybe if I get lucky, I can bump into them when they flee."

"Sounds dangerous, but I'll see what I can do to assist you."

"How about supplying me with the water treatment plant's schedule?"

"They don't give out that information."

"I know. That's why I haven't searched that room."

"Tell you what. Let me try some of my connections and see what I can dig up."

"Thanks, Thomas."

"No. Thank you, Wonder Woman. If it was up to the chief, we would be letting these crooks make fools off of us all and getting rich in the process," Thomas groaned as he walked down the hall leaving Wonder Woman to her thoughts.



Hundreds of Miles Away



"I can't believe I am doing this," a man wearing a ski mask repeated over and over again as he trudged up to the opened door of the old cabin.

"What do you want?" the all too familiar female voice replied.

The man poked his head through the doorway and still saw no one inside, just like last time. Except this time, he was sure nothing was chasing him. "Where . . . where are you?" he spoke as his teeth chattered.

"Don't waste my time!" the voice snapped, which sounded more like an ominious warning.

"My employer wanted to make sure that the plan was succeeding. So far, everything seems great, just as you said. But we never thought that . . ." the man paused.

"SPEAK UP AND BE QUICK ABOUT IT!" the voice boomed as the room was engulfed by a fiery red light.

The man fell on his ass and began to push his feet away from the doorway. That's when he heard the growl behind him. Without even looking back, he leapt to his feet and dove head first through the open door, which slammed shut behind him. "Tha . . . tahn . . . thank you," he finally panted even though he wasn't quite sure if was safer inside the cabin or to be stuck outside.

"See how easy that was? With the right motivation, someone will crash through a door without even thinking. You just darted inside my home without even thinking about the consequence. You simply did it out of instinct. I cannot change instinct, but I can change the situation. Remember that!"

"But . . . but I need to . . ."

"You need to know if your boss is getting his money's worth. Rest assured that he is. If he wasn't, he would be out of business by now. There is already a great deal of doubt that has infested the target's heart. Soon, it will need to cling to something, something close, something that the heart trusts. The items that you gave me on your first visit were of great value, but they

are no longer here. When the time comes, they will presented to your employer. What he decides to do with them will affect the outcome. He can be ruthless and destroy everything or he can set out on the correct path and save himself. The walls are closing in."

"But that's why we hired you! We wanted to make the walls stop! We must be able to operate!"

"You hired me? How dare you?" the voice snarled as blood dripped down the sides of the cabin. Small rows of flames rose from the cracks of the wooden floor as the cabin shook from side to side.

"My apologies!" the man shouted as he dropped to his knees.

"I told your boss that my results are unquestionable! If you or your employer question my methods again, our deal is off, and it will be his head that has to pay."

"But . . ."

"But nothing. Be gone!" the female voice snarled as the man was teleported inside his car this time. The befuddled man could still hear the woman's voice inside his head. It caused his skin to crawl as he shook and whimpered.




"This is silly," Wonder Woman chastised herself as she slowly made her way through the sewers. The heroine didn't know what was going on, but the longer she walked in the sewers, the more she felt like she was suffocating. She thought the walls were closing in on her, which made it hard to breath as she forced herself her advancement. Yet, she was superheroine with duty and commitment, and she wasn't about to let some tunnels get the best of her.

Eventually Wonder Woman arrived at the now familiar room that the crooks often used before disappearing. As she reached the end of the tunnel, she could see a small man dressed in black leaping about like an acrobat, pulling the wires out of the cameras, killing them. "That's how they're doing it," Wonder Woman snarled to herself as she balled her fists before she quickly opened them and gripped her lasso. But before she could use her lasso, the small figure in black landed on the far side of the room and disappeared down a tunnel that was big enough for a standing man to walk through without any problems.

Giving chase, Wonder Woman tried to maneuver as stealthily as possible through the running water. When she reached the tunnel that the man disappeared into, she noticed that it looked very new. Then it dawned on her that the tunnel was never present when the police searched the room and it was not in the viewing area of any of the cameras. "This is how they get in and out of here unseen," she thought as she heard water splashing behind her. Without any hesitation, Wonder Woman leapt up into the air, and landed on a small platform, barely able to fit the heels of her boots. However, she was able to flatten her back against the wall and keep her balance.

"Man! We did it again!" a man dressed in black with a ski mask spoke happily as he entered the room, flanked by three accomplices in the same attire.

"This is getting so easy!" another laughed as he holstered his automatic pistol.

"The cops will never catch us at this rate," another laughed as he pointed at the tunnel.

"Good point, man. We need to get out of here before the cops come and before the tunnel closes. Everybody in!" the third man yelled as the crooks quickly disappeared into the tunnel.

Wonder Woman waited for several seconds as she heard the water stop splashing. Then she saw the tunnel closing, so she quickly leapt from her place, and dove into the tunnel. The amazon made quite a splash. However, she wasn't quite able to stop the noise since her momentum from her dive, was causing to basically hydroplane the entire length of the tube.

"What the fuck is that noise?" one of the crooks inquired as he heard a loud rumbling behind them.

"Well you shut the fuck up! We're a few feet away from the secret hideout. There's a manhole cover a few feet above our heads right now. People can hear!" another one admonished the crook.

"Shouldn't you be keeping your voice down?" another man laughed as he pointed his shotgun up at the top of the tunnel. The man was not prepared for Wonder Woman, who basically plowed into all four men. The shotgun went off and shot up into the air. Unfortunately for the crooks, the bullets went up an escape tunnel and basically blew the manhole cover off. This caused quite a commotion on the street above.

"You're not getting away this time," Wonder Woman snarled as the crooks dropped their loot and ran.

"Let's get out of here!" a man shouted as everyone quickly entered another large room with chairs and tables. The men tipped over several chairs and tables as one reached a steel door at the corner of the room and tried to open it.

"You're not going anywhere," Wonder Woman spoke as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Fry her!" one of the crooks shouted as they opened fire. The amazon used her bracelets to deflect the bullets while the man was struggling with the combination lock on the steel door.

"We're out!" one of the crooks yelled hysterically as all of them ran out of bullets.

"You're out of luck," Wonder Woman replied as she approached the men.

"She's only one dame! We can handle her!" one of the men yelled as he charged at Wonder Woman. Within seconds, all three men barreled down on Wonder Woman, who nonchalantly blocked their punches and pushed them back.

"Got it!" the crook at the door yelled triumphantly as the steel door opened. At the same time, the doorway that lead into the room slammed shut as the walls began to close in.

Luckily for the three crooks, who were fighting Wonder Woman, they were pushed back and landed close to the door. Within seconds, they scrambled past the steel door and tried to slam it shut. Wonder Woman was prepared to give chase, but stopped when she saw the walls begin to close in. Instead of chasing the men, she froze in place as she watched in horror as the steel door closed. There were several things that she could have done. She could have spread her arms out to stop the walls if they got any closer or she could have tackled either door and tried to bash them open. Instead, she stood perfectly still. The amazon started hyperventilating as she struggled to breath. The closing of the walls was just too much for her.

Suddenly the door leading into the door blew open as Thomas Manley and some SWAT officers entered the room. The lead detective threw his gun to the floor, ran to Wonder Woman, and quickly pulled her out of the room with seconds to spare.





"I need backup. I repeat, I need backup. We are at the docks in Warehouse 4," Thomas Manly spoke into his radio as he and the SWAT members advanced. The police officers waited several minutes after the walls slammed together. Within seconds, the walls retracted. That's when Wonder Woman and the officers advanced on the steel door. The police were going to blow the door open, but Wonder Woman simply ripped the door from the hinges. The officers then quickly advanced through the large tunnel that eventually led to an office. Wonder Woman saw some papers and the officers glanced through them as Thomas Manley radioed for backup.

"You sure we're in Warehouse 4?" another officer asked.

"These order papers all say Warehouse 4. Besides, our next step is to search this entire place. I want people . . ."

"Footsteps below," another officer spoke as he glanced down at the darkness that engulfed the warehouse.

"I knew I should have requested night goggles," Thomas snarled as pounded his fists.

"What now, sir?"

"We're going down there. Since there's nine officers, I think groups of three will suffice. Wonder Woman, feel free to tag along with any group. Here's a radio. Please check out some of the documents and radio backup if I gave them the wrong warehouse number. Now, let's go," Thomas spoke as he opened the door leading out of the office and slowly descended the steps, leaving Wonder Woman with the radio.




"Boss, we've got problems," a highly agitated man panted as he ran toward a limousine while carrying a black cell phone.

"What kind of problems?" Mr. Bartoni inquired as he slowly got into his limousine.

"The broad, Wonder Woman, has led an army of cops to our warehouse."

"Those idiots! What about the office? Did they get all the documents?"

"Did you get all the documents?" the man inquired. "SHIT!"


"They forgot them all in the office!"

"Tell them to get those documents!"

"They left the warehouse already."

"Tell them to go back!"

"Yes sir," the man replied as he began to bark orders into the cell phone.

Mr. Bartoni watched with a sour look on his face. Suddenly inspiration hit him as he picked the phone inside the limousine. He quickly dialed and had a huge smile on his face when his call was answered.




Wonder Woman peered down at the documents. She could see the order forms and shipping manifests for several ships. The amazon even saw the signatures that authorized them. So far, they were all signatures belonging to mob bosses. She quickly collected them and placed them inside a large brown bag that she had found inside the office. Wonder Woman was ready to carry the bag out of the office when the door to the warehouse came tumbling down as four cars crashed into the warehouse with machine gun fire flying all over the place. The amazon could see the guns of the officers' as they returned fire. Without any hesitation, Wonder Woman dropped the bag and leapt out of the office.

Once she landed, she saw some of the officers scrambling for position. Their job was a little easier as the cars all had their headlights on, which made it easier to get a lock on the assailants. However, the warehouse began to fill up with gas. The officers coughed as they scrambled to get their gas masks on. Without the constant barrage of gun fire, several crooks slipped into the warehouse and began to make their way to the office. Wonder Woman saw this and quickly radioed the officers. "More of them have entered the warehouse. Be on your guard," the woman spoke as she darted toward her right and tackled two crooks, knocking them unconscious.

"I read you, Wonder Woman. Thanks for the heads up," one of the officers replied as he started shooting at the cars again. One by one, the officers thanked the amazon and tried to advance, all except Thomas Manly.

Wonder Woman thought it was odd that the man never replied. As she made her way through the warehouse back toward the office, she found out why; Thomas Manly was unconscious as he laid face first on the hard warehouse floor. Almost immediately, Wonder Woman dashed toward him only to fall into a trapdoor. "Great Hera!" the woman shouted as she found herself inside a hole that was no wider than a tube at a water park. Wonder Woman knew she could easily jump out of the hole, but when the door closed, she found that she couldn't move again. Once again, fear gripped her as her hands pawed at the sides. Although the walls weren't moving, the woman felt they were and because of this, her breathing increased as sweat poured down her face. Then without warning, the woman screamed and cried like a lost child.

A few minutes later, the door opened. Although Wonder Woman had only been in the hole for a few minutes, it seemed like an eternity to her. "Jump up, Wonder Woman!" Thomas Manly spoke as he used his machine gun to keep the door from closing.

"There's not enough room for me to jump," Wonder Woman lied. "Please get me out!"

"The lasso! Toss me the lasso!" the officer shouted.

Slowly Wonder Woman forced her hand to her side where she gripped the lasso. Then with a mighty throw, she tossed the lasso up. The officer caught it and quickly wrapped it around his wrists and began to pull. Within seconds, Wonder Woman was out of the hole. "Thank you," the amazon spoke as she took her lasso from him.

"We have to go up!" Thomas spoke as he ran up the steps to the office. Wonder Woman was right behind him as they entered the office and surprised the four crooks inside.

"Blas . . ." one of them tried to shout as Thomas tackled the lead man and knocked two others to the ground. A third grabbed a green duffel bag and ran down the tunnel to the room with all the crushed chairs and tables.

"Wonder Woman! Stop him!" Thomas yelled as he delivered a mighty uppercut to one of the crooks, knocking him silly.

Without reply, Wonder Woman dashed after the man. The man had a pretty decent lead as she ran through the various corridors underneath the city. Although she was familiar with the corridors, part of her told her to stop since the walls were getting closer. However, due to the chase, the woman was able to block them out, a bit unaware that the walls were shrinking.

Eventually, she catches up to the point where she can see him slamming a wooden door shut. Without any hesitation, Wonder Woman locked on the door, and crashed through it. As she landed, a metal doors slammed shut behind as gas began to fill the room. The amazon coughed as she covered her mouth. Then her worst fears came true as the walls moved in on all. Except this time, the roof was also coming moving. Wonder Woman was gripped by fear as quickly tossed her head from side to side, watching the walls close in on her. Then, she spotted another wooden door at the far end of the room.

Without thinking things through, the woman quickly smashed through it. Instead of landing on the floor, Wonder Woman fell down a long slanted chute. Wonder Woman slid for a few seconds as she saw a wall fast approaching. She stuck out her hands and braced herself for impact. Her hands slammed into the wall and prevented her from headbutting the wall. However, once she hit, the floor began to shift. Wonder Woman discovered that the floor beneath her had opened up and swallowed her, trapping inside a metal drum. Trapped in the dark, Wonder Woman screamed and pounded on the walls, but her fists didn't have any power behind them as she desperately gasped for air. Wonder Woman was unsure how it happened, but she realized that she was claustrophobic now. That was little comfort as the woman began to bawl like crazy as she begged for rescue, totally forgetting that her super powers should be enough to escape.

As time passed, Wonder Woman's condition grew worse. The confidence had disappeared as she cried like a little kid. She even curled up into a little ball. "Wonder Woman?" Thomas Manly spoke in shock as he opened the metal drum. The amazon didn't reply. The officer saw that the woman was almost catatonic and he sprang into action. Quickly, he pulled the woman out of the drum and placed her against the wall for support. "Wake up! Wake up!" the man screamed hysterically as he shook her.

"Th . . . Thomas!" Wonder Woman yelled gleefully as she opened her eyes. The cop almost drowned in her beautiful blue eyes. Of course, his almost popped out of his head when Wonder Woman hugged him. His heart almost burst when the woman kissed him hard on the lips. The officer almost turned to jell-o in the amazon's arms.



Two Weeks Later



"Now don't run," Wonder Woman spoke softly as she gripped her lasso tightly as it ensnared crook, who had just robbed the bank.

"Good work, Wonder Woman," Thomas Manly panted as he finally caught up to the pair. "Any idea of where his friends went?"

"Where are you partners?"

"Down there," the crook replied as he pointed down at the exposed manhole.

"I'll get him," Thomas spoke as he stepped forward.

"I'll get him," Wonder Woman spoke as she handed him the lasso and stared at the darkness beneath her feet. The woman then took a deep breath before leaping down into the sewer. The woman landed with a splash as her boots kicked up water. The sudden rise of water set off an alarm and a trapdoor opened up beneath Wonder Woman. The woman fell in as water poured all over her face. The amazon panicked as she splashed the water about and vainly tried to pull herself out of the trap.

"Grab on!" Thomas Manly shouted as he used the amazon's own lasso to rescue the woman. Wonder Woman opened her eyes, spat out some water, and gripped the lasso for dear life as the cop pulled her out of the trap.

"Thank you," Wonder Woman smiled as she hugged him.

"We got to stop doing this," the man panted.

"Where's the crook?" the woman asked as she pulled away.

"He got away. I had to remove the lasso from him when saw you fall into that trap. I didn't have a chance to cuff him."

"I'm sorry. First the documents disappear and now this. I'm really sorry."

"No problem, Wonder Woman. Rescuing you is enough to make my day."

"But it's because of me falling into these traps that have cost you your case."

"It's not mine anymore. The top brass even think it's best that I take an early retirement. All those officers risked their lives to stop those crooks and I let them down."

"You let them escape that warehouse in order to rescue me."

"And I would do it again," the man spoke, forcing a smile, knowing full well that his career was over.

"Let me make it up to you," Wonder Woman spoke.

"It's okay."

"No it's not. Let's go to your place," the woman spoke softly as she took his hand.




"I've should have done this earlier," Wonder Woman spoke softly as both her hands caressed the cop's face as she maneuvered onto his lap, her legs straddling his as he sat on his couch. Without warning the woman kissed the cop, who eagerly returned it. The kiss was extremely slow like the ones that are pictured in movies. Small nips were mixed with slow wet smacks, followed by the caress of tongues. Wonder Woman's hands gently stroked the man's face as his hands slid down her sides to her hips. A soft muffled moan escaped Wonder Woman's lips as she accepted the cop's tongue in her mouth. The woman had never kissed a man before, but the mere fact that Thomas Manly had sacrificed the career that he spent his entire life to build, just to save her, was enough to convince Wonder Woman that this was the right course of action.

Thomas couldn't believe it when the amazon accepted his tongue. Nor could he believe the fact that she actually sucked it into her mouth while her arms slipped around his neck. Saving people, fighting crime, and making the streets safe just weren't a priority now. The man couldn't believe his fortune especially when Wonder Woman began to grind her hips, making herself more comfortable on his lap. Thomas decided that Wonder Woman shouldn't have all the fun. Thus, he grabbed and groped the thin material on her hips. Once again, the woman moaned, which only made Thomas slid his hands down to her firm ass. He then placed his palms on her posterior and lifted her up. This caused the amazon to pull her head slightly away, allowing the man's tongue to escape her mouth. That's when she circled her tongue around the head of his, before swallowing it, allowing it to slide past her sensuous lips, and eventually filling her mouth as both parties sealed their lips. The woman's action made Thomas bolder as he grabbed her hips briefs and began to pull them down.

Wonder Woman sensed the cool air caressing her sex as the man tug on her briefs. Fueled by lust, the woman slowly tilted her and pulled her arms away from the man's neck. Her hands then reached behind her and unzipped her bustier as she reluctantly pulled her face from his, freeing his lips. Wonder Woman then stood up before Thomas, who quickly yanked her briefs down to her knees. The amazon shook her legs as Thomas watched them drop to the floor, where she quickly stepped out of them. Then she removed her bustier and revealed her flawless breasts to Thomas, who began to drool. This only made the amazon happier as she straddled his lap again and kissed him deeply while her arms wrapped his neck.

Thomas was in heaven. He could feel the woman's magnificent breasts pressed against his chest. His hands gripped her hips and pulled her roughly down against him. The cop's manhood strained against his pants as the soft cloth rubbed against Wonder Woman's crotch.

The response was immediate from Wonder Woman, who moaned loudly. Her hands clutched his shoulders, where she lifted herself up. This allowed her to rub her breasts all over the man's face. Thomas moved his hands to her ass where he massaged her soft skin as he rocked the woman back and forth, fucking her exposed sex against his covered tool. All the while, the cop slurped noisily at her breasts as Wonder Woman placed affectionate kisses all over the top of his head.

Eventually, the amazon was pushed to the brink, she had to have him inside her. Thus, she lifted herself up a little higher, smothering Thomas with her breasts. The cop immediately released the woman's buttocks as he undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and quickly pulled out his erect cock. Without any fanfare, Wonder Woman slowly impaled herself on the man's member. Her moans turned into high pitched gasps as more and more him entered her. "Oh Hera!" the woman gasped. Wonder Woman's head flung backwards and her back arched as the officer's manhood disappeared into her.

"Wonder Woman!" the man gasped as he gripped her hips and slammed himself against her over and over again.

"Thomas!" the amazon grunted as she bounced on his lap. The pleasure from her loins was something new to her, but she enjoyed it immensely. Which is why the woman slammed herself against the man, meeting every one of his thrusts.

The pair continued to moan and grunt as they fucked. Eventually, Wonder Woman's body stiffened and her eyelids fluttered. Thomas desperately tried to keep his own eyes open to admire the woman's beautiful blue eyes. The eyelids' movements were quite mesmerizing. They pulled Thomas in like a moth to a flame. Within seconds, the man was lost in them just as Wonder Woman was lost as she climbed to heights she never climbed before. Then without warning, both individuals climaxed, engulfing the room with their screams, which were loud enough to make objects in the room shake.



Two Weeks Later


"So why did you become a police officer?" Wonder Woman asked Thomas Manly as he gripped his pistol.

"I never knew my parents. All I had was this letter from my father, who supposedly was a straight arrow of a police officer. The guys on the force tell me that he was a great cop. Well, their parents told me. I've seen some pictures of him in old newspapers. He use to go around saving cats from trees for little girls. But he also saved lives. The last article that I read was about his death. One of the mob bosses thought he was getting too close and they killed him. My mother arrived home with me during the actual act according to the paper. They killed her and were about to kill me, but something happened. Their bodies were found next to my parents. The paper never identified the caller, who reported the murder. I was too young to remember any of this, but years later, the people at the orphanage informed me that when the police came to the house, I was crying, but safe. Instead of being surrounded by dead bodies and lying in a pool of blood, I was tucked inside my crib, far away from all the death. As I grew older, I decided that being a cop and doing the right thing would be the perfect way to honor my parents. Not to mention, make this city a lot safer," Thomas spoke, trying not to break down in the final parts of his tale.

"That's great to hear, Thomas. You've done a lot of good for this city," Wonder Woman replied as she placed her hand on his shoulder.

"You think so?" the man inquired as he turned to stare at her deep blue eyes. "The top brass wants me to retire. The say that these crooks have robbed too many banks and that crime is up."

"Bank robberies are up," Wonder Woman corrected him. "Murder is down and so far, no one is getting hurt during these robberies."

"That's because you're around. Anybody who shoots at you gets caught."

"I wish. Those people at the warehouse got away."

"True, but they left the money behind."

"But the documents got away."

"A minor setback, but I'm sure someone will find them. Probably won't be me since I'll have to retire soon."

"Do you think they'll change their minds?"

"Doubtful. They're pinning all the failures on me."

"That's quite unfair."

"It's actually alright with me. At least this way, no one else will be blamed. Might not be able to save the city by myself, but at least I'll help out my fellow officers this way. None of them will have to take the fall and who knows, maybe one of them will end this crime spree."

"You're a good man," the amazon spoke as she squeezed his shoulder.

"You think so?"

"I know so," Wonder Woman replied, almost fluttering her eyelashes like a schoolgirl.

"Well then. Why don't we go inside the bank and arrest those felons?" the man spoke with a wide grin.

"Only if we retire at your place for the night."

"You've got a deal," Thomas replied happily as he planted a kiss on Wonder Woman's cheek, only to have her grip his cheeks, and plant a long wet kiss on his lips.



Two Days Later



"Are you sure you want to do this? Police Commissioner Michael Thompson inquired as he sat behind his desk, totally dumbfounded. "I mean this is a big change for you. Are you really willing to retire? I always thought you would be in this to the bitter end. Or at least crime was down to zero. But if that is your decision, I'm all for it."

"Sir. Is that wise?" one of the lieutenants asked as six of them stood behind the man.

"I see no reason to allow it."

"But sir. It would undermine our force. No disrespect," another one quickly replied.

"But the city would feel safer when they hear this," another one chimed in.

"I feel safer already," another one smiled.

"I really don't see how this helps," the first person spoke, still uncertain. "It's true that the papers have said that an officer needs to take the heat for all the crime and they even went as far as naming a few. But is this truly the wisest thing to do. There might be a backlash, not only in this city, but others. Officers may feel slighted. City workers may even feel slighted. Basically, anybody that fights crime may very well feel slighted if we go through with this."

"First off, the people will love it," Michael Thompson corrected the man. "Police officers everywhere will feel great. In fact, officers will feel exonerated for all their decisions, right or wrong! Second, the press will have a field day with this story and it will be a virtual lovefest. They won't have a single negative thing to say. Hell! They've probably used up all the negativity already! And third, we gain the respect of everyone. Can you imagine what this will do for us? Can you imagine what this says to all our citizens? Or to the world? No boys, this is great news!

And I will accept the retirement."

"YES!" the others cheered.

"Thus it's with great pride that I accept the retirement of the superheroine, Wonder Woman, and welcome her to the ranks of our police force!" Michael Thompson spoke as he stood up and saluted the happy woman in front of him. Of course, none of the men inside were as happy as Wonder Woman's boyfriend, Thomas Manly, who was leaning against the door, trying to hear everything.



Two Nights Later



"Alright Bartoni, this better be good," Jack Da Blade spoke as he stood with twenty of his own private bodyguards behind him.

"Yea, why are we meeting here?" Boris Vadder snarled as his twenty bodyguards cracked their knuckles.

Mr. Bartoni surveyed the scene before him. So far, only two leaders of the ten crime families had spoken, but the rest seemed just as discontent. He knew he had to do something before things got ugly. "Gentlemen, I assure you there is nothing nefarious about this. I'm just waiting for Pierre La Claude to arrive. Once he's here, we can begin," Mr. Bartoni spoke.

"The Claw? He's probably busy picking up a prostitute," Jack Da Blade laughed as his men quickly followed his example.

Boris was about to speak when he saw a long limousine slowly entered the warehouse and stopped just a few feet from the group. "Hello," a slick Frenchman in a beautifully tailored black suit exited the limousine. The man was followed by a woman with long black hair, who wore a tight red corset, that barely concealed her large assets. Her long legs were encased in a red paird of thigh-high stiletto boots. A pair of blue latex hot pants finished the outfit while two large golden eagle earrings hung from the woman's ears. She quickly glided up the Frenchman. "This is my date for the evening. Can we make this fast?" the man inquired as the others had trouble taking their eyes off the woman.

"Uhhh . . . sure," Mr. Bartoni spoke as he tried to regain his senses and hid his erection. "We need to get rid of Wonder Woman. She is ruining everything!"

"Stop bitching, Bartoni! We have the entire criminal underworld of this town sitting right here. If you want to declare war on that big titted bitch, I'll glady accept!" Jack Da Blade yelled as the others quickly agreed.

"Are you certain?"

"YES!" the mob bosses all concurred.

"Then it's settled! We kill Wonder Woman!" Mr. Bartoni yelled.

"I'm sorry that you had to hear such uncultured people speak," Pierre spoke to his date as the other bosses glared at him.

"No problem. I wouldn't expect much from slime like yourselves!" the woman roared as she gave the Frenchman a huge uppercut that sent him flying. The men were amazed and left spellbound by the woman as several police cars burst into the building. Tear gas quickly filled the building as the crooks coughed and were unable to aim properly. And to make matters worse for them, a huge blinding light filled the factory momentarily. After it faded, bodies were flying left and right, landing virtually inches from the awaiting police officers, who quickly cuffed and arrested the men.

"It's Wonder Woman!" Jack Da Blade coughed as he ran by Mr. Bartoni, who was also running.

"She's coming after us," Boris Vadder screamed as he too was about to run past Mr. Bartoni. Unfortunately for him, Mr. Bartoni elbowed him and sent him crashing to the ground. Wonder Woman quickly caught up and lifted Boris high in the air before tossing him toward the officers. This allowed Mr. Bartoni to hide behind some crates while Jack Da Blade continued to run in a straight line, which was a bad ideas since Thomas Manly came out of nowhere and tackled the man to the ground.

"Did you see Bartoni?" Wonder Woman inquired as she lassoed Jack Da Blade for Thomas.

"No. But let's finish this up before we go looking for him," Thomas spoke as several officers tan toward the couple.



Four Hours Later



Police Commissioner Michael Thompson with his advisers stood before Wonder Woman and Thomas Manly as the other officers began to move the last of the evidence out of the warehouse. "Thomas, I am sorry to have ever doubted you. You are a fine officer and I'm going to make sure that you make Captain for this. Not only were you able to make sure that no officers got injured, but you managed to cripple the criminal empire within our fine city. When the newspapers hit the streets in the morning, the whole city will know the great deed that you performed tonight," the man spoke proudly.

"I couldn't have done it without Wonder Woman," Thomas Manly spoke as deflected some of the praise.

"Of course. Without her help, we may have had to use ever greater force," Michael Thompson laughed as everyone had a quick laugh. After a few seconds, the man stopped and was serious again. "You'll make Captain and if you want to stay on the streets with Wonder Woman as your partner, you're more than welcome. Just give me a month's notice before you decide to go after my job."

"No sir. You're job is completely safe, but I would like to keep Wonder Woman as my partner. Regardless of my rank," Thomas quickly added as Wonder Woman smiled at his words, understanding his words.

"So be it. Take the next few days off if you must," Michael Thompson spoke right before he walked toward his car and left the warehouse with his advisers in tow, leaving Thomas and Wonder Woman alone in the warehouse.

"Keep me as a partner?" Wonder Woman inquired with a smile.

"Is there a problem with that?" Thomas replied.

"I THINK SO!" an angry voice screamed from behind the pair. The man quickly pulled Thomas Manly toward him and placed a gun to his head.

"LET HIM GO!" Wonder Woman demanded.

"No way! He's a hostage! He's my hostage!" the man bellowed as he pressed the gun harder against the man's forehead.

"Don't worry about me, Wonder Woman! Let him blow my brains out and get wipe the floor with him! The city will be crime free then!" Thomas Manly shouted.

"Always thinking about others," Wonder Woman said to herself as she was proud of the bravery and sacrifice that Thomas was showing.

"SHUT UP!" Mr. Bartoni demanded as his hand began to shake. "I'm going to leave here with him and you're going to let me, Wonder Woman!"

"Don't let him escape!" Thomas demanded.

"She's not going to stop us," Mr. Bartoni smiled as he saw Wonder Woman's reaction. "You can see it in her face. Let me prove it to you, pig. Wonder Woman, drop your lasso at the pig's feet."

"Don't do it!"

"I'm sorry, Thomas," Wonder Woman replied, trying not to cry dropped the lasso.

"Pick it up," the crime boss demanded as he and his hostage both went down and quickly stood up with the lasso in Thomas Manly's hands. "Now we can get out of here!"

"Not yet," Thomas Manly sneered as he tossed the lasso around Wonder Woman. Shocked by the sudden turn of events, Wonder Woman was unable to move as Thomas pulled the loop tightly around her. "So gullible, aren't you, Wonder Woman?" the man laughed.

"Thomas," she mouthed as tears rolled down her face.

"Don't try to escape, Wonder Woman. However, I'll allow to ask me one question. Go ahead."


"Have you seen yourself, Wonder Woman? With the way you're dressed, you shouldn't be a superheroine. However, I knew if I took you to be my slave, your friends would come looking for you. But they won't now. In the morning, the papers will run the story that you retired from the fighting crime along the side of those freaks with super powers. Instead, you've decided to fight crime by my side. The interview is all ready to go. They may come and talk to you, but you'll hear nothing of it. The lasso will ensure that. You see, without this lasso, they'll probably expose me sooner or later, but with you under the lasso's influence, that will never happen," Thomas laughed as Mr. Bartoni motioned the two to follow him.

Within minutes, all three individuals were inside a rather large secret room, two stories below the warehouse. On a table in the middle of the room was a voodoo doll of Wonder Woman with Thomas Manly's picture right above her heart. There was also several small shoe boxes on the table as well as two manilla folders. "Here you go Thomas, just like I promised," Mr. Bartoni spoke as he pointed at the items on the table.

"Thanks boss," Thomas smiled.

"Hurry up and finish your business here. Just remember to take all this stuff with you when you leave," the crime boss spoke as he left the pair.

"Remember those tight situations and not being able to breath? I figured that you were used to open areas thanks to Paradise Island, so tight places like the tunnels in the sewer as well as those traps would make you claustrophobic. That's what the shoe boxes were for. Tonight, we're going to take these items to our new home, Wonder Woman. A home that we will share. Inside our house, there is a dungeon that has some very small and tight holes for you if you ever disobey me. I'm going to store the doll in a nice special place. You can get to it, but you would have to crawl to get there. I don't know if you can do that in your condition," Thomas gloated as tossed the shoe boxes and folders into the a duffel bag while still holding onto the lasso.

Wonder Woman blinked as gasped as she couldn't believe what was happening. She had trusted Thomas and even gave herself freely to him. And yet, he was the person that she should have been chasing all along.

"By the way, all those stories about my past that I told you were just lies. I was amazed that you never pried or searched for the truth, but I guess my picture had something to do with it. I know the boxes scared the crap out of you," he laughed.

"Thomas," the woman mouthed again.

"Is that belt of yours the source of your power?"


"I think we'll have to store it with the doll then. I'll let you wear it when we're fighting criminals that may jeopardize Mr. Bartoni's businesses. I know this rope makes you obey me, but does it make you obey me when I take it off?"

"The rope can make me forget that you have given me commands after you remove the rope. However, I will still obey the commands that you gave me when the rope is around me."

"Then listen closely Wonder Woman. You are deeply in love with me. You'll do anything for me! You are my slave! You won't try to escape or notify your friends. In fact, if they come, you'll tell them that you love me and that you're willing to die for me. Without me, you will feel incomplete and very unsafe. You'll be like a newborn trying to walk for the first time. But when you're around me, you'll feel safe and secure; like a slave with her master. Of course, once I take this lasso off of you, you will forget about this conversation and the commands I have just given you, but you will always obey me like the devoted slave that you are. Understand?"

"Yes master," Wonder Woman replied.






Wonder Woman had spent months with Thomas Manly in their new home. The house had several weird angles and tight corridors that made Wonder Woman very uncomfortable. However, whenever Thomas was around, she always felt safe. She hardly ever walked around the house alone and when she was alone, she spent most of the time in the master bedroom, the biggest room in the entire house with a high ceiling and spacious design. It was in the bedroom that Wonder Woman did her best work.

"Oh yes! I love this!" Wonder Woman moaned as she laid on her bed. Her arms were placed above her head as she rested on the satin sheets. Thomas Manly was busy pumping his manhood between the amazon's huge breasts. A layer of his seed coated the path between her cleavage, making it easier for him to pump his meet as he gripped her breasts. He looked down at the woman underneath him and could see the love in her blue eyes as she licked her lips, wetting them in anticipation. She even went as far as extending her tongue to lick the very tip of his cock every time it got close to her lips.

"Lick me clean!" Thomas ordered as he moved to the left side of Wonder Woman's face.

The amazon quickly complied as she slowly licked the entire length of his shaft. Wonder Woman licked every inch of his member before planting heavy kisses. Slowly the woman got on all fours, never breaking contact with his member. She always kept her lips or tongue against his member as she rose from the bed. Once on all fours, the woman gripped the shaft's base and began to pump it with her fist as she slurped the head of the shaft with her tongue like a cat cleaning herself. In a matter of seconds, Wonder Woman's red ruby lips were covered in a coat of white. Thomas Manly's seed splattered against the her nose and dripped down her chin as she serviced him, never taking her loving eyes away from his gaze. "Mmmmmm," she cooed as his member filled her mouth.

Once again, before he could shot his load, Thomas pulled out. This startled Wonder Woman. She knew that she had to get the man to climax. His pleasure was hers. If he didn't, she would feel miserable until he did. She began to curse herself for her failure as Thomas slipped behind her. Without warning, the man gripped her buttocks and rammed his member into her ass. Wonder Woman screamed loudly as her voice reverberated against the walls. The woman quickly gripped the sheets and spread her legs apart a bit more as she thrust her hips to meet him. "You look like a filthy slut taking it in the ass like this," Thomas grunted as he gripped her hips and continued to thrust into her.

"Mmmmmmm! I feel so dirty when you treat me like a slut!" Wonder Woman purred as her huge breasts jiggled beneath her. "Why didn't you blow your load in my face?"

"Maybe later!" the man panted as he slipped his hands past her ribs and gripped her breasts. He clutched her breast as tightly as possible, making the points where his fingers were white. As he pumped, Wonder Woman slowly pulled herself to a kneeling position. With each thrust, she got higher and higher. Finally, she was almost seated on his lap. Then with another thrust, Thomas fell backwards and laid on the bed.

Wonder Woman took this opportunity to wiggle her ass until her lover's member popped out of her ass. She then hovered over him as her right hand reached back and jerked off his member for a few seconds. Once she was sure that it was hard again, she guided it inside her dripping sex. The woman slowly slid it deeper and deeper inside her as she plastered her large mammaries against the man's chest. Eventually, she had to release her grip in order to get more of him inside her. Thus, she released him only to pull herself off his chest. Then with both hands, she wiped his sperm from her face and rubbed it onto her breasts. A thin layer of dried sperm remained on her face as she began to rock her hips back and forth. "Fuck me!" she panted as Thomas gripped her ass with his right hand pulling her close.

Thomas thrust into Wonder Woman as she flung her soaked hair from side to side, splattering her own sweat all over the place. The man had allowed the woman to keep her tiara on at all time as well as her bracelets and boots. The rest of her outfit was totally off limits inside the house. The only time that she was allowed to wear her old uniform was when her old friends from the Justice League came to visit. They asked her all sorts of questions and asked her to go back with them, but Wonder Woman was set on staying with Thomas. Besides, she told them that she loved him and she was making a difference in the city. She hadn't quit her job at all. Instead, she was fighting more crime and ensuring that people were safe. After some time, the others were finally convinced and wished her well, leaving Wonder Woman with Thomas, the man she loved. "Wonder Whore!" the man spoke through gritted teeth as he tried to hold off his climax.

"Wonder Tits!" the woman yelped as she grabbed both his hands and placed them on her breasts. "Fat tits! Milk my tits as I milk your cock!" she panted as Thomas happily squeezed and pulled on her breasts. The amazon gripped his shoulders and rigorously slammed her cunt on his dick. "Use me like a cheap whore!"

The words were too much for Thomas as he exploded inside Wonder Woman. The woman felt his hot seed inside her and knew she pleased him. Knowing that she pleased him sent shivers of joy throughout her body, which sent her soaring over the cliff. The amazon climaxed and shook on violently as she flung her head back and cried out in ecstasy, screaming her master's name. "I love you, my sexy slave," the man spoke once Wonder Woman calmed down and laid on top of him and stared with devotion into his eyes.

Wonder Woman smiled as she drowned in the man's eyes. She wanted to kiss him and lowered her head, only to stop just centimeters from his face. The woman remembered that his dried sperm still decorated her lips. Although she would wear it proudly, there was no reason for his face to ever touch it. Thus, the woman retreated and gripped his shoulders as she arched her back. "I love you too, master," the woman panted as she used her vaginal muscles to milk his cock dry, hoping that she would soon bear him a child.


The End


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