Wonder Woman: The Sweetest Trap

BY : NightCreeper
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Notes from the author:  A few years ago, a reader contacted me and requested that I write a Wonder Woman story.  He supplied what he had wrote: complete ideas, sections, dialogue, and a partial outline.  He requested that I write the story in 1st Person.  I’m not a big fan of 1st Person since I prefer to write in 3rd Person, but I gave it a shot.  A PC problem completely erased what I wrote as well as all the notes and communications that I had.  A few months ago, I was able to connect the dots and was able to contact the requester.  Once that occurred, I was able to write this.

Before you get too deep, let me stress that I do not write about real people.  In this story, you may realize that one of the active individuals in the story is/was a real life person.  Numerous people have tried to get me to write stories based on real people.  I have always refused.  The reason is because I don’t write stories involving real people.  I did for this story because the person had her own reality show and my own belief is that everyone in a reality show aren’t being themselves.  They are just acting, creating a fictional character based on their own belief that the character will draw in ratings.  In fact, I am using the character that the woman played from the show.  I think you can figure out who it is once you start reading.  Besides, the person is more of a guide than an actual participant in the sex scenes.  Okay, she’s in one.

Finally, I would like to take the time to thank Abenozra for his input in this story. Basically, he supplied an outline and idea for the story, and I just expanded on it and wrote the scenes accordingly, which made things rather easy. Also, he served as the editor for this story and even supplied pictures that gave me ideas for the outfits used in the story. He even supplied the articles that are quoted in the story.

Feel free to e-mail me at <mbison_76@yahoo.com> with comments, criticisms, ideas, etc. Thanks and happy reading.


Wonder Woman:  The Sweetest Trap

By: Night Creeper

    A clean shaven Eastern European man with green eyes, pale skin, and long enough black hair that he could make into a ponytail, lingered near the water cooler.  The man was slightly five feet and eight inches.  He weighed just slightly over one hundred and thirty pounds.  His name was Ozra Tim and he worked in the mail room.  Often, he would be the one who had to deliver packages directly to the various offices in the building.  This gave him lots of time to roam around the building as well as access to numerous areas.  Today was different though.  He wasn’t roaming the halls.  Instead, he was hanging around the water cooler.  He filled his cup, took a swig, and then refilled it.  He waited until he was absolutely sure that everyone had gone to lunch and the only person left in the office, the relief receptionist, was busily engaged in her nonstop telephone calls to various girlfriends to discuss her latest love interest.  He thought it was pathetic,
but he had bigger fish to fry. 
    Today was the day.  Operation Sweet Trap was about to begin.  Ozra checked his watch, took a sip of water, then slipped quietly, unseen by anyone, into Diana Prince’s office and left the carefully prepared gift on her desk where she could not miss it.  He then scooted down the stairs to the lunchroom floor. 
    Everyone else was already out to lunch or gabbing noisily in the lunchroom.  He managed to enter the vacant restroom, and timed his flush and hand washing perfectly so that he had an alibi, should it ever come to that, as Johnny, who crapped at lunch each day, regular as clockwork, entered and headed for his toilet of choice.  That’s when Oz headed back to the lunchroom, where he retrieved his sandwich and made with the normal lunchroom talk.  Silently, he congratulated himself on his perfect planning, perfect execution. 


    I sighed as I entered my office.  I was returning from a pleasant, but unsatisfying lunch meeting with Steve Trevor.  I was shocked to find a lusciously gold wrapped package squarely in the middle of my desk.  My lips curled upward in a genuine smile as I looked for a card and found none.   “Hmmm . . . could I have a secret admirer?  I wonder who it could be?” I thought to myself.  I wasn’t worried about security as nothing could have made it to my desk without scrutiny.  Granted, I knew that the mail room attendant was sweet on me, but he would never forego the necessary procedures to ensure my safety.  Thus, I absentmindedly sat down and began to mentally toy with the various possibilities regarding who left the candy.  I unwrapped the package and found an extra large box of my favorite chocolates in the world, Perles d’Océane.  I couldn’t resist popping one in my mouth, savoring the creamy goodness all the way down to m toes.  It was even
than I remembered it.  I wanted to put the box away, but I couldn’t help it.  I had to ear another before I got back to my work.  I closed my eyes and savored the sweet, delicious taste in my mouth.  Oh Hera!  It was amazing! 
    I don’t know how long I had closed my eyes, but they opened when the phone rang and startled me.  My eyes wee blurry and I instantly knew that I had fallen asleep.  But for how long was the question.  Better save that question for later.  So I picked up the phone.  “Hello?” I spoke into the receiver.
    “Diana,” Steve’s voice, clearly irritated, spoke into my ear.  “Where are you?”
    “Oh, Steve,” I cooed with an odd lilt to my voice.  “I’m in my office, silly.”
    “I know that,” was Steve’s retort, with an edge of anger.  “What about that meeting on the Patriot Act?”
    “Oh,” I spoke nonplused.  “Why I just got back from lunch, it can’t be time for the meeting.  What time is it?”
    It turned out that I was an hour late and I had to rush to the meeting.  At the meeting, I had trouble focusing on what people were saying.  I don’t understand why I’m not enjoying this meeting like I normally do.  This stuff just doesn’t seem that important.  I knew that Steve was looking over at me from time to time, and frowning.  I even myself more than once twiddling my pen and twirling a lock of hair around a finger.  I wished that the meeting would just end.  Especially since my bon bons were calling me.  And just when I thought that the meeting would never end, Steve closed his notepad and thanked everyone for attending.  That gave me the opportunity to dash out of the room and head back to my office.
    However, I was delayed.  “Just a minute, Diana, I need to see you, please,” Steve’s voice was courteous but had a quiver of some kind in it.  I turned around and he stood up.  Then the strangest thing happened, I found my eyes were riveted to his crotch.  His trousers were still crumpled from sitting, but that didn’t stop me from looking.  “Diana?” Steve sounded worried now.   “What’s wrong with you?  You just don’t seem yourself.  Are you okay?  Maybe you should take the rest of the afternoon off.  You must be coming down with something .  .  .  .” Steve’s voice tapered off; his concern made me feel special.
    “Okay, whatever you say, Steve,” I beamed up at him.  He returned my gaze, puzzled by what was going on, but could say nothing as I walked away.
    I quickly returned to my office, where I recorded an outgoing message on my voice mail.  I was telling everyone that I was going to be out for the rest of the day.  I even created an out-of-office reply for my e-mail.  As I was doing this, I couldn’t help but pop one of the bon bons into my mouth.  Unfortunately, it was the last one.  I only remember eating two of them before falling asleep, but it appears that I ate a whole lot of them when I blacked out.  Once I was done, I headed out the door and headed for home.


    When I arrived at my apartment complex, Nick, the building’s doorman greeted me.  He also handed me a box of chocolates that was identical to one left in my office.  I was surprised and delighted.  Nick looked at me with a twinkle in his eye.  He tipped his hat and smiled.  “Somebody is sweet on you, Miss Prince.  Somebody with good taste,” he said as his eyes swept over the beautifully wrapped box of chocolates.  He could not resist another long sniff of the boc as I reached for the box.  I watched Nick, the doorman, close his eyes and sniff one last time right before I headed upstairs with my box of chocolates.
    I waited impatiently as the elevator music almost put me to sleep.  My eyes kept on darting back and froth between the number of floors and the box chocolates in my hands.  I wanted to tear off the ribbon and tape, but I didn’t want to share them.  You never know when the elevator doors would open and in comes an unwelcome guest, who would want nothing more than to eat my yummy chocolates.  Thus, I waited.
    The elevator ride was almost as annoying as Steve’s  meeting.  But like the meeting, the ride ended.  I dashed into my apartment and slammed the door beside me.  I turned on the televison set and wasted no time in opening the box.  I took a deep breath and inhaled its aroma.  Hmmmm!  Was there anything tasted or smelled so good?  Not that I could remember.  I didn’t even pay attention to the Married with Children marathon on the televison.
    I devoted myself to each delicious morsel, unwrapping the individual pieces, swirling them in my mouth before finally biting into a corner and then feeling the creamy inner filling squeeze into my mouth and then down my throat.  I felt like I was wrapped in chocolate creamy goodness from the inside out my eyes became blurry.  I tried to fight it, but I simply couldn’t as I popped another piece of chocolate into my mouth.  I felt its smooth coating melting in my mouth.  I had to close my eyes.  It was such a wonderful feeling.  I felt the room begin to spin as the awesome taste took me to another plain of ecstacy.
    When I opened my eyes, I was sitting on the famous Bundy couch with none other than Peggy Bundy.  I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t.  I didn’t say a word as Peg fixed my hair.  She made it look exactly like hers as she sprayed it and added lots of artificial chemicals.  She fluffed, sprayed, jelled, and brushed.  She spent hours on my hair.  By the time she was done, she sat next to me and handed me a mirror.  I looked into the mirror and was shocked to see that our big hair matched exactly and we had the same leopard hair bands in our hair as well.  The only difference was that her hair was red and mine was black.  Other than that, we could have been sisters.
    “Do you like it?” she asked.
    “I like it,” I replied as Peggy took out a cigarette from between her bosom.  She even pulled a lighter from her bosom.  She lit the cigarette and took a long deep puff on it.  I couldn’t believe she was smoking, but I couldn’t tell her to stop either.  Instead, I happily took a few puffs when she offered it to me.
    “Here.  You hold my cigarette in your mouth while I apply some makeup.”
    “Okay,” I replied as the woman began to work on my face.  I could feel the woman making my eyelashes longer and longer.  She was very meticulous as she went back and forth with that brush, adding length and texture.  The woman even blew on the lashes a few times to ensure that they set properly.  Peggy started to add eyeliner to my eyes as I watched the cigarette become shorter and shorter.  The woman was unstoppable.  She kept at it.  Lipstick, blush, mascara, power . . . everything.  By the time she stopped, the cigarette was just millimeters from burning itself out.
    “Almost done, Di,” Peggy happily sang.  “We have the first layer of foundation all set.  A little more powder and then we wait for everything to set in before we put the final touches.”
    “But . . .” I tried to say as there was a knock on the door.  I glanced at the door and it opened.  I was shocked to see Anna Nicole Smith letting herself into the Bundy home.  I saw the blonde bombshell wiggling her way toward the couch.  She plopped down next to me, took the cigarette from my hand, and took one last puff.
    “That’s some good shit,” the woman spoke as she rammed the cigarette into the ash tray.
    “Anna!  What a pleasant surprise!  What are you doing here?” Peggy asked as she continued to apply makeup to my face.
    “I was getting so bored at home.  My billionaire husband keeps on touching me.  He can’t keep his hands off of me,” Anna Nicole Smith sighed.
    “That’s better than Al!  He won’t even touch me.  He asked Bud to move me so he could get the TV Guide!” Peggy fumed.
    “What happened to Marcy?”
    “She’s on vacation with Jefferson.  They’re on a cruise, fucking like rabbits.”
    “Figures.  I tried to call her earlier.  Hey!  By the way, did you hear about Daisy in Hazzard County?”
    “No.  Tell me!” Peggy giggled.
    “She started shagging Boss Hog!”
    “That tub of lard?”
    “That rich tub of lard!  The man owns half of Hazzard County and he has the cops on his side.  He’s a rich and powerful man.  No wonder why he makes her so wet.”
    “They’re married?”
    “Not yet.  She’s been fucking his brains out, trying to do everything in her power to get him to pop the question.  She’s even wearing shorter shorts now.”
    “That slut!”
    “I know!” the blonde laughed.  “So what have you been up to?”
    “Oh, I’m just killing a little time with my new sis, Di.  She’s from up North and she needs a man.  I’ve been trying to help her out.”
    “She’s from the North Pole?”
    “Not that North, sweetie.  But the men population is just as sparse as the North Pole.”
    “That’s horrible!” Anna gushed as she jumped off the couch.
    “It’s really sad,” Peggy agreed as she stopped applying makeup and made her way behind the couch.  The redhead placed her hands on my right shoulder and gave it a light squeeze.  “She really needs a man,” she repeated before releasing my shoulder.
    “That’s so sad.  I use to dance at a club because I was so lonely.  I met my sweetie at the club.  I may complain about him at times, but I love him and he loves me.  He treats me like I am his world,” the blonde gushed.
    “Gee . . . I wish Al would treat me like his world.  Instead, he just watches TV, holds the remote and holds himself.”
    “Oh Peggy!  You’re so bad . . . but we need to cheer up your sister, Di.  Hey!  I didn’t know that you had another sister.”
    “What sister?”
    “That other blonde that has to work.”
    “That’s my daughter, Kelly.  Let’s not talk about her breaking my heart and getting a job.”
    “Right . . . we want to talk about Di,” Anna Nicole Smith giggled as she started to massage my shoulders while pressing her large balloons against the back of my neck.
    “Did you bring anything . . .” Peggy spoke as the door opened and a butler was wheeling a large cart full of food toward us.
    “Here you go, madam,” the man spoke before leaving, closing the door behind him on the way out.
    “Good men are hard to find.  I know Peggy complains about Al, but Al hasn’t forced her to find a job.  Peggy still gets to stay home.  Do you work, Di?”
    “Yes I do.”
    “I’m so sorry,” Anna spoke as she released my shoulders and my neck.  I didn’t know what she was doing until she moved a cracker with caviar in front of my face.  “Try this!” she spoke as she rammed into my mouth, just as she rammed her breasts against the back of my neck.  The woman did this a few times, always being sympathetic to my plight and feeding me the entire time.  As she’s doing this, the constant contact from her breasts made my nipples harden.  I guess both of them saw it as I heard giggling.  My face soon turned red.
    “Don’t blush,” Peggy spoke as she stood in front of me and did a little touch up of the makeup.
    “That’s all right, Honey, jest us gals here and don’t make no never-mind.  We might as well enjoy ourselves,” Anna laughed as Peggy finished with the makeup.  I then saw Peggy and Anna switch places.  The blonde was now standing in front of me while Peggy stood behind me and the couch.  Anna pulled her top and took her breasts out.  “Go ahead and play with them, Di,” the woman smiled.
    “I can’t,” I replied.
    “Oh go ahead sweetie!  It’s a lot of fun!  Besides, no one is going to come in here.  The butler is standing outside making sure that no one interrupts our girl time.  And if Al comes home early, the butler will hand him some crackers.  Actually, he may play fetch will Al.  That man will do anything for food . . . except maybe sex,” Peggy laughed as she started to eat some items from the cart.
    “Don’t worry, Di.  Go ahead and touch them,” Anna winked.  That was enough to get me to reach out for them.  I touched her large balloons and they felt warm.  I traced my finger along her long erect nipple.  “Pinch them with two of your fingers and feel free to pull them,” the blonde giggled as I did as I was told.  I saw the woman close her eyes and start to moan.  That’s when Peggy dumped a line of caviar on the woman’s breasts.
    “Oops!  Can you clean that up for me, Di?” Peggy asked.  I moved my fingers toward the food, but Peggy slapped my hand.  “Not with your hands.  With your mouth.  She likes that.”
    I didn’t know what to do, but I leaned forward and stuck out my tongue.  I lapped it up from the woman’s breasts.  I heard the woman moan, coo, and even purr.  She was really enjoying it.  I was still reluctant, but the more I cleaned her breasts, the louder she became.  I knew I was making her happy and that sent a warm feeling through my body as I soon lost myself.
    My eyes closed for some time and I wasn’t sure how long.  But when I opened my eyes, I was sucking and kissing the woman’s breasts.  I was also holding them with my hands, feeding them toward my mouth.  I tried to pull away, but Anna grabbed my head and pulled me close.  “Don’t stop.  You’re doing fine.  My tits feel great!” the woman moaned.  With her encouragement, I increase my own actions.  In a matter of seconds, I’m almost nursing from her breasts, sucking on her nipples like a newborn baby.
    “Let’s get your top off,” Peggy spoke as she simply took a pair of scissors and began to cut away.  I didn’t even resist.  I didn’t even care that I had nothing else to wear.  I simply too engrossed with Anna’s large breasts . . . I mean, tits.  Her tits were so big and yummy.  I closed my eyes and savored every second of it.
    Once again, I lost track of time.  When I opened my eyes, the three of us knelt on the floor, pressed our tits against each other while we kissed, tongued, and touched each other.  There was still some food, but they didn’t last long.  In fact, we even tongued each other.  It felt so strange, yet so wonderful to be so close to these two women.  I could have stayed there all day if it wasn’t for what Anna said next.
    “Let’s see who can cum the hardest and fastest!”
    “Okay!” Peggy agreed as both women began to masturbate.  I immediately tried to copy them, but I was such a novice.  Both women were moaning as their juices poured onto the carpet.  Me on the other hand was just stretching my pussy lips and barely moaning as I pumped a finger in and out of my pussy.  I felt some of my juices and it did start to flow when I noticed that all three of us were completely shaved clean between our legs, but I just couldn’t get going.
    “Come on Di!” Anna panted.
    “I’ll be right back, girls!” Peggy shouted as she ran up the stairs.  The woman returned in a couple of minutes with a large collection of huge dildos, vibrators, and lubricating cream.  Before I know it, I’m covered in oil.  My body is absolutely glistening as they pry my own fingers away from my pussy.  They forced my body onto the couch and pulled my legs off of it.  My body slipped off the couch as they part my legs.  Soon, my hands and my chin are the only parts of my body still on the couch.  I glanced over and saw that both woman greased up at least four large dildos.  My body shivered as I felt my own juices start to trickle from my pussy.
    “Time to moan, Di!” Anna screamed as she rammed a dildo into my pussy while Peggy rammed one up my ass.  Each women thrust and twisted the dildos as they tried to force them into my body.  I screamed at the top of my lungs as I felt my body being stretched to it’s limits.  Every centimeter felt like a war.
    “AHHHHRRRGGG!!” I screamed through gritted teeth.  I soon felt the dildos begin to vibrate.  The women didn’t stop though.  They pushed them even deeper.  My ass and pussy felt like they were being permanently stretched.  I began to pant as I moved body forward to avoid the pain.  However, that didn’t really help.  Instead, my hands gripped the couch cushions as I slowly slid my head between two cushions.  I screamed, hoping that the cushions would muffle my cries, but it seemed to only intensify them as they reverberated in my ears.  And that’s when it happened, both women started to pump the vibrating dildos in and out of my body.  My body began to react as I started to meet their thrusts.  I soon acted like a piston in an engine, moving up and down, back and forth.  I squealed.  I screamed.  I moaned.  I panted.  I wanted it as I felt the woman start to play with my tits!
    “This slut needs a good spanking!” Anna spoke as Peggy complied.
    “One!  Two!  Three!” the redhead yelled as she released my breast, only to count each swat on my ass.  They continued to assault my body as Peggy continued to count.  Eventually, she grew tired of counting and just spanked me instead.  Even though I couldn’t see it, I knew my ass was completely red.
    “You like this don’t you?” Anna asked as she gripped my throat and snarled into my ear.
    “No,” I panted in response.
    “Let’s see about that,” Anna spoke as she pushed me off the couch completely.  I landed on back, which made it impossible for Peggy to spank my ass.  She also lost her grip on the dildo.  Unfortunately, the fall forced the dildo to completely fill my ass.  I groaned miserably as I saw both women shoot each other an sinister looking smile.
    “HOLY SHIT!” I screamed as Anna pulled the drenched dildo out of my pussy and started to insert one finger at a time inside my pussy.  I felt my pussy lips being stretched and my pussy being forced to accept her fingers as she pushed them all in.  I saw her knuckles disappear inside me.  My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw that she had her fist inside me.
    “You know you like this!  You love this!  Just like you love us!  You want to be a dumb blonde with huge tits!” Anna shouted.
    “Let’s play,” Peggy laughed as she started to tongue my rock-hard clit with maddening slowness.
    “Oh yea!” Anna laughed as she continued to pump he fist inside me while her other hand was pinching my nipples.  “Say it, Di!  You love this!  You love us!”
    I was totally breathless, but the pleasure shooting throughout my body was too much.  I had to agree.  “ I love this!  I love you two!” I conceded.
    “Tell me that you want to be a cheap tart of a house wife with big hair who thinks of nothing but fucking all day!” 
    “I want to be a cheap tart of a house wife with big hair who thinks of nothing but fucking all day!” I screamed.
    “ And so you shall!” Anna laughed as she pumped faster and Peggy’s tongue was lapping faster than a hummingbird flapping its wings.  I couldn’t stand it.  My body stiffened and it shook violently as I climaxed.
    “She’s cumming!” Anna laughed.
    “AHHHHHHHHHHH!!” I shrieked like a wailing banshee.  Anna was right.  I was cumming.  They made my body cum again and again.  I couldn’t count them all.  All I knew is that when they stopped, I couldn’t move.  And when they stopped working me over, I could see Anna licking Peggy’s face, devouring my juices as Peggy licked Anna’s fist whenever she got the chance.  That was the last thing I saw as I blacked out.
    Eventually, I woke up and found myself wearing a combination of their outfits.  I wore a skin-tight spandex leopard print pants with no underwear.  I also soon realized  that someone had thoughtfully inserted the largest of the battery operated dildos inside me.  It was still vibrating.  The pants were so tight that they keep it in with no problems.  Peggy laughed wickedly as she moved the speed switch up and down on the dildo’s battery pack.  I moaned in response.
    Meanwhile, Anna laced a tight bustier onto my body, causing my nipples to almost spill out.  She didn’t stop there as she found more.  A see-through black long-sleeved top, with lace around the billowing cuffs and neckline, completed the outfit, along with more jewelry than I ever owned, much less worn at the same time.  There were ankle bracelets, toe rings, jangly charm bracelets, and long jingly earrings.  I reached up to touch the earrings and was shocked that someone had pierced each ear a total of four times and inserted little studs and rings. 
    “Naughty girl, don’t peek.  We’re not done yet!” Anna spoke as she slapped my hand away.
    They then brought me back to the couch, where Anna on one side and Peggy on the other, they began to polish her clearly fake, two-inch long fingernails and then her toenails.  They painted them a dark red tone, almost the color of blood.  Once completed, they pulled me to my feet and that’s when I realized that I am wearing high heeled slides, plastic and leopard print, on my feet. 
    They then escorted me to a full length mirror so I could see myself.  I was shocked.  All three of us could have been sisters.  I looked like a cheap tart house wife with big tits!
    “How do you like yourself?” they asked in unison.
    I couldn’t speak.  I wanted to scream.  Yet, I could feel my pussy becoming wet.  Eventually, I mustered up enough strength and told them what I thought.  “Ah love it!” I spoke in a much higher pitched and breathy voice with a Southern twang that sounded a lot like Anna Nicole Smith’s voice.
    “And we love you!” they both giggled in a voice that now matched mine.  They hugged me and asked once again.  “Do you like it?”
    “Ah love it!” I responded in the same voice as they increased the speed of the trusty dildo inside me.  Once again, I start to cum again and again.  They moved me to the couch and sat next to me, groping and fondling my body as I climaxed.  Eventually, I pass out with a huge smile on my face.
    “What the?” I grunted as I tried to shake the cobwebs from my head.  I was flustered and I was in the midst of a teeth-gritting orgasm.  Three of my fingers were buried inside my pussy and my clothes were torn and thrown all around the room.  I knew I needed to get to bed, but I was just too weak.  “Fuck it,” I grumbled as I rolled to my side and went back to sleep.


    What the hell is that?  Someone stop that annoying blaring siren!  Great!  Now it’s getting louder!  Who is attacking?  Oh wait.  I know what it is.  I guess I have to shut it off.  I can’t believe I forgot all about it.  My hands start to rummage along the floor until they hit something small and compact.  It’s cheap plastic, but I know exactly what it is.  It’s my cell phone.  I quickly open it, fumble with the buttons until I finally locate the button that turns the alarm off.  That should give me a few more minutes of sleep.
    I don’t know how long I slept after that, but I eventually woke up when the light peaked through the blinds.  It bore a hole in my head.  The extra heat was too much.  I knew I had to get up so I did.  My head was incredibly groggy.  I had to shake my head a few times in order to get the cobwebs out.  I don’t know what I drank.  Whatever it was, I drank too much of it.  I think I need a cup of coffee.
    I stumbled toward the kitchen and turn on the faucet.  The water is nice and warm as I add water to the coffee maker.  I add the coffee beans and turn the machine on.  The gurgling reminds me to shut the water off.  Funny.  I hardly ever forget to shut the water off.  It’s always a good idea to shut the water off.  It’s good for the environment.   That’s when I had an urge to yawn so I did.  I stretched with my hands above my head and I noticed that I was completely nude thanks to the reflection staring back at me in the refrigerator.  That’s something different.  I hardly ever walk around my apartment in the nude.  You know what?  It feels good to walk around naked.  My nipples are standing at attention though.  Got to adjust that thermostat.
    The thermostat didn’t take long.  However, it was just enough for time for the coffee.  I quickly pour a cup of steaming hot coffee.  I breath in the fumes.  As my mind processes the steam, I could feel it pushing the cloudiness away.  I knew I had to take a sip.  Oh, it was good.  Warm and refreshing.  It reminded me of something, but I didn’t have too much time to dwell on it since the phone started to ring.  I hesitantly placed the cup on the counter and picked up the phone.
    “Diana?  Are you okay?” Steve asked.
    “I’m okay, but I have this awful headache.  I will try to come in later today,” I replied.
    “Are you sick?”
    “I don’t know.  I just have a huge headache.”
    “Let me ask you a question, Diana.  In all the years that you worked with me, have you ever taken a sick day?”
    “Then it’s about time you took one.”
    “Are you sure?”
    “Yes.  I’m positive.  Stay home, relax, and drink lots of fluids.  If you feel better tomorrow, feel free to come in.  If you’re still feeling a little downtrodden, stay home.  You have enough hours saved up.  There’s . . .” as Steve spoke, I couldn’t help but remember his crotch in those rumpled trousers of his.  I still remember when he first stood up.  I think I licked my lips.  “Hello?  Diana?  Are you still there?” Steve asked.
    “Yes . . . I’m here,” I slowly replied, snapping out of my own flashback.
    “I’m concerned about you.  You’ve never been this sick before.  I think you may have the flu bug.  Stay home and take care of yourself.  Take at least three days off.  That’s an order.  Understand?”
    “You’re so sweet, Steve,” Diana squeaked.
    “You’re voice is changing.  Save your voice.  Remember, lots of rest and fluids.  Bye,” Steve spoke.
    “Bye,” I replied as I slowly hung up the phone and returned my attention to my coffee.  I don’t know how long I stood there, but I drank the entire pot.  That’s three cups worth of coffee.  When I finished the final drop, I couldn’t help but . . . actually, it nagged me.  There was something in the back of my mind that gnarled.  It was constantly grinding; trying to remind me of something.  That’s when I remembered!  My bon bons!
    I dashed to the couch and noticed that the TV was still on.  I must have slept through the night with the TV on.  It’s funny how the sound from the TV wasn’t enough to wake me up, but the alarm on the cell phone was.  Go figure.  I quickly sat down on the couch and began to eat my candy.  Simply heaven!  It was delicious!  That’s when I noticed that it was 11 am.  I slept through most of the morning!


    GREAT HERA!!  WHAT IS THAT ANNOYING SOUND?!?!  Grrrrr!  The sound blared in my ears until I reached out my hand, grabbed the plastic box and threw it across the room.  It crashed into the wall and the sound died.  Mental note: buy new alarm.  That was the last thing that crossed my mind before I went back to sleep.
    When I finally woke up, I didn’t even bother getting out of bed.  I had taken three days off of work already.  Steve told me to.  And as his name crossed my mind, I imagined his crotch again.  That image disappeared when the announcer on the TV set started rambling on about a long marathon of a mindless sitcom.  Actually, they’re not mindless.  I use to abhor these shows, but in the last three days, I couldn’t get enough of them.  In fact, I created quite a bond between myself and my TV set.  I watched it day and night.  It was never off.  I was mesmerized by the antics of such feminine icons as Peggy Bundy, Daisy Dukes, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Tilly, Fran Dresher, Jessica Simpson, Grace Kelly, and Anna Nicole Smith.  In fact, when I went to sleep, I was still visited by Peggy Bundy and Anna Nicole Smith.  I hardly ever watched Anna’s reality show when it was airing for the first time, but I now watched it religiously in
syndication.  And as I watched TV, my bon bons were never too far away from me.  I don’t know who was sending them, but I had devoured ten boxes of them in the last three days.  Yet, the mailman keeps on delivering five boxes each day.
    “And now folks, we return to our Married with Children Marathon!” the TV announcer spoke.
    Yea!!  I squealed as I clapped my hands.  My eyes were soon glued to the TV set while my hands were busy feeding bon bons to my mouth.
    “Al!  Why don’t you make more money?” Peggy Bundy whined.
    “I’m a shoes salesman, Peg!  What do you want from me?”
    “I want money!”
    “For what?”
    “Can you eat clothes?  How about you buy some food?  I’m starving!”
    “Cook your own food.  I’m tired of going shopping with Marcy and not being able to buy anything!”
    “You bought those shoes that you’re wearing yesterday!  Yet, I still don’t have any food!” Al yelled as he opened the refrigerator.
    “There’s food in the fridge.  It’s in the tinfoil.”
    “The tinfoil is moving, Peg!  And it just bit my finger!” Al screamed as he slammed the fridge.
    “Don’t yell at me!  I’m going to visit my friend, Di!  Don’t wait up for me!”
    “Wait?  Why?  Go . . . go far away, you monstrous glob of red hair!”
    “WAIT!!  She’s coming to see me!” I gushed.
    “You bet I am,” Peggy replied as she stood next to my bed with Anna Nicole Smith beside her.
    I don’t remember what we said, but my two best friends quickly applied makeup to my face and did my fingernails and toenails.  They then snuggled against me under the covers.  They fed me food while they groped my body.  My tits were prime targets.  They spent a great deal of time telling me that I need to take care of my tits since there were important in finding and keeping a man happy.  I couldn’t argue with them.  All the shows that I’ve been watching . . . they all had women with big tits, trying to impress men or using their breasts to keep them around.  The flat ones never had any men around.  As they continued to teach me, they placed a vibrator deep inside my pussy, which was constantly making me cum in regular intervals.
    “Do you want to play dress up?” I finally asked them as the vibrator shut off due the batteries running out.
    “No,” Peggy replied.
    “Not today,” Anna added.
    “Why not?” I whined.
    “Di . . . you’ve been borrowing out clothes and our makeup.  It’s about time you went out and bought some of your own,” Peggy replied.
    “Will you two come with me?” I asked.
    “No.  You need to do some things on your own.  If you don’t buy any, we’ll have to stop visiting you,” Anna warned.
    “Don’t stop . . . CUMMING!” the women laughed as they ripped the vibrator from my pussy and replaced it with their fingers.  I could feel their digits filling my cunt and bringing me to a series of orgasms in rapid succession.  I screamed, I wailed, I snorted, I moaned, I yelled!  I did it all.  But when I finally came down from my blissful high, they were gone.  That’s when I knew I had to go shopping!  Even if it meant that I would have to wear something before leaving my apartment.


    “WAIT!!” a female voice yelled.
    I immediately snapped my eyes open and saw Peggy Bundy lying next to me.  “You’re here?”
    “Yes,” she replied.
    “I thought you weren’t coming back?”
    “You bought clothing though.”
    “I did.”
    “You bought makeup?”
    “I did.”
    “Then I’m back.  It was only one lousy day.  Don’t tell me that you didn’t feel alive while you were shopping though.”
    “I did feel . . .”
    “Yes!  I felt alive!” I agreed.
    “Good!  Now . . . don’t throw your cell phone across the room.  It’s your only link to civilization.  It’s the only way that you’re new man is going to be able to communicate with you.”
    “I’m not dating anyone though.”
    “That’s your problem, Di!”
    “Yes and no.  You’re real problem is that you don’t have a man.  You don’t have to be dating him.  You just need a man to take care of you.”
    “Steve did sound rather sweet when he called me a few days ago and I did fantasize about his crotch when he stood up.”
    “How long have you known Steve?”
    “How many?”
    “I’ve known him for as long as I had my job.”
    “Five years?”
    “Has he hit on you?”
    “No . . . not really . . . there once was a time that I thought . . .”
    “Don’t think.  Just answer.  Has he ever hit on you?”
    “No . . . but he did call . . .”
    “Did he hit on you?”
    “He did call me when I was sick . . .”
    “Did he ask you out?”
    “Have you been on a date?”
    “He’s not interested, Di.  Cut your losses and move on.  Embrace the fact that men will flock around you and your big tits.  Dress to impress.  Just don’t impress a high school football player, who becomes a shoe salesman.  A man that treats you right and buys you your favorite things should be kept.  He should be kept around and he should kept happy.  Understand?”
    “Good!  Don’t waste your time with Steve anymore.  He hasn’t called you since that day, roughly a week ago.  Correct?”
    “See.  He doesn’t care.  Forget him.  Don’t pick up when he calls and don’t call him back.”
    “But my job . . .”
    “Your job is to find and please a man.  Once you have him, you need to keep him.  Got it?”
    “Got it.”
    “Good!” Peggy Bundy smiled as she quickly slipped on top of me.  Her hands rammed a large vibrating dildo into pussy and worked me over as I held her tight.  “Remember!  You need a man!”
    “I NEED A MAN!  I NEED A MAN!!” I screamed again and again as my body climaxed again and again until I passed out.


    “I’‘m so glad that you agreed to go out for dinner, Diana,” Orza Tim spoke as he opened the door to Diana’s apartment.
    “Make yourself at home,” I yelled from the bedroom as I continued to follow Peggy’s advice.  As I worked, my damn phone rang again.  Luckily the answering machine picked it up, but I was so embarrassed when it turned out that the call was from Steve.  Another blasted message.  The man just wouldn’t quit.  He never paid any attention to me and now he won’t stop calling.  And just because I hadn’t shown up for work in two weeks!  He’s the one that told me that I had all the time in the world to stay sick.  Fucking bastard trying to run my life.
    “Do you want to call Steve back?” Oz asked.
    “Go ahead and delete it for me!” I yelled.
    “You know that he’s been asking about you right?  He’s been polling people left and right, trying to figure what happened to you.”
    “Just delete his message for me.”
    “There are over ten messages on your machine.”
    “Delete all of them.  They are all from him.”
    “The messages have been deleted.”
    “Thank you.”
    “If I could be so bold as to ask why you haven’t been at work?  People are worried about you.”
    “I’m just sick of Steve,” I fumed.
    “I’m sorry!  I didn’t mean to strike a nerve!” Oz apologized.
    SHIT!  I shouldn’t have snapped.  “Don’t be sorry!  I’m sorry for snapping.  It’s not your fault,” I tried to reassure him.  No reason why Steve should ruin the evening.  I took a deep breath and checked myself out one last time.  Then, I made my way to the living room.
    “Wow!” Oz gushed.
    “You like?” I asked as the man nodded.  I was clad in the briefest of skirts and a close fitting top that left very little to the imagination.  This made my tits look bigger.  Peggy was very specific about that.     
    “Why, Diana, how beautiful you look, so relaxed.  Time away from work agrees with you!” he managed to stammer, as he almost tripped when he bumped into the arm of the couch.
    In response, I shifted my weight from one foot to the other, while at the same time lowering and raising my eyes demurely.  I stood in the classic provocative pose of invitation, one hand on hip and the other against the door frame.  I could not remember who I was playing at the moment, but Oz’s eyes were bugged out of his head and he was breathing harder so I must be doing something right.  Oz stood there blinking again and again.  “Should we go?” I asked.
    “Yes,” the man spoke as he opened my own door for me.  Things were definitely looking up for me.
    We drove for a some time after Oz had helped me into the passenger seat of his car.  It wasn’t a sports car, but it was a small coupe.  It wasn’t bad.  He even opened the door for me when he parked.  The man walked unflinchingly proud with me on his arm as we made our way to our booth.  He didn’t even look at the menus.  Instead, he just ordered for us both.  I nodded and smiled, accepted his every suggestion, as to food or drink.  He had no doubt in his mind.  He was sure of what he wanted.  “Do you come here often?” I asked.
    “Hooters?  Yea.  I’ve been here a few times.  This place is known for its rough and ready, but don’t touch wait-staff.   The waitresses are always clad in their trademarked skimpy, tight tops and short shorts.”
    “Tell me something, Oz.”
    “Like what?”
    “I watched a sitcom a few days ago where man use to go to restaurants like these.  He sat the bar and lied to the bartender, telling him that his girlfriend was running late.  Do you do that?”
    “Well . . . I use to sit at my usual lonely seat at the bar, pretending to myself and whoever would listen that my girlfriend was visiting her mother out of town or, for variety, that she was working a late shift and would be joining me later.  But now that you’re here, I don’t see that for me anymore.  Instead, I envision future such evenings with you in diamonds and something equally distracting made of silk.  I would feed you with foie gras and caviar, between bird-like sips of champagne.”
    “That’s so sweet!” I gushed as a sat closer, making sure that my thigh was touching his.
    Dinner went well.  We talked and enjoyed our hot wings and beer.  Afterwards, Oz excused himself and left for a few minutes.  I hoped I didn’t anything wrong.  Peggy might never talk to me again if I did.  She made a point to stress that if a man treated you right, you should treat him right as well and make him happy.  I hope I was doing that.  My worries didn’t stop there.  It was slightly abated when I saw Oz strutting confidently back from the table.  I could see that men and women were envying him.  I could also see that some women trying to strike up a conversation, but he politely brushed them aside.  Things were going well.  “Glad you came back,” I offered as he sat down.
    “Wild horses couldn’t drag me away,” he proclaimed.
    “Did it feel good to watch by all those people . . . especially the women?”
    “I think the Hooter girls are treating me with more respect and interest, but the interest is completely wasted.  I would never be interested in them as long as I held the interest of someone as beautiful as yourself,” he spoke.
    I smiled and tried to hide my exhilaration.  I knew I had a lot to tell Peggy and that she would be very proud of me.  I even felt myself becoming a little wet.  But what really surprised me was when he popped a bon bon into my mouth.  I accepted it willingly of course.  I even moaned with delight as I ate it.  He kept feeding me more as I closed my eyes.  When he was done, I opened my eyes wide open.  “OHH!” I said as Oz looked at me enquiringly.
    “Yes, Diana?” he asked.  “What is it? Is something wrong?” he frowned slightly.
    I saw him start to tense.  Oh no!  I can’t ruin this.  So I beamed at him in a very open and trusting way.  I then saw him relax a bit.  I leaned in closer for effect.  “I just realized something,” I said, with the air of a child expecting a reward for being clever.
    “Umm hmmm,” encouraged Oz, stroking my hand as he returned my glance.
    “It’s you who’s been sending me those really yummy treats,” I spoke as I tossed my hair, preening a bit.  “Isn’t it?” I finished on a note of uncertainty.
    “What a clever girl you are, Diana,” Oz said.  “Not just a pretty face, are you?”
    I smiled like the cat who has just drunk his fill of cream, surfeited yet enticing.  I was now confident in my powers of attraction and basking in his proffered approval.  Peggy and I will definitely have a lot to talk about.
    We left the restaurant and went straight to a movie theater.  He had chosen The Dukes of Hazzard as the movie.  I watched the movie intently.  I saw the shortest of shorts, like the Hooters attire, stretched across Jessica Simpson’s ass.  This Daisy was kind of like the TV show one.  She was simple, sweet, blonde, ditz, with huge tits and a nice, round ass.  I watched as the movie version of Daisy oozed sex appeal across the screen and fictional Hazzard County, in her blonde-bimbo way.  All the while, I held onto his arm and leaned my head against his shoulder, allowing him to get a good whiff of all the manufactured chemicals that I put on my body.  I hardly ever used perfume, but it was definitely worth it if it was keeping Oz happy.
    When the movie ended, he drove me home and walked me up to my apartment door.  I felt that the night was a roaring success.  However, he gave a quick kiss on my cheek, followed by a quick one to my hand.  I couldn’t let him leave like that.  Peggy would have never allowed me to let him leave before a real kiss.  Just because he was being a gentlemen, doesn’t mean that I had to follow.  Thus, I grasped his rock hard penis and used it to pull him none too gently into my apartment.  He was unresisting, although in shock.  My nimble fingers and talented tongue were rewarded with a thick cream, which I swallowed, coming back for more.  Oz balanced against the arm of the overstuffed chair into which I had curled myself onto.  I felt his knees threaten to collapse as his lower limbs began to twitch.  Thus, I refused to release him as he shot his load into my mouth.  It felt creamy like the chocolate and I moaned in ecstasy as I gulped it down.
    I smiled sweetly up at him in the dim light coming through the windows.  He leaned over and grabbed my head between both hands.  He kissed me and got a taste of his own cum, as he pushed into my mouth with his tongue.  I responded and our soul kiss lasted a good two minutes.  Unfortunately, Oz broke away.  He managed to get his zipper up, surreptitiously, while hitching up his pants.  “Did I do something wrong?” I asked, scared that I moved too fast.
    “Nothing is wrong.  Everything is perfect.  But I have to work tomorrow,” Oz replied.
    “Take the day off.  Call in sick.”
    “I don’t have the hours.”
    “Can you come over tomorrow night?”
    “It’s a busy week.  How about a weekend dinner date?”
    “GREAT!” I gushed.  “I’ll cook you a fancy dinner!”
    “No need for that.  I want you to relax,” he grinned.  “I’ll pick something up that I know you’ll enjoy.  I’ll call you tomorrow, so don’t think you’re getting rid of me.”
    I was somewhat disappointed, but I enjoyed the creamy taste of Oz’s cum while thinking how good it would go with another surge.  Thus, I accepted his excuses and, savored my knowledge of Oz’s true enjoyment of my oral stimulation.  I began to finger myself as soon as he shut the door to the apartment.  I masturbated several times before, but my fingers never moved this fast before.  My mind drifted as I smacked my lips and remembered the feel and taste of Oz’s cock.  I then imagined him fucking me without reserve in every possible position in every room of the apartment.  Or maybe he would take me in the car, or at his place.  I finally fell asleep across my bed, where I had ended up, sleeping naked as was now my habit.  My last thought as I drifted off was how good Oz’s cock had felt in my mouth and how I couldn’t wait to get him inside my cunt!


The Weekend:  Saturday Night

    I, Diana Prince, have obtained a man of my very own.  He is considerate and likes to buy my favorite candy for me.  Tonight, he bought me dinner.  It was some of the most delicious Chinese takeout that I ever had.  Best of all, he also brought a video over.  We watched it again and again.  The video was from his pocket pen recorder so it wasn’t the clearest thing in the world, but it was still entertaining.  It showed Steve Trevor constantly badgering people about me.  He wanted to know how I was doing.  The man has no idea that I will be on long-term disability soon, collecting a paycheck while staying home.  And it’s a good thing too, I need to spend more time with my friends and try to keep Orza Tim to myself.  But anyway, the video shows Steve calling my answering machine.  He seems angry that he has to leave another message.  Eventually, he starts asking the various people in his office.  They don’t have a clue.  That’s when Steve notices
Oz holding a package for him.  Oz looks so handsome standing there in jeans and a T-shirt instead of a stuffy uniform.  Anyway, Oz tells Steve that he and I went on a date.  What ensued is a sight to behold.  Steve was angry, pure and simple.  He called Oz a liar and even threw things at him.  I guess Steve thought he was mocking him.  The other people had to hold Steve back.  Oz didn’t flinch.  He left though, only to return with the Head of Human Resources.  The man wrote Steve up for unprofessional behavior.  Steve even had to apologize to Oz.  That wimp.  He did apologize.  I have to give him credit.  He did the right thing and apologized to Oz.  My man looked so regal and I couldn’t help but tell him each time we watched the video.  And Oz was very understanding of my reaction.  He kissed me on the forehead and fed me candy every time I praised him.
    “Should I turn it off?” Oz asked.
    “We can keep on watching it if you like,” I replied.
    “Nah.  It’s getting kind of late.  I need to go home.”
    “Wait,” I spoke as I held onto his arm.
    “Wait for what?”
    “I spent all week waiting for you, you can’t go.”
    “It’s getting late.  I don’t want to get a ticket for my parked car.”
    “They don’t ticket at this hour and remind me to give you a pass so you can park at this building’s parking garage for free.”
    “That may work for next time, but not this time.”
    I saw him getting ready to leave.  He was getting off the couch.  I grabbed his arm and held on, preventing him from leaving.  He was about to protest and that’s when I released his arm and wrapped my lips over his.  My hands slowly ran through his hair as I drove my tongue into his mouth.  I pressed my tits against his chest.  They were currently covered by a tube-top, but I was going to remedy that shortly.  As I continued to kiss him, he eventually kissed me back.  Yes!  I had him.  I felt his hands grip my ass and squeeze them.  I was wearing a pair of really tight bicycle shorts so he got a handful of flesh instead of just material.  I felt shocks of pleasure pulsating through my body as he groped my ass.  I moaned into Oz’s mouth again and again before he released me.  “Stay,” I panted as I blinked my eyes rapidly, hoping that he would see my eyelashes, which I had made extra long for tonight.
    “You fed me chocolate for most of the night . . . it’s only fair that you give me something to wash it all down,” I spoke as I licked my lips sensuously with my tongue.
    “You want me to get you some milk?” Oz asked.
    “You are a sweetie, but I can manage this by myself,” I smiled as I slid off the couch and landed between his legs.  I quickly undid his zipper and stuck my right hand into his boxers.  I kneaded his dick with my hand as I playfully cupped his balls with my left.  He couldn’t feel my skin against his balls due to the pants.  But I was hoping to change all that.  I slowly pulled his dick from his boxers.  It stuck out from his pants.  That’s when I stuck out my tongue and licked the head of his dick as if it were the top of a melting ice cream cone.  I continued to swirl my tongue back and forth as his left hand clutched the arm of the couch.
    “Ohhhh,” Oz moaned as he closed his eyes and leaned his head back.
    I started kissing his cock as if it were my lover.  Once it was fully erect and stuff, I opened wide and wrapped my lips around the top.  I slowly slid down hie pole, making sure that my lips were wrapped tightly around his meat.  I went all the way down until his pubes were tickling my nose.  That’s when I started bobbing my head up and down the full length of his dick while my hands gripped his legs for support.  As I worked, I watched his facial expressions carefully.  I could see that he was enjoying it.  Peggy would be so proud of me.  I tried to speed myself up, but Oz gripped the bottom of my chin and said, “No Diana . . . go slow . . . slow and steady wins the race.”
    Oz was right, I needed to keep him here longer.  I relaxed a bit and slowed down.  I kept that speed, watching him, knowing that he was enjoying every second of it.  The fact that I was pleasing him was making me wet.  I could feel my own pussy juicing up and soaking my bicycle pants.  I wanted to masturbate so badly.  My hands slowly moved down Oz’s thighs.  “Don’t do it, Di.  You need to please him.  If you can’t do that, you have no right to please yourself.  His pleasure is yours,” I heard Peggy’s voice inside my head.  She was right too.  I quickly moved my hands back to position.
    I don’t know how long I sucked Oz’s cock, but my jaw started to lock.  I didn’t complain though.  I wanted to please him.  I knew I was doing it too.  That’s why I was more than happy to comply with Oz’s request.  “Go as fast as you can.  Make me blow my load in your mouth.  Just don’t miss a drop,” he spoke.  Miss a drop?  How could I?  I wanted to drink every drop!  Thus, I quickly bobbed up and down on his member until I feel his dick stiffen even more.  I felt it quiver slightly right before he shot his hot spunk into mu mouth.  I started gulping it down my throat as soon as he discharged.  It tasted so warm, creamy, and rich.  Even when he was done, I didn’t dare part my lips.  Instead, my tongue continued to lick his dick inside my mouth.  And when I finally released his dick, I licked it clean, from tip to base.
    “All done,” I proudly proclaimed as I batted my eyelashes.
    “That was amazing, Diana!” Oz spoke as I blushed at his words.  “I’m so sleepy now.  I don’t think I can drive home.”
    “Then stay here with me,” I pleaded.
    “I guess I can sleep here on the couch.”
    “No.  You can sleep in my bed . . . with me,” I added, hoping that I didn’t overreach.
    “Sleep in my girlfriend’s bed?  That does sound like a plan,” Oz smiled.
    “Girlfriend,” I mouthed, almost cumming in my pants as I heard my lovely new title.
    “Lead the way, dear,” Oz spoke as I stood up and took his hand.  I almost ran to my bedroom, hoping that he could keep up.
    “This is it,” I spoke as I lead him inside.
    “Has anyone else been here before?”
    “Just my sister.”
    “Your sister?”
    “Yes.  She didn’t sleep in here.  We just sat and talked.”
    “So I’m the first man in your bed?”
    “You’re my first boyfriend and I want you inside me,” I purred as I pressed myself against his manly frame and ran my hands all over his chest.
    “No Diana.  We’re going to take this slow.  Not tonight.  I just want to go to sleep with you beside me.  Think you can handle that?”
    “Of course!” I gushed.
    “Good girl,” he spoke as he gave me a peck on the forehead.  He then began to disrobe.  I pulled off my top and got out of my wet bicycle pants.  “You smell divine,” he huffed as he licked the back of my neck and inhaled.  I wasn’t sure if he meant the perfume that I was wearing or the smell of my juices, which now reeked from the pants, carpet, and my own skin.  Oz didn’t push me away, but he glanced at the bed.  He didn’t make his way toward it. 
    Damn!  I was doing things all wrong.  I quickly dashed toward the bed and pulled back the comforter and blankets.  That’s when Oz made his way to bed.  He got on and laid in the middle of the bed.  He patted the space next to him.  I immediately jumped onto the bed and pressed myself against him.  We shared one long passionate kiss while out tongues wrestled in each other’s mouth.  Once we broke the kiss, I placed my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat.  I wrapped my legs around his left leg and pressed my dripping cunt against his thigh.  He placed his left hand on my back and pulled me close.  I could have climaxed right then and there,  but I was able to hold it back.  I knew deep inside that the first climax with Ox by myself had to be caused by his amazing cock.  Nothing else would suffice.


Sunday Morning

    I awoke to find Oz channel surfing with a look of disgust on his face.  “What’s wrong, baby?” I cooed as I ran my finger along his chest.
    “You don’t have cable.”
    “I usually just watch regular TV.”
    “You need cable.  I have some shows that I like to watch, but I can’t watch them here if there’s no cable.  Looks like I will need to go home.”
    My heart sank as I heard those words.  I knew I had to get cable, but it was Sunday.  I couldn’t get anyone to come to the apartment today.  So I had to disappoint him, but I needed to do something to please him as well.  “I can’t get cable today, but I will get it tomorrow.  As for today, I can pay for my glaring error by giving you a shower or bath,” I cooed.
    “Let’s go,” Oz spoke as I took his hand and lead him toward my bathroom. 
    Once inside, I turned on the hot water and we both stepped into the shower and closed the curtain behind us.  I pulled him close and felt his dick against my leg.  I wanted it inside me, but I remembered what Oz said.  He was right.  I had to wait.  I kissed him passionately as the water cascaded down our nude bodies.  His hands caressed my tits and fondled my ass, causing me to coo in his mouth as we kissed.  We eventually broke the kiss and I grabbed the soap.  I promised him a shower and I was going to give one to him.  We both moved out of the path of the water.  I worked the soap into a good a lather in my hands.  I then got down on my knees and gripped his legs.  I slid my hand up and down his legs, making sure I got soap on them.  I slowly made my way up and paused briefly when I saw his dick.  I licked my lips as I saw his member waiting for me.  I purposely left it alone and continued to spread soap to his hips and stomach.  Hell, I intend to
clean it later in a different manner.  I slowly rose to my feet as I rubbed soap onto his chest and shoulders, making sure to caress him as I worked.  I then turned him around and did the same to his back.  I couldn’t help myself when I got to his cheeks.  I simply had to grope his ass for a few seconds before I continued my journey on his back.  Once completed, I applied a generous lather of soap to my tits.  I pressed myself against his back, reached forward, and pulled him to me as I slid my tits up and down his back.  I eventually released him, applied more soap to my tits, and pressed myself against his chest.  I slid up and down against his chest.  This time, he reached for my ass and gripped them.  I purred as I felt his dick against me.  I wanted it so badly, but I knew I had to control myself.  But before I could do anything else, Oz pulled me into the path of the water.  The warm water splashed against our body, washing the soap toward the
drain.  I kissed him passionately as the water splashed against our faces.  I didn’t mind.  I had my man, Oz.
    Oz turned off the water as I opened the curtain.  I could see that the room was filled with steam.  I quickly grabbed a towel and dried him off.  I also apologized for not having enough towels, but he didn’t mind.  After I dried him off, I pulled the towel away from and was about to dry my face when he asked, “Do you like walking around your apartment in the nude?”
    “I do,” I quickly replied.
    “Forget drying off then.  Go make me some breakfast,” Oz ordered.  I nodded and placed the towel back on the hanger.  I skipped out of the room and went to the kitchen to cook for my man. 
    “Breakfast is ready!” I called out after spending about ten minutes in the kitchen.
    “Wow!  You made me eggs, bacon, and sausage.  Where is your plate?” Oz asked as he hugged me from behind.  The man had obviously gotten dressed while I was cooking.
    “I only want something to drink,” I spoke as I smacked my lips.
    “So naughty . . . that’s what I like about you,” he spoke as he nibbled on my earlobe.  “I’m going to eat my breakfast.  You can go freshen up.  Add some makeup and some accessories.  If you look stunning, you’ll get your drink.”
    My body quivered with excitement as I heard those words.  Thus, I ran toward my bedroom when he released me.  I quickly washed and dried my face.  I dried my hair and then sat down in front of the vanity mirror.  I applied a heavy coat of shiny metallic purple lipstick.  I then sealed it gloss.  I then added more black to eyebrows before painting my eyelids a shiny violet.  I extended my eyelashes and smacked my lips.  I then placed a silver choker around my neck, followed by silver hooped earrings.  It took about twenty minutes to slap everything together.  I then exited the bedroom, but slowed down to a more sensual walk when I got to the living room.  I could see Oz sitting on the couch, watching TV.  There was a box next to him.
    “A deliveryman dropped this off while you were in the bedroom.  Open it,” Oz spoke.
    I sat down beside him on the couch and opened the box.  “Wow!” I gushed as I saw more boxes of my favorite chocolate.  I pulled all the chocolate boxes out and placed them on the table.  I then saw some magazines and books.  I put them on the table as well.
    “You can read those since you’re not going to work for a few weeks,” Oz spoke.
    “Yes sir,” I quickly agreed.
    “Here you go,” he spoke as he fed me some chocolate from a previously opened box.  I took it without hesitation, closing my eyes, savoring the taste.  It tasted so yummy.  The milky cream that flooded my taste buds was intense . . . but that’s when I remembered Oz’s spunk.  It too tasted creamy and rich.  I moaned aloud and shifted, trying to head toward Oz’s dick, but he stopped me.  “Not yet.  Finish this box so we can throw it away.  Don’t want to clutter the living n the room,” he spoke.  That Oz, always thinking of me.  So I ate the rest of the chocolate.  One by one, I devoured them; loving every second of it.
    When the chocolates were gone, I looked at him and he nodded.  I immediately undid his pants.  I pulled them and his boxers down to his ankles.  I fingered his balls before cupping them.  That allowed me to lick the base of his dick several times before I traced my tongue all the way to the tip.  I started to lick the underside of the man’s dick as it grew and grew.  Before long, I held the base of his cock as I bobbed my head up and down the entire length of his cock.  Oz didn’t restrict my speed this time so I was going pretty fast.  Within a few minutes, he blew his hot delicious load into my mouth.  I guzzled it down, every last drop.
    “You have to take that disability form to the doctor to have him sign it tomorrow.  You know that don’t you, Diana?” Oz asked as he held my chin and looked me dead in the eyes.
    I saw his green eyes and I felt myself melt while the trickle of juice coming from pussy, doubled.  “Yes sweetie.  I’ll take it to the doctor and get it signed,” I panted before I dove back onto his dick. 
    I don’t remember how long I pleasured his dick, but I must have drank at least six loads of his delicious spunk.  In fact, my makeup was a mess thanks to all the sweating.  As I tried to catch my breath, Oz grabbed my cheeks and pulled me back toward his dick.  I obediently stuck out my tongue and began to clean his cock.

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