Wonder Woman vs Elsa and Dr. Wolf

BY : NightCreeper
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Wonder Woman vs Elsa and Dr. Wolf


By: Night Creeper




Wonder Woman woke with the most intense headache that she had ever had. She tried to move her limbs, but found them immobile. The woman tried to groan and heard it muffled. That’s when her eyes flew open and see saw that she was nude except for her boots. She also realized that she was secured to a chair with stirrups. Her wrists were bound to the armrests and she had a black ball-gag in her mouth.

“You’re awake,” a female voice spoke from behind her.

The voice was very familiar. In fact, everything suddenly came rushing back to her. Wonder Woman was on a special mission to take down Hitler and the Nazi High Command. The Allied soldiers had stormed the base with her help. They all separated once inside the base though. Wonder Woman saw one of Hitler’s top scientists, Dr. Wolf, who had invented long range rockets; a weapon that could change the tide of war if it was operational. The Amazon knew she had to take him down so she gave chase. As she ran further and further away from the main battle, she entered a large room. The doors immediately sealed and the room filled with gas. Before she could pound her way out, the gas overcame her.

“Welcome slut,” the voice spoke as its owner ran her hands through the Amazon’s hair.

Wonder Woman eventually identified the owner of the voice. It was woman with waves of golden hair tumbling past her shoulders. She also had full lips and high cheekbones. The woman’s blue eyes smoldered as they stared at the bound Amazon much like the way men must have stared at her outfit. Speaking of outfits, the woman’s outfit consisted of a tight grey latex corset that barely covered the woman’s ample bosom and ran down in a V-shape, which covered her crotch. She also wore long grey latex fingerless gloves that stretched all the way to her elbow. In addition, the woman also wore grey latex thigh-high boots with six inched stiletto heels. The only break in the greyish color were her fiery red lips and milky white skin.

“I wanted to wait for you to be awake for the next step,” the woman spoke as she ran her hands all over the Amazon’s waist. She then moved her hand across the Amazon’s flat stomach, over her shaved sex, and then up to her breasts.

“Hmmmpphhh!” Wonder Woman screamed into the gag.

“You and I going to get very close . . . very close,” the woman smiled as her gloved hand brushed her nipple. Wonder Woman’s nipple stiffened as the blonde licked her lips in anticipation. The blonde then cupped the Amazon’s left breast and sucked on her left nipple.

“MMMMPPPPHHHPPPP!” the Amazon protested as she tug on her restraints.

The blonde woman didn’t pay any attention to Wonder Woman as she swirled her tongue over the woman’s nipple. The Amazon continued to struggle as she released her nipple and turned her attention to the right nipple. Wonder Woman growled again and again, but the woman continued to alternate between kissing, sucking, and licking the two nipples. However, the woman soon released the Amazon’s nipple, raised her head, and smiled at Wonder Woman before she showed off her pearly whites and bit down on her right nipple.

“GGGGRRRRR!” the Amazon groaned as her heart rate accelerated. She closed her eyes and pulled back the tear that tried to escape her eye.

“You like that,” the woman laughed as she released the nipple. She walked away and quickly returned. There was a jingling sound and then a cold and metallic object touched the Amazon’s breast.

Opening her blue eyes, the captured woman stared in shock as she saw a pair of silver metal clamps with a chain threaded between them in the woman’s hands. The Amazon then watched as the woman opened and closed the jaws for effect.

“Let’s play,” the woman smiled as she approached Wonder Woman, who immediately felt the jaws on either side of her nipples. Instead of slamming them close, the woman slowly closed them as Wonder Woman felt the metal slowly close around her nipples, crushing them.

“GGGGGRRRR!! NNNNNNN!!” the woman panted. The pain was awful. The Amazon struggled against her bonds as she tried to shake the clamps off her nipples, but her struggles were in vain.

“They’re not going to come off,” the blonde woman laughed as she tug on the chain.

“GGGGGRRRRRRR!! NNNNN!!!” Wonder Woman screamed into the gag as she felt her nipples being pulled forward, stretching even more.

“That’s not all,” the blonde woman chuckled as she released the chain.

Wonder Woman’s blue eyes grew big and wide as she saw a large metal pole emerging from the floor. The blonde woman smiled at Wonder Woman as she pressed her gloved finger against the Amazon’s sex. She pried it open and pushed inside. Wonder Woman winced and stiffened. Her pussy clenched automatically, but that only made the situation worse. The Amazon clenched her fists as she fought hard to keep the tears from escaping her eyes while excruciating pain exploded from her dry pussy as the blonde woman stuck another finger into Wonder Woman’s pussy.

“Relax,” the blonde suggested.

“NNNNNNNN!” Wonder Woman growled into the gag as she tried to resist, knowing full well that her actions were only increasing her pain thanks to the woman’s fingers inside her. The Amazon felt the woman’s fingers twist, push, and even spin inside her. Wonder Woman shuddered as her breasts trembled while she tried to resist the woman; all in vain.

“Now for a new friend,” the woman smiled as she pulled her fingers out only to be replaced by something else.

“AAAAHHHHH!” Wonder Woman moaned as she felt something else entering her pussy with ridges and bumps, brushing and pushing against the walls of her pussy, forcing her pussy to expand in order to accommodate the intrusion. The Amazon balled her fists. Her breathing increased. Sweat poured out of her body. She hated the feeling, but she was unable to stop it. Wonder Woman waited for more pain, but it never came. Instead, a gentle vibration started to stimulate her sex. The vibration slowly increased as a wave of pleasure rippled through her lower body.

“You like?” the woman asked.

“AGGGGRRRHHHH!” Wonder Woman growled as she stared daggers at the German woman.

“It’s never going to tire as it stays with you for the evening,” the blonde smiled as the pulsing in Wonder Woman’s sex increased.

Wonder Woman tried to resist, but as the vibrator increased in speed, the Amazon was no longer able to hold back the tears. The woman’s tears now accompanied the rivers of sweat that rolled down her beautiful and anguished face. Wonder Woman’s body shook and heaved in the ropes. Making things worse was that her pussy became wet as her muscles squeezed down on the vibrator, making her part of the violation.


“Surrender,” the blonde ordered.

Wonder Woman tried to resist, but her body was too far gone as the vibrator reached its touch speed. The Amazon’s body exploded as the German woman watched with glee. Wonder Woman’s body glistened with sweated as she climaxed against her will. The chain jangled as the Amazon’s breasts bounced up and down. Wonder Woman now sobbed openly.

The German woman had succeeded. She forced the mighty Amazon’s body to betray her as her pussy burst with pleasure. The woman smiled and enjoyed her handiwork as she watched Wonder Woman’s head fall forward, where she shameful wept as the vibrator slowed.

“We’re not done yet. I’ll leave you with your new friend for the night,” the blonde smiled as she pulled the Amazon’s damp hair so she could look her in the eye.

Wonder Woman groaned miserably as she realized that the blonde woman was right. The Amazon was unable to escape her bonds and her body was going to climax a lot more before the night was over.





Hours Later




The blonde German woman slowly sauntered into the room. Still secured to the chair was none other than the Amazon, Wonder Woman. Even though the woman was secured to a chair, the woman’s body was rigid with tension, thanks the vibrator that was pressed against her dripping pussy. The woman inspected Wonder Woman and it was obvious that the continuous stimulation had taken its toll on her. The Amazon’s angry eyes were covered by her wet hair that covered her entire face. The woman looked like she had just exited a swimming pool and hadn’t had a chance to push her hair off her face. Of course, her body was drenched in sweat and her muscles were tight. Drool leaked from the sides of the gag and down her chin. And from the Amazon’s reaction, she was still recovering from her latest orgasm.

“How are you doing?” the German woman asked as her gloved hand pushed the Amazon’s hair off her face and onto her head. Sweat splashed off her head and hair as the German woman smiled.

“Aaaaaa,” Wonder Woman groaned miserably and barely audible.

The German woman looked down at the vibrator that was still slowly buzzing between the Amazon’s legs. Both the vibrator and chair were covered in Wonder Woman’s juices. The woman knew that Wonder Woman had climaxed multiple times and there was no doubt that they woman still had some energy left. The woman didn’t want to be lulled into false sense of security so she proceeded with the next stage of her plan.

The German woman pushed a small cart with a tray of instruments toward Wonder Woman. She inspected the toys and blew a kiss to Wonder Woman. The Amazon didn’t even react as the woman pouted and collected four weights. She meticulously clipped weights to the clamps around her nipples.

Gravity assisted the woman as the pain was enough to wake the Amazon from her stupor. Wonder Woman groaned as the clamps pulled on her nipples. Her blue eyes were framed by the redness caused by her tears.

The German woman then grabbed a towel and wiped off all the sweat. She also noticed that the Amazon wasn’t sweating anymore. The woman realized that Wonder Woman was dehydrated from the previous night. Another wide smile appeared on her face as she continued to extract the last ounces of moisture from the woman’s body.

“Mmmmmm,” Wonder Woman groaned.

“Don’t worry, Wonder Woman. This is going to be fun,” the blonde woman laughed as she started slapping white butterfly shaped electrodes onto the Amazon’s body. She placed an electrode on each side of the Amazon’s breasts. The woman admired her work and then added one on the bottom and one on the top of her breasts. She wasn’t afraid of them falling off since they were stuck in place, thanks to a cool gel adhesive.

“Mmmmm,” Wonder Woman groaned as her dull blue eyes stared at the German woman.

“Don’t worry,” the woman spoke again as she repeated the process with the woman’s pussy. She then placed several on the woman’s thighs, legs, arms, and torso. The woman alternated placements like an artist, but it was taking quite some time. After a few minutes, the woman got bored. She no longer cared where she placed the electrodes. Instead, she started slapping them onto an uncovered skin until Wonder Woman almost looked like she was wrapped in a white cast from the neck down with wires all over the cast.

“Mmmmm,” Wonder Woman whimpered as the German woman started to slap electrodes onto her back, covering her spine.

Once the blonde woman was done, she stood in front of Wonder Woman. She presented a small remote for the Amazon’s exhausted blue eyes. The woman made sure that her exhausted mind took it all in before she pressed down on the green button.

“Ahhhhhhh,” the Amazon whimpered as small electrical bursts energized the cells and nerves in her body.

“Just wait,” the blonde woman laughed as she slowly turned the dial and made sure that Wonder Woman saw the remote.

“AhhhhhHHHHH,” the Amazon groaned as her body felt it was on fire.

“Not done yet,” the German woman spoke as she turned the dial yet again and watched as Wonder Woman’s blue eyes shot back to life.

“AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!” Wonder Woman screamed into the gag as her body shook violently from side to side. She tug on her bonds and would have flipped the chair if it wasn’t secured to the floor. It was pure agony for the woman.

“And some speed,” the German woman laughed as she turned the vibrator to its highest setting.

“ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!” Wonder Woman shrieked into her gag as every fiber in her being was being overloaded with stimuli.

“Enjoy, Wunder Wumen. You have plenty of hours to go,” the German woman purposely used her German accent to say the superheroine’s name before she placed a hood over the Amazon’s head.

Wonder Woman wasn’t sure what she looked like with the hood on since the hood covered her eyes completely, but had a cutout for her nostrils and mouth. She felt something being pulled tightly behind her head. She couldn’t hear the buckling of the strap since the hood cutoff her hearing. However, the German woman had buckled four straps in the back of the hood. Then the woman secured a strap around the throat to ensure that the hood couldn’t fly off. The Amazon was now in complete darkness and silence.

“ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!” Wonder Woman screamed as another climax was forcefully ripped from her defenseless body. The Amazon had no idea that the German woman had left the room, but now all she could concentrate on where her orgasms since she couldn’t see or hear what was going on and being totally confused between pain and pleasure.







Time ceased to matter for Wonder Woman. Thanks to the hood, the Amazon was in total darkness, unable to see and unable to hear. All she had to keep her company was the vibrator buzzing against her pussy and all the electrodes firing electricity into her body. Some times both were set to max settings and other times, they were barely on. The woman had lost track of how many times she had climaxed. And to make matters even worse, when they both turned off, Wonder Woman was left with nothing except her thoughts and her thoughts were often about her next climax, hoping that the instruments would come back to life.

“How did I get here?” Wonder Woman thought to herself as she slowly moved her body. Her legs were slightly numb as were her wrists thanks to being in bondage for so long. At least when she climaxed, the blood circulated more, but now, there was nothing.

“Wha huh? Did I just fall asleep? How long was I out?” Wonder Woman’s confused mind thought as the woman could have sworn she had passed out. Regardless, the electrodes and vibrators were still dormant.

“This is a trick. They’re not going to break me. I’m an Amazon!” Wonder Woman’s mind declared. The woman pulled at her bonds for several seconds only to realize just how futile it was. The Amazon stopped her struggles and panted for breath. She was an Amazon, a heroine, but there was no doubt that she was dehydrated and getting weaker and weaker.

“What? Did I fall asleep again? Oh Hera! What is happening? This can’t be happening to me! Start up again! Do something!” a frustrated Wonder Woman growled into her gag as she dared the vibrator and the electrodes to come back to life. Yet, nothing happened.

“They’re not going to break me. They’re not going to break,” Wonder Woman repeated again and again, passing the time only to throw a temper tantrum as she struggled mightily in the seat to no avail. However, it did exhaust her even more, sapping more of her strength.

“Wait . . . did I fall asleep again? This can’t be happening. It just can’t,” the woman sobbed as she couldn’t keep it together. She had no concept of time anymore and she didn’t even know if she was still in the same place. She only knew that she was in darkness and the damn electrodes and vibrator that she hated intensely at the start of her ordeal where the very things that she wished would return. Hell, she would even be happy to see the blonde German woman again.

“Why won’t you start!? START!!” the woman shouted angrily into the gag.

More time passed. The Amazon wasn’t sure what was happening anymore. At first, she wanted it to stop. She wanted to tear the base down and destroy the equipment. Hell, she even wanted nothing more than to rip the head off of the German woman. Wonder Woman wanted to destroy the vibrator and pull off each electrode. But now . . . but now, she wanted them to come to life. It didn’t matter if it was just a brief second. At least, she wouldn’t be alone anymore in the darkness. At least her own moans could keep her company since her own thoughts were much help. The sensory deprivation was definitely impacting her. The darkness and silence was beginning to become too much for her to take.

And then out of the blue, it happened. It started like a little pinch, but it was quickly followed by another one. She started counting and found that the pinch came back every sixty seconds. Wonder Woman’s mind was elated especially since the pinch was constant now. The Amazon continued to count the seconds as she couldn’t wait for it return. She became even happier when the pinch was happening faster and faster. It was like being reunited with an old friend. Then out of the blue, it stopped.

“NOOO!” Wonder Woman groaned.

Then for what seemed like eternity, the jolt returned. The woman was so happy that it returned that tear escaped her eye. It keep coming back as Wonder Woman anticipated each minute. The Amazon alternated between counting to a minute and counting back from a minute. Regardless of how she counted, the jolt came back like clockwork. That is until it stopped again.

The whole process repeated again and again. Wonder Woman’s mind was completely obsessed with the jolts. She wanted it. She needed it. And when all the electrodes and vibrator came to life again, Wonder Woman didn’t even think about how the Germans were trying to break her. Instead, her mind concentrated on the pleasure that the instruments provided and the many climaxes that were definitely going to occur soon.







A very dehydrated Wonder Woman had been freed from her bondage and placed in a new square cell with heavy mirrored walls and a steel door. Even though she had been freed from the chair, the Amazon had new bonds. The woman still wore her boots, but she also wore a black collar around her neck. Her hands were shackled behind her back and unable to move her arms. She could kick or bite the German nurse, but she was too exhausted to muster much offense. Instead, she laid on the floor with her legs spread as the blonde woman smeared a white gel all over the Amazon’s pussy. The nurse even made sure the walls of Wonder Woman’s pussy were covered by the gel as well.

“Is she ready, Elsa?” Dr. Wolf, the German scientist, asked from the doorway.

“Almost,” the German woman replied.

“I’ll leave this for her then,” Dr. Wolf spoke as he deposited a silver bowl filled with water on the floor and a large glass panel with a large dildo connected to it. The man smiled as he saw Wonder Woman’s eyes dart toward the bowl.

“You sure you want to do that?” Elsa asked.

“Wonder Woman . . . you’re free to drink the water, but I can see you squirm over there under Elsa’s care. The gel will make you very horny, but you can satisfy your sexual needs with this dildo. Take care, Wonder Woman,” the man laughed as he left the cell.

“We’ll be back later,” Elsa spoke as she finished applying the gel and left the cell

“They won’t break me,” Wonder Woman thought to herself as she felt her pussy getting warm. Her body began to sweat as she pressed her thighs together and rubbed them. The woman flopped on the floor and kept staring at the bowl of water. The Amazon felt her stomach and body urge her toward the bowl. She wanted to resist, but she made her way toward it anyway. Within seconds, Wonder Woman’s dropped to her knees and started to lap up with the water with her tongue. The woman tried to collect as much water as possible. She desperately tried not to a single drop as the thirsty woman worked her tongue. Once she had emptied her bowl, the woman felt even hornier.

“Drugged! The water was drugged!” the woman groaned miserably as she dropped to the floor and began to work slide her legs together again. However, she couldn’t relieve the need that now burned between her legs. The urge soon spread throughout her body.

The Amazon looked at the dildo and forced herself to pull her gaze away from it, but the mirrored wall still allowed her to see it. The woman rolled over to her back, but the ceiling was mirrored, which still allowed her to see the dildo. The Amazon rolled again and again, trying to block out the dildo. And although she succeeded several times, she always moved so that the dildo came back into view.

“Must fight . . . must fight . . . you’re an Amazon . . . you cannot be beat . . . must fight,” Wonder Woman groaned as the seconds slowly ticked by, but the lust that burned inside her increased exponentially. The woman fought her lust and shook her head miserably while tears and sweat covered her face. In the end, the Amazon knew what she needed to do.

With tears streaming down her face, Wonder Woman made it to her knees and made her way toward the dildo. She used the mirrors to position herself and quickly impaled herself on the dildo. The woman moaned as the dildo entered her wet pussy. She slowly slid up and down the dildo as shivers of pleasure shot throughout her body. The woman closed her eyes as she shamefully fucked herself with the dildo.

“Ahh . . . yes . . . ahhh . . .” the woman moaned as she increased her speed. The Amazon’s tits jiggled as she opened her eyes and saw the lust in them. Wonder Woman quickly slammed them shut while tears poured down her face. Her pride dropped to a new low as images of the dildo plastered her mind. She tried to shake the images, but she couldn’t. The woman opened her eyes and saw herself riding the dildo. And like clockwork, the woman would slam them close again as she didn’t want to see herself on the dildo. However, her eyes soon burst open as the gel forced her body to climax.

“HERA!!” Wonder Woman screamed as her body shook violently while her juices doused the dildo and mirror panel that it was connected to.

It took the woman several minutes to collect herself. Once she did, she started to ride the dildo again as the lust had not been sated. Instead, it simply increased as Wonder Woman found herself fucking the dildo faster and faster.

“They drugged me . . . they’re making me do this . . . I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for the gel . . . and the drugged water . . . I’m an Amazon . . . I cannot be defeated,” Wonder Woman’s mind repeated again and again, but stopped as she welcomed her second orgasm.

“OH HERA!!” Wonder Woman shrieked as her body quaked yet again. The woman slump forward while her body continued to quake. Her tongue fell out of her mouth as she panted for breath.

Just like before, Wonder Woman took several minutes to recover, but when she did, she started riding the dildo again. This time, she bounced even faster than before. The woman couldn’t stop herself even if she wanted to and the internal conflict had faded as she sought to climax yet again.

Wonder Woman was lost in a haze of pleasure as Dr. Wolf and Elsa returned to the cell. The German scientist walked over to her and grabbed a handful of hair. He then bent down and kissed Wonder Woman. The man found the Amazon’s lips very compliant as he stuck his tongue into her mouth. Wonder Woman moaned into the man’s mouth as his other hand reached down and played with Wonder Woman’s right breast. Her resistance was zero as she concentrated on the task of climaxing and satisfying her body’s sexual needs.







Wonder Woman wasn’t sure how long she had passed out, but she was shocked to see her reflection in the ceiling mirror. The Amazon was locked inside a form-fitting black latex catsuit with a matching hood, sealing her in complete latex from head to toe with only slots opened for her nostrils, eyes, and mouth. Her mouth was gagged as her own drool escaped the sides of her lips. She also wore a tight rubber corset with a black belt around her waist and black ballet boots with black straps around her ankles and thighs, constricting her movement. Her arms were pulled behind her back and sealed inside an armbinder, but she couldn’t get a good lock at it. All Wonder Woman knew was that she was sealed inside the suit and her pussy was on fire.

“Oh Hera! The gel!” Wonder Woman groaned into her gag as she realized that her captors had smeared the gel all over and inside her pussy.

“I see that you’re awake, Wonder Woman. That’s good. Do you like the double dose of the gel?” Elsa’s voice spoke.

“HHHHRRRMMMPPPPTTT!” Wonder Woman yelled into her gag.

“Don’t yell, Wonder Woman. Let me explain what is going to happen now. I have inserted four gel caps into your pussy. They will explode one by one.”


“Don’t be like that. Quiet and listen. Each capsule is double what I’ve smeared onto your worthless pussy. And to make things even better, I will flood the room with your own voice. So at least you get to hear your own voice climaxing even if it is being denied to you presently.”


“That’s so cute. You’re struggling. I don’t know if it’s my voice or if it’s you trying to rub your thighs together. Be careful, you might just start a fire,” the German woman laughed.

“Ahh . . . yes . . . ahhh . . .” the Amazon heard her own voice fill the room as Elsa replayed recordings of her previous session, where she was allowed to fuck herself with the dildo.

Wonder Woman felt herself being envious of her previous self. That woman was free to alleviate the need between her legs. Now, she wasn’t able to do anything. She couldn’t run her legs together, she couldn’t insert anything into her pussy, and worse of all, she couldn’t climax.

“OH HERA!” the Amazon heard the recording scream as she climaxed.

Wonder Woman remembered how her body shook when she climaxed. It was amazing. Her body rattled and every nerve in her body was on fire. The release was truly exquisite. The Amazon closed her eyes and tried to imagine what she looked like.


Wonder Woman’s eyes popped open as tears immediately streamed down her face. Her pussy was on fire. She wanted to rub her pussy. She wanted to insert her fingers into her pussy. Hell, she wanted to insert her fist into her pussy. However, her pride forced her to resist.

“I must resist. I will not surrender,” Wonder Woman’s mind thought.

“OH HERA!” the recording screamed again as she heard kissing sounds to go with it.

Wonder Woman fought the urge and closed her eyes. She tried to calm her breathing as she remembered the man kissing her and running his tongue into her mouth while his hand played with her tits. She tried to remember why her mother sent her to the man’s world. She remembered that she had to fight evil.

“I was sent to the man’s world to help . . . to fight evil . . . Elsa is evil . . . Dr. Wolf is evil . . . this is evil . . . must fight . . . I am an emissary . . . I need to keep my mind sharp . . . I’m an example . . . must prevail . . . must fight,” Wonder Woman thought as her mind found it hard to remember the exact words of her mother.

“OH HERA! YES!” the recording screamed.

Wonder Woman’s mind immediately shifted from heroic heroine days to earlier where she riding the dildo and climaxing. She remembered the man’s tongue in her mouth and she remembered him playing with her tits again. The woman remembered climaxing. She couldn’t stop thinking about it. The Amazon wished that Dr. Wolf would enter her cell. Hell, she even wished that Elsa would return to her cell.

“Ahhh . . . can hold out . . . must hold on . . . must fight . . . so hard . . . why won’t she come back . . . she can touch me,” Wonder Woman thought.


“No . . . body betraying me . . . must fight . . . these urges . . . urges getting strong . . . but I am stronger . . . I am an Amazon . . . Amazons fight . . . cannot lose in a man’s world . . . I am an Amazon . . . I am Wonder Woman,” the woman’s mind raced.

Wonder Woman’s eyes exploded again. Her pussy walls grew even hotter as her juices flooded out of her pussy and slammed against the suit. She could see the suit bulge around her crotch before her juices found little nooks and crannies to seep through. Of course, Wonder Woman had a hard time trying to figure out if it was sweat or her own juices between her skin and the suit.

“Aaaahhhh . . . please come back . . . noooo . . . must fight . . . must hold on . . . so hard . . . so hard to fight . . . body rebelling . . . must fight . . . body all hot . . . noooo . . . must submit . . . cannot submit . . . must be strong . . . I am an Amazon . . . I am Wonder Woman,” Wonder Woman thought.


“HERA NO! I am a woman! Must climax! Need orgasm! Body hot! Mother forgive me! I’ve failed! Need to . . . need to . . . NEED TO CLIMAX! ORGASM! CUM!” Wonder Woman’s scream she she began to flop around like a fish on a hook. The woman was desperate. She wanted release and she wanted it badly. If Dr. Wolf entered her cell and asked to fuck her, she would have allowed it. Her pride was gone. She just wanted release. And she no longer cared what she need to do in order to get it.







Wonder Woman shifted uncomfortably again and again inside her cell. Sweat and tears poured out of the eye, nose, and mouth openings in the hood. There was also drool coming from the mouth opening, but the woman could care less. The woman was going crazy thanks to the gel in and on her pussy. She had no idea how long she had been in the cell, but it didn’t matter since time was no longer important to her. The woman only cared about her pussy and paid no attention to the bench that rose from the floor behind her.

“Ah. Wonder Woman,” Elsa spoke as she entered the cell with Dr. Wolf.

The Amazon quickly rolled over so she could see the pair. The woman pleaded with her eyes. She wished that they would remove her gag so she could beg them, but Dr. Wolf didn’t say anything as he sat down on the bench. Wonder Woman shifted again so she could see the man. The woman was hoping he would release sate her sexual needs.

“She looks hungry,” Elsa laughed as she kneeled next to Wonder Woman. The German woman fastened a black collar around the heroine’s throat before she unfastened the straps around the Amazon’s legs before rolling the woman onto her stomach. The woman then unfastened the restraints that kept the armbinder together. She knew she was taking a chance in freeing Wonder Woman’s hands, but she wanted to see what the heroine would do.

“Come here, Wonder Woman. If you touch yourself, I will make sure that you will never cum again,” Dr. Wolf warned.

“Must not resist . . . must not resist . . .” Wonder Woman’s mind repeated as the Amazon was freed from her bonds. She could swing her arms and kick her legs if she wanted. The woman could take violent swings and kicks against the two Germans. She could also remove her gag and verbally assault them. Or she could beat them and berate them at the same time. Then, the woman could stare angrily at them while striking her pose with her hands on her hips, standing triumphantly above them. Instead, she got on all fours and slowly made her way to Dr. Wolf.

“Lovely,” Elsa spoke as she knelt in front of Dr. Wolf only to be joined by Wonder Woman, who also knelt before him.

“Listen carefully, Wonder Woman. Elsa is going to remove your gag. Do not talk unless spoken to. Making noise like purrs, moans, grunts, and pants are okay, but nothing else. Understand?” the man asked.

The old Wonder Woman would have stared daggers at the man, but she was gone. Instead, Wonder Woman nodded right before Elsa removed the gag. The Amazon then adjusted her jaw for a few seconds, not even bothering to say a single word or make a single sound.

The German woman smiled as she looked deep into Wonder Woman’s eyes. Without saying a word, the German woman pressed her lips over the Amazon’s mouth. Elsa swirled her tongue over the heroine’s lips and slowly pushed them past her lips. The heroine never kissed a woman or thought about kissing another woman, but she didn’t resist as her compliant lips allowed the woman’s tongue to enter her mouth. Elsa was met with a moan from Wonder Woman before the heroine’s own tongue rubbed against the German woman’s tongue. As a reward, Elsa rubbed her right hand against Wonder Woman’s crotch.

“Ahh!” the Amazon moaned erotically as she felt Elsa’s hand against her crotch. The heroine immediately associated with kissing Elsa as a way to get her pussy rubbed even though Elsa had only rubbed it for a second. That didn’t stop Wonder Woman, who immediately returned Elsa’s kiss as if she were kissing Steve Trevor in her sexual fantasies.

Dr. Wolf smiled as he watched the two gorgeous women kissing each other before him. The man licked his lips as he imagined years of being serviced by both. He couldn’t believe his luck as the room started to fill with the women’s light moans. However, he wanted to see just how far his conditioning had been absorbed by Wonder Woman. So he tapped Elsa on the shoulder.

The German woman broke the kiss as Wonder Woman reluctantly allowed her to break contact. Elsa swiped her finger across her lips and collected the spit as she stared into Wonder Woman’s wanting eyes. A wry smile appeared on the woman’s lips as she licked her own finger.

“Come up here and spread yourself over my lap, Wonder Woman,” Dr. Wolf spoke as he patted the bench.

The Amazon complied as she got on the bench and placed her stomach over the man’s lap. She remained on all fours as she heard the man unzip something. The woman immediately felt him tugging her suit apart as she felt the blast of air against her ass and pussy. Wonder Woman shivered happily as a thrill went up and down her body. The Amazon moaned erotically as the man gripped her collar with his left hand while his right hand massaged and groped her ass. The woman then saw her own reflection in the mirror and wiggled her ass seductively as the man continued to play with it. Wonder Woman hoped that he would stick his fingers or his dick inside her pussy, totally ignoring the fact that earlier, she wanted nothing to do with the man except capture and bring him to justice. Now, she wanted nothing more than the man to take her.


“Ahhh,” Wonder Woman moaned as the man swatted her ass with his bare hand.

“Did you like that?” Dr. Wolf asked.

“Yes,” Wonder Woman replied as she remembered that she was only able to talk if asked.


Wonder Woman’s body shot forward with the third smack as she felt her ass turning red. The Amazon would have never tolerated anyone spanking her, but after enduring her bondage, the woman didn’t even protest. Instead, she whimpered and accepted the spanking. The woman was so scared that Dr. Wolf and Elsa would leave her alone again that she even wiggled her ass and invited the swats.


Wonder Woman felt shiver after shiver of pleasure flowing through her body with each swat. The woman’s ass was bright red, but she could feel her excited body being pushed closer and closer to the edge, where she could climax, if only she could go over the edge. The difference between pain and pleasure definitely started to blur for the Amazon. Each swat should have brought degradation, but Wonder Woman felt joy instead as she moved closer and closer toward the edge. She had avoided sex in the man’s world for decades, but now, she was being swallowed up by its perversions.


“What do you want, Wonder Slave?” the man asked.

Wonder Woman paused for a second as she had never heard anyone call her a slave before. She didn’t know how to respond or react.

“I asked you a question, slave,” the man spoke as he spanked her repeatedly.


“You’re a slave now! A whore! A slut! A fucktoy! A thing that I will fuck! A piece of meat to satisfy my cock!” the man snarled as he spanked the heroine unmercifully, smacking her ass at the end of each sentence for effect.

“Oh Hera! This is wrong! Body hot! Mother! Help me!” Wonder Woman thought to herself as she gritted her teeth.


“Now what do you want, slave?” the man asked.


“So be it,” the man spoke.

“Yes,” Elsa sneered as she approached the pair. The blonde smeared gel on Wonder Woman’s beaten red ass before she added a another layer on her pussy. The German woman then popped three more capsules into the woman. Dr. Wolf then zipped up the woman as Elsa secured the woman’s legs before she pulled Wonder Woman’s hands behind her back and locked the armbinder in place.

“Ahhh . . . nooo . . . please . . . unzip me . . .” Wonder Woman panted as the man pushed her off his lap.

“Why should he? It’s not like you want his cock inside your cunt,” Elsa sneered.

“I . . .”

“She doesn’t want to fuck,” Elsa sneered again as she picked up the gag.

“Then let’s go. The first capsule should be going off soon,” Dr. Wolf spoke as Wonder Woman saw the man starting to leave.

“NOO! PLEASE! I NEED YOU!” Wonder Woman screamed.

“No you don’t,” the man spoke.

“Sex . . . need sex . . .” Wonder Woman panted.

“Put the gag back on.”

“NO! I NEED IT! PLEASE FUCK ME!” Wonder Woman screamed as the first capsule burst inside her pussy.

“Too slow,” the man sighed as Elsa secured the gag in Wonder Woman’s mouth.

“Nice and tight,” Elsa smiled as Dr. Wolf walked up to her and pushed her down onto the floor. The German woman landed on all fours as Dr. Wolf unzipped his pants and forced Elsa’s outfit away from her pussy. The man then rammed his cock into Elsa’s pussy and thrust as forcefully as he could.

“Is this what you wanted, slave?” Dr. Wolf grunted.

“OH HERA! YES! I WANT TO BE FUCKED!” Wonder Woman screamed into her gag.

“Holy shit! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Oh yes! Fuck me!” Elsa screamed over and over.

The Amazon watched the pair and couldn’t take her eyes off of Elsa’s face, the woman who started the torture. The same woman that she wanted to hurt earlier. Now, Wonder Woman didn’t hate Elsa at all, she envied her. The Amazon wanted to be on all fours as Dr. Wolf pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. She was ready and if they gave her a second chance, she would comply, she would obey, she would submit. That was the last thought that ran through her mind as all the remaining capsules burst at the same time, overwhelming the Amazon as her body shot forward and she slipped into unconsciousness.







Elsa wrapped her lips around Dr. Wolf’s cock and happily bobbed her head up and down. Her cheeks puffed out with every movement of her head. Her hands never touched his dick as she did all the work with her mouth, lips, and head. Soon, cum trickled from her chin as she continued to service the man.

Wonder Woman watched the pair intently, hoping that Dr. Wolf would use her. The evil scientist would often tease the Amazon by removing her gag. He would then ask what she wants him to do to her. And when Wonder Woman answered, the man would leave Wonder Woman and turn his attention to Elsa. For example, if Wonder Woman begged the man to fuck her ass, he would fuck Elsa in the ass while making sure that Wonder Woman had a great view of the action. The Amazon watched and heard Elsa scream in ecstasy. The German woman was able to experience something that she craved and lusted after; something that simply increased with each passing minute. Thus, the Amazon grew incredibly envious of Elsa as her captivity continued. She even made sure that everything that Elsa said and did was burned into her mind, hoping that it would prove useful when it came time to convince Dr. Wolf to fuck her.

“Ahhhh . . . all clean,” Elsa finally moaned as she released the man’s dick.

“Should I fuck Wonder Woman?” Dr. Wolf asked.

“Let’s see,” Elsa spoke as she made her way to Wonder Woman. The German woman removed the gag and kissed Wonder Woman. The Amazon’s mouth and lips were compliant, but once their lips locked, Wonder Woman’s tongue became the aggressor. The heroine was hoping that she could convince Elsa to tell Dr. Wolf to fuck her.

“So?” Dr. Wolf asked after Elsa finally pulled herself away from Wonder Woman’s mouth.

“I think she may be ready,” Elsa panted.

“Free her from the armbinder then,” the man ordered as Elsa quickly complied.

Wonder Woman held her breath and stared seductively at the man as she remembered how Elsa enticed the man. She beckoned him with her eyes, she licked her lips seductively, and she slowly moved her body in order to strike a sexy pose. The woman almost broke out a smile when the man approached her and unzipped the area around her pussy. Her juices immediately splattered onto the floor.

“Wet eh?” the man spoke as he swung Wonder Woman around. Dr. Wolf then bent her forward as Wonder Woman spread her legs and gripped the top of the table. Without saying a word, the man gripped her shoulders and thrust powerfully into her yielding pussy.

“Oh Hera! Yes! Finally! Fuck me! Fuck me with your powerful cock!” Wonder Woman shrieked as she repeated several of the words that she often heard Elsa scream.

“You’re a slut! You’re a whore! You’re my slave!” Dr. Wolf grunted as he thrust forcefully at the end to add emphasis to his words.

“Yes! I’m a slut! I’m a whore! I’m a slave! Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Harder! Fuck my cunt!” the woman shrieked happily as she stuck out of her tongue. Her head bent slightly backward as her own spit dribbled from her lips. The woman was euphoric as the man’s dick filled and fucked her ultra-wet pussy.

“You’re not just a slut, whore, and slave. You’re my slut, whore, and slave! I am your master!” the man corrected her.

“Yes master! I am your slut! I am your whore! I am your slave!” the woman happily declared as she met his thrusts while her juices continued to stream down her legs.

“Do you want my cum inside you, Wonder Woman?” the man asked.

Wonder Woman panted for breath. Her clit was on fire as her body was close to climaxing. Her body began to stiffen as she humped the man’s cock. She closed her eyes as her cries began to increase in intensity. The woman had a hard time recalling Elsa’s words, but tried her hardest to remember.

“Oh yes! Fuck me! Fill my cunt! Make me cum! Fill me with your cum!” the woman screamed as she remembered Elsa’s words.

“Yes Wonder Woman! Your body was made for fucking, made to be fucked like a slut while knowing that even though millions lust over you, you belong only to me! Of course, millions respect you, but you don’t deserve respect. You only deserve to be fucked!”

“Yes master! I only deserve to be fucked!” Wonder Woman shrieked as she experienced her most powerful orgasm ever. Her pussy clamped down on the man’s cock. The man growled as he shot his load into the Amazon’s pussy. The woman immediately shuddered as her body climaxed again.

Dr. Wolf pulled out of Wonder Woman’s pussy as his spunk dribbled down her legs. He started to jerk his cock as the woman collapsed onto the ground.

“Not much of a superheroine,” Elsa scoffed as she nudged the woman with her boot.

Dr. Wolf waited several minutes before Wonder Woman regained her bearings. The Amazon painfully got to her knees and groaned as she knelt in front of the man.

“Look . . . no action. I’ll help,” Elsa sighed as she made her way toward Dr. Wolf, where she started to jerk his cock.

Wonder Woman didn’t say a word as she unzipped the front of the suit. Wonder Woman pulled the suit open and allowed her large tits to pop out. The woman cupped her tits and played with her nipples as she watched Elsa jerked the man’s dick. Wonder Woman’s hands roamed all over the front of her body as she leaned back and tilted her head under the man’s dick. She opened her mouth wide open as Elsa shot the man’s load onto her hood, face, and mouth. The woman didn’t even bat an eyelash when Elsa smeared Dr. Wolf’s cock over her face.

Elsa handed the man’s dick to Wonder Woman, who immediately snatched it and continued to smear it across her face.

“Good,” Dr. Wolf spoke as he watched Wonder Woman smear his cock all over her lips. He then smiled as she placed his cock in her mouth. The woman then licked the head of his member with her tongue as his dick slowly jerked back to life. Eventually, the woman released his dick from her mouth and smeared the head all over her throat while her left hand collected the mess and smeared it across her chest. The woman licked her lips and continued to taste her own juices mixed with his spunk.

“Fuck her ass,” Elsa whispered into the man’s ear.

Dr. Wolf smiled as he forced Wonder Woman to stand. He turned her around and pressed himself against her back. His hard cock slapped against her ass as he cupped her chin.

“Ahhh,” Wonder Woman moaned.

“Do you want me to fuck your ass, slave?” the man inquired as Wonder Woman slammed her eyes shut. The woman’s body shuddered with both disgust and pleasure.

“More gel?” Elsa asked.


“No! I want you to fuck my ass. Please fuck my ass,” the Amazon pleaded as her eyelids flew open.


“Because I am a slave . . . a dirty slut who needs to be fucked,” the woman replied.

“Good,” the man replied as he pushed Wonder Woman to floor. The woman landed hard onto the ground. She slowly got on all fours as the man dropped to his knees behind her. The man gripped her ass and positioned his cock. Then with one powerful thrust, he rammed his dick into the woman’s tight ass.

“AAAAGGGGGGGRRRRRRHHHHH!” the woman screamed as the man’s slapped against her ass. The Amazon felt his cock tear and expand her ass while her own spit that covered every inch of his cock, cooled her aching skin. It wasn’t enough though as the woman shook her head while her eyes were wide open. Her world was her ass right now. When she felt the man pull back, the pain subsided, only to magnify when he thrust it deeper inside her.

The man soon built a tempo as he enjoyed her tight ass wrapped around his cock. Dr. Wolf felt the woman’s body jerk while her large tits bounced. The man was in heaven, but he wanted more. Thus, he slapped her ass again and again with an open palm.

“AH! AH! Fuck! Stretching! So full! Fuck me! Fuck my ass with your cock!” the woman begged.

Dr. Wolf complied with the woman’s request. He pumped his cock unmercifully in and out of the woman’s ass while his hands gripped her hips. The man wanted to grab her tits, but he resisted since it would have diminished the power of his thrusts.

Tears streamed down the Amazon’s eyes as the woman’s tongue hung from her mouth. They weren’t tears of sadness, but of sheer happiness. The woman wanted to be fucked. Sweat poured out of her body as her skin felt like it was on fire. The woman once again closed her eyes and concentrated on the cock moving inside her ass. The Amazon felt the man’s raw power as his manhood stretched her ass. She had dreamt of this moment for so long. The woman had imagined the man’s cock making her body feel alive and that’s exactly what it was doing now.

“Cum for your master, Wunder Wuman,” Elsa purred into the Amazon’s ear.

Wonder Woman heard the thick German accent and her body immediately began to stiffen. The man’s cock sawed back and forth in her ass while the pleasure built and built inside her. The woman didn’t even try to resist as her exploded with pleasure. Her muscles clamped down tight on the man’s cock as her body arched and the woman received a soul-splitting climax. The woman shrieked loudly as her body convulsed violently while the man’s spunk filled her ass. The man’s hot spunk caused the woman to climax again as she saw nothing but stars. Her muscles quickly gave out as she collapsed onto the floor while several aftershocks rocked her body. The woman had experienced her most powerful orgasm, blowing the earlier one clear out of the water.

“Doctor . . . the alarm,” Elsa spoke as the lights in the cell flashed red.

“Looks like we have to go. Should we take the slut with us?” Dr. Wolf asked.

“If it’s the Americans, she will only slow us down.”

“So be it. We’ll leave her. Such a waste,” the man growled.








Wonder Woman was able to compose herself and dress in her heroine costume before the American soldiers stormed the base. Steve Trevor and the rest of Allied Command asked for a debriefing. The Amazon gave them on about her capture, but neglected to mention anything about how Dr. Wolf and Elsa treated her. Instead, she simply told them that they’ve kept her locked in a cell and never talked about their plans with her. The commanders had no reason not to trust her and didn’t mention it again. However, in the war room, Wonder Woman wanted to track Dr. Wolf and Elsa down. Steve Trevor had vetoed her current mission. He told her that the main objective had been completed. Allied Command was sure that Dr. Wolf could not build long range missiles without occupying the base that was now under Allied control. Wonder Woman had nodded in agreement, but that didn’t stop her. Instead, she continued on her quest to capture them since she wanted revenge for her humiliation.

The Amazon had spent weeks tracking the pair down, but she finally managed it. Wonder Woman was dressed in her blue diving suit as she surfaced from a large pool of water inside a cave. The woman stepped quietly onto the sand and then on the concrete floor. Wonder Woman searched the various corridors. She eventually entered a large control room with several monitors. The woman saw a looped recording of Dr. Wolf explaining the failure of the long range missile.

“So that’s why they were sure that the missile failed,” Wonder Woman thought to herself as she saw several numbers on the control panel. Curiosity got the better of her as she pressed one of the numbers.

The monitor immediately changed from Dr. Wolf’s recording of himself to a recording where Wonder Woman was unconscious and being undressed by Elsa. She also saw Dr. Wolf who was busy running his hands up and down the unconscious Amazon’s body.

“Bastard,” Wonder Woman growled as she pushed another number and video once again changed.

The Amazon now saw herself restrained in the chair as Elsa tortured her with the vibrator. She watched herself react to the vibrator. The woman knew she should look away and return to her mission, but she couldn’t pull her eyes from the monitor. Instead, her pupils became dilated and her breathing increased while her chest heaved up and down. Her nostrils flared causing the woman to shake her head and snapped out of the trance. The woman tried to resist the urge, but she found herself pushing another button.

The monitor changed again as she saw Elsa smear the gel all over her pussy. The Amazon felt her pussy becoming wet. Wonder Woman pressed her thighs together .

“Pull yourself together, Diana. You’re an Amazon. You’re here to capture Dr. Wolf and Elsa, not watch recordings of yourself,” the Amazon reminded herself as her finger pushed another button.

Wonder Woman’s eyes were glue to the monitor now as she watched herself gyrate and flop like a fish fighting for its life at the end of the fisherman’s hook when pulled out of the water. The Amazon felt her nipples becoming hard and engorged as she watched herself in the throes of orgasm. The woman licked her lips, but couldn’t collect all the drool. Thus, the woman wiped her gloved hand across her mouth.

“This can’t be happening. I just need to step away and find them,” Wonder Woman muttered as she pressed another button.

The monitor changed again. This time, she saw Dr. Wolf fucking Elsa. The German woman was on all fours and being fucked from behind. The camera zoomed in on Elsa’s face. The Amazon saw the lust of the German woman’s face.

“No. This is wrong,” Wonder Woman admonished herself before she pressed another button.

The video changed again. Now, the woman saw Dr. Wolf fucking her on all fours. She heard the lust in her own voice as she tried to pull her eyes away, but couldn’t. Without even thinking about it, the Amazon started to run her hands up and down her body. She cupped her own tits and squeezed. The woman released an erotic moan as her legs started to quiver.

“Hera no! This is wrong! This is just a tape! Stop it! Pull your eyes away! Find Dr. Wolf and punish him!” the woman’s mind screamed as she watched the video until the man pulled his own cock out of the trembling Amazon.

Wonder Woman once again pressed another button and the video immediately changed to a live feed showing that Dr. Wolf and Elsa were having a meeting inside a room. There was a room number in the upper right hand corner. The woman glanced around the room and found a small plaque with the floor plan on it. The Amazon quickly found the room. She then clenched her fist and ran out of the room.

The Amazon took some time to reach the room. The woman opened the door and saw that the room was empty. Wonder Woman cursed herself for being too slow. Then she heard a low moan coming from down the hallway. The woman walked stealthily to the door and opened it slowly, peaking inside.

Wonder Woman was greeted with a nude Elsa on her back with her legs spread as an equally nude Dr. Wolf was on his knees, pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. Both were on a bed. The Amazon heard the sloshing noises and knew that the pair had been going for a rather long time. She took her lasso from her hip and gripped it firmly as her eyes focused on the white bubbles that appeared whenever the man drove his cock deep inside Elsa.

“This is it. Here’s your chance. This is your moment, the moment you’ve waiting for!” Wonder Woman’s mind yelled triumphantly as the Amazon ran into the room.

“Arrrggg!” Dr. Wolf screamed as Wonder Woman pulled him off of Elsa and flung him to the ground. The German woman got up and ran, but Wonder Woman lassoed her ankles and Elsa fell back onto the bed. The Amazon then turned her attention to Dr. Wolf, who was on his back while his cum and pussy juiced covered cock stood straight up.

“I’ve got you!” Wonder Woman declared triumphantly as she posed in front of Dr. Wolf with her legs spread and her fists on her hips.

“Schones outfit, Wunder Wuman,” Dr. Wolf spoke.

The Amazon didn’t say another word as she stared at the man and looked deep in his eyes. She stared at him for several long seconds, before she sauntered over to him while keeping her eyes locked on him. The woman then stopped and shot him a wry smile as she her hands reached between her legs and tore the area over her pussy. The Amazon then impaled herself on his cock and started to ride him. She reached down and took his hands. The woman placed the man’s open right left palm on her face while she placed his right hand on her tit.

“Do you approve, meister? This fraulien submits to you,” the woman panted before she slowly descended and kissed the man on the lips. She planted her hands beside his head as she kissed Dr. Wolf long and hard. Her tongue dove into the man’s mouth and was rewarded with his tongue. The pair kissed long and passionately before Wonder Woman finally removed her mouth.

“I approve,” the man panted as Wonder Woman humped him faster and faster while her eyes locked onto his. Dr. Wolf removed his hand from her face. He then gripped her hips with both his hands and began to thrust into her.

Wonder Woman bounced her ass up and down as she relished the man’s dick in her pussy. The woman moaned incessantly as she attempted to keep her balance. Her hands were planted on the ground, her knees were planted on the ground, and her mind could only concentrate on the cock that was spreading and filling her wet pussy. Satisfying her lust was the only thing that mattered.

“HERA! YES! FUCK! OH! FUCK ME! LET ME CUM! FUCK ME, MASTER! CUM INSIDE ME! OH HERA!” Wonder Woman screamed as her cunt exploded. The woman shrieked as she writhed on top of him. The climax was long and hard, ripping throughout her, engulfing her mind, body, and soul as she collapsed on top of the man while his spunk filled her pussy. Her body continued to suffer aftershocks as she tried to catch her breath.

“You’ve passed the test,” Elsa whispered into Wonder Woman’s ear as she laid on top of Dr. Wolf while her pussy twitched and squeezed the man’s cock, forcing more cum into her pussy.

“We wanted to make sure that you would seek us out and surrender,” Dr. Wolf spoke.

Elsa picked up Wonder Woman’s head and allowed the Amazon to see the smiling man’s face before turning to her towards herself.

“Do you want to go back to the Allies?” Elsa asked.

“Nien,” Wonder Woman panted.

“Do you want to surrender and serve us, Wonder Woman?” Elsa asked.

“Yes . . I surrender,” Wonder Woman panted as she stuck out her tongue. Elsa stuck out her tongue and the two allowed their tongues to meet as Dr. Wolf smiled.

“Good,” Elsa spoke as she pulled away while a long strand of spit dangled between each other women’s lips. The German woman secured Wonder Woman’s own lasso around her wrists and pulled the woman off of Dr. Wolf. Elsa repositioned Wonder Woman so that the Amazon was on all fours with her ass high up in the air.

Dr. Wolf got to his knees and drove his cock deep into Wonder Woman’s ass. The Amazon moaned incessantly as the man pumped his cock in and out of her ass while her gripped her hips. The Amazon met his thrusts and climaxed when the man shot his load into her ass. Dr. Wolf then pulled out of Wonder Woman’s ass as Elsa moved in position.

The German woman dipped the middle finger into Wonder Woman’s sperm-filled asshole and started pumping her finger in and out. Wonder Woman continued to moan as Dr. Wolf guided Elsa’s mouth onto his cock. The blonde woman serviced her master while she continued to fuck the Amazon’s ass with her finger. Elsa even found time to spank Wonder Woman’s ass with her right hand, eliciting even more moans from the woman. The German woman didn’t stop there as she eventually rammed another finger into Wonder Woman’s ass.

Dr. Wolf wasn’t done with Wonder Woman though. He took the lasso from Elsa’s hand and pulled on it until Wonder Woman flipped herself over, forcing Elsa to pull her fingers out of her ass. Wonder Woman soon found herself on her back as she licked the man’s balls while Elsa serviced the man’s cock. The Amazon even wrapped her lips around one of his balls and tried to pull it into her mouth while her tongue continued to service it.

Once Elsa was done cleaning Dr. Wolf’s cock, the woman pulled her mouth off of his dick. She then pulled Wonder Woman’s mouth away from the man’s balls. She opened her mouth and allowed the man’s cum to spill out and land in Wonder Woman’s mouth. The Amazon allowed the man’s cum to pool in her mouth. Wonder Woman kept her mouth open so all could see her collecting her master’s spunk.

“Swallow, slave,” Dr. Wolf ordered.

Wonder Woman obediently obeyed. Once she was done, she looked happily at her master and mistress, and waited for her next set of orders for the Amazon had been tamed. Her pride and dignity had left her. Her days of a superheroine were over. She was now a sex starved slave, willing to do anything that was required of her as long as she received sexual release.








Dr. Wolf sat naked on a large couch as Elsa strolled into the room. The German woman’s heels clicked on the floor as she lead an equally naked Wonder Woman, who was clad in black thigh-high ballet boots with six inched heels. There was a black collar around the Amazon’s throat as Elsa walked her to the couch. Both women then got onto the couch with Wonder Woman on the doctor’s right and Elsa on his left. Dr. Wolf kissed Elsa before he kissed and sucked on her tits while Wonder Woman got on her hands and knees and started to service his cock.

Wonder Woman licked the head of the man’s member before she wrapped her lips around his dick. The Amazon rested her right hand on the man’s thigh as she bobbed her head up and down. She went down the entire length of his dick as Elsa ran her hands through the Amazon’s wet hair. Wonder Woman didn’t mind as she allowed the man’s cock to pop out of her mouth as she kissed and licked his balls before returning her attention to his cock.

Elsa slowly pulled away from the man joined Wonder Woman. Both women licked the sides of Dr. Wolf’s cock. Their tongues eventually went up the side of his dick and clashed against each other at the head. The two women then kissed with the man’s cock between their mouths. The women pulled their heads slightly up and allowed the man’s cock to slip and hit them both in the chin as they continued to swap spit with each other. Then they parted as Wonder Woman went back to licking the man’s cock.

Eventually, Dr. Wolf tug on Wonder Woman’s leash and pulled her off his dick. Elsa immediately impaled her wet pussy on the man’s cock. The woman humped his cock. Her ass bounced up and down as she gripped the man’s shoulders and looked evilly at Wonder Woman.

The Amazon looked lustfully at Elsa as Dr. Wolf tug on her leash. Wonder Woman immediately started playing with her own pussy and tits as she watched Elsa longingly. She licked her lips and twirled her tongue in wild anticipation, hoping for a chance.

“Service her,” Dr. Wolf spoke as he released some slack with the leash.

Wonder Woman immediately slid off the couch. She positioned herself and gripped the woman’s ass cheeks. The Amazon parted them and began to lick the woman’s sphincter as the man continued to pound Elsa’s pussy. Spunk and pussy juice would splatter against the woman’s chin. The Amazon continued to service the woman’s ass until Dr. Wolf came inside the woman’s pussy. Elsa then raised herself up as Wonder Woman began to lick the cum from Elsa’s pussy.

Elsa repositioned herself as she got on all fours on the couch. Wonder Woman stayed connected to the woman’s pussy as she stepped back onto the couch. She continued to eat out Elsa’s pussy as Dr. Wolf got on his knees and drove his dick into Wonder Woman’s pussy. The man drilled her ass as Wonder Woman moaned and swallowed more of the spunk in Elsa’s pussy.

“Ahhhh yesss!” Elsa shrieked as Wonder Woman’s tongue caused the German woman to orgasm. She then shot the remaining spunk in her pussy as well as additional pussy juice directly into Wonder Woman’s mouth.

Dr. Wolf then pulled Wonder Woman away from Elsa and pressed her against the couch. The man gripped her hips and pumped forcefully into Wonder Woman’s pussy. He grunted with each thrust as Wonder Woman’s tits jiggled.

Elsa was slow to regain her composure, but when she did, the woman leapt into action. She was on Wonder Woman’s left side as she pressed her own tits against her side. Elsa reached over with her right hand and began to squeeze and fondle the Amazon’s right tit while her left hand did the same with Wonder Woman’s left tit. The woman then licked the Amazon’s neck and even nibbled on her earlobe.

“AHHHHH!” Wonder Woman panted as her body was on fire. The hard fucking and the molestation of her tits was just what she wanted. It was what she needed. The woman met the man’s thrusts and placed her hands behind her back.

Dr. Wolf grabbed her wrists and tied the leash around them. He then held onto the leash and pulled Wonder Woman’s arms. The Amazon shifted her stance and was even closer to the man now. This allowed his cock to go even deeper inside her and Wonder Woman loved it as she shrieked and yelled in glee.


“A superheroine begging for cock? Where’s your dignity?” Elsa purred into Wonder Woman’s ear.

“NO DIGNITY! NO PRIDE! ONLY LUST! ALWAYS HORNY!” Wonder Woman panted loudly.

“You used to be a warrior, the epitome of justice,” Elsa snickered.


“Then cum!” Dr. Wolf snarled.

Wonder Woman’s body immediately reacted to the man’s words. The Amazon screamed as she threw her head back and howled like a wolf with a full moon in the background. The woman’s body quaked so hard that a normal woman would have dislocated a few joints. It wasn’t a quick orgasm either. Instead, it was a series of orgasms that overloaded Wonder Woman’s senses. The Amazon had no idea how long she screamed and convulsed since after a few minutes, darkness embraced her. A darkness that was going to be present for the rest of her life of servitude.




The End

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