The Darkest Timeline

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The National Mall, the steps of the Former United States Capitol Building,

Nazi-Occupied Washington, D.C., 30 April, 1947

The history books still say that the everyone who owned a television in the world was tuned in on that warm spring day. What the books don't say is that it didn't matter what channel you had your television on - it was the only thing broadcast; Goebbels made sure of that. The schoolbook texts show - and the archive footage actually demonstrates - that the mall was packed full of people. No single event in the history of mankind has ever been witnessed by more people. Hitler swore that everyone in the world would view today, from the shores of the Japanese-occupied Pacific to swastika-flying Tower of London. Even in the ruined and glowing hulk of Moscow, public showings of the trial of Nazi Germany's biggest enemy was being blasted.

The trial of Wonder Woman, champion of freedom and women.

In his famous speech announcing her capture in a failed rescue attempt at an superheroine internment camp Adolf Hitler said about her; "She was the greatest threat the Reich has ever faced and upon defeating her, we have placed our jackboots firmly upon the throat of enemies of Germany."

The footage of that fateful day show that everyone who was important - or deemed himself to be important - was there at the National Mall that day. Businessmen, celebrities, the rich, and the elite alike. Most importantly, they made sure to be seen there, by the right people. What the history books don't tell you is that your absence at an event like this was noted and remembered. Even the footage of that day doesn't give the picture fully; nearly every inch of Washington's streets were packed with people that day, crammed shoulder-to-shoulder, to get a view of Nazi Germany's Number One Enemy.

The Schutzstaffel had cleared an area in the front of the Capitol Building. The National Mall had often the site of such trials these past years since the Axis' victory in World War Two, but never before had one been so anticipated as today's. Not even the trial of America's last president, Harry S. Truman, for his 'crimes against humanity' in allowing the dropping of the Atomic Bomb drew half as many people. A grand table has been set up in the cleared area, and behind it sat the most powerful person in the world - smiling and confident Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of the Greater German Reich. Next to him was fat and half-sober Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering who always, as was his predilection, had a young woman on his arm. The archive footage has revealed to be a young Marilyn Monroe. Last sitting at the tabled was thin and weedy Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler.

They all casually ignored the gallows built opposite of them at the steps of the Capitol Building from which hung a golden lasso.

The crowd buzzed and spoke, a loud drone that filled the city. The guards at the front tried to quiet the crowd, but nothing could seem to do the trick - until the Chancellor rose to his feet and stepped to a podium equipped with microphone and recording tools. Hitler's mustache twitched as he cleared his throat and began the speech that children of the Thousand Year Reich would learn in school to the present day.

The charismatic man smacked the podium with his fist and shouted into the microphone and a few heartbeats later his translator speaks in english for his crowd, "Eight years is a short time span, a fraction of a single person's life - barely a second in the life of a whole people. And yet the past eight years somehow seem longer than many decades of the past. A very important historical event is contained within them: the rebirth of a nation formerly threatened by extinction. Threatened by the very scum of a disease called Super Women! No more shall their type be allowed to threaten the peace and stability of our Glorious Reich! Today shall be the first of many examples of what happens when you try to bring chaos into the world of Germany!"

Hitler's words stir the crowd just as he intends, the thunderous applause reaching nearly every man, woman, and child in the world. With a subtle nod to a soldier, Deutschlandlied begins to play, and from inside of the Capitol Building, a squad of soldiers nearly fifty strong escort out Diana, Princess of Themyscira. The world-famous footage of the event shows the beautiful raven-haired woman stagger in her shackles and manacles down the steps, her famous red-white-and-gold bustier dampened by the black-and-white of the available technology.

The SS guards force her to her knees before Hitler, and his eyes drift casually over the massive bust of the 'Champion of All Woman' in disgust, as the chorus of "Deutschland über alles" fades quietly in conclusion. The people who were there that day say that a pin drop could have been heard in those moments before Hitler's ragged voice, magnified by the microphone, booms out, "Are you Diana Prince, the 'super heroine' known as Wonder Woman?"

The kneeling woman straightened her back in defiance, having the unintended consequence of jutting out her massive tits even further, and her voice replied, faint in the background of the microphone, "I am."

Hitler's reply drowns her almost instantly, "Do you deny your crimes against the Fatherland of Germany and His People?"

Wincing slightly at the suddenness of the voice, the Champion of All Women's voice quivers on the film, "I...I do not deny this."

Slamming his fist on the podium, Hitler motions wildly at the crowd and television cameras, "This moment will live on in the history of the world, for as long as the Reich survives! Diana Prince, for your crimes against Germany, I sentence you to hang from your neck until you are dead." In a flash two SS soldiers grab Wonder Woman's elbows and haul her to feet, her blue-and-red boots scuffing against the pavement, "And may God have mercy on your heathen soul, Princess."

Diana absorbs her sentence with stoicism, and walks with the soldiers without expression to the gallows. Her will breaks the moment her boot-covered foot lands on the first step and she begins to cry and wail, begging for mercy. Tears flow down her cheeks as she shouts to Hitler, begging him to spare her, that she'd do anything to survive.

The black-and-white film captures, in agonizingly clear tones, how Wonder Woman, the once-mighty Champion of All Women, begs for her life in broken and sobbing tones that everything she's done is a mistake, and she never should have stood up for women. Men and women alike in the crowd wail and helplessly cry as a golden length of Diana's own Lasso of Truth slips around her slim and gorgeous neck and tightens. Her struggles and begging increase in ferocity and desperation; filthy suggestions of what she could do with her mouth and her cunt and her ass to be free of this death flowing as hard as her tears.

Adolf Hitler watches on with a smug smile on his face and he speaks into the microphone, "Look women, look people who would deny Germany his Rights; this is the Great Wonder Woman, begging for her life like a cheap whore!" And with a single nod to the scar-faced soldier holding a lever, Wonder Woman's feet fell out from under her and a collective gasp from the crowd echoed into history.

Regrettably for Diana, her strength and hardiness prevented her neck from breaking at the end of the sudden, short fall. Her hands flail and claw uselessly at the god-made rope and her legs kick and flail in a frantic dance. Her face flushes with blue color, and her tongue lolls out of her mouth. Diana's mouth opens and closes, desperately trying to gulp air through her strangling neck.

The minutes pass and the wails from the crowd increases as much as the kicking from Wonder Woman decreases. In too short of a time Wonder Woman, Princess Diana of Themyscira the Champion of Freedom and All Women, dangles dead from the end of her own golden lasso.

Hitler descends the steps of his podium, and shakes hands with his important colleges. The thought flashes through his mind:

Another heroine getting what comes to them for not knowing their place.


Some time later in the Führerbunker, Hitler sat at the famous desk that he had taken from the White House, reclining in the chair that once supported the free Presidents of the United States. His brown grey eyes linger across the display cases lining the room. There were numerous trophies there. Masks. Guns. Armor. Amulets. Costumes. They were the signs of Hitler's victories over the plague of feminism and super heroines.

Inside of the center display case, Wonder Woman's adornments sit upon a lighted display. The famous bracelets in particular, were a favorite of Hitler to linger his eyes upon. Probably because they allowed the reflection on them of the dead-eyed woman kneeling before him, slowly and submissively bobbing her head on his hard cock. A hand gnarled with age strokes her hair, while his voice in German says, "Good Donna, you have done well. With your help, we knew where your sister would be, and an army is now on the way to Paradise Island. When your sisters have been will join them in a special camp I will be creating."

Donna Troy's - once the mighty Wonder Girl - vacant expression betrays no sense of understanding, as the long-defeated and enslaved woman was no more than a shell of the heroine she was before her torture and breaking at Himmler's hands.

Hitler shuddered and smiles as he came, and Donna dutifully swallowed every drop.

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