Love In Gotham

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Porter Richards seemed like an average white man with brown hair and glasses. Until a year ago no one who had not known his secret would have thought him capable of doing anything heroic. That secret was that he had spent several years training in karate until he had a black belt. He had kept it a secret because it was just a hobby and he did not want any attention for it. However, what had started out as a hobby was what started him on the path that got him to this moment. He standing in front of the church and about to marry Gotham City reporter Summer Gleeson.

While Porter waited for his new bride to join him with a giddy smile on his face, he looked at his parents who were smiling back at him. As Porter looked around at his guests who where seated behind him, he couldn’t help but focus for a minute on Bruce Wayne. There was something captivating about Bruce to Porter for some reason. Porter was somehow itimidated by the playboy and Porter knew it wasn’t because of his money. Finally, Porter had gotten tired of the chill Bruce Wayne was giving him and looked back at his parents which made him think back to the day that had set everything in motion.


A year ago, Porter Morgan was a clerk at the main television at Gotham. He was basically only an errand boy for all of the reporters there was at first a little clumsy at his job until he had gotten used to it. The reason for that clumsiness was that he had quickly developed a crush on Summer. While he was banging on a defective keyboard one day, he decided to go for it.

“Having a problem, Porter?” Summer wondered which made him jump since he had not seen her coming. “I’m sorry!”

“This keyboard doesn’t seem to be working,” Porter grumbled.

“I have a spare in the cabinet in my office,” Summer offered. “You can use that one. While you’re there, could you please bring me back the yellow folder that is laying on my desk?”

“Sure,”  Porter answered.

He was about to carry out his duty, but he stopped after taking one step.

“S-summer...” Porter timidly stuttered.

“Yes,” Summer answered.

“Would you be interested in going out with me?” Porter hopefully spoke.

“My job keeps me too busy to go out with anyone at the moment, but I’m flattered that you would think of me in that way,” Summer refused.

“Okay,” Morgan accepted as he dejectedly left the newsroom to fulfill his duties.

It was a good thing that Morgan left when he did because shortly after, five costumed clowns broke into the newsroom. The one in the middle was the one that garnered the most attention because he was the purple suited menace known as the Joker. It seems that Summer had called him a coward in her last report. Everyone except Summer started screaming when they saw the criminals. Summer was too terrified to scream. As the Joker started approaching his prey, Porter was rummaging through Summer’s cabinet for the keyboard she had offered him.

“You knew she would say no...” Porter muttered to himself in frustation.

Upon finding a keyboard, the clerk grabbed Summer’s folder and was just about too leave when he heard three sinister voices getting louder in the hallway which made the clerk jump away from the doorway. While pressed against the wall, he saw three crooks dressed as The Three Stooges marching some workers into the office on the the other side of the hallway.

“Mr. J wants these people tied up in here so they don’t interfere with his talk with Summer,” Moe explained.

“I think I’d rather tie you three up!” a voice trumpeted behind him.

The criminals all turned around to see a sea of paper fly into their faces. While they were distracted, a keyboard crashed into all three of their faces in a wide arc. Unfortunately for the person who had swung the keyboard, the cable broke in the excitement.

“Ah, it broke!"Moe gloated to the brown haired man who was causing trouble.

“Yeah, I’m in trouble now!” Porter sarcastically complained while jumping into the air to kick Moe in the stomach.

Porter finished off Moe with a punch to the face to enrage the startled criminals.

“I’ll get you!” Larry promised.

Porter knocked a printer off of a desk and onto Larry’s foot to caused the bad guy to screech in pain which fortunately got the the Joker’s attention. The hero finished off Larry by smashing his face onto the desk.

“Oh, wise guy!” Curly threatened.

Since Curly was the biggest of the henchman, Porter wanted this fight over with quicky. he jumped on the desk and ran across it. Porter flew off of the desk and kicked Curley into some shelfs which made the five shelfs come off of the wall and bury Curly with heavy office equipment.

“Whoever built these shelves should read the directions next time!” Porter laughed while running towards the newsroom.

The hero was just about to enter when he heard the most insane of voices talking.

“See what’s going on!” The Joker cackled.

“You got it, Puddin’!” Harley obeyed.

Porter pressed himself against the wall when a boxing glove gun poked the open doorway. He pulled the weird gun through the doorway so fast that the female jester came flying with it. She screamed in terror as some stranger smashed her over the head with her own gun. Porter threw the gun onto to the floor in anger and prepared for his last fight.

“Show yourself, Batman!” The Joker commanded.

“You’ll have to settle with me, I’m afraid,” Porter announced when he entered.

“Porter, what are you doing?” Summer screeched from her chair behind the newsdesk.

“Having fun!” Porter laughed.

“Is that so?” The Joker threatened as he started to reached for one of his deadly playing cards.

“NO!” Summer screamed.

Porter turned to his left while running as the card came which caused it to hit a telvision camera. He then connected  with a right cross to the clown’s breadbasket. He then grabbed the clown’s arm and threw him over the news desk and into the another television camera. The camera fell over and knocked out the clown prince of crime.

“Is he out?” Porter asked since he couldn’t see the Joker from where he was standing.

“Yes,” Summer comfirmed which caused the hero to wipe his brow. “I guess I’ll go out with you after all,”

“Really,” Porter gasped.

“You saved my life and I always repay my debts,” Summer explained.

That date turned into more dates which eventually turned into love. That is the reason why Porter was now watching her father escort Summer down the aisle. His heart was beating in his ears while the couple exchanged vows. His happiness knew no bounds when he lifted Summer’s veil and kissed her.

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