Learning To Fly

BY : Isabelle_Jennings
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Diana has lived on the island paradise of Themyscira all her life, protected by her people's patron goddesses. Lately though, she'd dreamt of challenging the storm barrier and venturing out into the outside world, to test herself, and find the truth of her own heart. Once she does though, the world is not at all what she might have expected, and she struggles to understand. It's then that she meets Remoni-Notra, a Star Sapphire shining with the power of love made manifest, but she also happens to be also a wanted criminal and a thief, running from two Green Lanterns, and Diana, of course, decides to take the side of the beautiful woman she's attracted to, instead of the two violent men perusing her. Somehow though, that might end up getting her into quite a lot of trouble... but then, maybe that's not such a bad thing?





--- DIANA ---

Diana smiled as she skimmed over the waters of the ocean around Themyscira, her island home, touching the water's surface with her fingers as she went. She put on more and more speed, then arched straight up into the sky, through the clouds and towards the sun. The warmth felt good, and, though the air hitting her skin was very cold that high up, it was all just a thrilling, joyous sensation, bringing her no pain or discomfort. As she rose though, she began to see the hidden storm and thunder. She was tempted to keep going, but once again let her mother's voice hold her back. This barrier of storms was the work of the goddesses, meant to keep her and her people safe from the world beyond that had been so full of hardships and strife that Athena, Artemis, Hestia, Aphrodite, and Demeter brought together the souls of their faithful followers and made them born anew though Gaea's grace--immortal and forever to live here in paradise. They set her mother, Hippolyta, as queen and in time fashioned her a daughter as answer to her heart-felt prayer. That was who she was, Diana, the only daughter of paradise, gifted with power like no other, for what reason she did not know. 'Surely the goddesses would look poorly on any who sought to turn away from the gift of paradise' her mother told her. 'It would be best not to test their forgiveness. Besides, what could you hope for that is not already given you?' But, to herself, Diana always wondered: Why would the goddesses give her the ability to fly far and wide if they did not mean her to use it? Why would she be trained as a warrior if not to experience an adventure?

Diana sighed. "Maybe tomorrow, my great mystery." She told the storm. She floated down to the island and smiled as she saw a familiar face on the cliff where she liked to come and read sometimes (over the long centuries, her people had written some truly great books; history, science, philosophy, fiction, she particularly enjoyed the romances, and more besides--she herself had even written a book of poems and short stories at one point in her younger years).

She landed in front of this woman and kissed her, pressed her body into hers and felt her lover’s body welcome her; her lover's arms, hands slide over her body. Her warmth, her scent, the feel of her skin on hers, the fabric of her clothing, the small, intimate sounds she made, their tongues dancing together in a playful battle for dominance that neither cared to actually win. "MMmm, my beloved." She smiled to her, resting one hand on the other woman's shoulder, the other caressing her hair.

"Diana." Phillipus answered, smiling, her hands resting on Diana's waist, eyes looking into hers. Phillipus: Her mother's general at arms and protector. She had been Diana's first crush and, for the last two years or so (one didn't keep exact track of time for most things on Themyscira), she had also been her lover.

Diana kissed her softly again and Phillipus kissed her back with a little more of a sense claiming in her lips this time. Phillipus was so beautiful and so full of life, but she was also brave and strong, and even Diana's mother deferred to her on some matters. She was considered one of the very best warriors on the island. And she was also very kind, tender, and exciting as a lover, while also being... noble and so sure of herself. It all added up to this sort of magnetism about her that made Diana feel so... lost to her sometimes, overwhelmed, in a way she very much enjoyed being overwhelmed.

Diana smiled joyfully as the kiss ended and she pulled back a little. "You looked for me here? You missed me?" Diana asked, pleased if her assumption were true.

"You do seem to fly away from me more often of late, it worries me... where I am ill used to worrying such over anything at all." Phillipus admitted with some small hint of uncharacteristic insecurity in her voice.

Diana's smile softened and she stroked her lover's beautiful face, searching Phillipus's eyes for an answer to a vague question that was not yet fully formed in her mind's eye. "I may fly away, that is true, but the memory of the touch of your lips, your hands, always draws me back, does it not?" Her heart was beating faster now than it had when she'd been flying. Something wasn't right between them anymore, and she badly wished for it not to be so. Badly wished to forget that feeling and just be lovers with no care for anything but one another's sweet touch once again. That's how it had been between them in the beginning, but something had crept in, some thief, or imagined demon, so that it seemed every time Diana saw her lover now, there was a little more... fear... in her eyes. It was confusing and Diana hated it, hated that she could somehow be the cause of it; but, at the same time, as much as she searched for an answer, she didn't know how she could have caused it, or how to make it go away, besides perhaps ending it between them, which her heart very much did not wish her to do.

Phillipus smiled to her for saying this. A sweet, charmed smile, one that showed of an innocence and soft joy she would rarely show to others. A lover's gift, one to be treasured, thought Diana, feeling very privileged to be able to see such a thing and know it was meant only for her. Her mother had been right, Diana thought as she kissed Phillipus softly again, trying to forget her worries, there was precious little in her life that she could rightly want for. And yet, even as she pressed her lips more closely to her lover's, opened her mouth, and danced her eager tongue with her lover’s, still there was a longing in her. A longing to test herself, to see what her limits were. How far she could fly, how true she could love if challenged, could she look in the mirror one day and see the nobility and sure grace she saw in her lover in her own eyes perhaps? She knew the souls of her sisters had seen great tests and trials before they were carried here to paradise, and that they all carried with them the memories of that shared experience. But she had no such memories of the soul, no such shared connection of history to bind her so to her sisters. And she wished to. She wished to be able to walk with them on the beach and feel herself their equal, truly their equal. To be able to say that she too had struggled and fought and shown her bravery--proven, if only to herself, the quality of her soul to be a match for theirs. If she could do that, she thought to herself, then maybe... maybe she would know what to say or do to make things right between her and her lover again. Maybe she would know how to make things right within herself.

"So far, it always has it seems." Phillipus replied as their kiss ended again.

They stood there in a close embrace, the ocean's winds blowing against them. "The dreams I have, of testing the storms, they trouble you still. You believe... that I will not come back to you, not keep faith with you in the outside world, perhaps?" Diana asked without judgment.

Phillipus lowered her eyes from Diana's. "You cast unearned shame on me, asking such a thing." She replied softly, looking again back to Diana's eyes. "I do not worry for your fealty as a lover... Should you chose another over me one day, I could accept it. It is often the way of such things for us here. Forever is a long time indeed, after all."

"Then what? What troubles you so?" Diana asked, secretly a little disappointed in her lover's reply. She would have... hoped, perhaps, for some, well, if not jealousy, a stronger sense of propriety or possessiveness then. A stronger denial, a stronger belief in their connection, or perhaps just a stronger belief from Phillipus in Diana herself. Or possibly that belief was there and Diana simply didn't know where to look? She doubted herself, found herself doubting herself more each time she flew into the sky and came back down to the ground, letting her mother's words hold her back.

"The world outside this island, Diana..." Phillipus began, but stopped as she saw Diana begin to close herself off. She brought her hand up to caress Diana's long raven hair. "I worry that it will one day take you from me. If..." She sighed, deciding to admit to a selfish thing, if only to cover up the larger worry in her that she knew her lover would not easily forgive her for voicing. "If you took another of our sisters as a lover in my place, I would still see your smile each day, be able to talk with you, play in the water, or spar with you. You are the only one here who can best me every time, and that is a rare gift, you know... But if this other world stole you from me, I could, we all could lose you... You are a light to us Diana." She caressed Diana's face and looked deeply into her eyes. "You have become a light to me; my life would be darker for your lacking, and I do not wish it to be." She admitted.

Diana felt her defenses go down and warmth sweep through her heart once more. She kissed her lover and felt her skin come alive at touching her. "Your words are beautiful... They sing to me. Sometimes though, I think words... only get in the way?" She kissed her lover's neck, behind her ear, slid the cloth from her shoulder.

"Diana..." Phillipus sighed.

"Shh..." Diana kissed her lips again. "Just be here with me--I am here with you, am I not?" She asked hopefully.

"...You are." Phillipus agreed, kissing her forcefully, her hands coming to Diana's cheeks.

Diana felt the rush of passion come through her as she kissed back just as ardently, sliding her hands over her lover's body, seeking to free her of her of her clothes.

"Lay for me..." Phillipus told her.

Diana shivered a little at the tone of her voice, the desire she heard there. The need.

"No, not yet..." Diana smiled to her playfully, looking into her eyes as if in challenge for a moment and liking what she saw in them back. A question: 'Would you have me lie for you then?' Diana considered it. She did enjoy being on top, being the one to claim, even though she more often found herself being claimed where Phillipus was concerned, and she liked that just as much, if not, perhaps, just a little bit more. But no, later, now she wanted to... to let her lover know something somehow, and she didn't have words for it, so she hoped maybe this would do as well...

Her lover's clothes falling from her, Diana stepped back and undid her own clothing, letting them fall from her, even as their eyes never left one another. She then stepped forwards and brought her hands of Phillipus's chest, her thumps to her nipples. Phillipus held her waist and looked into her eyes, hunger there, trust, but also, she was unsure of herself, or more likely, of Diana, of what Diana was going to do, and not just in this moment, and that bothered Diana, she wanted... she wanted to prove to Phillipus... something...

She lowered herself slowly to her knees then, running her hands down Phillipus's body, relishing the feeling of her skin and her sleek, sinewy physique. On her knees, she began to lick her lover's sex.

"Oh, Diana..." Phillipus spoke softly, spreading her stance a little and bringing her hands to Diana's head, tangling them a little in her hair and caressing her scalp as Diana moved in closer and pleasured her.

Before long, it became evident to Diana that her lover was having trouble staying on her feet (surely, Phillipus was strong enough to, if she were to master her desire, but truly, why would she wish to?), and though she knew she could hold her up, easily even support her weight on her face if she wanted to, the grass seemed a somehow more sensible option, so she stopped and sat back a little, looking up into her lover's face, running her hands up and down Phillipus's waist. She didn't speak, nether did Phillipus. Her lover just caressed her hair, brought her hands down to her cheeks and looked into her eyes before lowering herself down to her knees as well and kissing her. "You are so beautiful..." Phillipus softly told, climbing astride her lap and kissing her more forcefully.

"Mm, no more talking..." Diana asked softly into her ear, nipping at it playfully, though she naturally appreciated the complement. She urged Phillipus up a little and took one of her tits between her lips, kissing and licking at it, Phillipus holding her head to it tighter. Diana's hands had been on her lover's ass, but she brought one up to her second tit and the other down between them to Phillipus's wet and waiting sex. She played her fingers up and down it's opening, waiting a moment until she heard Phillipus groan a little more neadily in want before slipping her fingers inside. Just teasing a little at first, she soon pressed her fingers deeper in and started to rock her. Letting go of her tit and using her free hand to hold her ass again, she switched her mouth from one nipple to the other, Phillipus grinding herself on Diana's hand, taking one hand from Diana's hair to her back and leaning more of her weight on Diana as she moved over her in steady rhythm.

Feeling her lover against her, the way she moved, her heat, her life, the amazing way it felt to feel her like this, so close to her, and to give her such pleasure, hear her soft sounds as she made love to her, it always went to Diana's head, thrilled her, gave her such a feeling of being alive. It was like nothing else, being with a woman you loved like this. She badly wished for it to be enough, for it to bind her and her lover together and make their worries fall away forever until this was all there was and all she wanted. At moments like this, she could even believe that might, would happen.

She felt the flood of Phillipus's orgasm over her hand, heard her soft cry of ecstasy, and simply held her to her, resting her head against her chest and closing her eyes, wishing that moments like this of clarity, where everything felt perfectly right, would last longer, but she could never quite hold onto them for long.

She slid her hand from Phillipus's sex and brought it's fingers to her lips to taste her lover. Phillipus watched this and their eyes met and Phillipus moved in to capture her lips in a lingering, bliss-filled kiss. "What you make of me..." Phillipus spoke softly. "What do I make of you, I wonder? I wish to work my ways on you again... hear you call my name..."

Phillipus moved up from her lap and Diana found herself being laid on her back below her lover, the thought of resisting this advance the very furthest from her mind. She kept looking into her lover's eyes and was captivated once again by them. When Phillipus looked at her in this way, Diana knew herself to be utterly helpless to resist her--when Phillipus looked at her like this, Diana could do nothing but give herself over to her lover, heart and soul. "I am yours..." Diana pledged softly, touching her lover's face reverently, remembering how many times when she was younger she dreamed of this, of being with this woman, and how completely fulfilling it felt the first time her desire had been fulfilled, the second time, the third... and so many times since.

"Then be mine, Diana, be mine..." Phillipus moved down on her and kissed her roughly, taking her wrists and pressing them to the grass, sliding her thigh between Diana's legs and sliding against Diana's already very aroused sex. She started kissing Diana's neck, behind her ear, then she captured Diana's lips again, moving her hands up Diana's wrists until they were holding hands. Diana raised her legs up and felt her lover slide her wet sex over her thigh too. She arched her back and closed her eyes when Phillipus broke off kissing her and started nipping at her ear and the skin of her neck.

"Oh, yes..." Diana breathed, moaning as she arched her back again. She was so completely turned on, her body was singing just pleasure, happiness, lust, passion... love.

Before too long, Diana felt herself just falling, crashing, flying over the edge of sexual and emotional fulfillment. It just felt so good. That was one of her gifts too. Not only had Aphrodite given her uncommon beauty, she had also given her a gift for making love. She instinctively knew the ways of another woman's body, what would bring her lover the most pleasure. And for herself, she had seemingly endless stamina for this, especially so the more her heart and soul were completely invested of course.

"You didn't say my name..." Phillipus told her softly, running her fingers over Diana's now sensitive feeling sex, still holding one of her hands with her other hand.

Diana looked through bliss-filled eyes to meet her lover's gaze and she smiled softly to her. "Then take me again, my love, and again if you want... I am yours, remember?"

"How could I forget?" Phillipus replied just a little playfully, a flicker of uncertainty behind her gaze appearing and disappearing.

"What?" Diana asked softly.

"...It is not something I am proud of, but... Sometimes I wonder if I am more yours than you are mine." Phillipus told her honestly.

Diana looked into her eyes, her gaze hardening. "Then perhaps I should leave? Perhaps you would be better off with someone... more worthy of your trust?" She made to sit up, feeling angry and embarrassed, vulnerable and a little ashamed or guilty, she wasn't sure which.

"Diana, no." Phillipus pushed against her, but to no effect; she could not stay or move Diana back an inch, Diana was that much the stronger. With effort, Diana made herself stop.

"What do you want from me? To be someone other than who I am? That makes no sense!" Diana told her a little bitterly. "I will be someone different, in time, like anyone else, but who am I to say who that woman will be? And how long she will take to come into being? Or if she will even be a woman you will still love? You have a choice. Love me, trust me now, as I am, and stop wishing I were someone other, some woman who does not even exist, for that surely won't happen, or just... let me go." Diana met Phillipus's eyes with challenge.

Phillipus looked away a moment, then slowly met her eyes again. "You shame me." Phillipus responded softly. "...Deservedly so, I think." She admitted, caressing her cheek gently. "I have... I have never loved easily, Diana. And rarely, if ever, with such... intensity... as you bring out in me. It... you, frighten me sometimes. You are so much stronger than me, than any of us. You could lift a mountain for all I know, but that has never scared me about you... What scares me, is... how easily, with just a few words, you could cause me such pain as I have... rarely felt. And do not wish to feel again... It is cowardly, is it not?" She spoke in quiet confession.

Diana met her eyes and soon smiled, just a small, gentle, little smile. "It's honest." Diana replied softly, caressing her lover's cheek with the back of her fingers. "And... such honesty is... it's anything but cowardly, Phillipus. You have no cause to feel ashamed..." Diana kissed her. "We can work, we can be together." Diana smiled a little ruefully. "It actually makes me feel a little better, to tell you my own truth."

"...Why would it do that?" Phillipus asked.

Diana smiled just a little wickedly. "Because it means you have a flaw, like me. You're not perfect. When usually... that's just how you seem to me. Perfect. It can be a little intimidating, if we are confessing things. I often wonder, actually, why you chose me."

Phillipus shook her head a little. "I didn't choose you, not really." She told her honestly.

"...What do you mean?" Diana asked.

Phillipus caressed the side of her face fondly. "It always felt to me, like -you- chose -me-. That I had little choice in the matter." She admitted.

Diana was confused by that and it apparently showed on her face.

Phillipus shook her head. "That was supposed to sound romantic, I'm sorry." She smiled a little.

Diana shook her head a little. "In the beginning, it was so easy between us, wasn't it? We spoke the same and heard the same. No longer, it seems."

"...Words aren't everything." Phillipus told her.

Diana met her eyes. "No. To a bird, they are nothing at all. To us though, they are as a painter's brush, are the not?"

Phillipus was silent a that. She remembered the book those words were from. She'd read it too. Without the brush, there was still paint, still canvas, but if you had to use your bare fingers only, the painting would be far less than it could be. Words were not the world, and they were not a woman, but without them, the book argued, life for a woman would be far less than it could be. She sighed. "They are that." She admitted, though she somehow wished Diana's mind were not always quite so keen to make such arguments so readily. She often found herself surprised by her in that way, and not always pleasantly. Particularly lately. "We are both too easily stung by them, none the less, I think. Both, perhaps, too proud."

Diana considered that. "...That may be true." She admitted, though reluctantly. Privately, she doubted whether it was though.

"If it is though, what is to be done about it?" Phillipus asked softly.

Diana considered that for only about a second before she grew frustrated and decided she didn't want to think about it any longer. That maybe Phillipus had a point about ignoring words, at least for the here and now. So she got up to her knees and turned to face her lover and meet her eyes. She placed her hands on Phillipus's shoulders and pushed her back gently to the ground, conveying with her eyes what she wanted.

Phillipus was caught in Diana's eyes and very glad that she'd decided to end their conversation in favor of something far more easy and enjoyable. She had never been one who was overly skilled in matters of verbally communicating her emotions to a lover, having become far too practiced at keeping such things to herself over her long life. It was why she always had trouble keeping a lover for very long. Her lovers would invariably grow frustrated with the emotional distance between them and leave, or she would break it off before it got to that point when she saw it coming. With Diana though, she had opened herself up more to her than she had to anyone in... a very long time. And she was trying, trying very hard, to keep her from leaving. Because the truth was, no matter what she'd said, she was... frightened, perhaps even a little terrified... of the idea of Diana leaving her, even only for someone else on the island... of how much she knew it would hurt her to go through that.

Diana's lips were on hers--demanding, hungry--their hands exploring one another's bodies. Phillipus gasped as Diana broke the kiss and began to kiss her neck, then down further. She had loved this way once before. Only once. The one she had loved... when Antiope, sister of Hippolyta, had split from them before the exodus to Themyscira, her lover had gone with her, while Phillipus had reminded loyal to her queen, as she always had. Over the long years since, she had gone over that decision many, many times, wondering if she had chosen correctly or not. As Diana's lips closed on her tit and began to suck roughly, she felt shocks of familiar pleasure, yes, but her mind, refusing to quiet yet, wondered to herself if she was now at a similar moment of choice.

The trouble was, she did not know which choice would allow her to keep the one she loved this time. Should she insist Diana stay and risk it driving them apart, or support her desire to leave and risk her safety and the possibility that she would not return, or return and a different woman, one who she might ill recognize and who might no longer hold feelings for her the way she once had?

Before long though, Diana's attentions had driven such thoughts from her and she found herself completely focused on the here and now and wishing to enjoy her lover while she had her, for she had lived far too long to think that there were any guarantees of keeping her.

They spent much of the rest of the evening like that; making love, enjoying one another's company, both trying to forget what troubled them.

Later in the evening, they went out to the beach to watch the sunset together in one of their favorite spots. Epione and Mala join them and Diana started a conversation about what the outside world might be like now. Epione and Mala each offered their own theories, Epione was more optimistic, saying that she's hopeful things have changed, while Mala told them that she hopes for the best for that place, but honestly feels it doomed to suffering, for women most of all (she brought up Aresia’s story as evidence that the outside world had changed little in their time away), and that she is simply grateful to be so blessed as she is. Phillipus was mostly silent, only offering token replies.

Later still, the two lovers walked along the beach together under the dying sunlight and the half moon, Diana deciding to break the silence that had been growing between them.

"You were silent." She made the observation.

"...I'm not sure what I could have said." Phillipus admitted. "I don't know how to help you with this."

"You worry about me still, I see." Diana looked off down the beach towards the palace.

"How can I not? Your eyes when you talk of the world outside our home tell the tale all too clearly. They tell of where your heart truly lies, and I fear it may not be with us." Phillipus confessed. "Perhaps not even with me."

Diana stopped and Phillipus turned to face her. "So now it is your turn to cast shame, I see." Diana looked up to meet her lover's eyes. "You do not understand my feelings, nor I yours. No matter how I might wish it were otherwise." Diana turned away and walked over to a large rock to sit on. She looked and saw Phillipus coming to sit next to her.

"Tell me then, tell me of your feelings, sweet Diana. So that we may come closer to this true understanding that is lacking for us." Phillipus offered.

Diana studied her lover's eyes a moment, then looked to the sky. "Every time I fly there, yet turn away, I feel... shame. I feel..." She looked to Phillipus's eyes. "Less and less worthy of you."

Phillipus looked genuinely surprised. "How could you...? Diana." She took her lover's hands. "Help me understand. How could such a thing be? That you feel such things? Has someone... has someone said these unkind things to you, to make you doubt yourself?" She looked truly angry at the very thought.

Diana laughed. "No, no one has done any such thing. Though, I suppose, everyone, even you, has brought this on in me. But the fault is not yours or anyone else's but my own."

"Diana, sister, speak plainly, please." Phillipus urged.

"That's just the thing, just there. We call each other sisters, but are we truly so? You have all been tested together, proven yourselves. Proven yourselves fierce and noble; you all share this... this way about you. A shared memory, a shared past, some great trials you have fought through and... and earned your place here." Diana spoke.

"But not so you." Phillipus spoke the unsaid thought, understanding finally coming to her. Of course Diana might feel that way, she felt herself blind not to have seen it before now. It explained so much.

"Not so I." Diana repeated. "How can I not doubt myself, when I feel as though I don't yet -know- myself? When I don't yet know as it is plain for me to see that you know of yourself--that you truly have courage, that you can truly say to a lover that you would fight for her, suffer for her if need be.” Left unsaid was the fact that Diana had never felt physical pain or felt herself in any danger no matter how skilled her sparring opponent. Sword, spear, arrow, stone, ocean, fire--none could harm her in the least. Not once in her life had she ever felt physical pain; did not even actually know what it was in any real sense. She wondered if perhaps she even could -be- challenged in a fight, could ever suffer a wound… unless perhaps she fought a god or a goddess, and that seemed such an absurd thought to her. “You need not wonder of such things in others, only in me. Sometimes... sometimes I wonder, why you chose me? As your lover? I know I've asked before, but you never really answered. Surely another would have…"

Phillipus laughed a little, she couldn't help it. "You truly don't know, do you?" She asked quietly.

"Know what?" Diana asked in return. "When you look at me, what do you see that makes you love me?"

Phillipus smiled. "Only everything, that's all." She told simply, looking out over the ocean.

Diana was quiet then, and they sat there in the night with only the moonlight to see by. "I think, perhaps I should go." Diana finally spoke.

"Diana, why..." Phillipus stopped herself, and then looked over to her lover. "Why can't you simply..." She took her lover's hand in both of hers. "Can you not just... let yourself be happy here?"

"So far I have failed at that, it seems. In recent times, at least." Diana admitted.

"I know, and it saddens me greatly that... This is a blessed place Diana. The things you envy, they are not truly, they are not what you see in them. Not things anyone should seek, least of all you." Phillipus touched Diana's face. "You asked what I see in you, so I will say: Among the many qualities that make you desirable, one among them is that you are so... untouched. Perfect you could even say. You have no bad memories, none of the things you say you covet in us. It reminds me, perhaps, that I was once that way, a very long time ago. And when I look into your eyes, I suppose I feel that way again, if only perhaps fleetingly." She looked into Diana's eyes with great intent. "It is a singularly rare gift, Diana. Precious in any time or place. To have what you would so easily throw away. I suspect many here would gladly trade you their suffering for your lack."

Diana got up from the rock and looked out over the night ocean. "...I hadn't realized that you..." She spoke. "I think... I think perhaps I should be alone, for a time." She considered, not looking back to her lover as she started to walk inland towards the forest lands.

"Diana... Just... give it more time, please..." She called.

Diana turned to her. "More time?" She asked.

"A few decades, maybe a century. Just stay, stay and try to let this place heal your doubts. I will, I can be enough for you. If you'll let me. I have to believe that." Phillipus spoke with passion.

Diana kept eye contact and walked towards her lover, giving her a soft kiss. "Thank you." Was all she said and then she was gone, Phillipus looking around in all directions and finding her nowhere. It was no use, she knew--with her gifts, Diana could be on the other side of the island already for all she knew.

Momentarily at a loss, Phillipus cast her eyes upon the palace and hung her head. "My queen, what am I to do with this daughter of yours?" She asked softly to the night, raising her head to go ask Hippolyta that question in person.


(to be continued)

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