Anima's End

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Anima’s End

It was just a bent, bespectacled old man and a cripple in a wheelchair, but Alan felt a chill run down his spine as he watched them through the operating room’s bulletproof glass viewing port. Two years, countless hours of hard work by some of the most brilliant people he’d ever encountered, millions of dollars, so many sacrifices, and it all came down to this. Two men in an operating room built more like a vault, the madness in them so obvious and strong that the three feet of solid steel on all sides seemed a feeble protection. He swallowed as the ancient imp of a doctor helped the younger man lift himself out of his chair and onto the operating table. It was a basic metal block, anchored more than twenty feet through the floor into the bedrock below the room, which was already a hundred feet underground. Alan wished it were two hundred. And that he was on the surface, far away from here. But he had to see.


The elevator at the end of the hall made its peculiar electric whirr. He didn’t turn around, keeping his attention riveted on the continuing preparations inside the operating theater. All the scientists had been sent home for the day, and S.H.A.D.E. soldiers were patrolling the entire facility. They knew to not interfere, and they gave him the only modicum of comfort he was feeling at the moment. It had been his idea to bring in Sivana after the project had stalled, and if the old man pulled anything crazy Alan wanted him dead in an instant. The facility could be closed off and sealed from the surface after. A secret underground base would make a fitting tomb for the legendary madman. He had in fact argued for having the doctor killed afterward regardless of how things went, but the commander himself had nixed the idea under the theory that even evil genius could have its uses. It was probably true, but the world would be a lot simpler if you could count on the good guys to be smarter than the opposition.


All those horror stories, all that buildup, and the guy looks like he’ll keel over if he’s as much as nudged. Norris felt let down. He’d been hoping for some sort of Victor Frankenstein white-haired raving lunatic when the guard had mentioned the name Sivana. Supposedly he was brilliant, but Norris had always put more faith in strength backed by cunning than on book smarts. Can’t snap a cunt’s neck with a big fancy word and some math equations. Norris was plenty strong, which was good as he’d pretty much had to life himself out of the goddamn wheelchair and onto the table. He hoped that this would work and he could throw together some way to get out of this place. No way were the suits going to let him free like they’d promised, but at least his chances of survival were better here than riding the lightning back at Blackgate.

“Comfortable, Mister Norris?” The doctor looked down at him, weasel eyes behind thick glasses.

“It’s a fucking steel table, what do you think?”

Sivana smiled, the grin of a little boy burning ants with a magnifying glass. “No reason to be hostile, I’m actually quite the fan of your work.”  He pressed a monitor to Norris’ arm, the machine it was connected to chirping with each beat of the paraplegic’s heart. “Especially your last two productions. It was a shame when I heard what Batman had done to you. I’d like to have seen what you would’ve produced with more time.”

“Great things, Doc. I’d have done great things,” he chuckled, “You know, I was actually scared of those superhero bitches until right towards the end, there. I’ll bet I could have taken that goddamn Batman, too, if he hadn’t hit me from behind in the dark.”

The doctor rolled a small cart next to the table. Several instruments sat in a row, the largest of them a syringe the size of a Coke can filled with luminescent green fluid and ending in an enormous needle. Norris gulped.

“No need to worry, it fits into the IV, not your arm.” Sivana rubbed a disinfectant wipe on the inside of Norris’ wrist, then slid the IV needle near-painlessly into a vein. The patient looked up at him, eyebrows raised. “Lifetime of practice, dear boy. By this point, injections like that only hurt if I want them to. Now, if you’ll indulge and old man’s fancy a bit, what exactly happened last year? The newspapers were spare with details, especially after the Muahas incident occupied their little minds.”

“With the Batman?”

“That I’d be somewhat curious to hear, yes,” the old man squirted some sanitizer on his hands, rubbing them together with more enthusiasm than required. “But I’m far more interested in your activities before that. The process will take a bit of time, so unless you don’t wish to tell the story…?”

Norris closed his eyes, laid back, and smiled.

“Doc, it would be my pleasure…”

The speaker in the ceiling crackled, “Sivana, what are you two talking about in there? Is everything working?”

The doctor winked at Norris and walked to the intercom, located next to the two way mirror on the wall. Depressing the button, he adopted his smoothest tone.

“Yes sir, just a bit of bedside manner and preparation. These things can’t be rushed. And you did say this is the last chance, did you not?”

Alan grimaced, glaring through the glass. He wanted to walk in there and put a bullet right in the crazy old fuck’s head. Instead, he hit the button again. “Fine, just remember the restraints, and what you both have riding on this.”

Sivana nodded and made his way back to the table. He applied the restraints gently, chattering with Norris as he did. Allan didn’t like the idea of them talking, but it was too late to mic the room, and he likely wouldn’t want to hear it anyway. Not with their histories.

The elevator behind him whirred again. He didn’t pay it any mind until the noise of the doors opening was followed by the distinctive clicking of high heels on tile. Alan turned. It was one of the project scientists who was supposed to have been sent home, storming down the hallway with papers in her hand.

“Just what in the hell have you been doing?” she asked, paper crackling in her fist. “How many people, Alan? After those first tests, how many? And Sivana?”

She went to wave the documents in his face, blue eyes blazing, but he raised his hand calmly, assuming a placid expression. She lowered the papers. He liked that.

“I don’t know what you have there, and honestly it doesn’t matter. If this doesn’t work, my career is over anyway,” he coughed and straightened his tie, “After the first two soldiers, there have been twenty tests. All prisoners, all depraved, all as dead now as those two brave Navy SEALs. They all volunteered. We told them that they would be pardoned if it worked. That was probably a lie, but the point is moot now.”

Her eyes widened at the number. Very pretty eyes, bright against a light brown complexion. Valerie Perez was far younger than the other scientists, but was easily their mental equal and had experience at S.T.A.R. Labs. Still, he had mostly hired her on in hopes that a celebration of the project’s completion would end with her bent over his desk, wearing nothing but those heels and her lab coat, screaming things that were less than intellectual. Oh well. He carried on, catching her before her surprise could be replaced by fury.

“Every time one of you upstairs would make a breakthrough on the serum, we would try it out down here. Pressure from the highest levels has been extreme, and we needed something to show for all that money other than papers and promises. I suggested we import someone more accustomed to this sort of work. The bosses agreed. And the other man in there? That’s Lawrence Norris, Valerie. The Robinson Park Cannibal. Do you really care what happens to him, or do I need to go into detail as to what he would do to you given half a chance?”

“He’s still a human being, Alan,” she said, not meeting his eyes, “and he’s in a wheelchair- hardly a threat now.”

“Evil is always evil, and don’t trust anyone. That’s the whole point of this project.” He turned back to the view port. Sivana had the metal bands fitted across Norris’ chest, and was holding the huge syringe. Pressing it into the IV, the old man depressed the plunger. He and Norris were chattering the whole time. They looked happy, friends reminiscing about the glory days. Alan hated their joy. He felt Valerie’s closeness as she leaned over to see through the small mirrored window.

“If evil is always evil, what are we for employing someone like that?”

“Desperate,” Alan said, stepping back to give her space, “Desperate and scared.”


“Of what?” she glanced over her shoulder at him before looking back into the chamber, “There aren’t any dangers right now. The world’s as safe as it has ever been. After the Muahas, even Gotham is clean and quiet. Batman himself retired after he got Norris. What’s left to be scared of? How can you justify this?”

Alan’s gaze crawled over her body from behind. Her skirt hugged her hips. Thin, athletic, firm-looking young ass. She’d have definitely been a treat in the sack. He briefly daydreamed about hiking her skirt and just taking her. Butt-fuck the nosy little bitch up against the glass. Of course he’d have to kill her after. Maybe he could just blame it on Sivana and shoot him and Norris. Not one person on Earth would miss either. He pondered the idea idly, snapping back to reality when Perez turned, expecting an answer.

“Well, to be perfectly honest with you, the situation itself is worth being concerned about. An alien species we’ve never heard of comes out of nowhere, leaves a message about a new era of ‘peace and equality,’ and all of a sudden every superhuman female shoots to the top of the charts power-wise. How is that not scary? Especially with Superman and Captain Marvel off who-knows-where trying to find them again and the Green Lanterns away fighting another rainbow war. What if the Muahas come back? What if they can depower heroines just as easily? Give us just enough time to get used to this, zap the chicks, and bam- Earth’s best defenses are an out-of-practice Batman and a great steaming pile of Aquaman.”

Valerie frowned. “But we’ve researched it. There’s nothing to indicate that it’s reversible, and the Muahas are probably just a matriarchal society. It can’t be worth,” she waved her hand at the window, “This.”

“Someone thought it was worth building this place, hiring you people, and going to all this effort for over a year. Someone with a lot more pull that we have,” She’s more distressed than mad. Maybe there’s still a tiny chance I have a shot.

“But, I don’t know, it just seems…” she began.

The window exploded. Thick chunks of bulletproof glass sliced between them and drove deep into the wall. The impact force threw them both to the floor.

Bomb, Alan thought, eyes locked on the shards in the wall. Could’ve cut my damn head off. He looked back at the empty port where the window had been. There was another loud boom, and the wall bent out towards him. But there’s no smoke. A third crushing impact, and the metal wall started to split like an orange peel. A low, nasty noise became audible from the operating room.

“Heh, heh, heh”

Oh, shit. Alan reached into his pocket, found the small fob within, thumb clicking the only button on it over and over. Klaxons screamed, emergency lights flashed. Another boom and the tearing of steel as he pushed himself up and ran for the elevator, past Perez. She was scooting back on the floor as he passed, still watching as the tearing noises stopped. He didn’t turn around when she screamed. Reaching the elevator, he slammed the call button. The doors wouldn’t open. Soldiers must be on their way from the surface in it. Fuck. Faster, faster, faster.

A whoosh, a pinch in his lower leg, and he was falling. Hitting the floor, he saw one of the glass chunks embedded in the elevator door. His foot was still upright in front of it where the fragment had severed it cleanly.

“Excellent aim, Mister Norris,” came Sivana’s gleeful voice. Alan looked back, shaking as his body began to process his injury. The little old troll was walking towards him. Norris was standing by the new gaping hole in the wall, holding Valerie in the air by the throat. He was hardly recognizable, obscenely massive and terrible, like some sort of malevolent god.

“You won’t get away,” Alan forced the words out of his mouth, “They’re on their way now. The base will seal. There’s no way out.”

Sivana grinned wide, his hunched frame seeming to gain stature.

“That they aren’t here now means you believed me when I reported that the process would take hours, Mister Associate Director. Now I’m going to take you back into the operating room and save your life, and you’re going to show me another way out of here. There always is one. Norris has been looking forward to what will follow those soldiers, and I’m not going to begrudge him his fun, but I also have no intention of going out the front door. Now let’s go stop that bleeding, or would you rather I have him convince you?”


Alan clenched his eyes shut, the stump at the end of his leg burning more by the second. The prick of the needle in his neck was almost imperceptible. Unconsciousness was a blessed release. The screams and gunfire a couple of minutes later when the elevator arrived could have woken the dead, but Alan remained in the land of dreams while the doctor and the killer each did their work.

12 hours later:

“You waited how long to call me?” She felt a surge of rage flush through her, smelled scorching metal in her hand. She focused, closing her eyes, slowing her breathing and calming before the reinforced casing of her cell phone burned through.

“Protocol is to wait half a day if nothing happens. It wasn’t my decision, ma’am.” The voice was garbled, hardly intelligible. She would have to get a new phone after all. The thought of Wonder Woman in disappointed-Yoda mode was less than pleasant. Maybe PG would be willing to get her one without telling the others- she hadn’t burned this one all the way through. It was technically progress.

“Fine. Fuck it. I don’t care. If I’m the only S-class heroine available on Earth right now, we have to get this taken care of before something comes up that requires all three of us to handle. You know how Murphy’s Law this shit gets. Background. Now.” Language, Kim, Diana’s voice in her head chided. Fuck it- progress could wait for another day. This government dickhead needed to know how critical the situation was.

“It, um, it looks like Doctor Sivana escaped from his detention facility and attacked a medical research center. He had someone with him, intel thinks it might have been Lawrence Norris. There’s an empty cell at Blackgate Penitentiary that would support that. He’s paraplegic, so it’s possible that Sivana has made him some sort of exo-suit or something. Science-types always seem to like their cyborg monsters. As soon as Sivana’s name came up, someone above my pay grade contacted the Justice League. Wonder Woman and Supergirl showed up together and went down the access shaft into the lab.”

“Access shaft?” Kim asked. Sivana was bad news, Norris was a monster, but Supergirl or Wonder Woman should have been able to wipe the floor with them both. But a tunnel situation could mean some sort of classic trap. They might be bound to some table or chained to a wall. It would fit the old man’s M.O. Sick, bondage-obsessed old fuck.

“Yes, ma’am. It’s an underground lab. High security.”

“They always are. I’ll be there soon. Make sure no one is near the entrance when I arrive, or you’ll need a shovel to pick up what’s left.”


“But Anima…” She cut off the connection. It would take a couple minutes to get her work clothes on, a few more to fly to the site. The flunky on the phone should be able to get it cleared by then. Good. Not having to hold back was so much better.

10 minutes later:

The entrance to the access shaft was a solid block. Powerful hydraulics secretly controlled from a nearby basement could slide it open. There were no exposed edges, nothing to grab onto or pry. A nearly perfect containment measure. Even those watching the skies from the safety perimeter barely saw the streak as Anima dove from the upper atmosphere like a meteor, blowing through the thick door like it was made of tissue paper. The pressure wave rattled windows and set off car alarms all over Gotham, five miles away. The rush pulsed through her, the ecstasy of exerting godlike power. Better than sex.

The shaft ran deep, elevator cables hanging down the middle. Climbing rungs ran down a slot in the side.  That was where Diana and Kara would have gone down, trying to be careful and minimize damage. That’s also where the trap would be, if that was what had happened to them. Kim focused, able to make out the twisted elevator car at the lowest level. There was clearly nobody in it, bashed and deformed as it was. Good. She dove at full speed, purple aura sizzling the air around her. The car crumpled on impact, crushed under her as she shifted her momentum and rocketed into the red-lit hallway before it. To hell with stealth, she wanted them to hear what was coming for them and know that Anima was here.

She landed in a roll, eyes going wide as she found no traction on the floor. Sliding out of control on the linoleum, she hit the wall at the far end hard and without dignity. Her ass left a deep dent in the wall, her teeth clacked together audibly. Stars danced in her eyes.

Reaching down, she tried to push herself up. Her hand slipped, and she fell again. Only then did she look around her. It hadn’t been a waxed floor, some magic anti-friction spell, or a trap. The room wasn’t even lit red. It was painted. After a fashion.

Blood and viscera coated almost every surface. Chunks of flesh dotted the floor, making the long hallway look partially organic and affected with boils and sores. Mixed in were bits of clothing, boots, a bent piece of metal near her that could only be identified as a gun because of the severed hand clutching it. This is what the passage to Hell must look like.

Carefully rising to her feet, she looked upon the torn-open wall near her. A smashed, grotesque head in a military helmet was impaled on a jagged strip of metal, spine and internal organs dangling down from it like streamers.

“They fucking decorated,” she whispered. An awful smell drew her attention downward. Only then did she notice that her hands were balled into fists. They shook with rage as the blood and gore coating her back and legs boiled off, producing the vile stench. Kim closed her eyes tight with a quick prayer of thanks for the heat-proof clothes that Kara had found for her. Control, she thought, Diana and Supergirl needed her. The hallway of horror was too intact for them to have fought here, and she wouldn’t be rescuing anyone if she lost herself to fury. Sivana and Norris must have known she had arrived, and she needed to move. She stepped into the gash in the wall in front of her, preparing for whatever might be waiting.


There was nothing. The room was pitch-black. She focused, and a small purple flame spouted around her right hand. The light from it was weak, but better than nothing. Holding her arm out, she explored the darkness.



Norris licked his lips as the superheroine entered the room. She was cautious in the near-total dark, checking the floor for traps with each step. The blackout generator device that Sivana had smuggled in his shoe was working perfectly, dampening every light source and sound. It gave him all the time he could want to explore her with his eyes, to stir the beginnings of fantasies. And her body was certainly a thing fantasies were made of. The military-grade night vision goggles he had taken off of one of the security fucks lit everything in perfect clarity.

Spandex pants clung to her legs and toned ass like a second skin. A tight sports bra fought valiantly to contain her great big stripper-tits. The little domino mask she wore did little to hide her almost delicate Asian features. Her midriff was exposed under the sports bra, abs clearly defined but not grotesque like those of a bodybuilder. Heavy combat boots completed the look, bright red laces standing out against black leather. Norris smiled as he followed her silently, a predator in his element. Slut thinks she’s some kind of fighter. Guess I should indulge her little delusion. Just a few more steps…


She looked down when her little flame revealed the edge of the operating table. It occupied her attention fully for just a moment. A moment was all he needed. He pounced upon her, wrapping her long, silky brown hair around one hand. The other swung in a viciously efficient arc, the weighted baton he held slamming into her temple with enough force to snap a telephone pole in half. She went down like a sack of potatoes. Pulling off the NVGs, Norris clicked off the tiny generator, the room filling with light. Smiling, he took a moment to look over his new pet. Then he went to work, pressing the rudimentary gas mask over her face. Play would come shortly.



Kim awoke to the sound of a drill. Her head felt fuzzy, like she was stoned, and she had to suppress a nonsensical giggle. Her vision was unclear, and trying to blink it back into focus did nothing. Attempting to reach up and rub her eyes was even more fruitless, as her arms wouldn’t move. She could feel a metal table hard against her back, and her memory quickly seized upon where she was. Her breath quickened.

Don’t panic, you fool, Diana’s voice in her head said, always the harsh teacher even when she wasn’t there. You know what to do here. Remember what you are, and act like it. Kim nodded to herself as well as she could, her head hardly moving. She put together a mental checklist and went down it, trying to move every part of her, to find some weakness in what was holding her in this state. There didn’t appear to be one.

Okay, step two. She closed her eyes tight, concentrating, sharpening her mind and relaxing her body. Energy swept through her, fiery and purple. She kindled it until it began to burn freely. With Kara and Diana in trouble, she couldn’t allow herself to be taken. Safety was no longer a priority. She needed and inferno, and she could feel the air begin to swirl and crackle. Opening her eyes, she released it. Anima, the superheroine with the most raw energy power on Earth, burst forth with everything she had.

Not much happened. She gasped as she saw herself shining like a low-wattage purple light bulb. No explosion, no fire, no devastation. The drill noises stopped. A face appeared above her, ugly and scarred from a lifetime of fighting. The lopsided grin he wore just made him look worse.

“Well wakey, wakey, glow stick,” Norris said, “I didn’t even know you could do that, and I’ve been following you fit, bitchy heroine sluts pretty closely for most of my life. Then again, that’s probably you trying to blow me to kingdom come, and only the gas the Doc cooked up here before he left keeping you from doing much of anything. Don’t worry, though, supercunt, it’ll wear off over time.”

The face disappeared, and she heard a ratcheting sound. Her vision shifted as the table tilted, raising her up at an incline. Norris walked around in front of her, and she got her first good look at him. He was huge, bigger than any man she’d seen before- certainly bigger than in the pictures of him in the files she had read. An utter monstrosity, his muscles bulged like cables under his skin. He was naked, every inch of him from the shoulders down coated in dark blood. He looked like the lord of a kingdom of gore. The worst of it took a moment to sink in as her vision cleared. He wasn’t completely naked. There was a severed human head at his crotch, the blood-soaked face of a woman staring at Kim with a gaping mouth and half-lidded eyes. Norris saw what Kim was looking at and chuckled.

“Oh yeah, this is my friend Valerie. Bitch croaked when I tore her ass open with my dick and broke her hips thrusting. I decided it would be fun to see how a science slut’s brains felt on my dick, so I drilled a hole in the back here and stuck it on in. Got to say it feels pretty goddamn good. Going to have to try it on a live whore next time.” He reached down and grabbed the dead girl’s head by the hair, pulling on it and unsheathing himself before flipping it over his shoulder like a crumpled ball of trash. Kim winced at the sight of his member. It was gigantic and terrible and bloody as the rest of him, bits and pieces of a brilliant mind still stuck to its length.

“Aw, don’t be shy, baby. You and him are going to get to know each other so good before long. You make a hell of an impression in that getup, too. Was tempted to bust a load up in you before you woke up, but it’s so much more fun to do it while they’re awake. Always has been, especially with you costumed bitches. Before Black Canary tracked me down last year, I’d never known what I was missing out on. I should’ve remembered to thank her before I crushed her trachea and took a cheese grater to her Irish pussy. And The Question…” Norris shook his head, reminiscing, “Well, Montoya was a lot more into begging than asking questions by the time I cut her clit off with my pocketknife and fed it to her. I laughed my ass off later when I learned she’d been a dyke.”

“You fucking MONSTER,” Anima growled, willing herself forward. She stumbled off the table, the air around her growing hotter as she caught her balance.

“Good bitch. Either the gas is wearing off, or you’re even stronger than the Doc thought. Been looking forward to this. Bring it, cunt.”

Kim took a couple of steps toward him, unsteady but no longer in danger of falling. With a sudden leap, she swung at him. Catching him by surprise, it connected. Norris’ head snapped back from the impact as his body was thrown into the wall. Keeping her eyes on him, she went to one knee, breathing hard.

“Oh, you bitch,” Norris said, rising. Rubbing his jaw, he worked his mouth. “Goddamn near broke it. That hurt worse than the grenade launcher from those soldier fucks.”

“Hope you like it, you psychotic rapist son of a bitch. Because when I’m finished with you, this one isn’t going to make the Justice League histories. I’m going to rip your dick off and feed it to Killer Croc at Arkham.”

“Really, you little Jap bimbo?” Norris smiled again, “Now what would Wonder Whore and Superslut say about that?”

“Don’t you fucking dar-“ she started, flames burning in her eyes before Norris cut her off, moving faster than anything his size should be capable of. She tensed to dive out of the way, but the punch had already been delivered before she could start to move.

The vicious uppercut caught Kim square on the chin, launching her straight in the air. Her head impacted the ceiling so hard that she stuck into it down to her shoulders. She squirmed, ears ringing, barely able to hear Norris’ laughter as she instinctively flailed her arms and legs to try and free herself. Buy time right now or you’re dead, she thought. Pointing her hands to where she thought Norris might be, she channeled her strengthening powers. Twin gouts of energy erupted from them like flamethrowers.

“Damn, bitch,” Norris muttered as he ducked, still chuckling, “At least give a man a minute to appreciate the world’s biggest-titted lawn dart.” He sighed, seeing her press her palms to the ceiling and begin to push. “I think it’s about time for that fire shit to end. It’s no fair, you cheating like that.”

Walking under her, he avoided her kicking boots. As soon as he saw her biceps flex, he grabbed both of her ankles and pulled down hard. The combined strength popped her out of the ceiling and drove her hard into the floor, falling to her knees as her ankles buckled. Before she could as much as look up, Norris had a hold of her hair again, pulling her head back and driving his pile-driver of an arm forward with everything he had, right into her defenseless chest.

Kim screamed, feeling an agonizing, exploding pop in her left breast as it was crushed. He swung again. Her right breast felt like it burst, so much pain coursing through her that her vision whited out. Norris pulled her head forward, bashing it into the floor like he was spiking a football. She spasmed and twitched, barely holding onto consciousness.

Norris stepped back, admiring her suffering. Her ass writhed as she shook, her entire being an image of female power annihilated. The world as it should be, he thought. He shook his head, jaw clenching in excitement. His erection was so hard it physically hurt. Harder than even the first time, when he had made the track star at his high school beg for her life in the janitor’s closet after school before cutting her throat and jerking off onto her face as she drowned on her own blood. That one had never been on his official score, but it always was a fond memory. The first time he realized that he could take anything he wanted.

Kim slowly brought her head up, tear-streaks shining on her face. Why is he just standing there? Why isn’t he finishing me? Her mind fumbled through the fog of pain for answers before another thought burned itself across her brain, Who cares? Kill him now or you’re as good as dead. She focused, her eyes burning purple, and nothing happened. No surge of power, not even a shine emitting from her skin like before. Nothing. Just a low burn in her eyes, hardly even a pilot light. Her stomach clenched into a knot.

“Was that it, Fire Tits?” Norris asked, looking down at her. “The Doc said busting ‘em up would work, but it’s always scary to trust an egghead with your life. I just had to know, though.”

“What are you talking about?” Kim asked, hoping it was another gas or poison or something temporary, anything that could take away the hollow feeling in her gut.

“Well,” he said, reaching down absently and stroking himself while looking at her, “Those alien motherfuckers who came here and souped up all you bitches around the time the Batman fucking cheap-shotted me went and did something that pisses me off and makes me happy all at the same time. Sivana figured out where all that new power comes from- the E.T. shitheads juiced your whore parts and focused everything there. Each of you has got a little crystal or some shit hiding in each tit like a battery, and your little man in the fucking boat is acting like a generator. Pisses me off because it’s made you fucking sluts practically run this place, but it makes me more than happy to break them.  Banging up your fuckpuppies there broke the batteries, and you’re way too beat the fuck up for your clit to power your shit on its own right now. Right now you’re basically just another bitch who works out.”

“No, that can’t be right. Someone would’ve said something. It wouldn’t be kept a secret without us knowing about it,” Kim said, starting to slide back away from him.

“Anima, babe, what the fuck do you think this place was for? Little Valerie told us they’ve been trying to use soldiers and shit to make a superhero on your level, but couldn’t get it to work until they brought the Doc in. Then she didn’t say much because I got bored and ripped her tongue out before that last assfucking, but you know how it goes.” He smiled, advancing on her.

She glanced around the room, nothing about this place giving lie to his statement. Rather than see superheroines as the dominant power on the planet, the government had decided to create monsters. She had to get away- this thing couldn’t be allowed to escape. People had to know what had happened here, and she needed to find and free Wonder Woman and Supergirl so they could all bring the people responsible for this to justice.

Pushing herself up to her knees, she raised her fists. The agony in her pulverized breasts flaring with each beat of her heart. So he was right about that. So I’m almost powerless. So what. There’s still got to be a way to beat him. There’s always some way. Norris looked down at her, his smug expression enraging. Fury overrode the pain in her body.

“That’s cute, bitch. Love it when they fight to the end. Time to put your lights out, though- got a lot of dates waiting for me out there, and I don’t plan to keep them all waiting.” He reached back and swung, a powerful punch with no technique. Clumsy. Even as it was in mid-air, Kim was disgusted. I learned to fight from an Amazon, no way I’m being taken out by something that pathetic. Deflecting his arm with ease, she swung her other fist up, catching him hard in the crotch.

“FUCK!” Norris bellowed, stumbling back, cupping himself. His face went red, his breath ragged. Even without her powers, Kim was a strong woman, and could punch like a heavyweight. Norris’ nostrils flared, his eyes narrowed to slits. “You stupid bitch,” he said, voice flat, “You stupid, stupid bitch.”

Kim raised her hands again, preparing to defend herself against another punch or kick. Instead, he lowered his head and charged like a bull. The sight of such a huge man storming forward in rage was awesome, an angry demon charging into battle. Anima swung as hard as she could, feeling the punch land as he crashed into her, their bodies colliding with the power of a car wreck.

She rolled and tumbled across the room, feeling ribs snap, jagged edges of bone raking her insides. The wall stopped her with a bang and an equally loud crunch as her shoulder joint exploded, ball and socket blowing into something more resembling a loose bag of rocks. Kim screamed, a mist of blood spraying from her mouth courtesy of broken ribs digging into a lung. The scream was cut off almost as soon as it began by a giant hand smacking her across the face like a baseball bat.

“Shut the fuck up,” Norris said, standing over her. His jaw hurt, he was sore all over, and his ankle felt like it was twisted. Looking over the broken superheroine before him, he snarled. Grabbing her by the hair, he ignored her whimpering and dragged her by the hair back to the operating table. He pulled her up and tossed her roughly onto it, a clump of her hair ripping out of her head at having to support her full weight.

“Puh…P…Please…” she said, raising her hand up towards him. “Please d-don’t.”

Norris brushed her hand away, looking into her bruised face. One of her front teeth was missing. Wrapping one hand around her throat with a threatening squeeze, he leaned in close.

“Don’t what, you fucked up little whore?”

“J-just don’t” she begged. Live. Do anything you have to, but live and get out of here. “I’ anything. Just don’t…”

Norris felt a shiver of pleasure tingle up his spine. The begging was always the best part, and he hadn’t expected it from this one. He tried to think of the best ways to degrade and humiliate the battered girl, still an arousing sight even as beat to shit as she was. Fuck, even better looking like this. Nothing says ‘fuck me’ like black and blue and broken bones.

“What do you think I want that you have that I can’t just take right the fuck now?”

“I…I…” Kim’s left eye was wide, the other swollen almost shut, “Please, just…” A fresh tear rolled down her cheek.

“Shut the fuck up. I’m sick of you begging me not to hurt you. Why don’t you get on your knees and show me something I want, or I’ll twist your slant-eyed fuckface all the way around on your neck.” He squeezed her throat tighter, stopping just before the point where he would start feeling crunches and pops, then let go and stood back. Crossing his arms over the expanse of his chest, he stared.

Kim put her hand on the table and pushed, trying to raise herself off the table. Pain shot through her torso from the movement against her shattered rib cage, and her destroyed shoulder throbbed. Deep and foreboding, it promised pain beyond comprehension when the shock wore off. She groaned, the agony breaking her concentration long enough for her to lose her balance, slipping and rolling off the table. She landed flat on her back. The sound of her breathing became a wet, tearing gargle. A foot kicked her hip, raising her out of semiconsciousness.

“Come on, bitch, no sleeping on the job. Stay down any longer and I’m going to crush your empty bimbo skull.”

She dragged herself up to her knees, swaying. Everything inside her felt like broken glass. Something he wants. I can live if I give him something he wants. She raised her head as well as she could, almost passing out from the movement. Concussion at least, maybe brain damage. She blinked, trying to stay coherent. Live. Live. Anything for even a chance. Norris was smiling in front of her; she could see his eyes crawling all over her body, stalling at her chest. What he wants…

The beast was loving every second, savoring every morsel of his triumph. Watching Anima herself beaten nearly to death and swaying on her knees like a drunken retard. Far and away the best day of his life, and it could still get even better. He saw her expression change a little as a thought came to her. Looking up at him with drying blood sticky on her lips and chin, she slid her hand up her toned abs. Hooking her thumb under the material of her straining sports bra, she tugged up. The spandex composite fabric snapped up over her breasts. Kim’s heavy double-Ds bounced as they were freed, popping out and expanding both from the removal of the compression holding them back and the swelling from the beating she had taken. Black and purple bruising covered so much of their surface that the twin globes resembled a pair of oversized plums. Despite their size, they jutted out with a straightness that would put many silicone implants to shame.

“Is…is that what you want? You can have them. Please? Just don’t hurt me anymore,” Anima sobbed, blushing under the mask of bruises and swelling her face had become. She arched her back a bit, whimpering as something ripped inside her, and stuck her chest out like a model. Her good arm was wrapped underneath her breasts, framing them like the offering they were.

Norris shuddered, barely containing himself. Fuck, this slut nearly made me blow my load. Best set of fuckbags I’ve ever seen. Even the Canary didn’t have ones that high and tight. He reached down and gave his cock a hard squeeze.

“Shit babe, if I trusted you not to bite, I’d make you crawl over here and throat my hog right fucking now.” He saw her face brighten ever so slightly. Just a glimmer of some kind of hope underneath the shame etched all over her features.

“Then…then what do you want me to do now?” she asked. Come on, the longer you delay, the longer you live. The longer you live, the more of a chance you have to get out of this.

“Well, Anima, there is one thing. It’s always been the sexiest thing for me, especially when a superheroine does it…”

“What’s that?” she asked, imagination flashing a slide show of sexual depravities.

Norris grinned and reached for her.

“Fucking die, cunt.” He grabbed her good arm and wrenched hard. Her tits bounced as her shoulder dislocated. She opened her mouth to scream and he took both of her hands forcing them high over her head. The noises out of Kim’s throat were inhuman, terror and anguish incarnate as bone rubbed on bone, ruined joints scraping together audibly as he manipulated her misshapen shoulders.

Dragging her up, he threw her onto her face. She kicked, too far gone mentally to plan any sort of real attack. Avoiding her kicks, Norris grabbed one of her boots by the toe and heel. Twisting with his full might, he felt bone break, muscles and ligaments tearing as the foot spun 180 degrees in his hands.

He sniffed, face scrunching, and looked up from her feet. Kim’s skintight pants were bulged a little bit at her ass, the fabric wet.

“You shit yourself, baby?” he asked, “Fuck, they usually wait until they die to do that. I was wanting to stretch that asshole wide, too. No way I’m volunteering for shit-dick, though. Guess I’ll have to skip ahead.”

Taking hold of the subdued, broken heroine by the hips, Norris flipped her right-side up. He giggled with glee at the mewling sounds coming from her, the way her arms hung useless and from the wrong places, the crimson flow dripping from her nose. Kim’s eyes were glassy, tears flowing freely as she stared into space.

“I sure hope you can still feel this,” he said, “because I’m not quite done with your cheap ass yet.”

Norris reared back and drove his fist into her tits like a piston. Over and over, the floor denting from the impacts. Abrasion tore skin away, bloody drool ran from her mouth as her huge breasts were beaten into a flat, gory mess. They bore more resemblance to fresh-ground meat than the mammaries of a woman in her physical prime. His breath a furnace, sweat raining off his body, Norris did what he was best at, the utter destruction of the female form.

Kim mumbled something, half-choking unintelligible nonsense coughed out from collapsing lungs. Norris’ attention flared up from her mangled body to her face.

“Did I goddamn say you could talk? Did I fucking goddamn say you could open your cunt mouth and talk? Spittle flew from his lips as he grabbed her jaw and tugged, a muted crack echoing in the room as her mouth opened unnaturally wide. Reaching in, Norris closed his fingers around her tongue, pushing her head down with his free hand while he pulled hard. Kim’s tongue ripped out with a gush of claret and a gurgle as her throat began to fill. Her eyes looked up, blank but still twitching, her body fighting for every second of life even as she started to drown.

“Not yet, bitch. Not yet. One more minute. Just hold onto your cumstain of a life for one more minute” Norris said, flinging the dangling strip of dripping meat in his hand and hearing it slap wetly against a wall. Reaching for the instrument cart behind the operating table, he retrieved the red-flecked surgical saw he had crudely mounted a hole-cutting blade to. Aiming carefully, he pressed it between Kim’s legs and squeezed the button. It buzzed into life, the cruelly-sharp blade slicing deep into her softest tissues.


He pulled the saw out when it had dug all the way into her cunt. An almost imperceptible twitch of her eyes gave him hope that she wasn’t dead yet as he pulled the cored mess of her flesh out of the wide attachment. Leaning over her face, he held up his prize, a wet, mushy chunk of her vagina with her clit visible near the middle. Hocking up a throatful of phlegm, he spit a green wad of nastiness into Anima’s dying face. Kim’s last sight was Lawrence Norris digging his teeth into her clit savagely, an apex predator celebrating the taking of his greatest prey.


One hour later:

Norris stretched his arms and yawned. His body freshly clean, still wet from the facility’s emergency shower, he began to dress. One of the lockers in the back had yielded an extra-large set of surgical scrubs, and the pants just barely fit. The shirt hadn’t held up to his new bulk, so he had fashioned himself a vest by tearing the arms off of a lab coat.

He surveyed the big operating room one last time. It had looked like a vault when he was first wheeled in, but now looked more like a war zone. Caved-in walls, scorch marks, the bent table in the middle where Anima’s partially-eaten corpse was piled, slick with blood, semen, and both liquid and solid waste.

What a great fuckin’ day. One for the ages. Sighing, he started for the hallway and the long climb back to the surface. Fifteen or twenty minutes to freedom. Just waste whoever’s waiting at the top for the bitch to come out, then off to meet up with the Doc. Wonder if either of the other two superbitches is still alive. Be fun to tell them what happened to their friend. Bet I can make Wonder Whore cry with that one.

Leaving the room via the hole he had torn in his first flexing of his new power, he saw a figure leaning against the wall near the end of the corridor. The guy was alone, and didn’t look anything like the soldiers from earlier or any superhero Norris had ever heard of. Tall and wide across the shoulders, he had messy short black hair and was wearing tan fatigue pants bloused at the bottom around the tops of his army boots. But his shirt was a simple non-military black tee shirt, and over that he was wearing the most ridiculous green trench coat Norris had ever seen. Plus the guy was wearing shades and smoking, looking casually bored despite being in a dim abattoir.

“Who the hell are you?” Norris asked, tensing.

“Oh, hi” the stranger said, turning to face Norris and flicking his cigarette into a blood puddle. He gave a little two-fingered half-wave. “Name’s Tommy. I’m from the City.” He gestured in the general direction of Gotham.

“What the fuck are you doing down here?”

“Ah, I sometimes get jobs from the guys who run places like this. They’ll be working on something crazy, Component A will get spilled into Component B, and a lab rat turns into a fire-breathing dragon with laser eyes. Then I get the call to fix it before it hits the evening news.”

“So you’re here to ‘fix’ me?” Norris asked, baring his teeth in a non-smile and looking around at the mess in the hallway.

“Eh, from the looks of things down here, I couldn’t if I wanted to,” Tommy said with a shrug. “If that bloop tube over there and that SAW all broken to pieces over there wouldn’t do the job, my forty-fives aren’t likely to do much more than piss you off.” He pulled the edges of his coat back, showing the dual pistols he carried in shoulder holsters underneath. Letting it fall back over them, he scratched his head, looking down at the floor. “Now the way I see it, that’s a problem for both of us. I think I might just have an idea of how to fix things, though.”

“Why is it a problem for both of us?” Norris asked, moving towards the man, “I can just kill you, climb back up, kill whoever hired you, then kill whoever else I want.”

“Well, about that,” Tommy said, making a gun with his hand and fake-shooting Norris, “The issue there is that I may or may not have heard them mention words like ‘atomic’ and ‘bomb’ before I climbed all the long-ass way down here. I think we’re deep enough that popping off a small warhead down here wouldn’t hurt Gotham, and as strong as you might be, even a small nuke is a little bigger than a grenade.”

Norris stalled, biting his lip, looking into the distance behind Tommy and thinking. The goofily-dressed assassin took that as his cue to keep talking.

“Seeing as how you don’t want to get nuked, and I don’t want to get torn limb from limb or nuked, what do you say you head on up that ladder? I call them back on this fancy phone they gave me and tell them you’re dead, you pop up and do whatever you want while I relax down here for a while and have a few smokes, and then I head up myself and go about my merry way. Sound like a plan?”

Norris nodded, an ugly grin splitting his equally-ugly visage, “Sounds fine to me. You’re not as stupid as the rest of them- I think I’ll let you live. Remember, though, you as much as try and breathe on me and I’ll make what I did in here look like a warm-up for the big event, which’ll be staged on your ass.”

“Sounds fine to me, big man,” Tommy said, nodding his thanks. Leaning back against the wall, he lit another cigarette. “So, what are you going to do when you get out of here?”

Norris barely paid him any mind as he made his way down the hallway towards the elevator shaft. “Probably just go out and do whatever I want,” the hulking man-beast said, “Might even declare myself President.” He started steeling himself for the long boring trip to the surface.

“So you’re going to get yourself a piece of land and tend the rabbits?”

“Yeah, I’m going to… wait, tend the what?” Norris asked. He felt cold metal at the back of his head. Then the world exploded and went black at the same time. His body fell to the ground, minus most of the top of his head. Smoke tendrils wormed up from scorched bits of skull.

Tommy holstered his pistol, grimacing at how hot the barrel was, even through the thick leather. He squeezed his wrist; rolling it around, making sure it wasn’t broken.

“Sorry, buddy, you were just too dumb for this world,” he said, shaking his head at Norris’ corpse. He looked around, taking in the horrors around him one last time. He knew he wouldn’t be sleeping that night, not after this charnel house. He slid a cell phone out of his pocket with his left hand and dialed.

“Yeah, it’s Tommy. Job’s done. She didn’t make it. It’s a damn horror show, but it’s done. Oh, and next time I suggest cramming a round from that magic Winchester into my handgun, pour a beer over my head. Bastard nearly tore my hand off.”


He hung up and walked to the elevator shaft. The sun was just barely visible, a tiny pinprick in the distance. It was going to be a long climb back to the light.



Sivana sat in a folding chair behind a crate under one flickering bulb in the middle of an empty warehouse. He reached into a pocket of his lab coat and checked his watch. That is more than long enough. Norris isn’t coming, then. Shame. Pleasant enough, but no great loss in the end.

A door opened with a creak, and two silhouettes moved towards him in the darkness.

“Gentlemen, I thank you for showing up,” Sivana said, “There was no way of knowing if my invitations would reach you.”

“What’s this all about, Sivana?” the first one asked, the dim light revealing little about him other than rough clothes and some peculiar scarring on the exposed skin of his neck and arms- arranged in patterns of five. “And who is this guy?”

“This…guy,” the other spat, the light from the weak bulb gaining in brightness as he spoke until the whole building was bright as day, revealing his sour face, dark goatee, and black suit lined at the edges with a brilliant white, “is a doctor, thank you very much. Though I am curious why we’ve been called here as well.”

Sivana smiled, eyes invisible behind the reflection off of his glasses.

“I have something of a proposition for you two. A bit of a brilliant breakthrough in science,” he held up a syringe, the fluid inside glowing green, “It’s already been tested, and worked magnificently. I rather think it will help you with your life’s calling, Victor. And you, Arthur,” he nodded to the man in black and white, “You will be able to indulge in your private proclivities to your heart’s content.”

“Why should we trust you?” the doctor asked, casting nervous glances around the building. The other man stood calmly, one hand in his pocket, contemplating the syringe.

“Because we have similar ideals, to a point,” Sivana said, “And more importantly, mutual enemies who have far more power than we do… at least until now.” He held up his creation, admiring the beauty of the serum for a moment. “Of course, if it’s a matter of trust, I’ve brought something of an offering of good faith. I rather think you’ll enjoy it, Arthur. Just be sure to let Victor have his turn when you grow bored.”

Both men looked at him quizzically. Sivana smiled like an ogre impersonating Santa Claus as he threw open the lid of the crate. They looked in. Arthur’s breathing deepened, his tongue snaking out to lick his lips. Inside, bound, blindfolded, and gagged, Wonder Woman and Supergirl squirmed, desperately trying to free themselves.

“Now who wants their injection first, boys?” Sivana asked. Both men held out their arms as he laughed, the low nasty sound echoing in the open space.

“Heh, heh, heh”


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