A Rose By Any Other Name

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A Rose By Any Other Name


Bruce Wayne was sitting at home in his mansion after the Arkham Asylum event trying to remember everything that happened that night. He was having trouble remembering a bits and pieces. He was sitting sipping his herbal tea when he remembered part of what had happened. He dropped his tea and grabbed his head.

“No…That didn’t happen! It didn’t happen.”          

Alfred came rushing into the room where Bruce was. “Master Wayne?!? What happened?”

“I-I-I don’t know. I really don’t know what happened Alfred.”

Ten minutes of Bruce pacing back and forth telling himself it didn’t happen, and Alfred cleaning up the spill. “Master Wayne? What didn’t happen?”

“I was sitting here trying to remember parts of the night that I couldn’t remember…and I suddenly remembered what happened…I-I just hope what I remember didn’t happen.”

“And what would that be, sir?”

He did not answer but only looked down. After a long silence all he had to say was, “Ivy.”

Alfred was slightly confused then he understood. “Sir!?!”

“Yes. Alfred, regrettably it is true.”  

            “How are you sure?”

“I remember it.”

“Sir, What do you mean? Please tell me.”

Bruce laughed. “Ok Alfred. I’ll tell you.”

“It must have been I was alone after my fight with Scarecrow for the second time…I was unconscious for a minute and I remember the smell of fresh cut grass and roses.”

Scarecrow had just fled and the drug’s effects wore off as Batman fell asleep. When he was in the gardens and vines tightly gripped around his wrists and his ankles. “Ivy.” Is all the Dark Knight said as he began to saw through his restraints.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. My ‘Babies’ are quiet hungry.” Ivy’s voice rang in his head as she appeared around a rose bush making the flowers bloom.

“Let me go Ivy.” He threatened her as he struggled to get free.

“But I was hoping ‘We’ could have some fun…as you know dear I have been alone for a long time.” She smiled as she walked over swaying her hips back and forth.

Batman, understanding what she was saying behind her words, only laughed. “‘Have fun’?” He mocked her.

She was standing over the Masked Vigilante and she leaned forward exposing her braless cleavage and she grinned. “If I must…I’ll force you.”

His eyes widened as she blew him a kiss. Covering him with her mind control powder, he was now at her mercy.

“Ivy!” He held his breath but eventually he was affected. His mind went blank but he was conscious and aware.

“Sir, did she unmask you? Does she know who you truly are?”

Bruce laughed, “I’ll tell you Alfred.”

She backed up and released the grip of the vines. “Stand.” She commanded him and he obeyed. “Good…now kiss me.” She stepped forward and he did too. He grabbed her bare hips and pressed his firm rough lips against her oily soft ones as they kissed. Eventually Ivy broke the kiss to breath and then demanded it again.

~Why am I doing this? ~ He thought as he unwillingly pressed their lips together again. ~What is she going to do now? ~ Her tongue was pressing against his lips and he let it in so their tongues could rub and lick each other.

Ivy’s hands were now removing Batman’s cape and armor. As they kissed deeply, she rubbed her hands on his iron chest making him grunt. Batman’s hands were now massaging Ivy’s breasts in circles teasing the nipples making the peaks rock hard and erect. Ivy broke the kiss again to drop to her hands and knees to remove Batman’s belt and pants.

~No! Stop! ~ He thought as she massaged his cock through his boxers. He grunted and ran his hands through her hair. ~NO! ~

Ivy had now removed his boxer and was now licking Batman’s seven inch cock from the base to the head. She smiled at her work as she continued and Batman was stroking her hair a lot now.

~I-I have to stop her…But it feels so good! ~ He thought as she sucked on the head of his seven iron. ~Maybe this is ok…She…Wait what am I saying! ~

Ivy was now sucking on almost all of his cock. She could feel it pulsing, getting even harder as the blood. He was already almost ready to come. ~this is too quick she thought. I wonder if he is still a…nah can’t be. ~ She stopped sucking as he was about to come in her mouth. “Time for the fun.” The vines covering her ‘goods’ had now disappeared and she removed her prison shirts. Batman wasted no time pushing her down and pumping his cock all the way in tight pussy ~Oh, yes…he feels so good. ~

~She is…so, tight! It feels great! ~ He moans loudly as he continues to thrust harder and harder. ~I am going faster…I am going to come if I do. ~

Batman thrusts harder and faster making them both moan and scream. As Ivy gyrates her hips to increase the pleasure she receives she lessens her hold on Batman’s mind. Suddenly He flips her around and begins to pound her pussy from behind making her scream even louder. Batman slaps her ass a few times as he pounds her heat deeply.

~YES! Oh Ivy is so tight…I’m gonna come! ~ Ivy pushes Batman off and he lays down as Ivy begins to straddle him “Don’t forget to play with my tits to ‘Big Boy’.” Batman starts to cradles and massage Ivy’s big bouncing breasts, twirling his thumbs around her peaks making her wetter and wetter.

~He is so big…I am rubbing all the right spots! I AM GOING TO COME! ~ She straddles him harder pounding their crotches together. She gets really tight as they pound each other and she finally releases and comes all over Hero.

As her come flows and she tightens Batman begins to moan louder and finally after pumping her as she straddles him he blasts her with his come making the Villainess come again. And they both fall asleep.

When Batman awakens he is fully dressed and back where Ivy found him. She strolls up to him and he stands up and they embrace and kiss. “Sorry dear. But can’t have you remember tonight. Can’t let you know.” And with a final kiss Batman’s memory is erased back until he feinted.

“Scarecrow’s drug, won’t stop me…I must stop him and the rest of these criminals.” He jumps down and takes out two armed criminals while Ivy watches from a balcony.

“I just hope ‘We’ can have fun again.” Ivy turns and walks into the mist of the night back to the gardens where the glass shattered from their screams.

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(PS. I might make more chapters to continue the story of Batman X Ivy, Let me know what ya’ll think.)

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