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BY : Undine Sorena
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Authors note: OK. I was a big batman fan as a kid. But I only watched movies/cartoons. I just recently began reading comics. So for the most part this is based on the cartoon from the 90's but veers from cannon at a point. Tim's about 14/15 here. Batman beyond joker thing.. never happened. But Cartoon Tim is going to evolve into the comic Tim a bit, personality wise and stuff.. really it's just cartoon Tim growing up. So Please be kind, It's my first Batman story and I'm attempting to blend both though I had limited comic reference. If I'm playing off a plot that already exist in some comic somewhere.. I didn't knowingly plagerize... k.. continue on!

Proloque- Red Angel

Most would find it revolting, the mixture of city wafting out, the water coming in and the breath of the slums between the two. In many cases it would cause you to retch. But to Tim it was just part of home. This was where he started. Unlike all the other rich kids he didn't have issues with coming down here. And now as Robin, it was a place he could protect. Just like slums everywhere the major factor in turning this area horrid was crime and drugs. The unfortunates living here certainly couldnt be worse off with a lack of the two. So thats just what they were her to do.

There had been a jump lately in both. the morgues wer overflowing with victims of overdoeses and the jails were full of criminals quilty of everything from robbery to assault to murder. Most done under the influence of a new drug, presumedly man-made, a very potent, very lethal one at that. But the culprit was smart. So fat he'd slipped under the net of both the police and Batman. Needless to say living with Bruce had become a living hell and would remain so until the case was cracked. And with no leads as to what the drug was made of, how it was getting in or who was controling it, it would be a while before that happened. Even betterwas there was no pattern at all. All different locations from clusters of condos, pent houses, slums. No one set clientel and from all potential leads they followed noe one turned up even a sample of the stuff.

This guy was good. Real good. Good enough he even had Batman stumped. Thats a bad sign. So that's what he was doing up here, binocularsin hand, scouting for clues that quite simply appeared not to exist. Thats when the crackle in his ears distracted him.

"Anything yet?"

Ever so pleasant... "Nothing. Are you sure we're gunna get anything here?"

"His movements are eratic. Never the same place, never the same person. No telling where he'll strike next."

That would be code for 'I have no idea' Even though everyone else knew it the Bat would never admit to being stumped.

"Feel like we're being led on a wild goose..." He didnt finish the sentance. Through the scarce movement in the slun streets, the animals and humans searching for food alike, a pair caught his eye. The girl was younger, shorter than him. The clothes she wore were that of a street walker but much to large for her and her face was scuffed and dirty, hair hardly detangled. Overall, a horrible presentation. But what truely caused him to pause was the look to her face and the stride she was forced to keep behind the scrawny, balding middle aged man tugging her along by her wrist. She didnt have the walk of a woman selling flesh, her eyes far too innocent. He'd betmoney this wasnt going to be a willing act.

"Robin. Did you find somthing?"

Folding and tucking away the high powered compact binoculars he reached for a grapple gun. "Just a girl in distress. I'll swoop in, save the day and be back on post before you know it." With the poff of the gun he was off swinging.


The clothes felt wrong. They just felt wrong. She had no idea where he'd found them when he'd returned to the half collapsed abandoned building they called home. He'd scrubbed her face clean of as much dirt as he could get off and laid into her hair. The comb had been old and many the broken teeth were ragged and either scraped her scalp or caused more knots. He'd never wasted time on these things before. Something was wrong tonight.

"Dad, I can't walk that fast!" The cheap old high heel wobbled each time she put weight on them and the fact that they were probably 3 sizes too big certainly didn't help. "dad!"

All her please earned her was a rough tug to her wrist that nearly caused her to topple face first to the ground. "You're taking too long!"

His voice. Even his voice. It was too gruff, too deep. He hadnt necesarily been the kindest of men. He couldn't family had struggled the entire way and once the few bills that he had brought in stopped when his job fired him... But he'd never been this rought with her. For instance the way she tripped and stumbled into him after he'd yanked her forward and stopped at the entrance to a dank smelling alley.

She'd always been warned to stay away from these types of places. Sinful things went on in places like this. She was reaching that age now where she could start guessing at what sort of bussiness went on in the shadows. So naurally she looked questionably up top her father.

"Go!" He pushed her forward towards the darkness of the alley. His hand stayed firmly in the middle of her upper back forcing her feet to move or risking falling on her face.

Abiout halway through the alley a voice from behind caused a chill to run down her spine. A lanky youth, mid twenties or so stepped from the shadows behind her father. His hair was greaasy and his face stubbled. His clothing appeared to haver been wardrobe for some late 80's grunge punk movie and the yellowing of his teeth that showed unnecisarily too much when he spoke caused her to step back. "You're late Fischer."

He knew their name! Why did he know their name! Shakily she retreated towards the back of the alley, trying to hide herself in the shadows. She might have succeded had it not been for the solid chest against her back. Craning her neck she thought she'd seena giant. Thechocolate skinned man towered over her. He was more muscular than the other man. As if to prove it his large hand wrapped around her upper arms with ease, rooting her to the spot.

Her heart leapt into her throat. The breath she was unaware she'd been holding was released in a series of grunts as she tried to yank herself free of the giants grasp. What seemed a frutiless eternity later she looked up between the fallen strand of her hair to her father, eyes wide and wet. He hadn't moved. He hadn't taken a single step! "Dad!" She called out, voice cracking and weak with unshed tears.

"Beat it, Pops." Said the punk reject with a shove to the older mans chest as he approached the restricted girl. The older man stumbled but didn't fall. Once his balance was caught he took a step forward in weak attempt at demonstrating dominance.

"I want proof it's settled!" Atleast he attempted a demanding voice...

"Settled depends on the merchandize old man." The smaller of the two men caught the girls chin between his fingers, tilting her head from one angle to the next. Was he apraising her? Like some cattle to be bartered off?

"Everythings intect. Just like I said.." When the punk wannabe turned with narrow eyes he stutted, trying to find the words he'd wanted to say.

"The boss'll decide her value when he's done with her." His voice was dangwereously low, his eyes menacing. "Now get!"

Fischer locked eyes with his daughtewr who hadn't taken her eyes off him since she'd become entangled in the giants grasp. Water was gathering at the corner of her eyes and she was panting slightly from fear and exwertion at trying to escape. Softly, so softly her lips mouth 'daddy'.

With a defiant look he turned back to the man. They locked eyes a moment before Fischer walked pst him, past his daughter and past the brutly man holding her captive, towards the back of the alley.

"She'd dared to hold hope he'd fight for her and each step he took it rose until he passed her. It plummeted to the pit of her stomach and she let out a frightened gasp. She triwed to turn in the mans grasp to follow her fathers path. Her struggle began anew as she kicked out and squirmed. "DAD!"

"Don't worry hon. I've got a new daddy all ready for you."

Her head whipped around. His face was just inches from hers...

The wall was awfully unforgiving. The impact had knocked the wind from her lungs and the surface now scraped her back through the thing, worn material of clothing she wore. The hand pressing her to the crumbling building were just as uncomfortable and unrelenting.

The smaller ran flashed a disgusting grin, reaching into his jacket pocket. When he displayed his hand to her he held a thin syringe filled with cleat liquid. "Alittle taste and it'll be all better." He yanked at her arm, twisting at her wrist until the back of her elbow was vulnerable.

"No! no no no!" She pleaded in montra, looking from the approaching needle to the man. Her eyes were wide, wet and begging for mercy from the cold hearted man. The prick of the needle enter her skin caused a sob to escape her lips that she'd been biting. She'd turned her head, unable to watch. It burned, whatever they were injecting in her, it burned! Felt like her blood was heating, simmering and heading for a boil. Before she knew it she was panting, lungs on fire.

"I think it's working." The smaller man said to his acomplice. His yellowed teeth flashed as her head began to nod, chesting heaving with each breath. And it was there his eyes lingered. Her breast were small but there under the flinsey and overly large top. He took a moment to pizzle if there was grass on the feild yet before he decided he didn't really care one way or the other. With one hand still clutching her wrist, needle still in her arm, he moved in close, fould breath tickling her neck. "I think it's working just fine."

How could he smell so bad? She couldnt remember her last decent bath but the stench made her sick. The world was spinning and she couldn't stop the ride. His breath against her neck. His hands... his hands inching up her stomach, brushing under the hem of her top.

"NO!" Her arm broke free of his grasp, swinging blindly. The needle flew from the vein it'd found it's home in and shattered on the opposite wall. By luck, their heads turned to watch it fly and her flailing caught the smaller man in the jaw. A solid crack. He twisted, blood spitting from the tooth knocked loose.

The larger man instictivly pute more distance between her and himself once the flailing began. When hewas distracted by the other man flying to the side she quadropled her efforts, even kicking out. Another lucky hit, this time between the legs. The man crumpled to the alley floor.

Higher level thingking was completely overided. No thinking, no time... Clutching the clothes to her chest she ran for the entrance that had started this nightmare. her heart pounded in her ears, there wasn't enough air to feed her lungs.

Snap! She was out, she was out and she went dowm. The cheap heel snapped at it's base, twisting her ankle and sending her flying onto her face.

"You bitch!" The smallerman, blood trickling down his jaw emerged from the alley. He was on her, pinning her down. She screamed

"Pick on someone you're own size creep!" In a blur of red and black the man was kicked into the wall. Robing use the mans chest as a spring board, kicking off and back flipping away from the man who slid down the wall, trying to draw the breath back into his lungs that had been knocked out. He was cocky, he knew it, but he couldn't help the smirk as the man caughed up a fit. He tilted his head. "Had enough?" The man growled, clawing at the pavement as he tried to gain footing, half wabbling as he made his lung regardless, To this Robin countered with a swift kick to the center of the mans chest. The man flew into the wall again. This time he wasn't getting back up.

Clapping his hands together as if dusting them from dirt that he hadn't gotten on himself he began walking over to the fallen girl. Up close he could see just how small he was. And he thought he was tiny for his age. Bending over with a big, friendly grin he held his hand out to her. "You okay?" She looked paniced, trembling and eyes wild as a scream caught in her throat. She was looking over his shoulder, not at him.

Swinging around he had just enough time to duck under the larger asailants fist, shifting to the right to deliver a punch to the mans stomach quickly followed by another to the side. He stumbled back a few step, but was far from going down that easily. This manwas much stronger. Robin grinned to himself. Now he could really have some fun.

Thw man straightened, snarling at Robin. "Shoudda stayed home tonitght, kid!" For a big buy he moved pretty fast. His fists flew, Robing actually had to make an effort to bob and weave his head and body out of the way of his fists as the man came at him. Guy was obviously trained.

"I would say the same for you, tall dark and ugly." He retorted He was careless. The guy grazed left side, knocking him off balance and setting him up for the strike to his right cheek when the man came about with his other fist, He didn't let it break his flow, rolling with the punch and rolling to the side. He was up on one knee with just enough time to block a downward kick from the other man when a familiar static crackled in his ear.

"What's you're situation?" Great tinming as always, Bruce.

"Kinda busy here!" He called back into the mike as he swept out the mans legs, flipping back on his palms as the man caught himself on his hand before falling and spun his own legs out, barely missing Robins chin. Batman in his ear and a guy this good meant fun time was over. Bats would know if he was playing and chew him out later. For the sole purpose of avoiding that he turned full force on the guy. Blocking a punch with his left forarm he moved in close, atacking the mans gut in rapid bursts. Feeling the man begin to crumple under his onslaught he came up, finishing with a blow to the right side of the mans jaw and with the momentum he rounded, kicking the man. The man stumbled, wobbled, fell. "Hmph!" With a grin he headed back to the younge3r girl.

She was still on the ground. Most of the time the would be 'victims' would flee while Batman and Robing defended them. After all, who needed thanks? Something seemed wrong. She was shaking, curled in on herself. "Hey!" Jogging over to her he knelt down and pulled her from her fetal position. There was a sheet of sweat all over her, her face flushed and her eyes dialated. He could see only a ring of emerald green around the black pupils. Her chest was heaving like some one was chokcing the life from her, gasping for air around some invisble force. The shaking arm at her side caught his attention, the line of blood from a pin prick of a wound. "CRAP!"

"Robin." He was stern, demanding an answer and quickly.

"I think they slipped her some of that drug! I think she's OD'ing!"

"Contact emergency care." He advised.

Looking at her Robin knew she would die before They got her to the hospital. He had no way to get her there himself, they'd gone on foot tonight. Looking back to the scum lying in the street he took a deep breath. No time! He heard Batman chirp into his ear that he was onhis way. If this was their drug he couldn't let the chance pass that they'd get some clue from the scene or beat some out of their friends. "I'm not gunna be here, I've gotta get her to the hospital!" Pulling a zip-tie from his belt he wraped her hands together. Throwing them over his head, he reached into his belot and brought out his gun. It was a risk,s he couldn't hold on and he was hoping this would work, that he could get her there. "I'm leaving them to you Batman." And he shot, launching him and the girl into the air.

Her stomach was flipping, had she eaten in the last few days she was sure she'd have been sick. The world bl;urred around her, as they swung from building to building. Through the haze she felt the numbing of her shoulder from the burried her face against his chest, soaking it with the sweat boring down her face. She was dying. Her insides were melting, her mind, she thought she'd lost it, everything was fuzzy. She had to be dying... The roar of the cars and city below them was far and distant in her ears, all the normal sounds blending together to cause one head splitting background noise.

"Hey! Stay with me.." He called into her ear. She was burning up. He tried to calculate th shortest route he could. If she wasn't cooled down soon They'd be irreversable damage... If she made it at all... "We're almost there.. Hold on."

A voice... It was distant but the onl;y thing she could make out. She couldn't understand it, But it brought peace... comfort.. What were they saying... who was calling to her...

There it was! The emergency entrance to the hospital! Swooping down he swung in just under the overhand by the sliding doorx. Kneeling down he pulled her lopped arms from around his neck, laying her down gently against the pavement, cradling her head in his hand. "It's okay now. You're gunna be okay..."

Her breath was shallower now, coming in gasp between barely parted , cracked lips. Her back was against solid earth again, cool against her heated flesh. It was soothing, relieving her spinning mind enough to allow her to peak her eyes open. The edges of her vision were intruded by white fuzz created a tunnel like vision. Above her, Red, read and black forming a solid body, a face.. reasuring smile... masked eyes... An angel. And angel at the end of the light... Her eyes went dark, head lolling to the side in his hand.

Seeing the staff running out the door, he let her out of there quickly before he could be caught in endless questions he couldn't answer.

"Meet back at the cave." Shirt, to the point, more so than usual. Not a good sign. Switching directions he headed back home. Early nights were never a good sign.

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