Wet dreams come true

BY : Shayanne
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His eyelids were getting heavy, his back sore and his vision was getting fuzzier and fuzzier by the minute. He sighed, letting himself lean backwards in his leather chair as it squeaked. He brought both this indexes and middle fingers to his temples and massaged them thoroughly in a circular motion. He gazed up at the clock in the far left corner, beyond the intense flickering of the various monitors. It read 5:45 am. No crime fighting was going to take place tonight anymore, it seemed. He decided to call it a night and shut off most of the equipment. Getting up from his seat his eyes wandered to the right side of his cone of vision, and there was Robin, drifted off to sleep long ago, partially drooling on his arm which served as a cushion against the harsh control board and produced what seemed to be a faint onset of a snoring sound. Peeling off his mask, Bruce sighed once more. He had somewhat of an unconscious smirk smeared on his face caused by the childish state his partner was in, but then again his partner was still, in his eyes, a child after all. Which after realizing this, the smirk faded into a frown of concern and guilt for overworking the poor boy and obliging him to stay at watch the entire night.


His 'Tim's were whispered in his usual throaty, low monotone voice, as he wanted the boy to wake up but not too abruptly. He tried again, this time firmly grasping his shoulder and jerking him awake. Again, no answer. Tim's ruffled ebony bangs playfully swaying across his face and covering his eyes with every jerk. Defeated, Bruce concluded that he'd have drag Tim to his bedroom upstairs. He lifted the boy from his chair and carried him up the stairs exiting the cave. Alfred was not yet up so he wouldn't be there to assist with the prepping of his bed. Bruce sighed once more and proceeded with completing the task at hand. As he slowly escalated to the second floor of the manor, he acknowledged Robin's previous complaints with his wardrobe as entirely justified by the way his bare thighs were disturbingly exposed and distracting, causing Batman to nearly trip on one of the steps as he caught himself staring. He made a mental note to inquire about a new design for his uniform with Alfred. Finally arriving to the bedroom, he carefully placed the limp body onto the bed and decided that least he could for Tim was remove his boots for the night. Tim's eyebrows twitched and his body unconsciously tossed and turned while Bruce was doing this, as he was very ticklish, even in his sleep.


Tim moaned in very a sloppy, sleepy tone, his face half buried onto the pillow on the side. Bruce quietly began to exit the room, disregarding the sound of his name on the teenager's lips.


His name was more audible and much clearer, curiously. He paused in his tracks at the door frame, looking over his shoulder at the boy in the darkened room, puzzled as to what the intense repetition of his name is due to. He concluded that his partner was merely sleep talking or dreaming, but even if he was, it must have been an incredibly lucid and vivid dream.


The dark knight returned to the bedside now curious as to what could this dream be, especially since it obviously involved him. He studied Tim's body and noticed a familiar bulge in the teen's green tights, his hips slightly shifting positions every now and then.


Then his eyes widened, and he prayed that Tim wasn't experiencing what he thought he was.

"I...want you...inside...m-"

Bruce turned around left the room in frustration and anger, his cape flowing steadily behind him due to his fast pacing. He hadn't need to hear what he inevitably did, but in a way, he was glad to see that Tim had not openly and directly expressed his lust for him, as it would overly complicate things. But it was too late. Bruce had already been poisoned with unnecessary knowledge. This could be troublesome. Whatever had to be done would have to be dealt with another day, as he was too tired and exhausted to think about such unimportant matters now. "Tim..." He sighed as he tried to suppress his awakening headache and fall asleep.


Returning home from his obligations at Wayne enterprise, he was pleased to find Alfred, always punctual and on cue, welcoming him and removing his coat. "Dinner is ready, Sir", he announced, hanging up Bruce's coat.

"Thank you, Al. I assume Tim's in the dining room as well?"

"No, the young master is at school. I'm going to take the liberty to assume that the young master is in detention due to the fact that he left the house quite late this morning."

To this, Bruce frowned, somehow forgetting that Tim also had his own daily obligations. And then the guilt enters. He probably woke up late because of...

"Are you feeling all right, Master Bruce?"

"Yeah, just a little tired. Thanks for worrying, Alfred"

"You mustn't overtire yourselves, Master Bruce. You and the young master wouldn't be much use to Gotham without a good night's sleep."

There goes Alfred, Bruce thought, always looking after him like a father. He must've woken Tim up in his uniform, he must think I'm an abusive partner...Bruce 's thoughts raced all evening about his crime fighting companion, much like he did all day, preoccupied, bothered, puzzled as to what to do with this new development in their relationship. He could remain ignorant about it, be his calm and collected self as usual, but there's something about this that just won't let him...focus. He couldn’t put his finger on it but, it may have to do with the way his soft pale thighs contrast with the darkness of his bed sheets, the way he so devotedly moaned his name...this was all very discerning.

Before he knew it, it was already nearing patrol time and Robin had yet to arrive the mansion. Wayne found himself pacing back and forth, still in his Bruce Wayne attire, growing impatient and speculating exaggerated scenarios in which his partner could be caught up in...kidnapped by the joker, -again- gone to fight crime on his own - as his stubborn usual self- caught in trouble, being seduced by some girl at school...Tim was still only a teenager so that wouldn't be surprising, it's a normal thing to do when you're a teen, Bruce convinced himself, hoping that Robin's wet dream last night was a mistake...although Bruce cringed at that last particular scenario rather than the preceding ones.

The doorbell rang, and the weight was lifted from Bruce's shoulders, although of course he didn't let it show. Alfred rushed to the door. "Send him to my study right now, Alfred" He shouted from the second floor before heading to his quarters.

The door creaked open, the room dark safe from the light emanating from the opened door. Bruce was not happy, even though he wasn't the brightest kid, Tim could conclude as much. Although he knew Bruce liked sitting alone in dark places, there was somewhat of a tension in the air he could practically smell.

"You called me, Bruce?"

"Is there a reason to why you're unreasonably late, Drake?" Bruce remained seated behind his desk, laid back and dreadfully upset for some reason.

Tim couldn't exactly see his eyes in the darkness but he felt his stare.

"So we're back to using last names now?" He tried to lift the heavy ambience.

"Don't dodge my questions, Tim" He stood up abruptly.

"Hey, I'm back in time for our shift, aren't I? besides, I got detention because of you, for your information-"

"Excuses. It's almost midnight. You should have called. Who knows what could have happened to you, somebody might know who you are and try to hurt you-"

"I can take of myself, thank you very much! Besides, you always keep a tracking device on me because you don't trust me, so you couldn’t have been that worried." Tim crossed his arms and leaning against the wall, in a contreposto kind of pose, emphasizing on his cynical but true remark.

"It's only for security measures, you know that Tim..." Bruce tried to reassure him, walking around his desk.

Tim stood freely and articulated his anger at Bruce. "Bullshit, Bruce. You've always treatted me like a kid and I'm sick of it. I have a life too, you know, and I don't need you to always be on my case, Bruce. ....Bruce?"

The dark knight was nearly inches apart from his face. Bruce was usually not one to invade one's personal space, which startled Tim and made him a little uneasy.

"We've had this conversation millions of times before, Tim. And you know what ends up being the conclusion each time?"

Defeated, Drake recited the answer in a childish, monotone voice as if it was part of a school play.
"Your house, your rules." he stares blankly up into Bruce's eyes from under his bangs, insulating his boredom and intention to get to the end the conversation sometime soon.

Bruce raised his hands and grabbed the boy by his shoulders. Tim shuddered in surprize.

"I was just worried about you...that's all." The Batman? Worried? that would be too good to be true. "I need you to tell me where you are, tell me everything...you have to be honest with me, Tim. No hidden secrets. We can't afford to weaken our bond with carelessness. Got it?"

Bruce's voice was lower than normal, intoxicating, entrancing even. His eye slits slightly narrowed his eyes dim. His grip firm and reassuring. Tim was beginning to lose reason. The mere sound of Bruce's voice, the low bass produced vibrations rippling through his entire body. Tim shuddered once more, and hoped this would end soon so he could go to the showers and relieve a particular tension beginning to form around his lower midsection.

"Y-yes, Bruce." He couldn't help but unintentionally stutter.

"Do you have anything in particular that you'd like to share with me, now, Tim?" He was trying to bring it out of him. He couldn't help it, couldn't pretend. He was doomed. He was unmistakably attracted to Tim Drake. Everything about him from the way his unruly bangs fluttered on his forehead, the way he crossed his arms, pouted, acted like a child, to the way his suit hugged his youthful tight body and revealed so much...even if he didn't get a confession out of Tim tonight....he couldn't guarantee that he could contain himself for long.

"No, n-not really..." Knowing the cold and calculated Batman he knew, he couldn't possibly coming on to him. it must be a sick trick...leaning in so close, breathing into his neck...This was his last chance to escape. Or it was probably already too late. He couldn't confirm how developed his erection had stretched, he was so flustered, he closed his eyes. All he knew is that it felt really painful and his pants were really tight. what would happen if Bruce saw it? He should be panicking, but he was in a trance...suddenly, something that could have only happened in his wildest dreams happened. He felt his crotch being firmly grasped. His eyes rolled back into his skull, he nearly came.

"Something tells me otherwise..." Bruce squeezed and rubbed the palm of his hand against Tim's manhood. Tim held onto Bruce’s shoulder to keep from collapsing as his knees grew weak. He looked up into Bruce's dark eyes and saw that he was staring right back into his own.

"So," Bruce panted, and raised an eyebrow, "How about now?"
Tim kissed Bruce with ardent ferocity. Unable to maintain collected any longer, Bruce kissed back, almost desperately, embracing Tim firmly and viciously grinding his hips against the younger boy's. He picked him up and sat him on his desk, a couple of books tumbling over the process. He sucked small portions of Tim's neck that would later produce hickeys no doubt, making the young boy thrash and moan, bucking his hips forward. The boy grabbed the back of Bruce's neck. Bruce lifted his shirt and began sucking on his nipples. This was all too much. All too real to be a dream.

"Bruce...Bruce..." He began, arching his back. Bruce pushed Tim on his back, running his hands over his companion's body. It felt so satisfyingly soft. He recalled the particular tone in which his name was being sung. The same as that night. His dream must have been very similar to this.

"Bruce...Bruce....I want you-"

"-Inside me, I know." He kissed Tim hard and animal-like, widening his legs which were in between Tim's already spread ones, widening them even further. He rubbed his hardened erection against Tim's, causing them both to moan. Bruce's a lower grunted moan, and Tim's a rather higher pitched, adolescent moan. Bruce unbuckled his pants as Tim un-did his own trousers, shaking with anticipation.

"Bruce....I'm a virgin..."

"...I'll be gentle, don't worry" He kissed Drake once more, distracting him as he reached over his head and pulled out a tube of lube from his desk drawer. Tim was always a fast learner, and Bruce hoped that also applied for intercourse because he knew he wasn't going to keep it nice and slow for long. He lowered his head and began sucking Tim off while he lubed himself.
Tim screamed for a second, but then, remembering Alfred might overhear them, quickly shoved his fist into his mouth, biting down on his knuckles to keep from shouting in ecstasy. He pushed Bruce's head down with his other hand forcing him to deep throat his dick. He bucked his hips off the desk, unable to control the amount of pleasure coming in through his senses. He felt a familiar build up in his abdomen, he was close. He felt obliged to notify Bruce. It was difficult since He couldn't really articulate words in his state.

"Br-Bruce....Bruce! I-m...I'm...C..."

Bruce didn't want the boy spent too soon, once he was well lubed up, he removed Robin's penis from his mouth, and with his slickened fingers, began penetrating his tiny entrance. His dick twitched in anticipation. Once he felt how tight Tim's ring of muscle was, he knew he was going to have a good time. Virgin ass had its advantages. Bruce's thick, rough, calloused fingers slowly opened up Tim's puckered entrance. He could see Tim was holding back cries of agony. His eyes squinted in pain. Bruce Sucked on his nipples and performed a fucking motion with his fingers in the boy's anus. Tim began loosening up and moaning very promisingly. Bruce almost lost control at the sound of the youth's voice. He withdrew his fingers and stood up straight against the desk, bringing one of Tim's legs over his shoulders.


He rolled his head back as he was being penetrated, Bruce strictly concentrated on not coming then and there. He started with long, hearty, slow thrusts, and when Tim got accustomed enough to it, thrusts became heavier, faster and more erratic. Deep, growling moans escaped Bruce's throat with each fuck.


He looked over at Tim and saw he was jerking himself off, hid head rolled back as he fucked him. At that point, He used his right hand to grab hold of his hip and his left to tighten his grip on the leg draped over his shoulder and fuck deep and hard. Tim was so tight Bruce didn't last very long at all. A low, strangled moan signalled his release, his hot seed shooting against the boy's prostate and trickling down his thighs. The heat and pressure of Bruce's cum made Tim shoot his long awaited load, all over Bruce's chest. After pulling out, Bruce collapsed in his chair behind the desk, panting, and Tim spent, sprawled atop Bruce's study books and papers. Bruce closes his eyes, trying to regain his posture, slowly descending from the post-orgasmic high. Tim looks over at Bruce and studies him, before sitting on his laps and nuzzling his neck. Bruce instinctively pulls him closer in a loving embrace. He sighs, exhausted.

"You know...this kind of reminds me of a dream I had..." he mocks Bruce.

"You don't say."


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