Renees Interesting Night

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Renee Montoya stands on the corner of one Gotham’s worst streets in a mini-skirt and a midriff. “I really hate this job sometimes,” she thinks to herself.

For three weeks a rapist had been plaguing the city. The profilers had finally been able to get a working track on the guy, which was why she’s here.

She thinks, “I hope the guys are ready when this bastard shows up.”style='mso-spacerun:yes'> Her eyes sweep to the two unmarked cars filled with some of the burliest cops in Gotham City, most of who are looking forward to a rapist who tries to resist arrest.

As she continues to walk the corner she makes her one great slip up of the night, she passes an alleyway and turns her back.

A pair of masculine hands speeds out and wrap first around her mouth then around her waist.

Renee tries to throw her aggressor but finds herself lifted off the ground and carried back into the alley. She catches a flash of blonde hair as she’s carried off to her fate and her blood runs ice cold; the rapist they’re looking for was a tall, muscular male with blonde hair.

The man drags his struggling captive for several blocks; keeping mostly to the back alley’s and deserted streets. However, she’s putting up so much of a struggle, that he misses the extra shadow in the alley.

Renee is still struggling as she’s dragged into an abandoned warehouse.

The man kicks the door closed behind him and shoves Renee deeper into the'mso-spacerun:yes'> His voice is deep and gruff as he says, “Ok girly, strip down now and I won’t hurt ya.”

Renee hesitates for a second and the man starts towards her with evil on his'mso-spacerun:yes'> Just as he’s reaching out to grab Renee, a shadow comes swooping down and the man goes flying twenty feet as Batgirl makes her presence known.

In the dark of the warehouse, Renee misses most of the details of the fight, but she can distinctly hear the sounds of bones giving out.

Finally the caped crusader walks over to the badly shaken woman, “Detective Montoya, are you alright?”

Renee shakes her head violently for a second, “Yeah, I’m fine.  Although I do have some balls to bust.”

Barbra nods her head and grins, “You got that right.”

Just then Jim Gordon and over a dozen of Gotham’s finest burst through the door, “POLICE FREEZE!”

Batgirl looks at her father, “You’re a little late Commissioner; you’ll find your perp over there.”

Three of the beat cops go over and search the scumbag before they call for the paramedics.

Meanwhile statements are taken from both Batgirl and Detective'mso-spacerun:yes'> Once all the paperwork is finished, Commissioner Gordon says, “Why don’t we talk things over in my office ladies?”

Both of the feisty ladies agree and the three retreat to Jim’s office.

Once safely sequestered from prying eyes, Jim opens up his bottom draw and pulls out three glasses and a bottle of bourbon.

Jim pours out a measure into each glass and hand one to the ladies before taking one himself. He sits down, “Excellent work tonight ladies,” he says as he takes a small'mso-spacerun:yes'> “Renee, for the record, more than a few of the guys on duty tonight are going to be facing administrative punishment at the very least.”

Renee nods and takes a small sip of the liquor as her hands suddenly start to shake.

Barbra grabs Renee’s drink seconds before she drops it.  She gently sets both drinks on the desk and wraps her arms around the other woman who suddenly breaks out in tear.

Commissioner Gordon looks at his daughter and winks once he catches her'mso-spacerun:yes'> He then silently pads out of the room and closes the door without a sound.

Barbra just holds the other woman while she sobs her heart out.

Renee has completely dampened Batgirls shoulder by the time she’s run out of'mso-spacerun:yes'> She gently starts to pull away but accidentally brushes Batgirls breast in passing, igniting a flame of passion in both of them.

Barbra looks at the other woman with fire in her eyes.  Her voice is slightly husky as she says, “We shouldn’t do this you know.”

Renee’s voice is equally husky, “I know, but I’m not about to stop.”

Barbra disengages herself just long enough to lock the door before returning to Renee’s arms.

Jim Gordon is standing outside his office waiting for his daughter to finish comforting the shaken detective when he hears the door lock.  When he hears a female moan of pleasure a few moments later, he decides it’s a good time to see if the coffee in the squad room still resembles tar.

Barbra claims the other woman’s lips a in a searing kiss for several seconds as she reaches behind her and grabs the woman’s pert ass.

Renee moans as Batgirl releases her lips and drops to her knees.

Barbra doesn’t even bother undoing the leather mini-skirt, instead she just ducks her head a little further and goes right under it.  She reaches up and quickly pulls Renee’s panties down around her knees.

Renee moans loudly as she feels Batgirls tongue run along her outer lips before diving right into her core.

Barbra fondles Renee’s ass as her tongue searches out the detective’s'mso-spacerun:yes'> Her tongue hits the nub and earns a high-pitched squeal. She locks her lips around it and sucks on it as hard as she can and moments later a rather sweet liquid shoots into her mouth.

Renee just barely manages to suppress her scream as she climaxes with extreme'mso-spacerun:yes'> Finally she collapses back into her chair leaving Batgirl with a very shiny face and a smug grin.

Barbra stands up and wipes off her face, “You might want to get your panties in place while I go find the commissioner.”

Renee just manages to get her panties back where they belong before Batgirl exits the office.



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