you complete me

BY : foxyboy
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I was lead through the dark halls of arkham, the maddness was thick with cries and hollws of the criminally insane... they dragged me until they stop to my room, the guard open it and shuved me in there, he stared at the floor. "Freak." muttered the guard, i could only lick my lips hatefully then sat up and looked up at the small window of the outside world. my thoughts were clouded by a man of a cape and cowl, ohh...batman, you've spared my life just as i knew you would. your so much fun,

i sit on the moldy old matress the smell of semen and unwashed sheets made my head dizzy, i closed my eyes. then open them, i grinned and thought of him, so strong, powerful, and yet he is weak...his compassion was his weakness and i exploit it! the batman...the so called dark knight.
i know he's somewhere, brooding, thinking, of me. me, yes me..i who have made his world a total chaos, a battle ground of innocent lives gone i stood between him and those he protected. i made him suffer, i'll make gotham suffer and inturn break batman...that is why its fun, that is why i see him as my equal...two of a kind, freaks, one stands for law and order and the other, myself, for murder and mayhem! Haaahahahah!!

i rised up and blinked slowly i tilt my head to the side. and think of him, he is like a virus to my brain he is the only reason i live because i give him something to live for and he damn well knows it. without him life is a joke with no punchline, or, like abbot with out costello, moe with out larry and curly. ah yes...batman completes me. destand by fate and by god. hehehe...i know there is a god, and thanks to him i have batman all to myself... its only a matter of time when i get out of this shithole. i rise up and stand and lean against the wall "oh jailer give me water! j-a-i-ler give meh waatter, jailer, give me water, mah throat is kinda dry" i sing out the guard ignores me. i frown. "jaiiillllerr give me some wah-ter! " the guard sighed and i heard foott steps then silence, i then sit and looked at the wall. sortyly the door open and the man came with a glass, he came over. "better not try anything." he put the cup to my lips and i drank i stare at him, he frown and stared back. i suddenly bit his finger and he cried out. "Son of a bitch!!" he wached me over the head with a night stick i could only laugh though the pain i kick my feet and giggle in insane glee-the man beats me telling me to shut it, but i kept laughing and laughing i manage to bite his hand hard and tugg and tear through some of his skin i manage to get to my feet and ram him against the patted wall and run for the open door, i ran like a black guy running from the man, laughing like a nut, like a crazy insane fuck that i am! "HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH! HOOOEHEHEHE!!!" i turn to the left, then a right then i found the front door, but ohhh they got on me quick and restrain me. they beat me till i was blue then dragged me back to my cell. i laid there on the ground. the pain was a real bitch.

but yet i thought of batman, batman....he was all i think about, my obession, my reason for living....yeah...i smile to myself and closed my eyes and sang softly the walls echoing my voice.

"You're the reason i'm livin' you're the breath that i take your the stars in my heaven you're the sun when i wake you're the reason i'm livin'....whoa, you're the reason i do things you're the things that i do you're the reason i'm livin' i'd be lost without you....." i smile and close my eyes as i drift off to sleep on the dirty floor. ah, truely fully complete me!

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