Normal? I think not!

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Disclaimer: I do not own right to Batman the animated series, nor do i make any money from posting this here.

I do not own rights to batman or any of the characters, nor do I make any profit from posting this story here.

Normal? I think Not!

It was a wild and stormy night in Gothem city, the rain came down in thick sheets and the wind howled like an angry being of darkness. Through the darkness, police sirens could be heard as they were in pursuit of another suspect. The suspect had just tried to rob a bank at gun point, but when the alarm went off she took off.
Now a young girl was dashing through the allies, trying to find a place to lay low for the night. Her jet black hair, was soaked by the rain and hung in a tangled mess down her back. The neon blue shirt she wore, clung to her thin frail body as did the black leather skirt. The only thing that managed to stay dry, were her feet because of the thigh high black boots she had on.
She made a mad dash down a side street, as the sound of sirens drew near before being knocked to the ground. She looked up, to see a tall figure wearing a bat suit. Not caring who he was, she sprang to her feet trying to punch him. He was all to quick to dodge it, and pin her to the ground long enough to get her in cuffs.
Even with her hands bound, she still put up a strong fight as three police officers struggled to get her into their van. She had managed to kick one of them pretty hard in the stomach, before being struck with a night stick in the head.
Normally, she would have been taken to the regular jail but since they found pictures of some of the most notorious villains in the city in her bag, she was handed over to the Arkham asylum for observation. As they took her out of the van, she began struggling again and giving the doctors a hard time.
“Let me go, you ass holes!” She demanded, as two very large security guards grabbed her arms trying to hold her still.
“If you don’t calm down, we’re going to have you sedated!” One of them warned.
“Go fuck yourselves, you sons a bitches!” She fired back, still struggling beneath them.
Before she had time to react, she felt a burning sensation in her arm. It didn’t take long, for the medication to take effect, and soon she was becoming very sleepy. She was led down a dark hallway, lined with cells. Instead of iron bars, the cells had glass partitions so the prisoners could be observed better.
It was very late when she awoke in the cell, and even though she was still a little out of it, seeing the glass made her think she could get out if she broke it. She backed up, before taking a running start, jumping up, and kicking the glass, making a banging noise. She did this continuously, not caring about the disturbance it was causing.
Across the hall from her, the Joker had been awakened by the racket she was making. Not wanting to get up, he rolled over in his bed before grabbing his pillow and putting it over his head, trying to drown the noise out.

Poison Ivy, was also woken up by her, she was in the cell diagonally across from her. Hopping the new girl would tire herself out, and go back to sleep, she breathed a frustrated sigh before rolling over.
The young girl continued to do this for a good fifteen minuets, before Joker had enough. He shot up in his bed, before getting up and giving his cell wall a good bang to get her attention. Shocked by who it was, she stopped and back up.
“Unless you want me to break your legs, I’d knock it off!” He warned.
“Yeah really, that glass isn’t going to break. Just go to bed!” Poison Ivy added, from her bed.
She said nothing, but gave them both a slight bow, before sliding down the wall and leaning her head against the glass. Unable to return to sleep, she watched the Joker return to his dreamland.
She eventually ended up falling asleep right there, but was woken up by one of the guards. She was led down the hall, to a very large cafeteria where the other patients were in line for breakfast. She felt a wave of nervousness wash over her, as she took her place in line behind the Joker. He looked over his shoulder, before laughing.
“Well if it isn’t the new girl.” He said.
“Yeah, sorry about last night. I don’t do well in places like this.” She replied, with a faint smile.
“What’s your name?” He asked.
“Angel.” She answered.
“And what are you in here for?” He asked.
“They think I’m another follower of yours, I had some old news clippings of you. I couldn’t help it, out of all batman’s major villains, you’re the one that counts.” She answered, blushing a little.
“I take it you’ve had a few run ins with the dork knight?” He assumed.
“Yeah, he’s the reason I got caught last night! If it wasn’t for him, I would have gotten away.” She replied, picking up her tray and sitting down at a long table across from him.
“What did you do?” He asked.
“Robbed a bank at gunpoint, or tried to anyway.” She answered.
“Let me guess, alarm went off and you made a break for it?” He asked, with an evil grin.
“Pretty much.” She shrugged.
“So, this is the girl who woke us up last night?” Poison Ivy asked, sitting down at the table with them.
“Yeah, and I have a feeling I’m going to be here for a while. Especially since I’m on your side, but you always manage to get out somehow so maybe I’ll get lucky.” She answered.
Breakfast didn’t last long, and soon Angel was brought down for her first session with one of the doctors. She sat on the couch, as the slim figured doctor took out her note pad and began writing notes.
“So Angel, why did you have all those pictures of the Joker in your bag?” She asked.

“Because I think he’s funny, and as dangerous as he is, I like him better than most of the people in this city. And it’s not just him, but the majority of Batman’s villains are very interesting people. They do what they do, and aren’t ashamed to be who they are. They have a kind of freedom, no one will ever obtain. Even locked in here, they don’t take it seriously, because they know it will only be a matter of time before they’ll get out again.” Angel answered.
“But they are all insane, and you idolizing them isn’t healthy.” The doctor replied.
“True, but we’re all a little insane. And this city really isn’t getting any better, I have a feeling that many more people will fall into our category, and what will you do then, lock up everybody? After all Batman is only one person, and even though he is very good at what he does, what happens when this city goes even crazier and we out number him? As unhealthy as it maybe, I find it wise to choose a side and stick with it. I know I’ve chosen mine, and my allegiances lie with his so called enemies.” Angel explained.
She was taken out of the room, only to be brought back to her cell. Angel looked across the hall, to see Joker sitting on his bed. He looked at her and grinned.
“So, how did it go?” He asked.
“It sucked, what you think?” She replied, crossing her arms over her chest.
A few weeks passed, and Angel was really starting to fall for the Joker. Since she had been behaving herself, she was led down to the TV room. Sitting on the couch, watching some comedy show was the Joker.
Angel winked at him, before sitting on the other side of the couch. He grinned, before sliding down next to her. Pretending to stretch, he put an arm around her and grabbed one of her breasts.
She jumped when she felt this, and looked up at him with a questioning look. He put his finger up to his lips, telling her to be quiet. She nodded, and tried to return her focus on the TV but it was very difficult. Especially when he began to play with her nipple through her shirt.
She bit her lower lip, and clenched her eyes shut. Joker looked over his shoulder to make sure the guards weren’t watching, before twisting the fleshy nub between his fingers.
“You like that don’t you?” He whispered in her ear.
“Yes, I just hate that we can’t do anything else. I want you so bad, I know I could rock your world if you gave me a chance.” She replied, kissing him on the cheek.
“Oh, you will get the chance, trust me!” He assured her, before moving to the other end of the couch.
Later that night, Angel lay in her bed unable to sleep. What the Joker had done to her, had left her tight heat begging to be filled. Not being able to stand it any longer, she got out of bed to see him asleep in his. Angel got down on her knees, near the glass removed her pants, and trailed a hand down her stomach until she reached her most sensitive area. Very slowly, she began to rub herself causing little ripples of pleasure to spread through her. She put her head back and closed her eyes, as she got herself more worked up.
As she continued to do this, Joker began to stir before opening his eyes. He sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes, before noticing what Angel was doing. He laughed to himself, and watched as she brought herself closer to the brink.
Angel opened her eyes, to see him watching her. This only fueled the fire in her veins, and caused her to rub herself harder. The little ripples of pleasure, were quickly turning into waves and she knew it wouldn’t be long before she would reach her climax.
Unable to stand it any longer, Joker released his hardened member from its confines and began to stroke it. Angel licked her lips, and began to grind on her fingers, her hot breath fogging the glass.
It wasn’t long, before she came and her sweet honey gushed out over her fingers. She sucked her fingers until the flavor was gone, but knew Joker had yet to reach his peak. She threw her shirt off, so she stood naked before him. Angel pressed her breasts against the glass, before moving her hips in a suggestive manner.
Joker grinned, at the sight before him and stroked himself harder until he too came, his seed landing on the partition. He laughed, as he fixed his clothes and leaned back against the wall his bed was on.
“We’ve got to find a way out of here, I want you!” Angel gasped.
“If I get you out of here, you have to promise to join me! Meaning you’d belong to me, and me only!” He explained.
“Deal!” She replied, putting her clothes back on.
It wouldn’t be for a couple weeks, Joker and Angel managed to escape. A riot started in the mess hall, and in the ruckus he managed to knock one of the guards out and steal his card key. Once they got to the parking lot, they stole a car and sped off for a place to hide.
They drove for a while, until they got to the more dangerous part of the city. Joker stopped the car outside an old comedy club, and brought Angel around to the side of the building to a side door. Inside, he led her through another door with a star on it. The room had a double bed in the corner, with a few blankets on it and two flat pillows.
Joker sat down on the bed, and motioned for Angel to join him. She gave him a seductive smile, before joining him. He placed a finger under her chin, and pulled her into a fierce frenzied kiss. He darted his tongue inside the wet cavern of her mouth, massaging hers with his.
As the kiss deepened, he laid her down and straddled her hips. She wrapped her arms around him, and began to run a hand through his green hair. He broke away from their suffocating lip lock, to remove his shirt and tare hers off too.
Angel ran her hands over his chest and back, impressed by how muscular he actually was. He deep kissed her again, allowing her to get on top of him. She kissed down his chest, until she reached his pants. She quickly removed them, releasing his hardened member only to sheath it inside her mouth.
She ran her tongue over each vein line, feeling them pulsing beneath the skin. She slowly licked around his member head, and down the sides before greedily sucking on it again.
“Mmm, you certainly know what you’re doing, I’ll give you that!” He groaned.
“Pretty good for a virgin, huh?” She asked, giving his member another lick.
“You’re a virgin?” He asked.
“Yup, I wanted you to be the one to take it! Hope you feel special!” She answered, rubbing his member between her breasts and licking the top of it again.

At hearing this, Joker felt himself grow even harder and pulled her back up. He tore her pants off, so she lay naked beneath him. He kissed down her belly, before flicking his tongue over the tiny bundle of nerves screaming for attention.
“Oh, god!” She yelped, clenching the sheets in her hands.
He laughed evilly, before positioning himself at her entrance. She braced herself, as she felt him enter her and with his first big drive into her, felt her maidenhead break. She winced a little, but what little pain there was, soon faded as Joker drove himself deeper inside her.
“You’re so tight!” He groaned, before capturing her lips in another fierce kiss.
Angel bucked her hips, in time with his thrusts causing a new kind of sensation to wash over them both.
Not saying anything he pulled out of her, only to flip her over on all fours and plunge himself back inside her. He grabbed onto her hips, and pulled her back hard. She bit her lip, and felt her insides clamp down on his throbbing, hard member.
“It’s good, it’s so good!” She cried, as sweat began to pour off her body.
He laughed again, as he took hold of her arms and pulled her up so her back was pressed against his chest. This gave him a little more driving power, and Angel could feel a very strong climax approaching.
“That’s it, take it!” He groaned, nipping at her neck.
“Harder, fuck me harder!” She begged, tears of pleasure streaming down her cheeks.
He continued to drive into her, until her sweet honey gushed out over him. He lowered her back down on the bed, but she wasn’t finished yet, and knew he wanted more. Joker laid down on his back, allowing her to get on top and starting to ride him. She ground her hips against his, as he held her wrists against his chest.
He sat up, so their legs were interlocking and let her rest her head on his shoulder. He could sense her getting worn out, but didn’t care as he drove into her even harder. Angel tried her best, to make sure he was pleased and didn’t stop until he came releasing his hot seed deep inside her.
The two of them collapsed on the bed, both out of breath. Angel laid with her head against his chest listening to his heart beating, as she came down off her sexual high.
“That was amazing, you’re so good!” She gasped.
“I know, and now, you’re mine.” He replied, with a laugh.
Well that’s it, it was my first Joker fic, so hopefully you guys liked it. He’s just to awesome to resist.

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