Harleys Bday previously Harleys Suprise Party

BY : ConsecrateSex
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Harley awoke to her usual morning 5 minutes before her alarm clock. "Harley!! Wheres my socks?" the Joker cried out. "I don't know puddin'," Harley repied falling out of bed, "did you check the sock drawer?" Harley trips on the rug, stumbling out of her room. The door to his room lay ajar, Harley peers in to see Joker tossing hand fulls of socks into the air. "You got socks right there silly," she says whilst adjusting her left breast to match the right one. A mad man in purple pin striped boxers turns to gleer at her, "I need my lucky socks." The low voice made her body shiver. "Um..I think their in the wash," She says with an unsure tone. "Well don't just stand there, go get 'em!" joker sneers. Harley runs downstairs, the banister ratling as she descends. She ran into an old storage room of the warehouse, and glances over her shoulder before opening a crate. The container lay filled with discontinued designer socks. She grabs a pair and rips the tag off with her teeth before running back upstairs, "I found 'em, sweety. They were still in the dryer."

"I can always count on you, Harl," the joker says gently as if peting her emotions. Harley squeels, "eeee," and does a stage faint onto his bed. "I don't have time for tickle games, harl. I've got work to do, get the boys ready," Joker says staring at himself in the mirror. "You'd have to be insane not to want this," he says in a soft voice not expecting harley to hear. Harley jumps up behind him and wraps her arms around her clown prince, "mmm hmmm." Joker clears his throat, "ahem."

Harley walks swiftly to the back of the warehouse where the henchmen sleep on cots. She pulls a rusty lever turning on the fire sprinklers. The freezing water jerk the men awake. "what the hell?," one man replies, "f-ff-fuck," says another in a shivering voice. "Time to get up," harley says gleefuly turning the water back off, "you guys needed a shower anyways, pee-yeu." She pinches her nose then skips merrily back to her room. "Bad babies," she says shaking her finger at the hyenas.

The two pets lay on her bed chewing on the pieces of her broken alarm clock. She sighs, "I guess I'll have to steal a new one." Harley pulls out two large raw rib-eye steaks from behind her back, they both look up at her. "oh so now you love mommy," she says waving the steaks above her head, "typical men." The hyenas do eliptcal flips into the air for the food before she finaly tosses the pieces down. They both grab onto the same piece, growling at each other in a tug of war.

Harley strolls into the bath room steathily, droping her bra and panties on the floor. Joker is in shower singing "ding dong the bat is gone." She peeks through the side and watches him wash himself, waiting to get in until he's soaping his hair. Harley steps into the shower, in front of him as he's rincing his hair. She bites her lip trying to hold back all the excitement inside of her. Joker's cock stands errect as she tries to quickly slip him inside her before he sees she is in with him.

She pushes her ass back but doesn't get the feeling she intends for, instead Joker had lifted his cock back to rest on the crack of her ass. His hands caresses her slippery body, groping her chest then finaly sliding down her stomache. Harley closes her eyes moaning softly. He moved a hand back up to her chest and started run his fingers around her tit. Harley felt her pussy getting hotter as he played with her. Her breath was heavy by now, chest heaving up and down. Joker finaly traced his finger lightly across the lips of her labia.

Harley's body became stiff and she strugled to gasp in a few breaths of air. Her body quivered as his fingers played with her clit. "Do you like that?" Joker says into her ear. Harley shakes her hips and squeezes her thighs together trying to reach climax. "mmm..mm..hmmmm," she replies in a high tone. Harley loved it when joker touched her like this. Her pussy spasmed with the feeling of an on comming orgasm, "oh Joker, oh Joker," Harley says repeatedly out of breath. He pulled his hands off of her just as she was about to cum.

Harley looks back at him, "why'd you stop?" Joker stared at her body for a moment before holding his cock towards her, "I was just about to.." his voice trails off. "yes!?" harley replies excitedly waving her ass at him. "get out," he responds as he jumps out of the shower. "you, you, you tease!" she yells while acting as if to slam the curtain shut. Harley slips "aaayeee" and pulls the curtain down with her. Joker starts laughing hard as she strugles to stand up. "Don't just stand there help me up," she whimpers.

He pulls out a polaroid camera and takes a snap shot of her. "I'm putting this in the christmas card," he says walking out of the room with a towel wraped around his waist. "Hey get back here," Harley says while getting out and turning off the water. She sees that joker took the last towel, "hey!" Her hair lay matted and wet as she peeked around the door. "Boys, are any of you down there?" harley asked and waited a moment for a reply. She runs to her room with an arm across her chest and hand over her crotch.

Harley got to her room certain that none of Joker's cronies had seen her. She closed the door and breathed a deep sigh. The room was dark as she tried to walk over to her night stand to turn on the light. As the light filled her room Joker and a few of his men jumped out from hiding, "suprise!" Harley screamed and her skin turned paler than jokers. They began to sing, "for she's uh..." and stared at her glistening body. "What the hell joker!?" harley screams pulling a bed sheet against her body.

"It's your birthday, harl. Now blow out the candles and make a wish." Joker says with a gleeming smile. "But they saw what only your eyes should see," harley pouts. "Don't worry about them, I have them trained to keep thier paws off of you. They know if they try anything I'll have 'em neutered," Joker responds, "now make a wish." Harley wraps the sheet around herself and walks towards the joker. She looks at Joker and his men and takes in a deep breath. Her voice mumbles, "I wish I could have my brains fucked out" intent that only Joker heard what she said.

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