Daddys Little Girl

BY : SchiffThomas
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It had been fourteen long years of a lonely unloved life for Kinley. Her mother never treated her in the proper way and for fourteen years her mother searched her a man calling himself The Joker. He was the man her mother always threatened to send her away to. Kinley just passed her off as insane but yet they stood on the outskirts of a city called Gotham.

Her mother pulled her along roughly, holding her wrist as tight as she possible could. "Mom! That hurts!" She pleaded on deaf ears as she was tugged up the stairs, nearly falling upon them a few times.

Kinley was a rather tall girl, much taller then her mother and very petite but shapely in the chest and hips. Her hair was of the darkest black and straight as silk. It fell messily around her shoulders as her mother finally stopped at the threshold of the run down building.

Kinley pulled her wrists away, rubbing it tenderly. Her mother pounded on the door next, two gruesome and vicious howls erupted from inside.

Kinley shivered slightly, though from the chill air or from fear she didn't know.

"What do you want?" Came an angry voice from inside.

"That no good son of a bitch with the cheap suit is what!" Her mother snapped through the door. Kinley took a deep breath and stared around at the scenery.

A small slot opened in the door and she could see a pair of eyes before the man was shoved out of the way. The socket was blank a moment before a pair of blank black chilling eyes took their place.

"What do you want?" The man asked once again.

"I want you to come take your kid." She replied in a cold tone. Kinley turned slightly, staring over her shoulder at her in disbelief.

There was a slight pause before she heard loud laughter from the other side before the slot was closed. Then there was only silence.

Her mother, growing more frustrated, reached into her pocket and extracted a black pistol. "Mom..." Kinley said slowly. She ignored her and pulled the trigger on the lock of the door, kicking the door open afterwords.

Joker paused and turned to the woman who had just entered his home.

"Just who.... precisely do you think you are?" He asked menacingly.

"A fling from fourteen years ago." She replied as she pointed the pistol at him. Kinley gripped the door frame , peering in nervously from the outside.

Joker laughed and snapped his fingers. Five of his henchmen came out holding guns pointing them at the woman the had entered his lair. He pulled out a gun on his own.

"And you came here..... why?" He asked laughing.

"That!" She pointed back at Kinley but kept her gun pointed towards him. "That little evil spawn you put inside me!" Kinley sneered.

Joker sighed and put his hands behind his back. He slowly started walking towards her. "I'm going to try this one more time. And I will say it slowly so you understand this time. What.... do..... You..... want?"

"Take your damn child!" She snapped and pushed the barrel of the gun into his chest.

Joker looked at her a moment before slapping her arm away, the gun falling from her hand.

"What makes you think you can waltz in here and assume I'd take the damn thing anyway? Even if it was mine?"

'...It?' Kinley thought as her mother continued to argue or more like attempt to argue with the flamboyant man. 'I'm not an I?'

She was so lost in thought that she jumped in shock when she heard the sound of the gun.

Her mother fell to the floor, a puddle of blood leaking out from under her lifeless corpse. Kinley stared blankly at her, her mother, her abuser. Now she was dead, did that mean she was free? She looked up then to her alleged 'father'. " hero..." She mumbled as she stared in awe at him, not realizing that she had spoken out loud.

Joker looked to her not hearing what she had said and waltzed towards her. "Now.... you young lady. What do you propose I do with you?"

She swallowed loudly as she pressed her back against the door frame, staring up at him as he approached her, staying silent.

"Well?" He asked. "You know it's not often I give my victims a choice and I'm loosing patience."

"Anything?" She asked in a faint tone as she began to feel shorter and shorter the longer he towered over her.

"Anything....." He paused. "The one girl I give a choice to and she says..... Anything." He paused and stared at her a moment. "So if I choose... To shoot you..... right where you stand......"

"If that will make you happy." She replied after a few seconds then looked down to the gun.

Joker stared at her a while before putting the gun down. "You know..... I like you kid.... you got...." He paused not knowing what to say. "You can stay.... but if you so much as make ONE wrong move...." He said aiming the gun at her again.

She hunched her shoulders and looked back up at him, putting on the cutest expression she knew how to make. "I'll be a good girl. I promise."

"Mmm.... good..... so what's your name?"

"Kinley." She replied as she stood straight again.

"Alright then Kinely.... you can come with me than." He said. "I'll uh..... test your worth if you will." He laughed as he headed towards the door. Two henchmen moved to follow but he held his hand up stopping them. "Do you mind. We're going to spend some quality father daughter time." He said laughing harder.

She followed him quickly, stepping carefully over her mother's corpse and past the henchmen, they didn't look very pleased.

"Get in." He said pointing to the purple cady.

She smiled lightly as she climbed into the cady. Purple...everything seemed to be purple. Luckily it was her favorite color, she never went a day with out wearing it somewhere on her person, today so happened to be her underwear.

Joker got into the drivers seat and started up the engine. He pulled out of the make shift garage and onto the street. "You ever killed anyone before?"

She blinked, that was certainly an odd ice breaker. "No." She replied as she coiled her fingers around themselves on her lap.

He mumbled something incoherent and turned the corner. "So what do you do for fun?"

She thought for a long time before glancing at him. "Build things." She replied.

"You..... like what?" He asked.

"...small trinkets. They usually explode though." She replied with a shrug and leaned back in her seat.

"You build.... explosives?" He asked a smirk on his face.

"I guess you can call it that." She giggled ominously and took a hold of her hair so it stopped tickling her shoulders.

He glanced at her a moment before turning back to the road. "I think I like you a bit more." He said. "You might come in handy."

She looked at him slowly and tilted her head. "Can I call you Daddy?"

"What?" Joker asked shocked.

"Daddy?" She whispered, smirking slightly at him.

"Mmm...." He groaned out in displeasure.

She pouted slightly and leaned away from him. "I won't then."

"Stop pouting you look like a five year old." He said crankily.

"Ok." the pout was wiped off her face and replaced with her usual blank expression.

"You're fourteen?"

"Uh huh." She replied as she twirled a lock of her hair around her finger. She stared at his profile for a while before slipping her hand onto his thigh. She hadn't even thanked him for getting rid of her terrible mother, her hand slid up his leg slowly.

He looked down a moment before once again looking up at the road. "What are you doing?"

"Touching your leg..." She replied as her hand slid farther up. "Do you like it?"

"You do realize.... I am your father right."

"I have to thank you somehow, right?" She moved her hand farther up his leg stopping just before the grove of his pants.

"Thank me for what?" He asked.

"For killing mom." She replied.

He couldn't help but chuckle. "I think that's the first time I've had someone thank me for killing anyone let alone their mother." He said.

Seeing as he didn't object to where her hand was place she leaned over slowly, pulling loose the button of his pants then pulling the zipper down.

Joker glanced down at her hands and raised an eyebrow. "I'd once again like to point out.... I am your father." He said. "Or so crazy lady says."

"I know daddy..." She whispered softly to silence him as she reached into his pants slowly.

He didn't argue with her. "And people think I'm sick...." He said though his smirk betrayed his words.

She lifted his flaccid shaft from his pants and rubbed it slowly. "Why would they think that?" She asked.

He didn't answer her, just concentrated on the road.

"This is alright isn't it?" She asked as she applied her tongue to the tip of his cock.

"Do what you want." He said. He really didn't care.

She closed her eyes and slowly and slid her mouth over his white cock as she lapped at the underside.

He turned another corner and felt himself harden slightly as her tongue played over this cock.

She pulled up half way and slid closer as she sucked on the tip for a moment then moved her head back down.

He moved one hand off the steering wheel and moved it down onto her shoulder urging her on.

She glanced up then closed her eyes again, bobbing her head lightly over his hardening cock.

He moved his hand down slightly and cupped one of her breasts in his hand before slipping it down the v of her shirt and into her bra.

She closed her eyes tighter and blushed at the feel of his hand and pulled up. "Does that feel good Daddy?"

He groaned slightly and hardened to his full length as he heard her call him daddy. "Mmm.... yeah." He said quietly and lifted his hips slightly.

She reached to his hips slowly and slipped his pants down quickly. "Am I a good girl daddy?" She asked in a sultry tone as she stroked over his length.

He moaned again and kneaded her breast in his hand pushing her bra down underneath her mounds. "Yeah...." He said huskily.

She made a slight sound and touched his hand softly as she plunged him deep into her mouth again.

"Take off your shirt." He said to her quietly.

She pulled away from him again, taking a small breath as she slipped her shirt up over her head, leaving her in a light purple bra.

He pulled onto a quite street and pulled to the side of the road. "That too." He said.

She blinked then looked around to make sure no one was watching but him. She reached back and unclasped her bra and let it slip down off her shoulders and then rested it on the seat behind her.

He smirked and turned sideways on the seat so that he was leaning against the door. He had one foot up on the passengers seat his other on the floor. She sat on her knees between his legs. He sat up and took one pert nipple into his mouth lapping at it with his tongue, his hand playing with the other.

She gasped softly as she cheeks flushed a bit more. She stayed stilled feeling a hot tingling between her legs. "Daddy..." She moaned.

He felt her fingers entangle in his hair, liked the feel of her fingers on his scalp. He thrusts against her before pulling away from her breasts and pushing her back towards his awaiting cock.

She took him back into her mouth, sucking him like a popsicle. She purred softly onto his cock as she pressed her legs tighter together,

He moaned as he watched her bobbing up and down on his huge white cock. He ran his hand through her hair before pulling it away from her face so that he could see her lips wrapped around his warm shaft.

She rested one of her hands on his thigh as she lapped the underside of his cock when she deep throated him.

He moaned quietly as the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat.

She pulled away slowly, leaving a silk thin trail of saliva from her tongue to the tip of his cock. She gripped him and pushed him up, licking down the underside of his shaft to his soft sac. She wiggled her tongue over his balls for a minute then licked back up his length.

Joker moaned. "I liked that..." He said looking down at her. She looked up at him a moment before moving back down and taking one of his balls into her mouth sucking on it gently.

She shuddered as she heard him moan again and pulled the small sac outward and let it slap back into it's normal position.

She moved back to his cock and sucked on him greedily.

Joker closed his eyes and moaned before looking back at her. "I'm gonna cum." He said.

She made a happy noise and gripped the base of his shaft, stroking it in motion with the bobbing of her head.

He looked down at the noise she made. "You want daddy to cum in your mouth?" He asked. "Would you like that?"

She nodded quickly and sucked him harder,

Joker moaned and put his hands on the back of her head pushing her down slightly but not hard enough to choak her. He let her stay in control. "You're so dirty you know that. Daddy's dirty little girl. You gonna like the taste of daddy's cum." He said as he thrust a little faster.

She pulled away then and stared up at him. "Daddy going to cum all over your baby girl?"

Joker moaned and pulled her back to his cock.

She closed her eyes again and plunged him deep into her mouth again, purring onto his length.

"Mmmm fuck.... faster...." He moaned.

She bobbed her head in a quick pace and stroked his base firmly.

He groaned and thrust into her mouth harder as he cam harshly inside her mouth. His huge load spilling onto her tongue.

She jerked slightly as his load splattered into the back of her throat. It was bitter yet sweet. She coughed slightly as she milked him for every drop he had in him then pulled away, swallowing his juices.

Joker pumped his own cock a few more times as it softened before pulling up his pants and sitting in the drives seat properly. "You're one sick kid you know that." He said putting the car back into drive.

"Yeah...probably why mom couldn't stand the sight of me." She replied and twisted back into the proper sitting position.

"What? You had sex with her too?" He asked confused.

"" She replied. "Why would I do that? I hated her."

"You never know kid." He said.

After a few minutes they arrived down at the less friendly side of the docks. Stepping out from the caddy slowly she hugged herself as a cold wind blew her hair over her shoulders.

Joker walked a little ahead of her and approached a small group of men.

She looked a bit nervous as she followed him a good five paces behind his strides. "Do you know them, Daddy?"

"You can say that." He said. He came up to the men. "Good evening gentleman." He said with a broad smile. "How are you this fine evening?" His voice deepened a bit at the end of his last sentence.

"Who are you freak?"

Kinley blinked, how could anyone not know who he was? And even have the nerve to call him a freak? She felt a twinge of anger steadily growing inside of her as she stood quietly behind him.

"Easy boys." He said with a short laugh. "Surely you remember me eh...." He said.

"Jack?" One of the men asked trying to get a better look at him.

"Hush!" Joker said harshly. "This here..." He said indicating Kinley. "Is my daughter...." He said smiling. "I wanted to uh.... show her the ropes. Get her into the uh..... family business if you will."

She moved around him slowly, cupping his hand in hers as she smiled slightly at the group of men.

Joker slipped her a gun behind his back and pulled out his own gun. He shot at the man nearest him. The man jumped in shock as Joker pulled the trigger, a yellow and orange bang flag popping out. Joker laughed hysterically as the man visibly relaxed.

She gripped the piece of metal in her hand tightly. It was a real gun, she could tell by it's weight, a 22 to be precise. She kept it hidden as she looked at him in confusion unsure of what he wanted her to do.

"Oh they don't find this funny. Come now Kinley.... give them the punch line!" He said laughing.

She held the gun up to the same man smiling to him. He didn't seem phased by the presence of another gun pointed at him , thinking it was another fake. "Smile." She said shortly before pulling the trigger. Her arm recoiled as the bullet was projected into the man's chest, leaving her arm sore.

Joker doubled over in laughter as he raised the gun, the flag still sticking out of it. He shot the man next to the one Kinley shot, the flag shooting out and embedding in the mans chest. There was one left.

She lowered her arm slowly as she turned to the third man. He was trembling and unable to move. Tilting her head slowly she pointed the barrel of her gun towards him but paused as her finger rested over the trigger.

Joker stopped laughing and turned slowly to her. A frown upon his face.

She blinked then shook her head slightly and lowered her arm a bit. She pulled the trigger then, the bullet embedding into the man's stomach instead. He screamed and toppled over in pain as she lowered her arm. "Watch your friends bleed for a while."

The Joker burst out laughing again. The shot had been made perfectly. It emededed into a major organ. It would take him at least four full minutes to die.

"You kid.... have potential."

She smiled and handed the gun to him. "Thank you."

He took the gun and threw both of them into the water near the docks non casually.

"That was fun." She said in a low tone as she rocked on the balls of her feet.

He put his arm around her shoulders. "Darling you are a girl of my own vision." He said a broad smile on his face.

She let out a high pitched laugh as she leaned against him.

He cringed slightly. "That.... we need to work on." He said.

She cleared her throat slowly and cupped his hand again. "Sorry."

He looked down at her hand and smirked. "So why exactly did you do that in the car?" He asked.

She looked up at him with big eyes. "I wanted to know what it was like to suck someone off."

"And you chose your father why?"

"Because I love you." She replied, letting his hand go slowly. "Daughters should love their daddies right?"

"That's an odd form of love darling." He laughed.

"It is?" She blinked and turned, staring up at him intently.

"Yeah.... most kids usually don't suck off their daddies." He said. "Though I have to say." He leaned in closer to her. "That was kinda hot."

She smiled cutely and tilted her head. "So I can do it again?"

"Darling, if it ends like that.... you can do anything you want to me." He said with a laugh.

"Ooh yaaay!" She giggled then ran back towards the caddy.

"Oh.... baby likes daddy's cock?" He asked a smile on his face.

"Yeah!" She called as she jumped into the passenger's seat.

Joker got back into the drivers seat a wide grin on his face. "You make daddy so proud." He said pulling her to him and kissing the top of her head.

She wrapped her arms around him tightly, burying her head on his chest.

He put his arm around her and pulled the car away again.

She laid against him the entire way back to the run down warehouse that so what called his 'lair'. After the caddy was stopped she slipped out and brushed her skirt off.

"You got any plans today baby cakes?" He asked grinning at her.

"I don't know..." She said in a low tone and leaned against his door. "Do I?"

Joker glanced at her a moment. "You know.... I love it when girls flirt." He said grinning at her before opening the door and stepping inside.

She watched him walk then stepped in after him.

Joker made his way up the stairs and headed to his room.

Kinley leapt nimbly up the stairs in his wake. Following him down the hall but came to a stop at the door frame leading into his room.

She peered inside of it for a moment before entering. She stood for another moment as she pressed her legs tightly together, she felt that her panties were damp. Quickly she crossed the room and pushed her father back against the bed, crawling on top of him. "Make me a woman..."

"What?" He said with a mix of confusion and anger.

She leaned slowly slowly and stared down at him. "Make me a woman? Please?" She asked as she trailed her finger down his chest.

"I heard what you said." He said annoyed. "What do you mean by make you a woman?"

"...take my virginity." She answered in a low almost embarrassed tone.

"You...." Joker leaned up so that he was resting on his elbows. "Shouldn't you be looking for a boy your own age?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

"...boy's my own age have no endurance or stamina." She raised a brow, he should know, he was that age at one point. "Besides...I want you to do it...I trust you..."

"You've known me three hours." He said.

"You're my daddy." She whispered as she licked his earlobe slowly and picked at tie around his neck.

"You like that idea don't you?" He asked as she pulled the tie loose. "Fine.... you can play daddy." He smirked and leaned back on the bed with his hands behind his head.

She pulled the tie from him and tossed it to the side, pulling the last of the button's free then opening his dress shirt. After that was done and over with his chest stood bare in the dim light. She leaned down and kissed his skin lightly sliding down to his stomach and licking lightly as she pulled open his pants.

Reaching in she lifted his flaccid shaft from them and gave the head a firm lick. Sliding down a big more she let his penis rest as she pulled off her shirt and bra once again.

They joined the pile as she gripped him again, stroking slowly.

"You know..... I can't help thinking this is wrong." He said looking up at her. He laughed then. "I LOVE IT!" He said laughing harder. He reached up and took her breast into his hand kneeding the soft mound of flesh.

She made a slightly pained sound as her cheek fluster again. She leaned up slowly and stared down at his hand as he kneaded her breast.

Joker leaned foward and took her soft pert nipple into his mouth, licking the small nub.

"Daddy..." She moaned as she raked her fingers though his dark green locks. She moved up slightly and reached down, stroking his cock once again.

Joker moaned and felt himself swell against her hand.

She took his free hand with hers and lowered it down between her legs as she kissed him passionately.

He pulled his hand away from hers a little insulted. "I'm no minor at this kid." He said annoyed as he moved himself against her hand again.

Kinley blinked as she gripped him tighter in her hand. "...i'm sorry..." She answered, unsure of what she had done wrong.

Joker flipped them over so that he was ontop and lapped at her breast a moment longer before kissing his way down her body. He reached her small tight entrance and licked lightly at the dampness that was there.

Kinley gave a sharp jerk as she felt his tongue in a place she'd never been touched before. She giggled softly as she took a hold of his hair with one hand. "That tickles."

Joker looked up at her and smiled. He had intended that too. But this wouldn't. He plunged his tongue deep inside her licking against her inner walls as he did. He pulled out and licked her clit once... twice.... three times before poking back in again.

She gasped softly as she felt him slid his tongue inside of her, twitching every time he licked at her walls. Then she felt his absence momentarily. She moaned as he licked over her clit, groping her breasts as she did.

He loved bringing off a woman like this. It gave him a sense of power. He pulled out of her once again and sucked on her clit making her squirm beneath him. He smiled against her before licking along the slit.

She rolled her hips slowly, rubbing herself over his tongue then curved her back inward. "I want you inside me...please..." She begged.

Joker laughed. "Patience my dear." He said in a sultery tone as he licked her again.

"Aah!" She bit onto her knuckle and closed her eyes, spreading her legs farther apart. "Yes...right there..."

He did the same thing over again as he slipped his middle finger into her.

She felt his finger poke against something inside her that certainly did not like it. "...ow..." She said in a flat tone as stared down, he retracted his finger slowly then only pushed it in a small bit. The pain faded as he continued to lick over her, she took a deep breath as she felt her pleasure increasing.

He sucked on her clit as he pulled his finger in and out of her before adding another one slowly. He curled his fingers inside her.

She trembled lightly as she cried out, clenching tightly around his fingers as she came.

Joker smiled up at her as he moved back up her body. "Do you still want his?" He asked rubbing his cock against her.

"Yes..." She breathed out as she ran her hands along his shoulder's pushing his shirt off them then reached down, gripping the rim of his pants and pushed them down as well.

Joker stood up breifly and pulled his shoes off before removing his pants.

Kinley closed her legs slowly as she laid upon the bed, one arm over her head and the other over her stomach as she stared at him.

He moved closer to her and gently nudged her legs apart again.

She spread them again, looking a little nervous as she eyed his swollen cock.

He leaned over her and kissed her passionatly taking her breast into his hand again. His tongue battled with hers as he rubbed his length against her slit.

She wrapped her arms around him, sliding her legs up his sides slowly as she entangled her tongue with his.

"Are you ready?" He asked. He normally didn't care about womens comfort but.... this was his daughter.

"Yes daddy." She nodded briefly and laid back deep into the mattress, trying to stay relaxed.

He brought his hand down and wrapped it around the base of his cock pushing the head into her tight hole.

"Nhnn..." She closed her legs slightly as she felt herself stretch around him.

"Just relax." He said as he pushed a little further in. Not deep enough to hit her maiden head, just slightly.

"You're making me nervous..." She replied as she breathed out. "Just shove it in."

"It'll hurt more if I do that.... just be patient and relax. It only hurts for a moment." He said pulling out of her and pushing back in slowly and shallowly.

"I can deal with the pain..." She mumbled, laying still under him.

Joker stroked her hair. "I have no doubt of that." He laughed. He thrust shallowly a few more times before he thrust into her deep breaking through the thin skin.

She made a light pained sound as her body twitched. There was a sharp lingering pain between her thighs that soon faded away to a mere murmur. "...that's wasn't so bad..."

Joker still held himself still as he allowed her to ajust to the size of him.

She smiled and kissed him lightly, raking her hands through his hair slowly.

"You okay?" He asked softly.

"Just fine." She replied in a calm tone, followed closely by a warm smile.

Joker leaned into her slighly leaving most of his weight on his elbows as he moved slowly in and out of her.

She twitched a few more times as she felt him moving inside of her, it didn't feel very good. She bit her lip as she stared at him, unsure of what to do.

Joker moaned and closed his eyes. "Your so tight." He groaned as he rocked his hips against hers. He kissed her neck, nipped lightly at her jaw. "You feel so good."

She cringed as he continued to thrust up into her. "U-uh h-huh..." She replied trying to sound as casual as possible despite the discomfort she was in.

Joker leaned against her his chest flat against hers as he continued to move. He could tell she was in some discomfort but by this point he didn't care. She felt so good and tight around his cock all he wanted to do was slam into her over and over until he was spent.

"...this ... doesn't feel good..." She cringed as he thrust in to her again, and wished he would stop.

Joker pushed into her deeper. He was coming close. "It will." He moaned.

She whimpered as her legs pressed deeply into his sides. "...s-stop..."

"It's okay..." He said moving a little faster. He could feel his orgasm building as she clenched him tighter.

"Daddy..." She whimpered again as she twisted uncomfortably under him. "Please stop.... it hurts." She pulled her hands underneath trying to push against his chest.

Joker spead up his thrusts his breathing becoming harsh in her ear. The harder she fought against him the tighter she became around him. "Oh fuck..... I'm so close." He nipped at her ear and fondled her breast as he continued to rock himself between her legs.

"Ow!" She cried sharply as she pushed against his chest harder, her nails cutting his skin. "Daddy!" She cried out in pain as he thrust into her hard. She heard him groan as she called to him and felt his sticky juices fill her. His body shuddered over her as his orgasm crashed through him.

She trembled as she finally slowed his thrusts then stopped completely. She pushed him up off her and moved up, pressing her back against the bed board and pulled her knee's to her chest tightly.

"Oh come on.... it's could have been worse." He said smiling at her.

"I told you to stop..." She mumbled as tears fell down her cheek, her entire body trembling.

"Mmm..." He said moving closer to her. He ran the back of his fingers down her cheek whipping away the tears. "I couldn't." He said simply. "It'll be better next time, I promise."

"...I-I don't wanna...anymore..." She shuddered as she flinched away from his hands.

"Hey... look at me." He said. "You knew it would hurt the first time. It's probably going to sting a bit the second time as well.... but it will get better."

She shook her head as more tears rolled down her cheeks. "I'm sorry...I don't want to anymore..."

Joker sneered and suddenly looked very annoyed. "Fine." He said getting up and getting dressed again. "I have work to do I'll see you later." He said. He fixed the last of his clothes and walked briskly out the door.

She covered her face with her hands as she cried. Her body screamed in pain as her mind seemed to shut down on itself. She sat there upon his bed in shambles as the sheets began to turn red.

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