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(The Fear of Plants)

By: Thomas Schiff

“Jonathan, don’t be stupid you’re doing that wrong.” Jonathan nearly jumped out of his chair and dropped the beaker he was holding but managed to catch it before it shattered on the table, it’s contents gratefully saved. He squinted and glared over his shoulder at the woman that had been annoying him since they had begrudgingly decided to work together.

“Do you mind?” Jonathan asked. “I’m trying to work.” He said moving back to what he was doing.

“Work? More like fail. You mix to many of-” Jonathan cut her off by turning around and glaring at her.

“I’m sorry Pamela I didn’t realize you where a master of making MY fear toxin.” He said sarcastically. “Please by all means…” He got off his chair and indicated his work station. “Do take over for me.” Pamela Isley, also known as Poison Ivy, stared at Jonathan a moment. She had never seen him act this way before. Course then again the only time she saw him was when he was snivelling in Arkham after Batman gassed him with his own toxin or when Batman was bringing him in and he was freaking out on them yelling at them to worship him as the God of Fear. She put her hands up in mock surrender.

“Okay alright.” She said annoyed as she turned and sat down in the stool next to him. She watched him work and smirked slightly. He glanced over at her and rolled his eyes.

“What?” He asked.

“Anyone ever told you, you have a funny shaped head?” She asked though she wasn’t sure why she had just insulted her current co worker. He really hadn’t done anything to get her started on it.

“Thanks.” He said sarcastically. She stared at him for a few moments. She never really got a good look at him. He wasn’t attractive in the very least. He had a funny shaped head, odd looking ears. His eyes looked a bit to small though that might have been due to the size of his skull and his nose was a little to wide for the frame of his face. His body looked malnourished and mistreated and it made her wonder what he had gone through to end up this way. She thought about what his past might have been like. Was he abused by his parents? Did he have parents? Has he ever been cared for by anyone? Was there someone right now worried for his well being? Did he have a mother somewhere that was constantly wondering where he was? Or did she care? She subconsciously brought her hand up and brushed it against his shoulder as she wondered to herself how many scars there possibly could be under the white lab coat and red shirt.

He didn’t look at her but his hands froze as she touched him. “What are you doing?” He asked not looking at her but keeping his eyes on his frozen hands. She whipped her hand away from him as if she had been burned.

“Nothing.” She said. “Just thinking.” She rolled her eyes at herself. What the hell was wrong with her? Probably the scent of the chemicals Jonathan was using was getting to her. Yeah… that had to be it. Jonathan put his hands down on the desk putting the beaker down and looked to her.

“You don’t just touch someone cause you’re thinking.” He said sounding slightly annoyed that he was being lied too. She shifted slightly nervous.

“I… I was just thinking to myself. Not really much else I could do here right? Not now anyway. Just thinking about what your past must have been like.” She said. Jonathan took a deep breath and moved back to what he was doing once again ignoring her. “I mean I know next to nothing about you. I don’t even know how old you are.” Jonathan continued to ignore her as he poured a small amount of powder into a beaker of yellow liquid. The liquid turned an odd red colour before turning back yellow.

“Damn it.” Jonathan mumbled under his breath. Ivy shifted in her seat once again bored as she began playing with a long metal stir stick type thing that she didn’t know the name of. “Twenty Four.” Ivy paused and looked at him a moment.

“What?” She asked. Jonathan poured the powder into another beaker of the same substance. It turned red and after a few moments he realized that it had stayed that way.

“You asked me how old I was.” He said simply. “I’m twenty four.” He said.

“Really?” Ivy asked. “I thought you where older than that. You must have been young when you became a university professor.”

“I graduated from high school when I was sixteen. I didn’t have any trouble getting into university. Most of my classes I just took the exams and passed me.”

“They do that?” She asked. He shrugged.

“For some of the lesser courses yes.” He said. “For the major ones you had to attend.” He took the beaker and poured the liquid into three small canisters that where about the length of his index finger and about twice the thickness.

“Bet your parents were proud of you.” She flinched as she saw Jonathan visibly tense his teeth clenched. Then just as soon as it happened he relaxed and went back to what he was doing, not saying a word.

She sighed and looked around a moment before looking back to him. After a while she began to notice a few things about him that she hadn’t noticed before. Mainly the scar the ran just slightly from out under his collar up the side of his neck towards his ear. She brought her hand up and ran her finger curiously up the length of it causing Crane to drop the beaker he had just picked up the contents spilling over the table. Ivy pulled her hand away from him and expected him to get angry at her but to her amazement he cleaned up the liquid and continued to ignore her. She was starting to get annoyed. She didn’t like being ignored, especially from someone such as he. Once the spill was cleaned up she smirked. She knew how she’d bring his attention back to her.

“Jonathan.” She said quietly. There was a barely audible ‘hmm.’ As she moved closer to him. “You know… I never realized this before but…” She slipped her hand inside his jacket over his shirt. “You are kinda cute…” She told him. Crane rolled his eyes.

“Stop patronizing me.” He said. “If you’re trying to get a reaction go find someone else.” He said finishing up with his last beaker. He put it down and turned to her.

“I’m not looking for a reaction I’m being honest.” She said. “I’ve never had a good look at you and you’re kinda cute in an odd way.” Jonathan stared at her a moment.

“Uh-huh.” Was all he said before turning away from her. This man was insufferable. What did it take to get a reaction out of this man? She grabbed onto the front of his lab coat and pulled him to her, his eyes widening in shock as her lips met his.

Jonathan froze not knowing what to do. To be honest he’d never been kissed before and really knew nothing about it other than it had to do with pressing ones lips to someone else’s. He never found a need to look into such a matter. He felt her run her hands down his chest and closed his eyes in embarrassment as he felt his pants tighten slightly. He shivered slightly when he felt her tongue nudge against his lips. She pulled back a moment later when he didn’t respond.

“Just relax.” She said. He tried to relax but was still a bit stiff. She kissed him once again and nudged her tongue against his lips again. She took his hands in hers and brought them up to her waist. He rested them there loosely. She could tell he was new to this and knew by how stiff he was that he was both shocked and nervous. It didn’t take him long to get the hint though and she slipped her tongue into his mouth. He oddly tasted like chocolate and peppermint. She ran her hands down his chest and moved closer to the waist of his pants. He had just begun to kiss her back when she slipped her hand into his brown pants and he froze once again. She sighed quietly.

“Relax.” She said. “I’m not going to hurt you.” She said with a slight laugh. She looked down as her hand grasped his cock slightly shocked which made him just that much more uncomfortable. “You’re bigger than I thought you’d be.” She said as she pumped him in her hand. His cock swelled to full attention and his breathing increased.

“What-” He cut off as she rubbed her thumb over the dripping slit. She smirked a bit and wondered to herself how long he’d last. Probably not long.

“Tell me Jonathan.” She said as she moved down to her knees pulling his brown pants down to his as she moved down. “Do you masturbate at night? Thinking of someone particular under your hot sheets?” She watched him from under her lashes as she took his thick cock in her mouth. She tried not to smirk at the expression on his face. And she hadn’t even started yet. She pulled back and looked up at him slowly moving her hand over him. “Do you?” She asked again. He closed his eyes and shook his head, the memory of his grandmother asking him that running through his head.

“No, It’s just literature.” He said quietly. She looked up at him and raised an eyebrow.

“What?” She asked. He suddenly was snapped back into reality.

“Uh… nothing….” She left it at that and moved back to his cock. He groaned and brought his hand to entwine in her hair. She ran the flat of her tongue over the bottom of his shaft and felt it pulse under the wet appendage. Their eyes met as her head bobbed up and down, her lips wrapped firmly around his cock. His back arched just slightly and he moved his hips pushing himself in and out of her mouth. She relaxed her throat and let him take over. He watched her as she paced her hands on his hips. She could tell by his movements and his breathing that he was close. She had been right he wouldn’t last long. But he had potential. He quickened his thrusts moaning as she moved her tongue against him. He stopped a moment when she pulled away from him, her tongue flicking out to poke at the slit. She took him back into her mouth again and he began thrusting slowly into her again. After a few moments she pulled away from him again.

“You won’t hurt me.” She said a moment before moving back to him. He didn’t exactly know what she meant by that but had a vague idea. He shifted a moment before gaining an odd sense of courage, he thrust his cock fully into her mouth holding himself inside her throat. He moaned as she gagged on his cock, her throat constricting around him sending waves of pleasure through him. He let go and let her step back afraid that he had hurt her. She backed up a moment and coughed before she looked up at him and smiled.

“That’s more like it.” She said moving back to his cock. He smirked slightly and thrust in and out of her nice warm mouth the head hitting the back of her throat every time causing her to gag on him with each thrust. He moved his hand down and fondled his balls as he used his other hand to push her head down farther and faster on him. He let her go and she smiled up at him again.

“Cum in my mouth Jonathan.” She said licking the underside and taking the head in her mouth sucking on it. “I know you want to. I know you’re close.” She wrapped her hand around him feeling him pulse in her hand. She moved her lips over him again and allowed him to set his pace, allowing him to take his pleasure in the heat of her mouth. He thrust into her almost harshly, his knees bent slightly allowing him a better angle into her.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum.” He said speeding up his thrusts. Pamela moved her tongue around him and heard him moan at the same time she felt his hot white seed spill into her mouth onto her tongue. Jonathan stayed in her mouth, holding her there a few moments before he snapped back to reality. He looked down at Pamela and shook his head as if realizing what had happened. He moved away from her and fixed his pants.

“I-…” He started but didn’t know how to finish. He jumped as he felt her hand on his shoulder.

“It’s okay.” She said. “I liked it.” He shook his head.

“No you…. You don’t understand…” He said moving back to the desk and trying to go back to his work though he couldn’t really concentrate on it. He bit his bottom lip. “I… I shouldn’t have done that.” She once again put her hand on his shoulder and turned him to her. She kissed him once again.

“It’s okay.” He shook his head. No… it wasn’t…

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