Sex Magic

BY : Lunadeath
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Books of Magic, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Sex Magic

Fandom: The Books of Magic

Pairing: John Constantine/Tim Hunter

Rating: NC-17, for sex and language

Warnings and notes: This is Slash. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. This is also my first time writing in a new fandom since I gotten bit by the Harry Potter bug. I don’t know if this will turn out good or not. If you haven’t read the first book called the Invitation, then do so. The whole series is called The Books of Magic. I found the first book at Target and once I was done reading it, I decided to try my hand at writing a fic of it. What better way of getting into writing in a new fandom then by writing smut? :)

(I have finally read up to book 5 of this series. I will ignore that Tim’s got a girlfriend. Hehe.)

Oh, and why did I put Tim with John Constantine? Well, if you read the book, you’d know. ^_^ Um, basically, these two have the most chemistry together. I guess that this might be considered chan-slash, since Tim is almost fourteen. Oh well.

Disclaimer: The Books of Magic and all its characters are own and created by Neil Gaiman and John Bolton. Helped written (I think) by Carla Jablonski (this is the name in bold letters on my book before Neil and John’s names). Also owned by DC comics. ( I own none of it.


Sitting in an old, rundown hotel room, John Constantine flipped through the telly programs. With a remote in one hand and a cigarette in the other, he looked really relaxed and comfortable.

Well, he looked that way. Really he was anticipating the inevitable. The reason why he was in the old, rundown hotel room wasn’t his idea. In the other room, pouring himself a glass of ice tea, was the reason for staying here. Timothy Hunter, almost fourteen, was in the kitchen; Tim was the main reason that Constantine was sitting there, and he knew that he wouldn’t be sitting there for long once Tim came over and sat down next to him. He just knew. And he knew what Tim was going to ask him as well.

As predicted, Tim came out of the kitchen, holding two glasses, not one, of iced tea. He sat himself carefully next to John, who inhaled another puff on his smoke as if nothing were out of the ordinary. Tim set the glasses down on the coffee table in front of their owners and leaned back, as if trying to gather the courage.

Constantine sighed. He didn’t like dilly-dallying, and he didn’t like waiting for Tim to finally come out and ask, but he also didn’t want Tim to think that he knew anything. He leaned forward to snub out his cigarette, then flipped the television off.

“Not in the mood to watch anything?” Tim asked. His voice was surprisingly normal sounding.

John looked over, raising one eyebrow. “There’s just no need to continue watching if we won’t be here for long.”

Tim sighed. “What do you mean? Are we going to suddenly leave again or something? I thought that we had to stay here to help protect Zatanna?”

“I didn’t mean that we’d leave the hotel, and where’d all this we stuff come from? I’m only here to help protect you.”

Tim blew a strand of hair from his eyes. He had grown in a few short months, as did his hair a bit, but his body build was relatively the same. He still wore his glasses, and he still had his owl, Yo-yo, whom was out hunting for rats right now. He picked up his drink with a shaky hand and took a sip. He set it back down gingerly so that it didn’t slip and fall out of his hand.

“I thought you wanted to protect her too. Isn’t she a friend of yours?”

“Of course she is,” John turned his face to look into Tim’s eyes, “but she doesn’t really need protecting twenty-four seven you know. She knows what she’s doing.”

“Yeah, well… I worry,” Tim tugged at the sleeve of his shirt, “and anyways, you never told me why you wanted to protect me. Aren’t I able to take care of myself now? I mean I am one of the most powerful wizards.”

“Are, Tim. You are the most powerful wizard. Not just one of them.”

“I’m sure that there are others that could be just as powerful. If not in this world, then in another.”

For some reason, John couldn’t argue with that. There probably were countless dimensions and times that he, himself, hadn’t visited yet.

“Anyways,” said Tim, “you didn’t answer my question. Why are you protecting me?”

“It’s really not that hard to determine, is it?” Constantine laid an arm over the back part of the couch behind Tim. “You wanted me here.”

Tim stared at him for a good while, and then his cheeks slowly tinted. “Well, of course I did. You’re a friend, and…”

John leaned a bit closer, “That’s not what I meant, Tim.”

Tim stared again before speaking. “Well, I did… I mean… I have had this one thought,” he said in a small voice, “I’m—I’m curious…”

“Curious?” John said. He had hardly moved an inch since Tim started talking, and it was making Tim even more nervous.

“Y-yes,” Tim stuttered. He opened and closed his mouth a few times before he found his voice again, “I was wondering about… what is it like… I mean – you have had experience and all, but I want to know…”

“What it’s like on the other side of the fence?” John offered. Tim barely realized he was nodding when he did. He stopped himself short.

“Wait, I… I meant… I…”

John sighed in annoyance, and Tim caught on to how annoyed John was with him. He didn’t mean to be stuttering like an idiot, but he had no experience in things like this. Tim quickly tried to rectify it. The last thing he wanted was John to be aggravated with him.

“I’m sorry, I…” Tim looked away, unable to meet Constantine’s eyes, and whispered, “I’m curious about… sex.”

Just saying the word had the unbridled effect upon him. Tim felt his entire face burn, as if he were face-to-face with a bonfire. He had no idea if Constantine would even go for it, if he weren’t disgusted with him first.

But suddenly Constantine’s finger was under his chin and lifting his face up to his. Their eyes met, and Tim’s stomach did a sudden flip.

“I know you are,” John said with a grin, “aren’t we all?”

Tim could no longer feel his legs. The tall, blond man called John Constantine was staring at him in a way that Tim wasn’t too sure about. He didn’t know if it was lust, or if that was the way Constantine looked when he was in really deep thought.

He wasn’t sure what to say, but then they were no longer sitting on the ragged couch in the living room. The bedroom wasn't luxurious, but at the moment, Tim didn’t care if they were in a back alleyway or in a dirty public bathroom. The bed squeaked a bit as Tim shifted his weight, mostly because of nerves. John Constantine wasn’t a supermodel or anything like it, but he wasn’t bad to look at either. His eyes must be his best feature, Tim decided. They were so dark blue. Tim watched the colors swirl around inside of the irises before he remembered to blink.

He didn’t know how old Constantine was, but he did know that he was younger than the other so-called mentors he had. He almost forgot about his modesty as he stared at John, wondering if the man was trying to get him into a staring contest or if he was challenging him to make the first move. Tim had no experience in this department, and just that thought set his cheeks ablaze again.

“These need to go,” John said, taking off Tim’s glasses. His fingertips brushed the edge of Tim’s temple, and Tim was sure that he could feel the heat radiating off of his skin. His vision had blurred a bit, but he could still see John just fine, being so up-close and all.

He didn’t question things much anymore. He knew the answer would always be the same, no matter what was going on. Magic. It was magic that transported them into the bedroom, it was magic that made the covers of the bed suddenly appear over them, and it must have been magic that made them both suddenly naked.

Tim had a sudden urge to go, ‘Oh, bloody hell, I’m nude!’ but he knew that that would only make John roll his eyes and say, “You're shitting me!” or something sarcastic. Tim also didn’t want to ruin the moment. If this was what was going on—having a moment.

He also had the urge to move his hands between his legs in embarrassment, but he couldn’t when Constantine was suddenly looming over him, pressing his body between his legs. Tim shifted slightly underneath John as he gripped the bed sheets beneath him. He felt totally exposed, and not just because he was naked, but because he could feel his half-hard penis touching just below John’s bellybutton. He could feel the small, soft hairs tickling the neck of his shaft as John moved over him.

Constantine got so close to Tim that their foreheads almost touched. He could smell Constantine’s smoky breath, feel his chest being pressed so close against his own, and feel his heartbeat hammering. He knew that his was too, because he could hear it drumming in his ears.

Then John’s lips were between his eyes, down his nose, slowly working their way to his mouth. Tim let out a shaky breath when John finally pressed them together lightly. His shoulders went limp, and he finally began to relax into the mattress, feeling Constantine’s hands roam over his arms, chest, torso, hips… all the way down until he reached Tim’s knees, then he propped them up to hook one under an arm. Tim shuddered as he felt John open his mouth, coaxing his own open, to slide his tongue inside. Something inside of him sparked, almost pushing him on the brink of some sort of feeling, and then it was gone the moment John lifted his mouth from his.

Tim wanted to ask him all kinds of things. He wanted to know if John had done this before, with another man; he wanted to know if John had any idea of what he was supposed to do, since he heard that it was supposed to hurt if you had no clue as to what you were doing. Tim was all for it, but if it was to really hurt…

Then all rational thought left him when he felt John’s mouth enveloping one of his nipples, and he let out a hiss. He felt John’s hard hands running down his skinny side, almost tickling his ribs. John’s mouth moved so sensually over Tim’s nipple, just barely using his tongue as he kissed around it. Tim had no idea that a single touch could produce such an enormous feeling throughout his whole body. John’s other hand was working the other nipple softly between his thumb and forefinger, and Tim found himself panting and gasping for air.

Constantine’s mouth finally moved lower, as he threaded his fingers through Tim’s dark hair, pulling it slightly at the nape. Tim let his head be tugged back more into the pillow as John kissed his stomach and navel. Involuntarily, Tim brought his hands up to bury into John’s blond locks and his one loose leg, the one that wasn’t hooked around John’s arm, went around John’s waist. He knew just where he wanted Constantine to go with that mouth, and the thought made his erection jump against John’s chest. He could have sworn he heard John chuckling under his breath, and it was surprisingly arousing.

That talented tongue of Constantine’s was going everywhere except where Tim wanted it to, and it was incredibly frustrating. Tim pushed his shaking hips up, trying to give Constantine the hint of just where he wanted to be paid attention. This time he was sure that he heard Constantine laugh softly from his urgency. Tim felt John’s hands move under him, squeezing him, and then lifted and holding him a few inches off the bed. Tim could feel Constantine’s warm breath over his testicles, and then there was a tongue, and lips, and moisture… Constantine made his way up to the middle of Tim’s erection and then stopped. He repeated his actions over and over until Tim was whimpering and shaking with need. Tim thrashed his head back and forth, moaning and speaking nonsense, unable to contain himself. He should have known that John Constantine would be the king of tease.

Finally, after Constantine had ignored the sensitive head of his cock for much too long, Tim decided to say something.

“Please, John… oh, bloody hell, please!”

Constantine halted mid-kiss and looked up with amusement in his eyes. He swiped the flat part of his tongue across a throbbing vein just at the base of Tim’s cock. “So, the all powerful and mighty wizard finally speaks his mind. Well then, Tim, tell me just what you’re begging me to do and maybe I’ll comply.”

“Damn it, John, you know just what I want!” Tim panted, “Don’t play dumb!”

“Well,” John cupped Tim’s balls very lightly, “I really don’t know what you want exactly, so, yes... you’re going to have to tell me. Do you want me to suck you off? Do you want me to finger bang you? Do you want me to give you a rim job? Or maybe…” he sat up on his hunches, “maybe you want me to fuck you.”

Tim lay there, staring up at John, panting harshly. Everything that John had said made his mind reel. When he had begged John, he had meant that he wanted John to use that wonderful tongue and mouth of his on the most sensitive part of his own cock. He wanted John to suck him off, to swallow him, and make him come. But when John mentioned fucking, his mind was so involved in what was just about to happen; he completely forgot that he had asked Constantine about sex. Oral sex was great, of course, but actual sex… Tim shivered.

Constantine moved his hands from Tim’s buttocks to his inner thighs and spread them apart. Almost instinctively, Tim lifted his hips up higher in a manner that seemed incredibly wanton and needy. Tim felt so dirty after displaying that kind of animalistic behavior that he turned his head in self-disgust and flushed. He wanted to feel it all, but he didn’t want to do so by getting his dignity taken from him.

John didn’t seem to notice, or care, as he moved in closer. “Well, Tim? What do you want?”

Tim was silent for a few seconds, but then, without turning his head away from the pillow, he muttered, “fuck me.”

Constantine bent forward, pressing most of his body against Tim’s, and whispered in his ear, “Care to repeat that?”

Tim shook slightly when he felt John’s breath in his ear. He didn’t want to turn his head, because he was afraid of how vulnerable he’d look to the other man. He didn’t know whether to repeat what he said, or to say, “you heard me!” Before he made his decision, however, he suddenly felt a wet tongue go into his ear, and then his earlobe was being nibbled.

“Answer me, Tim, or I’ll leave.”

“What?” This time Tim did turn his head. He glared at John as though he had completely lost it. “I… I answered you, and I know you heard me.”

John grinned cheekily, “Well, you seemed so willing to get right to it, but now you don’t seem so keen…”

“Yes, damn it!” Tim said, losing his temper, “I want you to fuck me, ok??”

“About fucking time,” John said with a smile.

It was as if they never had the conversation, as if Tim hadn’t begged at all. Another sudden leap, or backward step, through time. John’s hands were pushing Tim’s thighs apart, gazing down at him. Tim found himself shaking, his back arcing painfully, and his upper body being supported by straining elbows. John spread Tim’s buttocks with his thumbs, gently, and then nudged the opening with the head on his cock.

And then he was in. Tim felt no discomfort, no painful stretching, no burning, no tearing; it slid in and out, in and out, like a greased up piston. John was over him, inside him, around him; it made Tim’s mind go numb. The cock pushed and pulled, and with each thrust, it hit Tim’s prostate dead on. Tim felt as if his chest would burst as he moaned out loud. He had never in his life, ever, felt something as sensual as this.

“How-?” Tim breathed. Before he could get his question fully asked, John said: “How else, Tim?”

It was sex magic.

Tim wrapped one leg around John’s waist and the other was up on John’s shoulder. John bent down to steal a kiss as he ground his hips deeper into Tim. Tim sighed softly as their lips met. He kissed back with the same abundance as John did, thrusting his hips up into John’s, wanting to go faster, harder. He wanted more of it all, more of this feeling of John’s cock fucking him, more of John’s passionate kisses, more of John’s skin against his own.

He was suddenly being flipped over onto all fours. John propped his ass up as he leaned against his elbows, burying his face into his upper arms. John spread him as wide as he could and began to thrust hard. The change in angle made it feel different, and somewhat more erotic. Tim thrust back into his lover, wanting to meet John half way, thrust for thrust. He could feel John’s thighs bounce against his as if they weren’t going very fast at all. He could feel their testicles touch one another every so often, and it made Tim squeak and clamp down around John’s erection. That finally produced some kind of sound from John, so he did it again, and got a quicker thrust as a reward.

Tim’s legs were shaking fiercely and beads of sweat were forming on his brow. It seemed almost like forever they’d been fucking. Time, with John, was always strange. For all Tim knew, they’ve only been fucking for a few minutes, when it seemed like hours. Or, they’ve been fucking for longer than he thought.

Constantine grabbed onto the back of Tim’s head and pulled at his hair. Tim’s head jerked back, accidentally letting out a moan as he did so, and looked up at his lover with squinty eyes. John was smiling from what Tim could see. Or it could be a smirk. Whatever it was, it made Tim’s heart race and he licked his lips.

“Having fun, love?” John asked in a low voice. It made Tim shiver.

“Hell yes,” Tim panted, and then he turned his body sideways, hooking one leg over John’s broad shoulder. John parted Tim’s legs in an "L" shape as he continued to pound into him. Tim gripped at the headboard behind him as he tried to meet him with each thrust. It all seemed like too much, and Tim bit his bottom lip, feeling his cock get so impossibly hard that it was ready to burst.

John understood, somehow, that Tim was on the edge of orgasm, so he grabbed Tim’s arms, re-positioned himself on his hunches, and flipped backwards so that Tim was now lying on top of him.

Tim inhaled sharply as the tables suddenly turned. He had to situate himself so that he was at a more comfortable angle before the thrusting could continue. John parted his knees, and without stopping for much, he began to thrust upwards into Tim. Tim held himself up with his hands on either side of John’s head, and the pointy part of his knees, as he joined John in their continued coupling. It was odd being on top of John, but yet he was still being fully, and righteously, buggered by him. He watched the sweat glistening on Constantine’s chest and neck, the small beads on his forehead, and the lustful yet endearing look in his eyes.

“You and me,” said John softly, “we dance to a different tune… we dine on different delicacies… we drink different wines…”

“But we love each other all the same.” Tim said, feeling so aroused from the sex and feeling deep inside of him. He hoped that he didn’t sound too corny.

John had smiled at that, though, and it gave Tim a feeling of relief.

“That we do, Tim. That we do.”

Tim smiled, and then leaned forward to catch John’s mouth in a searing kiss. They ground their hips together in one last fury before finding blissful release. Tim didn’t even know when John had his hand wrapped around his cock; he was so enticed by him. It didn’t matter. All that did matter was that he had finally done it, and he done it with the one he admired, the one he loved for such a long time.

Tired and sated, Tim laid down next to John on the bed, only just realizing that when they switched positions their heads were now at the foot of the bed. John wrapped possessive arms around Tim as he kissed Tim’s forehead.

“That was better than I had hoped for.”

Tim’s brow wrinkled, “I sure hope that I was good enough for you, John Constantine.”

John laughed and then rolled them over so that he was towering over Tim once more.

“I must admit… you do intimidate me sometimes.”

“Me? Intimidate YOU?” Tim laughed, “That’s hilarious! Who’d ever thought-?”

John moved forward to shut Tim up. When he released Tim’s lips he said, “No one is to know that, Mr. Hunter. Do I make myself clear?”

Tim grinned, and then kissed John’s chin, “Perfectly clear, Mr. Constantine. Perfectly.”


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