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A/N: This little wonder of smut is based on a pic I found on a fan site for the web comic 'Boy Meets Boy' (http://boymeetsboy.keenspace.com/) The pic I'm referring to is found here http://s8219.net/naked/art/misc/pooltable.gif , you're warned though, it's pretty explicit. The site I found the pick on is at http://s8219.net/naked/
Disclaimer: 'Boy Meets Boy' and all things related belong to the artist Sandra Fuhr. And I beg her forgiveness if she doesn't like it.

Pool Table

I looked up from my shot at the pool table, he was staring at me yet again making vague lewd gestures on his pool cue. God, that look on his face, he was horny, *again*.
"You gonna shoot or not boss?"
He had his left hand wrapped loosely around the thinner end of the cue running those fingers up and down as he turned it slowly between his legs. He was perched on a stool borrowed from the bar, sitting just high enough for the very tip to be near his mouth. Purple bangs fallen quietly over his eyes.
I turned away and concentrated on my shot, not on my current position, bent over the pool table, pressed almost too tightly against the edge...oh fuck now I'm horny.
I took the shot, it went wild skipping off the wrong ball down by the pocket. Damn it, he was laughing!
"Nice one boss." I watched him get off the stool, cue gripped tightly in hand. He took a step to the pool table.
I leaned back from the table steeling myself. I suddenly regretted the alcohol I'd drank earlier. Fox always knew how to handle me when I was impaired. Even now he circled behind me on the pretense of finding a good shot.
"You know." He said passing by my left ear and pausing. "There's something incredibly kinky about hitting balls around with big sticks."
I gave him an un-amused look. "Single minded little bastard."
He grinned bouncing on his feet once or twice and wiggling his eyebrows. "Maybe." He said drawing the word out while his grin only grew.
I titled my head down intending to get back to the game when he threw his pool cue onto the table. I was about to turn back around and ask what the hell he was doing when his hands gripped me at the hips and held me in place. He may be strong but I still had my pool cue flexibility on my side.
Unfortunately I dropped the cue when he started to nibble on my neck. Fuck.
"Damn it Fox, we're fucking in public."
He chuckled, damn I hate it when he does that. "I'm not fucking you yet boss, but I'm getting there." His hands left my waist and started a very indecent journey up under my shirt.
Usually I wasn't opposed to a little PDA, if you consider a good old fashion 69 in the back of the car in the wal-mart parking lot 'a little'. But I'd had a bad day and had been dragged to this pool hall against my will. I honestly just wanted to go home.
"There are people looking." I hissed trying to pry his hand from the waistband of my jeans.
"What people?" He kissed behind my ear and I paused letting him. Oh fuck he was right, there was no one here.
I could feel him grin against my skin. I was pretty shocked and he used this looseness to push me against the pool table. "This place closed twenty minuets ago boss, I know the owner, he said he didn't mind if we uh, stuck around a little after." He growled a little groping me through my jeans.
I couldn't help it and leaned my weight on the edge of the pool table licking my lips. He'd undone my jeans and slipped a hand inside. I bit back the groan he was looking for, I wasn't about to give in that easy.
"Hmm, feels like someone needs a little more provocation." He leaned back. "Turn around." He whispered.
I let my white-knuckle hold of the table go and turned. The small of my back hit the table when he advanced again.
His arms wrapped unyieldingly around my waist, body pressed hard against my open fly. His tongue forced it's way into my mouth, which I barely realized I'd opened.
Those hands of his roamed as mine threaded into his hair. When he reached lower and I felt my jeans slip farther down my waist I broke away. He lifted my hands from his head and guided me to the zipper of his pants.
I undid them going as slow as I possibly could watching his face. His eyes were heavily dilated and half closed. His head tilted back when I reached a hand in and started to stroke him.
Just when I thought I'd turned the tables on him his eyes snapped wide open and he had the most sexually charged smirk I'd ever seen on his lips. He grabbed my wrists forcing my arms back to the table. He leaned in licking my lips, I opened them but he didn't take advantage of it.
Slightly put off I craned my neck forward for the kiss he promised with that tongue but he evaded me.
He pulled my left hand over my chest and took its wrist into his other hand. He gripped my right shoulder turning me back to the pool table. I could see the remains of our game and wondered for half a second if we were going to finish it before Fox leaned in rubbing against me from behind.
My clothes were pulled farther from my hips I could tell his were barely pulled past his knees. As he rocked himself against me I was suddenly concerned that my loving little sex addict had forgotten one thing when his right hand came up offering three fingers to me.
I opened my mouth sucking them and running my tongue over each one in turn. He made small sounds just behind my ear. I felt the fingers slip away and clamped my teeth trapping his middle finger by the second joint.
He tried again probably thinking it was a quick bite. When I didn't let go he grunted. "Bad Collin." I grinned despite myself until I felt his free hand wrap around my exposed member.
He chuckled again, did I mention I hate that? His fingers came free and his weight pressed me forward more. I wanted to spread my legs for balance and comfort but my jeans got in the way down around my ankles.
I got a little impatient taking care of that problem, I admit it. I kicked my shoes off clumsily, stepping out of them in time for a finger wet with my own fluids to slowly worm into me.
I did moan this time my head falling forward exposing my neck to his teeth. He bit into my neck lightly as he put a second finger to use.
By the time his third finger found it's way inside I was all but collapsed against the pool table. I writhed, moaned and twisted under his touch, I did everything but beg, I do have my dignity after all.
His fingers brushed that one place inside me and I made a sharp grunt. The hand withdrew and I waited patiently for what followed. I lifted my head gazing across the room my vision a haze. The pool hall was still very empty, the sounds we made echoing off the walls and four other tables. The bar was lit up but devoid of Humans.
Fox positioned himself at my entrance, I closed my eyes and displayed my eagerness by leaning back against the soon to be intrusion. He smirked, I know he smirked, I could almost hear it, I swear.
He entered slowly making me squirm more. I bet he loved it when I did that, wriggled against him trying not to move too much but unable to hold still. If I didn't know better I'd say he was some freakish version of a Sadist.
My head hit the felt covered table when he was almost fully sheathed. Holy fuck it was good, it was always good, rough, slow, hard, hot, quick, easy. Any of those worked just as well as the others as far as I cared.
He just struck my prostate when he pulled back. I'm half ashamed, but I mewled, what the fuck was he doing?
I swear I heard him smirk again just as well as I heard him moan as he slid back in. This time not just gently passing that spot in me but ramming it.
I made a sound, I'm not sure what kind, but he liked it. He didn't pull out as far this time and hit it again, and again, and again.
The pool hall became a blur then. I called out his name several times, fists clenched whole body strained just to keep from thrusting back hard enough to knock us both over. I barely registered his hands planted on either side of me keeping him from collapsing on me in his own pleasure.
I loved it, oh, god that might exist out there, I *loved* it.
Despite the fact that I hadn't been touched since he groped a hand into my pants I came first. I don't know why, and I don't know how, but he always managed to make me orgasm before him.
Panting hard, just barely sweaty, sated, I let my head fall back to the pool table waiting for Fox to come into his own mind long enough to pull away. It took a while but he eventually did pulling his pants back into place.
He grinned at me the entire time he helped me get my pants on. It didn't improve the situation that I was in a sexed daze. Damn bastard, he must get off on impairing my abilities to see straight without actually getting me heavily intoxicated.
"Mmm, C'mon boss, let's get home." He purred into my ear.
I half wondered who would clean up the mess I'd left on the side of the pool table as he practically carried me out of the pool hall. Ah well who cares?
"Next time we try a pool." Fox said grinning at me like a fucking Cheshire cat.
I could only give him a look, not sure what kind of look. I hope it was a deterring one.
Or maybe I don't.

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