The Skerries of the Dreaming

BY : celticwitch
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~disclaimer: I own nothing of these places and characters. I worship the ground upon which Neil Gaiman trods and only mean flattery by using his mind as a springboard.~

Dream of the Endless sat on his throne and looked around the room. So much had changed, so much remained the same. Rebuilding the Dreaming was relatively easy compared with the task of getting to know his rather dysfunctional family all over again, in this incarnation. He barely remembered being Daniel Hall, and remembered none of what brought him to the Dreaming, to accept the mantle of Dream of the Endless. He instinctively knew every nuance of the Dreaming, yet had selective memory when it came to certain things. He had many of the memories of Morpheus, the former Dream of the Endless. Yet there were memories that belonged only to Morpheus, memories that were not his to share. Of his siblings, there were only two he felt any connection with. Well, three, if you count the passing stranger who appeared during the wake of Morpheus. Dream felt a connection with his older sister, Death, and his youngest sister, Delirium. He felt compassion for Despair, and cared for her, though she was not as forthcoming with her feelings. As for Desire, he neither cared for nor trusted it. Destiny remained Destiny. An enigma.

"Sir," said a voice from in front of him.

"Yes, Lucien?" replied Dream, shaking his head as if to remove the thoughts inside.

"Your, uhm, sister is here." stated Lucien.


"No, the Lady Delirium."

Dream smiled. A visit from Delirium usually put him in a better frame of mind, even if his frame of mind was good to begin with.

"Show her in, Lucien."

"As you wish."

Lucien departed the Great Hall only to return a moment later surrounded by a hoarde of butterflies. Dream smiled more broadly, as he noticed Lucien's attempt not to shoo away the multicolored butterflies that alighted on his head, glasses, and most undignified of all, his nose.

"My sister," said Dream, suppressing a laugh, "kindly stop tormenting Lucien and pull yourself together."

The butterflies coalesced into the form of a young woman dressed in a bright rainbow colored miniskirt, tattered tights, and a black t-shirt that appeared to have neon writing on it. Her hair matched her miniskirt.

"Hi Dream. Remember me? I'm your sister, but not the sister that's all grey and has rats, and not the sister who likes black and shushes me in libraries and has goldfish, and not the sister who's kinda sorta also a brother...but me. This sister. The one named D-E-L-I-uhm..oh yeah, R-I-um." she broke into a fit of giggles. "get it, Dreamy? U-M spells um."

"Yes, I get it, Del. What brings you to my realm?"

"You called me Del. Someone who used to be you never called me Del. I think he called me by my name. The long name, the one I spelled that starts with D and ends with um."

"Can I do something for you or is this a social call?"

Delirium looked around her. She looked at the floor and scuffed her boot clad foot on the marble. Her lower lip began to tremble.

"Del, what's wrong? Did you lose Barnabas again?"

"No, I just don't want you to get all mad."

"I won't get all mad. I promise. So, what brings you here?"

"I don't remember. I'm always forgetting stuff. One time, I forgotted how to get back to my realm and Barnabas had to show me the way. I can't keep it together like I used to..."

"Well, then, was there something you NEEDED?"

"Not needed, no, I dont think it was needing."

"Something you WANTED?"

"Not wanting. Nope. Not that either. OH!! It was something that killed the cat." Delirium danced around Dream's throne. "Catkiller thing. It's the word for something that killed a cat. The word that means you really REALLY want to find out something but don't know what it is until you find it out. And it killed some cats, I guess, though I don't know when or why"

"Curiosity?" ventured Dream.

Delirium set off tiny invisible bells and set off tiny flares all around Dream's head.

"THAT'S IT! I was curiouser than curious and wanted to come to your realm and make the curious catkiller thing go away."

"What are you curious about?"

"Your realm. The place where the niggling little dreams go when people are done dreaming them. Where do they go, Dream? Do they have a home? Or do they disappear themselves like I do sometimes?"

"They have a home."

"Can I see them?" asked Delirium with a shy smile.

"I don't see why not." replied Dream.

"So we can have an adventure? You've been all through my realm and seen my sundial even, but I haven't been anywhere in your realm except for here. The you that wasn't you didn't like me around so much, I don't think. Can we go, really?"

"Yes, we can go, really. Lucien?" summoned Dream.

"Yes, my Lord," replied Lucien from somewhere in the shadows of the Great Hall.

"My sister and I are going to visit the...what did you call them, Del?"

"The niggling little dreamy things"

"Yes, those. We'll be back shortly."

"Are you sure, sir. Remember what happened the last time you went somewhere with the lady Delirium?" reminded Lucien.

"Vaguely, Lucien. And we're not leaving the Dreaming anyway. I should check on some of the skerries anyway. Just call on me if you need me. Or send Matthew."

"Very well, my Lord."

Dream stood up from his throne, took his sister's hand, and headed out into the Dreaming. Delirium skipped next to him.
"We're gonna have an adventure, Dream."

"If you say so, Del."

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