Batgirl’s Magic Box

BY : NatMar
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The atmosphere around Police Headquarters was tense.  In the office of the commissioner, James Gordon sat at his desk displaying more stoicism than he felt.  His anxiety was being amplified by the normally unflappable Caped Crusader pacing anxiously in front of his desk.  The Boy Wonder, Robin stood staring out the window, nervously slamming one gloved fist into his opposite hand.  His intent gaze seemed to suggest that he thought it possible to spot their adversary from his vantage point.

“Batgirl has only been missing for twenty four hours, Batman.  Normally that’s not enough time to be seriously concerned about a missing person.  Why I haven’t seen my own daughter, Barbara, in almost two days, which isn’t uncommon at all,” Commissioner Gordon tried to sound comforting, but he wasn’t very convincing.

“I understand, Commissioner,” Batman snapped urgently.  “But you have to agree that our line of work is hardly the norm.  Batgirl informed me that she was undertaking an investigation into the disappearance of a number of young women who seemed to have vanish into thin air.  It’s unthinkable to imagine that she may have fallen to the same fate.”

“Commissioner?” Chief O’Hare entered the room tentatively.  In his hand he held a one foot square box covered in purple wrapping paper with a yellow ribbon, colors that perfectly matched Batgirl’s outfit.  He carefully kept the parcel extended in front of him as if afraid of its contents.  “This was found on our doorstep.”

As Batman stepped aside, the Chief delicately placed the box on the commissioner’s desk, as if it was fragile.  A large tag said “Happy Birthday Batman”.  All four men looked to each other, everyone afraid to confront the contents of the mysterious package.

Finally Batman stepped forward and tugged at the ribbon, letting it fall away.  Then he lightly gripped the lid and inched it up.

A quick glance at the purple cowl and red hair made it painfully clear whose dismembered head was packed inside.  Batman quickly slammed the lid of the box closed and dropped his head in defeat.

“It is our worst possible fear…” his voice cracked with emotion as he fought to contain himself.  The Commissioner slumped in his chair with a look of shock, Robin stared from across the room and Chief O’Hare turned away as he fought back tears.  All of the men remained quiet as they contemplated the situation.

“I’m sorry Batman,” Commissioner Gordon’s voice was soft.  “But… do we know for sure that it’s real?  We have been known to be… taunted in the past by various villains.  It may be wishful thinking, but…  Shouldn’t one of us… investigate closer?”

Batman nodded and closed his eyes as he steeled himself for the gruesome task.  With shaking hands, he reached again for the lid of the box.

“Stay over there, Robin.  There’s no need for you to see this,” he said as the lid came off and he set it aside.  Batgirl’s head, easily recognizable, did indeed lay tucked into the small box.  Her closed eyes and slack jaw seemed peaceful, almost as if she was resting in the pillow of her own billowing red hair.  Batman carefully, and reverently reached into the box with his gloved hand to test the flesh.  They would also have to remove her mask in order to identify her and contact any family that she might have.

The Caped Crusader had always been known for his bravery and stoicism, but even he jumped with a yelp as Batgirl’s eyes suddenly snapped open and she gasped for breath.

“Batman!  Thank goodness it’s you!” the severed head said as Batgirl looked up at him.  “Quick get me out of this!”  Everyone stood frozen, staring at her with stunned amazement.

“What are you waiting for?” she said with confused urgency. “Unlock me so we can get out of here!”

“I don’t know that I can do that, Batgirl,” Batman stammered.  “Are you… alright?”

“I’m fine, but I’ll be better when you let me out,” Batgirl tried to look around, but her peripheral view was limited from inside of the box.

“Do you know where you are?” Batman asked tentatively.  The heroine looked around, as much as her limited point of view would allow.

“Is this my fa… Commissioner Gordon’s office?” Batgirl said with some confusion.  “How did I get here?”

“You were delivered here, Batgirl,” Commissioner Gordon stepped up to join the conversation.  “At least part of you was.”

“Part of me?  What does that mean?” she asked, obviously confused.

“Why don’t you start by explaining your current situation,” Batman said, finally beginning to regain some control.  “Describe it as if we can’t see you.”

“Well, my feet are shackled, I’m bent over and my head and wrists are locked in some kind of old stockade.  Like from the 17th century,” Batgirl explained

“Not just any stockade, but la portail de la palissade.”  A masculine voice came from a small speaker that was attached to the inside of the box next to Batgirl’s head.  “It is a stockade built by a French mystic in the 1600s.  It allows your friend’s beautiful body to be here with me, while her head is there with you. Allowing you to know exactly what I’ll be doing to her as I do it.”

“Who are you?” Batman snapped.

“Who I am doesn’t matter.  If you must have a name, you can call me the Magician,” the voice continued.  “But the important fact is that if you don’t do exactly what I say.  Or if any of you leaves that room.  I will deactivate the magic spell that is keeping this young lady alive and that head that you’re looking at will be truly detached from her neck.”

“What do you expect us to do?”  Batman snarled.

“You don’t have to do anything,” the smug voice said.  “You just get to stand there and watch Batgirl’s humiliation and revel in your own helplessness.”

Suddenly Batgirl yelped with startling cry.

“Batgirl, what is it?  What’s happening?” Batman asked. 

“Go ahead, Batgirl.  Tell him.  I want you to tell them everything that I’m doing to you as I do it.” The Magician said.  Batgirl yelped again and her face turned bright red before she answered.

She mumbled something that she obviously did not want to admit.

“Louder!” the voice commanded before Batgirl gave another short scream.

“He’s spanking me!” she said with angry humiliation.

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