Echidna Reconciliation

BY : snoopingfox87
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"Hah... Ngh! Ah! Fuck..."

Lara-Su is squatting down, her thighs as spread out as physically possible. Her trunk goes up and down rhythmically, while she has her eyes closed, throws her head back and puts out her chest; her dreadlocks and her braid sway back and forth, and her firm, strikingly developed D-cup breasts bounce freely. Strong hands, also female, tightly grip Lara-Su's forearms from below and behind her. Her body glows with sweat, caused not only by the heat and humidity where she is, but also by what the woman holding her from behind is doing to her right now, namely the -although the Guardian-in-training doesn't want to admit it- hugely pleasant sensation between her legs and in her gut.

"Please... No..."

"Mmmh... Yeah... Good girl..."

Lien-Da is lying on a deck chair, revelling as she repeatedly thrusts her hips up and gently pulls Lara-Su's arms down. The once Kommissar of the Dark Legion is penetrating Lara-Su's cunt with a thick cock with swollen veins, while her heavy balls bounce contained in a ballsack perhaps too small for such organs. Her cock and balls are partially cybernetic, but that combination of technology and organic tissue is well disguised, everything almost feels like the real thing, and if there's still any doubt about it... Well, Lara-Su is feeling firsthand how real it actually is.

"Yeah... Feel it inside you... Feel it throbbing, swelling, reaching deep into your body..."


Lien-Da leans close to Lara-Su and speaks into her ear. "I'm going to breed you, sweetheart. You realize that, don't you? Your cute belly will carry my children." Lien-Da lets go of the Guardian's arms to hug her and stroke her hair, playing with the braid. "They'll be many, and they'll be healthy, strong and smart. I had already realized our kinship, as well as the lack of genetic variation in our species, so I've made sure that none of that is a problem anymore." The hand that embraces Lara-Su grabs one of her breasts, massages it and pinches her nipple, further stimulating her young partner. "Those yummy breasts of yours will be ideal to feed the next generation of echidnas. But don't be afraid of ending up overwhelmed due to having to perform such a service to our species: As long as you do your duty, I'll also do mine, staying by your side, helping you, pampering you, taking care of you and our children, protecting all of you with my life if necessary..." Lien-Da's dick begins to throb more intensely and slowly enlarges, and also a line of knobs appears along the shaft, on its lower side, to stimulate the clitoris without Lien-Da having to use her hands; at the same time, she no longer needs to do much work to press and rub Lara-Su's G-spot, almost making her lose her sanity, and the tip of her member threatens to pass through her cervix. "And overwhelming you with orgasm after orgasm instead, every time your body allows it, filling you every night with the most fertile seed, making sure you're always satisfied and the happiest mother in the world. I'm sure we're both going to enjoy it. How about that? Do you wish this?"

"N- No... Don't..."

"Sorry, I didn't understand you well, could you repeat that?"

"Stop... Don't stop."

"Speak louder, yell if you have to. I wanna hear you beg."

"Don't stop... Cum inside, please! BREED ME!"

"Mmh~ Much better-"

"Stop teasing me! FUCK ME ALREADY!"

"Hehe... As you wish~"

Lien-Da starts pumping harder and hugs Lara-Su tighter, as if her life depended on it, with one hand squeezing one of the young Guardian's breasts and the other grabbing her hip while Lien-Da gives her a hickey on the neck. Lara-Su's sanity is finally shattered by pleasure, the massive member inside her creating a long, thick bulge from the pubis and almost to the navel. The tip of Lien-Da's dick begins to leak pre directly onto the cervix, lubing it, and the whole artificial shaft is also secreting a cocktail of hormones and other chemicals to give Lara-Su even more pleasure, relax her, make her more willing, and also ensure she ends up pregnant with at least a pair of twins; Lara-Su's body reacts exactly as Lien-Da wishes, tightening her inner walls as if she's trying to squeeze her member, and they both enter a vicious cycle, each wanting more and more from the other.

Finally, a push from Lien-Da's hips completely shoves the tip of her member into the already quite lubed and relaxed cervix, leaving the glans locked inside the womb.

"AH! IT- IT'S IN!" Lara-Su screams, almost babbling.

"That's right, babe."


With the next push, the balls contract and the cock shoots deep into Lara-Su a long stream of hot, slimy semen; the older echidna, biting the neck of her younger partner, thrusts several more times and shoots an equally plentiful load of seed each time, filling Lara-Su's womb with it and starting to swell her belly. And Lien-Da isn't finished yet, she keeps filling Lara-Su with her seed, as the hormones emanating from her dick literally put the young woman in heat; it's obvious she'll have triplets, maybe even quadruplets.

"Nnnngh, yessssss~" Lien-Da hisses as she delights in the Guardian's body, hugging her, stroking her belly and staying inside her, with the Dark Legionary's cock still swollen, hard and shooting small loads of seed. Due to her shock, Lara-Su stays silent but with her mouth open, her eyes wide open and staring at nothing, with her back as arched as possible, letting her belly hang so full of semen that it makes her look pregnant.

"Look at you, looking like a real mom already." Lien-Da comments. "You're beautiful right now, you know? It's gonna be so sweet to see you take care of our children. In fact..."


The former Dark Legionary does another little push inside Lara-Su, taking her out of the shock and making her realize her new partner still has a lot of energy to spend and a lot of seed to give her.

"Just thinking about it is already making me horny again. We'll be doing this for quite a long while~"

"Could you...?"

"Yes? Go ahead, tell me what you want, have no fear. I'd love to comply with your every whim."

"Could you fuck my mouth now... please?"

"Such a great idea! I was saving something special for that."

"After that..."


"Could we try other positions?"

"Of course, honey, you can count on that."

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