You Can Grow A Dick

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harley Quinn or anything to do with DC. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. This story takes place after season 2 of Harley Quinn, but could fit anywhere within the Batman The Animated Series.

"So, you wanna try something new?"

Pamela Isley, better known as Poison Ivy, looked at her best friend turned girlfriend, Harleen Quinzel, better known as Harley Quinn, and raised an eyebrow. She was always up for her lover's crazy schemes, as either they were intentionally chaotic and destructive, or they ended up being that way, and it was good to remind the world they hadn't gone soft. Just because they had done some arguably good things, and spent way more time lately having sex then doing anything criminal, didn't mean they weren't still card-carrying super villains. No matter what anyone said. But Harley had a look on her face, which made it clear that Ivy was probably going to regret not just ignoring the other girl.

"It's a new relationship, Harls." Ivy pointed out, "That covers a lot of ground."

"I mean like, you know, in the bedroom." Harley clarified.

"In the bedroom? What are you, twelve?" Ivy scoffed, before gently pushing, "Seriously Harls, you've never been shy. It's one of the things I like about you. So, you being all coy and hesitant? It's really freaking me out. So just tell me, okay. It's hard for you to really shock me at this point, and even when you do, it's never change the way I felt about you. And it never will."

"Awww, Iv. That's so sweet." Harley beamed happily.

"Harley!" Ivy snapped, after the other girl just stared at her for a few long seconds.

"Oh, right." Harley cleared her throat, and then just went for it, "I love you too. Like, sooooooooooo fucking much. And I really love eating my greens, ha ha ha ha. And I love it when you eat me. But we both love dick, so let's get some toys up in this mother. You can fuck me, I can fuck you. It will be a real party. Whatever you want to try first, I'm down, but I definitely want to have you fuck me with a dick."

"Oh, is that all?" Ivy grinned, leaving Harley on the hook for a few long seconds, before dryly telling her, "That's fine."

"Yesssssssssssss!" Harley pumped her fist into the air, and then pressed a couple of kisses to Ivy's cheeks and told her again, "I love ya, I love ya, I love ya!"

"There are better ways you can show me." Ivy smirked.

"You know what? You're right." Harley grinned, closing the distance between them.

To be fair, Ivy moved at the same time, so they were meeting in the middle, much like their first spontaneous kiss. It was the one which started it all, and Ivy could never resist comparing pretty much every kiss she'd ever had to that one. Especially, because it was yet to be beat, and it probably never would be. Sure, afterwards there had been a lot of guilt, as she had been engaged to someone else at the time, but in the moment, it had been the combination of everything they had been through together. And it had just been really, really good. This one was just as passionate, and did a wonderful job at transporting her back to that first one, even if it couldn't quite live up to it. It was still great though, and unfortunately short.

"I'm surprised it took you so long to ask." Ivy confessed, when they pulled back from each other, while remaining in each other's personal space.

"Me too." Harley grinned, "I guess I just love you so much."

"And it's been nice exploring, other things?" Ivy suggested.

"And that." Harley chuckled, initiating another kiss.

Something Ivy very much enjoyed for a few long minutes, then questioned, "So, where is the big bag of toys you purchased, huh? And by purchased, of course I mean stole."

"No bag." Harley shook her head, and then when Ivy gave her a look she questioned, "What? I didn't want to give you the wrong idea, like you somehow weren't enough for me, or some bull shit."

"Awww, that's really sweet, actually." Ivy admitted.

"I know, right?" Harley grinned, "I've got depth, and shit. Any who, wanna go get some now? Or save that for later, and just have sex? Oh, maybe you could fuck me with one of your plants? That could be fun."

Which caused Ivy to bite her lip, she considered her options. All of them sounded intriguing, except maybe using one of her 'babies' to fuck her girlfriend. It was weird enough that she used them in battle, but that felt unnecessarily evil, for her to be able to do her work. But plant fucking Harley might be too much, even for her. Although she would be lying if she said she hadn’t thought about it. In fact, there was one way specifically, she had thought about, and she was certain that once she bought it up, her twisted girlfriend would be all for it. And at least she would be using her own body, instead of a plant. Yes, she technically WAS a plant, at least partly, but whatever. And fuck it, this was for Harley Quinn, and Ivy would do anything for her.

"Or we can just watch cartoons, and cuddle?" Harley offered, after a few long seconds, "What? I don't just want you for sex, you know? I just want you."

"I know." Ivy said softly, standing up, "That's why I’ve got something to show you."

"Ooooooh, is it your body?" Harley guessed, "Mmmmmmmmmm, because I always love that."

"Harls, shut up." Ivy ordered firmly, as she began to take off her clothes.

Naturally, the clown couldn't resist zipping her lips mockingly, but then she stayed really quiet for a few long seconds, as Ivy removed her high heels, jacket, shirt, pants, and then finally her panties. Normally she would have made more of a show if it, but give what she was about to do, she was too nervous for that. Also, she just wanted to get it over with. Once she was completely naked, she stood directly in front of Harley, who was still sitting on the couch. Which was the perfect position for an up-close look at Ivy as there were changes in part of her body. Something which made Harley Quinn's eyes go wide in shock and disbelief, and her mouth hung open for a few long seconds.

"You, you can grow a dick?" Harley questioned in disbelief, before happily exclaiming, "You can grow a fucking dick!"

"Is, is that a good thing?" Ivy asked with a frown, honestly unsure what she was hoping for here.

"Is, is that a good thing?" Harley repeated with disbelief, then dropped to her knees in front of her girlfriend and chuckled, "Oh baby, it's like the best thing. The best of both worlds! Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, now you can give me dick, and cunt, whenever I want. Mmmmmmmmm, this is going to be so much fun. Sooooooooooo much fun, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck. Oh, can you make it, bigger?"

"I think that is enough for now." Ivy said dryly.

"Right, right." Harley backed off, for once, not wanting to push her luck. Although she winked at her woman, and teased her, "We wouldn't want you to stretch me out too much."

"Yeah." Ivy gave her girl a warning look.

"At least, not the first time." Harley teased shamelessly, before bringing her mouth an inch away from her prize, and then asking, "So, can I suck it?"

"Please do." Ivy smiled shyly.

Harley grinned wickedly and widely, and then gently grabbed onto Ivy's dick, giving it a few gentle strokes, just to test it out. She was more than half expecting no reaction, meaning this thing was just a glorified strap-on. To be fair, that could have been a lot of fun, but what was even better, was the fact that Ivy's eyelids fluttered, and she let out a loud moan of pleasure, making it clear that she actually felt something from this. It wasn't just a dildo, it was real. Which was only confirmed when she slid her tongue along the side of it, nice and slowly, ending with her taking it into her mouth. Now that really got a reaction out of her woman, namely a loud moan of overwhelming pleasure. Just like she did whenever she started to lick the other girl's pussy.

The first time she had done that, she had sadly been blind drunk, and so they could barely remember it. The second time, too. And a lot more, considering over the course of a weekend they'd fucked a lot. And she really meant a lot. But the point was, that the first time she got to savour it was really special, and it was the same thing now. In fact, this might be more special, because this was Ivy stepping out of her comfort zone to please her girl, and that thought made Harley's heart flutter. Then again, maybe Ivy was relentlessly pegging Kite-Man? Yeah, she'd rather not picture that. Or her girlfriend doing anything with anyone else, for that matter. Luckily she had an excellent distraction, in the form of a cock in her mouth.

Which had been always something that she enjoyed, but even this was special, she was determined to put her all into it. And yet at the same time, she wanted it to last, so instead of giving it her all right away, she started with a more gentle approach. In fact, at first she didn't even suck the cock when she first put it into her mouth. Admittedly, that had a lot to do with the fact that she was daydreaming, but whatever. The fact was she was able to start off slow for a change, and given that she was Harley Fucking Quinn, she felt she deserved a lot of credit for that. Even if she did kind of fuck it up afterwards, by worrying that she was taking things too slow, and over correcting.

Namely, by starting to passionately suck on the head of that dick, while using her hand to stroke the shaft. Something she wouldn't be doing this soon, it wasn't for her woman's loud sounds of enjoyment. So really, Ivy totally had herself to blame for continuing that more passionate treatment for perhaps longer than she should have. But to her credit, Harley did eventually slow down, and give the other woman the treatment she deserved. Admittedly, that was only after Ivy told her too, but she wasn't exactly known for doing as she was told, so again, she felt she deserved some credit. Besides, whatever the case, throughout what happened next, Harley very much enjoyed herself.

Ivy had of course jerked herself off as soon as she realized she had this ability. She would have never admitted it at the time, but it gave her a better understanding of men. Namely she understood why they were obsessed with getting their rocks off, if this was their reward. She had told herself it was just further proof they were weak, and deserve to be manipulated. Part of her still felt that way, although she didn't hate everyone like she used too. And she was glad she didn't, because it meant that she wouldn't have ever got to experience the heaven that was Harley Fucking Quinn's mouth around her cock, and that gentle hand of hers from stroking her shaft. Not without crossing a line, and using her influence to rape someone.

She hated herself seriously for ever even considering doing that to this wonderful woman, but in this wonderful moment, it was almost understandable. Well, not really, no, but she also kind of felt that she would do anything to feel this way again. Especially in the beginning, when Harley was just gently sucking on the tip of her cock. In a way that feeling only grew when the force of the suction drastically increased, but in other ways, it was just too much. Especially considering she wanted this to last as long as possible. So even though she didn't want to, Ivy put a stop to it. It just took a few long minutes for her to convince herself to actually speak the words.

"Slow down, baby." Ivy eventually moaned, "I don't want to cum too quickly."

"I do." Harley revealed with a wicked smile, reluctantly pulling her mouth away from her girlfriend's cock, and then continued to stroke it as she added, "Mmmmmmmmm, I want you to shoot a big yummy load of cum in my mouth. I wanna taste you in a whole new way, baby. And then? I wanna swallow it. Everything you have to give. Every, single, drop."

Which was very tempting, especially as Harley emphasized her words with some extra powerful stroking, but to her credit, Ivy was able to offer a compromise, "Just, ooooooooooh, 5 minutes? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, please, baby, mmmmmmmmm, I want to savour every single part of this. Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, pretty please?"

For a few long moments Harley looked thoughtful, and then she shrugged, "Okay... you can try."

By that, she meant that they could try, because she then not only wrapped her lips around the head of the dick again, but started to rapidly bob her head up and down it. And the crazy thing was, it clearly wasn't everything she was capable of. Something which would have been scary, it didn't feel so amazing. Oh God, poor Ivy was left crying out, moaning and even whimpering pathetically as her girl worked her over with her mouth. Which to be fair, wasn't a response to this kind of thing, when Harley's lips and tongue working on a very different body part. Hell, Ivy even made the mistake of closing her eyes, and savouring that feeling for a few long seconds, maybe even a full minute, before she went for a very different approach.

Namely, trying to think unsexy thoughts, to stop herself from cumming. That had never really been a problem before Harley Fucking Quinn ended up in her bed, as even with her former fiancé, it was hard to stop thinking about the atrocities that humanity inflicted upon her sweet green children. And each other. But Harley had always been the one, and this was a such an incredibly unique way to get off. At least for her. So, if anything, she was very impressed when she seemed to reach that aforementioned 5 minute mark. Especially as it was touching go there for a while, especially with her girlfriend taking things even further, without being asked. Before that 5 minutes was even up, no less.

Not that it was a surprise, of course. No, if anyone was bending and more often than not breaking the rules, it was Harley Fucking Quinn. Which was a mixture of annoying and endearing, maybe especially now her girl was taking her cock down her throat. Oh fuck, Harley Quinn was taking Ivy's real cock into her windpipe, and Ivy could feel everything. God, the other woman's throat was so tight it was painful. Which in some way he should be a good thing, but it wasn't. Oh shit, no wonder men loved this, Ivy thought again. She loved it too, and she was determined in that moment to do it more often. Fuck yes, Ivy would do whatever it took to feel this way again. Among other things.

She did of course have other ideas of what to do with this dick. More importantly, she had mutually pleasurable ideas, which she had thought about many times before, but they had never been more exciting than right now. Which of course, she tried to stop herself from thinking about doing that 5 minutes, but when it was up, she relaxed, and just went with it. Of imagining fucking her precious Harley Quinn in all sorts of positions, but maybe especially like an old married couple. In the 'traditional' way. Oh yes, in that moment, Ivy desperately wanted to fuck her girl in missionary, with her real dick. Just like she wanted to use Harley's mouth as a cunt right now.

It was very, very tempting to brutalized that poor little hole, especially as Ivy didn't have to worry about Harley fighting back. Not when she had a firm grip on the other girl's head, which became even tighter as she slowly pushed forwards. Yes, Harley could have hurt her, but any damage she would have done would've been instantly repaired, meaning one way or another Harley Quinn was taking every inch of this dick in her throat. But, being Harley Fucking Quinn, this sadistic clown of course loved this treatment, moaning happily and even clapping her hands as Ivy pushed herself forwards until her balls were slapping against her girlfriend's chin. True, it made her choke and gag, but that was probably part of the charm for this twisted bitch.

For a few long seconds, Ivy savoured the feeling of being balls deep in that hot wet hole, and then she began thrusting in and out of it, truly treating it like a pussy. However, instead of pounding it like a twisted part of her wanted too, she instead made love to it. Mostly because that was all she could handle at that moment. But also, she didn't want to push her luck. At least this time they did this. Besides, this was more than enough to bring her to the edge of orgasm, and then after a few blissful minutes Ivy did indeed allow herself the strange pleasure of cumming like a man. The difference being of course, that this time she was getting to cum deep in Harley Fucking Quinn's throat, which was a new and wonderful pleasure for her.

Harley was extremely grateful that Ivy loosened her grip when she came, as it allowed her to pull her head back just far enough, that the second spurt landed on her tongue. Because don't get her wrong, it was hot feeling a load being shot down her throat, but she preferred tasting it, or have it land on her face. Especially because in this case it was someone she truly cared about. Truly loved. Which was why far more than ever before Harley made it her mission not to waste a single drop of that precious liquid. Which wasn't easy, given that Ivy soon had her mouth so full, that automatically, some of that sperm slid down her throat and into her belly prematurely.

When it was clear that her woman was done cumming in her mouth Harley pulled back, and opened her mouth wide, making it clear that it was full of Ivy's load. Then, once the other woman had gotten a good look at it, she closed her mouth, and then loudly gulped it down with a happy hum of pleasure. She then stuck out her tongue, making it clear that she had swallowed every single drop. Which kept Ivy nice and hard. Or maybe that was just how this unique dick worked? Harley grinned wickedly at the thought, even as she helped out a bit by stroking that shaft again, and took it back into her mouth. Also partly just for fun, and to make sure she got every drop of that girl seed.

The two women then stared at each other for a few long minutes, and then Harley jumped up into Ivy's arms and kissed her right on the lips. Guys didn't like it when she did this, especially not Mr J, a mistake she had only made once, but thankfully, her best friend turned so much more had no such qualms. No, Ivy kissed her back without hesitation, and with such passion that Harley became lost in it for a while. And it would have probably have been longer, if her cunt wasn't aching for attention. And pressed against a big hard cock. But, of course, it was, and that had Harley reaching down for it, and then pushing it into that needy little hole. Which in turn, had Harley then breaking the kiss, in favour of crying out loudly.

Unsurprisingly, this displeased her bestie, who then went back to kissing her, even though they struggled to keep it going as Harley slowly pushed herself all the way down it, and then eventually started bouncing up and down. Although, once the entire thing was buried inside of her, she just had to savour the moment. And not just because this was Pamela Isley deep inside her. Yeah, this felt more real than before, but that felt true all those other times as well. But it was one hell of a thrill to feel a 'real' cock in her cunt, and a very feminine body pressed against her. Which made her want to keep them as tightly together as possible as she began bouncing up and down that big dick.

Ivy was grateful for the pause when she was all the way inside her girl, because otherwise she would cum for sure. Hell, maybe she should have been slower, considering the size of the cock she had given herself. Or maybe even decrease the size. But no, she wanted to have the biggest cock Harley had ever had. Far bigger than her vile ex. To ruin her for anyone else. Which was a thing that she really, really couldn't think about in this truly overwhelming moment. No, she needed to concentrate on fucking Harley as long as she could. And just savoured this moment. The first time she fucked her girl like this. The first of many, she gleefully promised herself.

Time seemingly lost all meaning in that wonderful moment, as the two super villains enjoyed what was considered to be the traditional act of love making between a man and a woman, not two women. Ivy even got to be on top, allowing her to be in that missionary position she'd dreamed of. However, for better or for worse, Harley insisted that she be the one to be on top, most of the time. Not that Ivy was complaining. Either way it felt amazing. Besides, this way, she could save her strength for the hard pounding. And more importantly in that moment, resisting the urge to cum. Then all of a sudden, Harley lifted herself all the way off of the dick, and then repositioned herself so it was pressing against a different hole.

"Harls?" Ivy whimpered softly.

"What?" Harley questioned with a wicked grin, "You know me, mmmmmmmmm, and you know how I like to cum?"

Which had Ivy flashing back to the first time she'd fucked Harley's ass. She had been prepared for Harley insisting on sucking her cock, but the other woman impaled her ass hole on the cock without even asking. Ivy had always figured that anal was something that women did just for money, or to keep their men happy, but she had been wrong. Because of course someone as twisted as Harley Quinn could get off on that kind of treatment. Besides, there had only been one other person to previously fuck that hole, and there was definitely something to be said for claiming it. Claiming every part of Harley as hers. Which she wanted to do really, really badly, but this was just, a lot.

"I know, but... Harls..." Ivy hesitantly protested, blushing in the process, "I'm about to burst here."

"Then just last as long as you can." Harley pushed, before softening her tone, and pleading, "Please baby? Mmmmmmmm, I wanna feel you shoot a load up my butt! Fucking mark it as yours! Please?"

I'm such a push over, Ivy thought dryly, before the end, and grumbling, "Fine."

"Yay!" Harley exclaimed happily, hugging her lover tightly, "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"But you need to go slow, okay?" Ivy quickly added, adding without thinking, "I want to enjoy this, you know?"

"Oh, you will. I promise." Harley grinned wickedly, and then pressed her lips to Ivy's again.

Poor Ivy was blushing as she thought about the indication of that, and then quickly pulled back and added, "And you have to let me prepare you!"

"Fine." Harley sighed, before negotiating, "But just a little fingering, K?"

"Deal." Ivy agreed, kissing Harley again, just so she wouldn't have to see the clown's smug smile of victory.

It was also a way to distract the little slut, while she reached behind her to grab two handfuls of those meaty cheeks, pull them apart, and then rub her fingertips up and down the extremely wet pussy lips of Harley Quinn. Which was doing absolutely nothing to help Ivy controlling her raging boner, especially because she just couldn't stop thinking about shoving her newly acquired dick into the ridiculously tight orifice which was Harley Quinn's butt hole. Especially when she pushed a finger inside of it, and was reminded just how tight it was. Something which had her whimpering into the kiss, and then just doing her best to stretch out that back door, before her girlfriend insisted on switching that finger for the cock, at which point poor Ivy lost the ability to think coherently.

Harley appreciated Ivy's concern for her. Especially given Mr J had made it clear time and time again he had no regard for her well-being. Hell, no one ever had. Not really. No one, except Pamela Isley, her Poison Ivy. However, while this was a heart-warming reminder of that, her ass was aching for the taste of real cock in it again. And the feeling of cum inside it. Which had been one of the only good things about her sessions with her ex. And given that she was moments away from a combination of that, and the sweet love making Ivy insisted on giving her, pretty much every moment of that fingering was torturous for Harley. Enjoyable yes, but torturously unfulfilling.

Even though Harley loved cum in her butt, going without it had never been truly unfulfilling. Not with the way Ivy played with her ass. Oh yes, Ivy had fingered her ass before, and she had loved it. But, admittedly, she had been hoping to take advantage of a cock which could never go soft. Oh yes, hopefully they could still use a strap-on at some point, and maybe they could even use both at the same time, and turn Harley into a little DP whore? That would be fun. Or spend hours pounding Harley's slutty little fuck holes, and then when they were both ready to cum, have Ivy switch to the real thing. Or even switch between them throughout? Oh yes, there was so many wonderful possibilities. But in that moment, what Harley wanted more than anything else in the world, was her girlfriend's real cock inside of her shit-pipe.

So after a few long, torturous minutes of anal fingering, Harley grabbed a firm hold of Ivy's wrist, pulled it away from her ass, and then up to her mouth so she could clean that finger of her butt cream. Within the same movement, she positioned her slutty little back door over that weapon of ass destruction, pushing herself downwards immediately this time. Okay, admittedly she couldn't resist grinning evilly, just before she simultaneously pushed herself downwards, and took that finger into her mouth. She then moaned around that finger, and the feeling of a real cock entering her back entrance for the first time in what felt like a lifetime. And unsurprisingly, she wasn't the only one, as Ivy cried out loudly in pure joy. Which was a reminder that she needed to go slowly, but it also greatly delighted her.

Don't get her wrong, it wasn't all sunshine and roses. Yes, Ivy had been sodomizing her on the daily ever since they had gotten together. Harley had made sure of that. However, even all that practice with just fingers couldn't take away the initial pain of being anally defiled. Not that Harley would want it too. Oh yes, on some twisted level, she enjoyed the initial pain and discomfort from the butt sex. Besides, she was such a natural anal whore that in what seemed like no time at all, the pain faded away, leaving her with nothing but pure pleasure. The kind of pure pleasure that Ivy was obviously feeling throughout the anal sex, which in turn, just made it that much more enjoyable for the clown.

Ivy had closed her eyes as she cried out from the initial anal penetration, and she kept them closed, as she just couldn't take it. She just couldn't take watching Harley Quinn, the love of her life, bouncing up and down in front of her, with no doubt an incredibly smug expression on her face. Yes, it was an expression she saw on the daily, and moments ago when Harley had been riding her with her pussy. But the idea of sodomizing her girl while that expression was on her pretty face was just too much. And to be fair, it was coming after what felt like an eternity of 'traditional' sex before this, making Ivy wish that they had saved this for later. Or at least allowed her to cum first.

Sadly, it was too late for that now, and all she could really do was desperately try not to cum too quickly. For once closing her eyes helped, a little, but seemingly nothing else. Not thinking about bats, clowns, trees burning, or even greedy humans, which were all her previous go toos. Ironically, in the end it was thinking of Harley herself, which stopped her. Not what she was currently doing, but how disappointed she would be if Ivy came too quickly. How much she loved her. How much she would do anything for her. Even this. Maybe even especially this, because as always, when she could control herself, Ivy had to admit, the feeling of being inside Harley Quinn like this was truly incredible.

Finally, she seemed to achieve a Zen-like state, where Ivy actually convinced herself she never needed to cum again, if this was her reward. It was only for a few minutes, but the sacrifice felt worth it. Then she felt it. The feeling of something firm, and yet soft resting against her thighs. She had been so lost in this act, it took longer than it should have to realize what it was. But then it hit Ivy like a ton of bricks, and she just had to open her eyes in disbelief, to see for herself. Oh God, it was true. Harley Quinn was sitting on her lap, with every single inch of that dick buried deep within her slutty little ass. Which shouldn't be a surprise, as Harley had been working towards it the entire time, constantly lowering herself downwards with every other thrust, until she finally achieved her goal.

And again, Ivy could feel it. Harley Quinn's rectum squeezing her dick like the tightest glove imaginable, with a pair of big green balls pressing against that ghostly pale booty, making it crystal clear what had happened. And poor Ivy just couldn't take it anymore. She would be apologetical later, but she had to cum. Then, as an apology, she stood up, and started hammering that ass as hard as she could, for as long as she could. Which was nothing compared to what she had done before, but the combination was actually achieving her goal. Oh fucking God, Ivy could feel that ridiculously tight butt somehow squeeze her even more, as she actually succeeded in making Harley Quinn cum while shooting a load into her bowels.

Harley was 100% sure she could have cum without any additional help from the other woman, other than the feeling of that girl cum shooting inside of her. After all, it was a really big load, completely painting the inside of her rectum white. More importantly, it was marking her as what she was always meant to be, the Property of Poison Ivy. And now, the Cum Dump of Poison Ivy. Oh yes, from now on Harley wanted her girlfriend to consider each and every one of her fuck holes a depository for her cum. One she could use whenever she wanted, at a moments notice. Oh yeah, it was truly a blissful surrender, this time to someone she could trust to take care of her.

This was something that Ivy once again proved, as she used her inhuman strength to pick Harley up in her arms like she was nothing, grabbed firmly onto her butt, and began slamming her up and down, with every ounce of her strength. Fuck, it was easy to forget just how strong her lover was. Or could make herself, thanks to her powers. Oh yes, one moment Poison Ivy was no stronger than any girl her size, the next she could hold them up as firmly as a tree, and give one of Harley's slutty little holes the pounding of a lifetime. And to make matters perfect, she bombarded her with the kind of words which could have made the clown girl cream herself without any additional stimulation.


Sadly, Harley had to be content with one hard climax, as opposed to a series of them, like was normally the case whenever she was fucked by her green skin lover. However, that was probably for the best, as it was easily one of the most overwhelming climaxes of her life, especially as initially Ivy's cum was still shooting up her butt. Oh God, that was so fucking intense. Guys had cum inside her before, a lot, actually. But it was rare that it happened when she was cumming too, and there had never been this close connection between them. And they were staring into each other's eyes the entire time. Which sadly didn't last that long, but that was okay, because again, she just wanted to savour this moment.

Even though the afterglow was special, as the last few dribbles of cum entered her ass, and her untouched pussy trembled with aftershocks from shooting it's cum all over Ivy's stomach. Then the superpowered woman was collapsing down onto her butt, on the bed, with the powerless super villain on top of her. Which led to more kissing. Mostly Harley kissing Ivy's face and neck, but there was also a lot of lips on lips action, as they slowly came down from their high. They even cuddled for a bit, before Harley sat up so she could look into her lover's eyes, and then frowned when she saw a look of apprehension on the other female super villain's face.

"Sorry Harls..." Ivy hesitantly apologized.

"For what?" Harley frowned in confusion.

"For the abrupt ending." Ivy blushed.

"Oh, don't worry about that." Harley said brightly, a wicked grin crossing her face as she promised her lover, "We have plenty of time to work on your stamina, the next time you grow a dick."

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