One Over Another

BY : KrakenSlayer
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Hey guys this story may seem familiar to you as it was posted on the normal Fanfiction website but Critics united alerted me that I was breaking guidlines so I've posted it here and will only be continuing it here. Please enjoy!

To day is a good day for the titans, the sun was gleaming happily with a slight breeze across the sky. Not a single cloud in the sky. Star fire was walking down the hall way, she was wearing tight purple and pink spandex athletic pants the hugged to every curve and shape of her legs and especially her perfectly shaped ass, she was also wearing a black and wight ty-dy tank top with a green (Double D) braw that held her tits up to perfection. She had a smirk of happiness made of her slightly dark orange lips, her eyes were glowing green and full of wonder and happiness, while her fiery red hair hung low down to her ass. Star fire was going to the main room to greet Beast boy after his 6 month period of time with batman. She could not wait to throw a party for him with her boy friend Nightwing,


Batman was coming to the tower to analyze their performance. The titans lined up shoulder to shoulder, Batman walked past robin, then looked at the 16 year old Beast boy and squinted...

"Beast boy your coming with me to Gotham to train with me, you're young and have so much potential but you need to fight correctly." Batman stated plain and clearly standing in front of the team with his arms crossed.

"WHAT?! WHY ME?!" Beast boy panicked, wondering why he didn't pick raven, she never fights physically.

"Because I've already, trained robin, And Cyborg has down loaded a few martial arts moves to his system, Star fire is already at her peak of combat as a Tameranian princess she is very dangerous already, Raven is in complete controll of her powers and she is smart. So now you're coming with me, lets go." Batman turned around and started walking away towards the door to leave. "And don't bother packing you will have every thing you need." He said the went through the door. Beast boy followed him to the door and looked back at his team, and slowly lifted up his hand to wave good bye. Then he left, that was the last time the saw him.

"Man I'm gonna miss playing games with grass stain" Cyborg said walking away. The tower was quiet, too quiet.


Star fire made it to the main room doors, she slowly opened them only to see her boy friend Nightwing. She floated over to him (he was wearing his uniform as always) she placed her arms around his neck and loosely let them drape down to hand on him. She looked up to see him and he looked down at her and smiled down at her with eyes of affection. "What is it babe?" he asked her, putting his hands around her waist.

"Are you not exited for friend Beast boy to come back? I wounder what he's going to look like." Star fire said with excitement ant joy. Her eyes were searching Nightwings heart for honesty and she got some of it when he said...

"Well, yes i am exited to have the team back together, it would be nice to..."Nightwing was cut off by the main room doors opening, Every one in the room turned to were the doors opened from. Starfire's eyes were glued to the MAN that walked in. It was Beast boy, he walked in the room and dropped his dufle bag.

He was wearing a new black and green uniform, it was all black except for two green lightning strips going down his sides and green claw marks on his chest as a symbol. The bottom part of his suit was tight and molded to his muscular legs, his top hugged to every muscle on his body showing every detail, he had strong muscular 8 pac of abs, 2 well defined pectorals. He had a jawline carved to perfection 2 under jaw fangs sticking from his mouth, 2 beautiful green gem like eyes and forest green, shaggy hair. He was about 5'11 now, he had strong muscular arms with veins stincking out of them. Then they heard his voice, deep, strong manly, and sooooooooooo attractive. "Hey guys, what did I miss?" he said looking at Star fire.

Star fire immediately let go of Nightwing and rand towards Beast boy to give him a hug, she put her arms around his back and hugged him tightly, pulling him into her arms and resting her head on his broad shoulders."I missed you so much friend Beast boy. You have grown so much." she said as she inhaled his scent as her eyes rolled back into her head. "Wow, smells so good, and he has so much of the hotness" She thought. Beast boy wrapped his muscular arms around Star fire and sqeezed. "Wow Star, I missed you too its great to see you." He said looking down into eyes. "Holly shit! Shes hot as hell! Man i wish that i could get to see more" He thought as he let go of her. She looked into his eyes, she wanted to kiss him but she has a boy friend and does not want to break up with him because it might hurt his feelings. Star fire looked down at this.

"So, how was your time away Best boy?" Nightwing asked, walking towards Beast boy lifting his hand for a hand shake. Beast boy shook every ones hand and greeted them and they talked about his time away. It was getting late so almost every one went to bed. Beast boy went to the gym to work out.

Star fire was in her bed wearing her green lace panties and the same tank top and bra that she was wearing earlier today. Star fire could not sleep she was thinking of Beast boy and how he had matured and how hot he was, she wanted him so badly right now. Star got out of bed to go watch TV but when she past Beast boy's room she stopped dead in her tracks, she inhaled deeply and let out a sexual moan, she bit her lower lip, the smell of him was intoxicating. Star's head was immediatly filled with dirty thoughts of Beast boy slamming her up against the wall and fucking the life out of her, Star could feel herself getting warmer between her legs. She couldn't help it but wonder what she could do to him in his sleep. So she slowly opens up his door and peaks inside to see him. He was laying there shirtless, on his back spread out like a star fish on his bed, he was only in his black boxers

Beast boy lay there, on his bed spread out like a star fish, only wearing a pair of boxers. Star fire started to hover closer, her eyes looking down at him drinking up every detail, every muscle. She slowly landed on the floor, careful not to make a sound. She finally rested on the floor beside Beast boy's bed, Star fire bent down close to his face, she slowly walked to a lower part of his body. Her eyes bulged when she saw the huge bulge in his boxers, her hands began to quiver as she began to reach forward to place her hands on his chest. Her palms were resting on his pectorals as she felt the muscled body, she began to rub them around his chest causing him to let out a small growl. She then began to rub her hands down his chiseled abs, and she was about to grab the hem of his boxers, but suddenly her communicator sounded off loudly. Star in less than a second flew out of the window.


Starfire flew to the roof of the tower and sat down on the edge communicator still sounding off. "I swear to Xhal if this is not important I will destroy who ever called i was about to see the most wounderous thing ever." She thought in her head. She then pulled out her communicator and pressed the answer button, then Black fire's face popped up on the screen.

"Hey sister, how are you doing on earth?" Black fire asked her sister with a smile of joy. Star fire suddenly became less pleased but kept most of her words in.

"I was doing the fine until you called, I was about see Be..., I'm fine what do you want sister?" Star fire asked, catching herself mid sentence, Black fire noticed this but decided to leave it alone and continued speaking.

"Well I haven't seen you in a long time and plus I'm looking for a place to stay at, my home was destroyed by meteors." Black fire said looking down in sadness. Star fire took pitty on her.

"Yes you may stay with me in my room. When do you get here sister?" Star fire said looking up and away from the communicator, She heard a noise coming from above. Black fire appeared in the distance. Star flew up to meet her there. Black fire meet Star fire about a few yards from the tower. Black fire's hair was long, like it was going down to her mid back like Star's, She gave up the war armor that she used to wear. Instead she was wearing a black and wight skin tight elastic suit it was like the bottom half of the suit was a unitard and the top half was was a little revealing. It went up her torso then it reached her perfect breasts, it covered he nipples and every thing else except it had a huge whole above her breasts (Like power girl's suit) the sleeves went all the way down to her wrists.

"Hello sister! I am so glad to see you!" Star said, putting on a huge smile while floating down to the roof top with her sister.

"Its good to see you too, It has been so long since we have been together, But I am very tired after my long trip were is your room?" Black fire asked looking very droopy.

"It is this way, follow me." Star motioned for her sister to follow her.

They got to Star's room and crawled in bed then fell asleep.


The sun gleamed down onto the purple sheets of a queen sized bed, birds were cherpping out side the window, this woke the person laying on the bed. Beast boy slowly sat up and opened his eyes, he look around the room remembering he was in his own room. He swung his legs over the side of his bed and stood up straight. He put his hands in his hair and began to inhale suddenly his eyes shot open. He sniffed the air and squinted, looking around his room 'Some one was in my room last night but who?' Beast boy asked himself. There was a knock at the door making Beast boy forget what he was doing.

"Hold on I'll be out soon!" beast boy yelled to door while scrambling to get a pair of shorts on. Beast boy slipped on a pair of black shorts and headed for the door, when he reached the door he opened it and robin was staring at his watch.

"Hey man whats up you look like your going some wear else." Beast boy said looking at his friend with quizzical eyes.

"Well actually the rest of the team has known for a while except for Star fire, but Cyborg and I are leaving the team and going to join the justice league. Look I need you to lead the team now. So you are responsible for everyone. And I also need you to tell Star fire because I can't handle those eyes." Robin said looking up at Beast boy then looking back down to his watch. 'What a fucking coward. Why would you hurt her like this?! You know what its his choice and knowing him, I couldn't stop him if I tried.'

"Um yeah sure I'll do it how hard can it be? You know leading the team telling the girl you like that your leaving for good I mean its only gonna break her heart(Sarcasm that Robin ignored). Hey tell Cyborg I'm going to miss him. I'll be out soon." (Un-aware that Robin WAS dating Starfire) Beast boy said sarcastically while closing the door, he heard fast foot steps and an elevator door closing with a bing. Beast boy grabbed a wight tank top and slipped it over his head and pulled it down. 'Well this is going to be great, leading the team, but I'm gonna hate telling star about Robin.' Beast boy finished putting on his shirt and opened his door and left.

He got to the elevator and pressed the button for it to rise to his floor, the elevator door opened and standing there was Raven.

"Hey Raven were you going? Can you help me tell Star that Robin is leaving and isn't coming back?" Beast boy asked not wanting to Break Star's heart. Raven walked passed him then turned her head to speak.

"Nope thats all on you to tell them that he is gone." Raven said now fully turned around.

"Aww, come on please help I don't... Wait them?" Beast boy asked questioningly wondering who else was there.

"Oh yeah, by the way, Black fire is going to be staying here she might even join the team. Right now she and Star are watching TV in the main room. I'm going to my room, so leave me alone." Raven said, she then fully turned around and started walking the other way. Beast boy walked into the elivator and pressed the number 5 button and the doors closed and he started to descend.'Well this is just great I have to break Star's heart and make her sister watch. Well maybe it won't be so bad, I mean she didn't really ever like him back right?' Beast boy said hope fully.


Star fire was sitting down on the couch with her sister watching TV and behind them they heard the elevator swish open, his sent filled the room and Star fire and Black fire could smell him. Star turned around in her seat to look at the person in the elevator door way. It was Beast boy. Star got up and quickly flew to him. She landed in front of him and gave him a huge hug, pressing her double D cup breasts to his chest pulling him into a very sexual hug. 'X'hal, I could just kiss him, he's so handsome. His eyes are so majestic.' Star thought to her self "Good Morning! Friend Beast boy!" Star fire said with enthusiasm. 'Holly shit her tits are perfect, she is so fucking hot, she's, she's beautiful. Her lips look so inviting, but I can't not with the bad news.' Beast boy thought to himself, he put his arms around Star and gave her a gentle hug. "Well its good to see you too." Beast boy said letting go of her. They came out of the hug, unknown to Beast boy Black fire was walking up to him.

"Listen Star I have to tell you something about...Holly shit!" Beast boy said in surprise when Black fire came up to him and hugged him the same way Star had. But she pressed her tits further forward and put her head on his left shoulder and inhaled his sent.

'Oh my fuck, Black fire's tits are showing a little more, wow they are the hottest girls ever.' Beast boy thought to him self. 'Oh my he has grown so much and he smells so good I want to own him' Black fire thought to herself. Looking into his eyes and then some how (But unnoticed by him) she became addicted to him,(PS Star got addicted too). Star fire noticed the hug and got jealous, she reached out and grabbed black fire by her arm and tore her off of Beast boy. Beast boy let go of Black fire and looked at Star she was beaming at her sister who was beaming back at her.

"Hello Beast boy, I'm going to be staying here for a while so just get used to seeing me around." Black fire said looking Beast boy in the eye.

"Ok, well thats great make yourself at home. Any ways guys I wanted to tell you that I am the new leader of the team." Beast boy said kind of proudly.

"But, what of friend Robin? Is he not doing the leading anymore?" Star asked concerned.

"Well... Thats what I wanted to talk to you guys about." Beast boy said looking into her eyes with pitty. Beast boy grabbed Starfire's hand and lead her over to the couch, Black fire was in close pursuite behind. Starfire and her sister bothe sat down on the couch while Beast boy sat on the Coffee table across from them. "Listen Star, I know you and Robin had something together but, Robin left for the Justice league this morning and entrusted the team to me. I know how you feel right now but it will pass. Im so sorry you had to find out like this." Beast boy said holding her hands in his own for comfort Starfire's eyes filled with sadness and confusion at hearing the news.

"Why would he just leave me life that? I-I-I feel used." Star fire said as she began to tear up, Beast boy moved to sit beside her and began rubbing her back for support. Starfire got up from the couch, and began walking away. "Sis?! where are you going?!" Black fire called out when she turned around to see her walking away. Star turned her head slightly. "I believe I need to spend some time alone in my room." Star fire then walked off to her room, 'W-W-W-Why would he leave me? It was as if I was nothing to him. I don't know why I went out with him in the first place. I need to get him out of my head and focus on someone/something else.' Star fire's thoughts started trailing their way back to Beast boy.

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