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It was nearly dawn when Barbara Gordon stumbled through the door of her apartment and slammed it shut behind her.  She leaned on it heavily as she secured the locks while one hand continued to hold her tattered dress together over her chest.  After a breath, she pushed off the wall and stumbled into her living room, finally letting the tattered remains of her dress fall away and drop to the floor.  Only wearing a light pair of lacy pink panties, she flopped onto the sofa and curled into a fetal position, covering her nudity with a cushion.

After several deep breaths, she finally lifted her head to look up at the curious parrot who was gazing down at her from its cage.

“I didn’t think I was going to make it out of that one, Charlie.  That was close!”  Barbara pulled herself up to the armrest and laid her chin on her crossed wrists, continuing to press her breasts into a throw pillow.

“I thought it was going to be a quiet, peaceful date.  I’m usually so busy fighting crime as Batgirl, I never get to go out and enjoy myself.  And Anthony seemed like such a nice guy.  When he asked me out, I just couldn’t say no. 

“We met at the restaurant and it was so nice.  He took me to Antonio’s, that really nice Italian restaurant.  He was such a gentleman.  And we had such a good time talking.  He knew so much about art and history.  Then after dinner we walked along the river.  It was so romantic.  The weather was beautiful and the stars were out.  That was when he told me that he was an artist.  Which didn’t surprise me, he certainly seemed like the creative type.  Well obviously I asked him if I could see his work.  And he told me that he had a gallery nearby.

“Oh Charlie, I know I should have known better.  But I was so caught up in the moment, and he was such a nice guy.  Besides, it wasn’t like we were going back to his apartment.  So I agreed to go with him, I really did want to see his work.  I’ve certainly been in enough tight situations that I figured I could take care of myself if necessary.  Besides, it wasn’t that far away. 

“And it turned out to be the cutest little gallery.  But the weird thing was that it was completely anonymous on the outside.  There wasn’t a sign or markings anywhere.  You’d never know it was an art gallery if you didn’t already know it was there.  But he let us in and I finally got to look around.

“But oh my goodness, you would never believe the art in that place.  There were paintings and sculptures, oh they were beautifully done, but Charlie… the subject matter!  There were images of several other superheroes, even Batman and Robin, but most of them were superheroines.  But every single piece of art was showing some superhero being killed, tortured or mutilated.  And all of the woman were either naked or in the process of having their clothes ripped off.  Most of them were being raped.  It was macabre and indecent and… well it was horrifying Charlie!’  Barbara curled into a tighter ball, hugging the pillow to her.

“Of course the most popular subject was Batgirl.  You can’t even imagine what it’s like to stand there and see all of those images of those terrifying things being done to yourself.  And I couldn’t let Anthony know how personally distressing it was.  I was appalled!  But I couldn’t stop looking.  I just kept walking around from image to image, each one more horrific than the last.  In the artwork I was being tortured, raped, and dismembered in more ways than I could imagine.  Finally I found myself staring at a painting of Batgirl having her clothes torn off and being molested by an entire army of thugs.  I was… well, to be honest I’m not sure what I was feeling.  It was all too much to take in.  I was stunned.

“’Do you like it?’ Anthony stepped up behind me when he caught me staring at the painting. 

“‘I’m seeing a pretty common theme among all of this,’ I said, trying to be as non-committal as possible.  He nodded in agreement.  

“‘I know.  I have a very specific audience for my work, and they are pretty clear about what it is that they like to see.  I feel obligated to give them what they want.  You know how that is,’ he shrugged.  Well I didn’t really agree with him.  This was extremely inappropriate content.  I was debating if I should tell him about it, or if I should just leave, when suddenly he grabbed my arms, pulled my hands behind me and handcuffed my wrists together!

“He had me and I didn’t know what to do.  It happened so fast.  The next thing I knew, he was pulling me into the center of the room and making me kneel down.  He set a small padded stool down between my ankles so I could sit a few inches off of the floor.  But this didn’t make any sense to me.  Of course if I had my utility belt or even my Batgirl gloves, I would have been out of those handcuffs in no time.  But as just plain Barbara Gordon, I was trapped! 

“’What are you doing?’ I asked.  I started to try to stand up, but he put a hand on my shoulder to hold me down. 

“‘I’m really sorry about this, Barbara, but I promised by clients something really special for tonight’s show.  So I need you to be a work of art.’  As you can imagine, I was stunned. 

“‘What?  I am not a work of art!’ I pointed out.  He gave me an apologetic smile that I’m sure he meant to be sweet, but I was too angry to notice. 

“Then he said, ‘I think that you are.  But… I’m really sorry for this, Barbara.  But… you have to admit, the best works of art are always nudes…’ And suddenly he grabbed my sundress, my shoulder straps snapped, and he pulled it all of the way down my body until it bunched up over my hips.  And I hadn’t worn a bra, so I was totally exposed.  I couldn’t believe it.

“Anthony!  I did not agree to this!’ I yelled. 

“‘I know Barbara, I’m really sorry.  I am.  But you have to understand that my clients are the worst villains in Gotham City.  If I don’t have a really fantastic display for them, they’re going to kill me.’ I stopped struggling with the handcuffs and looked up at him.

“’Villains!’ I gasped, ‘are you crazy?  I’m the commissioner’s daughter.  As soon as they see me, they’ll kidnap me and use me against my father!’

“‘It’s okay,’ Anthony tried to reassure me, ‘they’ll never know that it’s you.’  He turned around and pulled a red wig out of a box and put it on my head.  I was a little nervous that it looked like a pretty close match to the one that I wore when I was Batgirl.  But then he pulled out a Batgirl cowl that looked exactly like mine.  He put it on my head, over the wig, and stepped back.  ‘Tonight, you’re going to be Batgirl.  You look just like her.’  He held up a mirror for me to see myself.  Of course I’ve seen myself in the mirror as Batgirl before, but I had always had my uniform over my chest.

“’That is even worse!!!’ I cried.  ‘If the most deadly villains in Gotham see me as Batgirl, they’ll kill me on sight!’

“‘Don’t worry, they’ll never know.  You’re going to be a work of art.’ Next he grabbed the table that the wig boxes had been sitting on.  It had been cut in half and a hinge connected the two pieces.  A circle had been cut in the middle allowing him to set the table around me.  The table even had a skirt that covered my legs and the stool I was sitting on.  With the center hole wrapping around me just below my ribs, I looked just like a naked bust of Batgirl sitting on the low table; as long as no one looked under the drape.

“’Anthony, this is crazy!  This isn’t going to fool anyone!’ I said. 

“‘It has to Barbara, you just can’t move, no matter what.  You have to convince them that you’re just a statue,” he was pleading with me.  And before I could say anything else, there was a loud pounding at the door.  ‘There isn’t any more time.  They’re here,’ he said as he rushed to the entrance.  ‘It’s going to be easier if you close your eyes!’ he added before he unlocked the door.  I closed my eyes just before the clients entered the gallery.

“I could clearly hear the voices of the Joker, Penguin, the Riddler, Louie the Lilac, King Tut, the Mad Hatter along with dozens of their henchmen and thugs.  If they had even the slightest suspicion that I was really who I really was, I wouldn’t stand a chance.  I had to focus completely on not moving a muscle.  I kept my eyes closed and made sure that I was breathing from my diaphragm to keep my chest from moving.

“Oh Charlie, you can’t imagine all of the lewd and tawdry things that they were saying as they looked at the pornography posted around the gallery.  I can’t even repeat it.  It was too disturbing.  But it was obvious that if they figured out that I was there, I was going to be in a whole lot of trouble.  I just kept focusing on keeping my eyes closed and remaining still.

“’What is this?’ I heard someone say, I think it was the Joker.  Several other criminals drew near and I could tell that they were looking at me.

“‘This is exquisite!  So lifelike!’ It sounded like King Tut’s voice coming very close to me.  I could feel his foul breath as he moved in next to my face to examine me.  I had to hold my own breath to keep him from seeing any movement.  This was the moment of truth, if he detected any sign of life, I was as good as dead.  I could feel him looming just inches from my face, studying every detail of me.  My lungs began to burn, if he didn’t step back soon, I was going to gasp for breathe.

“’You have truly outdone yourself, my friend,’ King Tut finally said as he stood up.  This finally gave me the opportunity to slowly suck in some air before I passed out.  ‘She looks so real that I feel like I could…’ and suddenly that disgusting old pervert grabbed my breast!  I had been so focused on remaining motionless, that I had completely forgotten that I was totally exposed to them. They had a full view of my boobs, and now King Tut was freely groping them and I couldn’t do anything about it.

“’My goodness, these feel amazing!’ King Tut gasped. 

“‘Yes, I used a special process on them to make them feel so realistic,’ I heard Anthony say nervously.  ‘Go ahead and give them a feel.’  I was appalled that he would say such a thing!  I was furious.  But I also knew that he didn’t have a choice.  He had to maintain the illusion that I was only an inanimate piece of art.  He couldn’t say no to this group of deadly thugs without risking both of our lives.

“‘Riddler, you have to feel these bat boobs!’ King Tut announced.  The next thing I knew everyone was feeling me up.  My breasts were being squeezed and pinched and fondled and I couldn’t do anything about it.  These were my worst enemies and they were all gleefully having their way with my bare bosom.  I wanted to throw up, but obviously I couldn’t.  I had to suppress any reaction.

“Of course the worst part was that my body was starting to respond to the stimulation whether I liked it or not.  Fortunately the gallery was air conditioned, so my… you know… my nipples” she whispered the word and looked down at her pillow covered chest, “…were already hard because of the cold.  Which meant that I didn’t have to worry about those changing as they were being pinched and twisted.  But down below, I was feeling a very distinct itch coming from my private area. If you know what I mean.  My thin lace panties were getting pretty wet and that meant that I was clearly feeling the stool that I was sitting on against my… you know what.  And I’m embarrassed to say that it was starting to feel really nice.

“My chest just kept getting rubbed and squeezed, so the drives that were starting to grow inside of me were really starting to become distracting. I thought that maybe, if I could just get a grip, I might be able to keep it from getting out of hand. So, careful not to move anything up top, I ground my crotch down on the stool and clamped it with my thighs. 

“It turns out that was a mistake, Charlie.  I found out later that the thing I was sitting on was something called a Sybian saddle.  And when I moved, I accidently activated it and it began vibrating.  Fortunately it was quiet enough that it couldn’t be heard above the air conditioning and everyone talking.  But, boy-oh-boy, could I feel it.  It was vibrating right against all of my trigger spots.

“And of course, the villains were still feeling me up while this was going on.  I have to admit, it was having a terribly embarrassing effect on me.  But I still couldn’t move or make a sound or I’d be killed.

“Finally the groping eased up and I heard Penguin say ‘you know what I’ve always wanted to do to that smug, goody-two-shoes face of hers?’  Afraid of what he had in mind, I listened for an answer, but he didn’t say any more.  Instead I heard something that sounded like a zipper and many of the group started laughing and cheering.  I wanted to open my eyes to see what was going on, but I knew that I couldn’t.  Soon I heard a fast slapping sound, but I wasn’t feeling anything, so I knew that they weren’t slapping me.  Instead I heard more zips and more slapping noises as the men began laughing and making rude suggestions to me as if I really was Batgirl.  Which I am, but they didn’t know that.

“Suddenly I was hit by something right between the eyes.  For a second I thought that I had been shot, but I realized that the warm, creamy substance dripping down my nose was thicker than blood.  Then another glob of sticky goo, blasted me in the face.  Then another.  And I realized that those disgusting perverts were masturbating on me.  I couldn’t move, I couldn’t react.  I just had to sit there and take it as they covered my face and breasts with their ejaculations.  Over and over, dozens of them.  I was disgusted and humiliated, but as the vibrator continued to stimulate me, I was also annoyed to say that I was incredibly aroused.  Part of me was really enjoying this. There was something very erotic about being used like that.

“I don’t know how long this lasted.  It seemed like hours.  It felt like torture; sexy erotic torture.  I was covered with their spunk, I could feel it dripping down over me, and even that was turning me on.”  Barbara peeled a crust of dried sperm off her jawline and looked at it.  She was momentarily swept up in the memory of her sensations.  “My arousal was driving me insane and I couldn’t do anything about it.  I had no idea how long it was going to be before my own stimulation forced me to break my silence.  Eventually I wasn’t going to be able to stop myself from having my own orgasm right in front of everyone.  It was only a matter of time.

“But finally the villains began to grow tired.  The masturbating gradually stopped and they roamed around a little longer before they prepared to leave.  They took their sweet time about it too.  In my head I was quietly begging them to hurry up and get out of the building before the vibrator drove me to a point where I wouldn’t be able to control myself.  I didn’t think I’d be able to last much longer.  It was the worse torture I have ever experienced.

“Many of the rogues congratulated Anthony and told him something about looking forward to whatever he came up with next.  And finally, with agonizing slowness, the last of them left.  Anthony finally locked the door and turned to me. 

“‘It’s okay, they’re gone,’ he said as soon as he could.  I opened my eyes and blinked the semen away as it drizzled down my face and dripped onto the top of my breasts. 

“‘Quick, get me out of here,’ I said with a fair amount of urgency.  My breath was coming in short gasps.

“He walked towards me slowly and started saying something about a long time fantasy.  But by this time I was driven to such an insane amount of distraction by the vibrator between my legs that I had no idea what he was talking about.  I just nodded and said ‘yes’.  I was desperate for anything that would get me out of this situation as fast as possible.

“I should have paid more attention.  Apparently I had just agreed to something, because Antony walked over to me, but he didn’t release me.  Instead, he knelt on the table with his crotch right in front of me.  Then he unzipped his pants just inches from my face.  I was so turned on that I couldn’t help staring as he took out his… his… Well it was his penis!” Barbara blushed again as she recalled the incident. 

“I can hardly consider myself an expert on that part of a man’s anatomy, but at that moment I was completely transfixed.  It was huge and erect, and in my state of horniness I couldn’t help but think that it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.   I unconsciously licked my lips and opened my mouth as he guided it towards my face.

“As he slid it into my mouth, some of the villain’s semen came in with it, but by that time I didn’t care.  It felt so good as it slid past my lips and over my tongue.  Antony put his hands on the back of my Batgirl cowl and began pumping his shaft in and out of my mouth, pushing it just a little bit further with each thrust.  Soon I felt the tip hit the back of my mouth and I had to relax my throat to allow it to push in even further.  I wasn’t thinking rationally by that point.  Some strange part of me was enjoying being used.

“Of course the vibrator was still working on my vagina.  My poor panties were completely drenched, they weren’t providing any protection at all.  I felt every rotating vibration and it was generating waves of pleasure that kept building and building within me.  I couldn’t do anything but experience every moment of the sensations that were being forced on me, I had no control.  My body began quivering and convulsing.  My eyes grew wide and I began moaning loudly around the massive organ filling my mouth.  I was having an orgasm.  And not just any orgasm, but the biggest, most intense orgasm that I can possibly imagine having.  All that time suppressing my reactions finally let go.  It took over my entire body and just kept going on and on. 

“Apparently the vibrations of my moaning had an effect on Antony, because his dick began throbbing in my mouth and I could feed a swelling against my tongue.  Suddenly he was exploding his own ejaculation right in my mouth.  With my lips stretched tight around his penis, I didn’t have any choice but to swallow it.  He grabbed my head and just kept forcing it down my throat until there wasn’t any more.

“Oh Charlie, I was so embarrassed.  I completely lost control and orgasmed harder than I ever have in my entire life.  You can’t imagine it.  I was used and helpless, it was incredibly humiliating and degrading.  I felt like I had just been manipulated in the most demeaning way possible and I reacted to it like a horny slut.  I’ve never been through anything like that in my entire life.”

Barbara stared off into space until her quiet contemplation was interrupted by Charlie, who squawked at her once.  Barbara slowly turned to look at the bird.

“Well yeah, I’m going to see him again tomorrow night.”

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