Wonder Woman: Twisted Dominion

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Wonder Woman: Twisted Dominion


Mark found them a bench to sit on. While he entertained the notion of fucking Diana against the wall, he remembered that he was a mortal man and the woman in his arms was an Amazon. His legs, while toned, would be faced with much discomfort under that kind of stress.

In many ways, the bench was a much more appealing option. With Diana seated firmly on his lap, straddling him as if he were her trusted mount, Mark found his face perfectly level with Wonder Woman’s bosom. They most definitely lived up to their moniker. The Thief was nearly salivating at the proud swells of pale flesh. Succulent cleavage dipping low, the womanly mounds creating a deep valley that called to Mark, beckoning him to dive down, down down… 

He almost obliged his baser instincts, but chose to start simpler. Kissing turned out to be a great way to slowly and sensually guide Diana into her new place as his woman. And with the spell taking hold over her mind, she went along with it without a fuss. Hell, with the way she was kissing him back Mark might have considered that she was just as into this as he was.

The taste of her lips was simply divine as was the feeling of her tongue upon his. His hands travelled up her bare back to the small knot behind her neck, the very same knot that held up the front of her silk dress. He grinned into the kiss, his cock twitching at the prospect of undressing Wonder Woman. This was no schoolboy dream anymore. This was the real deal. Wonder Woman was sitting in his lap, the gift of a woman ready to be unwrapped.

He began undoing the knot, his fingers nearly trembling. Diana made a sound, a grunt of annoyance that petered out into a small whine. She knew what he was about to do. Mark had enough decency to feel a little bad about her embarrassment but the glory of Wonder Woman’s breasts was too good to pass up. He caught her lower lip between his teeth, teasing a quiet moan out of her before using his tongue to urge her back into their kiss. He undid the silk knot.

The blue fabric that made up the front of her dress fell loosely between them. Mark shifted, allowing some room for the dress to drop down completely. The young man burned with excitement, his prick an iron rod, throbbing in his trousers. Wonder Woman wasn’t just sitting in his lap - Now, she was half-naked! Her bare tits were squished against his chest, the excess of milky flesh fanning out to the sides. Mark had to see them for himself. He took Diana by the arms and gently pushed her back.

They were large. They were milky. They were capped proudly by pink nipples. They were wonderful.

His hands were drawn to them like magnets, coming up from underneath to feel their heft, their weight. They were better than any dream, Mark found, so full and soft and so utterly divine that he knew he could die at that very moment with satisfaction. The only sound Diana made in response to her molestation was a sharp inhale through her nose, accompanied by an near-imperceptible flutter of her eyelashes.

“Oh, wow.” Mark drawled, nearly horny-drunk from the wonderful vision that filled his gaze. “Diana… Your tits are stupendous.”

Diana herself didn’t seem too impressed with his appraisal. Mark gave a small wince.

“Sorry. Too crass?”

Diana sat up in Mark’s lap, her arms moving just so to press her breasts slightly together. The jostle was enough to create those subtle, hypnotic ripples in the flesh. The soft jiggling caught Mark’s eye, the juicy, pink nipples once more taking hold of the man’s attention. The woman’s half-frustrated sigh briefly shook him from his lustful haze.

“It’s not the worst compliment I’ve heard.” Diana admitted, her lips almost curling into a frank frown. Her arms drew slightly closer together. The effect that had on her breasts was as subtle as it was before and just as visually sublime. She had to have been doing it on purpose. “I have a feeling you want to do more than touch them.”

Mark gave Diana a devilish smile.

“You read my mind.”

The horny thief buried his face between those bountiful breasts, hungry and ravenous like a starving wolf. His tongue bathed the vast swaths of soft skin in his saliva, his lips planting heated kisses in the deep valley of her chest. Mark groaned, filling his mouth with tit and sucking, licking, softly biting, the teasing nips causing Diana to shift in his lap. 

“Oh… Gaia…” The Amazon hissed through her teeth. One hand reached up to cradle the man’s head, fingers raking through his dark hair. The other reached forward to grip the back of the bench, her body desperate for any extra support. “Are you… having fun down there?”

Mark grunted, his mouth seeking out one of her perfect, pink nipples. He held her breast in one hand, guiding it towards his mouth. He took the peak gently between his teeth, lashing it with his tongue. Mark felt Diana’s fingers tighten in his hair and smirked - not an easy feat with a full mouth. He closed his lips around her nipple and began to suck.

By the Goddess!” Diana rasped, her body shuddering under the intensity of Mark’s unchained lust.

Mark, using immense willpower, slurped away from the wonder of Amazonian tits. With a satisfied grin, he rested his chin upon the great swell of Diana’s bosom, staring up at the woman under his thrall.

“You’re the one sitting in my lap, Diana.” He told her, his voice low and heavy. “Can’t you feel how much fun I’m having?”

Judging from the flash of nervousness across her face, Mark knew that Diana felt something. His prick was rock hard, harder than it had ever been. And with her sitting right on his lap, she had to have known what kind of state he was in, what kind of state she had put him in.

“I can.” Diana said evenly, exhaling through her nose.

Mark had an idea then, one even more tantalizing than playing with Wonder Woman’s breasts. He leaned back into the bench and smiled.

“I want you to use your mouth.”

The words - the order hung in the air. Diana kept an even expression save for the blush that crept across her cheeks. For a long moment she said nothing, simply looking down at the man who waited expectantly.

“Use it how?” She asked, her voice almost a whisper.

“On my cock.” Mark answered readily, still smiling. “On my balls, too. I want you to use your lips, your tongue. Show me what an Amazon can do when she’s on her knees.”

The blush was even more apparent now. Diana wet her lips, stealing a quick glance towards the doors that led out of the empty hall and back to the gala. Maybe she was afraid someone would catch her in such a scandalizing state. Maybe she was hoping someone would find them. Mark couldn’t help but feel a giddy thrill at having Wonder Woman under his total control. It still felt like a dream.

She turned back to face him and gave a short nod.

“As you wish.”

Diana felt the sting of humiliation. She felt the heavy weight of shame. She tried to feel anger towards the man who had done this to her, but quickly found those fiery emotions muffled and muzzled. But worst of all, to her great horror, Diana felt aroused.

Taken under a man’s control, fondled like some trophy wife, forced down onto her knees, and Diana’s own body was betraying her. The Amazon didn’t know which was more terrifying: that the spell was powerful enough to control her own desires or that the spell wasn’t doing this at all. 

With near-trembling fingers, Diana tugged down Mark’s trousers and boxers together. The smell hit her first, a heavy, earthy aroma that would have been more pleasant under better circumstances. 

“Great Hera…” The Princess gasped, her eyes widening. Her vision was filled with the pride of Man’s World. And proud it was! Long, thick, visibly twitching at being exposed to the cool air. Sprouting out from between his legs like a stalk of veiny flesh, Mark’s manhood was more than Diana had expected. Much more.

Diana breathed in. Then she breathed out. She would have preferred if Mark was average or even small. She might have been able to needle him about it if he was, subtly getting some form of retribution against him for putting this spell over her. But alas, it was not the case. Mark Messner had a big cock. And that only made things more complicated for Diana.

“What’s wrong?” Mark asked her with genuine concern. “You don’t like the smell?”

“You smell fine, it’s just…” Diana gently took Mark’s manhood by the base, her fingers slowly wrapping around the shaft. His flesh was warm to the touch, his skin soft like velvet. But just beneath the surface was a hot iron rod. Diana gave an experimental squeeze, breathing heavily as she felt Mark throb and twitch in her hands. “You’re larger than I was expecting.”

“Are you trying to butter me up?” She heard him chuckling.

“I can’t lie to you, remember?” Diana shot back.

“Right. It’s not too much for you to handle, I hope?”

Diana shouldn’t have risen to the very obvious bait. But she did. The man could trick her, control her, grope her, but he had to tease her as well? 

Nothing is too much for me to handle.” Diana declared. She dipped her head down and took the swollen head into her mouth.

Like the smell, the taste was earthy, heavy, salty. Under different circumstances, she would have found it pleasurable. More pleasurable, anyway, considering her body’s hard-coded instinctual reactions to actions she was being forced to perform - as well as the actions being performed on her.

Drumming her fingers softly against the lower half of Mark’s cock, she hummed around the portion she held in her mouth, rolling her tongue against the underside of the shaft. She allowed the flavor of Mark to settle on her tongue, mingling with her saliva. She dipped her head lower, taking more man-flesh, more of Mark’s thick cock into her mouth. She tightened her lips around him, sucking, drawing a low groan from the man she was servicing.

“Christ…” She heard him rasp. As she expected, she felt his hand find its place on the back of her neck. He began to subtly guide her movements, her pace. She bobbed her head in his lap, taking him in before retreating, then dipping back down to try and take even more. Her tongue rolled and lashed along the way, up and down his long prick. “You’re… Uh… Very good at this.”

Diana rose up, letting Mark’s cock fall from her mouth. A couple strings of saliva remained, delicate bridges connecting the thick, bulbous cockhead to Diana’s full, plump lips. She planted a wet kiss against the side of Mark’s shaft, her eyes never leaving his. She rested her chin against his inner thigh, cradling his manhood with one hand and pressing it into the side of her face. From the way his eyes lit up, she knew he enjoyed the image she had created for him. For that, the Amazon felt some small measure of pride.

She dipped her head down lower, pressing her face into Mark’s groin. The scent was thick, heavy in her nostrils. The smell of man. She planted her lips upon Mark’s balls, kissing one then the other. She ran her tongue over one of them, lathering it with spit. Then she took it into her mouth, enveloping the testicle in her soft lips. She sucked, drawing a groan from Mark’s lips. Feeling daring, she lifted his length to give her better access, and took the other testicle into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around them, under them, between them, bathing his balls in her warm saliva.

If nothing else, Diana of Themyscira never took half-measures. Even on her knees, she was committed to her role. She let his testes fall from her lips, keeping her nose nestled close to his throbbing shaft.

“The blessings of Aphrodite have their uses.” She mused with a half-smile. “May I ask you a question, Mark?”


“You’re rich. You’re handsome. And it’s clear to me that I’m not the only one here with the blessings of Aphrodite.” She swiped her tongue against the side of the shaft, before planting another kiss just beneath the head. Slowly, she stroked him from the base to the head, her hands slick with her own spit. “Why does a man like you need mind control to pick up women?”

“Not women. Just you.” Mark clarified, miraculously able to keep his composure under Diana’s ministrations.

“Why me?” Diana inquired with genuine curiosity. Why had he chosen her to take control of?

A thoughtful expression crossed the man’s face… For a moment. Then he gave her a frank look.

“You’re Wonder Woman.” He said as if that was all the explanation he needed.

Diana continued to stroke him, now using both hands. After a long moment of silence, she figured that simple answer was all she was getting. From his lips, at least. 

“...I suppose I am.” She said softly before dipping her head back down. She began to suck him again, this time trying to take him deeper. 

Cupping his balls in one hand while holding his prick steady with the other, Diana descended. Down, down, until her body forced her to stop. She used her hand to mark her progress before coming back up for air. To her annoyance, she found that she barely made it past the midpoint. Halfway wasn’t good enough for Wonder Woman.

There was a heat blooming in the pit of Diana’s belly, a coiling and uncoiling sensation that sent shudders down her back. She knew it was wrong and twisted to feel this way, to enjoy sexual pleasure while enslaved - even worse while enslaved by a man. No, it wasn’t the spell doing this to her. She was feeling good all on her own. But could anyone fault her for finding a bright spot in such a beastly situation? If she was being forced to provide a sexual service, then why couldn’t she provide it in a way that she enjoyed?

Kissing the tip of Mark’s cock, Diana placed her hands under her breasts and raised them up. The excess spilled over her fingers and for a moment she felt a pinprick of self-consciousness. The Amazon knew her breasts were big but in that moment she felt downright bovine. However, any feelings that she was too big were dashed away when she saw the awe with which Mark gazed upon her body. 

Too big? No, I think he’s going to love this.

Diana leaned forward and allowed Mark’s manhood to sink between her breasts. She pushed the soft globes together, enveloping the man within the snug embrace of her womanly flesh. He groaned, low and guttural, and she knew she had the man ensnared. She tipped her head forward and let a long string of warm saliva spill down from her lips and onto his cockhead, dripping down into the valley between her tits. 

Then she began to move them.

“Fuck…” Mark exhaled, his eyes locked onto the sight of his dick nestled lovingly between Wonder Woman’s wonderfully large tits. “It’s not your mouth, but damn if it doesn’t feel great.”

“I thought I’d take the initiative.” Diana explained, using her hands to mesh her breasts tight around his prick, rocking her body so that they rose and fell, stroking him, milking him between the mounds of soft flesh. “Do you want me to stop?”

No.” Mark grunted, sinking back into the bench as Diana continued to pleasure him with her tits. “No, keep doing what you’re doing. Jesus, that feels good… Do you do this kind of thing often?”

Diana gave a coy smile, descending so that her breasts slapped against Mark’s thighs. His length rose proudly from between them and she peppered the upper half with soft, gentle kisses. Her tongue snaked out to swipe across the tip before she took it into her mouth for a quick suck. Humming softly, she bathed his head with her tongue, giving it a fresh coating of her saliva. After a fashion, she pulled away and resumed milking him with her breasts.

“Not as often as I’d like.” Diana finally admitted. That was a little surprising to the Thief. But only to a point. Why couldn’t the Princess of Themyscira entertain fantasies of being sexually subservient to men? “And when I do it’s usually not with a cock this big.”

Mark gave a small smile. Being a successful and obscure thief, Mark knew the value of remaining humble and down-to-earth. He knew he was a well-endowed man. But to hear Wonder Woman say it… He couldn’t help but enjoy the validation. And he knew she wasn’t lying, even with the spell ensuring she couldn’t. Diana’s bust was impressive and it still couldn’t entirely engulf Mark’s manhood.

“Good to know.” Mark didn’t bother hiding his satisfaction. How many men could say Wonder Woman gave them a titfuck? How many men could say they had a cock big enough to enjoy it? He stretched out both arms, letting them rest on the back of the bench. Mark was going to savor his good luck.

Excuse me!

...But his good luck had to run out eventually.

“Crap.” Mark muttered.

Frowning, he turned to the source of the shrill voice. A woman came marching towards him and Diana, a security guard judging from her beige uniform and the flashing she was shining towards them.

A moment later, the security guard was standing not five feet away. Mark took a moment to look her over. She was of average height and build, with dusky skin and dark hair. Possibly Latina. Maybe Italian. He couldn’t really tell. She looked cute, however, even when she was staring them down with a mixture of anger and disgust.

“What the hell are you doing?” Her voice split through the air, just as shrill as it was the first time.

“We’re partaking in cultural exchange.” Mark said plainly. Diana, on the other hand, was blushing red and had released Mark from the lovely spot between her tits. “Amazonian sexual favors.”

Diana shot him a quick glare before dipping her head. Perhaps it was out of shame. Or perhaps it was to hide her face from the guard’s accusing gaze. Either way, it didn’t work. The security guard set her sights on the woman she had just caught giving her date a titfuck in the middle of the Ice Age exhibit. Mark caught a look of recognition on the angry woman’s face. Mark may have been just another stuffed suit, but Diana’s face was unmistakable.

“...Wonder Woman? Why…?” The woman’s eyes widened when Diana finally turned to face her. The shock wore off quickly and a moment later she was glaring again. “Look, I don’t know how things are done on Themyscira, but you can’t do this kind of thing in public. You two need to get dressed and leave. Immediately.

“No, we don’t.” Mark told her.

“Excuse me?”

“We’re two adults enjoying each other’s company. We’re not a couple of teenagers you caught in the back of a movie theater. We’re not doing anything wrong. So you’re going to go back to the party and forget you ever saw us.”

The security guard regarded the two lovers for a moment before giving a curt nod.

“...Okay. Sorry to disturb you.”

Mark inwardly smiled. Not that he didn’t respect security guards, but he always found it funny that his powers worked on them without fail.

As the security guard turned to leave, Mark called out to her on a whim. He had a naughty idea. “Before you go… You want to watch me finish in her mouth?”

The guard looked from the half-naked Diana to Mark’s big cock. She bit her lip, taking a quick glance towards the door she entered from. Then she turned her eyes back on them, a shy smile breaking across her cute face. 


Mark knew that one day his luck was going to run out. But not on this day. He rose from the bench, his saliva-coated prick swaying between his legs. It batted softly against Diana’s cheek and chin. Diana herself shifted back on her knees to give him some room, wordlessly and obediently getting into a good position for him to go to work.

“Well, Diana…” He spoke down to her, holding his cock by the base, aiming it right at Diana’s lips. His other hand held his Amazon prize by the back of her head. “The lady wants a show.”

Mark pushed forward, filling Diana’s mouth in one swift movement. Immediately, he felt her tongue lashing and rolling dutifully inside her mouth. He relished the waves of delight, the rolling tide of pleasure that engulfed his cock as he fucked Wonder Woman’s mouth. 

“Ah, shit…” Mark hissed, his fingers raking through Diana’s long, luscious black hair. He started to thrust himself into her mouth and she allowed him to use her for his pleasure. Wonder Woman was letting him give her a facefuck. “Fuck, that’s good…”

“Wow,” The security guard said with genuine admiration. She crouched down beside them to get an up-close view of Diana being forced to choke on Mark’s shaft. “I didn’t know Wonder Woman was so good at taking cock.”

Mark knew he had to let his Amazon respond. He released his hold on her head and pulled himself from her lips. Diana took a shuddering breath and rasped, “I’m good at everything I do.”

The Amazon found her mouth filled with cock once more and the sound of balls slapping against her chin echoed through the museum hall. Mark was starting to feel his end approaching, the rumblings of eruption quaking in his testicles. 

“Yes, you are.” Mark affirmed. “You’re fucking wonderful, Diana.”

“Yeah, that’s it. Make her choke on it.” The guard was more engaged than even Mark had anticipated. It was a shame she was never going to remember it. 

Mark increased his pace, both hands gripping Diana by the back of the head. He pummelled her mouth and throat, fucking his fat prick into the woman’s gullet like he was some rutting, savage beast. He felt a roiling in his balls, a pulsing in his nerves. He was close.

Gonna cum.” Mark huffed, his face twisted into a feral snarl. “Gonna fucking cum!

Letting out a low, beastly groan, Mark made one last thrust into Diana’s mouth, forcing his cock as far as it could go down her throat. It was there he found release, his fingers tangled in her mane of raven-black hair. Muttering a curse, Mark Messner came down Wonder Woman’s throat.

“Oh my God…” The guard stared at Diana with wide eyes. She knew what had happened. And from the look on her face, it made her absolutely giddy. It seemed a bit strange to Mark. He didn’t expect the sexual domination of a feminist icon to be so engaging to another woman. But he wasn’t really in any position to judge.

“Swallow it.” Mark told Diana.

And she did. He felt her throat convulse around him, milking him for whatever he had left to give her.

Mark turned to the security guard. “You can leave.”

The other woman turned and left without another word.

Mark took a step back, pulling his cock free from Diana’s throat. The Amazon gasped, sucking in precious air. She took several shuddering breaths, her lips, chin, and breasts sticky with spit and saliva. But even after being put through the sexual wringer, with messed up hair and make-up, and a ruined dress, Diana was the vision of feminine beauty. She truly was a Wonder Woman.

“...Great Hera.” She finally managed to say after collecting herself. 

Mark pulled his trousers back up but left his dress shirt untucked. He couldn’t let her be the only one looking disheveled, could he? He sat down next to her on the floor, gently rubbing her back.

“You’ve made Aphrodite proud tonight, Diana.” He half-joked.

“You’re a metahuman.” She wiped away some rogue tears, finally turning to face him.

“I have a minor ability for suggestion.” Mark replied with a small shrug. “And I can erase people’s memories. Not much else.”

“So why use the spell?”

“My suggestion powers don’t work on people with strong willpower. You, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, any superhero really. If I try to tell any of you to rob a bank for me, you’d just laugh in my face.”

“But with normal people…?”

“Well, I don’t want to say they’re weak-willed or anything. I think that’d be a bit unfair.”

“I see…”

Mark took a glance at his watch and noted the late hour. After having gotten his rocks off, the traditional ‘post-nut’ clarity was helping to restore his better judgment. The hard part of his plan was already complete. Now it was time for him to wrap things up.

The Thief brushed off his trouser and stood up, offering a hand to the Amazonian Princess. She accepted after a moment of hesitation. Mark motioned for her to turn around, helping her tie up her dress.

“I’d love to continue our little… thing… But I feel that I’ve pushed my luck enough tonight. Get dressed, clean yourself up, and go back and enjoy the rest of the gala.” He told Diana, firmly but not unkindly. “Forget about me and all the mind control bullshit. Go back to your life. Be Wonder Woman. But in two weeks, you’re going to remember again. You’re going to take a weekend off from the superhero gig. You’re gonna come find me. I live at the Messner Estate, it’s just outside of Fawcett City. In two weeks, you’re going to be at my front door. And you’ll be ready to start a new chapter of your life with me.”

“Okay.” Diana nodded. “Messner Estate. Just outside Fawcett City.”

“Promise me you’ll be a good girl and not tattle.” He teased with a grin.

“I won’t betray you to my colleagues. I can’t.

“Good to hear.” With a wink, he turned and headed for the museum’s back exit. He’d rather avoid the prying eyes of those who saw him and Diana flirting in the main hall. He called out to her again as he left. “See you in two weeks, babe!”

“Two weeks…” Behind him, Mark could faintly hear her repeat the words, as if they were a spiritual mantra. “Two weeks…”



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