Catwoman & Riddler: Partners

BY : Arizona Ice T
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Riddle me this.


What makes a kitty tick.


That was a question that The Riddler asked himself everytime he ran into Catwoman.


Now, it wasn’t as if he and Catwoman interacted too often. Like a feline, Catwoman was a solitary creature, working alone and rarely interacting with the other criminal elements of Gotham city unless she had to, and even then she typically was in the company of the likes of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.


That didn’t stop Edward Nygma from obsessing over her though, like many men did. Selina Kyle...well she was sex incarnate, and she knew it. Why else would she wear a skin tight gimp suit with her tits hanging out half the time. Statueous, triple D breasts, narrow waist with a fat ass - Catwoman was the biggest tease of Gotham’s underworld. 


She was also deadly as they came. Very few men had the balls, or the death wish to try and approach her, to try something. He’d heard stories of her scratching out throats for as little as wolf whistling. No man knew how to approach her. No man was smart enough


No man was tactical enough. The Riddler was however. 


So he formed a plan. A genius plan if he did say so himself.


First step was preparation. Nygma always excelled in that. Obsessive compulsive disorder tended to come in handy when planning out details.


He needed bait. Milk for the kitty. 


The Cat’s Eye


A 15-carats diamond that belonged to some rich socialite in the days of Benjamin Wayne. Legend has it that it once belonged to Ra’s Al Ghul.


Now it sits in the Gotham museum as a showpiece. The Riddler never understood how museums even stayed open in Gotham with them being broken into every other week. But that was neither here nor there, as it gave Riddler his perfect in. See, Riddler had deduced that Catwoman had her eyes on the prize. Cat-related precious gem - she wouldn’t be able to help herself. But the jewel had been at the museum for a few weeks now, and Catwoman typically worked faster than that. Rampant sex appeal aside, she had a very high understanding of high-tech alarm systems and security.


So why hadn’t she made a move on it yet?


Another deduction: she couldn’t.


Perhaps something new, even a security system she couldn’t beat. A little bit of research later revealed that the Gotham Museum had in fact just updated their security in the exhibit to an experimental prototype created by WayneCorp. From what he could see, there had yet to be any schematics or blueprints of the system that were available anywhere. However, with a bit more research and deduction, Riddler was able to find out who installed the system, and from that, who the name of the lead developer was on the project, and to make a long story short, he knew where his kid went to school after about an hour.


So one menacing phone call later, Riddler knew how to crack the security system while no other criminal in Gotham could.


He had his goons put it out on the streets that he knew how to crack the system. It only took a few days before offers rolled in. Falcone, Thorne, The Penguin, Black Mask to name a few, all came to him with offers for the Museum job. Nygma wasn’t interested of course, as he had only one potential partner in mind.


Catwoman came to him at night; she was nocturnal after all. He had an off the books townhouse and safe house on the edge of Gotham’s city limits. Nothing as fancy as The Penguin’s old money taste’s, but it suited him just fine. 


He was enjoying a nice drink in his study when he heard the sound of his door click. He swiveled in his chair, to see his door open, and in walked Catwoman, just as he had calculated. 


“I see the cat dragged itself in.” He said with a smirk. Catwoman just lifted an eyebrow and pursed her ruby red lips.


“Careful Nygma.” Catwoman purred. Nygma almost came in his green pants right there at her saying his name. “Don’t let Joker find out you’re taking his schtick. You left your door open, so I thought I’d stop in and say hi.”


“No I didn’t, but it’s not like that ever stopped you before.” 


Catwoman smirked, and sauntered across the room to tThe Riddler’s desk, swaying her hips side to side with feminine grace as she did. He was glad his desk concealed his lower half, lest she see the tent he was pitching in his trousers - before she was supposed to at least. When she got to his desk, she gracefully flipped forward onto her hands in a handstand, giving The Riddler an unfettered view of her upturned backside. She then flipped her legs forward, so that they landed on the center of his desk, before flipping the rest of her body up, leaving her in a squatting position right in front of him. Completely unnecessary and impractical, but hHe wasn’t complaining one bit.


“You know what I’m here about Nygma.” She said flatly.


“Oh, do I?” He responded with a toothy grin.


“Coy doesn’t suit you.” 


“And vague doesn’t suit you.”


Catwoman narrowed her eyes at him, and The Riddler swore he saw her fake cat ears twitch a bit.


“You know how to break into the Gotham Museum. You know how to bypass their new system.” It wasn’t a question. “You’re the ONLY one who knows.”


“Is the best blacksmith the most talented, or the one with the tools everyone needs.” Riddler asked. 


“I didn’t come here for games.” Catwoman huffed. “You have this info, and you’ve just been sitting on it? Why?”


“Waiting for the best potential partner on this.” Riddler explained offhandedly. Catwoman once again quirked an eyebrow at the man.


“Meaning me?” 


Nygma let his silence and smile answer her question. She narrowed her eyes at him again, and shifted herself so she was sitting so that her long legs hung over the edge of his desk, one crossed over the other. Took a lot of willpower not to run his hands over her spandex covered, thick thighs. 


“I know for a fact that you’ve been floated offers from Falcone and Blackmask just to name a few.” She pointed out accurately. “They could offer crews. Bribe cops and guards. Why me?”


‘Because I want to fuck you into a coma you dumb bimbo,’ He thought lewdly. He probably couldn’t lead with that if he wanted to convince her.


Riddler leaned back on his chair and placed his hands behind his head. 


“Because someone else might fuck it up. Because you’re the best burglar in the city.” He said. The best lies had partial truths in them, and his appreciation of Selina’s skills were genuine.


“Tell me something I don’t know.” She responded, but with a self satisfied smirk on her face. Still, her face was untrusting. “You’ve known me long enough to know something like the Cat’s Eye would go into my PERSONAL collection. I don’t share.”

“Keep it.” Riddler said, waving his hand offhandedly. “A rock like that is too hot for me anyway. Plenty of other valuables to pilfer. Ones that will garner considerably less attention on my end, since they’ll all be looking for you and the Cat’s Eye, but we both know you don’t care about that kind of thing. Hell, you welcome it.”


Selina pursed her lips again, but her look was less harsh as she considered his words. Truthfully, she had hit a wall researching how to get into the Gotham Museum. She was smart, but there was a ceiling for her when it came to technology. None of her contacts and collaborators had any idea how to beat the new security system, but here was The Riddler, offering her an in.


“What’s to keep me from scratching your eyes out and taking the schematics.” She threatened, voice low. She leaned forward and showed her razor sharp claws for emphasis. The Riddler simply tapped the side of his head with his index finger.


“Because there are no ‘schematics’. I memorized the in and outs of the system; the fail safes and weaknesses.” he explained. “I’M your only in. Sure you could beat it out of me, but you couldn’t guarantee anything I tell you is accurate. Then you’re back to square one, or a jail cell.”


Catwoman stared at Nygma, and slowly retracted her claws. 


“Oh to hell with it. You have yourself a deal.” She relented, hopping off of his desk so that she was standing next to him. 


He gave her a toothy smile, and held out his hand to her. She looked down at it in confusion and slight disdain.


“Alright partner. Let’s shake on it.” The Riddler said. Catwoman just scoffed.


“Nygma, we’re super villains. Handshakes are hardly binding in our world.”


“Call me a formalist then.” He said with a shrug. Catwoman rolled her eyes. Sooner she did this, sooner they could work out the details of the heist, and the sooner she could have the Cat’s Eye all to herself. She reached her hand out and took his in a firm grip.


Suddenly, she pulled back, hissing in pain.


A small prick, like a needle. She looked at her hand, and she could see a tiny hole in the fabric. Her eyes went to Nygma's hand, and in the center of his palm, attached to his purple glove was a small pinpoint. He was still smiling at her, but there was nothing friendly about it.


This next part Nygma foresaw happening, it was unavoidable really, but that didn’t make it any less unpleasant. 


Catwoman’s hand shot to his throat, and lifted him from his seat and clear off the ground. Despite being nearly 6 inches taller than the 5’7” feline, Riddler’s feet dangled in the air as she held him up with one arm - she was always stronger than she looked. 


“YOU HAVE HALF A SECOND TO TELL ME WHAT YOU JUST DID TO ME!” She yelled, tightening her grip on his throat and digging her claws into his skin. He couldn’t answer her of course, just gurgling and shaking as she gripped his windpipe.


Now Riddler didn’t doubt his intellect - his megalomaniac ego wouldn’t allow it -, but at this moment with her choking the life out of him, well even he was starting to have doubt. He had to do something before his vision went black, so it was now or never. He shot his hand out fingertips barely reaching his destination - her breasts. With his index finger, he flicked her right nipple hard. Though he couldn’t see it through her deep black spandex, he knew he hit his target, because the reaction was immediate. Catwoman gasped loudly, and dropped Riddler, bringing her hands to cover her chest as she shuddered. She didn’t know what was happening - all she knew was that her head was cloudy, her skin hot, and that she nearly CAME right there on that spot, just from him touching her breasts.


Riddler was collecting himself on his knees, rubbing his hand on his throat and coughing. Her claws left some marks, but it was worth it. So worth it.


“It worked.” He gasped out with a smile.


‘It’- being his specially modified concoction of Poison Ivy’s pheromones he managed to get.


You didn’t think his plan relied on Edward’s Nygma charm, did you?


Getting a sample of her pheromones was easy enough actually; Riddler just sacrificed a few goons to her to get a large enough sample to be reverse engineered. Then it was only the matter of calling in a favor that Scarecrow owed him. Though only interested in developing his Fear Toxin, Johnathan Crane was skilled at developing drugs and chemical agents of all kinds. Riddler had Crane develop a synthesized version of Ivy’s pheromone, one specifically connected to Riddler’s DNA.


Meaning, for a short time at least, The Riddler had all the ‘persuasive’ powers of Poison Ivy. He already had the green get up


Riddler got to his feet, looking Catwoman over. Her eyes were wide, legs shaking, and she was breathing heavily. All from a flick of the nipple OVER clothes. The concoction worked better than he could have ever anticipated.


“What the fuck did you do to me?” Catwoman demanded again, voice shaking.


“Riddle me this. Should I fear a black cat crossing my path, or should it fear me crossing hers?” He asked. Catwoman hissed, and tried to lunge at Riddler.


“Stop!” He said, flinching backwards, not entirely sure his command would have hold over her. But it did, as she stopped dead in her tracks. She struggled against her own body, trying to force it to move. Nygma smiled. It was working. But one did not call something a success without running a series of tests first.


“Stand up straight.” He commanded. Immediately Selina snapped upwards, hands to her side, feet together, chest out to straighten her spine. Though her body obeyed without consequence, he could see her face was in pure distraught at having no control over her body. She gritted her teeth and glared at Nygma.


“You’re dead. I hope you know that.” She growled out.


“Uh huh. Spin around. 360 degrees.” Riddler ordered.


Catwoman spun on the spot, turning slowly and giving Riddler the perfect opportunity to fully appraise her beautiful, sexy form.


“Hop on one foot.” 


She did, hopping on one foot like a child, tits bouncing as she did. The Riddler was having a blast. 


“Stop hopping.” He ordered. She did, going back to her neutral, upright position.


“I’m going to claw your eyes out. I’m going to feed them to my cats.” Catwoman seethed. Despite her obvious anger, her voice was breathy, and her face flushed. She wanted to murder him sure, but the Ivy pheremones made him look like the sexiest man in the world at the moment.


“Open your mouth, and stick out your tongue.”


She obeyed, opening her mouth and resting her tongue on her bottom lip. But Riddler wasn’t satisfied.


“Wider whore.” He barked. Catwoman might’ve flinched if her body wasn’t bound by his words. She sometimes forgot how menacing he could be when he wanted to. Catwoman opened her mouth wider, wide enough she heard her jaw click a bit, and stuck her tongue out further until it touched her upper chin. She could feel saliva involuntarily run down her tongue from holding her mouth open. A large strand dropped down smattering against her large chest. Her face burned red in humiliation.


The Riddler thought it was time to ramp it up a notch. 


“Get on the table.” He instructed. Selina hopped on the table, standing over him. “Now, you’re going to dance for me. Make it sexy.” 


“You won’t think it’s sexy when I remove your head from your shoulders.” Selina said with a scowl. Her threats were losing some of their bite as the pheromone continued to work its way through her system. Her body was so hot, everything was so sensitive. When she obeyed him, she felt spikes of pleasure shoot through her body. She knew she couldn’t help it, byt the pleasure was adding up. Her body was craving it.


Slowly, she began to sway her hips side to side, dancing on the table like she was some club go-go dancer. She sensually rocked her hips side to side, while running her hands up her body. She was honestly getting into it a bit, but when she saw Riddler’s unimpressed face, she felt a pang of disappointment run through her body. She tried to shake it off. She shouldn’t care what he thinks. She DIDN’T, she told herself.


“I said dance, not stumble around like a drunkard.” He says meanly. “Come on, I wanna see you shake that ass!” 


Selina frowned, but her body reacted before her brain did. She spun so that she was facing away from him, and she placed her hands on her knees. Face red with shame, she began to lewdly twerk for the man on his desk, bouncing her fat ass up and down. Selina was not someone to shy away from sex, or her god given sex appeal. She didn’t walk around in a skintight suit and make pussy puns for no reason, but this was all so demeaning. Shaking her ass for him like some lowly gotham stripper. She bent forward completely, basically folding herself in half. She grabbed her ankles, and shook her ass from side to side enticingly. Well if she was going to be a lowly gotham city stripper, she’d be the best goddamn one there was. 


She peered through her open legs to see Riddler with a lecherous grin, and straining bulge in his pants. He certainly was enjoying this.


“AHAAHAH!” He laughed maniacally. “Yes! Shake it!”


He lifted a hand to give her right ass cheek a firm smack as she continued to dance and twerk for him. She tried - unsuccessfully - to bite back a moan. Her whole body was on fire, and her cunt was dripping in her suit. 


“Come on. Show me how flexible you are!” The Riddler laughed. Catwoman moaned, and slid down onto the desk into a full split, feet hanging off either side of it. Holding her upper body upward, she began to shake each ass cheek individually, flexing the muscles up and down in hypnotic fashion.



Riddler reigned down another spank. This time Catwoman moaned outright.








And again, bringing hard smacks down to each ass cheek, causing her to moan out and involuntarily grind against the desk.


“This is the greatest day of my life.” Riddler said to himself. He brought his hand well above his head, and put his hips into it when he brought it down on her right asscheek. The loud smack reverberated in the room, and Catwoman’s reaction was immediate. She opened her mouth and howled like a feral cat, body shaking and squirming as she came hard from being spanked by him. Her torso fell forward onto the desk, arms no longer being able to hold herself up.


“Ohhhhh fuccccckk.” She moaned out, still shaking. It took Riddler a second to realize what happened, but when he did, his smile grew even wider.


“Did you just fucking cum?” He asked rhetorically. “Cumming from getting their fat ass spanked. God, I knew you were a slut.”


“M’ not a slut.” She slurred unconvincingly. Hard to sell that when her hips were still twitching. Before she knew it, Riddler wheeled around the side of his desk, and grabbed her by the upper arm, dragging her off of it. She stumbled to her feet as she was being pulled, manhandled by a man she never in her life she’d let touch him.


“W-where are we going?” She asked, trying to sound hard, but instead sounding like a ditzy cheerleader. Riddler didn’t answer, just continuing to drag her down the hall until they reached a door at the end of it. Nygma basically kicked it off the hinges to get it open. 


It was his bedroom. It wasn’t particularly gaudy or flamboyant, though he did have numerous pictures of himself on the wall, and naturally the bedding was a very loud shade of green. Riddler threw her onto the bed and she landed on her back in a heap. She propped herself up on her shoulders and saw him clumsily and excitedly trying to get out of his clothes.


‘Hm. Look at him. Bet he’s a second away from coming in his pants’ She thought with a bit of pride, seeing how excited she got him. Riddler managed to tear his tie and shirt off, and began to unbutton his pants. He then stopped and looked at her.


“You do it.” He ordered, standing at the foot of the beed and pushing his hips forward. Catwoman still tried to resist, but the prospect of seeing his cock made her pheromone muddled brain go haywire. She maneuvered herself so that she was on her hands and knees, and slowly crawled to him like a cat stalking its prey. She got to him, his crotch at eye level. She reached up to undo his zipper, but he smacked her hands away.


“Use your teeth.”


Selina resisted the urge to roll her eyes, and didn’t try and fight his request. She leaned her head forward, bringing it close enough where she could feel the heat of his crotch on her cheeks. Carefully, she took the metal zipper between her teeth, and moved her neck and head to drag it down. Once his zipper was down, Catwoman was allowed to use her hands to grab the waistband of his pants and his purple boxers, pulling them down in unison.




Catwoman was caught off guard by the feeling of something long, hard and fleshy hitting her on the underside of her nose. She sprung backwards a bit, and her eyes grew wide once she realized what it was.


The Riddler was fucking hung.


He had to be about ten and a half inches long, and thicker than her wrist. His cock head was bulbous and slightly purple, and was dripping pre-cum. It almost looked angry. A long vein ran up the side from tip to base, and two balls the circumference of tennis balls hung under it.


She thought he must have been related to Solomon Grundy. She wondered if Bane’s Venom could be localized to one’s cock.


“Fuck me…” She said out loud without realizing. 


“That’s the idea.” Riddler said smugly. He stepped back from the bed slightly and pointed to the ground.


“Here. Kneel between my legs.” He commanded. Catwoman’s eyes were still transfixed on his cock as she slid down to her ordered position. The Riddler’s cock hovered centimeters above her face. Her nostrils flared, smelling his musk coming off of him. It was likely just sweat and cheap cologne, but to her at the moment, it smelled like the most delicious thing on earth.


Riddler shifted slightly, bending his legs slightly so that his cock rested on her face, length completely covering her right eye. He rubbed his shaft against her face lewdly.


“I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what to do next.” Riddler taunted, continuing to rub his cock on her pretty face. Selina just glared at him as her head swam from his scent and the warmth and weight of his manhood on her face. Her body and parts of her mind were hostages to him, but she still had her drive.

‘Fine, you big dicked lunatic. I’ll have your toes curling in no time. And you better enjoy it, because when this shit wears off, this will be the last thing your meat rod experiences before it’s detached from your body’


Catwoman wrapped her fingers around his cock, right at the base, and lifted it off her face. She leaned forward, and gave his dick a long lick, tracing his pulsing vein from base to tip. She repeated the action on the other side of his cock, and under it, pressing his manhood against his stomach so she could properly lavish and wet it with her tongue.


Riddler let his head fall back, groaning in pleasure.


“That’s it, kitty.” He moaned. “Get it nice and wet like a good slut.”


Catwoman ignored his words as she was too busy licking every inch of his cock. She moved below him, so she could bury her face in his lightly haired sack. She ran her tongue on the underside of them, surprised at how they weighed on it. She popped his right testicle in her mouth and sucked hard, as if trying to pull it out of the skin. Riddler almost whimpered in pleasure, and a spike of pride and pleasure shot through her body. She did the same to his left sack, whirling it around in her mouth, popping it in her cheek and running her tongue all over it, tasting him all while continuing to stroke his shaft with a glove-covered hand. Ivy’s pheromones made him taste like the sweetest nectar. 


Pulling her head back and straightening up on her knees, Catwoman aligned Riddler’s cockhead with her lips, giving it a large open mouthed kiss. Riddler groaned again loudly.


“Fucking get on with it.” He ordered, but it almost sounded like begging. Smiling to herself, Selina parted her lips and leaned forward, engulfing the first 3rd of his fat prick into her mouth. She hollowed her cheeks and sucked hard while using her left hand to steadily jack the rest of his cock. She pulled back so that it was just the tip laying against her lips, before diving back down, this time taking half his length. She began to steadily bob her head on his dick, never going more than half way down. She didn’t need to - her dick sucking technique was A1, or so she’s been told. Riddler wasn’t complaining, loudly groaning as she pleasured him with her wet mouth.


‘That’s right Nygma. I bet you never had a woman half as good as me’ She thought, giving his head a particularly hard suck, and fondling his balls with her right hand for emphasis. It was true. Most of the back alley whores Riddler paid for were never good. Catwoman was at the very least a high end escort. But Riddler was no fool; Catwoman was still resisting. He deduced that she thought she could finish him quickly to spare herself a very long night.


Oh, how she was wrong.


“Put your hands behind your back.” He ordered. Catwoman eyed him with confusion and worry, but her body obeyed him, bringing her arms back, and grabbing her right wrist with her left hand.


Riddler grabbed the top of Catwoman’s head around her fake ears. Suddenly, he quickly thrust his hips forward, feeding her about 7 inches of his cock, and tickling the back of her throat. He pulled his hips back, until his cock tip just lingered on her lips. The panic in her eyes were evident as she realized what was about to happen; Riddler just smiled down at her cruelly before driving his hips forward, cramming all 10 inches of his cock into her mouth and throat. 


Selina gagged loudly as her throat naturally tried to expel the meaty blockage. Ironically, her throat constantly constricting around his length brought Nygma great pleasure. Catwoman’s eyes screwed shut, but Riddler was having none of it.


“Get those pretty eyes back open. Don’t you want to look at me?” He said. Immediately her eyes snapped back open and locked onto his. She DID want to look at him. 


With her full attention, Riddler pulled his hips, pulling his cock out about halfway, before slamming them forward again.


“GLRAAAACK…..” Catwoman gagged loudly, spittle shooting out the side of her stretched mouth. Riddler repeated the movement, setting a hard pace of fucking Catwoman’s pretty mouth.




Hot tears and makeup ran down Catwoman’s face as the Riddler thoroughly fucked it. Catwoman had deepthroated before, but usually at her own pace and control (and only for Bruce). But Riddler was riding her face hard, as if it was a pussy, shoving all 10 inches of himself in and out of her esophagus. Her throat burned, and she was going light headed from the lack of oxygen…


And her pussy was even wetter than before.


Despite her discomfort, her cunt gushed every time he filled her throat. It was almost as if he was fucking her pussy. Ivy’s Pheromones were running rampant in her body, making her crave and love every bit of abuse he was throwing at her. 


The Riddler shoved all 10 inches of his cock into her throat and held himself there, just reveling in the feeling of her warm tightness. The nature of self preservation would usually entail Catwoman attempting to push him back, but her hands were still obediently locked behind her back. Consciousness began to leave her as The Riddler continued to casually hold himself in her throat. Her limbs began to go slack, and her eyes fluttered as they rolled upwards into her sockets - she was completely out of it. Suddenly, Riddler began to pump his hips again ferociously, riding her face hard. He moved her head back and forth with his thrusts, slamming her nose into his pubic hair, and slapping his balls against her chin loud enough to make an audible sound.


“Fuck.” He groaned. “Take it whore. Fucking take it!”


With a loud moan, he filled her throat completely again, cock pulsing so hard that it could be seen bulging from Catwoman’s throat. Torrents of cum shot out of his piss slit, shooting directly into Catwoman’s stomach. It was so much, and the fit was so tight, that bits of his load shot out the side of her mouth, and out her nose. Even though she was barely conscious, her brain told her to swallow, and keep swallowing. Her body shook from lack of air, and from the second powerful orgasm that tore through her body. 


Riddler continued to shallowly pump his hips, making sure his balls had fully contracted and were empty. When he was sure that he was done with his load, he slowly pulled out of her mouth, cock head releasing with a *pop*.


He appraised his mess. Catwoman’s face was red and flush, lipstick smeared around her mouth and on her chin, and mascara running down her cheeks. Cum dripped down her nose and some of Riddler’s brown pubes lingered around the corner of her mouth. She gasped for air, and collected herself best she could.


“You done…” She said through labored breaths. “You fucked my little throat like your own personal fleshlight….Are you satisfied now?”


The Riddler laughed.


“Not even close, kitty kat.”


It was then that Catwoman noticed that the Riddler was still hard as the Man of Steel. Not even Bruce could be ready that quickly after coming. 


Riddler moved around to the side of the bed and got on it, lying leisurely on his back, cock pointed skywards.


“On your feet cunt.” He ordered. Catwoman shakily pushed herself to her feet, standing at the foot of the bed.


“Get those clothes off.” The Riddler demanded. “But leave on the gloves, and ears.”


Catwoman was too out of it and horny to even bother to feign protests, so she obeyed without hesitation. She grabbed the front zipper of her catsuit, and slowly dragged the zipper down over her breast, revealing the creamy white valley of her triple Ds. She made sure to do it as slowly and sensually as she could, slowly rocking her hips as she went. She brought the zipper down her toned, abbed stomach, and past her navel. The zipper stopped right as a tuft of her curly black pubic hairs was visible. Riddler would’ve expected her to be shaved to be honest, but once again, he wasn’t complaining. He had the most beautiful woman in all of Gotham stripping right in front of him, like one of his frequent, filthy dreams about her. 


With the zipper all the way down, Selina brought her hands back up to where the fabric met her shoulders and began to peel it off of her, like a VERY sexy banana. Her tits bounced a bit when they were completely free of the suit, which proved that they were real. Calendar Man owed him 100 dollars. Catwoman’s pink nippled were rock hard from how hot and bothered she was. Riddler just wanted to leap forward and suck on them, but that wasn’t the game quiet yet. Catwoman peeled the suit down over her hips, and down her legs. Riddler could see the evidence of her orgasms and arousal coating the inside of her thighs. Catwoman bent down to undo her heels, and kicked them off, before stepping completely out of her outfit. She straightened back up, standing there as naked as the day she was born, sans her cowl and gloves of course.


His cock nearly exploded right then and there. Catwoman was the perfect, fuckable woman. Tits, hips, ass. She was built more like a pornstar than a thief.


“Climb on the bed, and get over my cock.” Riddler ordered. Catwoman moved forward, crawling onto the bed between his slightly spread legs. She seemed excited as she got closer, and adjusted herself so that she was squatting over his upturned cock. She balanced herself on her toes as she began to lower herself onto his cock, head splitting open her outer lips. She let out a hiss of pleasure at the sensation.


“Did I say get on my cock yet? Stay where you are”


Catwoman froze, not moving an inch, with the Riddler’s cock just penetrating her. She had to keep herself from whimpering, to maintain a SHRED of self respect. This was torturous. Her body and mind forced to lust after him, and now he wouldn’t even let her sit on his fat cock. Her cunt dripped down his length like a leaky faucet, as her body shook, not from discomfort, but pure want.


“Lower yourself another inch” The Riddler ordered.


Catwoman obeyed, squatting down a bit lower, and skewering herself on another inch of his prick. It was maddening. She wanted relief. She NEEDED it.


“Come on…” She practically cried out. “Get on with it. You got me this far. Finish it.”


She tried to sound forceful and pragmatic, but it just came out as begging. The Riddler didn’t respond. He just smiled up at her. He knew she knew what he wanted. He wanted her last bit of pride gone. For her to fully give into the pheromones, give in to him.


She was past the point of dignity. She wanted him inside of her.


“Please. PLEASE.” She openly begged. “I need it. I need you to make me feel good. Please fuck me. PLEASE!”


There it was. The last barrier.


She knew it was pathetic, but she didn’t care. She wanted to feel good. She wanted to make him feel good.


The Riddler smiled in satisfaction and victory, and simply nodded his head. Catwoman made a sound of relief, before slamming herself downwards, fully impaling herself on his cock.


“YESSSSSS” She hissed out. She felt so full, her cunt aching so good as it stretched to his size. Pushing herself up with her feet and hips, she pulled up halfway on his member, before slamming back down, fat ass jiggling so lovely against his thighs. She bounced herself up and down on his cock rapidly, riding him like there was not tomorrow. She moaned loudly, not caring how wanton she sounded. Her body was responding so positively to him, cunt gripping his dick.


“You bastard-” She moaned. “Getting a poor girl like me all hot and wet, then making her wait. You really are a villain- oh FUCK”


Riddler grabbed her ass, and began to slam her down harder and faster on his cock, while simultaneously thrusting up into her. Catwoman was making loud “Ah” and “Oh” sounds as he fucked her hard.


‘This is the single best day of my entire life’ The Riddler thought truthfully. He couldn’t think of anything that could top this, not even beating Batman (Well maybe fucking woman on top of Batman, but he’d have to work out the logistics of that.)


Riddler suddenly turned, flipping Catwoman over so that he was on top of her now, arms on the side of her head for balance


“Bring your legs up. I’m going to fuck you deep.” He barked. 


Catwoman went above and beyond bringing her legs up past her head, locking her ankles together behind it. Catwoman was giving him unblocked access to her cunt. Riddler realigned himself with her slit, and slammed his hips down. Catwoman’s eyes rolled into her head and she moaned loudly. Nygma set a brutal, hard pace, fucking her with long, deep strokes, his cock punching her cervix with each thrust. Catwoman was moaning and babbling incomprehensibly at this point as another orgasm was building within her.


“You like this? You like being my whore?” Riddler asked. Catwoman just moaned loudly and dumbly nodded her head.


“Does kitty want to get knocked up? Want me to fill you up?”


Catwoman let out an absolute howl, and nodded again vigorously. Riddler shot his hand out to her throat, repaying the choking she gave him early. She just gurgled and moaned as he choked and stroked her hard.


“Then. Fucking. TAKE IT!”


Riddler punctuated each word with a particularly hard thrust, bottoming out on the final syllable. His balls tightened once again, and he shot rope after rope of come into Catwoman’s womb. She howled like a cat, as her third and most powerful orgasm of the night hit her. Her whole body shook, pussy spasming and tightening, milking Riddler’s cock for all it was worth.


After 2 full minutes of coming, filling her cunt with his seed, Riddler collapsed on top of Catwoman. She unhooked her ankles from around her head, letting her legs fall limply to the side.


Riddler just laid on top of her for a while, catching his breath. 


Catwoman had passed out at this point, purring contently in her sleep. Riddler tapped her face with his hand a few times to see if she stirred. Nothing. 


Well he still had another round in him, so he turned Catwoman’s unconscious body over, and remounted her.



Catwoman awoke groggily the next morning. Her eyes blinked open, and she realized she didn’t know where she was. She immediately went into defense mode, springing to a squat, leaning on one arm. 


She looked down at herself, and it dawned on her that she was naked. Not only that, a copious amount of dried cum was between her legs. 


Her head raced. How did she get like this? Last thing she remembered was…




Oh he was so DEAD.


She would scratch his eyes out. She’d feed him to her cats. She’d-


Catwoman was pulled from her murderous thoughts when something caught her eye. A box on the nightstand, with a card labeled “Catwoman”.

Against her better judgement. She reached for it, and took it into her lap. She opened the card and it read.


“How do you thank a blind kitten?” 


Catwoman was confused, and she set the card aside and opened the box.


“You give it a Cat’s Eye.”


Inside the box, was the Cat’s Eye in all its glory, shining in the light leaking in through the window.


The fact was, Riddler had stolen it 2 days before he invited Catwoman to his home. Currently a synthesized fake was sitting at the Gotham Museum. It would be a few days before anyone noticed.


‘A small thank you for the greatest night of his life.’ It read.


As Catwoman held the large, beautiful jewel in her hand, she thought that maybe the Riddler could live for a little while longer.


I mean, they were partners after all.

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