Gushin’ Roulette

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She was woken up with a humiliating slap to the ass.  Thanks to her extensive training, it only took a moment for her to completely regain her situational awareness.  Her normal routine in these kinds of situations involved quickly gathering her senses and assessed her situation.  With a shudder she discovered her predicament and realized that this was probably the most humiliating situation that she had ever found herself in. 

Batgirl had been stripped completely naked, with the exception of for her cowl and cape.  It was obvious that her captors were more interested in humiliating the crime fighter than whoever her real identity was.  There was some relief in that.  It suggested that they didn’t know that she was really the police commissioner’s daughter.  If she could just stay calm, there was a chance that Batman would be able to arrive in time to rescue her.

However, her situation was still dire.  Barbara Gordon’s cape had been wrapped and tied around her arms, pinning them behind her and pulling her shoulders sharply back.  She had been placed backwards on the saddle of a small wooden horse with her knees tightly bent and her ankles tied to her thighs.  Barbara wasn’t so innocent that she failed to recognize the reverse cowgirl reference.  Additionally her wrists had been pulled up over the horse’s head, forcing her to bend forward until her naked breasts dangled over the horse’s wooden tail.  As a final insult, the saddle contained a sizable dildo which had been inserted into her vagina.  As she thought about it a little more, she realized that maybe she didn’t want Batman to find her like this.  She really needed find her own way out of this dilemma.

“Good morning, Batgirl!  Aren’t you looking lovely?” the Joker stepped into view in front of the bound crime fighter and gave a small bow.  “Doesn’t she look lovely, Harley?”

“She looks good enough to eat, Mr J,” Harley Quinn said menacingly as she stepped up next to the Joker and draped her arms around him.  Batgirl fought to remain calm, she didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of a reaction.

“Hmm, I think you’re right,” Joker pushed Harley aside and stepped up to the bound heroine.  By standing right in front of her, he established that her face was exactly at the height of his crotch.  But with a pair of fingers, he gently lifted her chin until she was forced to look up at him. “That mouth certainly is pretty enough to eat me.  I would really like to give that righteous face a good fucking.  You wouldn’t mind, would you Harl?  Is it okay if I face fuck Batgirl? Daddy wants to have a little fun with his new toy?”

Batgirl tried to show just a hint of fear.  They would like that.  It might help keep them off balance.  In reality she was thinking of the possibilities that would be offered to her by the villain sticking his penis into her mouth.  Sure, it would be disgusting, but with a nice strong bite…

With no warning, Harley slipped behind the bound heroine and flipped a switch on the horse’s neck, only an inch under Barbara’s right buttock. This activated a circuit which caused the dildo and saddle to suddenly start vibrating.  Taken by surprise, Batgirl’s body let out an involuntary spasm and a soft gasp.

“It looks like she likes the idea,” the Joker laughed as he condescendingly patted Batgirl on the top of the head, right between the pointed ears of her cowl.

“I don’t know, Mr. J,” Harley reached around Batgirl’s face and pulled back her lips, exposing her clenched teeth.  “She’s got a pretty powerful lookin’ pair of chompers there.  I wouldn’t want to see anything nasty happen to your ‘Little J’, if you know what I mean?”

“Who are you calling ‘little’?” Joker snapped angrily before quickly calming in a drastic change of personality.  With a frown, he looked down at his victim.  “Still, you do have a point.  Maybe an element of confusion is what’s needed here.  Harley, let’s show our guest what’s behind doors number two and three!”

Harley quickly spun Batgirl’s hobby horse around to reveal another pair of prisoners on the far side of the room.  Batman and Robin had each been practically mummified with duct tape to a pair of pillars.  The tape extended from their ankles all of the way up to just below their nose, covering their mouths.  The only exception to the overabundance of tape was a blank spot from their knees to their stomach.  Within that area, their pants had been pulled down to their knees and their penises bobbled in front of them in a state of semi erection as Harley stepped over to them and playfully tickled their genitals.

With a gasp, Barbara realized that any hope of rescue had instantly evaporated.  Not only that, but the possibility of avoiding having Batman see her in her current, humiliating condition was gone.  On the other hand, he and the boy wonder weren’t in any better circumstances. 

Although her instinct was to look and see what Harley was doing to their privates, Barbara tried to give her friends as much respectful decency and as she could by forcing herself to maintaining eye contact with them.  As she met their gazes, she could see the apologetic look in their eyes and she couldn’t quite tell if it was the sorrow of their inability to help her or their guilt at their body’s instinctive reaction to witnessing her erotic bondage.  Either way, it was obvious that none of them was going to be able to rely on rescue from the other. 

As she shared their gaze, the vibrator continued to do its work inside her, Batgirl couldn’t help a moment of fantasy to imagine that it was one of their cocks working within her vagina.  With little control, her gaze began to drift down their bound bodies toward their…

Suddenly a blindfold was snapped around her cowl and tightly tied across her eyes. Batgirl was completely blind. 

“Here’s the deal,” the Joker laughed as he finished attaching the blindfold.  “If she doesn’t know whose dick is in her mouth, she won’t dare bite it off.”

“You’re a genius, Puddin’!”

As Barbara struggled to comprehend what the Joker had just said, someone (probably Harley Quinn) started rapidly spinning Batgirl’s horse in tight circles until she lost any possibility of maintaining her bearings.  At that point Harley slapped her hands on the horse’s neck, suddenly stopping the spin and causing Batgirl’s pendulous tits to slap back and forth a couple of times before gravity slowed them back down to their hanging position.

Without allowing her any time to think, Harley pinched Batgirl’s nose and pried open her mouth.  And suddenly a cock had been shoved into her face.  With a sharp push, Harley pressed Barbara’s head forward until the entire length of the shaft was thrust down her throat, causing Batgirl to begin gagging.  She thrashed in her bonds, but it was useless, she was trapped.  Her first instinct was to bite down on the invading member to remove it from her airway, but the knowledge that it could be one of her friends forced her to pause.  There was a two out of three chance that his was an ally.  She didn’t know what to do.  She tried examining the cock with her tongue for any clue to the owner’s identity.  It was long and thin, but there was nothing to distinguish it from three men who she had never been intimate with before.

After another minute, Barbara began to seriously struggle for air.  But Harley continued to hold her face tight against the man’s groin.  Batgirl began to wonder if this was going to be Joker’s method of killing her.  Was she destined to die with a cock down her throat?  It was certainly sick enough and humiliating enough to fit his sense of humor.  She thought again about biting off the penis in order to safe herself, but would Joker be more interested in killing her with his own cock?  Or Batman’s?  Which would he find the most humorous?  Would he recognize the danger of being first and put one of her friends in that position, leaving him to wait to see how she’d react?  Or would he go first, while she was still unsure enough to hesitate.

She struggled again to break her bonds in a desperate struggle to push off so she could breathe.  But it was hopeless, she couldn’t move and she couldn’t get any air to her lungs.  She was going to die soon.  Her mouth and neck muscles began spasming around the invading cock.

But just as her vision was starting to fade, Harley released her hold on Batgirl’s head and she yanked back her face.  Unfortunately the sudden movement was just enough to set off the dick in her throat and it began to ejaculate while it pulled out, blasting her face and open mouth with creamy white ropes of semen.

Batgirl gasped for air, her chest heaving.  But before she could do anything else, Harley was once again spinning her around and repositioning her in front of her next target.  This time, Harley pressed down on her victim’s shoulder blades, forcing her to bend lower.  The deeper position caused the vibrating dildo to shift inside of her slit, as well as pressing Barbara’s clit harder into the humming saddle which caused the heroine to let out a moaning gasp.

But Batgirl quickly realized something else.  If she was being forced to bend lower, that meant that this person was noticeably shorter.  Which meant that this had to be Robin.  It couldn’t possibly be either of the other two.  This would have to be the one male that she could positively identify with absolute confidence. 

Barbara couldn’t deny that she had thought about the boy wonder before.  She and Robin had practically grown up together, training under Batman. 

So with a defiant shake, Batgirl snapped her head out of Harley Quinn’s grip and leaned forward by herself to take the boy wonder’s dick into her mouth.  This may not be the way that she wanted to do this, but if she had to do it, she was going to do it on her own terms. 

It wasn’t as long as the first cock, but it was considerably thicker and it still reached deep into her mouth while stretched her lips wide around it.  She sucked it in slowly and seductively.  She even tried tapping a comforting message on the underside of the shaft with her tongue.  She wasn’t sure if he was sensitive enough, or coherent enough to recognize it, but if she could do anything to reassure him, she would.  If nothing else, if she could just provide him just a little bit of comfort, long enough for one of them to find an opportunity, perhaps they could find a way out of this situation. 

Meanwhile, the vibrating dildo and saddle was starting to become a genuine distraction.  The electrical stimulation to her vagina was drawing more and more attention to her fight to avoid revealing her body’s reactions.  Her pelvis squirmed slightly in an attempt to find relief, but she just found herself stimulating her tender spots more thoroughly.

With the enthusiasm of youth, it didn’t take long for Batgirl to feel Robin’s cock begin to throb and tighten within her mouth.  Running her tongue along the underside of the shaft, she could actually feel his load traveling up from his balls.  Not wanting to give their audience the satisfaction of witnessing his ejaculation, she swallowed his cock deep down her throat before pulling back and letting him explode into her mouth, where she swallowed every drop of his semen.  Only then did she pulled back, gasping for air.  Only a few drops of semen drizzled past her lips and down her chin.

Once again Harley began immediately spinning the hobby horse causing the vibrating dildo to gyrate within Batgirl’s pussy, stimulating every spot necessary to draw out the strongest responses from the struggling crime fighter.  Her vaginal juices were beginning to seep out and drip down her thighs, making the plastic saddle slippery.  She tried gripping the horse tighter with her knees, but that just drove the vibrator deeper into her cunt and caused more jolts of pleasure to shoot up her spine.

This time, when she was stopped, Barbara instinctively opened her mouth and stretched out her tongue to search out the next penis without being told.  Her own growing arousal was distracting her from the manipulations of the criminals who were instigating this situation.  She quickly found the erection and wrapped her lips around the head, instantly tasting a drop of precum. 

This cock was noticeably larger than either of the previous ones, both longer and thicker.  This had to be Batman, Barbara thought.  There’s no way that karma would allow the Joker to be better endowed than the hero she admired.  She wasn’t sure if that was truly a logical argument or simply justifying her wishful thinking, but by this time, she didn’t care.  She had fantasized about Batman for years, and to finally have his dick in her mouth was a dream come true.  She had always struggled to please him with her crimefighting skills, and now was her opportunity to prove herself by pleasing him directly.  She wanted this.

After taking a couple of moments to suck on the tip like a lollipop, Barbara slid her lips to the side and, turning her head, began to kiss and lick her way slowly down the left side of the shaft. When she got to the bottom, she began licking his scrotum until she was able to scoop up one of his testicles with her tongue and gently suck it into her mouth.  After caressing it with her lips for a solid minute, she let it drop out so she could repeat the process with the other ball.  After giving each nugget several minutes of tender oral ministrations, she finally turned her head the other way and began slowly sucking and licking her way up the right side of the shaft. 

When she got back to the top, she once again wrapped her mouth around the head ran her tongue along his slit.  Then she began slowly bobbing her head up and down, gradually accepting more and more of the organ into her throat.  She wasn’t sure how much of the monstrous dick she would be able to take, but Batman always demanded the most of anyone who fought by his side and she was determined not to disappoint him now.

“Wow, look at her go,” she heard Harley mumble behind her.  For a moment, Batgirl had forgotten that her display was still being witnessed for the enjoyment of her enemies, but she no longer cared.  Tremors that began with her quivering thighs were starting to work their way through the rest of her body and she knew it wouldn’t be long before she would no longer be able to hide her response from anyone.

Once again Batgirl struggled with the binds holding her arms behind her back.  Her instincts were to wrap her hands around the cock that was in her mouth in order to satisfy every inch of it at once.  Instead, her hands just clawed at the open air above her own buttocks.

With determination, she continued to push her face forward, driving more of the cock down her throat.  She had to consciously relax her esophagus in order to accommodate the massive meat, but she was determined to show her mentor her worth.  Slowly, inch by inch, more and more of the shaft disappeared between her lips until finally, her nose touched the base of his belly and she could feel his scrotum on her chin.

She held herself there for a moment, but the thrill of satisfaction combined with the waves of pleasure emanating from the toy within her pussy was finally enough to send her over the edge.  As her body began to shake with a mind-numbing climax, she pulled back from the cock until she could release the moans building within her.  As her mouth vibrated around the dick, it too exploded with its own orgasm in her mouth at the same time.

Batgirl released the cock from her mouth and it continued to spray semen like a firehose.  But Harley jumped in and quickly began jacking it off to ensure that it continued to blast load after load over the orgasming heroine. Harley grabbed Batgirl’s cowl and forced her face to remain in its path. Ropes of jizz blasted across Barbara’s screaming face, her mask, her shoulders and even her dangling tits; splashing and drizzling her in a shiny, wet glaze.  As soon as she could control herself, Batgirl once again wrapped her lips around the dick in order to suck down the last few loads as they were released from the super heroic cock.  She swallowed three more loads of cum before the ejaculation began to finally subside.

At that point Harley finally pulled Batgirl away, but the bound damsel still stretched forward with her mouth and tongue eager for one last taste before she was pulled out of reach.  A drooping string of saliva remained the last connection.  Once that last connection snapped, Batgirl began focusing on the teasing vibrator that continued to work within her.  Biting her lip, she ground her hips down in the saddle in order to drive the dildo further into her cunt.  Unfortunately, by sliding lower, her butt slipped over the activation switch turned off the power to the vibrations.  Barbara moaned with disappointment.

But as Batgirl sat there, panting and gasping to regain control of her body, cum oozed down her face.  And suddenly the room erupted in laughter.  The blindfold was ripped off and Barbara’s eyes grew wide with shock and horror.  She suddenly felt sick as she realized what she had just done.  Standing in front of her were the Riddler, Penguin and Joker, who was just zipping up his pants. All three villains were releasing pent up laughter that they had been holding back during her performance.

“Would you get a load of the look on her face!” the Penguin finally gasped.  Batgirl tried again to struggle out of her binds, only to be rewarded by more laughter by the trio.  With the blindfold off, the cum on her forehead started to drizzle down over her nose and her left eye.

“It looks like she got all of the loads on her face,” the Riddler added with another laugh.  “And they appear to be dripping down her two tits too!”

“The good news is that it looks like your cocksucking show has met the approval of our attentive test audience.  Apparently they’re BIG fans,” the Joker walked over, grabbed Barbara’s ass and used it to spin her to face Batman and Robin, who were both still tied in their spots.  It was obvious that they had been forced to watch the whole affair.  Neither of them was able to meet her gaze.  Their enormous erections clearly displayed how their bodies had instinctively reacted to observing her performance with the male villains.

“My goodness, they do seem to be quite worked up, don’t they?” the Joker pretended concern as he stroked Batgirl’s butt cheeks.  “If they’re not given some relief pretty soon, they’re going to suffer from blue balls.  We can’t have that, can we Bat Bitch?”  He slapped her ass, but she refused to give him the satisfaction of a response.  She could see what was going to be expected of her next.  Unfortunately she had to agree that she didn’t want to see her friends suffer.  If forced, she wouldn’t have any choice.  Perhaps they could all think more clearly after she had provided them the same kind of cathartic climax that she had.

“I don’t know, Puddin’, she looks all sucked out,” Harley said from behind Batgirl.

“You may be right; she may need a rest.  But I’m sure she doesn’t want her friends to suffer with those frustrated cocks, do you Cum Dumpster?”  Batgirl just shook with anger and frustration.

“Harley, would you be a dear and do the honors of relieving the dynamic duo of those throbbing erections?  We can let our new fuck toy here sit this one out and just watch.”

“You got it, Mr. J.  I sure hate seeing those big strong boys suffering with those unattended erections.”  Barbara’s eyes grew wide as she saw Harley suddenly skipping toward Batman and Robin, swinging a large meat cleaver in her hand.  “I’ll get those cocks off in no time!”

Batgirl looked on in horror as she realized the intent.  Naked, bound and covered in the cum of her worst enemies, Batgirl realized that she only had seconds to act…

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