The Heart of Gotham

BY : Scarlett-Pimpernel
Category: DC Verse Comics > Batman
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“Welcome to the Meat Packing District,” she said. The ominous figure that moved from the shadows of the bedroom of the run-of-the-mill apartment could be none other than The Dark Knight. “How did you track me down?”

“It was easy, Ms Kyle.”
“Fuck. And you know my real name?”
“It’s on the mailbox in the foyer of the building.”
“Oh, yeah! Shit! What was I thinking!” she said, removing her goggles and mask and tossing up her hands in mock disgust. She shook her sweaty, matted hair loose.
“You didn’t think you could steal the Heart of Gotham and get away with it, did you?”
“Um… as a matter of fact, yeah, I did. OK, copper, you got me!” She sat down on the bed, pouting. Then her demeanor suddenly changed. She smiled at him broadly, flashing a perfect set of teeth, her deep gray eyes twinkling. She patted the mattress next to her. “Take a load off, big guy. I was actually hoping to have the chance to shoot the shit.”
“You do talk on occasion? Our past encounters have been kind of brief.”
“Not to mention punctuated by violence.”
Her musical laugh filled the room and almost brought a smile to the face of the Dark Knight.
“I thought you relished a good challenge – physical or otherwise.”
“Indeed I do,” he replied, allowing himself a smile of his own.
“Well there you go. Another thing we have in common.”
“Excuse me?”
“Sure, we both obviously have dark sides, don’t we? And a taste for black clothing – bordering on fetish wear. We’re both into animals. Um… crime? What else. Long walks on the rooftops? Sure, we may come from opposite sides of the tracks…”
She reached for the bedside drawer.
“Keep your hands where I can see them, Ms. Kyle.”
“Why? Do you like my hands?” she teased, removing the claw-tipped black gloves to reveal her own nails and their chipped, black polish.  “I was just gonna have a smoke while we chat.” She reached into the drawer of the bedside table and withdrew a pack of blue Dunhills and a Hello Kitty Zippo. She selected a cigarette and fired it up.
“You know, those are – “
“Sinfully delicious. Want one?”
“No thanks. They deaden the senses.”
“Puh-lease – I wish they would. Do you know what it is like having a cat’s sense of smell? The subway is no longer an option, ethnic cooking can become a near-death experience, and a public potty is downright -
“OK, I get the idea.”
“By the way. Nice aftershave. Armani?”

“Ah shucks, that’s nothing.”
    “Quit stalling, Ms Kyle. You know why I’m here.”
“Um… Play with my Xbox? Wait, that sounded wrong -“
“The Heart of Gotham.”
“Oh, that! Haven’t seen it in ages,” she paused. “”Well, at least not for a couple hours since I nicked it from that silly old museum. Don't look at me like that! It’s not my fault. When those museum guys install a ‘state-of-the-art, laser-beam-based, burglar-proof super-system’ to protect their silly old diamond, and then BRAG about it in the national press, well then, how can an enterprising young cat burglar not rise to the challenge and steal it right out from under their musty old noses?”
“Don't hide behind rhetoric, Ms Kyle. That’s an insult to – What are you doing?”
She had approached him as she spoke and was now running her hands over the sculpted muscles of the bat suit.  He felt her physical presence acutely; her primal sexuality was almost palpable.
    “Nice outfit. But does the real stuff live up to the billing? That’s what the inquiring minds of the gals ‘o Gotham really want to know.”
    “Well, we did take some artistic license in the design of the bat suit.” He was confused, off base. “I am in top shape for a man of my age, height and weight, if that’s what you are asking.”
“We’ll see about that in a minute,” she said, grinding out the cigarette under a booted heel. “What happened to your nipples,” she asked as she stroked the smooth pectorals of the suit. “I didn’t take ‘em, I swear. You can search me.”
Quick as a wink, she tugged the zipper on the front of the cat suit, yanking it all the way down to her navel. Batman felt a catch in his throat as he beheld the luminous flesh now barely contained by the garment. She ran her fingers slowly up the zippered edges of the opening until she reached her breasts – and slipped them out, exposing them completely to his hungry gaze.
“See, these are definitely not yours, “ she said, fingering her nipples. “One-hundred percent Catwoman. The way you can tell is that they’re about as big as old-fashioned Kennedy half-dollars; the outer rims are what you could call dusky rose in color and that pales slightly as you go inward; they actually darken a bit, to what we might call a wine color when they get excited. Let me see if I can demonstrate…”
She teased herself by drawing her nails up the curvaceous slopes of her flesh causing goose pimples to rise across their surface. She giggled like a schoolgirl and her whole body shivered as her nipples swelled gloriously to, indeed, a most intoxicating shade that reminded Wayne of Beaujolais Nouveau – the bright, vivacious unpredictable blush of the harvest’s first bounty. Fitting.
“I see,” he replied hoarsely as he watched the young woman roll and pinch the swollen points.
He was suddenly aware of how infatuated he had become over the young thief. How much he had relished the chase. How he had delighted in the surveillance. His file on her had grown quite large; but mostly filled with rumor and innuendo. He had shrugged off the late-night sessions of frustrated self-pleasure inspired by the hidden cameras planted throughout her warehouse apartment. But the possibility of some deeper attraction scared the man. He thought it was all about simply catching her; now he realized what he really wanted to do to her now that she had been caught.
As she continued to knead the heavy globes and tease their swollen points, his mouth began to water; his cock gave an involuntary start, springing to life and suddenly straining against its cage of ballistic Nomex and Kevlar plate. Thanks to her extraordinary heightened senses, she could taste the cloud of pheromones permeating the air around the man. She giggled as she luxuriated in his admiring gaze. She felt a flush of wetness seep between her legs.
“I’ve enjoyed putting on a show for you, Batman,” said the seductress. “You’ve fallen right into my trap!”
A blast of panic blew through the lust-clouded mind and the crime fighter’s reflexes sprang into action. He dropped into a crouch, poised to receive the attack, a lethal bat-a-rang poised in his hand.
And then nothing happened.
“I’m sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.”
“That’s alright,” he said, rising cautiously from his crouch. “You see those words usually precede the activation of a clever or even ingenious trap designed to imprison, maim or kill The Batman.”
“No kidding? No wonder you’re a little edgy. Relax, can I get you a drink?”
“No thank you.” It was difficult keeping up with all her questions – especially with the twin, D-cup distractions staring him down.
“Really, please put the nasty boomerang-thing down.  No ingenious devices around here, I assure you. Not on my budget.  We’re pretty much of a low-tech operation here downtown. I was just planning to use old fashioned tits and ass!”
“Use them to what end?”
“He’s hunky – but, a little dim,” she said in mock confession to the room. “The Heart of Gotham was just the bait!”
She sat down on the bed and held out a booted leg.
“A little help, here.”
He tugged off the clunky steel-toed boot from first one foot and then the other.
“Let’s just cut to the chase: I know you’re hot for me. I know what you’ve been up to.”
“Up to…?”
“I know you’ve been watching me with your little hidden bat-cameras.”
“You do?”
“Of course.” She continued to undress, struggling to remove the cat suit. “Hard to …get …out of…these skin-tight jobs when you’ve been running over rooftops all night…”
“So, when you were… you know that I was..?”
“And when you…?
“And – ?“

“Oh yes.”
“Please replace your underwear, Ms. Kyle.”
“I know I make it look damn easy, but do you have any idea how hard I had to work to get your fucking attention? How many penny-ante, electro-plate special jewelry rackets I had to knock over just to get your radar? Working my way up the Gotham City criminal pecking order! Do you know how much fucking research, planning, practice – not to mention all the pilates, yoga, and krav fucking maga classes I had to endure to get to this Olympic-level thievery?  And do you have any idea hot fucking HOT it makes a girl being chased all over the fucking city by a goddamn superhero in fetish wear?”
She had worked herself up to a high pitch of righteous indignation, pacing alongside the bed, stark naked. Her taut body was a wonder to behold: it had been carefully and laboriously sculpted into a balance of endurance, strength and agility.  Her flawless alabaster skin seemed to glow in the moonlight that oozed in through the window as if the satellite itself was inclined to worship the feline femme fatale. She managed to be curvaceous and slim at the same time; athletic yet entirely feminine. Her high, crimson-pointed breasts jutted proudly and bounced as she pounded the floor. Her stomach was incredibly toned and flat; a diamond-dappled cat decorated her naval.  The powerful, prominent muscles of her long legs thrilled him and he longed to pry them apart and probe the mystery concealed in the healthy growth of pitch-black cunt hair.
“Tonight, I ascended to the pantheon of cat burglary! In the face of computers, lasers, an army of rent-a-cops, and The Dark Knight himself - I nicked the most famous gemstone in the world! And on top of that, I managed to entice the aforementioned hunk of a crime fighter right into my low-rent bedroom in the meat-packing district, and kept him at bay with nothing more than a pair of D-cups!
“I have earned this!” she said, finishing her rant by planting herself in front of the dumbfounded crime fighter, hands at her hips.
“A fuck! A furious, ball-slapping, cum-spouting fuck!” she fumed. “GODDAMMIT! Haven’t you gotten the idea? What does a girl have to do? Come clean, Batman! I’m laying my cards on the table!”
She threw herself on the bed. Rolling onto her side in order to provide a view of her curvaceous cheeks of her ass and the dusky half-moon pucker of flesh between them.
She slapped her ass, bringing a flush of blood to the surface of the creamy flesh and making his cock throb.
“I know you want me. I’ve known it since that night on the roof of the Gotham National Bank. I’ve been a naughty girl. And I want my punishment.”
“Oh God,” he said to himself, willpower draining away as his heart pounded in his chest, pumping more blood into his swelling cock.
She rolled onto her back.
“OK, here I am,” she said.
He knew he could not resist the woman before him. He pulled the heavy gauntlets from his hands and threw them onto the floor.

“That’s it,” she said as she began to finger herself.
His hands rose to the edge of his cowl; he began to remove it – then froze.
“No, I can’t,” he said, summoning his last reserve of will power. “Put on your clothes, you’re coming downtown with me.”
“Very well, you leave me no choice than to start without you…’
She spread her long, toned legs. Her nimble fingers peeled back the moist folds until the small round head of her clit peeked out of its fleshy, dusky pink hood.
“Hello clitty…”
She lubed her finger with saliva and began rubbing herself.
The heat of the bat suit was now overwhelming, and he pulled the catches, releasing the Kevlar breastplate and cape. They fell to the floor with a thud.
“That’s it, baby,” she said, as she continued to stroke her clit with quick, precise strokes.
He shed his utility belt, boots and leggings before again, getting hung up on the mask.
“Oh for fuck sake, Bruce, lose the mask.”
The Dark Knight froze.
“You know who I am?”
“Sorry to burst your bubble.”
“Well, you will recall that Selena Kyle had the pleasure of dancing with Bruce Wayne at that party for the retarded kids.”
“The Gotham Center for Challenged – “
“Whatever. Well, I noticed on that occasion – aside from the fact that Bruce Wayne is an EXCELLENT dancer, that he also uses Gillette shaving cream, sandalwood soap from Barneys and, of course Armani aftershave. An unlikely coincidence that Batman would favor the same lineup, eh?”
“Undone by my hygiene.”
“You wouldn’t be the first. Actually, most guys seem to be undone by their lack of it. So, you’re ahead of the pack. I remember, one time I had a great date with this guy and I thought I would let him – Never mind. Where were we?”
At that critical, destiny-altering moment, the little bat in the back of Wayne’s mind said three words: “What the fuck?”
He tore off the cowl, ripped the Velcro of his ballistic Nomex undergarment and finally stood there, naked, before the woman that had ensnared him.
“Holy shit,” she said.
He was truly a gorgeous specimen: the Aristotelian ideal of a male Homo Sapien from his curly head of hair, broad shoulders, hefty biceps, sculpted pecs and abs to his shapely, thick quads and calves below.
But it was the mammoth prick that took her breath away.
“Holy shit,” she repeated.
“What’s wrong?”
“Absolutely nothing. That, my friend is an amazing piece of equipment.”
    The member had nearly swollen to full erection and seemed to command its own time and space. He held the massive tool at its root, his fist barely able to encapsulate its girth. Selina spread her legs, revealing her sopping wet cunt to him. Her claw-like hands grasped her inner thighs, pulling apart the outer lips and thick fringe of dark hair that framed her pussy. The slick inner lips opened and he glimpsed the shiny pink pearl nestled in their folds.
    He came toward her and she reached out with her limber legs, taking hold of the cock with her feet. She massaged the massive member with her feet, playfully kneading it with her black-polished toes. He took hold of her feet and began slowly sliding his cock in between them. His majestic meat pole grew more rigid, the fat head swelling to a plum-like proportion. She watched in fascination as a droplet of pre-come appeared at the tip and then grew. Before it could drip from his cock, she rubbed it off with her big toe. She was pleased to see the ripple of pleasure that shot through his fabulous body, causing his sweat-streaked muscles to flex.
“Looks like someone is ready for action.”
She brought her leg to her body and in another impressive demonstration of flexibility, sucked the fluid off of her big toe.
“I want that glorious thing in this cunt, Bruce. I want you to fuck me, Batman. I wanna taste your cum as it bubbles out of my pussy,” she purred.
“Not so fast,” he said. It was a husky, lust-filled voice she had not yet heard from the man – but had long known existed, buried beneath the patrician façade.
In a moment his face was buried between her legs. She felt his large hands take hold of her full ass cheeks and pull her quim to meet his hungry mouth. The first contact of the wet muscle of his tongue sent a powerful jolt through her tensed frame. This was the moment for which she had longed and labored. He meandered lazily through the meaty folds of her labia – driving her crazy. She writhed on the bed, clutching at the covers and then his hair and back. He pried the slippery pink petals back to focus his ministrations on the swollen nub of her clit. He sucked, rubbed, massaged it until he felt the onset of spasms through her body, then he doubled down on his efforts, bringing her to a powerful orgasm that drenched his face in her intimate juices and tore ragged screams from the knotted cords of her throat.
“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,” she panted as the spasms continued to wrack her body.
Then came something she had not expected:
His eager tongue – far from exhausted began to probe lower into the crack of her ass. His powerful fingers clenched at the firm flesh of her nether region, and then the sinuous mouth muscle was tickling her asshole. He savored the sweaty, tangy flavor and the rapture of her moans that rose in pitch. He felt her ass cheeks clench, then, laying a thick wad of spit at the entrance, he slowly worked a finger into her asshole. She gasped as the powerful ring of muscles surrounding the orifice contracted around the foreign invader, then her lower body melted as the moans collapsed into her throat.
    “Put a finger my pussy,” she ordered breathlessly. “Make me come again!”
    He obliged her, inserting a finger past the slippery lips into her vagina while returning his tongue to her clit. In moments another orgasmic wave seized her.
    She pulled away, panting, clutching at the bed sheets.
    He fondled her ass cheeks while stroking his cock, longing to be inside of her.

    She rolled over and her beguiling slate-grey eyes, drunk with lust, met his. Then their mouths finally met in a sloppy wet kiss, their tongues sliding, tangling and probing.
    “Give it to me. Give me that beast, Batman. I want your cock inside me. Now.”
    He stood up, and lifted her hips off the bed. Her swollen, distended lips were open, wet and welcoming. He brought the fat, plum-head of his phallus to them in homage and supplication.
 “Alright, you bastard, give it to me. Fuck me like the cheap whore that I am!”
Using his own weight, he lowered himself, pressing the member slowly into the young woman’s hole.
Neither one of them would ever forget the epic moment.
“Oh Jesus Fucking Christ!” she howled, watching in wide-eyed wonder as she was impaled by the caped crusader for the first time.
The plum-like head bore a relentless passage to her molten core, prying apart the heavily muscled walls of her vagina. Deeper and deeper he pumped, until his ball sack settled against her and their patches of pubic hair ground together, the wires interlocking in a dark, sodden mass. She marveled as her belly bulged, pushed outward by the enormous presence within her body. He established himself there for a moment and then began to pump her body like a piston. He drove his massive head down on the entrance to her womb, then withdrew almost to her entrance, making her whimper with longing and lust before plunging down once more. The pace and intensity built until every pounding thrust sent an electric wave of ecstasy barreling through her body, wrenching a curse from her tense throat, blurring the line between pain and pleasure.
He grasped her powerful thighs and used them as leverage to plunge himself into her body, reveling in the sight of the corded muscles of her legs flexing with each thrust. Her intimate juices soaked her vulva and thick patch of pubic hair and were now dripping down her taut abdomen. She grabbed her magnificent tits, squeezing the masses and pinching the erect nipples, and brought them to her face, licking them.
Her inner walls, shuddered, spasmed and clenched desperately around the plunging fuck pole of the Dark Knight until wave after wave of pleasure swept over her and she was completely lost in the thrall of a shattering orgasm that stretched outward from the molten core.
    “More, more!” she cried out.
    She felt his massive arm sweep under her, shifting her onto her stomach, his cock still buried deep inside her, pulling her onto all fours.
    “Now,” he said, “I’m gonna fuck you like a cat in heat.”
    “Bring it on,” she panted.
Then he really gave it to her. It was non-stop, frenzied machine-gun fucking.
Her senses were overwhelmed: the loud, lewd slapping of his balls against the wet cheeks of her ass, his labored moans and her own keening howls. She was awash in the pungent aroma of her own cunt, his heady musk and the mixture of their sweat. She felt another orgasm begin its relentless build toward ecstasy. Every fiber of her being was focused on the burning point of friction where the head of his cock pounded relentlessly into the cul-de-sac at the furthermost point of her vagina, fucking her into delirium.
The sight of his cock plowing the dark, wet crack nestled between the full, pale cheeks of her ass was too much for him and, caught up in the throes of passion, he delivered a mighty, open-handed slap against the plump globe of her bottom.
“Yes!” she screamed as a thrilling jolt of pain shot through her, lifting her ecstasy to a new height. “Hit me!!!”
    He rained blows against first one cheek and then the other, causing them to flush bright pink. The sensation was finally too much for the woman and the climax overwhelmed her, sending her whole body into a massive contraction and making her see stars.
She had to pull herself off of him; his cock exiting her body with a loud “pop” as the wet connection was broken, causing them both to gasp. She struggled to catch her breath, writhing on the wet sheets, while the contractions subsided. She rolled onto her side, breathing heavily and basking in the tingling sensation that still gripped her loins. She felt him cuddle up next to her, the hot, wet prick pressing against her sweaty, stinging ass cheeks, grinding it against her. When her pulse had slackened, she began to squirm against him slowly until she felt him pry her sensitive cheeks apart and feed his cock into her.
Now they fucked slowly, rocking their bodies to-and-fro, conserving energy. He watched, mesmerized by the spectacle of the heavily veined pole as the dusky pink lips swallowed and then regurgitated it, over and over again, and by the hot, semi-opaque juices that spilled out of her and coated his cock. He propped himself with one arm and stroked her body with the other. She began to purr as be stroked the firm lobes of her ass and down her powerful legs. He massaged the sweaty small of her back and up to her shoulders and neck. He reached around and kneaded the firm flesh of her breast. When she finally came in this position, it was a gentle, rolling thunder of an orgasm that released a heavy dose of fluid to soak his balls.
He pulled out once again and she rolled onto her back. She rubbed the heady mixture of sweat and intimate fluids all over her belly.
    “Alright, bring it home, baby,” she pleaded.
    She spread herself for him once more and he positioned himself between her legs. The proud stallion of a cock was still standing strong, glistening in her juices. She took hold of the member and guided it into her body a final time. The slick organ slid in to the hilt. She ran her hands across the sweat-matted hair of his chest and then dug her nails into his hard flesh.  They stared dreamily into one another’s eyes, lost in rapture and desire. She softly mumbled, murmured, hissed, moaned and whimpered incoherently as he impaled her relentlessly, burying himself completely with each thrust. She grabbed the steely flesh of his ass cheeks, delighting as they tensed with each thrust. She spread her legs wider and wider, trying to pull her even deeper into her molten cavity.
    She heard him gasp as the thrusting became more erratic and desperate. The powerful muscles of his arms began to twitch and the cords of his neck strained. He rose up above her and with an animal roar and one more mighty thrust, he came. She felt the contractions ripple through his groin to the tip of his cock, unleashing a mighty load of thick jism into her thirsty body. She screamed as it filled her womb and then welled up past the spasming walls of her cunt as his continued thrusts pumped gouts of the creamy semen out of her body. She clawed at his back, rending furrows into his skin, crying in ecstasy as she received the flood.
He continued to pump away, chasing the last throes of his climax, then collapsed on top of her – a mountain of heaving, trembling flesh. It was difficult to breathe, but she was content. She ran her fingers up and down his sweat-slick body, lazily tracing patterns on his back, causing him to shiver. She cooed, sighed and hummed lovingly into his ear and playfully twirled his hair. When he made a move to withdraw, she clutched at him, tensing her inner muscles to maintain their grip on the slowly diminishing monster inside of her.
Finally, when it became too difficult to breathe she urged him off and he rolled over. They both gasped as the meat plug plopped out of her cunt, releasing a mini-gusher of come onto the sheets.
 “Damn, you’re amazing,” she said, gazing at the exhausted yet triumphant phallus. “Now I know why they call it the Meat Packing District.”
“I think I’ll take that cigarette, now.”
For a long time, they smoked in silence, the sounds of Gotham drifting in through the window.
“You know you’re a very talented lady,” he said finally.
“Oh, you have no idea.”
“I’m learning quickly.”
“Good boy.”
“How did you manage to do that, tonight?”
‘To do what?”
“Well, several things, but I was thinking most particularly about the heist.”
“Girl’s got to keep her secrets,” she laughed. “Beside, we’re kind of competitors, aren't we?”
“It doesn’t have to be that way,” he said.
She was silent.
“I want to see you again,” he ventured. “Can we… go out?” He knew the words were awkward as he spoke them and instantly regretted them. He had taken things in a serious direction; he had ruined to the moment.
She rolled onto her side.
She’s given me the cold shoulder – literally, he thought.
“I’ll… think about it, “ she said, in an entirely distant and unconvincing voice.
He roused himself from bed.
“I should be going.”
“Yes, you don’t want to keep you butler waiting up.”
“There is one more thing...”
“What now?”
“The Heart of Gotham.”
“The diamond.”
“So that’s all you’re interested in, eh?” she snapped, “Alright, go ahead and take the silly old thing. See of I care!”
She rolled onto her back and spread her legs. There, sparkling between her swollen, glistening labia, lay a spectacular, fist-sized gemstone: The Heart of Gotham. Her body tensed, the cabled muscles of her inner thighs flexed, and with a small grunt, she propelled the object from her pussy. It arced across the room, straight at Wayne who caught it in mid-air.
“Damn,” he said. “Great aim.”
She smiled.
“I can’t believe this,” he muttered. “I’m supposed to catch crooks, not – “
“Ravage them. Yeah, what’s the big idea? When word gets out, you’re gonna be in pretty high demand among the ladies of Gotham. I’m gonna forecast a major spike in crime!”
An awkward silence descended upon the room.
She rolled over, pulled the covers, turning her back to him again.
“Now get out, before I call the cops.”
    She heard him sigh deeply and then begin to don the bat suit.
She glanced back, for one more look.
“Shit, what happened to your back?”

It was nearly dawn when a weary, confused Caped Crusader arrived at the office of Commissioner Gordon and placed the Heart of Gotham on his deck amid the clutter of paper and coffee cups.
“You caught her!?”
“I recovered the item.”
The police veteran sat there a moment, puzzled.
“From The Catwoman, right?”
“That’s, um… hard to say.”
“So it wasn't The Catwoman?”
“It would not appear to be the case,” said the Dark Knight.
“So the BIG message in red spray paint on the wall of the museum that said ‘Batman, come and get me, luv Catwoman’ was a ruse?”
“Um… do we still have a serious cat burglar problem in this city?”
“That’s hard to say.”
The Commissioner picked up the marvelous gem, admiring it – then noticing it was covered in cloudy film.
“It may be a little dirty after the ordeal,” said Batman, heading for the door.
“Yeah, it smells kinda funny.”



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