Tease and Glass

BY : NatMar
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The Riddler laughed freely and openly as he danced into the control room.  Sure, his plan to steal the ancient Aztec sun puzzle tablet had been a failure, but his opponent’s victory had not been completely decisive either.  At least he would be able to finally put the devious puzzle to use that he had spent three weeks putting together.

Around his fingers he twirled a pair of trophies, one on each hand.  Around his right finger spun a nondescript pair of purple panties with just a touch of lace.  But on the left finger was a purple, C cup brassiere that had been specifically cut to allow the lines of the lingerie to blend with the bat emblem that would be worn over it on the tight, spandex body suit costume.

After dropping into his chair in front of a lavish console filled with a variety of television screens, Edward Nigma spun around once and planted his feet to stop, facing the displays.  Then, after taking a moment to enjoy his victory, he took in the aroma of the lingerie before tossing the twin pieces of underwear to hang on the visual displays, one to the left and one to the right.  Then, while humming a happy tune, he began flipping switches to activate the monitors.  Despite having power fed to them, most of the displays remained dark.  But the one directly in front of him faded into the ghostly green of a night vision camera.  Using a mouse, Ridder adjusted the aim and the focus of the camera until it centered on a body curled up on the cool cement floor of the warehouse below the control room.

The figure couldn’t be seen very clearly.  Not many of the details were visible at this range with this equipment.  But that would change.  This view was simply for a reference, until the other monitors came to life.  Fortunately, the Riddler had just returned from the location, so it was easy for him to envision the scene that the night vision imagery was struggling to display.

The villain lifted his wrist to look at his watch.  The sedatives should be wearing off at any moment.  And, as if she had heard the thought, the unconscious woman’s leg twitched and her torso shifted slightly.  After another moment, she rolled over and sat up to the best of her ability.  Although the night vision simply showed a basic female shape, the Riddler knew that she was completely naked.  Only a latex thong provided any modesty.  Her arms were pulled behind her in a single, long sleeve that strapped over her elbows, pulling her shoulders back and pushing her chest forward.  A ball gag was strapped tightly into her mouth and only her remaining cowl still identified the silhouette against the dark background as Batgirl.

As he watched his victim assess her surroundings, the Riddler congratulated himself on his own self-control.  He had desperately wanted to rape his unconscious nemesis while she was laying naked at his feet, but he knew it would be better to wait until she was completely defeated and a willing, if reluctant, participant.  By the time he was done with her, she would be eager to do anything for him, begging for his mercy.  As he watched the monitor, he saw  the moment when she looked down at her naked breasts.  He smiled as he realized that she must finally be noticing the slowly drying remains of where he had ejaculated on her tits.  After all, he was only human.  The Riddler grinned and shrugged at the monitors, not really caring that she couldn’t really see him.

Before Batgirl could even raise her gaze from the disgusting sight, her head twitched, just slightly.  This time Riddler actually giggled as he recognized the movement.  She must have bitten down on the ball gag in anger.  This would allow her to realize that the ball had a tiny hole in it and it was filled with a liquid aphrodisiac.  If she applied any pressure on the ball, it would squirt a dose of the fluid directly into the back of her throat.  Unable to spit it out, she would be forced to swallow it.  After a few squirts from the rubber ball, no matter how much self-control she had, she would be a whimpering, horny puddle of slut, driven by pure desire and begging to be used.

Finally Batgirl struggled awkwardly, without the use of her arms, to get to her feet.  At this point Riddler decided it was time for the next step in the puzzle.  He reached out and pushed a slider forward.  A single spot light faded up, illuminating Batgirl’s clothes, cape, boots, gloves and even her utility belt, just a couple of feet in front of her.  Nigma wanted desperately to activate the room’s PA system in order to tauntingly explain the puzzle to Batgirl, that was his normal way of doing things.  But he had come to the realization that it would be even more challenging and frustrating if, in addition to solving the puzzle, she also had to figure out what the puzzle was.  So once again he showed his restraint and let her figure it out on her own.

Nigma held his breath as Batgirl paused to examine her surroundings.  The only light was the one that presented her clothing.  He could tell that she expected a trap, but would she find it without moving closer?  Finally she took a cautious step forward and smacked directly into a giant panel of  perfectly clear, backlit plexiglass.  In what appeared to be a delayed reaction, after recovering from the collision, Batgirl jumped.  It was barely perceptible, but Riddler knew exactly what was happening.  The latex thong that the heroine was wearing was filled with almost a hundred micro vibrators that were capable of stimulating every inch of her vagina in an enormous variety of unpredictable variations.  Thin electrodes had even been inserted into her canal, making sure that she was being stimulated both inside and out.  This first time, the split second of stimulation would barely be enough to notice, but each following collision with any plexiglass wall would double the time that the panties stimulated her.

The Riddler laughed as he nudged another slider, this time faintly raising small lights that circled the outer edge of the enormous warehouse.  As Batgirl spun to look, she saw hundreds of dark pillars that were set out in a regular grid, completely filling the enormous expanse of the warehouse.  Looking closer, with the light from her costume behind her, a faint reflection was revealed in the plexiglass walls to either side of her.  At this point she would be realizing that the warehouse had been turned into a giant maze.  A maze made up of thousands of invisible walls which would activate the vibrators in her panties every time she bumped into one.

Even in the hazy focus of the night vision image, Batgirl could be seen carefully analyzing her situation.  Finally she realized that the reflection straight ahead of her was just a little bit further away, meaning it was the correct path to proceed.  Very carefully and tentatively, she reached forward with her right toe to probe the entry to the next square area.  When she found no resistance, she inched forward, wary of any trick or trap.  The Riddler simply smiled at the care she was showing and flipped another switch.  On the far side of the room, a large digital display flashed the number “60:00:00” for just a second before it started to count down, displaying minutes, seconds and hundredths of seconds.  Batgirl would now know that she only had an hour to complete this seemingly impossible maze.

If he was honest with himself, Nigma didn’t really know what he would do if the timer ran out.  It wouldn’t really matter.  It was just there to force Batgirl to rush and make mistakes.  As she did that, the drugs and vibrators would do the rest.  But for now, Batgirl was being careful not to let the added tension force her into a miscalculation.  As she drew further away from the light of her costume, the harder it would be to see her reflection.  The walls would become completely invisible, meaning she would not be able to make any progress without touching them.

As the fifteen-minute mark passed, Batgirl had only made it through 4 squares.  There would be no possible way for her to make it through the hundreds of maze sections at that rate.  Riddler knew she would start pushing herself soon.  Then it happened.  She bumped a wall and once again the vibrators went off, this time much more noticeably.  In addition to the stimulation from the panties, every light in the room flashed on for only the briefest of a fraction of a second.  The Riddler glanced at the other monitors and saw a faint image of Batgirl clenching her legs together in reaction to the vibrating panties.  On the night vision screen, she could be seen circling in frenzied confusion, slowly realizing that  cameras had taken photos of her from every possible angle.  On the screens in front of Riddler, the screens were faint, but unknown to the heroine in the warehouse below, every time that happened, the duration of the vibrations and the shutter speed of the photos would increase exponentially. Nigma laughed as he saw Batgirl unconsciously bite down on the ball gag again and accidently doze herself with another shot of aphrodisiac.

Once again the intrepid crime fighter attempted to pull herself together.  She glanced at the clock, which continued to quickly count down, and she started moving again.  It soon became obvious that Batgirl was indeed starting to push herself to try to get through the maze faster and it didn’t take long for her to make another mistake.  She was testing an opening with her toe, but she had chosen the wrong direction and her tentative approach wasn’t enough to save her.  Her toe lightly kicked the panel and once again the camera and the vibrators activated.  This time the lights lasted long enough for the shutter speed to capture a clear photograph of Batgirl’s naked body.  The sickly green hues of the night vision were replaced with the flush, warm tones of her exposed skin.  Her pink nipples contrasted sharply with the pale flesh of her large breasts as she thrust them forward while her body tensed in an orgasm that rolled her eyes back in her masked face.  Riddler had to shift his position in his chair as he adjusted his growing erection within his pants.

After fighting for several panting breaths to get her body and senses back under control, Batgirl began to move again, slowly picking up speed until she was practically jogging through the next section of the maze; it was passing the half hour mark and she had made barely any progress.  She was looking back and forth frantically as she moved, obviously searching unsuccessfully for the invisible walls.  Her frenzied actions were making it clear that the aphrodisiac must be driving her wild and hampering her concentration with every step.  It took even less time for her to make her next mistake.  This time she walked straight into a glass panel at full speed, momentarily squishing her breasts against the surface.  This caused the cameras to last long enough to capture a bit of movement, just a quick animated gif, but it was enough to see Batgirl’s body quiver in intense stimulation while her breasts bounced from the impact as well as the shudder of her electrified body.

And even better, that orgasm forced Batgirl to lose her balance, making her fall back against another wall initiating another photographed bout with the vibrator before the effects of the previous assault had fully subsided.  This time the video lasted for several minutes.  Enough time to reveal a short film of Batgirl’s body violently reacting to an intense orgasm.  Her breast shook with the intensity of the reaction and her juices could be seen clearly running down her bare leg.  With a gleeful squeal, the Riddler couldn’t take it anymore, he unzipped his pants and pulled his erect cock out and began to stroke it.

But when Batgirl finally recovered from the after-effect sensations of this orgasm, she looked up at the clock.  She had less than 20 minutes left and she wasn’t anywhere near half way through the maze.  It would only take another couple more errors for the length of the filmed stimulation to last longer than the time she had left on the timer.  At that point, Batgirl would be helpless.  With grim determination, she pushed herself to start shuffling forward again.  After only a few steps, she found herself biting down on the ball gag again, once more shooting a shot of the drug into her mouth.  At this point she couldn’t be quite sure if it was an accident or if it was something that she was starting to crave.

In only a couple of minutes, she bumped into another wall and the lights and vibrators activated.  This time it seemed to last forever.  Batgirl dropped to her knees, screaming around the gag and shaking with another orgasm that was more intense than the last one.  And the cameras were capturing every quivering movement from multiple angles.  When sold to tabloids and internet sites, the images and the video footage would be worth far more than the Aztec puzzle that was the original target of the evening.

In the booth, the Riddler was watching all of this while gleefully pumping his erection.  He decided that once the timer ran out, he was going to permanently activate Batgirl’s vibrators, driving her drug fueled libido into uncontrollable excess.  He had already identified the switch that would end it all.  The bitch would be so stupid with desire at that point, that she would do anything for him.  He imagined her kneeling in front of him, begging for his cock.  He would slap her face with it before ordering her to suck his dick.  And she would do it, happily and eagerly.  He imagined her beautiful lips wrapped around his shaft.  Her continuous orgasms would continue, forcing her to moan with her mouth wrapped around his shaft.  He could only think about the velvety warmth of her throat as he grabbed her cowled head and forced his way entirely down her throat.  And once his dick was completely buried in the whore’s mouth, with his balls slapping her chin, only then would he pull of her mask and reveal her ultimate secret.  But he wouldn’t stop there.  Oh no. He would grab her head and continue to fuck her face until… No!  No, no!  He had to control himself.  He quickly removed his hand from his cock, which twitched in continued need.  But he couldn’t cum.  ‘Not yet,’ he told himself, ‘I have to save it for my victim.’  He wanted to save up every drop in order to fill her slutty throat with his seed.

The Riddler turned his attention back to the night vision monitor.  There were only a few minutes left on the countdown.  But Batgirl wasn’t there!  Edward Nigma silently chastised himself for not paying attention.  She must have progressed while he wasn’t paying attention.  So he panned the camera to the right.  But she wasn’t there either.  Had she gone the wrong way?  He panned to the left.  But there still wasn’t any sign of her.  ‘She couldn’t have gotten far’ he thought as he zoomed out to reveal more of the maze.  There was still no Batgirl.  He flipped to infrared, but there still wasn’t any indication of his victim anywhere in the maze.

With just a touch of anxiety, he flipped the monitor to the visual range and focused back on her costume.  It still hung on the display where he had left it, untouched, exactly as he had left it.

“That doesn’t make sense,” he mumbled to himself.  “If she got out, she would have gone for her clothes.  She would have found that they were electrified and she would be a naked, smoking corpse laying right there!”

“Yes, but since I knew you had already seen everything, there wasn’t any need for modesty at this point,” the voice came from right behind the Riddler and he spun around to find a naked Batgirl towering over him.  She had shed her gag, arm restraint and panties and was standing there completely nude with her fists on her hips. 

“I take it that you enjoyed my performance?” she added as she looked down at his withering erection.  “I’m sorry I can’t let you keep your pictures.”

The Riddler mumbled incoherently for a moment, struggling to find a riddle or puzzle that would give him an opportunity to escape.  But he couldn’t come up with anything.  He couldn’t focus on anything beyond the glorious presentation of her enormous tits.  She wasn’t making any attempt to cover them.

The last thing he saw, for only the briefest moment, was a beautifully framed, close enough to touch, view of Batgirls stunning, glistening wet pussy just as her right foot swung in a high arc and kicked him in the side of the head, knocking him unconscious.

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